The Nasal Swab to Acquire the Tissue Sample

I recently came across this piece of material derived from the Hindu text called the ‘Drag Ana’. A lot of light bulbs lit up as I compared this information and companion artwork with another blog that I posted on this site on August 15, 2020.

This blog was about the danger of damage being done during covid19 testing.  Testers utilize a very long swab to probe very deep into the nasal canal to allegedly acquire cellular matter from this area for the PCR test.

Why would it be necessary to obtain tissue from this specific area?  I can see no reason for this.  The only reason for this procedure can be to rupture the Hematoencephalitic gland.

This procedure stems from an Egyptian form of punishment of disobedient slaves.  The procedure is painful but will not likely induce death at that moment.  It will ultimately compromise this barrier and result in contraction of encephalitis, a potentially fatal condition and certain cause of debilitation.

Why are COVID tests being performed on people who are not sick?

Below is an excerpt from my blog of 08/15/2020:

It should be common knowledge that all humans are carrying hundreds of trillions of virus inside their bodies at all times, while living in a virtual sea of viruses. The human body is a source generator of viruses along with other eukaryotic life forms. Everyone is full of every kind of virus, all the time. That is a simple “known” factor that requires no test. It also has always been the case and corona viruses have been around since before humans came to exist on the planet, more than 135,000 years ago. Viruses are just a part of the normal life cycle of plants and animals that are eukaryotic. They are dead waste matter from the process of mitosis of eukaryotic cell reproduction. Has everyone forgotten that they have had a cold sometime in the past? As little as a year ago, people remembered that when you have a cold, you rest up, drink a lot of fluids and let your body take care of the rest. There is no medicine or shot for a cold. There is no immunity from the cold. Do you REMEMBER? Then why are you waiting for a vaccine?

It has always been so….you are being ‘played’.

The COVID PCR tests are administered with a 6 inch (15cm) long cotton swab through the nose, which goes to the very back of your throat. Why?

The swab touches the sensitive cribriform plate with direct access to your brain. Is there an ulterior design to these tests? Just this week, a woman undergoing this exact same test had her brain membrane punctured and brain fluid passed out of her body via her nose. Is it worth sustaining such a brain injury for a worthless, needless virus test?

Are the COVID tests with 6-inch (15cm) nasal swabs a way to surreptitiously infect or implant people with direct access to the brain? Are real pathogens being inserted into vulnerable parts of the body, so as to create statistics of sickness? or death?

The COVID tests

being rolled out around the world, roughly in line with 1-3-20 plan of the Rockefeller Foundation, are the main focus of this current phase of Operation Coronavirus. The more people tested, the more positive cases recorded, which fuels the official scare narrative and keeps the fear alive to justify yet more tyranny. However, there may be something else going on too. We need to ask ourselves whether these COVID tests are, in fact, a clever way to gain secret access to the inside of our bodies, especially our brains. The nasal swabs being used (called nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal) are incredibly long (around 6 inches or 15 cm) which means they reach to the very back of our throats. Is there any medical reason why the swabs must be this length? These particular COVID tests are PCR tests; I have covered, in other articles, how flawed and unsuitable PCR tests are. Could these COVID tests be used to surreptitiously infect people (with some pathogen), deliver the vaccine (which they claim they are still developing) or even implant people (with nanotechnology such as microchips)?

COVID Tests: Targeting or Accessing the Cribriform Plate?

In human anatomy, the cribriform plate is a midline bone important as part both of the cranium and of the nose which transmits the olfactory nerves that carry the sense of smell. It is a very delicate and fragile part of the body. Why on earth do the COVID tests contain a swab (a padded stick) which can poke and prod this delicate bone? Could it be because the cribriform plate allows access to the brain? Jim Stone recently alluded to this in a post: 

“They are claiming the virus wrecks the nervous systems of a large percentage of people, leaving lasting neurological problems and brain damage. But I’d like to ask – is it really a virus doing that, or are the tests doing that? Folks, the coronavirus tests themselves, in many cases, (there are probably different types) but in many cases they are obviously what is causing the brain damage. Easily explained:

Many of the tests, (all of them that use the incredibly long “swab”) take their samples from the cribriform plate, which is a millimeter thick bone at the top of the nasal cavity that is perforated with many holes that go directly into the brain cavity. These holes are what your olfactory nerves pass through, and there are many (the bone is similar to a coarse screen). If you wanted to sabotage someone by planting a clandestine brain virus, nanotech, or plant a chip in someone, this would be the place to do it because perhaps a doctor could get a chip out but individuals certainly never could without perforating that very thin bone (that is not really even bone, it is about half nerves) and anyone attempting to do an extraction from there would likely end up killing themselves. Any chemicals, viruses, nanotech or whatever else they wanted to put there will have immediate access to the brain and you can forget about getting that out, once it’s in, it is in. It would be literally right on the brain when placed, and go right in.

People complain about the tests being excruciatingly painful with the pain lasting for days. For what reason would the tests need to touch the most brain accessible part of the human body? Are the ones that do really tests at all? DNA tests are done with a simple mouth swab, and it’s ridiculous to think any virus test – when you supposedly can spread it by coughing, – would not be the same. Something is screwy with these tests. They have GOT TO be fake, (or at least the ones that literally swab the brain are). No wonder why they hurt for days and GEE, getting your olfactory nerves nailed by whatever is on that swab is probably what is causing people to permanently lose their sense of smell.

COMMON SENSE. I bet you did not know how nasty that test really is. Avoid the test at all costs.

I could not fathom the possibility that these monsters were using their barbaric “PCR test” methods as a means of DAMAGING our brains….. Ethics aside, I could not see even these foul creatures stooping to such a horrible low…. But again we are dealing with monsters with no human conscience here, right?”

Here is another quote from Jim Stone:

“… they conducted the “tests” by inserting a gawd damn 6 INCH long (15cm) swab right up EACH nostril until it reached way into the back of their nasal passages. Then the testers proceeded to twist the swabs for about 10-15 seconds in each nostril…. Then they removed the swabs and inserted them into the test tubes to be sent off to the laboratories for ‘analysis’…. I honestly had to stop and think for the moment.. WHY in the hell would they need to insert such a long swab all the way to the back of the nasal passage ways in the first place? And then to twist the swabs on that palate in the rear of the nasal passage against the soft tissue seems very barbaric to me as well! Would that motion alone cause damage to that palate and possibly create a much WORSE scenario than what this ‘virus’ would do?

And all of the people that I did talk to told me the same story that they had ‘headaches” and in some cases a feeling of nausea and severe sinus pain that followed…. As I have always been a sinus headache sufferer and have had such pain in the back of my own nasal cavities for years, I know what they are going through…… And all this just to get a ‘sample’ of this supposed virus’ RNA to verify that someone is positive? Again it seems pretty barbaric, and to me there would be much simpler means of getting tissue samples rather than possibly damage the back of our nasal cavities!”

There is something highly suspicious about these COVID tests. At the very least, we need to remember that batches of the COVID tests have been proven to be contaminated, sometimes with coronavirus itself (e.g. in the US and the UK) – although fact checkers claim the ‘virus’ could not spread or infect people, just make test results ineffective. Given the NWO (New World Order) objective of a completely microchipped population, I would not put it past the NWO conspirators to conduct such a horrific and clandestine method of implanting people without their knowledge under the guise of helping them.

If you compare the visuals from my earlier blog with those presented here, you will certainly see what these monsters are doing to healthy unsuspecting individuals under the guise of a medical procedure to save you from COVID. 

Everyone has the COVID virus in their bodies, along with hundreds of trillions of other virus.  This is normal because your trillions of cells comprising your body are replicating themselves constantly, creating viruses in the process.  Does it make any sense to you that a byproduct of cell replication in your body is producing deadly pathogens in the process?  Does this explain for you the reason that the PCR test yields 100% ‘positives’ for the presence of viruses?  The inventor of the PCR test, himself, says the process was never intended for public testing of individuals to detect COVID specific viruses and that the test will definitely not work for this type of application. It is a tool for laboratory use only.

What more do you need to know to see the scam that is being used to ‘game’ you into fear and panic, in the attempt to lead you to accepting the fake non-vaccine inoculation they desperately want everyone to line up for?

DC Prepares for Largescale War

Events in US war against the “Invisible Enemy” are escalating.

Saturday (1.16.21) was the day of the backlash against people like Juan O Savin, Simon Parkes and Steve Pieczenik by people like Steve Quayle, Mike Adams and even Stewart Swerdlow.

Mike Adams now claims to know the real identity and the CIA badge number of Juan O Savin. Like others, Adams suggests that these “feelgood” videos that you may have seen are CIA/Deep State counterintelligence ops aimed at Trump supporters to lull them into a false sense of security.

Only a handful of people actually know what’s going on in DC. DoD Secretary, Chris Miller knows. The President maybe knows. Pete Gaynor, who is currently the Acting chief of both FEMA and DHS, probably knows.


65,000 troops have been sent into DC so far. more are said to be coming. This is over ten times the troops in Afghanistan. Mike Adams enumerates the staggering quantity of reinforcements and materiel that have been deployed to Washington, DC:

• The 56th Striker Brigade Combat Team (the 8-wheeled, medium armor military vehicles)

• Troop B of the 102nd Cavalry Regiment

• The 114th Infantry Regiment

• The 508th Military Police Company

• The 229th Military Police Company

• Several more MP companies

• The 229th Brigade Engineer Battalion

• The 160th Engineer Company

• The 261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade

• The 198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (VSAT and comms unit)

• The 1049th Transportation Company (aviation transportation)

• The 262nd Component Repair Company

• The 108th Wing (Refueling and Air Recon)

• The 177th Fighter Wing (Air-to-Air F-16 Air Defense against incoming airborne attacks)

• The 105th Airlift Wing (aviation transportation)

• The 174th Attack Wing (drones big and small)

• The 166th Security Forces Squadron (for air assets)

• An estimated 2.5 million rounds of 556 ammo that have been

deployed to the zone

• 500,000 of 50-caliber rounds for the machine guns on the striker vehicles

In addition, Patriot Missile batteries are being positioned in Tennessee and North Georgia mountains. Ground-to-Air missiles to knock out incoming missiles.

There are also reports of 40-foot Costco containers from China showing up in Colorado, which Mike Adams says are the “Club K” containers, which house Cruise Missiles from China.

They’re activated via satellite. “So, China sends out a satellite command and then all over the country, these containers pop up and Cruise Missiles freaking come out and they just start hitting targets all over America; the Capitol Buildings, infrastructure targets, power grid, water, the White House – whatever…DC is being locked down like war is coming.” And let’s not forget the evidence of 250,000 troops stages across the Canadian and Mexican borders.

65,000 troops in DC, armed to kill is a lot of security for a “virtual inauguration” but Secretary of Defense Chris Miller says it’s not enough and he’s begging governors for more troops. This, for a city that is now totally barricaded with 8-floot “unscalable” fences and cement barricades and where people on a certain list are not permitted to leave the city. Why would they need an air squadron?

Trump supporters fantasize that a giant FEMA camp is being built around the Capitol, making it easy to arrest all of the corrupt denizens therein but there are nightmare scenarios brewing, as well. One of these nightmare scenarios is that after the swearing-in, Biden will unleash something so horrific and unlawful and crushing to Americans that it would trigger a massive uprising.

“Joe Biden may be planning to surrender to China. Articles of surrender may already be prepared and the minute he’s sworn-in, he may surrender the United States to the Communist Chinese. That would cause the kind of uproar that DC may be planning for.”

In addition, DC is under electromagnetic jamming. Cellphones and radios don’t work in DC but military communications do, which is the kind of posture one sees in war. This build-up is clearly not about inauguration protestors. As Mike Adams says here, “This is about stopping an enemy action, an invasion attempt of some kind…

“The people in charge, i.e., Chris Miller, Secretary of the DoD anticipates war…He anticipates strikes from the air, he anticipates bombings, he anticipates Cruise missiles…The sudden deployment of Patriot Missile banks…in inner America, not just on the coast seems to be about Cruise missiles that are flying across the states. Somebody at the DoD believes we’re about to face imminent warfare.”

It seems clear that China has engaged an undeclared war against the US, of which DC has become aware.  China has been preparing to take out the US for at least 5-10 years, during which preparations have been set in-place.  This is part of RESET 2020 under UN control. The RESET will, of necessity, kill all politicians, as there will be no more politics for the US. Some politicians believe they will be spared and become part of the new power structure. These guys will help out with the carnage, only to be killed at the end of their usefulness.

Source:  Mike Adams, Natural News  1/17/2021

The Great Reset Explained

What is this “Great Reset” we’re now hearing about? In a nutshell, the Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance.

As explained by journalist James Corbett in his October 16, 2020 Corbett Reportthe Great Reset is a new “social contract” that ties every person to it through an electronic ID linked to your Social Credit account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life.

It’s about getting rid of capitalism, free enterprise, illusion of individual freedom and elective politics, replacing them with “sustainable development” and “stakeholder capitalism” — terms that belie their nefarious, anti-humanity intents. You are not a ‘stakeholder’. You are a slave asset, just as you have always been.

As noted in the book, “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order”:

“… Sustainable Development is Technocracy … The Sustainable Development movement has taken careful steps to conceal its true identity, strategy and purpose, but once the veil is lifted, you will never see it any other way. Once its strategy is unmasked, everything else will start to make sense.”

The Grand Plan

The RESET is a regularly occurring event.  It has been happening every 200 years since around 1,000 BCE. 

It goes back to the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, etc. The superpower is designated and is provided with a virtual reality system needed for control of the populations and natural resources.  But mostly it is a simple method to maintain the size of the human population and to assure the continuance of human slavery to extract the real wealth of the planet and deliver it into the hands of the real power structure, the homo capensis blue-blood royalty, left to rule humans in the absence of their creators, those called the ‘People of Anu’. 

The population of humans has miraculously remained steady at 500 million throughout the history of mankind (135,000 years), until the last century of the currently ending RESET period.  The population of humans has been allowed to spike to almost 8 billion during this century, one-half of a RESET period.  It’s not really miraculous, it is deliberate. Using wars, toxins, poisons, pathogens, propaganda, etc., it is the means of satisfying the concerns of Enlil that the creations of his brother Enki will remain at a controllable level indefinitely. 

As technology has advanced, it reached a level during the most recent RESET1812 period that allowed the MATRIX to control a greater population span.  This was an experiment in productivity.  The slaves under the whip, will never be as productive as the slaves that believe they are free men, earning wealth for their own keeping.

The lesson learned from this experiment is not that humans will become uncontrollable, as Enlil feared, but that consumption and waste is what has become uncontrollable and equitable distribution of consumable resources is virtually impossible.

Now, with the RESET 2020 at the threshold, the ‘sustainable development’ requires the population of humans to return to the 500 million level.  This is going to be accomplished by 2050.  The immediate change of the power structure will be completed by 2025, with the catastrophic destruction of the US and its attending empire (Canada, Brittan, Western Europe, Australia and NZ).

The infinite expansion economic model is bust — but obviously, the super powerful Royals want to continue the flow of real wealth into their coffers, and so they need a surgically precise system for managing the Earth’s resources.’

At the same time, they intend to tighten the peasants’ belts, starting with ‘behavioral modification,’ resetting the western peasants’ sense of entitlement to high life standards and liberties.

Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions:

One, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the Royals, which, in turn, is operated by Technocrats).

And two, that all inventory needs to be carefully planned into existence and strictly accounted for, be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner, and be managed by AI, using the latest ‘science.’

The goal is to not expend any raw materials unless the known supply is adequate to meet future demands, count and then efficiently manage and control all resources, including people, on an unprecedented scale, with unprecedented digital precision.  Unneeded humans are a liability because they heavily consume valuable resources in excess of their own value and the needs of the society and they are also heavily polluting of the environment. 

Global Asset Reallocations Will Not Benefit ‘The People’

There will be no ownership of global resources or means of production on the part of humans, thus there will be no wasteful trading of stocks or paper assets using fake currency, because that was only needed in the MATRIX era to deceive humans into believing they were receiving something of lasting value in exchange for their labors.  That is a façade that will not be needed.

With no private ownership of property, there will be no need for currency at all.  Everything humans need to live their lives will be derived from replenishable social credits that will appear in the digital account of every human based on the social compliance score.  The opportunity goes both ways, so more compliant slaves will be allowed to improve their living conditions somewhat or will lose based on non-compliance.

There’s not a single area of life that is left out of this Great Reset plan.

Humans will have no effect on government, energy, finances, food, medical care, real estate, policing or even how we interact with our fellow human beings in general.

Privacy protections are non existent.  You have what you are given.  No one can steal it but it can be taken away, or it can be augmented, based on compliance.  There will be no motive to do anything other than comply.

In the U.S., there will be no individual rights, constitutions or laws.  The US will be rendered a midget on the global theater.  It will be under control of the new global superpower, China, who will manage the turf with an iron fist.  It is likely that the US will have a very small roll globally, and will be heavily occupied by Asians.  Survivors will be mostly young children, who are still immature enough to be thoroughly propagandized into the New World Order, never knowing that there was anything other.

“To sum it up, the desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled global conveyor of everything and everybody where privacy is non existent, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is not an election.

Stakeholder Capitalism

An October 5, 2020, a Winter Oak article addressed the “technocratic fascist vision” of professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum who wrote the book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Schwab announced the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative in June 2020, which includes stripping all people of their privately owned assets.

In addition to being a staunch technocrat, Schwab also has a strong transhumanist bent, and he has spoken of a near future in which humans merge with machines and in which law enforcement will be able to read your mind.

Winter Oak — a British nonprofit social justice organization — points out that Schwab and his globalist accomplices are using the COVID-19 pandemic “to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind via simple deceit.”

This NWO plan has been about 100 years in the design and implementation. The plan is now more out in the open. It is the purpose for the invention of the United Nations.  The UN has the job of implementation and then operation of the new system. Although the US has been a major supporter of the UN, its population knows very little about the purpose and operations of the UN.  Most Americans think the UN is just some ‘Peace Keepers’ who go around keeping peace in various places and ways. 

The UN has never been a friend to the US and the US has never been offered positions of actual authority nor have they been privy to the real operations involving the mission of the RESET2020.  This is probably due to the fact that the US is the target for elimination and would resent planning the take down of the country.  The UN has voted down the US in the general assembly 72% of the time.  Nobody ever seemed to really care or think of this as disconcerting.

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher In The New World Order

The same statement has been delivered by a number of politicians and organizations around the world in recent months.

Schwab’s book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset” also urges industry leaders and decision makers to “make good use of the fake pandemic” and “to take full advantage of the locked down populace who are frightened out of any semblance of their sensabilities.

Incidentally, the owner of Time magazine and founder of Salesforce, Mark Benioff, is also a board member of the World Economic Forum, so he’s clearly familiar with the RESET plan.

While the plan is being sold as a way to, finally, make life fair and equitable for all people, the required consequences are not being disclosed and the vast majority have no idea that they are likely scheduled for termination by vaccination.

Ultimately, the Great Reset will disclose the two tiers of people: the Royal elite, who have all the power and rule over all assets, and the rest of humanity, who have no power, no assets and no ‘say-so’ in anything.  While this has always been the case, people with short attention spans and little knowledge of even recent history will find this shocking.  The most shocked people of all will find themselves vaccinated with a toxic mixture of chemicals that either kills outright, renders them paralyzed, oblivious or establishes a metabolic process of genome alteration that makes them nice little slaves who behave and comply without much trouble.

Technocracy is not a political system nor an economic one.  It is a discarding of the MATRIX and the facades that go with it.  It takes the whole structure of human and superhuman endeavors to its simplest possible form.  The humans now see clearly that they were genetically created to be slave labor for the Children of Anu.  It places them into a structure that allows them to survive in this world by accepting their fate and doing the tasks assigned to them.  The superhumans, who have been left in-charge of the humans for the past 3 millenia, will carry on with their mission of mining the resources of Earth for their superiors, the Children of Anu.  These Anunnaki will be showing up on Earth in another 6 centuries.  They have the capability to visit Earth only when their solar system comes into the Earth’s solar system, every 3,600 earth-years

Their spacecraft can only travel the shorter distances between the planets during the interval of this physical proximity lasting about 100 earth-years.  As they have done for thousands of years, they use this proximity to off-ship the accumulated resources mined from the Earth to their ships to transport to their own planet. 

At this point in time, they can allow some of their people to remain on Earth for the next 3,600 earth-years, or they can all return in their spacecraft to their home planet, knowing it will be another 3,600 earth years before they will return again.  3,000 earth-years ago, they all departed the Earth, leaving the superhuman Royals to rule humans and manage the on-going mining operations.  Humans will continue to mine the assets of the planet as slave labor and life will go on as usual.

It will be a major change for the lives of humans, but humans are in no position to do anything about it.

Terms like “stakeholder capitalism,” described by Forbes magazine as “the notion that a firm focuses on meeting the needs of all its stakeholders.  ‘Customers’ is really not a proper term anymore.  The humans will provide the labor of production, both for their own survival but also for the Stakeholders, the Anunnaki, who continue their ages-long mining business. Customers implies that some humans are buyers of manufactured goods and have choices.  This is no longer the case, of course.  You get what you are given, and like it.  Stakeholders are owners, who expect to derive benefits from their business operations.  This means that ‘capitalism’ is just another meaningless ‘ism’ that has no application.

Forbes magazine, uses this term incorrectly, as humans are in no way stakeholders, other than hopefully survivors.  Forbes magazine will not be a survivor, as it will have zero relevance to anything in the Technocracy, so don’t seek answers from them.

Great Reset Plan for Big Food

“The architects of the plan claim it will reduce food scarcity, hunger and disease, and even mitigate climate change. But a closer look at the corporations and think tanks the WEF is partnering with to usher in this global transformation suggests that the real motive is tighter corporate control over the food system by means of technological solutions.”

Partners also include data mining giants, telecommunications, weapons manufacturers, finance, drug companies and the biotechnology industry.  It should be obvious to all that none of the above-mentioned industries will even exist in the near future.

It should come as no surprise that the World Economic Forum insists the future of food and public health hinges on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), laboratory-grown protein, drugs and industrial chemicals.  The anticipated problems of food production and other related factors will be totally mitigated in the long term by a population reduction to the 500 million level.  There is not going to be a US that throws enough food away everyday to feed the whole rest-of-the-world.

The EAT Forum and The Rise of Food Imperialism

To further the fake food takeover, the World Economic Forum has partnered with the EAT Forum, which will set the political agenda for global food production.

The EAT Forum was cofounded by the Wellcome Trust, which in turn was established with the financial help of GlaxoSmithKline.

EAT currently collaborates with nearly 40 city governments across Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, and maintains close relationships with imitation meat companies such as Impossible Foods, which was cofounded by Google, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

As noted by The Defender, the ultimate aim is to “replace wholesome nutritious foods with genetically modified lab creations.”

To this end, EAT is working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to establish global dietary guidelines and sustainable development initiatives.

The “Planetary Health Diet” developed by EAT is a diet that is supposed to replace all others.

Frederic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at University of Brussels told The Defender:

“The diet aims to cut the meat and dairy intake of the global population by as much as 90% in some cases and replaces it with lab-made foods, cereals and oil.”

This may all be the case, but the food requirements of the world are going to tiny and not subject to future increases.

The Future of Food And Health Care

You can get a feel for where the future of food is headed by analyzing the World Economic Forum’s strategic intelligence map.

As you can see, this top-down approach ties food production to a wide range of sectors, including biotech, the chemical industry, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and the digital economy.

If any of this raises your concern, you’re probably not going to like what the World Health Economic Forum has in store for health care reform either. As detailed on their website:

“Our current capital intensive, hospital-centric model is unsustainable and ineffective. The Platform for Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare leverages a data-enabled delivery system and virtual care, integrated across the continuum of care from precision prevention to personalized care delivery …”

Aiding the World Economic Forum in this health care transformation are the biggest corporate criminals in the history of the modern world, including Bill Gates, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis and a host of others.

These companies have at various times been found guilty of all sorts of crimes that they have paid tens of billions of dollars in fines for.

They are also loaded with conflicts of interest in nearly every venture they are involved with.  The future will eliminate the need for any competition between each other, vying for the consumer dollar.  You will, of course, see no commercials.  Only ‘Public Service Announcements’.

Build Back Better

As noted in a July 21, 2020, World Economic Forum article, the economic devastation caused by COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns “has the potential to hobble global prosperity for generations to come.”

The reality is that none of the industries that are going down in flames will be needed or have any place in the Technocracy.  If you think you are going to be deciding which new restaurant to dine at this evening, you just have failed to grasp the facts of the future.  With a depopulation on the order of 8 billion people, things you take for granted now will simply be gone and forgotten.  You will be dining at the mess hall designated on the menu planned for your survival, not your pleasure.

Make no mistake, this ‘Build Back Better’ slogan is part and parcel of the Great Reset plan and cannot be separated from it, no matter how altruistic it may sound. As reported by Fox News:30

“A radical movement called the Great Reset embraced by some Democrats poses a grave threat to liberty and free markets in the United States and around the world … The Great Reset is perhaps the biggest danger to capitalism and individual rights since the collapse of the Soviet Union …

It would destroy the current capitalist system and replace it with progressive and modern socialist systems, with a special emphasis placed on eco-socialist policies …

Policy ideas offered by ‘Great Reset’ advocates include government-provided basic income programs, universal health care, massive tax increases and the Green New Deal …

For example, at a campaign event on July 9, Biden said we need to end the ‘era of shareholder capitalism,’ a major part of the Great Reset proposal that would alter how companies are evaluated, elevating social justice causes and climate change concerns over property rights …

The Build Back Better plan comes straight from the Great Reset’s playbook … As recently as July 13, the World Economic Forum promoted ‘building back better’ through ‘green’ infrastructure programs as part of the Great Reset …”

Read: Joe Biden’s Campaign Slogan ‘Build Back Better’ Was Actually Taken from UN’s New World Order Agenda

This slogan is intended to give people the idea that there is an intent to go back to a better normal.  This placates many people who have no clue as to what is in store.  Building back better only means that what has been in existence is not going to be any part of the future.  Maybe you are not going to be any part of the future.  They would not want to tell you this until it is all too late.  They want this to go down as orderly as possible, which means that the vast majority must be ‘in the dark’ until it is too late.  They want you to believe in the ‘future’ right up to the moment you realize it is all over.

An August 13, 2020, article on the Federal Reserve website discusses the supposed benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Many uninformed people believe that these new CBDCs will be very similar to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but they are mistaken.

Bitcoin is decentralized and a rational strategy to opt out of the existing central bank-controlled system, while these CBDCs will be centralized and completely controlled by the central banks and will have smart contracts that allow the banks to surveil and control your life.  Do you really think that Bitcoin is going to successfully defy them all?  That they lack the power to take Bitcoin down?  You would have to be a fool to believe this.  People are not going to have the availability of outlets to spend their Bitcoins at.  Their cyber wealth is nothing more than a cyber-vapor than will waft away in a few seconds of realization.

The Great Reset Psyops Guide

No person in their right mind would agree to this RESET if aware of the details of the whole plan.

So, to roll this out, they had to use psychological manipulation, and fear is the most effective tool there is.

As explained by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, there’s an entire school of public health research that focuses on identifying the most effective ways to frighten people into accepting desired public health measures.

By adding confusion and uncertainty to the mix, you can bring an individual from fear to anxiety — a state of confusion in which you can no longer think logically — and in this state, you are more easily manipulated.

The following graphic illustrates the central role of fearmongering for the successful rollout of the Great Reset.

Social Engineering Is Central to Technocratic Rule

In closing, keep in mind that technocracy is inherently a technological society run through non-social engineering. Technocracy is sterile, non-emotional pure logic and engineering.  They do not require your permission or acquiescence.

Fear is but one manipulation tool to keep some order during the initial transition while enhancing the control-factors during implementation of the changes. The focus on “science” is another. Anytime someone dissents, they’re simply accused of being “anti-science,” and any science that conflicts with the status quo is declared “debunked science.” All of their BS science is called “settled science”.

The only science that matters is whatever the technocrats deem to be true, no matter how much evidence there is against it.

We’ve seen this first hand during this pandemic, as Big Tech has censored and banned anything going against the opinions of the World Health Organization, which is just another cog in the technocratic machine.

Unfortunately, with the scamdemic lockdowns, it is very difficult to meet in groups for discussion and planning of actions to defy this takeover.  Of course, that is the plan.  Keep everyone away from each other and masked so they can’t even speak or be identified.

Organizing and fighting back against mandatory vaccines is of the essence.  If people accept the vaccines, then there is no going back.  You are f@cked.

If we don’t take a firm stand against that and fight for the right to make our own choice, there will be no survivors to fight back.

The implication being touted is that without a vaccine the world will be unable to return to any sense of normality, particularly in terms of open interaction with fellow humans … Many will succumb to this implication, and those will be totally lost.  The vaccination is the critical stand that must be taken for any possibility of defying this tragedy.

More on Sarcopenia and Aging

Why am I discussing extending life expectancy in this day of pandemic meltdown and mayhem?  If you are still confused about what is a virus, now would be a good time to get straight on this subject.  Viruses are waste byproducts of cell replication in eukaryotic-celled creatures, which include all animals, insects, worms, plants, fungus, molds, which also includes humans.  They are the used up, now dead mRNA molecules that must be expelled from the interior of the newly formed cell.  This dead waste material is securely sealed in a proteinaceous vesicle called an exosome, which is ejected from the new cell and your body.  Virus are the most numerous entities in existence on the face of the earth.  They are dead, securely sealed and harmless.  They are not infectious, contagious or capable of mutation.  THEY ARE DEAD.  This idea that viruses are insidious malevolent living creatures that infect your body with sickness is utter BS and nonsense.  You are only going to die prematurely if you allow these pseudo-medical criminals to scare you to death. Then, just blame it on your own ignorance. 

What would normal longevity look like if you were not living in a ‘control system’ that causes premature death in a regular on-going system of miseducation or non-education about health, wellness, mental attitude, diet and lifestyle? If you had not been exposed to horrible nutrition and trained to do what is considered ‘normal’ to cause disease and premature death in a totally fake system of totally unnecessary medical treatments? If you were not in a monopolistic allopathic system of pharmaceutical drugs, needless surgeries, chemo and radiation therapy? If you were not taught to believe that normal life-expectancy is 75 years? The answer is: you would die when your telomeres reach their limit on cellular replication, about 140 years. This would be normal. I am not going into details here, as you can find numerous essays on the subject in the archives on this site.

Baby-boomers are members of a sizeable generation that is in the ‘elderly’ period of life. In cases of premature death due to aging, frailty and loss of the ability to move freely plays a major role. This condition, sarcopenia, is only prevented through the practice of regular exercise.  Not just any form of exercise is of equal effectivity.  Specifically, resistance training with weights is the most viable.  All exercise is beneficial, but if you are able, practice weight training.

Your Skeletal Muscle Has Many Functions

Sarcopenia — age-related muscle loss — threatens a healthy lifespan. With society aging worldwide, the prevalence of sarcopenia increases the urgent need to establish prevention and intervention strategies.

Many don’t realize that skeletal muscle not only manages physical activity, but also plays a major role in metabolism, circulation and cognition, as seen in the following figure.

Skeletal muscle not only functions to generate force and movement, but it is now known that your muscles actually serve an important endocrine function. They secrete special cytokines (i.e. myokines) and transcription factors into the bloodstream, thereby regulating the function of other organs. Furthermore, skeletal muscle is a metabolically active tissue with an important role in the maintenance of metabolic homeostasis.

Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue, comprising 40% of your body mass, and is the primary sink of insulin-mediated glucose disposal. Muscle is also the major site for insulin-stimulated glucose uptake, as well as the main energy consumer of fat. After meals, about 80% of the glucose is deposited in your skeletal muscle.

How Sarcopenia Sabotages Your Health

The loss of muscle mass with advancing age is a primary driver of insulin resistance in older adults. The declining muscle strength and progressive mobility impairment with age also likely causes a reduction in daily physical activity which contributes to metabolic dysfunction.

The loss of resilience as a result of sarcopenia is underappreciated as a major factor in the ability to recover from life’s inevitable challenges. It is clear that the elderly, with low muscle mass, experience delayed recovery, and have higher rates of complications and infections following injury and surgery, greater susceptibility to drug toxicity and higher disease-specific and all-cause mortality.

Sarcopenia also predicts both the risk for community-acquired pneumonia in the elderly, as well as 90-day mortality in patients suffering from aspiration pneumonia.

Muscle is increasingly recognized as an organ with immune regulatory properties. As such, skeletal muscle cells modulate immune function by signaling through different soluble factors, cell surface molecules or cell-to-cell interactions. It is also speculated that sarcopenia contributes to immune-senescence — the gradual deterioration of your immune system — which is a leading cause of death in the elderly.

Additionally, recent reviews found strong evidence that frailty due to sarcopenia is a risk factor for adverse outcomes, such as longer hospital stays, functional decline at discharge, and both in-hospital and medium, lower quality of life, and long-term mortality.  It can also be a factor in balance and the ability to avoid permanent injury from falls.

Recommendations to Combat Sarcopenia

Many who take pride in their exercise programs come to realize that if they were heavily or exclusively into cardio, susceptibility to sarcopenia is not mitigated.

While cardiovascular exercise can lower your risk of heart disease, it is a highly catabolic activity and will actually lower your ability to build muscle.

What Can be Done at this Point?

The simple answer to this question is to start resistance training. Changes will not occur overnight, so please don’t expect immediate results. It requires consistency and dedication; however, here are a few tricks that should significantly cut your time to get results.

First, do not run at all and use resistance training as the primary form of exercise training. Lift weights about five hours a week, but also spend the same amount of time in a variety of stretching and general body movement exercises, so it is a balanced program. Specifically, practice balance by standing on one foot at a time for as long as you can.  Gradually, you will find the ability to balance for longer periods.  Avoiding accidents like falling from lack of balance can be a real life-saver.  Strength is the real factor here.

It is key to always have a significant exercise recovery period to allow your connective tissue and muscles to recover.  Weight training has two aspects, the tear down and the rebuild. Any exercise done in excess can cause injury and force you to stop exercising for a period of time.

Many gyms offer a personal trainer and there are many GREAT free videos on YouTube that can guide you in lieu of a personal trainer. A good exercise channel is ATHLEAN-X, which has 11 million subscribers, but there are many excellent channels that will teach and guide you for free.

Remember that if you are doing resistance training, avoid doing the same exercise every day. Rotate your routine between upper-body and lower-body at a minimum.

Food Choices Are Vital to Get Good Gains

Don’t fall into the low-fat diet myth and don’t be afraid to incorporate a fasting routine. Eat to achieve and maintain alkalinity of body fluids. An acid state of body fluids guarantees disease, especially cancers.

Going without food for one day per week will not wreck your health or cause the loss of muscle mass from inadequate protein intake.

Your body requires regular intervals where you aren’t eating and failing to provide these intervals is a prescription for metabolic disaster.

Research by Satchidananda Panda, Ph.D., suggests 90% of people are eating more than 12 hours per day, and perhaps 50% of the population eat up to 16 hours a day. There are even many that wake up in the middle of the night to eat.  The proper schedule for eating is to confine the period of food intake each day to a period of 6-7 hours.

Time-Restricted Eating (TRE) Is a Key Health Principle

One of the most important health principles is time-restricted eating (TRE), which is a form of intermittent fasting. Contrary to modern belief, your body isn’t designed to be fed throughout the day, and the near-continuous grazing that most engage in can have serious health consequences.

When you eat throughout the day and never skip a meal, your body adapts to burning sugar as its primary fuel, resulting in the downregulation of enzymes that utilize and burn stored fat. As a result, you become progressively more insulin resistant and start gaining fat.

Many biological repair and rejuvenation processes also take place while you’re fasting, and this is another reason why all-day grazing triggers diseases while fasting prevents them.

There are a number of different intermittent fasting regimes, some of which are more extreme than others, but all are based on the premise that you need to fast for periods of time on a regular basis. TRE is one of the easiest to follow as you simply abstain from food for 16 to 17 hours a day and eat all your meals within a window of seven hours. A six-hour window is likely close to metabolic ideal for most.

By restricting the timing of your meals so that you’re fasting for a greater number of hours than you’re eating, your body will, over time, learn to burn fat for fuel again, rather than relying on fast-burning carbs. Eventually, you’ll also start accessing and burning stored body fat

Help Build Muscle by Combining TRE with Exercise

The mechanistic target of rapamycin, sometimes called FK506-binding protein 12-rapamycin-associated protein, is a kinase that in humans is encoded by the MTOR gene. mTOR is a member of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-related kinase family of protein kinases.

The target of rapamycin (TOR) is a highly conserved serine/threonine kinase that controls cell growth and metabolism in response to nutrients, growth factors, cellular energy, and stress. TOR, which was originally discovered in yeast, is conserved in all eukaryotes including plants, worms, flies, and mammals. The discovery of TOR led to a fundamental change in how we think about cell growth. It is not a spontaneous process that just happens when building blocks (nutrients) are available, but rather a highly regulated, process controlled by TOR-dependent signaling pathways. TOR is found in 2 structurally and functionally distinct multiprotein complexes, TORC1 and TORC2. The 2 TOR complexes, like TOR itself, are highly conserved. Mammalian TORC1 (mTORC1) is rapamycin-sensitive and contains mTOR, raptor, and mLST8. TORC1 in yeast and mammals mediates temporal control of cell growth by regulating several cellular processes, including translation, transcription, ribosome biogenesis, nutrient transport, and autophagy. mTORC2 is rapamycin-insensitive and contains mTOR, rictor, mSIN1, PRR5, and mLST8. TORC2 in yeast and mammals mediates spatial control of cell growth by regulating the actin cytoskeleton. Thus, the 2 TOR complexes constitute an ancestral signaling network conserved throughout eukaryotic evolution to control the fundamental process of cell growth. As a central controller of cell growth, TOR plays a key role in development and aging and has been implicated in disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. The challenge now is to understand the role of mTOR signaling to coordinate and integrate overall body growth in multicellular organisms.

With respect to exercise, the “magic” formula is to exercise while you are fasting. For most, this means not eating at least three hours before bedtime and exercising first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

You need to radically stimulate mTOR to build muscle tissue. You really only want to do this once a day, though, because if you are constantly activating mTOR, you will increase your risk of cancer.

The reason you do this is because the mTOR anabolic pathway is maximally suppressed when you are fasting, and suppresses even further with exercise. The mTOR pathway can be likened to a coiled spring — you compress it, and then you eat food and it explodes into action.

The other factor that activates mTOR is branched chain amino acids. Leucine appears to be the most potent, with hydroxy methyl butyrate (HMB) — a leucine metabolite — being the most potent of all. Below is a table of foods with the grams of leucine per 100 grams of the protein:

So, immediately after your resistance exercise, you’ll want to have at least 3 grams of leucine or HMB. This will give your body the optimal anabolic stimulus to increase muscle protein synthesis to boost your muscle mass.

There are other foods that have leucine, like almonds, chicken and soy protein powder, but I don’t recommend them as they have high amounts of the omega-6 fat linoleic acid. If you are over 60 or have kidney impairment, I also don’t recommend whey protein as it is high in phosphate, which can impair kidney function.

Consume branched chain amino acids, essential amino acids or simply HMB, as long as you are getting 3 grams after your workout, as that will maximally activate mTOR. Remember, more is not better, and will not stimulate it more. All you need is 3 grams.

The BEST Strategy to Increase Muscle Size

There are loads of ways to increase your muscle mass but they mostly involve moving, pushing or pulling heavy weights or resistance bands. The problem with this strategy is that if you are not in good shape, and especially if you are elderly, there is a very high likelihood that you will get injured. In most cases, it is not if you will get injured but when.

The answer to this problem is an exercise strategy known as blood flow restriction training or BFR. As the name implies, BFR involves modifying the arterial inflow and venous outflow while you’re working the muscle by placing an inflatable band around the extremity.

Combining TRE with mTOR activation and BFR is largely responsible for producing the most desirable results.

How BFR Works

BFR’s ability to achieve such remarkable physiological benefits is directly related to slowing venous blood flow from the muscle group being engaged and creating a relatively hypoxic environment or low oxygen pressures in the exercising muscle.

Venous flow moderation is optimally achieved by wrapping the extremity being exercised with an inflatable cuff or band. The band needs to be tight enough to slow venous return to the heart, allowing venous blood to “pool” in the region of the limb that is being exercised, while loose enough to allow arterial blood to flow through.

With very light exercise, and in about 15 to 20 minutes, you get an exhaustive workout that sends a signal to your brain that says, “Hey, I’ve done something really hard here — you better help me recover and adapt to it.”

Your brain then sends out hormonal responses that cause your muscles and blood vessels to grow. Most would think that such light weights would be insufficient to provide any muscle strength improvements, but studies show a 36.2% to 40.1% increase in muscle strength after only 12 weeks, depending on your load and health.

BFR Mimics Heavy Weight Training Without Any of the Risks

BFR training is frequently misunderstood as simply a conventional resistance training program with the addition of resistance bands. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because the exercise is done with such low weights, there’s far less muscle fiber trauma and damage; especially relative to conventional strength training. This means you are able to recover much quicker, so you don’t have to dig yourself out of a hole the next few days. In most cases, you can exercise different body parts nearly every day and rapidly attain the metabolic and physical benefits.

High-intensity training such as sprinting or heavy weight training have typically been recommended for increasing muscle size because they activate the fast twitch Type II muscle fibers.

In order to increase muscle mass and strength, it’s important to activate Type II muscle fibers during training, since these fibers have been shown to be more responsive to hypertrophy than Type I fibers and are generally much larger.

Weight training done at low weights will not activate Type II fibers — unless it’s done with BFR. The reason for this is because the Type I fibers become exhausted in the hypoxic conditions created by BFR, which then allow the Type II fibers to fire and generate high levels of lactate, which are responsible for much of the metabolic magic.

During BFR training the Type I fibers become highly fatigued during the first set, thus necessitating the recruitment of Type II fibers as the exercise progresses. Simply moving light weights with high repetition without BFR will not engage Type II fibers because there is plenty of oxygen for the Type I fibers to work. Hence the fast-twitch Type II fibers just aren’t called into action.

This is the type of training that not only will add solid muscle mass, but also significantly increase your strength and endurance while reducing your body fat. For most people who are not competitive athletes, it’s really the only form of resistance training they need.

Competitive athletes also seem to benefit from BFR, but they would need to combine it with conventional strength training. In short, BFR works on a very simple principle: It tricks your body into believing that it’s moving far heavier weights than you’re actually using, and as a result generates compensatory metabolic responses, detailed below.

Local and Systemic Effects of BFR

If you are elderly, what is really amazing is that your muscle growth with BFR is beyond what strength training with heavy weights can do. This is because you need good blood flow to your Type II muscle fiber stem cells, and virtually everyone’s microcirculation decreases with age. So, even if you send the signal to grow by doing conventional strength training, it won’t work as well if there isn’t enough capillary supply to your Type II fiber stem cells.

BFR increases your microcirculation, your capillaries and venules and arterioles that are associated with them (see image below), largely because your muscles are working in a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment.

BFR Increases Microcirculation

This low oxygen tension causes the release of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha (HIF-1 alpha), that then increases the hormone vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which is one of the most powerful angiogenic signals in your body. BFR has been shown to raise VEGF levels by 410% in young adults.

Essentially it acts as “fertilizer” for growing new blood vessels and capillaries to your muscle stem cells. BFR training has been shown to increase muscle stem cells by 300% after eight days of training. But it gets even better, as VEGF not only increases microcirculation in your muscle stem cells but also in your brain and heart. In Japan, BFR is frequently used for stroke and cardiac rehab precisely for this purpose.

BFR also increases the production of the important regulatory free radical, nitric oxide (NO), which further contributes to an increase in VEGF. NO is an important signaling molecule produced at high levels in muscle by neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS). BFR, by way of increasing NO, has been found to stimulate muscle satellite stem cells and proliferation.

BFR Is a Powerful Myostatin Inhibitor

But here’s the real winner: BFR also downregulates a hormone called myostatin, which is a negative regulator of muscle growth and mass. In other words when your myostatin levels are high you simply are unable to grow muscle. This is important because the elderly have levels twice as high as the young.

In the past, lactate was traditionally viewed as a metabolic waste product, but today it is understood that lactate is an important molecule that is responsible for many metabolic processes and results in many structural adaptations. It is even referred to as a pseudo-hormone.

When you apply the bands and engorge the working muscle, the Type I muscle fibers which require oxygen, glucose and fat to create energy in the mitochondria rapidly give out and your muscle switches to Type II fibers that run on burning glucose without oxygen by the glycolysis pathway illustrated below.

The lactate that your Type II muscle fibers generate during BFR actually down-regulates the production of myostatin and helps improve skeletal muscle loss. Amazingly, BFR can decrease your myostatin levels by 41% to 45%, which has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis.

The benefits from the lactate don’t stop there. Once you release the bands, the lactate travels in your blood to your brain, where a monocarboxylate transporter shuttles it into your brain to use it for fuel, and also increases brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF). BDNF is a member of brain growth factors that contributes to neuroplasticity, which greatly enhances cognitive performance.

Correct Band Pressure Is Crucial

As mentioned previously, the restriction bands need to be tight enough to lower the oxygen level in the exercising muscles. Arterial occlusion pressure (AOP) is defined as the pressure needed to restrict 100% of the blood flow from the limb, which is essentially a tourniquet. This is a dangerous scenario and needs to be avoided.

Recent research has shown the pressure only needs to be 60% of the AOP. Pressures higher than this don’t seem to provide any additional benefits. The level needs to be at least 40% of AOP; otherwise, the level of muscle oxygenation and deoxygenation is not substantially different from that seen during non-BFR exercise.

Recent studies suggest that the ideal range is about 60% of AOP, although this is highly dependent on numerous factors such as fundamental vascular elasticity and the type of exercise being performed (e.g., anaerobic versus aerobic). There are no additional benefits of combining higher exercise intensities with higher occlusion pressures to muscle hypertrophy.

Again, the bands should not be too tight, as you definitely must avoid cutting off the arterial supply to your muscles. They need to be loose enough to supply your muscle with sufficient blood flow and oxygen.

When manually applying the bands, tighten them so your skin color becomes more pink or red compared to your normal skin tone. You may also see your veins become slightly distended (popping out a bit). They should not feel uncomfortable and your skin color must not become whiter or have a bluish or grayish tone; this means that arterial flow is being restricted.

It is important to realize that your arms will swell during the exercise, which will actually tighten the bands more. Remember, another simple way to determine good “base pressure” is to have the bands tight enough that you cannot fit two fingers under the band, but loose enough that you CAN squeeze one finger under the band.

However, if the pressure is below 40% of AOP you will not occlude your veins. This will prevent the lactic acid produced during your exercise from accumulating, and you will not get the benefits.

One of the ways you can confirm that your bands are tight enough is to measure the circumference of your limb before and after the exercise. You should notice an increase of at least one-half inch to 1 inch after your exercise, up to as much as three or four times that.

How to Confirm Proper Pressures

If the bands are too tight you can actually cause damage to your muscle. It’s important to carefully monitor your capillary refill times to confirm you are getting enough blood flow to your exercising limb. You can confirm that you have enough arterial flow by checking your capillary refill time.

When checking proper band pressure on your arm, it is most easily determined by pressing your index finger firmly into the palm of the opposite hand (on the arm that is under restriction) into the area just under your thumb, then quickly releasing and seeing how long the white blanched area takes to turn pink.

If it takes longer than three seconds, the bands are too tight. If the white spot turns pink immediately while the pneumatic bands are inflated (i.e., under one second), the band tightness is close to optimal. You can also check the capillary refill time on the tissue right above your knee while the pneumatic bands on your legs are inflated. Ideally it should be about two to three seconds.

If you have peripheral artery disease, this could affect these readings. If it is less than two seconds the bands are likely too loose; if the time is greater than three seconds the bands are likely too tight.


To avoid any muscle damage from your limbs being deprived of oxygen, the bands are only put on the arms for 15 minutes at a time and 20 minutes on your legs.

Only put the bands on the extremities you’re actually exercising, and remove them before moving on to the next area. In other words, you must not conduct simultaneous BFR on both your arms and legs, as this could decrease your blood pressure enough that you might pass out.

Remember, whatever bands you use, KAATSU or less expensive BFR bands, the pressure that the cuff is inflated or tightened to should not be painful or cause any numbness. You will know if it is too tight as they will likely hurt. They are not supposed to shut down your arterial supply. If it is too tight you need to lower the pressure or loosen the bands.

How to Determine Your Ideal Level of Resistance

Instead of using heavy weights that can increase your risk of injury during conventional strength training, BFR is much safer, since it requires just 20% to 33% of the resistance used in conventional resistance training.

This light weight is then combined with a high volume of repetitions while externally applied compression mildly restricts blood flow to the active skeletal muscles in the legs or arms.

As for weight, your goal is to find the “sweet” spot. If you are elderly or have not been exercising regularly, this may mean no weights at all. Ideally, you would have access to a variety of progressively increasing resistance movements to choose from, including body weight exercises. You typically won’t need to go higher than 25 pounds, though.

Once you have access to the weights you can find the heaviest weight you can do just one repetition of your planned exercise. This is your one rep max (1RM). Then you divide that weight by five (20%), four (25%) or three (33%). For example, if your max weight for a bicep curl is 25 pounds, you would select a 5-pound dumbbell to start.

If you don’t know your one rep maximum, then it is always better to start too low, especially if this is your first time, as your tissues will need time to adapt to these pressures and movements. Eventually you will want to increase your weight so you notice the following signs during your BFR session:

Signs That You Are Using the Correct Weight

  1. You are sweating profusely. In fact, you should be sweating so much that you need a towel.
  2. Your heart rate and breathing can significantly increase, especially if you do intense BFR or any kind of vigorous aerobic exercise.
  3. The first two signs are an indication that you have activated your sympathetic nervous system by firing your Type II muscle fibers. This is because properly performed BFR is a high intensity exercise.

You can measure the circumference of your limb before and after the exercise. You should notice an increase of at least one-half inch and possibly 1 inch or more — or alternatively, the muscle will most certainly feel tighter and appear more toned.

Another great indication is that you will be able to do 30 reps the first set and then 15 to 20 reps the next and, most likely, are unable to do five to 10 reps in the last set because you are in muscle failure. It is important, though, to not fool yourself and stop just because it is hard. Muscle failure means that you are unable to do another rep if your life depended on it.

Unless you are just starting (see warning box below), it is best to start by limiting your weight to only 20% of your one rep max and build up from there if your goal is muscle hypertrophy. By starting at a lighter weight, it will give your body a chance to adjust to BFR and avoid potential injuries.

An additional benefit is that if you stick with lighter weights you can train more frequently because you won’t cause as much muscle damage. For those interested in greater strength or muscle gains, you can increase to one-quarter and then to one-third the weight of your 1RM. If you are doing the exercises correctly it will likely take you about three months to progress up to 33% of your 1RM. There is no need to go any higher than this.

If you don’t know your 1 RM, then all you have to do is pick a weight you believe you can easily do 30 reps with and start there.

If you can easily do all three sets at that weight, then it’s clearly too low a weight and you would benefit from increasing the resistance, especially if you don’t notice an increase of at least one-half inch in the circumference of your biceps after the exercise. Conversely, if you are unable to complete 20 repetitions on your first set, the resistance is likely too high and needs to be decreased.


The only exception to these weight recommendations and initial pressure of the bands is when you are first starting out. It is important to realize that your tissues need time to adjust to BFR training. For the first session, you want to start with a light pressure, likely under 40%, and use only 10% of your 1 RM. Then over the next two sessions increase to the minimum recommendations.

Important: You Need to Push Hard to Get the Benefits

It is important to recognize, though, that the level of intensity you use is key. Muscle growth is highly dependent on metabolic factors, and training sets are ideally done to failure to achieve this.

The number of repetitions completed during a training session is less important to cause long term changes in hypertrophy and strength than doing repetitions to failure, which likely causes greater metabolic stress.

Perceived exertion is a major element here. You really need to push hard to muscle failure. This is a very subjective determination, but I hope the featured video will give you an idea of the amount of intensity and effort one needs to put into this short exercise.

You can also notice if you are sweating and you are out of breath. Since BFR is a high intensity exercise and stimulates your sympathetic nervous system if done properly, this is precisely what you should be experiencing when you do BFR training.

A recent study in the elderly showed that physical weakness in aging may be due, at least in part, to impairments in brain and nerve function, rather than changes in the muscles themselves.

The researchers did the study by asking participants to push to failure and once they said they had, they stimulated the muscle electrically and where still get the muscle to contract which indicated that the muscle was not at full failure. In fact, in most cases the muscle was still able to contract about 25% more.

If you are unable to push to failure, you will not receive the maximum benefits possible from BFR. Also, shorter recovery periods between exercises and sets will heighten the metabolic stimulus to enhance your body’s ability to build muscle and strength.

Remember, you can start slowly and work your way up over time. Building muscle is a marathon, not a sprint. This is especially important if you are elderly or if you have been mostly sedentary; you likely will not need to use any weights.

You can start with just the weight of your body and gradually progress to 1- and 2-pound weights. But if you really are interested in triggering the benefits of reversing sarcopenia, then it is key to push hard — otherwise you will not achieve all the wonderful metabolic benefits that BFR has to offer you.

General BFR Workout Guidance

Although you can adapt BFR training to many types of resistance training including machines, it seems the ideal way to implement it is by using simple dumbbells. Because you are using such low weights, it is unlikely you will need weights more than 25 pounds. If you are elderly and weak you may only need a set of weights under 5 to 10 pounds.

Please be certain that you can increase weights in very small increments. You will not want to increase an exercise from 5 pounds to 10. That is a 100% increase in weight. It is far better to go up by 1 or 2 pounds.

Number of Repetitions in Each Set

1st set = 30 reps with 20 seconds rest for arms and legs

2nd set = 20-30 reps with 20 seconds rest for arms and legs

3rd set = 10-20 reps with 20 seconds rest for arms and legs

4th set = 1-10 reps with 20 seconds rest for arms and legs and 60 seconds maximum before moving to next exercise

A common beginner mistake is to remove or loosen the band during the workout to allow the blood to flow back to your muscle and then tightening it again. This does not improve results, and in fact decreases your results, so it is best to leave the band on during the entire workout.

Just remember to remove the bands after 15 minutes on your arms and 20 minutes on your legs. You can reapply the bands after a minute and exercise if you want to do more exercises.

If there is pain or numbness or a whiter appearance in your skin color, of course you’ll want to remove or loosen the band at once, but that should be unusual if you have done your preparation properly and paid careful attention to these instructions.

Typically, upon starting BFR, you’ll notice a high perceived degree of difficulty. However, over a few weeks this perception of difficulty dampens as adaptation to training occurs.56 At that point, it becomes important to continue to push with the same level of intensity.

Training Frequency

One of the major advantages of BFR versus high load resistance training is that you cause far less muscle damage and this allows you to train more frequently. The frequency of training needs to be individualized as it varies widely. It can range from as little as twice a week up to three times a day, depending on your fitness and training goals.

Typically, the lower the percentage of 1RM used, the more frequently BFR can be done. Heart rate variability and the Oura ring can also be used to determine your ideal recovery periods. The Oura ring measures your heart rate all night and will tell you not only your lowest heart rate but also at what time it occurs. The higher your heart rate and the closer your lowest heart rate time is to awakening, the more recovery you need.

Less Expensive Alternatives

Although KAATSU was the pioneer in BFR, their units are relatively expensive. You can purchase a perfectly adequate set of adjustable arm and leg straps on line for about $30.00

You will have to learn how to set the straps for your own body with practice. The straps are located at the upper arm where the front shoulder muscle and the bicep meet for arms, and at the upper leg, just below the groin and the gluteus.

You will be able to do biceps, triceps and forearms, as well as quads, glutes and calf muscles with your BFR straps.

For additional information, please check the archives on this site for the blog entitled ‘Sarcopenia’, published 09/21/2020.


Common Flu and Colds Have Disappeared

One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19 ‘global pandemic’ has been the mysterious disappearance of the seasonal flu in medical and public health record keeping. It’s as if the Flu just vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal respiratory complaint.

As it turns out, recorded seasonal influenza cases have literally nosedived by 98%+ across the globe.  There is only one possible explanation for this.  Can you take a guess?  A person with one gram of common sense would realize that the reason is due to government agencies attributing everything to COVID.  This also includes heart attacks and car accidents. All COVID. This improbable phenomenon has led a number of experts to ask, “Has the COVID label replaced the flu label?”

“The disappearing act began as Covid-19 rolled in towards the end of our flu season in March, 2020. And just how swiftly rates have plummeted can be observed in ‘surveillance’ data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO),” reported the UK’s Daily Mail.

WHO spokesperson, Dr Sylvie Briand, recently claimed during a press briefing that “literally there was nearly no flu in the Southern hemisphere” of the planet Earth in 2020, but gave no real explanation as to why. She then went on to extend this magical thinking saying that, “We hope that the situation will be the same in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Truly extraordinary science by the health experts at the WHO.

Earlier in December, Southern California news outlet KUSI raised the alarm which prompted an audit of COVID statistics in their region…SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – COVID-19 cases continue to increase across California, and here in San Diego County, but flu cases remain extremely low in comparison to this time in previous years. Now for the test of how many working brain cells you have.  Is what they are falsely claiming to be COVID just the ordinary plain old flu?  I would certainly say so. 

Carrying the logic further, I would say there is no such thing as COVID ‘disease’ at all.  Otherwise, why would they have to fake all this data. Viruses are more numerous than any other thing on the surface of the Earth, but there is no associated disease.  Viruses are just a normal by-product of cell replication. In cell replication, Messenger RNA (mRNA) is sent from the DNA confined to the nucleus of the old cell to the dividing cell to build the new DNA for it, which will also be confined to its nucleus.  The mRNA segments, used up and now dead, are packaged up for expulsion, sealed in a proteinaceous vesicle called an exosome.  This exosome is discharged out of the cell, destined to become discarded bodily waste material. 

We are well into flu season, but San Diego County’s data for flu infections only shows 36 reported cases so far this year, 2020. Carl DeMaio tweeted out this shocking revelation, comparing it to this time in other years saying, “In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average!” Combine these facts with the additional facts that there are absolutely no excess or abnormal mortalities any where in the world.  There is only one single abnormality, which is the amping up of fake COVID cases taking the place in normal medical statistics for normal illness or even suicides and accidents.

DeMaio explained, “if you are going to use a set of numbers like COVID stats to shut down the economy, to take people’s livelihoods away, then we have to really look closely at what those numbers really mean, and whether those numbers are giving us a valid picture of public health.”

Continuing, “my concern has been from the get go, that we are relying on numbers from government agencies, that have a different agenda at stake. The government obviously has its own agenda going on here.  It cannot be trusted.  We must have a different set of eyes looking at this data, such as an auditor or a citizen’s review committee. Because again, the decisions being made on these data sets are sweeping lockdowns of far-reaching impact, resulting in deceit, causing fear and its own death and destruction attributable to the measures imposed coercively on the citizens.”

DeMaio then said San Diego County has refused to have any look over or vet our local COVID-19 numbers.  Well, of course not.  This deceit can not be defended and obviously reveals treachery.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, joined KUSI’s Jason Austell on Good Morning San Diego to explain why he is calling for a “full audit of the COVID-19 data we are seeing reported from our public health system via our public media.”

As different pressure groups and journalists begin to demand answers from the various health authorities, it’s becoming clear now that there has likely been massive widespread, systemic administrative fraud designed to over-inflate COVID-19 numbers, subtracting from every other normal seasonal illness or disease.  There is a reason behind this that is unrelated to your health and wellness.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Paul Craig Roberts of the IPE expanded on all of this in a recent piece:

“Is there no flu this year or is flu being called the second wave of Covid?” Don’t expect any honest answer from health authorities. They have the fear running strong, so strong that people are submitting to needless lockdowns and untested toxic vaccines that are causing death, serious illness  and economic havoc to their lives and to mask mandates that do more harm than good.

What is it all about?

Is it simply about vaccine profits for Big Pharma?

Or is it about getting people accustomed to arbitrary orders unsupported by legislation? Isn’t what we are experiencing a takeover of our lives by the executive and mostly unelected part of government?

Or, is this about the Reset 2020 that the UN has been working so diligently on for all these past years with global warming, chemtrails, green deals, Agenda 21, etc.?  To me, as someone who has studied these developments for the past 30 years, I believe this is the overdue Reset 2020 and I certainly have a lot of agreement on this.

You can learn more about RESETs by reading other essays on this site’s archives.


So, the mystery is really simple to understand.  Billions of people who are totally ignorant about viruses are accepting the BS being fed to them by the governments.  Rather than stopping and doing some homework, they respond like luddites, putting on the masks, avoiding other humans, accepting restrictions of every imaginable kind.  Even considering accepting the toxic vaccines, while reading of deaths and tragic side effects from all over the world being caused by these vaccines. 

The virus is not capable of contagion nor of causing illness.  Otherwise, they would not need to stage and falsify every aspect of this hoax. Why would you accept a very dangerous alternative when no threat exists except from the talking heads on TV?  The only possible explanation is you would act from fear and ignorance.  If you would spend a tiny fraction of the time you do spend absorbing their fear-mongering, you could overcome your ignorance about viruses and free yourself from the worry and irrationality.  Everything you need to know about viruses is available in the archives on this site.  You can study further from other sources, but realize these monsters have been hard at work re-writing and republishing the science.  There are plenty of reputable sources available to research.  Just avoid propaganda sourced by government