Corporate media hysteria pushers puke up another COVID scariant campaign in desperate FEAR PLOY for totalitarian control

As you’ve noticed over the last two days, the global corporate media psyop spell-weavers have puked up another “scariant” called “Nu,” and they are now hyperventilating over it, claiming it has over “30 horrifying mutations” and might spread faster than anything in history.  Well, it could just as easily have 30,000 mutations, each one scarier than the last.  There is no end to this idiots-game.  It is only a factor of how far you want to be pushed along with this nonsense. Those who have already fallen for it, taken the vaxx and are now awaiting for the miracle cure to kick in, you will feel the ‘kick in’ within a short time. 

The underlying message, of course, is that everybody should stop resisting and immediately obey the demands of corrupt government. 

The thing spreading the fastest, of course, is the media hysteria. A passenger plane that departed from South Africa and landed in Amsterdam was prevented from de-boarding, stranding South African passengers on the plane, all due to mass media hysteria over the new covid “scarient.”

People are panicking as they realize all the vaxxines and boosters they already took are now worthless and irrelevant.

Part of the message being delivered in this mass media scariant panic is that all the vaxxines and boosters that people already took are apparently worthless against this alleged new variant. This means that everybody’s vaxxine compliance “vaxxine passport” status essentially resets to zero.

The Associated Press is reporting that Israelis are already losing their minds over this new covid scariant and that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is on the verge of declaring an “emergency situation.” According to the AP, the new variant is being detected in fully vaxxinated individuals traveling to Israel. Bennett is already stoking the flames, warning that travel and borders will be locked down while the Israeli military hunts down people who recently traveling from those countries and throws them into covid quarantine camps:

The government later said that all countries in sub-Saharan Africa would be considered “red countries” from which foreign nationals are barred from traveling to Israel. Israelis are prohibited from visiting those countries and those returning from them must undergo a period of isolation.

The Israeli military will work to locate all individuals who have been to red countries within the past week and instruct them to go into isolation while testing is carried out, it said.

With the Australian military now hunting down and forcibly vaccinating indigenous people (Aborigines), the world’s terrorist governments are ramping up their final assault on humanity, and this coordinated “Nu variant” media hysteria campaign is designed to drive to much fear into the minds of world citizens that they will go along with full-blown tyranny and genocide.

Will you comply if the media terrorizes you enough?

As I explain in today’s short Situation Update podcast, this is all a campaign to try to achieve global compliance with government tyranny. The media are all acting as journo-terrorists, pushing mass hysteria to drive people into compliance (and more vaccines). Big Pharma is drooling over the potential new profits from a whole new wave of vaxxines, which will of course set off more mutations and lead to yet more variants in 2022 and beyond.

The entire thing is a rigged criminal scam rooted in fraud and evil. This will never end by complying with it. The people of the world must rise up and stand strong against the fear campaigns, the bioterrorism and government-run genocide.

The reason this “scariant” was just released in a coordinated media fear campaign, of course, is because humanity is waking up and learning to resist covid tyranny. So, the globalists are doubling down on their attacks against humanity, defrosting more bioweapons from Fauci’s freezer collection while pounding the psyche of the population with relentless media fear campaigns.

The good news in all this? If you have natural immunity against covid, you are naturally immune to all the variants, too. But, to be realistic, there is not and never was any covid19 virus disease.  Therefore, it is impossible for there to be any form of variant.  You can’t have a variant derived from nothing.

But the oblivious masses who already took the early covid jabs have destroyed their immune function, meaning they are now extremely vulnerable to any new real variant that might emerge, assuming they really exist at all.

Notice, too, how convenient the timing is with all this, where the media now has an excuse for why so many vaxxinated people are dying and have compromised immune systems. Blame it on the variant.  This gimmick can be used without end, if the people are still ignorant enough to buy into it.

Bottom line? If you comply, you die.  There is no end to this fraud, so long as the scheme keeps working.  No vaxxines provide any form of immunity or protection, so you may as well give up on the vaxx non-solution.  Only one single avenue can and will work for those who are smart enough…natural immunity derived from strong constitutional health, derived from good diet and life-style.  The is no truth available here and nothing but scam after scam.  Keep playing this game and you will surely die in the process.

Do not comply.

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