Excess Deaths from the VAXX Indicate a Depopulation Agenda

“I think it’s highly likely that this next phase will involve massive death from covid “vaxxine” on a scale which will dwarf the claims of ‘covid-19 deaths’ to date.” — Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer

There is no evidence that Big Pharma’s Covid “vaxxines” are effective and no evidence that they are safe. Indeed, all the evidence is to the contrary. The “vaxxines” were rushed into use before they were tested or approved on the basis of the falsehoods that there was a fake pandemic afoot for which the fear-factor had to be taken advantage of quickly, before it waned.

These lies were soon exposed. Except for people with unrelated serious illnesses who were left untreated, Covid had a negligibly low fatality rate. Doctors soon discovered that HCQ and Ivermectin were both preventatives and cures, but the medical establishment and the captive media joined Big Pharma and Fauci in suppressing that information.  These old and known treatments were of no value to them.  They lack the power to kill in the prescribed manner.  Only the new vaxxine had the power to kill in a manner that could be disassociated from the injection event.

An Orchestrated Fake “COVID Pandemic” Was Used to Destroy Health, Civil Liberty and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The large number of alleged Covid cases was manufactured by the use of the PCR test, intentionally run at high cycles known to produce mainly false positives.

The fear that was orchestrated, prepped frightened and gullible people for the “vaxxine.” Injection.  Once the injection, even a single one, is lethal.  The insidiousness is in the mechanism of the graphene dioxide, which kills slowly and subtly by a million little internal cuts.  It can take up to two years for death to arrive, but they know that once the first vaxx is administered, it is easy to say that a program of multiple injections are required.  What this accomplishes is an increase in concentration of the graphene dioxide inside the body, in the blood stream that is affecting every organ in the body, especially that cardiovascular system.  Look at the news.  Athletes are dying on the playing fields every day in multiples.  Just keeling over dead.  These are prime athletes at the peak of health. 

Now the results of the “vaxxine” are in. These are the known facts:

The jabs do nothing by way of giving protection, immunity or any medical benefit. Thus, the advent of booster jabs and the protocol that the vaxxinated continue to wear masks and follow all the other nonsense protocols prescribed, for vaxx’d or unvaxx’d.

The “vaxxine” is associated with a high rate of deaths and injuries, most of which are suppressed by the various arbitrary rules.  The rates are far higher than rates associated with vaxxines and medicines, the use of which has been stopped.

The vaxxinated appear to spread the virus more easily than the unvaxxinated. This is due to the expectation of some improvement, which never materializes. Instead, the lethal effects of the graphene dioxide serum start to produce adverse side effects including death, which they find a way to attribute to the unvaxx’d by artificial delays in the process, whereby the poison is injected into the body, but the victim cannot be considered vaxx’d yet.  The victim is considered to be unvaxx’d until a protocol of multiple injections are completed, now numbering from four to eight injections over a considerable time period, and then another 14 days more for good measure.  During this period of months, all of the numerous adverse reactions and deaths are counted as being among the “unvaxx’d”,  of all the sneaky deceitful tactics.

The majority of hospitalized Covid patients are vaxxinated people, at a ratio of 8 to 1, and these people are suffering adverse reactions to the “vaxxine, which they label “breakthrough cases”, still attributing all adverse effects to covid19.  Covid19 is not in-play here at all.  It is a fake, fabricated make-believe condition, actually the common flu, that has a negligible rate of mortality and does not afflict anyone who is not vitamin D deficient.

The “vaxxine” permanently impairs your natural immunity.  You are suffering from a trillion internal cuts, that your immune system cannot attribute to a pathogen, anymore than it could rectify the external plunging of a knife into your heart by an assassin.

Deaths and injuries rise with the rate of vaxxination. The larger the percentage of a population vaccinated, the higher the percentage of excess deaths.  It is a direct linear relationship.  Everyone is lead to think the vaxx is a highly technical genetic modifier.  No one thinks it is a heinous way to cut your internal organs, causing blood clots that are fatal.  The scientismists at the vaxx factory are simple dudes, who don’t have the where-with-all to devise extremely sophisticated serums that involve intricate alterations of genetic sequences.  No need for such a delicate and unpredictable approach when graphene dioxide provides the perfect solution.

It is very easy to murder the elderly with preexisting comorbidities who are susceptible to any false protocol.  This  vaxxine attacks the young. The US military is comprised mainly of young people, so why is the military being forced to be vaxxinated with a killer substance? Along with military deaths and injuries there comes a reduction in military capabilities and readiness.  The US military will emerge from this as a crippled organization, incapable of changing their own diapers, much less changing yours.

Mortality rises with vaxxination.  As the authorities know this, the only reason for them to persist with illegally mandated mass vaxxination is that they have a depopulation agenda. This Agenda, part of UN Agenda 2025, requires the RESET, to take out the US and its allies, while putting China into the position formerly held by the US, as the hegemon of empire for the next 200 years.  There are more sub-agendas of UN Agenda 20, which requires the reduction of humans on the planet to the historical level of 500 million.  In the face of the completion of the long-cycle of the Mayan calendar on December 22, 2012, it is entirely possible that the ultimate end goal is to remove all humans from this planet.  Humans are the animals that are the ultimate scourge on the earth, wreaking destruction, waste, pollution and immature hubris without consideration for the future.  They are gullible fools, easily lead to their own destruction, who contribute nothing of value to this planet.  They think that the entire universe exists for their amusement and is totally under their control, to manipulate and alter every aspect of Nature for their comfort and convenience.  The planet is infinitely more valuable than the human race.  Those charged with protecting the planet are required to remove this threat from the face of the planet.

Humans were hugely advanced from the ape to a superior physical structure in a very short period of time, relative to evolutionary time.  What was not considered at the time the creator gods performed this experiment, is that the wisdom necessary to go along with the physical upgrade, to keep the balance between physical power and the use of it, was left out of the equation.  When the creator gods were present and ruled the humans, they never foresaw the human population growing to the present level, nor the destructive power being wielded against the planet and the habitat.  The human animal has superiority in the field of destruction, but lacks the wisdom to utilize this power wisely, for their own good as well as the lesser animals that share the habitat with them. But most importantly, they lack the wisdom to understand the importance of preservation and sustainability.  Those higher beings in this multi-dimensional universe will never stand by and allow the destruction of a planet by a totally out-of-control horde of animal miscreants.  It is not ever going to happen.  Because it has gone so far wrong in such a short time span, a drastic response is required, and this drastic response is now underway.

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