Hired Murderers

Killing US Civilians Wholesale

They want you to fear their ‘fake lone crazed shooters’ but you are 1200 times more likely to be killed by your police force than the FBI’s lone gunman.

When you call 911 in the US, this is what is coming in response.

The police departments have all been militarized, re-equiped and retrained to treat civilians as terrorist enemies.  Last year, they conducted over 80,000 SWAT raids, more than half of which went to the ‘wrong address’, whereupon they busted in the door of the victims house in the middle of the night, killed their dogs, and in many cases the homeowner trying to defend the family. In the recent past, 40 SWAT raids per year was considered a high number. Other police have abused victims in routine traffic stops or just in the public purview.  They have killed 4,355 civilians in the process.  Some had their hands handcuffed behind their backs, yet the deaths were ruled suicides, another common phenomenon these days.

On another level, the FBI has made a full-time business out of finding retarded, junked-out and socially incapacitated “patsies” to set up as crazed lone perpetrators to execute mass shooting plots of various types to appear that random gun violence is rampant.  These mass shootings are conducted at schools, churches, shopping malls, movie theaters, concert venues, sports venues and other public places of gathering.  They have killed 339 people over the past 4 years, with hundreds more in staged fake killings using crisis-actors and catsup with full government complicity at all levels.

“It is often the case that police shootings, incidents where law enforcement officers pull the trigger on civilians, are left out of the conversation on gun violence”. But a police officer shooting a civilian counts as gun violence. Every time an officer uses a gun against an innocent or an unarmed person contributes to the culture of gun violence in this country.”—Journalist Celisa Calacal

Yes, gun violence is an apparent problem in America.

Yes, mass shootings are an apparent problem in America, deadlier and more frequent.

Yes, mentally ill individuals embarking on mass shooting sprees are an apparent problem in America.

The apparent solution, to the nonthinking, would seem to be gun confiscation.

However, tighter gun control laws and so-called “intelligent” background checks fail to protect the public from the most egregious perpetrator of gun violence in America: the U.S. government.  There is mob-related gun violence, but the mob and the government are one and the same, partners-in-crime.

Consider that five years after police shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old man in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been no relief from the government’s gun violence.

Just a routine traffic stop

Here’s what we’ve learned about the government’s gun violence since Ferguson, according to The Washington Post: If you’re a black American, you’ve got a greater chance of being shot by police. If you’re an unarmed black man, you’re four times more likely to be killed by police than an unarmed white man. Most people killed by police are young men. Since 2015, police have shot and killed an average of 3 people per day. More than 2,500 police departments have shot and killed at least one person since 2015. And while the vast majority of people shot and killed by police are claimed to be armed, their weapons ranged from guns and knives to toys and other odd objects, like cell phones or sunglasses.

Clearly, the U.S. government is not making America any safer. And just as clearly, that is also not their objective.

Indeed, the government’s gun violence—inflicted on unarmed individuals by battlefield-trained SWAT teams, militarized police, and bureaucratic government agents trained to shoot first and ask questions later—poses a greater threat to the safety and security of the nation than any so-called crazed mass shooter(s). These government perps can kill with nothing to fear, as they have the tacit approval to do so, thus know they will not even get a slap on the wrist.

According to journalist Matt Agorist, “mass shootings … have claimed the lives of 339 people since 2015… [D]uring this same time frame, police in America have claimed the lives of 4,355 citizens.” That’s 1200% more people killed by police than mass shooters since 2015.

Police also have the option to beat a victim to death.

For example, in Texas, a police officer sent to do a welfare check on a 30-year-old woman seen lying on the grass near a shopping center, took aim at the woman’s dog as it ran towards him barking, fired multiple times, and killed the woman instead.

In Chicago, a SWAT team—wearing “army fatigues with black cloth covering their faces and wearing goggles,” armed with automatic rifles, and throwing flash-bang grenades—crashed through the doors of a suburban home and proceeded to storm into bedrooms, holding the children of the household at gunpoint. One child, 13-year-old Amir, was “accidentally” shot in the knee by police while sitting on his bed.

In St. Louis, Missouri, a SWAT team on a mission to deliver an administrative warrant carried out a no-knock raid that ended with police kicking in the homeowner’s front door, and shooting and killing her dog—all over an unpaid gas bill. Taxpayers will have to pay $750,000 to settle the lawsuit

Extreme unnecessary police violence.

In South Carolina, a 62-year-old homeowner was shot four times through his front door by police who were investigating a medical-assist alarm call that originated from a cell phone inside the home. Dick Tench, believing his house was being invaded, was standing in the foyer of his home armed with a handgun when police, peering through the front door, fired several shots through the door, hitting Tench in the pelvis and the aortic artery. Tench survived, but the bullet lodged in his pelvis will stay there for life.

In Kansas, a SWAT team, attempting to carry out a routine search warrant (the suspect had already been arrested), showed up at a residence around dinnertime, dressed in tactical gear with weapons drawn, and hurled a flash-bang grenade into the house past the 68-year-old woman who was in the process of opening the door to them and in the general direction of a 2-year-old child.

Overwhelming brutality

These are just a few representative examples among hundreds this year alone.

Curiously enough, in the midst of the finger-pointing over the latest round of mass shootings, Americans have been so focused on debating who or what is responsible for gun violence—the guns, the gun owners, the Second Amendment, the politicians, or our violent culture—that they have overlooked the fact that the systemic violence being perpetrated by agents of the government has done more collective harm to the American people and their liberties than any acts of terror or mass shooting.

Violence has become our government’s calling card, starting at the top and trickling down, from the more than 80,000 SWAT team raids carried out every year on unsuspecting Americans by heavily armed, black-garbed commandos and the increasingly rapid militarization of local police forces across the country to the drone killings used to target presumed insurgents or anyone else in the vicinity.

David Hogg is Adam Lanza at an earlier time. Does this give you any concern?

The government even exports violence worldwide, with one of this country’s few remaining production export goods, being weapons and arms. Indeed, the United States, the world’s largest exporter of arms, has been selling violence to the world for too long now as the real goods trade has evaporated. Controlling more than 50 percent of the global weaponry market, the U.S. has sold or donated weapons to at least 96 countries in the past five years, including the Middle East. The U.S. also provides countries such as Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Iraq with grants and loans through the Foreign Military Financing program to purchase military weapons.

Where do all the world’s weapons come from anyway?

At the same time that the U.S. is equipping nearly half the world with deadly weapons, profiting to the tune of $36.2 billion annually, its leaders have also been lecturing American citizens on the dangers of gun violence and working to enact measures that would make it more difficult for Americans to acquire certain weapons and passing red laws to confiscate existing legally acquired weapons.. Talk about an absurd double standard.

If we’re truly going to get serious about gun violence, why not start by a mass scaling back of the American police state’s weapons of war?

I’ll tell you why: because the government has no intention of scaling back on its weapons.  It just does not want you to have any means to protect yourself and your family from them. The second amendment is not for game hunters, it is for the citizens to protect themselves from tyrannical government.

In fact, all the while gun critics continue to clamor for bans on military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and armor-piercing bullets, the U.S. military is passing them out to domestic police forces and CIA sponsored terrorist groups in unlimited quantity.

.Under the auspices of a military “recycling” program, which allows local police agencies to acquire military-grade weaponry and equipment, more than $4.2 billion worth of equipment has been transferred from the Defense Department to domestic police agencies since 1990. Included among these “gifts” are tank-like, 20-ton Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, tactical gear, and assault rifles.

Tanks on your roadways.

There are now reportedly more bureaucratic (non-military) government agents armed with high-tech, deadly weapons than U.S. Marines. Under Obama, every government alphabet agency, including the Dept. of Education, has acquired a few hundred thousand assault rifles and a couple billion rounds of military grade ammunition. What is the purpose?

While Americans have to jump through an increasing number of hoops in order to own a gun, the government is arming its own civilian employees to the hilt with guns, ammunition and military-style equipment, authorizing them to make arrests, and training them in military tactics.

Among the agencies being supplied with night-vision equipment, body armor, hollow-point bullets, shotguns, drones, assault rifles and LP gas cannons are the Smithsonian, U.S. Mint, Health and Human Services, IRS, FDA, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Education Department, Energy Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and an assortment of public universities.

Meanwhile, I read today that Chuck Schumer is working frantically to ban a popular children’s item, a bullet-proof child’s backpack, that concerned parents are hoping will protect their child from being shot in the back by police officers.

Seriously, why do IRS agents need AR-15 rifles? Are they planning to engage in mob-style methods to collect money owed by taxpayers?

They are trying to ‘pick the low hanging fruit’ as a first stage in total disarmament of the citizens.

For that matter, why do police need armored personnel carriers with gun ports, compact submachine guns with 30-round magazines, precision battlefield sniper rifles, and military-grade assault-style rifles and carbines.

They do not need these weapons and associated training for any reason associated with their stated job functions.  They are making these acquisitions for something that is in the plans for the near future.

In the hands of government agents, whether they are members of the military, law enforcement or some other government agencies, these weapons have become routine parts of America’s day-to-day life, a byproduct of the rapid militarization of government and law enforcement over the past several decades. This has all been seen before when empires have rotted to the core and fear for their ongoing existence.

Over the course of 30 years, police officers in jack boots holding assault rifles have become fairly common in small town communities across the country. As investigative journalists Andrew Becker and G.W. Schulz reveal, “Many police, including beat cops, now routinely carry assault rifles. Combined with body armor and other apparel, many officers look more and more like combat troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan or Nazi Germany.”

Does this sound like a country under martial law? Any resemblance to the Nazi jack booters and brown shirters?

You want to talk about gun violence? While it still technically remains legal for the average citizen to own a firearm in America, possessing one can now get you pulled over, searched, arrested, subjected to all manner of surveillance, treated as a suspect without ever having committed a crime, shot at and killed by police.

You don’t even have to have a gun or a look-alike object in your possession to be singled out and killed by police. There are countless incidents that happen every day in which Americans are shot, stripped, raped, body cavity searched, choked, beaten and tasered by police for little more than daring to frown, smile, question, or attempt discussion about an order.

Growing numbers of unarmed people are being shot and killed for just standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a weapon, or igniting some trigger-centric fear in a police officer’s mind that has nothing to do with an actual threat to their safety.

With alarming regularity, unarmed men, women, children and especially pets are being gunned down by twitchy, hyper-sensitive, easily-spooked police officers who shoot first and ask questions later, and all the government does is shrug, and promise to look into it, while the cops are granted qualified immunity. A severe punishment is a month’s paid leave.

Killed for standing in a “shooting stance.” In California, police opened fire on and killed a mentally challenged—unarmed—black man within minutes of arriving on the scene, allegedly because he removed a vapor smoking device from his pocket and took what they called a “shooting stance.”

Killed for holding a cell phone. Police in Arizona shot a man who was running away from U.S. Marshals after he refused to drop an object that turned out to be a cellphone. Similarly, police in Sacramento fired 20 shots at an unarmed, 22-year-old black man who was standing in his grandparents’ backyard after “mistaking” his cellphone for a gun.

Killed for carrying a baseball bat. Responding to a domestic disturbance call, Chicago police shot and killed 19-year-old college student Quintonio LeGrier who had reportedly been experiencing mental health problems and was carrying a baseball bat around the apartment where he and his father lived.

Killed for opening the front door. Bettie Jones, who lived on the floor below LeGrier, was also fatally shot—this time, accidentally—when she attempted to open the front door for police.

Killed for running towards police with a metal spoon. In Alabama, police shot and killed a 50-year-old man who reportedly charged a police officer while holding “a large metal spoon in a threatening manner.”

Killed for running while holding a tree branch. Georgia police shot and killed a 47-year-old man wearing only shorts and tennis shoes who, when first encountered, was sitting in the woods against a tree, only to start running towards police holding a stick in an “aggressive manner.

Killed for being naked. Atlanta police shot and killed an unarmed man who was reported to have been “acting deranged, knocking on doors, crawling around on the ground naked.” Police fired two shots at the man after he reportedly started running towards them.

Killed for wearing dark pants and a basketball jersey. Donnell Thompson, a mentally disabled 27-year-old described as gentle and shy, was shot and killed after police—searching for a carjacking suspect reportedly wearing similar clothing—encountered him lying motionless in a neighborhood yard. Police “only” opened fire with an M4 rifle after Thompson first failed to respond to their flash bang grenades and then started running after being hit by foam bullets.

Killed for driving while deaf. In North Carolina, a state trooper shot and killed 29-year-old Daniel K. Harris—who was deaf—after Harris initially failed to pull over during a traffic stop.

Killed for being homeless. Los Angeles police shot an unarmed homeless man after he failed to stop riding his bicycle and then proceeded to run from police.

Killed for brandishing a shoehorn. John Wrana, a 95-year-old World War II veteran, lived in an assisted living center, used a walker to get around, and was shot and killed by police who mistook the shoehorn in his hand for a 2-foot-long machete and fired multiple beanbag rounds from a shotgun at close range.

Killed for having your car break down on the road. Terence Crutcher, unarmed and black, was shot and killed by Oklahoma police after his car broke down on the side of the road. Crutcher was shot in the back while walking towards his car with his hands up.

Killed for holding a garden hose. California police were ordered to pay $6.5 million after they opened fire on a man holding a garden hose, believing it to be a gun. Douglas Zerby was shot 12 times and pronounced dead on the scene.

Killed for calling 911. Justine Damond, a 40-year-old yoga instructor, was shot and killed by Minneapolis police, allegedly because they were startled by a loud noise in the vicinity just as she approached their patrol car. Damond, clad in pajamas, had called 911 to report a possible assault in her neighborhood.

Killed for looking for a parking spot. Richard Ferretti, a 52-year-old chef, was shot and killed by Philadelphia police who had been alerted to investigate a purple Dodge Caravan that was driving “suspiciously” through the neighborhood.

Shot seven times for peeing outdoors. Eighteen-year-old Keivon Young was shot seven times by police from behind while urinating outdoors. Young was just zipping up his pants when he heard a commotion behind him and then found himself struck by a hail of bullets from two undercover cops. Allegedly officers mistook Young—5’4,” 135 lbs., and guilty of nothing more than taking a leak outdoors—for a 6’ tall, 200 lb. murder suspect whom they later apprehended. Young was charged with felony resisting arrest and two counts of assaulting a peace officer.

This is what passes for policing in America today, folks, and it’s only getting worse.

In every one of these scenarios, police could have resorted to nonlethal tactics.

They could have acted with reason and calculation instead of reacting with a killer instinct.

They could have attempted to de-escalate and defuse whatever perceived “threat” caused them to ‘fear for their lives’ enough to react with lethal force.

That police instead chose to fatally resolve these encounters by using their guns on fellow citizens speaks volumes about what is wrong with policing in America today, where police officers are being dressed in the trappings of war, drilled in the deadly art of combat, and trained to look upon “every individual they interact with as an armed threat and every situation as a deadly force encounter in the making.”

Remember, to a hammer, all the world looks like a nail. We the people” are not just getting hammered. We’re getting killed, execution-style.

Violence begets violence and there is a reason why it is being instigated.  It is in conjunction with increasing political divergence.  The left – right, red –  blue, liberal – conservative, democrat –  republican, supremacist – victim agenda is being pushed in the most aggressive and hysterical manner.  This is also the doings of your government.  The illegal immigrants flooding across the borders are being paid by Antifa and George Soros to further fuel the crisis.  The agreement signed by Obama with the UN is a part of this.  The UN has been invited to post troops and deploy large-scale weapons across the entire landscape of the US.  The agreement provides for the take-over of any city or area where any violence erupts do to any of these government-instigated provocations.

None of this is anything but a contrived problem which is reaching for a crisis point of any violence, upon which the UN is already pre-authorized to take charge of that city or area by declaring martial law followed by total door-to-door gun confiscation.  The first incident of this will likely set off other incidents. 

The goal is massive and total gun confiscation followed by large-scale arrests of pre-identified individuals who will be taken to FEMA camps for ‘processing’.

This is the beginning of large-scale depopulation of the Western nations.  It has already been disclosed that the US population is to be reduced by 80% by the year 2025.  With a surviving population of only 64 million, the military budget and GDP will be reduced proportionately as will the purchasing power of the currency.

Deagel, a CIA operated forecasting operation, releases updated forecasts for all countries in the world on an annual basis.

If you doubt this, then you are unwilling to accept what is happening in plain sight right before your very eyes.  Many will say, “oh, this couldn’t be true.  Look the TV, internet and cell phones are all still working.  Everything is normal”.  The fact is, nothing is normal about what is going on.  Most are too frightened to even take an objective look.  There are many other factors involved which can be easily identified once one grasps even a single element of the program.  But, once the guns are confiscated, there is no going back.  It is all going to a rapid total reset of ‘normal’.  This has happened many times in the past and has been papered over with revisionist history.  You can read more about this in the post Resets and Ghost Cities.


Mass Shootings 100% Fakes

Contrived Mass Casualty Events Follow a Distinct Pattern

Adam Lanza is David Hogg at a younger age. Does this give you any concern?

Considering most American’s infinite inability to think, it’s not surprising that nobody is looking for the obvious evidence that tells the real “truth” about how not only the latest mass shootings, but all the mass shootings going back to Columbine, really went down.

You see, since a picture is worth “a thousand words,” then a video is worth a thousand pictures, or a million words.

Ever bother to notice the Feds and the Deep State never let a single video be shown to the public from when these armed stooges approach and enter the premises of the store, school, or theater they shoot up?

After all, Walmart runs security video 24/7/365 from multiple angles, out front and inside, as do most schools. And we’re not even asking for the footage of innocent people being shot, just the video footage of the shooters entering, but we NEVER see it. Why?

Security video footage of the “shooters” won’t match the mass media narrative of the event, so it remains mysteriously unavailable.
The first thing the Feds do when they swoop onto a mass shooting scene is confiscate all security video footage from the inside and out of the location. They also confiscate any footage from surrounding stores or ATMs just to be sure they got it all.

Then, it’s always only ONE mass shooter, the “lone shooter,” even after eye-witness reports usually have survivors and witnesses talking about multiple shooters. Why?

And from moment one, they have photos, name, bio, affiliations, kindergarten records, interviews with friends, confessions, manifestos, etc.  identifying the perp as a drugged-out loner radical-type with a large collection of expensive weapons and gear which he somehow carries to the scene without anyone becoming suspicious.

You will never ever see the video footage of the “guy” who entered Walmart in El Paso and shot innocent people. You won’t ever see that footage – not on the news and not in court when he’s “prosecuted” for his crimes, if he is one of the few who is not killed under suspicious circumstances prior to being interviewed..

While you won’t see footage of him in the parking lot, walking around with his automatic weapon, but you WILL see gruesome footage of medics carting off and carrying off victims, because those are the emotions the government wants you to experience, and those match their narrative.

Ask yourself right now WHY you never see video footage of mass shooters entering the property. At Sandy Hook, the school had just put in a new, high-tech system for security. Where’s the outside or inside footage?

Afterwards, we saw plenty of black and silver Fed cars blocking all roads to the school, so no medics could get in or out (talk about creepy), but no footage of the stooge (patsy) breaking windows or walking right through the front doors of the school, ever. Just some lame picture of the kid from the psych ward 3 years earlier or of his bedroom containing weird and suspicious drawings or writings, easily planted there by the investigators who arrive far too early for all this material to be found and readied for TV.

That is how you KNOW when a violent event is staged, and usually, real people still die, but it didn’t go down the way it’s told endlessly by MSM, and nobody ever asks to see the security surveillance footage.

Americans are dumbed down by fluoridated water, flu shots, GMOs, TV and public education.

Want to know why the mass media always finishes the “investigation” coverage with the “lone shooter” theory? Because if there was ever really more than one patsy, they might get together later, in jail or with lawyers, and corroborate a completely different story, implicating the Feds and the insane gun-grabbing Leftists participants.

One stooge is much easier to control, keep drugged up, or even “suicided” later. Can’t have any whistle blowers down the road – got to stay in front of that lone shooter narrative.

And why does this playbook always seem to work out for CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, Boston Globe and the New York Times? Because no American ever demands to see the video footage.

All you see is paid crisis actors, rogue cops that are ordered to stand down during the shooting (think Parkland, Fla.), wheeling off of the injured into ambulances, and of course, all that followed by emotional families of the victims.

And God bless these families who are suffering, but be damned the liars and manipulators who stage these horrific events, that always occur after the real news exposes their most insidious acts.

How is this awareness of “missing video” important to your health?

You’re probably wondering why you’re reading an article on Natural News that seems to only be about mass shooting events, but you would be wrong. This is about awareness, mental health, and protecting your own human rights.

In the same way Americans NEVER demand to see the security video surveillance footage after mass shootings, they also fail to demand to know what’s in vaccines.

In fact, vaccines maim and kill more people every day than guns. That’s why the vaccine industry has paid out over $4 billion dollars in damages. How much have the families of mass shooting victims been paid?

If you consume pesticides and memory-erasing canola oil daily, you are being mind-controlled by the Deep State. You’re too stupefied to ask to see the mass shooting video footage (gun violence that’s perpetuated by every violent Hollywood movie – think John Wick here).

Still, it’s guns and video games to blame. Song lyrics are to blame. The kids were listening to Marilyn Manson and Eminem again while playing Resident Evil, Fallout, and Grand Theft Auto!

Where’s the video of the shooter entering the premises? Is it suddenly “classified” material by the FBI, or did they suddenly destroy or lose it?

See how important all of this is to your health? When the mass shooting coverage is plastered all over TV, newspapers and social media, realize this is ALL part of the great con, to keep you dumb and emotional, while voting for free stuff from the Government who will take your guns, your land, your children, and force vaccinate everyone into compliance.

Ever also notice that nearly every shooter is found to be taking SSRI prescription drugs? Yes, it’s a common denominator. These drugs list side effects of depression, anxiety, violence, and thoughts of homicide and suicide. We have no way of knowing what other mind control substances are being given to these patsies in the planning phase.

Ask for the video footage or don’t believe a damn thing they’re saying. None of it.

Natural News, Mike Adams

c.600 BCE

Beginning of Traumatic Life Changes for Humans

It is safe to say that there is absolutely nothing that even comes remotely close to the impact left on the collective human psyche than that made by the abandonment by the creator gods of their children, the human race.  Even with the erasure from the human collective memory of the actual events, by virtue of numerous resets and revisions of history, collective subconscious patterned behavior has been imprinted. The programs are playing out their subconscious algorithms every minute of every day in the lives of all human beings, from generation to generation.

It is no different than the subconscious programming that we all experience from our childhood traumas that make us behave in ways we cannot often explain or understand.  The reason for this is that during the intellectual and psychological state of immaturity we were experiencing in our childhoods, events occurred that programmed our subconscious reptilian read-only-memory to respond without conscious thought when triggered by situations that once seemed dire or even life-threatening.  This subconscious programmed behavior is robotic and usually referred to as the “shadow”.  It replays the algorithm in response to certain stimulations that recur in your life that stem from your childhood experience of trauma.

The very existence of the shadow is forgotten over the years leading to adulthood, but its programs persist on and on until each person either confronts and integrates it or, in the case of many, just live with it until they die. Do you know people who automatically respond irrationally and inexplicably to certain things or situations? “I just hate corn”. “Why?”. “I don’t know, but I hate it”. This is a true example…my ex-wife. Probably her mother made her eat her corn when she was 2 years old, and was traumatized. Maybe her mother made it a big deal and threatened her. When you are 2 years old, being threatened by your mother can seem like life or death.

So, as childhood traumatic events go, this one is the ‘biggie’.  Our birthgivers and sources of survival left us high and dry, one day.  We have the psychological impact of this indelibly imprinted in our collective psyche forever.  It is the same thing as if you, and all the other little children in the world suddenly learn that all your parents are not coming home from work, not today, not ever. They have given you some training, but not nearly enough for you to survive, let alone thrive. You are alone with a deep sinking fear that you have no one to take care of you.

I don’t expect that everyone is going to understand this, so, if you are one who can’t make this connection, you might as well move on to lighter reading.  Probably you are never going to get it.  However, the fact that you are here reading this probably puts you among the category of readers who are going to find this very interesting.

We’re all stocked up on ‘Crazy’ here.

What Happened in c.600 BCE?

From reading the prior blog post ‘The Tower of Babel’, you know that the perihelion of Nibiru in 800 BCE was the time of departure of the Anunnaki gods from the Earth to return to their home planet. They left us with a bunch of blue-blood royal dip-shits in charge, who immediately took to lying, scheming, thieving and murdering us indiscriminately. This only exacerbated our fragile traumatized psyches. Needless to say, our subconscious irrationality only worsened.

After a couple hundred years of hiding under the bed, some interesting developments started to occur.  Prior to the departure of the gods, there was no ‘religion’.  The gods, our creators and lords, were here among us on a daily basis.  There was no mystery, superstition or supernatural aspects that required faith.  We just looked to them like children to their parents and used what they gave us and did what we were told. We were the lower tier of the feudal system and it was all quite straightforward and simple. It wasn’t always a cakewalk but it was a system that was knowable and predictable and sometimes that is the most desirable.  Living in fear of powerful elements and a bunch of greedy dip-shits could make one wish for the good old days when the gods lived among us.

Buddha taught god-less morality and wisdom

The royal dip-shits were busy scheming and conniving about how they could turn this situation around into profitability.  Controlling and exploiting a bunch of people who did not want to come out from under their beds was not a simple matter.  They needed to develop constructs that would motivate the slave laborers to get busy with productive endeavors.  They needed to come up with some carrots to dangle from the end of the poles. 

It did not take genius to come up with the idea of religion.  The recorded histories and documents of civilization from the preflood era had been reproduced again after being buried and lost by the flood.  The royal priests possessed these reproductions.  The priests of the semite tribes of Lord Enlil decided to use the opportunity to cast Lord Enlil into the position of the one and only god and to cast themselves into the position of the one and only ‘chosen people’, chosen by Lord Enlil to inherit the kingdom of earth and put the soul-less goyim, meaning all the rest of the humans, to work serving them.  They started writing a book that would tell this story as if being told to humankind by the lord Enlil-Yahweh..

Zarathustra taught the fallacy of the ‘Good versus Evil’ dialectic.

Religion was truly designed for the uneducated traumatized masses who would simply buy into fairy tale levels of philosophical thinking, taking the ready-made instruction book to find their way to ‘heaven’, a concept they could believe in.  After all, their gods in their spacecraft ascended into heaven.  Ezekiel had been transported to Nibiru and returned back to Earth. There must be something to this ‘heaven’ business.

They told the humans that they needed to seek salvation….by going through them to reach Lord Enlil-Jehovah. Exactly what did we need to seek salvation from? If, anything, it was not sin. It is Enlil and his gang of dip-shits that we need to be saved from.. He created commandments that, if not followed, resulted in ‘sin’, for which we needed to be saved to make things right with the world or be punished severely. In reality, the only thing needed to make the world right is not salvation, but extermination of these filthy vermin.

They could not just dismiss away the Lord Enki, so they found a way to keep him in the story by casting him in the role of Satan in a ‘classical struggle between good (Enlil) and evil (Enki)’.  The clincher, of course, was eternal hell for the disobedient and ‘nonbelievers’.  Take a lot of factual data from the Anunnaki historical tablets, turn it upside down wherever need be, shake out some inconvenient facts, and you have the bible.  We can observe that it has worked well, an international best seller, released around 200 BCE. 

Now, the people can be controlled and commanded.  Now you can hear the cash registers ringing in the temples as the gold starts to flow in to the dip-shits. Now what construct do we need next?  How about a nice monetary system that will get the humans busy working for symbolic money and credit in exchange for producing valuable real goods for the dip-shits.

Confucius wrote proverbs of morality without god.

Not that everyone among the commoners was taken in by all this.  There were some philosophers and thinkers who preached and published contrary philosophies.  No problem.  “We always need a good dialectic to keep things from becoming too obvious”. We had, in this same era:

            Lao Tzu (604 – 531 BCE), who wrote the Tao te Ching

            Confucius  (580 – 479 BCE), who wrote agnostic proverbs

            Buddha (565 – 483 BCE), who taught godless wisdom and morality

            Pythagoras (550 BCE), who taught godless mathematical sciences

            Zarathustra  (627 – 585 BCE), taught the false duality of good and evil

And many more philosophers wrote and taught personal responsibility and ethics.  The prophets, on the other hand, tried to sell people on the new religion idea and the efficacy of the bible.  That was their job.  Just like before the god’s departure, obedience to god’s commandments was the real mandate.  Only now, they could be the ones claiming to be pushing god’s commandments, on God’s behalf, which included whatever they wanted those commandments to say.  Yahweh wasn’t around now to do any editing or correcting.

You do understand that the eternal conflict between good and evil is the contrived idea that Enlil is good and just, while Enki is evil for creating and caring about humans, thus opposing the bigoted Lord Enlil-Yahweh.

Lord Enlil dominated the age of Pisces after the departure of the creator gods in 800 BCE. The semite priests elevated Enlil to Yahweh/Jehovah in their bible, thereby creating the construct of religion, monotheism and good versus evil.

There is not, nor was there ever any morality in the commandments of Lord Yahweh. The commandments were practical instructions for keeping his tribes alive and healthy, so they would be able to perform the deeds of his desires. Yahweh was not against killing, but he needed strong and healthy killers to do it for him. Whenever he decided some of his enemies needed ‘smiting’, he ordered his butchers to kill every last man, woman and child of their city or tribe. How are ethics and morality to be derived from the amoral, paranoid, schizophrenic psychopath god Enlil, then written and told by scheming, greedy, liars of the priesthood of the same Yahweh Enlil? The simple answer is – it is not. It is all a deceit for the purpose of controlling and manipulating a brainwashed population of non-discriminating people who are looking for the easy path to fictitious eternal reward to be found in the afterlife. 

They expect to be greeted by saint Peter at the pearly gate to receive their lyre and be assigned their cloud to float upon forever after. One has to wonder what kind of simple mind would buy into this.  It is the mind of victimized children who prefer not to have to confront any form of reality. And it has only gotten more bizarre in the modern age of technocracy. “We’re all stocked up on ‘crazy’ here. thank you”.

There are self-proclaimed prophets today who are preaching on You Tube, attempting to preserve the alleged integrity of the bible while simultaneously also exposing the bible as a distorted tale of the insane Anunnaki god, Enlil, as written in the Sumerian tablets. They attempt to do this by reversing the roles of Enlil and Enki.  By doing this, we can have the god of the bible as the kinder, rational god we were hoping for while the devil is the schizophrenic psychopathic mass murderer.  Sorry David, you can’t have it both ways.  The god of the jewish bible is Enlil, the psychopath, while Satan is Enki, the intelligent, caring, true father of the human race, who taught his own sons to work for the benefit and advancement of the human condition. This is a sick ploy to confuse further the already super confused population of people who think they can have everything their way just because that is how they want it to be. “Pay no attention to the facts”.

Blood Sacrifice recondite ritual – the catholic mass – to keep you retrained on a weekly basis.

Prior to 600 BCE, there exists no documented reference to a sole god-the-father, Jehovah, Yahweh, YHWH or any other mono-deism.  Everyone knew, before this date, that there were around 1000 gods on earth who freely involved themselves with humans and nephilim alike. These are the gods who had given man life and the means to survive. They also knew that these gods had another home in the sky (heaven) where Anu, the king of the gods, and a whole other planetary population of gods dwelt.  That is why it was so easy for the jewish bible to pass off the concept of ‘heaven’ as they contrived the superstitious mysterious, supernatural new religion.  Then, once sold on the idea of heaven, it is only logical, in a world of duality, to have ‘hell’, the opposite of ‘heaven’.  You must have it to maintain the duality. Hopefully you can understand the source of this deceit and the motivations of the greedy manipulators.

The Great Year of the Ningishzida Mayan calendar ended December 21, 2012.

As a few more people start to wake up and become aware of the truth of their past history, it is obvious that this manipulative deception is the first thing that must be corrected to begin an understanding of our reality. If we, as a race, fail to discover and embrace our real beginning, we will never succeed in discovering why we exist and what is the purpose of this earthly existence.

The respected author, Lawrence Gardner, writes:  “The perceived ‘Jehovah’ figure first appeared around 530 BCE, as some of the books of the jewish priests started to be circulated. Since the earlier Mesopotamian, Palestinian, and Egyptian accounts were very much Elohim-Anunnaki based, this jewish ‘one-god’ concept, which did not exist before, was suddenly applied to all their historical ancestral accounts.  The reality is, those ancestors they identified as jewish, such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc., were totally versed in the reality of the plurality of the gods.  They were never jewish. The only monotheistic concept ever to appear previously was the Aten culture of Amarna, c.780 BCE, who worshipped the sun as the only true god. This was ready made for the jewish bible writers who converted the word Aten to ‘Adon’, meaning Lord, and applied the principle historically back to the beginning of time” in their contrived bible stories.

Laurence Gardner, respected author of several books about the Holy Grail and the Creator Gods.

“Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc., the patriarchs, were all a part of the original Elohim/Anunnaki culture who knew nothing about any ‘one-god’ culture because they, themselves were the gods. They had no idea that the jewish writers were going to cast them out of the god culture and into the ‘jewish patriarch’ culture at a much later time, after their departure from earth”. Moreover, Amarna was really an Egyptian culture and Egypt has always been the domain of Lord Enki, and never the domain of Enlil.

It is About Time to Set the Records Straight

Taking a look at another culture to the east, that of the Hindi, we find a religion based on other books, the Vedas, which were also composed slightly earlier than the jew’s bible using the same basis as the jews, the tablets of the Anunnaki.  The Vedas are not an attempt to deceive for personal gain.  The “Aranyakas” and “Upanishads” were published circa 600 – 300 BCE in the Sanskrit language.  They expound the symbolism of the more recondite rites and speculated on the nature of the universe and man’s relationship to it.  Bringing people into the religion construct, these texts were never deliberately altered and contrived to exploit others.  In other words, everyone had religion foisted upon them. The difference was, the Hindi were honest about, to the best of their knowing.

The key to selling mysterious lies is the participating in mysterious rites and readings in languages that are obsolete, thus strange and mysterious, an idea carried on later by the Romans (Josephus, the Flavians and Emperor Constantine) with the new Catholic religion construct, written in Latin, intended to stabilize and unify all the divergent cultures of the Roman empire. There can be no doubt that the catholic mass is a recondite ritual that few participants have even the remotest understanding of.  It is a ritual symbolic blood sacrifice and consumption of the victim’s flesh and blood, right in line with other blood sacrifices so common these days involving your children and the royals, including all their hordes of wanna-bes. How can you buy morality from immoral perverts who secretly ‘bugger’ your children on a massive scale? And, in the upper ranks, traffic children for sexual torture, murder and cannibalism. The real rulers of the world universally participate in these crimes.

Hindu Lord Shiva is Lord Enlil

These rites are important in the establishment of the construct because they are a part of the misunderstood mysteries that shroud the very foundational construct of all this nonsense.  Participants are regularly and systematically inducted into the ceremony of it all which reinforces the entire system in the minds of the confused and feeble.  This systematized indoctrination never ends until death.  This is how Lord Enlil operates with his band of slaves.

Lord Enki is a god of wisdom and beneficience, who sought to work for the betterment of the plight of humans during his life, starting with the creation and following on with numerous further genetic advancements.  As we can readily observe from our present day situation, the psychopaths always manage to dominate the power structure because they are incapable of empathy and rely on power and manipulation to achieve domination over the weak, meek and poor, to fulfill their incessant personal drive for power over others.  Anyone can see this clearly in the power structure in existence in governments today. Why does government feel compelled and entitled to control every aspect of the lives of its citizens to their own detriment? Why do they universally use deceit to lead the simple minded along in a false reality?

Lord Vishnu is Lord Enki

Why this has come to be is very simple.  After the departure of the gods from earth, the-dip shit royal psychopaths that were left to rule humans made their power play in short order.  Since that point, it has not changed with exception of more subtle technocracy-based constructs that allowed the subjugation of even the engorged population that we exist within today. 

Kali is Inanna

Enlil and his gang of Shemites pulled off a big power play that has taken humanity on a very dangerous ride into a dark and dangerous world of devolution and every brand of lunacy imaginable. All of this madness has been occurring during the ‘Kali Yuga’, the dark phase of the 26,000 year ‘Cycle of Consciousness’ that turned the corner on December 21, 2012. 

Since this date, we have turned the corner on the devolution track and headed back on the evolution track.  This date is, of course, the end of the Mayan calendar of Ningishzida.  We are now in a brand new ‘Great Year’.  The Cycle of Consciousness is comprised of eight segments totaling 26,000 solar years of the Precession of the Equinoxes.  I will try to explain further.

A way to view and understand the Yuga Cycle which is the Cycle of Consciousness.

The descending Kali Yuga is a period of 1200 solar years, followed by the ascending Kali Yuga, also a period of 1200 solar years, totaling 2400 years of total conscious darkness. If you take this back from 2012, you will find yourself at a point close to 600 BCE.  This, of course, is no accident.  We are now barely entering the ascending Dwapara Yuga which extends through a period of 2400 solar years.  Note the year marker, 2013, in the above illustration. During this time, we will be evolving consciously again. 

Then we will enter the Treta Yuga, a 3600 solar year period called the Silver Age, followed by the Satya Yuga, a 4800 solar year period of ascending consciousness, known as the Golden Age.  Here is the pinnacle of conscious awareness, which continues, although now descending, on into the ‘descending Satya Yuga’, another 4800 solar year period leading from the pinnacle, the Golden Age totaling 9600 solar years, to the Silver-age descending. This is a cycle or circle which goes round and round, merging altogether the great calendar systems of Ningishzida from the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Hopis, Hindus, Chinese and all the rest.

Another way to view the Yuga Cycle and the Long-Year calendars. We are leaving the black area of the Kali and headed into the bronze area, the ascending Dwapara.

Is it a wonder to anyone that our world is as f##ked up as could be?  And we allow ourselves to be ruled and dominated by total dip-shits who blatantly deceive, rob and murder us while we go on like a herd of sheep.  We can blame it on our state of total unconsciousness but the dip-shits know all this too and are going to try to take us out before we wake up again.  It is going to be a race to see if we can regain consciousness in time for any chance of human survival.

The Ages of Consciousness, the Yuygas, the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The key factor in this all-critical period is the dawning age of Aquarius which is thought to be also the dawning of the age of Lord Enki-Lucifer.  The gods are very much orderly in their progressions of change.  In spite of other events or dire circumstances, things go on in their orderly fashion as fate will dictate.  They are fatalists and believers in destiny, if nothing else, which is why they accepted the survival of humans from the Great Flood and even stayed on to assist with the rebuilding of the human race.  Probably they did not intend for the dip-shit royals to put us through the meat grinder and seek our destruction before we, or they can prevent it.

Precession of the Equinoxes – 26,000 solar years.

After all, Enki is the actual “Father of Mankind”, the ‘hands on’ engineer who created us from the primitive homo erectus.  Lord Enki has always done everything possible for the benefit of humans, although during the Age of Pisces and the dominance of Lord Enlil-Yahweh/Jehovah, fate dictated the conscious status of those living within.  He must allow fate to take its course and come what will.  But now, the shoe is on the other foot.  He even had to go along with Enlil’s decision to permit the extermination of mankind by the Great Flood, although he did manage to thwart Enlil’s plan.

The family of Anu is obviously a dysfunctional one.  There are a lot of giant egos bumping into one another, ignoring the human and other conundrums.  The stage has been set by the age of Lord Enlil and cosmic time-frames do not make for rapid changes such as are expected by humans, with their short solar years and brief life spans.

Here is a bigger picture view, another way to d understancd the Yugas and the long calendar of Consciousness given to humans by Ningishzida.. The calendar period is actually 4,230,000 solar years long, with the subcycles occurring within the greater cycles.

Lord Enki-Lucifer has lived with the ‘bad-rap’ of being Satan, the evil one, for a long time, since 600 BCE.  It is apparent that, although the simple humans who are bought into the religions still see Lucifer as the bad guy, it is only because they are totally under the influence of Enlil who consciously sets the stage for the defamation of the family-group Lucifer. There is nothing known from any historical source than the bible of the jews that shows Lucifer as being guilty of any bad deeds.  People want to have some scape goat to blame their own faults and failings on….as in, “the devil made me do it”.  Since all true history has been hidden, people only know what some dip-shits with ulterior agendas have told them.  Maybe they can sit up straight and think this through.  It is not a complicated scenario.  We have one dominant psychopath who wants to demonize his rival.  It is not like this is unheard of and never happened before.

In any case, the power to set our stage comes from above our rank or pay-grade.  We just get indoctrinated from infancy and march along in lock step with the program.  We do not want to hurt ourselves by spending too much time on thinking.  It is a lot easier just to turn on the TV or You Tube.  But for those few who are thinkers and awareness seekers, like those who read my blogs, this is real food for thought.  Lord Enki is going to assert influence on the human situation sooner or later, or at least we hope so.  Remember that it has not even been one Anunnaki year (shar) since we last saw him.  Lord Enki/Lucifer has plenty of time…until 3400 BCE to exert his influence during his cosmic age.  We do not know if he has a means to maintain awareness of the present human plight on earth, or not.  If he is aware of the plans of the dip-shit royals to exterminate humans prior to the coming perihelion of Nibiru, will he intervene in any way?  Or, if he is unaware of what is going on here on earth, will it just be fate that removes humans from the face of the earth? Or, is it already ordained that the earth venue requires the elimination of humans for its very survival?

Precession of the Equinoxes.

There is a viable school of thought that posits a total ‘harvest’ of the souls of humans is already underway.  Members of the’ Luciferian Soul Group’ are said to already be present on earth  playing an assisting role in accelerating and intensifying the negative polarity. This to jolt the fence-straddlers one last time so they may grasp the opportunity for awakening and achievement of a state of consciousness sufficient to actually graduate from the Matrix cycle and ascend to the 4th or 5th density to continue their journey to cosmic consciousness, while the majority of souls, who are soundly unconscious, will be relocated to a new venue for another great year cycle of more of the same.

The pro-Enlil factions, the dip-shit royals, are not going to lay down and play dead just because the age of Lord Enki is upon us.  It never works that way.  In the end, the rightful influencing forces will ultimately bring about a change, but, meanwhile, the rats will have to be dealt with.  Is the human race even going to wake up to the changing power structure?  Or are they going to be too involved in their over-consumption of things, their obsession with their celebrities and their tattoos, and their TVs to even realize that some change is occurring, with or without them?  It appears the pro-Enlilites believe they can take out the whole human race before they begin to wake up and before Enki may personally come on the scene.

The denigration of Lord Enki-Lucifer by the priests of Enlil.

They seem to have put a stop to our rabbit-like breeding by means of sterilization, gender-confusion, HIV, etc.  The population growth is stopped, but there are still a lot of bodies to be disposed of. The situation is a delicate one.  They have the control but humans have the numbers, billions versus a few thousand.  Just how good is their Matrix control structure? In the big picture, the few still control the very many.  What would it take to change this?  How many humans must awaken for the tide to change? The ‘reset’ is virtually occurring now, as we read. They take out the awakening adults before the sleeping children can be influenced by them.

If Lord Enki is coming to influence the tides, he is not going to be arriving for another 800 years, until the perihelion of 2800 CE.  Although, like with army ants, the numbers can easily prevail, there has to be awareness, motivation and a plan of action.  We need a whole new mindset and leaders to come to the front. This is not an “impossibility”, but it has to start somewhere.  I am writing this and you are reading this. The methods devised to take-down the human race are already in-place and in-process.  It appears that they do not intend to take out the entire population in a single step.  They are malicious but maybe also greedy. They have amassed a great deal of plunder over the past 2.5 millenia and have no way to get it off the planet for another 800 years.  Will they try to close down the now unproductive areas while continuing to exploit other areas which are potentially still productive?  Or will they go ahead with the extermination and then live in their massive underground bunkers while awaiting the arrival of the space fleet?

Of course, we, as observers of reality, can only analyze and project our own conclusions from the processes we observe.  Based on this projection, we can attempt to bring about changes that are within our power to gain the survival of the race, at least enough with which to rebuild in the future.  I think more discussion and new ideas are needed and invite contributions from readers, whether as comments or further written discourse.  There are a lot of questions here remaining.


Trump Visits Queen

Have they told You Why?

You may be wondering why I am devoting so much time and energy to presenting information on this topic.  Please refer to the two recent blogs on this site entitled “Who Really Owns the World?”. The reason is simply that a deadly crossfire is being mounted to achieve a massive depopulation of humans and most are totally oblivious, thus unprepared.  The evidence is clearly visible as to the methods being employed.  The question as to exactly who is really behind this in less clear.  It is always attributed to nebulous entities like “Illuminati”, “globalists”, “The Deep State” or the Russians.  The first step in responding to this threat would seem to involve clarifying the actual identities of the perpetrators.  In attempting to accomplish this, I have followed a path that has led to places that may come as a surprise, although in retrospect, now seem obvious.  It was always apparent that the District of Columbia is a rotten cesspool with its dirty fingers in every traitorous aspect of conspiracy.  But D.C. is just the tail trying to wag the dog.

In the first two parts of this story, I  presented a great deal of evidence proving that the scoundrels who secretly rule and exploit mankind are  to be found in the three city/states known as the Vatican, the District of Columbia and the City of London (the Crown).  They are each a part of a huge multi-tentacled parasitic monster that was left to complete, or carry-on with the total exploitation of planet Earth that was the original objective of the ‘creator-gods’ who came to the planet 450,000 years ago to mine earth’s gold and ship it to their home planet.  Yes, the same ones who created us.

The creator gods brought their own labor force with them, but 135,000 years ago, the laborers (the Igiggi) rebelled against the non-stop drudgery and the solution was to genetically upgrade the homo erectus creature using DNA of the gods, themselves, to produce the homo sapiens as a worker species to take over in the mines and free the Igiggi workers.  The creator gods departed the planet Earth around 1,000 BCE to return to their home planet.  Up to this point, they provided all of the leadership, knowledge, technology and skills to allow civilization to thrive on earth.  Realizing that the homo sapiens were far too primitive to successfully take over the legacy being left to them, they created a more advanced specie called the homo capensis to fill the positions of kingships and preservers of knowledge.  These have become known as blue-bloods, royals, monarchs, popes, cardinals and down the years to pharaohs, tsars, kahunas, presidents, prime ministers, etc.

The “Western World”, of which we are a part, is a “Crown” colony, presently represented by Queen Elizabeth II, of the Capensis blood-line Saxo-Coberg Gotha.  This appointment was made by old Roman Empire Venetian power brokers under guidance from the Vatican. This illustrates the visible power structure of the current “reset” period. There is, and has always been, an invisible component of the power structure that is even more permanent than any part of the visible structure. We do not know the names or faces that only change due to deaths and predetermined succession. The program itself is never changed.

This reset period began in 1812 and is the era of exploitation of the “Western World” which is now in the process of completion and being closed-out.  This will be finalized by the immanent new ‘reset’ that will shut down and depopulate the “West” and launch the new era of exploitation of the “East”.  The surviving ‘Western’ population will consist of only 10 – 15 % of the current population, individuals chosen for specific skills to provide standby levels of maintenance of the landmasses and surviving infrastucture.  Productivity has almost totally been shut-down in the “West” as the staging for the new era of the “East” is completed.  After this reset, the era of exploitation of China and India will occupy the coming new reset period of the next 200 years.

You may be tempted to argue that, although the ‘West’ is no longer productive, we have a big military presence that is essential to world order.  Surely they would have to keep us around to continue to be the world police force.  This argument holds no water when the “Western World” is drastically depopulated and the survivors live in FEMA camps under UN control.  All the fake saber rattling and ‘ism-driven’ conflicts will be ‘disappeared’.  China will be able to police its own population.  This sets the stage for what is going on in the present time.  Until the ‘plug is pulled’, the facade must go on.  Most will never even see it coming.

Trump Visits Queen

Trump just got back from his recent state visit with the Queen.  No meaningful public disclosure was made as to the purpose of the visit and what, if any, outcome should be anticipated.   With rampant speculation ongoing about what “really” happened in England recently between the Queen and the Donald —the evidence suggests that the Queen is removing her government from the middleman position, and letting The Donald have direct interface with the Municipal Government system run by the Vatican. The Queen is no longer the middle man. 

Does this look like a happy couple?

It is apparent that no love is lost in the relationship between the US president and the Crown. After trading a number of juvenile public barbs and insults, the Mayor of The City of London described The Donald as a fat 6′-2″ tall person with the mentality of a 6-year-old child.

The Queen’s role as a Vassal of the Holy See is being revised, releasing her as an element of the soon-to-be greatly diminished “Western World” structure that is in-process.  What the new role of the Queen will be is up for speculation.  Historically, the Crown has a very long-standing relationship with China, over which the Crown has very successfully managed the exploitation of the ‘East’ in a previous olden era.  None-the-less, it is viable speculation to assume that the Queen’s job description has been re-written and she is quite busy implementing the changes, therefore no longer has time for The Donald and the likes. 

LONDON, ENGLAND – The Donald getting it on with the queen.

This also makes sense because The Donald actually works for the Municipal Government in his capacity as the POTUS—- but he was having to go through the Queen and bow and scrape because she has been holding  our Delegated Powers and exercising them “for” us.  Now The Donald must go directly, without protocol, to the Vatican.

The Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, the Queen and the Pope were supposed to be riding herd on “ways and means” of the US government — not letting them devolve into the biggest racketeering scheme in world history.

There was supposed to be a Global Defense Fund or Exchange Stabilization Fund or whatever other name(s) they want to assign to the same pile of ill-gotten assets that the rats assembled and used to utterly rig and control the world currency markets — about $65 trillion in assets used to manipulate, control, and enforce their schemes and interfere with the governments and economies of other countries under their stewardship.

Then there is the “Secret Constitution” — but there are no secrets, just things nobody has been told or bothered to learn. There are long-standing misunderstandings about our Federal Constitutions– some of them deliberate that need to be guarded against. But probably it is a little late in the game for that.

The Donald made a bad impression on the Crown royals.

“The United States” is the proper name of our national union of republican states controlling the soil jurisdiction of the country.  It was adopted on September 9, 1776.  At the same time, a federation of States was formed and named “The United States of America” controlling the international jurisdiction (both land and sea) belonging to The United States.  Five years later, in March of 1781 — still during the active American Revolution— a confederation of States of States was formed doing business as the “States of America”. Nation gives rise to Federation and Federation gives rise to Confederation.

Commercial corporations acting as Confederate States, at all levels, can be chartered by any government. The original Federal States of States (Confederate States) were all disabled and moth-balled in the wake of the Civil War, so henceforth there have been foreign-chartered interlopers manipulating the show to their own advantage, thus to the disadvantage of the US citizens.

So now it comes as no big surprise that there are three Federal Constitutions, take your pick —

  1. The Constitution for the united States of America  — governing the structure and operations of the States of America –the original Confederation– describes the duties and limitations of this government under contract to provide certain enumerated governmental services. 
  2. The 1787 Constitution, set up to define exactly what powers the States are allowing the States of States to exercise “for” them and under what limits. It addresses business organizations under contract to our States to provide stipulated government services, but there have been no American organizations in this position since 1868:  the Federal States of States haven’t been “reconstructed”. Instead, the Brits and the French-Benelux-Swiss-Holy Roman Empire goons have been in here “helping us out” of house and home and substituting their own Territorial and Municipal State-of-State organizations to do the work of our own Federal States of States.
  3. The Constitution of the United States of America — reiterates the structure and duties of “the” United States of America — the British doppelganger operating “in our name” to exercise our powers delegated to it.  This addressed British business organizations under contract to the States to provide agreed upon services. The Constitution of the United States – again reiterates the same basic plan for the Municipal Government which is operating “in our name” to exercise our delegated powers for us.  This addresses the rights and duties of the Municipal corporations which, like the States of America, are all business organizations, in the business of providing stipulated government services.

The Constitutions set up the three branches of the Federal Government — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal — to provide “essential government services”.

The Constitutions are glorified government service contracts backed via international treaties.  They spell out which subcontractor gets to manage which piece of the pie. 

By “conferring” municipal citizenship on us and “gifting” us with multiple Municipal PERSONS without our knowledge or consent, the rats have attempted to subject us under commercial code attempting to make us liable for their odious hypothecated debts, and have deliberately sought to create unconscionable contracts and do all sorts of other shenanigans.

This entire scheme has been a conspiracy to undermine, circumvent, vacate and otherwise avoid the lawful restraints and obligations of our Constitutions— and to deny the American People the guarantees and protections the people believe they possess. 

The British did not “lose” the War of Independence and the Germans did not “lose” WWII.  The ostensible “losers” simply went covert.  The WW2 was always a sham anyway. Between Freemasons and other secret societies the British ended up controlling the US economy and US politics, and between CIA Operation Paperclip, NASA and Argentina and Antarctica the Nazis lived happily with their tentacles in everything. Most of what we are taught, be it history, medicine, science, is a lie. The people are indoctrinated to seek their knowledge of everything important from the TV or You Tube.  Those who have never spent even one minute in true pursuit of real facts consider themselves experts based on what they learned from Tavistock propaganda designed to lead them by the nose to their own early graves.

British calumny and treacherous deceits have destroyed the world within its grasp, billions of lives, and now they wash their hands clean. Even the final lie, rubbing our noses in our own ignorance, we have Herr Mueller, special investigator, defender against 911 truth, leading the circus down the path of Russian collusion in the 2016 election of the The Donald.  Oh, now we are in 2019 and finally we see it was only the usual British collusion after all.  Still obscured is the 100+ years of using the sons of the colonies as a cheap mercenary army to fight and die to achieve the ends of the Crown and the Holy See.  Wait, we thought that was the Zionists who were doing that.  The Zionists are only the capos and Bibi is the Queen’s lapdog, trying to curry more of the Queen’s favor to satisfy his own greed, ego and nefarious goals.

America may be waking up to the fact that they have no more productive industrial sector. After all, since shortly after WW2, we have been running an enormous trade deficit with the rest of the world for over 75 years…this to the tune of $60 – $80 billions per month.  They told us this does not matter. 

They have been ‘off-shoring’ the viable remnants of manufacturing technology to China for more than 50 years.  They tell us this is to take advantage of ‘cheap labor’. Exactly ‘who’ is the one taking advantage of this cheap labor and deriving the benefits therefrom?

 We have been content to know that we are no longer an industrialized economy but rather are now a ‘service-sector’ economy, as if this is a natural progression and nothing to worry about.  Services are, by definition, “overhead”.  Anyone who knows even the first thing about business knows this.  Overhead is, by definition, a cost of doing-business, which must be covered from the “profits of the business”.  If you are no longer manufacturing and selling goods to trading partners, you are no longer generating profits.  Your only recourse is to revert to credit and borrowing.  Credit and borrowing are not inherently bad, but that is on the premise that you are generating profits from which you cover your own overhead and also repay the borrowed funds with interest.  Otherwise, it is a totally unsustainable non-viable fool’s errand that can only lead to ruin.  Is any of this ringing any bells? Does anyone see that the US debts, running at over $330 trillion can never, ever be repaid. There are no profits, so the overhead services cannot be sustained either except by more borrowing.

The party is still running on its own fart gasses, for some, but not for the no-longer-existing ‘middle class’ element of the population anymore.  The credit cards are still keeping the cocaine and beer coming, but the banks are all on-the-skids, and only continue because ‘reality’ is just ‘too unthinkable’ and they have no other ideas.  There is not going to be another $33 trillion bank bail-out.

Herr Mueller, after completing his job as the ‘cover up man’ on 911 has now finished his report on the 2016 election conspiracy. Everyone can now sleep easier. Do not leave your house without your ‘papers’ in order. You have been ‘NOTICED”.

So, what is going to happen?  Has anyone heard of an independent city/state already in existence called Hong Kong?  Now, who is the owner of Hong Kong?  It is not China, any more than the District of Columbia is owned by the United States. Hong Kong has been a very successful economic center for a long time.  It is a holding of the Crown, just like D.C.  It is within the land mass of China but is an independent entity owned by the Crown, not China.  Will China rise up and reclaim Hong Kong?  China is a much longer standing asset of the Crown than is the US and its Western friends.  China is a subject of the Crown. To the world, the identity of China and Hong Kong will be intermingled and eventually be confused as one-and-the-same. Just like DC and the United States.

Has it escaped anyone’s attention that China has built a powerful military with a large conscription of soldiers and modern weapons?  With the US and the West depopulated, is it too hard to conceive the idea that China will be able to take over the role of world police from the US?  Don’t worry about Russia.  They are already on-board with all of this. They are long running allies of China.

Are you sitting back witnessing all of this, yet thinking that somehow someone is going to make this all be OK?  After all, they always do, don’t they?  Yes, the always do until they don’t.  What can be done?  Whatever it is, it must be done sooner than later, while there are still 7.4 billion of us and maybe a few thousand of them.  Well, they have the big army, don’t they, with the sophisticated weapons?  Yes, but it is your sons and daughters who comprise the big army.  They have them deployed to faraway places while bringing in the foreign UN troops to the US.  Your sons and daughters in the military are not going to use the sophisticated weapons to kill their own parents, family and friends.  They know this, so they deploy them far away.  The UN troops have no such compunctions.

We do not have a lot of time as depopulation is underway as we read.  We need more awareness.  Help people to wake up.  We need to bring our military children home.  We need to be smart enough not to give up our arms based on all of the false-flag campaigns using fake crazed lone gunmen in mass shootings.  These are all staged government operations to influence the weak to voluntarily give up their arms. We need to prepare for food shortages.  As early as this fall, harvests are going to come up very short. Do not accept shots nor allow your family to be innoculated.  Your body is amazingly versatile and can detoxify itself to a significant degree.  They know this.  They try to overwhelm you with so many toxins that your body’s capacity is exceeded.  You can avoid as many toxins as possible by learning all of the ways you are being exposed to them.  Try to maintain a toxicity status within your body’s capacity to clear it.  You can’t avoid all toxins totally.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the ongoing soap opera reality show that is Western democracy (not) and all western news.  They own the media, so expect to get inundated by non-news fake information that seems to be more entertaining than the facts.  When you get into this more, you will find the facts much more interesting and challenging.  The reality show is all fake and a total waste of time and energy. It can only lead you to one place….a hole in the ground.

Resets and Ghost Cities

Civilization Resets and Ghost Cities – It’s that Time Again

Most people have read about the “Ghost Cities” of China.  Few have any concept of what is actually going on with this.  Many take the view that China is just power-crazy and over-optimistic as to the future extent of their civilization growth.  Few have taken any serious interest and explored this matter in-depth.  They assume this is some kind of a novelty and maybe an indication of reckless insanity.

First of all, while China now has hundreds of these ghost cities and sometimes this is picked up by alternate news, what has not been noticed is… it’s not just China, but also all the “stans”, the former SSRs of the USSR, that are sporting impressive new ghost cities, again by the dozenss.  We do not know the details as far as the scope of this phenomena and what is driving it. Or do we?

New Ghost City awaiting residents 2019

These cities are not just tenement slums for herding in farmers from the countryside to perform some sort of slave labor tasks.  These cities are mostly extremely impressive and modern in design, obviously intended for a full spectrum of citizenry, from labor, to middle class, to upper class.  They are replete with facilities to support a complete modern civil structure.  They have everything that one could think of, from extremely high-end housing for well-paid upper class professionals to large apartment complexes which are definitely not slums, but very well appointed and high quality units of a very desirable nature with a comprehensive infrastructure and amenities.  They have wide boulevards with elaborate efficient traffic control for residents who will own many electric automobiles as well as rapid mass transit.  They have restaurants of all  types, cultural centers, sports facilities, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, parks, squares….you get the idea.  These are cities Americans can only dream of, as their own collapsing cities and infrastructure worsens. In fact, many of these cities are gross departures from the architectural style and life-style culture of the culture they are in. Many are distinctively Western or European in appearance. In other words, they don’t seem to be built for the people endemic to the area where they are located.

Brand new white marble, waiting for people. 2019

These new ghost cities are seemingly too plentiful for any readily conceivable scenario, assuming they are mostly ready to be populated by millions of new residents from “somewhere”.  We tend to think in terms of civilizations starting with muddy streets and rustic log buildings with new arrivals living in tents.  Prosperity must then be garnered by clawing out commerce little by little, enabling improvements that occur grudgingly.  We just do not see from our public history lessons any indication that people just arrived to find magnificent new cities already complete with deluxe accommodations and, furnishings with ready to use amenities.  After all, who would it be that funded these $trillion projects and who provided all the labor, design, materiel and craftsmanship? And for what reason would this all be provided ahead of any residents that are not even in evidence anywhere.

Nice neighborhoods, waiting for some inhabitants. 2019

One thing that is notable is this….none of these fabulous brand new cities are popping up anywhere in the “Western World”.  We have the seedy crumbling cities of LA, SF, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Newark, New York, Baltimore, Montreal, New Orleans, etc. that can’t seem to find a dime to clean the shit off the streets.  Is there a message here?  I would suggest so.

2019 brand new. No people.

Can you see a map of the future in all this?  Can you find any parallels in the past that might suggest this is not the first time around this block?  If you look, you will be surprised to find that, once again, you have been deceived and lead down a primrose path to your own demise.  This pattern has been repeated on a regular basis in past history.  Not the history lesson they gave you.  The one you can easily discover if you dispose of your past lessons in public education appropriately by putting it all in the trash bin.  Then start doing your homework.

White marble buildings with no people 2019
How many people know that CA was an island 200 years ago?

You will discover that the magnificent new ghost cities have appeared before, even within the period of history recorded in the era of photography.  These ghost cities are directly related to and associated with the “resets” of world civilization which occur about every 200 years.  The most recent reset occurred in 1812.  By examining old maps and photographs, you will find the evidence when viewed in the correct light.  It is all there, the exact same identical phenomena, just two centuries apart in history. After the reset comes the newly written revision of history. The children receive the new geography and history lessons and it passes from a lie into a virtual reality, no problem.

18th century fine architecture – no people 1819

We find, all over the world, incredible cities, complete in every respect, with unbelievable houses and public buildings, incredible by any standard, with paved broad roadways….just no people.  Cities capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of residents, or more, just standing there with no people.  Exactly like what we see with the ghost cities of the present. In some photos, there are a small smattering of people, but nothing even close to what you would expect.  No less mysterious in appearance than what we see in the photographs of these new cities in China and the “stans” today.  It is the same.

Impressive city – no people 1819

Now, look at the old maps.  You will see, at this same period in time, drastic changes occurred in the geography and topography of the continents and seas.  It was earthquakes , floods, mudfloods, comets and volcanoes that changed the topography amid worldwide wars that killed millions during a time when the total world population was a great deal smaller.  The essence is, a massive depopulation of adults occurred, while the children were largely spared.  The old cities were destroyed. The geologic disasters were either anticipated or precipitated, as were the wars and consequences.  In the aftermath, complete new ultra-fabulous cities were built and readied to the nth detail for new inhabitants.  These were the orphaned children- survivors, who were delivered by train or boat to all areas of the world where the new civilizations were planned and needed to take existence for the next stage of planetary and civil exploitation of the ‘West’.

No people 1819

Who would it be that planned this and supplied the funding to create this new reality?  If you have been reading my blogs, you already know the answer.  Of course, it is the usual suspects, the homo capensis blue blood Matrix controllers that have been pulling off this same scenario time and time again.  What is money to them?  It is a currency that is no more than a construct to deceive the slaves into exchanging their labors for the same worthless fiat currency they have always worked for.  It is manufactured in any quantity, at any time for no cost, just like today, the present time.  So, the new ghost cities are arising by the multitudes, costing countless $trillions which, to them, is no-cost at all.  Once again, the adult slaves are accepting worthless compensation to construct the new cities for the children from all over the world to occupy while they will be rotting in their graves, if they are even lucky enough to get a grave.

No people 1819

Why do they want to do this?  The reason is simple and obvious.  The reason is always the same.  They are ready to stage their operations for stripping the real resources of the planet in a new theater of operations and depart from the old toxic over-exploited theater whose wealth is now already in their coffers.  Secondarily, the adults are much harder to fool with the fake constructs of their reality in the Matrix than the children.  Awakened slaves are “Trouble” with a capital “T”. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  The children, who are orphaned and afraid, are very easy to fool and manipulate.  Let’s start fresh in the new endeavor, in the new territory with new young slaves who are trainable, ambitious, young and healthy.  Who would want to start a new enterprise with the 300+ million Americans of today, who are fat, sick TV addicts with no work ethic?

No people 1819

These are the “useless eaters” as the Queen calls them, who must be disposed of.  The cities are built and the mechanisms of disposal are fully in place and implemented.  The geologic natural disasters are now within the capabilities of the full-spectrum dominance of the world-wide controllers of weaponized weather, which is occurring all around us as we read.  You are breathing the shit they are spraying night and day into your air supply.  Are you sneezing? Is your nose running, for no apparent reason?

Where are the people? 1819
Children and foundlings transported all over the world to begin civilization again .

With the technocratic Matrix of the present, there are a lot more adults today in a world with a population at 7.4 billion.  In 1812, it was only 500 million.  Are there proportionately more awakened adults today?  Can they clear the fog from their eyes and do something about what is presently happening?  The royals are betting the homo sapiens cannot do a damn thing about it. When the disasters occur, they will be sitting by their swimming pools in their deluxe underground cities, sipping pina coladas and planning dinner.