Covid Vaxxines Only Work for Killing

“variants” are pushed as scare stories to require more vaxxines, mask mandates and destructive lockdowns

We have now reached a stunning tipping point in the global push for mass vaxxinations that inject people with ‘spike protein’ bioweapons. New research finds that “fully vaxxinated” individuals are, rather than gaining any immunity, actually suffering an eight times higher mortality rate than the non-vaxxinated. And a stunning report out of the UK finds that 62% of those dying from covid are people who have been vaxxinated.

The covid vaxxine, it turns out, does not work in terms of giving you some benefit of immunity.  It only ‘works’ from the standpoint of destroying your natural immunity and replacing it with, in addition to the spike protein problem, some specific non-immunity to any and all future variants or mutants.  You will need a countless number of additional vaxxines as you contract each of the seemingly unlimited variants.

More specifically, it doesn’t provide non-specific immunity to even slight variations in coronavirus morphology. While natural immunity produces “general” antibodies that work against all sorts of variants of the covid.  In addition, the spike protein bioweapons are being injected into the human guinea pigs as part of a global medical experiment to slowly make your organs become dysfunctional.

The implications of this are profound. It means that people who have chosen the vaxxine route instead of the natural immunity route will be forever dependent on “booster” shots to try to address each new variant as mutations appear in the wild or by artificial mehtods. This means repeated injections with more bioweapons, and it means the covid vaccines that were originally promoted as a pathway to “freedom” and immunity are no such thing. It’s more like an addiction to the needle, because you need endless injections just to stay current, since viruses constantly mutate in the wild.

While a naturally immune persons has achieved true freedom with a fully functioning immune system, a vaccine-dependent person has no general protections and must live in constant fear that a new mutation will suddenly render their existing, limited antibodies completely obsolete.

Yet vaxxine passports are given to the vaccinated —now the most vulnerable — not those who have achieved far more powerful natural immunity. This is just one of the many ways the entire plandemic response is actually designed to continue spreading the infections so that lockdowns, mask mandates and vaxxine mandates can be gleefully justified by power-drunk bureaucrats and medical tyrants (like Fauci).

Delta variant vaxxine failure now used to demand return to lockdowns, masks and social distancing

As I publicly predicted months ago, these new “variants” are greedily invoked by health tyrants to unleash a return to authoritarian lockdowns, mask mandates and other freedom-crushing demands. Of course, these measures will do nothing more than they ever did, which is nothing at all to protect people from the never ending theater of ‘variants’.The failure of their own vaxxine creates the very conditions that give them the power to take away yet more human freedoms. And just to add insult to injury, they demand you consent to every new experimental ‘emergency use only’ vaxxine they concoct, always with the same calculated lie: “If you just take THIS vaxxine, then you’ll really be safe and free This time”

But it’s always a lie. The vaxxines don’t really work as proclaimed, and you’re never free until you stand your ground and say no to the medical tyrants.

Importantly, given that viruses constantly mutate in the wild, there is no future where medical tyrants voluntarily declare the pandemic to be “over” and stop demanding lockdowns, masks and vaxxine injections.

They’ve found the ultimate power trip scam, and they’re going to keep pushing it as long as they can. And for those who are willing to be obedient sheeple, this means never-ending enslavement under the Scamdemic Virus Industrial Complex.

Remember the promise from 2020? “Give us two weeks to flatten the curve.” Soon it will be two years and counting. There is no scenario where these covid tyrants release their iron grip on humanity. There is no point where they say, “You’re vaxxinated enough.” There is no circumstance under which they will back off from their power grab and depopulation extermination.

As proof of that, LA County has just issued a new declaration, demanding that everybody wear masks indoors — even if, and especially if you’re vaxxinated — because of the Delta variant. Isn’t this a blatant admission that the promise of vaxxines was a complete fraud? So, any time a new variant comes along, everybody has to surrender to the public health tyrants yet again?

You will never be free until you stop acting like a slave. But for many people, after taking the vaxxine and multiple booster shots, they will be lucky to still be alive. Mass vaxxine deaths are right around the corner, and about half the country is at risk of being killed by the vaxxines already taken, oblivious to the fact that the vaxxines were all engineered as depopulation bioweapons in the first place.

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