CoVaxx and Transhumanism

This is a synopsis of D.r Carrie Madej joining journalist, Alex Newman to discuss the transhumanist agenda behind the ‘COVID vaccines’. This is a deeper éxposé than she previously gave on the Alex Jones show, of the transhumanist technologies that are being rolled out upon and within us without our informed consent.

As for SARS-CoV-2 she says, “There’s not been any Freedom of Information Act (FOIA )around the world that has ever produced an actual specimen of the virus. This actually means that it literally does not exist. We only have a code, a computer generated model of what someone thinks this virus is supposed to look like, and that’s important to know.

“Nobody has the actual virus or has ever seen one. Not the Chinese, not the Americans.  Why is that?

They’ve never answered that, but the truth is obvious…because it does not exist. So, they can’t make a vaccine. Instead, they are pushing a recombinant code with a gene synthesis. The synthesis involves the now familiar “spike protein”, which is an unnatural protein that would never normally be found as a component of any part of a human body. 

We have to stop for a minute to realize the meaning of this.  There is no threat from some new virus called Sars or Corona, or anything else.  This is a total scam to deceive the public into fearing a non-existing medical threat that has been claimed to be ravishing the ranks of humanity, creating a pandemic.

What is a pandemic?  It is, by definition, a situation existing throughout the whole world, whereby some disease is causing humans to die in excessive numbers, exceeding past periodic normal death counts.  Well, we have no such situation in the world, anywhere, anytime recently.  We know this for a fact because all nations publish public birth and death statistics, which are easily obtained from on-line reports.  You can look them up for all the countries in the world and you will learn that no where is there a pandemic or epidemic.  What we do find, looking deeper, is that the old flus, colds, grippe, etc. has disappeared from recent recorded data, only to have been replaced with the same number of new covid cases.  Coincidently, covid has the exact same symptoms as the ‘disappeared’ old maladies that humans have coped with for centuries.  It is common knowledge that there is no medication to cure, nor vaccination to prevent these nuisance maladies.  There are only superficial over the counter liquids or pills to make you feel a little more comfortable while the malady runs its course.

But, low and behold, we find ourselves hell-bent on cooking up a new “vaccine” for this non-existent covid virus that no one has isolated to find out if it even exists, let alone what it is comprised of.  And some serums have been cooked up that are claimed to be of value but they are not tested and produce a large number of adverse events, like death, paralysis, blood clots, embolisms, strokes, etc.  The FDA has given them Emergency-use-only permission, but all the governments in the world are treating them like they are proven, valuable and safe solutions to the non-existent pandemic and are coercing citizens to take these injections wholesale.  In fact, they are treating these injections as though everyone should automatically know they are safe and effective, while even though the government seems to not know this, officially.  You are supposed to obtain “vaccine passports” that will immediately transform you into VIPS and virtue signalers, even though they will not give you any protection from the imaginary covid virus, but they will somehow now make you sick with a new disease that you can easily spread around to others while you become a ‘walking dead’ zombie.

That means they’re combining different types of active genetic material, combining them together like a Frankenstein puzzle and then, to fill in the missing blanks, they have an Artificial Intelligence computer program do that for them. 

What she says is that the shot contains various proteins, some found in the human placenta and sperm that can trigger an autoimmune response in the tissues that have those proteins effectively sterilizing you. Other mRNA molecules contain the blue print for a foreign ‘spike protein’ that will initiate exponentially increasing production of this protein, so your body is producing defective cells as replacements for old dying cells. This will have consequences that are not fully understood by anyone, but over the course of one or two years, your body will be significantly altered and dysfunctional.

So far, 18 subunits of HIV1 have been in the vaccine’ genetic code, causing the body to purposely produce the HIV1 pathogen. “Could this give you HIV or AIDS? Nobody has the answer to that. Only time will tell; years from now, we’ll know. But just know that people have been tested for HIV after getting these vaccines…in Australia, they have been tested positive. So that is something to be very concerned about.

Also, SARS-CoV-2 (the mathematical computer-simulated model) contains a replica of human chromosome 8, which means that the WHO’s PCR test kits should find a positive result in all humans tested. More worryingly, chromosome 8 has to do with human intelligence and fertility. This means it could trigger an autoimmune response against a chromosome that codes for two of our most precious attributes as humans.

Pfizer and Moderna have also inserted an artificial nucleotide in the vaccine’s mRNA called Pseudouridylyl or “Psi” for short, which is completely not from this world. Dr Madej says, “Nobody knows the ramifications of this…It can act as a hacker program, as a one-way in, always to hack into the body…they say they’re suppressing our immune checkpoints so they can sneak in the code and our body’s immune system won’t destroy it.

“Suppressing our immune checkpoints? We need our immune system to protects us from infections, foreign toxins and defective cells…”

Dr Madej gets into a fascinating discussion of DARPA hydrogels, which contain nanobots and how these have the ability to alter human genetics and create transhuman cyborgs. The military has been testing this technology for decades. It allows controllers to see through the soldiers’ eyes; they can communicate and program the brain, as well as know and “hear” the thoughts of the soldier as well.

The COVID nasal swabs have been studied as a delivery mechanism to deliver nano sized drugs directly into the brain. Speaking of which, here are some spectacular photos from a recent study of nasal swabs in Slovakia, which were found to deploy hydrogel-releasing hollow living fibers. After the DARPA hydrogel contacts organic fluids (eg saliva), the photos reveal that they quickly began to form rectangular crystal structures (apparent nano antennae). These structures were dissolved by antibodies in one test and by Ivermectin in another.

The intended uses for these hydrogel nanobots include monitoring body movement, to mine a cryptocurrency based on human labor. During business owner’s meetings that Dr Madej attended in Atlanta, they stated plainly their intention to secretly implement this technology that can monitor and control the behavior of the populace, in conjunction with a Pavlovian social credit system and “Predictive Policing”.

Based on the meetings she attended and the scientific papers she read, the true agenda behind the vaccines is to bring about the first phase of transhumanism or what she calls “Human 2.0”, which is already being tested in West Africa as we speak. 

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