Covid 19 is a pseudopandemic

 It is the gross exaggeration of the threat posed by a common low-mortality respiratory illness, also called influenza.

The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorize the public. The objective was to accustom the people to a draconian system of government oppression by familiarizing them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state.

The pseudopandemic is based upon an influenza-like illness which, regardless of its origin, was not and is not a disease which can legitimately be considered the cause of a “pandemic.” The only way it could ever be described as such was by the removal of any reference to mortality from the World Health Organization’s definition of pandemic.

COVID 19 is a disease which has a mortality-age distribution profile indistinguishable from normal mortality. Unlike influenza, which disproportionately impacts the young, in terms of threat to life, COVID 19 was and is a wholly unremarkable illness.

Were it not for political theatrics and mainstream media propaganda, which began in China, no one, outside of the medical profession and influenza sufferers, would have remarked on this mis-named disease.

The illusion of overwhelmed health services was created by massively reducing their capacity and staffing levels while simultaneously reorienting healthcare to treat everyone who presented with a respiratory illness as viral plague carriers.

In reality the pseudopandemic saw unusually low levels of hospital bed occupancy. However, due to the additional policies and procedures heaped upon them, healthcare services were thrown into disarray.

This was combined with the use of tests, incapable of diagnosing anything, as proof of a COVID 19 “case.” This enabled governments around the world to make absurd claims about the threat level. They relied upon fake science and junk data throughout. As symptomatic illness and resultant disease mortality was relatively low, they asserted that people without any signs of illness (the asymptomatic) were spreading the contagion.

This was abject nonsense. There was no evidence that the asymptomatic infected anyone. Those at risk of severe illness were the small minority of people who already had serious comorbidities, often due to their age.

The mass house arrests (lockdowns) and other measures, such as wearing face masks, were then used to increase the infection risk, to reduce broad levels of population immunity and give the false impression of an extraordinary public health threat. The removal of health care for every other disease, including cancer and ischemic heart disease, coupled with the health costs of increasing deprivation and immunosuppressant policies, were then exploited to bolster the illusion of a pandemic.

This does not mean that COVID 19 didn’t kill people but those who died of the disease were a small percentage of the total numbers claimed. COVID 19 had no discernible impact upon all-cause mortality. The increase above one of the lowest ever 5 year mortality averages was mainly caused by the withdrawal of health services, as increasing numbers of people died in their own homes or in overburdened care settings, without receiving normal medical attention.

Despite these efforts, mortality in 2020 was still only the 9th highest in the first two decades of the 21st century and one of the lowest age-standardized mortality rates in the last 50 years.

COVID 19 presented virtually no risk to those of working age an none at all to the young. There was no evidence that children were either at or presented any risk. The school closures were part of the pseudopandemic psy-op. They gave the misleading impression of an emergency and provided fraudulent justification for vaccinating children.

Next came the pseudovaccines. Trotted out as if by a miracle, with hundreds of billions of dollars going every direction to the usual suspects in the medical vaccine coffers.  Fauci has an armored truck coming daily to get his share safely to the bank. The experimental ‘emergency-use-only’ living-mRNA ‘spike-protein injections hit the market.  The establishment and the government campaigned these injections just as though they were fully approved by the FDA, coercing and threatening their citizens to get in line.  Now the excess deaths begins for real.  Hitting the ‘Old Folks Homes’ with brutal force, they managed to wipe-out the weak and aged that remained alive with great haste.  Quotas are set for every level of government leadership.  Biden is charged with reaching 70% pseudovaccine coverage by July 4, 2021.  Immediately he assigns similar quotas for all state governors, who follow suit wihin their own states.  Is this some kind of a contest with cash prizes for those who achieve their VICTIM quotas?

Well, as it turns out, the pseudovaccine wreaks death and disease right from day one.  This is unintended, as they were hoping to get the 70% coverage before any noticeable level of damage was noticed publicly.  Now, they have to deal with ‘pseudovaccine hesitancy’.  Many who do notice, no longer wish to partake.  This is slowing down the process and visions of ‘cash prizes’ start growing dim.  Now, maybe their asses are on the line instead.  Everyone knows that the pseudovaccine is designed for a slow kill, with the spike protein process generating dysfunctional cellular replicas of various organ cells.  As fast-replicating organs become more and more full of spike proteins, death will occur.  The hope is to have at least 70% coverage by that time, when people will become more and more aware of the trap they are caught in, but can not escape from.

We see already that the fully pseudovaccined are dying at increasing rate, at the rate of 8 times that of the non-pseudovaccined individuals.  They have to call in plan B, the ‘variants’.  People are now being fed with fear of variants, and those having taken the pseudovaccine have their own immune systems rendered dysfunctional. Non-pseudovaccined people, with their own immune systems functioning, are already immune to all the variants, so to speak.  Now the ‘variant’ thing is all a bunch of horse shit, because it is not variants that are killing the pseudovaccined, it is the pseudovaccine itself. Its not going to be long before people figure this out either.

The pseudopandemic was planned to lead to the complete transformation of our culture and society. It has irrevocably changed our relationship with governments, has caused catastrophic economic disruption, shutdown global trade and seen millions become dependant on government subsidies. The pseudopandemic was the opening salvo in a global coup d’état.

The new pseudopandemic biosecurity apparatus is designed to control our behavior as we are forced through a global transformation. Those behind the pseudopandemic intend to change the International Monetary and Financial System (IMFS) and establish global governance in the shape of technocracy. Technocracy is a neo-feudal, totalitarian system based upon communitarian principles.

We will be offered the illusion of participatory democracy through our required participation and belief in “civil society.” Civil society will be “stakeholder” oriented in the Technocracy. However, civil society will only be allowed to pursue polices set at the global level.

Applied psychology was used throughout the pseudopandemic to fix our “choice environment.” We were conditioned to believe that following the rules was the responsible and moral choice. In reality our behavior was being deliberately altered to ensure our compliance with the dictates of the biosecurity state, preparing society for the transition to technocracy.

The new global IMFS is built upon carbon trading and a $120 trillion carbon bond market is currently under construction. Assets are being defined in terms of their Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics which rate investments depending upon their environmental, social and governance (ESG) score.

These metrics have been established by the UN World Economic Forum working in partnership with the central banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and other stakeholder capitalists, such as the investment firm BlackRock.

The global system of central banks, headed by the BIS, are “going direct” by directly funding government policy. They have linked monetary policy to fiscal policy which means ultimate control of all government spending by the BIS. The Financial Services Board of the BIS regulates ESG’s and determines the value of sustainable financial assets.

In this way, the global technocracy will facilitate the continuation of crony capitalism, as only the right stakeholders will receive the approved ESG rating. Those who don’t will not be able to raise the investment capital they need and will be forced out of business.

“Going direct” began before the UN World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic. All of the economic and financial responses to the pseudopandemic, such as furlough and business support packages, were agreed as part of the “going direct” plan in August 2019.

The so called economic stimulus of Quantitative Easing (QE) is a fraud. It is based upon the unbridled monetization of debt on an unprecedented scale. Going direct means that the toxic junk assets of the financial institutions have been taken on to the balance sheets of the central banks. Thus, creating unimaginable levels of public debt that can never, and will never, be repaid.

The QE stimulus money, created out of absolutely nothing, has been pumped into the financial markets for the continued enrichment of the right stakeholders. The vast expansion of the money supply has led to hyperinflation. The mass unemployment that will occur as a result of the austerity, caused both by the staggering levels of debt and our transition to a new IMFS, will create stagflation.  Very few are interested in working again.

The new net zero carbon economy will mean permanent austerity for the majority. The Technate will provide a universal basic income (UBI), or some variation of the concept, to be paid in Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). This will mean that no one will have their own money, other than the chosen stakeholders, as all transactions will be monitored and controlled by the central banks.

Those who oppose the neo-feudal authority of the stakeholder Technate and refuse to comply with the imposition of biosecurity obligations will have their CBDC restricted or switched off. The pseudopandemic has established the framework of the biosecurity state that will control all our lives. The vaxxine passports are the gateway to full biometric identity for every citizen in the new normal Technate.

We will be required to show our biometric ID on demand. Access to goods and services will be monitored and restricted as desired by the Technate. UBI and CBDC combined with biometric ID will ensure our compliance. The central planners of the Technate will oversee the AI controlled system which will automatically limit the freedoms of those who defy the rules decreed by the stakeholder capitalists.

Money, as we currently understand it, is no longer required by those behind the pseudopandemic. The net zero carbon economy enables them to seize control of the “global commons.” This means that they will have dominion over all of the Earth’s natural resources. All land, the oceans, the atmosphere and even space is being converted into assets via Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.

Not only will we have no money of our own, we will be unable to access the resources we need to survive without permission from the Technate. While this system of technocracy has been planned for more than a century, it was the financial collapse in 2008 that led the pseudopandemic planners to increase the pace of transformation. The monetization of debt had long been the source of their authority but this IMFS was unsustainable. As all money was debt, its eventual collapse was inevitable. It passed the point of no return in 2008.

With their going direct plan in place, the stage was set for the pseudopandemic. Bioweapons lab created SARS-CoV-2 provided the perfect opportunity and the core conspirators behind the pseudopandemic had trained extensively in readiness for the operation. We were then barraged by a mainstream media propaganda campaign and military’s information warfare units were deployed to control our “choice environment.”

Scientific and medical doubts were censored as the suspension of normal democratic processes was exploited to introduce the biosecurity state. Laws were passed to allow government to commit any crime it wished in pursuit of stakeholder capitalist sustainable development goals. Laws to end the right of protest and censor free speech are moving unopposed through the legislature as national governments, who are no more than stakeholder partners within the new normal technocracy, prepare us for the coming Technate.

For the core conspirators of the pseudopandemic this is the realization of their long held dream of global governance. They are steeped in the mythology of eugenics and population control. Once they have total control of the global commons they will no longer need us as consumers and are intent upon 70% population reduction, per the dictates of UN Agenda 21.  Further reduction will occur in due course, as humans will be totally infertile.

As insane as this all sounds the evidence, explored in pseudopandemic, is overwhelming. We are facing global neo-feudalism, taking us back to what has always been the system as long as humans have existed, 135,000 earth-years..

The core conspirators have no real power. It is an illusion that they are desperate to maintain. They invest billions in ‘play money’ on propaganda, hybrid warfare and security systems while we still exist, but the day is not far off when none of this will be needed any longer.. Their plan will succeed so long as we meekly buy into their lies and comply with their orders. Those already vaxxinated are out of the equation.  They are walking dead.  If we don’t comply, they may just allow us to try to survive without the ability to reproduce

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