Covid Rabid Authoritarians are the True Cause of Americas Problems and Demise

Rabid UBER LORDS Operate on a Carefully Planned Sequence of Lies and False Pretenses to coerce the Populations into Voluntary Suicide using a fake virus.

Certainly it is Not the Unvaxxinated, who wield no power other than offering their own example of wisdom and common sense, to command their own destinies thus preventing their own deaths at the hands of the Enforcers.

The intentions of the ‘enforcers’ is to carry out the UN Agenda 21 extermination of the human race whereby they require a 100% vaxx rate for completion. There is no return to the “normal”.

These enforcers dictate to the visible politicians, orders for the mass genocide of the human race, with greatest prejudice against English-speaking countries and peoples.

A star that reads, not vaxxinated is attached on the back of an Anti-vaxxine protesters during a rally in Paris, Saturday, July 17, 2021. A Holocaust survivor, French officials and anti-racism groups are denouncing anti-vaxxination protesters who are comparing themselves to Jews persecuted by the Nazis. Some mostly far-right demonstrators at weekend protests against government vaxxine rules wore yellow stars, like those Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule in World War II. Other demonstrators carried signs evoking the Auschwitz death camp or South Africa’s apartheid regime, claiming the French government is unfairly persecuting them as it battles the pandemic. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, File)

It’s an odd dynamic – One would think that if the covid vaxxines were a generally benevolent program that actually “followed the science” then there would be no need to pile drive the public with an endless barrage of vaxx propaganda and heavy-handed threats of force.

After all, if science and morality are on the side of the covid cult then the rest would naturally take care of itself and the overwhelming majority of Americans would have already voluntarily taken the experimental vaxx without any threats required. And, if some people still refused, then the science would dictate that it doesn’t matter, because if the vax actually works, then those people present no threat whatsoever to the rest of society.

They obviously have a different powerful motivation to coerce vaxxination of all citizens, and it has nothing to do with protecting anyone’s health. It has one singular purpose…to kill.  Its only genius is that they have selected a poison that requires about two years from date of injection to date of death.  This provides a long window of opportunity for them to increase the percentage of vaxx’d individuals, with the assurance that each vaxx’d person is a guaranteed kill. Vaxx’d persons often display no indication of problems following receipt of the injection.  Sickness will ensue after the poison has sufficient time to culture in the heart and other vital organs.

It is highly revealing that there is apparently no confidence at all in the ability of the vaxx to provide any protection, and the more resistance the establishment encounters on mandates the more aggressive they become and the more they lie about the facts and evidence.

Remember when Fauci and company said they only needed 70% of the population vaxxinated to hit herd immunity? That concept was thrown down the memory hole and now they want 96% (really 100%) of the population vaxxinated.

They claimed that the vaxxination programs were a success with between 70% to almost 80% of the public taking the double jab, and that was a lie as state numbers continue to contradict federal and CDC numbers.

They claimed that the only pandemic still ongoing is a “pandemic of the unvaxxinated”, and this was of course a lie as we have seen studies from multiple states and mostly vaxinated countries showing that the vaxxinated now make up the bulk of infections and hospitalizations. They still call the disease covid19, but this is still more lies. The disease is actually covid19-vaxx poisoning, a term they hope to avoid at all costs. It is the correct term.

They said the vaxxines offered more reliable protection when compared to natural immunity, yet medical studies from around the world show that this was a lie and that natural immunity offers  27 times more protection than the vaxxines do. And, they said that the vaxxines were “safe and effective”, yet there is no data to prove they are safe, and multiple studies show that vaccine effectiveness is questionable, and most damning of all, the vaxxines are the obvious cause of all of the rapidly mounting death counts and hospitalizations.

Lie after lie after lie. If the vaxxines actually worked, there would be no need for so much deceit, and if their true intention was to “protect public health” then the establishment would be promoting treatment programs and natural immunity, not experimental emergency use only vaxxines that poisonous and ultimately lethal.

Numerous fully vaxxinated people, including political figures like Colin Powell, have died from covid but the mainstream media STILL claims this doesn’t disprove the efficacy of the jab. At the same time, unvaxxinated alternative media figures like Joe Rogan beat covid in 3 days using treatments like Ivermectin, and the MSM attacks him relentlessly as some kind of charlatan merely because he dared to not die. The elitists think that the public doesn’t notice massive contradictions like this, but we do. We are not dumb, we see everything.

In Washington State, for example, studies show that there have been at least 51,000 “breakthrough cases” of covid in the past 10 months. Breakthrough cases are people who are fully vaxxinated but were infected with covid19 vaxx disease,. Of those 51,000 people, 493 people died. When calculating the percentage of dead vs infected, we get around 0.96%. The median death rate of covid among unvaccinated people is only 0.27% according to dozens of peer reviewed medical studies. This means that the death rate of fully vaccinated people in Washington is actually HIGHER than that of unvaxxed people. The real mass deaths are still in the near future.

We have seen similar results in states like Massachusetts, where there were 5100 breakthrough cases in a single month and 80 deaths of fully vaxxinated people, which is a 1.5% death rate for the vaxxed as opposed to 0.27% for the unvaxxed. Studies on death rates are going to have to take into account vaxxinated deaths vs unvaxxnated deaths from now on. But I would not count on seeing this happen. They will obscure this as long as possible.

And what about studies from highly vaxxinated countries like Israel, which show that the majority of infections and hospitalizations are among vaxxinated people, with infections and deaths spiking only after the vaxxines were introduced. Right after Israel became one of the most vaxxnated nations on the planet, it now has one of the highest infection rates on the planet.

It should also be noted that the peak of US infections in 2020 ended well before the vaxxine rollout even started in early 2021, when it was finally acknowledged that the PCR was a worthless test for any virus. Meaning, the vaxxines did NOTHING but increase actual infection rates. They had dropped off on their own prior to the massive vaxx campaign. This is a scientific fact that the mainstream avoids, just as they avoid admitting that the median death rate of covid is a mere 0.27%, all being the common flu.

The solution that the establishment offers is not surprising – They claim we need MORE vaxxines through booster requirements. As the old saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And so the demented propaganda machine continues into infinity. This reveals that effectiveness and prevention are no part of their program. The program is only extermination and the longer they can keep people in total ignorance, the more likely they are to succeed.

The public is growing aware of the games and the deadly risks, as is evident in mass walkouts, sick-outs and other protests against Biden’s vaxxine mandates for companies with more than 100 employees as well as most government institutions. We are seeing up to 50% of employees and government workers in many cases refusing to take the experimental jab despite the fact that they are being threatened with losing their jobs. This dynamic seems to have bewildered the covid cult and the globalists; who can’t wrap their heads around this level of resistance to their agenda.

It’s not a new thing, but I have noticed an increasing number of vaxx propaganda commercials and articles featuring Donald Trump in the past month. All of them herald Trump’s pro-vaxxination stance, which is odd because leftists spent most of 2020 saying they would not take any vaxxine that Trump was responsible for producing.

Yet another vaxx ad with an odd tone. It showed clips of Trump making favorable statements on the mRNA vaccines, he and his wife taking the vaxxines with dramatic music, and then a message at the end which said “There’s A Covid Vaxxine Waiting For You, Too.”

The bizarre commercial was clearly aimed at conservatives, but it displays an obvious disconnect that the covid cult and the media have when it comes to conservative thinking and principles.

Leftists, collectivists and globalists function according to tyrant rule and herd mentality. They have gatekeepers, and the gatekeepers set the agenda and dictate decision making responsibilities for the group. Leftist herds wait patiently for top-down orders from their designated gatekeepers and most of them obey without question. This is how they operate.

Liberty minded people operate in the opposite fashion. Our “leaders” are always under scrutiny, and this includes political mascots like Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is why, during a recent speech in Alabama, Trump was booed by a crowd of supporters after he called for them to get the covid vaxxine. Conservatives generally don’t care about the person promoting the message, they only care if the message passes the smell test.

Leftists and globalists are incapable of grasping conservative principles or the conservative mindset. This fact is hilariously evident in the style of propaganda they have consistently used to try to intimidate or pressure the conservative public into compliance with the mandates. We don’t view Trump as a philosophical leader; in fact, there were so many underlying issues with his cabinet and his policies that his leadership became suspect. At most, conservatives enjoyed Trump’s administration simply because his presence in the White House drove leftist authoritarians to greater madness.

We definitely don’t care what Trump has to say on the vaxxines.

There is further evidence of the disconnect I describe in the actions of leftists and the establishment when it comes to vaxx mandates in the workplace. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the argument from covid cultists that conservatives “Might say we will refuse to comply, but when our livelihoods are threatened we will submit.” They believe this because that’s how THEY would respond. They are cowardly weaklings with no heart, no principles and no morals. They think that since they would cave in to the pressure, the rest of us would cave in as well.

The past month has proven them oh so wrong as millions of people stage protests and walk outs across the country. There is even refusal among around 25% of the armed forced averaged across all branches, as well as up to 50% of city police forces. Most employers and government offices can barely function as is; there is zero chance they will be able to cope with a 10% loss of workforce, let alone a 25% to 50% loss. They would crumble.

This was obviously not the plan; the globalists were not prepared for this level of resistance in the US and this is evident in their pathetic propaganda scramble. That does not mean they don’t have contingencies in place. I am already seeing a fledgling narrative in the media which is implanting the idea that any breakdown of the system in the US will actually be the fault of the unvaxxinated. Somehow.

Biden has been a fervent culprit behind the narrative that everything from economic instability and supply chain problems to social divisions should be blamed on unvaccinated Americans. That’s right, the majority of these disasters started on Biden’s watch and because of his policies, but somehow WE are cast as the real danger. Yes, the draconian mandates are illegal and unconstitutional and yes, mandates are not laws in any form, and yes, Biden and his handlers are acting like dictators and there is no reason to do anything they say. But, we are cast as the bad guys. This is classic communist gaslighting. They see that with truthful information being offered, more of the ignorant are starting to realize the elements of truth.

Do not coordinate with efforts that are trying to enforce covid-vaxx mandates and vaxxine passports. Stop going along with paying people to stay home from work with covid welfare bribes. Stop generating trillions of dollars in fiat stimulus from thin air to pay for even more useless programs we don’t need. Then watch how quickly stagflation, economic instability, the workforce shortages and most other problems in the US suddenly become solvable. The unvaxxinated are not the source of American distress, the globalists and errand boys like Biden and blue state governors are the actors.  Their masters are the real perpetrators.  A smaller group of sinister power mongers, who are the planners and implimentors for the UN Agenda 21 sustainable development agenda.  The sustainable agenda requires a human population of around 500 million.  At this level, the scope of manufacturing, food production and control systems will be tiny by comparison to the present. 

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