Diet Deficiency Symptoms

Claimed to be viral infections

How a panic can be caused by news reports citing an increase in virus-cases which spawn draconian lockdown measures.

First of all, let’s get straight on “what is a case”.  Your government and their medical experts (terms used ‘loosely’) call it a ‘case’ when they get a ‘positive’ from a test that maybe can detect the presence of some virus in your body.  Since your body contains trillions of viruses, this is no great accomplishment. In the case of PCR testing, the result will depend on the ‘number of cycles selected’. 

It is really not important because you have at least 400 trillion viruses present in your own body all the time.  Your body makes viruses by the trillions, non-stop.  What does this mean?  Read carefully to avoid confusion…it means you do not know one single thing about viruses.  Therefore, you are easily duped on the subject by self-declared experts who are employed by the government for the sole purpose of confusing you.  ‘Cases’, the presence of virus, is a known fact, as described above.  You do no need a test kit to discover what is a known fact already. But here is the kicker…it is meaningless information, because viruses are dead organic molecules, well packaged inside a proteinaceous vesicle, that are waste material from a normal metabolic process called mitosis.  All eukaryotic cells, that is; animals, plants, bacteria, spoors, fungus molds and archaea, that have central nucleated DNA, produce viral waste from the DNA duplication of the mitosis process, which is excreted from the cell and then the body.  We all live in a world of harmless viruses.

But your doctor, who knows nothing more about viruses than you do, will tell you; “You should visit our ICU or those across the country … patients are dying from this most awful disease. Others are trapped on ventilators from permanent lung damage caused by us. , Though most ventilated patients die very quickly. MRI studies show that 50% of patients who have recovered have structural brain damage.  This disease is no joke. Look at me. I am at least half brain damaged” 

Sorry to have to tell you, doctor, but the only joke here is you.

Digging deeper into published data: if COVID-19 is not more deadly than the flu (only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are from COVID-19 only) and out of 12,000 COVID-19 throat swab tests, only 15 are positive for the virus while 14 of these 15 positives turn out to be false positives on re-testing, what is causing all the commotions?

An answer to that question is ‘NOT COVID.  Fear-induced vitamin B1 shortage is the likely cause. Not the first time a vitamin deficiency has been conflated with a virus. This isn’t the first-time beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency) has been confused for an infectious disease outbreak.  A disease outbreak in 1897 was thought to be caused by an infectious agent (bacteria, fungus) until it vanished when unpolished rice was substituted for vitamin B1-deficient polished rice.  [Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology, Leiden University Hospital, The Netherlands, 2012].

Beriberi produces symptoms of fever and infection that is confused with pathogenic disease.  Beriberi may be misdiagnosed as a virus by an ignorant doctor trained in allopathic medicine.

Another serious vitamin deficiency is vitamin D3. What is the reason for vitamin D3 deficiency? Lack of sun exposure. What does your government tell you about sun exposure? Avoid at all costs…right? The sun is the source of all life, health and wellbeing. Without sun exposure, you will be unhealthy in short order, with a host of symptoms. These symptoms will never be correctly attributed to lack of sun exposure by any allopathic doctor, who will just prescribe some pills based on a nonsensical diagnosis. This does not mean you are going to immediately die from lack of vitamins. Just that you will be unhealthy and die prematurely.

Even better, a simple study of death incidence in countries around the world indicate absolutely no excessive deaths at all as compared to historical death rates.  All is indicative for a normal death-rate period.  “What? How could that be?  They said…”

The explanation is very simple.  They are not counting normal flu, cold, bronchitis, hay fever, sore throat, pneumonia at all.  Instead, they are calling all the typical maladies ‘COVID disease’, which is, of course, all bullshit.  They are even calling motorcycle accidents and heart attacks COVID.  In spite of all this, they cannot invent even a single actual virus death case.

Because of this, they have resorted to frantic testing using the PCR test because they no how to rig the test for a guaranteed ‘positive’. If the cycle rate is 35 or higher, in spite of the instruction sheet calling for a minimum setting of 40 cycles, it will read ‘positive’.  With this nonsense, they are justifying a great health threat and ridiculous totally absurd lockdown-based responses.

Now, you may ask, why is it so easy for people to see and accept this phony scenario?  My answer is simple.  People need to be able to view their government as benevolent.  If they allow themselves to acknowledge the obvious truth, they must, then, accept that their government is nothing more than a bunch of psychopathic liars with sinister objectives.  That opens the next question.  “Why?”  “What could be a reason WHY the government is one non-stop giant LIE MACHINE?

During my entire life-time, it has always been explained as ‘government incompetence’.  Better, much better, to have a government full of incompetents than one that is really malevolent and lying, right?

Actually, most people would deceive themselves to any extent necessary to maintain their illusion of a benevolent and honest government. You can see the evidence of this everywhere you look…undeniable.  In the present case, the Royals know they are almost at the finish line, maintaining order through coercion.  The people will line up like cows at the slaughter, to receive their vaccines.  They will not drop dead on-the-spot, creating a panic.  The activation is electronic, probably 5G.  Why are they so desperate to get the 5G towers in place and operational?  The successful operation requires that the entire population be inoculated prior to activation of the kill switch.  Otherwise, unvaccinated people would immediately refuse to accept it.

The account of Nobel-Prize winner (1928) Christiaan Eijkman is instructive.

In 1886, with the allopathic germ theory of disease just being spawned among physicians, the Dutch assembled a commission to determine which bacterium causes the symptoms of beriberi, in preparation for an attempt at creating a vaccine.  However, the germ could not be isolated.  Interestingly, just like the covid virus of the moment which cannot be isolated.

Eijkman noticed chickens had trouble breathing and showed other signs of beriberi. Initially Eijkman thought this disease was transferred from sick chickens to healthy chickens.  He isolated the animals in separate cages, similar to present-day lockdowns of human populations.  However, the chickens still got sick. Eijkman was bewildered and confused. 

Eijkman eventually found chickens that were “immune” from the disease were being fed unpolished rice, the rice that had the B1-thiamine (B1 being in the brown rice hull).

Eijkman learned that chickens fed half-polished rice were not showing signs of illness.  Eijkman learned to make the chickens sick almost at will by controlling their diet. Do any Americans understand that they have a system that controls their diet so they have severe dietary deficiencies?

But microbiologists, narrowed-focused on the germ theory of disease, doggedly continued to search for the germ that was causing this disease.  Between 1885-1906 seventeen different researchers claimed to have found the microorganism that causes beriberi.

It took till 1925 for vitamin B1 (thiamine) to be isolated from food.  Then a theoretically infectious disease took a back seat to a dietary deficiency disease. No vaccine needed nor was one ever efficacious.

The parallel here is obvious.  It’s just that the present COVID situation needs no explanation at all, and certainly no cure.  The COVID virus is a complete fraud.  It is being swallowed hook, line and sinker by people who are afraid to face reality.  The reality is simply this: the government is lying to make you fearful and compliant so you will line up and beg for the lethal injection. Why would they do this?  The Reset demands it. This UN Reset is going on full speed ahead.  Phase one necessitates about 2 billion murders.  This is a lot of murders, by any standard.  It must be done in some orderly fashion to make it even possible.

So, what level of confidence can the public have in the COVID-19 vaccines under development?  Only the derelict news media continues to falsely promote this vaccination. Volunteer test subjects for the vaccine are dying like flies.

A certain number of survivors will be required, at least temporarily, to clean up the mess and take care of disposal.  The UN agenda calls for full implementation by 2050.  It is necessary to look ahead to the future, the next Reset of around 2250.  Where will the new venue be located and how will the new hegemon be selected and prepared?  Will it be the old Russia, Africa or South America?  That will all be gradually revealed to scholars of the future.

What does this say about the credibility of modern medicine?  Public health officials?  Vaccine makers? I believe it can be safely said that the relics of allopathic medicine will be long forgotten, revised out of the history books by then by the time any true history is revealed.

We are also supposed to believe you can get COVID-19 disease and not experience any symptoms.  That is another oxymoron.  The test is bogus and you certainly never had COVID-19 disease and therefore, no symptoms.  It is just a matter of the Reset. your time being up and much bigger things looming.  Do not allow yourself to be degraded to the status of a cow.  If you have lived a viable life, accomplished some degree of enlightenment, taken care of your body with proper nutrition, life-style and conscious evolution of your DNA, then you are as prepared as you can be.  Never succumb to lies, no matter how much bravery the truth requires.  It is a compromise of your life’s meaning.

ShamanIAm, Doctor, Researcher, Analyst and Reporter of Truth

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