CDC Covid Camps Have No Plans to Allow Healthy People to Leave

There is a very clear pattern forming with the American government’s Covid-19 agenda. We have seen this pattern before, perhaps most recently with World War II and the infamous concentration camps, where the “unclean” were sent to be “sanitized.”

Nazi labor camp Auschwitz-Birkenau

This time around, a FAKE virus from China (Fort Detrick) is the excuse for hauling off the “NOT dangerous” to internment facilities, where they can be “cleansed” by the dirty, of the imaginary virus and assassinated and dumped in a mass grave.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced a “Green Zone” plan that involves “shielding” certain people in “humanitarian settings” in order to protect against imaginary Chinese Virus infection. Reading between the lines, though, reveals that there is absolutely nothing humanitarian about any of it. The only objective is to kill.

The “interim” plan from the CDC, , involves relocating and isolating individuals to supposedly “stop the spread” of the Fauci Flu. This sounds eerily similar to the Nazi propaganda back in the 1930s. It is a non-excuse, a non-reason.  No one seems to be noticing these actions that are clearly not for the stated reasons and are clear repeats of history, perpetrated by the same exact nazis.

“This is merely the kick-off as we have yet to see the end plan – or have we?”

The CDC’s plan “begins with home isolation, then quickly goes into isolation camps.”

We have already seen the home isolation phase.

“Just like Dachau,” referring to one of the World War II death camps, “they will have one entry point which will be used to exchange of food and supplies and bring in the victims.

They will separate children and genders. One thing that is glaringly missing in this plan is the exit of healthy people; it isn’t even mentioned.

Their claim is: In Order To “Save Lives”, Many Will Have To Die – an oxymoron

The way the CDC will know who to capture and take away to one of the “green zones” is by using contact tracing apps, the operating platforms for which have already been installed on people’s “smart” phones.

The government will determine who is “clean” and who is “unclean” and act accordingly. With this will come the infamous “Great Reset” as planned out by the UN over the past 100 years.

Think one-world currency, one-world government, and one-world religion, which some believe is foretold. It will be like World War II on steroids, without the ‘allies, but with the targets, the entirety of humanity – a global genocide utilizing all of the technology that was developed after the war. There is no need to destroy the world or the infrastructure. Just humanity.  The rest will take care of itself, as in past Resets.

The world is already on the brink of collapse so the skids are already greased.

As the dominoes continue to fall in rapid succession, it will become even clearer how serious this all is – but at that point it will already be too late to do anything about it.

“Remember folks, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with an imaginary virus,”. “This is about ushering in their new world order, UN Agenda 21, which requires a return to traditional human population levels on the order of 500 million.

With the UN’ Great Reset, the global Technate will be able to establish the efficient sustainable world order that has been planned over the past 100 years.  The free-ride on the petro-dollar train is basically over.  The American empire is totally over.  China has already established its empire and model society.

The only solution for the people of the US and its empire is to gain sufficient understanding of reality in time to avoid both the vaxx and the death camps.  There is far less vaxx coverage than they claim and, so far as we know, there is no one in the internment camps either.  So, this is far from a done deal and not inevitable. 

What we are desperately in need of is enlightenment about the real situation.  We have to help people get out of the covid virus spell. They talk about all this in the past tense, as though it is already a done-deal.  If people go with that, then they are going to the vaxx or the camp from which they will never return.  They are betting that people are just too ignorant and brain-washed to ever wake-up before it is too late. I do not know the answer to this, but I am not as sure as they are that it is all over for the humans.  What are your thoughts on this matter?  Are you just as good as dead or can you wake up and resist this sweep out of the humans of the world?

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