Cognitive Dissonance on a Global Scale

To paraphrase a famous quip from then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton in a debate with his Republican opponent in 1992,   “It’s the vaccine, stupid!”

 The daily mainstream media and government narrative we are being inundated with, all over the world, with is confusing to most, to put it mildly. So-called Delta or “Indian” variant is spreading like chicken pox we are told, but not told what that “spreading” means. Unvaxxinated are accused of spreading COVID-19 to those supposedly vaxxinated. The USA, UK and EU are leading this confusing and absurd narrative.

Every target victim that takes the vaxx, is one more off the list, because everyone that has the vaxx in their bloodstream is already a walking dead.  They are magnetic, to remind them of the graphene oxide now in their organs. Those refusing to accept the poison vaxx are going to survive and remain perfectly healthy.  Evidence of the scam and the lies is blatantly obvious.  During a period of time,  from injection to death, about 1-2 years, the truth is going to start revealing itself.  When the vaxx’d have had time for the poison to physically manifest in their bodies, and the unvaxx’d continue living, uninfected, disease-free, those walking dead are going to be really pissed off.  They are going to be dangerous to these scumbag politicians who are truly to blame for their fate. They are the willing minions for the real power structure.  There is absolutely no logical argument for blaming the unvaxx’d for anything to do with the non-existent ‘covid virus disease’.  If these vaxx’s were effective in any way,  those supposedly already protected would be immune, cured and untouchable.  And the unvaxx’d would be already sickened and dead.  That’s the logical conclusion.  Please give me some other conclusion, showing how the poor, vulnerable unvaxx;d people are a threat to the vaxx’d.  And, don’t bother running the “variants” scam up the flag pole, either.

Children are told by political appointees to get the jab despite official recommendation from WHO and national medical authorities such as STIKO in Germany to wait. Fake emergency PCR testers, recently scrapped as useless, have already done their damage in launching the totally fake ‘case-demic’ that got the hysteria going with hundreds of millions of false ‘positives’ for covid virus, which does not even exist. It was treated as a “Gold Standard” of viral detection until a couple weeks ago, when it was decommissioned by the FDA for being totally worthless..

Yet as of this writing not one lab has successfully isolated purified samples of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus said to cause the COVID-19 disease. If this virus existed, there is no doubt that it would have been isolated numerous times to prove the veracity of the claims.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this fact:  The alleged virus does not exist.  It is a pure made-up fabrication, and this is not the first case of rolling out this fake viral pathogen in an attempt to deceive and panic the public.

How can PCR tests be calibrated if the claimed pathogen is not available?

If we take a step back it becomes clear that we are being subjected to a deliberate worldwide operation in cognitive dissonance whose intended consequences of total genocide are being withheld.

Resolving dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is a psychology term to describe a person’s response to two contradictory or inconsistent experiences of the same phenomenon, causing them great stress due to their inability to mentally resolve the inconsistencies. The stress is resolved in the brain by the person playing unconscious tricks on themselves. The Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind.

 In this case it is the traditional trust in Authority—governments, WHO, CDC, RKI, Bill Gates and other self-appointed epidemiological experts, with no medical qualifications. These “authorities”, all illusionistic, posing as billionaires, gaining authority based solely on a false illusion of business success when they are really nothing more than CIA shills. Solely based on this fake illusion of extreme wealth and success, they are imposing draconian lockdowns, masking and travel restraints and what is rapidly becoming de facto forced “vaxxination” with serums whose adverse effects now number in the millions in the EU, USA and the rest of the countries of the empire.

The ordinary brain says, “Why would the authorities want to harm us? Don’t they want the best for us and the country or the world?”  The simple, straightforward and true answer is “no they do not”.  The next question is ‘why’?  The answer: they are just minions of the real power structure.  It is the ‘real power structure’ that is the impartial authority, just carrying out its plan to bring global order back into existence.

The real experiences of the past 18 months, since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic over a nonexistent alleged virus first proclaimed in Wuhan China, suggest that either politicians and health officials across the world have lost their minds, are deliberately evil, willfully destructive or simply corrupt. The answer here is that they are following orders, hoping to be among the survivors of the genocide program implemented by the UN Agenda 21, which is really the Global 200-year RESET.

To resolve that frightening cognitive contradiction, millions of us take an undefined experimental concoction known as mRNA genetically-edited substance, assuming then they are protected against infection or severe illness from an alleged deadly pathogen called COVID-19.  Since the COVID-19 exists only in the imaginations of ignorant people who are totally under the influence of the TV set, they ask no questions, perform no investigation, need no further proof.  Just line up and take the vaxx, that is admittedly not a vaccine, offers no form of immunity or protection from infection or transmission, and is now proven to be the source cause of the new disease that is filling up the hospitals and providing the opportunity to administer all of the new injections, boosters, variant variations, etc.

Some even attack those around them who view the dissonance differently and who refuse a vaxxine out of distrust, caution and common sense. Yet even the ever-present Dr. Fauci in Washington admits the novel mRNA vaxxines do not prevent getting the alleged disease or being infectious.. That is not a vaccine, but rather something else entirely.  What else might it be?


At this point it is useful to look at several demonstrated facts around this coronavirus and its apparently unlimited “variants.” The current scare in the UK and EU as well as the USA is a so-called Delta variant of the coronavirus. The only problem is that we are not being told by the relevant authorities anything useful about that variant.

Since the alleged Delta variant of an alleged but nowhere scientifically proven Wuhan novel coronavirus, it is time to put on the brakes here.  If the original covid virus existed, they would have used every means to isolate it, to understand it and actually physically demonstrate its existence.  Since no one has done this, it is safe to conclude its nonexistence.  Let’s get this straight.  We have a unlimited stream of new variants all arising from a nonexistent original virus.  Non the less, it is being used to justify a new round of draconian lockdowns and pressure to vaxxinate.  This is all based on the RT-PCR test.  Has everyone forgotten that this PCR tester has been discarded as worthless, just like some of us have been proclaiming all along?

The RT-PCR tester was never given approval beyond Emergency-use-only (EUO) by the FDA, who has now withdrawn even the EUO status for this tester, that the inventor told the whole world was never suited or able to perform the alleged task of detecting the presence of a virus.

OK, so the tester is now acknowledged to be nothing but worthless.  Has anyone gone back to erase all of the false cases it indicated to claim pandemic status?  I think not. We are still preserving and using all of this fake data to make even more fake claims of nonexistent medical threats.  Everything that exists on the matter of any pandemic stems from absolutely NOTHING.  But, no one has taken a single measure to rectify this enormous pile of highly damaged bullshit.

No covid disease exists PERIOD.  Ergo, no VARIANTS exist PERIOD. Therefore no VAXX exists.  OH, what are they sticking into our bodies? 

Do you really want to know the answer? 

Worthless PCR Tests

Even the PCR test itself is not a test for any virus or disease. The scientist who won a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, went on TV to attack by name NIAID head Tony Fauci as incompetent for claiming the PCR tests could detect any pathogen or disease. It was not designed for that, but rather as a laboratory analytical tool for research. As now, finally admitted, PCR tests cannot determine an acute infection, ongoing infectiousness, nor any actual disease. The PCR test is not designed to identify active infectious disease, instead, it identifies genetic material, be it partial, alive, or even dead. The president of Chad, upon receiving his first PCR tester, tried it out on various test subjects, like a papaya for example.  Everything returned ‘positives’. 

A January 21, 2020 published paper by two Germans, Corman and Drosten, was used to create the PCR test immediately adopted by the WHO to be the world standard to detect cases of the novel coronavirus from Wuhan. At that point a mere six persons had been identified having the novel coronavirus. In November 2020 a group of scientific external peers reviewed the Drosten paper and found an incredible number of major scientific flaws as well as brazen conflict of interest by Drosten and colleagues.

The scientists noted the Drosten PCR design and paper suffered from, “numerous technical and scientific errors, including insufficient primer design, a problematic and insufficient RT-qPCR protocol, and the absence of an accurate test validation. Neither the presented test nor the manuscript itself fulfils the requirements for an acceptable scientific publication. Further, serious conflicts of interest of the authors are not mentioned. Finally… a systematic peer review process was either not performed here, or of problematic poor quality.” Yet the Drosten PCR design was immediately recommended by the WHO as the world-exclusive corona test.

The PCR amplifies genetic material by using cycles of compounded amplification until it reaches what is called Cycle threshold (Ct), the number of amplifications to detect genetic material before the sample becomes worthless. Mullis once said if you amplify by enough cycles you can pretty much find anything in anybody as our bodies carry huge numbers of different viruses and bacteria, most harmless. Even Dr. Fauci, in a 2020 interview, stated that a CT at 35 or above is worthless. Yet the CDC recommend testing labs to use a CT of 37 to 40.  At that level perhaps 97% of COVID positives are false.

Neither the CDC nor the WHO makes public their Ct recommendations, but reports are that the CDC now recommends a lower Ct threshold for testing vaxxinated so as to minimize COVID positives in the vaccinated, while recommending a Ct above 35 for the unvaxxinated, a criminal manipulation.

For those interested in the evolution of perverting the PCR tests to supposedly diagnose specific presence of a disease, look into the sordid history beginning in the 1980s of Fauci and his underling then, Dr Robert Gallo, at NIAID, using Mullis’ PCR technology to wrongly claim a person is HIV-positive, a criminal enterprise that resulted in unnecessary deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

Notably nearly every prominent COVID vaxxine advocate from Fauci to WHO head Tedros have come out of the HIV/AIDS swamp and its fake PCR testing.

The entire panic measures imposed since 2020 around the world are based on the false premise that “Positive” RT-PCR test means being sick or infected with COVID.

The COVID-19 scare that emanated from Wuhan, China in December of 2019 is a ‘pandemic of testing’ as many doctors have pointed out. There is no proof that a pathogenic virus is being detected by the test. Nor is there a proven reference value, or “gold standard” to determine positive. It is purely arbitrary. Do the research and you will find it.

Pushing Experimental Vaccines

If it is the case that we have destroyed trillions of dollars in the world economy since early 2020 and ruined countless lives based on worthless PCR tests and now the same fraud extends the insanity for an alleged Delta variant, the clear conclusion is that some very influential actors are using that fear to drive experimental genetic vaxxines never before tested on humans nor extensively on animals.

Yet the vaccine-related official death toll in the EU and USA continue to break records. As of this writing, according to the official EU database for recording vaccine injuries, EduraVigilance, by August 2 a total of 20,595 deaths had been reported of people who previously received the experimental genetic mRNA jabs. Such numbers have never before been seen. In addition, there have been reported 1,960,607 injuries and 50% of them serious including blood clots, heart attacks, menstrual irregularities, paralysis, all following COVID-19 mRNA injections. The USA data at the CDC VAERS database is being manipulated openly, but even they show more than 11,000 post-mRNA vaccine deaths. Independent research has determined the US death tool has exceed 50,000. The major news media never mention this.

Authorities and politicians reply that there is no evidence the deaths or injuries were vaccine related. But they cannot prove that they were not because they prohibit doctors from doing any autopsy. If we are told to follow science, why are doctors being told by health officials to not do autopsies on patients who died AFTER receiving two mRNA vaccines? After thousands of vaccine-related deaths only one autopsy has been reported, that in Germany, and the findings were horrific. The mRNA spike protein had spread through the entire body. The CDC stopped monitoring non-severe COVID-19 cases among vaccinated people in May. That hides the alarming number of vaccinated who become seriously ill.

Something is terribly wrong when respected experienced medical experts are being banned for suggesting alternative hypotheses to the entire COVID drama. When other scientists adhering to the official line call for any criticism of Tony Fauci or other mainstream COVID actors, they are to be labelled as doing a “Hate Crime.” Or when cheap and proven remedials are prohibited in favor of the costly deadly mRNA vaccines in which Fauci’s NIAID holds a financial interest.

Already vaccine advocates such as Fauci are speaking of the need for booster mRNA shots and warning of yet a new “Lambda variant” looming.

How do they always know in advance?  How will they test for that?

Or are we to take it on faith because he or she is said by CNN or BBC to be a “respected authority”?  Isn’t is just blatantly obvious this scamdemic has an ulterior agenda?

How far will sane citizens allow this cognitive dissonance to destroy lives?  There is clearly a genocide agenda underway here.  It has been touted for years by the Rockefellers and others.

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