COVID Antibody Tests

Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery

By Makia Freeman

COVID antibody tests are an important element in the game to control the public.  However, a closer look reveals they are unreliable and their results can be interpreted in literally any way they like.


Antibodies are not a measure of immunity. Now is time to educate yourself about antibodies. The controllers will undoubtedly try to exploit people’s ignorance in this area to trick them into voluntarily submitting to deadly vaccines..

Cheap Chinese junk COVID tester

COVID Antibody Tests

COVID antibody tests are subject to false positives and all manner of interpretation, opening the door for them to be used as tools of control.

They are going to become a focus, now that many states and nations have partially or fully lifted their lockdown restrictions. As we enter another chapter in the long book of ‘Operation Coronavirus’, authorities are trying to implement widespread testing based on detection of antibodies (along with contact tracing or surveillance). Now is the time to inform yourself about what the COVID antibody tests are and how they work, since there is a lot at stake here. Authorities are planning on upholding or violating your rights and freedoms based on the results (and more importantly the interpretation of the results) of these tests. In truth, we all possess the right to personal bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty, and being forced to undergo such a test is itself a violation of our inherent sovereign rights. However, regardless of what choice you personally make in that regard, it is crucial to understand how these tests work and what the results mean, because – rest assured – the results will be used against you if past history is any indicator of the intent of the NWO (New World Order) conspirators.

Antibody Theory

Before we jump into the COVID antibody test, let’s begin with some definitions. An antibody is a blood protein which your body produces to counteract a specific antigen. An antigen is a toxin or other foreign substance which the body recognizes as an invader. Antibodies combine chemically with substances which the body recognizes as alien as part of a healthy immune response. In typical fashion, the Medical Industry (remember that Western Medicine is Rockefeller allopathic medicine) has conflated antibodies with immunity, by claiming that high titers (or levels) of antibodies show strong immunity. However, this is a fallacy coming from a materialistic viewpoint (everything must be measured) combined with a profit-driven motive (vaccines contain antibodies, so if the Medical Establishment can convince you that antibodies = immunity, then vaccines confer immunity, no questions asked). Do you have immunity from the common cold? The truth is, immunity is far more elusive than just a simple measurement of certain substances in the blood. Immunity has a strong bio-energetic component which cannot be measured! Here are some quotes from the website:

“A titer test does not and cannot measure immunity, because immunity to specific viruses is reliant not on antibodies, but on memory cells, which we have no way to measure. Memory cells are what prompt the immune system to create antibodies and dispatch them to an infection site caused by the virus it “remembers.” Memory cells don’t need “reminders” in the form of re-vaccination to keep producing antibodies.” (Science, 1999; “Immune system’s memory does not need reminders.”) ACCESS to JUSTICE. MMR10 – IN EUROPE

“The fallacy of this (antibody theory) was exposed nearly 50 years ago, which is hardly recent. A report published by the Medical Research Council entitled ‘A study of diphtheria in two areas of Gt. Britain, Special report series 272, HMSO 1950 demonstrated that many of the diphtheria patients had high levels of circulating antibodies, whereas many of the contacts who remained perfectly well had low antibody.” – Magda Taylor, Informed Parent

“Just because you give somebody a vaccine, and perhaps get an antibody reaction, doesn’t mean a thing. The only true antibodies, of course, are those you get naturally. What we’re doing [when we inject vaccines] is interfering with a very delicate mechanism that does its own thing. If nutrition is correct, it does it in the right way. Now if you insult a person in this way and try to trigger off something that nature looks after, you’re asking for all sorts of trouble, and we don’t believe it works.”— Glen Dettman Ph.D, interviewed by Jay Patrick, and quoted in “The Great American Deception,” Let’s Live, December 1976, p. 57

“Many measles vaccine efficacy studies relate to their ability to stimulate an antibody response (sero-conversion or sero-response). An antibody response does not necessarily equate to immunity … the level of antibody needed for effective immunity is different in each individual … immunity can be demonstrated in individuals with a low or no detectable levels of antibody. Similarly in other individuals with higher levels of antibody there may be no immunity.” – Trevor Gunn BSc

Then we have a quote from Dr. Stefan Lanka, whose viewpoints I highlighted in Deep Down the Virus Rabbit Hole – Question Everything:

“I’m absolutely sure that no antibody test in medicine has any absolute meaning. Especially in HIV antibody testing, it is clear that the antibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. Some people have them in higher concentrations, and some in lower concentrations, but only when you reach a very high level of antibodies — much higher than in any other antibody testing — are you considered to be “positive.” This is a contradiction in terms because in other antibody tests, the lower your level of antibodies, the higher your risk for a symptomatic infection. But with HIV they say you are “positive” only when you have reached a very high level of antibodies. Below this level, you are said to be negative.” – [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA

Old Blood Samples Contain COVID Antibodies

Knowing that background to antibody theory, let’s take a look now at how they are applying it to COVID. I will be quoting David Crowe’s recent paper Antibody Testing for COVID-19 throughout this article. Crowe points out many major assumptions with the COVID antibody tests. One place to start is with tests which show antibody positive results. The question is: how do we know if they just acquired those antibodies recently, or if they had them for years? There is no way to know. If they had them for years, what is the antibody test proving? Nothing. Crowe writes:

“Almost 14% of saved blood from old donations tested positive in a Dutch study, and in the validation of the Cellex and Chembio tests, 4.4% and 3.6% of old samples were positive. The idealized antibody model is based on the date of infection as the starting point, but this date is never known with certainty. Even when someone came into contact with a COVID-19 RNA positive person on a certain date that is not a guarantee that this was the date of infection, given that, prior to the lockdown, people could apparently be infected while playing in the park, eating at a restaurant, walking down the street, attending a concert, or participating in any other now banned activity. When antibody surveys are performed, the vast majority of people who test positive had no idea that they had previously been infected, and cannot possibly be sure about the date.”

“But a far bigger problem is that the number produced is impossible to validate. When 1.5% of Santa Clara volunteers tested positive, it was assumed that was truth. This ‘truth’ asserts that all of these people were RNA-positive at some point in the recent past. But there is absolutely no evidence for this. The ‘truth’ assumes that all the people were negative for COVID-19 antibodies prior to the assumed period of RNA-positivity. But there is absolutely no evidence for this.”

COVID Antibody False Positives

A second problem with COVID antibody test is false positives. Just like the PCR test was found to lead to as much as an 80% false positive rate in the actual diagnosis of COVID, so too can COVID antibody tests lead to false positives, meaning the test finds that you have COVID antibodies in your system when you are COVID negative. Something is clearly very wrong with a test that is supposedly designed to only detect antibodies to a particular disease, and then detects such antibodies in people without that disease! Crowe writes:

“Other problems with antibody tests include a significant number of samples testing antibody positive from people who were COVID-19 RNA negative (although some had ‘COVID-like’ symptoms), with no evidence that the person was ever infected. In one Chinese study the positive rate on presumably never infected people was 25%.”

Antibodies are Not Specific

Yet another problem with COVID antibody tests is that they test for antibodies which may not even be specific for COVID! Crowe writes:

” … different manufacturers found a significant percentage of samples positive for COVID-19 antibodies, that were known not to have COVID-19, but instead contained other viruses, bacteria or mycoplasma, or were from people with auto-immune conditions, indicating that the antibodies are not specific. For example, 10% of Hepatitis B samples were positive, 33% of Respiratory Synctitia Virus, 10% of auto-antibodies and 17% of Streptococcus.

I encourage readers to read Crowe’s paper in whole since it is an excellent synopsis of the problems of COVID antibody tests. Meanwhile, let’s return to the subject of antibodies, the innate immune system, the adaptive immune system and more.

Antibodies are Only Developed by your Immune System if its First Line of Defense Fails

Remember: innate (non-specific) immunity comes first. Humoral, adaptive, antibody-mediated immunity (specific) comes second, and is also referred to as “acquired immunity.” Jon Rappoport did an article (COVID: David Crowe’s brilliant new paper takes apart antibody testing) on Crowe’s paper. I was impressed by many of the comments below the article, and have reproduced several here. This comment is by Tim Lundeen (spelling errors and typos are left as written for all comments):

“One of the major issues (mentioned peripherally in this paper) is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So, 60% to 85% of people are able to clear coronavirus using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies. The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection. There are a number of places where large numbers of people have been exposed to coronavirus in a contained space: cruise ships, military ships, and homeless centers. In all of these places, 60 to 85% of the people massively exposed showed NO coronavirus RNA, e.g. their innate immune system cleared the coronavirus, they were immune to it. So, they did not, and never will, develop antibodies.”

This comment is by PFT:

“One thing people don’t understand. Not everyone needs or produces antibodies when infected. Antibodies are produced by the adaptive immune system, which is basically your army of last resort against pathogens and which takes 1-2 weeks to mobilize. The primary immune defense is the innate system made up of many cells that inhibit viral replication by killing the defective eukaryotes. They also coordinate with the adaptive immune system sending signals to mobilize and providing information on the location and nature of the pathogen. If the innate system clears the infection quickly, danger signals are no longer issued and the adaptive immune system is deactivated and stands down, so no antibodies or very few (below detection limits) are produced. So,

 while antibody rates may be in the order of 20-40% of the herd, an unknown number of the herd are also immune by nature of having a more effective innate immune system.”

“The adaptive immune system has 2 components. Humoral and cellular responses. The former produces antibodies produced by B cells. The latter uses T cells. Helper T cells actually are important to activate the B cells to produce antibodies and cytotoxic T cells. Tregs prevent an excessive immune response, and activated cytoxic T cells are killing machines. Cellular immunity is important to actually kill infected cells. Antibodies don’t kill but only mark an infected call for destruction or block it from infecting an uninfected cell. Although both are important when the innate immune system needs their help, many believe cellular immunity is the more important and that it also has memory that’s not as well understood.”

COVID antibody immunity passport
Antibody Passport

How the NWO Controllers will Use COVID Antibody Testing for Nefarious Purposes

Antibody tests are clearly flawed in numerous ways – and this opens the door for them to be used (like so many other things) in the ‘name of science’ to achieve highly destructive agendas. It’s all about interpretation, which is a form of perception. I have stated emphatically many times that we are in the midst of a perception war. Operation Coronavirus is all about perception management, starting with controlling people’s perception of the true nature of viruses and disease. Perception is all important in the interpretation of the results. For example, authorities could claim that people who are antibody positive must be isolated, quarantined and subjected to absurd unscientific rules (social distancing, mask wearing, etc.) because the antibodies are evidence that they are currently infected or sick. On the other hand, authorities could claim that people who are antibody positive are now immune and well, since the antibodies show they already had COVID and successfully defeated it, and that people who are antibody negative must be monitored and feared, because without the antibodies they are not immune and could become infected and spread it to others (and thus ‘a threat to everyone’ or other such nonsense). A third example is that authorities could claim that if the number of people who are antibody positive remains below the level of ‘herd immunity’ (90% or so), then we must have mandatory vaccination (a long cherished NWO agenda) to ‘protect public health’ (or other such nonsense). The capacity to manipulate the meaning of the results is endless.

Rappaport himself has written for decades about the lack of logic when it comes to the interpretation of antibody tests. This quote is in reference to HIV antibody tests:

“Until AIDS testing took off in earnest in the mid-1980s, it was generally assumed that the presence of antibodies in a patient signified good health. The patient had contacted a germ, mounted an immune response, and the germ was neutralized. There was certainly no consensus that antibodies meant present or future disease across the board. In other words, if millions of people in China had encountered H5N1 (bird flu) viruses and showed antibodies to these viruses, it would be expected that they would remain healthy. Except that with the onset of AIDS research, everything was stood on its head. People who were tested and called HIV-positive – meaning they had antibodies to the virus – were said to be sick or on a sure road to becoming sick.

So now we have another level of the AIDS testing hoax. Why were people being tested for antibodies to HIV? Why was that method presumed to be significant at all? Why wasn’t the presence of antibodies to HIV taken as a sign of health? Millions of people all over the world have been subjected to the Elisa and Western Blot HIV tests – both of which have the sole objective of finding antibodies to HIV. Why have these tests been elevated to the status of present or future disease detectives? While writing AIDS INC. in 1988, I had a very interesting conversation with a doctor at the US National Institutes of Health. He told me that when an HIV vaccine eventually went into testing (and when it was later released for use on the public), every person who got the vaccine would be given a special letter. The letter would say that the person had received the vaccine. The letter would say that if, at any time, the person was subsequently tested for HIV and came up positive – meaning he had antibodies to HIV – this should NOT be taken as a sign of present or future illness. In this case, the person was actually immune to HIV, because he had “received” his antibodies from the vaccine.

I almost fell off my chair. I said, “Let me get this straight. If a person develops antibodies naturally to HIV, he is told he is either sick now or will get sick. But if he gets his antibodies – the same antibodies – to HIV from a vaccine, he is told he is immune to the virus.” The doctor gave me no clear response. This explosive contradiction has been studiously ignored by the mainstream press and by the entire AIDS establishment network. By conventional standards (not mine), the whole point of a vaccine is to confer immunity to a germ by producing antibodies to that germ in the body. That would be the essence and the standard of a “good vaccine.”, if there even is such a thing. And yet, in the case of AIDS research, all this was turned upside down. Suddenly, HIV positive meant: the patient has antibodies to HIV and this is a sign that he will become very ill and most likely die. To sum up: not only are both HIV antibody tests (Elisa and Western Blot) unreliable in finding true positives, as opposed to false positives, the WHOLE IDEA of using the presence of antibodies as an unmistakable sign of present or future illness is without merit.” – [1988/2006] The Massive Fraud Behind HIV Tests by Jon Rappaport

He also writes in a more recent article about COVID antibody tests:

“Chicago Tribune, April 3: “A new, different type of coronavirus test is coming that will help significantly in the fight to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and scientists say.” “The first so-called serology test, which detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself, was given emergency approval Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” “The serology test involves taking a blood sample and determining if it contains the antibodies that fight the virus. A positive result indicates the person had the virus in the past and is currently immune.”

Got that? A positive test means the patient is now immune to the virus and can walk outside and go back to work. NBC News, April 4, has a somewhat different take: “David Kroll, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who has worked on antibody testing, explained that the antibodies [a positive test] mean ‘your immune system [has] remembered the virus to the point that it makes these antibodies that could inactivate any future viral infections’.” “What the test can’t do is tell you whether you’re currently sick with coronavirus, whether you’re contagious, whether you’re fully immune — and whether you’re safe to go back out in public.” “Because the test can’t be used as a diagnostic test, it would need to be combined with other information to determine if a person is sick with COVID-19.”  Oops, No, this really isn’t a diagnostic test, it doesn’t tell whether the patient is immune and can go back to work. Excuse me, what??

And all this for an alleged virus that has never even been isolated and proven to exist.

And there you have it. The official word on the COVID antibody test from official sources. It’s yes, no, and maybe. Public health officials can SAY whatever they want to about antibody tests: a positive result means you’re immune, it means you have an infection, it means you’re walking on the moon eating a hot dog.

Generally speaking, before 1984 a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient had achieved immunity from a germ. After 1984, the science was turned upside down; a positive result meant the patient “had the germ” and was not immune. Now, with COVID-19, if you just read news headlines, a positive test means the patient is immune; but if you read down a few paragraphs, a positive test means the patient is maybe…maybe not…immune. Maybe infected, maybe not infected. Maybe sick, maybe not sick. And, on top of all that, antibody tests are known to read falsely positive, owing to factors that have nothing to do with the virus being tested for.”


So, as the world rushes into COVID antibody testing and contact tracing, it is always worth examining the basis of the official narrative, because without fail it turns out to be built on lies and propaganda. High antibody levels don’t equate to immunity, and they can mean anything under the sun depending on how they are interpreted. We know the plan is for digital certificates and immunity passports. Will these immunity passports be based on (unreliable) antibody tests before the they roll out a COVID vaccine? And that begs the question as to whether there is any such thing as a COVID vaccine. There is absolutely no evidence that there is even a COVID virus, let alone a COVID antibody, let alone a COVID vaccine. Stay aware and question every aspect of this agenda.




















Makia Freeman, Guest Author

What is a Virus?

Now is a Good Time to Learn ‘What is a Virus?’

Columbia University Lecture Series 2020

All you really need to know on this subject is viruses have existed for billions of years, long before humans.  They are non-living organic molecules contained within a proteinaceous membrane or shell.  They can be a nuisance to the health of any cellular organism by gaining entry into the interior of its’ cells and being used as raw material for cellular replication.  In the case of humans, your best and only defense is a strong immune system that will eliminate defective cells by killing them, after which your bacterial microbiome will consume the morbid remains and eliminate them from your body. 

That’s it. Lockdowns, face masks, washing with alcohol and antibacterials, staying isolated indoors ,nurturing fear are all for the purpose of compromising your immune system so you will be more susceptible to the viruses. Obviously, the pandemic is a smoke screen and diversion to keep you focused on the wrong thing.  ‘They’ have a bigger agenda underway which has nothing to do with corona virus.

Pre-allopathic-medicine medical texts identify viruses with ailments:

Corona viruses are the ‘common cold’

Prior to the time of the Rockefeller’s re-invention of medicine into the fake ‘allopathic theory’, around 1933, it was commonly known the corona viruses were the common cold.  Everyone had experienced the common cold during their life and knew there was nothing that could be done except to allow the body’s own immune system to do its job and run its course.  The symptoms, which are not the disease, but the side effects of the immune system’s work in healing the body, varied in severity from person to person, based on the constitutional state of health of the individual. In the simplest terms, those who make a priority of staying healthy, the ‘non-victims’, enjoy wellness, while those who have not taken the necessary initiatives to maintain their health, the victims, will suffer disease proportionately.

Symptoms might include coughing or sneezing, expelling mucosa from the sinuses, bronchial tubes or lungs.  Excess production of sticky sinus fluids to trap and prevent toxins from making their way into the body’s breathing apparatus.  Fever is the immune system’s way of weakening the virus-contaminated cells. Leukocytes, killer cells, sent by the immune system to destroy abnormal cells that have invaded the body. Antibodies are developed to help the body identify and deal with threats more rapidly. Exosomes, the cell’s own mechanism for expelling molecules accidently permitted to enter the cell, encapsulate the unwanted molecular materials, form a vesicle around it and kick it back out of the interior of the eukaryote cell.

Individuals with strong, healthy immune systems usually escaped the cold altogether.  Weaker individuals suffered bouts with the cold, and those with highly compromised immune systems, suffered a longer battle with possible complications. 

It is common knowledge that there is no treatment beyond rest and drinking fluids, and that the body can take care of itself.  No pills, shots or vaccines were effective, then as today.  The mortality from the common cold is insignificant, limited to those already very susceptible, elderly or others with more severe unrelated mortal maladies.

This may seem inconsistent with the reports you are receiving from the main stream media. This is the truth, while the media, owned and operated by the government, is using every resource to try to make you believe a host of lies which will distract you from the actual agenda they have underway. This agenda is explained in detail in other posts on this site, which you should read carefully to understand where the real dangers lie.

Even though we have lived successfully in the presence of countless viruses and bacteria for tens of thousands of years, ‘They’ have used these seemingly invisible tiny inevitabilities of nature as part of their system of control over humans. You will pretty much believe anything they tell you, so this works effectively for them to keep you fearful and busy doing ridiculous things to make yourself more vulnerable. Their narrative has you impairing your own viability.

Eukaryote cells (those with central nuclei) wear out and have a scheduled replacement program, whereby they make a new version of themselves and then commit suicide (called ‘apoptosis’), This is occurring on a massive scale in all living creatures in this world. Viruses are nothing more than than some of the dead RNA materials from old, now dead cells that have been expelled from living creatures over the millennia as waste matter. These molecules exist within a vesicle and continue to exist indefinitely. They cannot die. They are not alive. They accumulate.

These countless invisible dead packaged organic molecular chains are not life-threatening unless and until they are weaponized in government military/scientific facilities. Weaponization means resequencing the RNA molecules into new versions of their old sequences that are able to more easily enter into the interior of living cells of specifically human bodies be used in the process of cellular replication (mitosis) to produce defective copies.

Rockefeller’ medicine, a highly profitable fake medical system

A virus is a tiny strand of nucleotide molecules leftover from cellular replication of a living organism.  Viruses, themselves, are not living organisms, but tiny scraps of excess RNA materials that are excreted with the morbid waste of the now dead cell.

The cells of the human body are specialized by their functional roles. Cells wear out and replace themselves at varied intervals, from a few days to a few years.  There is no cell in your body older than 15 years, the oldest being the bones. Suicided cells leave morbid material that must be disposed of. 

Raw materials for both replication and energy production are available in the blood stream for the cells to utilize from metabolism of food .

The cell-wall allows entry only of that needed at the moment.  The cell creates an opening in its security barrier, the cell wall, for materials circulating in the blood stream.

Strand of RNA molecules inside a proteinaceous vesicle

Bacteria are sometimes confused with viruses

Bacteria are single-celled living microorganisms (prokaryotes) that exist in abundance within living hosts throughout the planet (e.g., soil, water, plants, animals).  By their nature, they can be either beneficial or harmful to the health of their hosts.

Viruses are acellular (no cell structure), having only a proteinaceous outer coating or membrane.  They are non-living, but contain sequenced organic molecules that are potentially useful to cells of living organisms as materials used in replication.

Columbia University Lecture Series 2020

The body of a human is comprised of about 3 trillion eukaryotes (cells having central nuclei), 30 trillion bacteria and 60 trillion viruses, existing in a normal state of symbiosis. The body is an agglomeration of cells that form a mutually beneficial configuration enhancing survival, adaptability and functionality.  A body can suffer disease due to imbalances or toxicity. The body’s ‘immune system’ intends to maintain balance and expel foreign materials (toxins). The health of the body is a function of the capability of its immune system. You can compromise your health by mismanagement of diet, life style and state-of-mind, resulting in disease.

Disease caused by imbalance of harmful versus beneficial bacteria can almost always be rectified with antibiotics. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers of all bacteria, including essential good bacteria, your entire microbiome.  Antibiotics should only be used as a desperate last resort measure.

Healthy immune systems will prevent disease autonomously. Only in cases of gross mismanagement of diet, life style, toxicity or mental distress will the immune system become weakened beyond its capacity to perform its job.

Columbia University Lecture Series 2020

Viruses can be weaponized by resequencing the molecules to have a geometric structure to fool your cells into allowing entry through the cell walls.  These sequenced virus-weapons are developed in military labs and patented by the designers.   These include such types as HIV, Ebola, H1N1, SARS, MERS,COVID, etc.

Bacteria and viruses bear little similarity.  But, since the establishment is trying to confuse this issue by making you take measures that are antibacterial, not antiviral, you need to know the differences.

Comparison chart:

IntroductionHuman bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms, called the microbiome.. Typically, a few micrometers (mm) in length, bacteria take a number of shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals.A virus is a submicroscopic string of organic molecules that is waste material from mitosis.(replication). Its shape is determined by the amount of RNA fragments as well as the outer coating.
RibosomesProtein synthesizers PresentAbsent
Cell wallPeptidoglycan / LipopolysaccharideNot a cell. Protein coating may exist..
Living attributesLiving organismNot a living organism..
StructureUnicellularNot cellular; not living
FeaturesHas cell wall and cell membrane.Snippet of linked mRNA molecules encased in protein coating. Mutates frequently.
ReproductionFission (asexual reproduction)Invades a host cell and interferes with the process of replication making a copy that is corrupted. 
TreatmentImmune system will correct imbalance. Antibiotics as last resort.Immune system produces antibodies and exosomes to kill and be removed from the host.
InfectionLocalizedViral infection can create rogue defective eukaryotes.
BenefitsBacteria are not harmful germs existing outside the body that bring disease into the body.  They exist as a permanent part of the body’s microbiome.Viruses facilitate errors in cellular replication. Can be biological weapons of mass destruction created in laboratories. They are also an important factor in maintaining the world’s ecology.
SizeUp to 1 mm.  Can be viewed using common optical microscopesSubmicroscopic (20 – 40nm). Can be viewed using scanning electron microscopes.


  • Viruses are the smallest and simplest biological precursors known.
  • Viruses and bacteria are two different things. Bacteria are living organisms that can replicate and consume organic material, like morbid body wastes.  Viruses are errors of replication consisting of fragments of organic molecular RNA.
  • Bacteria are cellular and intercellular organisms whereas viruses are subcellular chains of organic molecules. Most viruses never cause any harm, but some, especially the weaponized varieties, can trick their way into the cell’s interior and cause influenza and the common cold. Flu season is when the weaponized viruses are released into the population..  Miraculously, new vaccines are already available and ready for injection into your body as soon as the flu materializes…a seeming impossibility.
  • There are many useful bacteria. Viruses are generally at least comparably useful to us.
  • There are bread-molds that can indiscriminately kill bacteria.  Viruses, even weaponized viruses, usually kill themselves by means of random rapid mutations that rob them of their trick geometric shape for cell invasion.
  • Harmful bacteria are those such as ‘staph’ or ‘strep’ that have become immune, themselves, to bread molds due to abuses of over-presciption.  Viruses are not living, therefore cannot be killed.  They are generally not harmful, which is a good thing since your body contains 60 trillion of them. They are only able to harm people who have compromised immune systems. Meanwhile, viruses play many useful, even critical roles in maintaining the worlds ecosystem.
Structure and contents of a typical Gram positive bacterial cell

Differences in Reproduction

Bacteria are self replicating organisms. Viruses, being random accidental scraps from the replication process, are tiny incomplete segments of RNA molecules. Viruses can be integrated into the new RNA sequence of a replicating cell which causes faults in the new cellular structure.

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a recreated 1918 influenza virus
1918 Spanish Flu virus recreation

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a recreated 1918 influenza virus

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 is often cited as the mother of viral epidemics.  Why did this epidemic not display the typical rapid mutation characteristics of all the subsequent ones, and just disappear on its own?  The reason is classic…a “vaccine” was developed and given to virtually everyone in the theater.  This vaccine was really just another dose of the Spanish Flu, so, as many doses as could be delivered all caused the furtherance of the epidemic. This was not influenza but tuberculosis.

The Cold

Everyone has experience with the corona virus who has ever contracted the common cold.  Based on this universal experience, we can derive some important information pertaining to the present corona problem.  The cold comes and goes periodically. This means that you do not attain any immunity by contracting a cold the first time.  Neither do those who contract HIV or Ebola.  But all ‘vaccines’ are based on this idea that once you have contracted a viral condition, you are automatically now in possession of antibodies that make you immune for the rest of your life. Obviously, this is not true. 

This is not rocket science. Any idiot can figure this out.  That is why the governments and their health experts are frantically handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to fake vaccine developers, to develop this totally new and untried type of non-vaccine that will be able to enter through your cell walls and permanently alter your DNA.  Please read carefully – There is no vaccine or pharmaceutical that can intervene to cure or give immunity in cases of viruses.  But, there is also no need for any such treatment because viruses are only nuisances that your body can cope with so long as your take measures to maintain health.

Columbia Lectures 2020

Only weaponized viruses are dangerous, but even those have had marginal success in harming humans due to rapid mutation as explained above.

You have been conditioned your whole life to believe in the idea of vaccination, but the facts clearly show that vaccination is a fraud.  Vaccination conditioning – getting people to accept the idea that vaccine is harmless, or even good, has been their goal.  Only the ‘final injection’ is the one that matters, the lethal one.  They believe you will be eagerly standing in line for your shot. You are not going to fall down dead on the spot after receiving the final injection.  This one has a remote trigger.

What About this Second-wave that the Government is Predicting?

The is no basis for expecting any genuine ‘second-wave’ of the corona cold.  In just the same way as they invented the first wave, they are planning to invent the second wave and prematurely demand the second lock-down and insane worthless measures that won’t protect from viruses. You have always carried 60 trillion in your body. They will be harmless unless you take the imposed measures and compromise your health further.

How are all these Viruses being Transmitted?

Gollum and Fauci, two of a kind

The so-called medical experts, like Gates, Fauci and Birx, lead us to believe a story that goes like this:  someone from another country unknowingly traveled to our country carrying some virus that they got from a bat, monkey, bird, pig, human, etc. They carry it inside some of their cells.  Supposedly, they ‘have it’, but we don’t, as yet,’ have it’.  Almost instantaneously, this virus makes its way from this one carrier into the bodies of millions of other victims.  It is never clearly explained how this mass transmission occurs in such a short time into so many locations distant from the carrier.

But the alleged point is, somehow, now millions of people that did not previously have this virus inside their bodies, now do. Yet, our body is comprised of 60 trillion viruses at all times, but prior to this one, we did not have this mysterious sickness. As said above, most viruses cause no harm that is not rectified by the immune system.  While your immune system is dealing with the virus, you may have symptoms of the cold or flu. In this case, asymptomatic persons should stay home, sleep and drink lots of fluids. Simple presence of virus is just a fact of life.  Everyone has presence of virus.

The method of transmission is in the government-imposed measures to allegedly counteract the transmission…Lockdowns!  The truth is, literally everyone has every form of corona virus present in their bodies 100% of the time, by the trillions.  Therefore, worthless so-called ‘tests’ for corona virus presence are meaningless.  The test for the ‘presence’ will always be positive.

We know about viruses but not really
Columbia Lecture Series 2020

Then, why are some people sick while others are not?  Because some people are constitutionally healthy while most are not.  This is due to corrupted diets, life-styles, lack of exercise, lack of sun exposure and living in constant fear.  Fear is what establishes a state of immune system shut-down by the body’s sympathetic nervous system…called “the fight or flight mode”. When you fear for your life, your system shuts down all non-essential functions to support whatever desperate measures you are going to immediately take to survive the threat.  This is supposed to be a very short-term situation, but when you feel threatened all the time, you deny yourself the ability to fight off disease all the time.

When you get your information about what to do for the latest health threat from the allopath, TV or YouTube, you are going into self-imposed lockdown, you will wear a filthy face mask, you will sit in your house and watch hysterical TV programming intended to keep you in fear, therefore with your immune system shut down, you will not shop for fresh food, you will snack on non-foods, you will not go for walks in the sun or to the gym and, in many cases, you will not have a place to go to work due to the shutdown.

It is all about self-responsibility, learning how to take care of your health and having the confidence to do what you already know will keep you healthy.  The health threats have always been there.  They are nothing new.  What is causing your current problem is abiding all the new measured threats from the governments.  Corona is the smoke-screen to keep your attention on the wrong things, while the ‘reset’ trap is being sprung.

The work-camps and re-education centers are already open.
‘Cracker-Jack’ box medical equipment

PCR and Antibody testers are children’s toys yielding nonsense results that exaggerate to create unfounded fears.  To pour gasoline on their own fire.

The pandemic is fake but the slavery is real.


Failure to Discern Reality

Who is saving the planet? Hint: It’s not AOC or Greta Thunberg.

What is more valuable, a spurious destructive animal specie (humans) or an inhabitable planet?

Failure to Discern Reality

Only a tiny percentage of the world’s population has glimpsed behind the curtain to see how the fake reality is being created. It seems impossible to most people, that they do not possess an accurate view of reality in their daily existence.  Their family, friends and the media all support the false reality they think is real.  Public education has established this version of reality based on revisionist history a purchased scientism.  Authority has demanded that the current narrative is absolute, and will enforce belief in it with reward or punishment.  If other versions of reality are sequestered from your means of knowing, you will likely go along with the crowd down ‘fake lane’.

Some think they have discovered the underlying truth because they saw some You Tube videos about chemtrails or vaccinations.  They are now somewhat convinced that all is not as it seems.  Yet, as they have not realized that their knowledge and understanding is very slight and superficial, most have no ability to grasp the massive and all-encompassing aspects of the Matrix virtual reality.  Many have seen the movies called the ‘Matrix Trilogy’, making them all the more confused and, ironically, ‘Hollywood’ fantasized.

Controllers know that there is a delicate line holding the illusion in place and dread the illusion-busters.

They conclude that this is all Hollywood fantasy because, after all, what could be the motives driving the perpetrators?  If you can’t think of a motive, then it must not be true.  They also can’t conceive of who has the power and means to perpetrate such an extensive deception.   Who would have the means to destroy the World Trade centers?  Who has the means to send young American people to endless wars abroad, that kill millions, cost $trillions and kill, maim and psychologically destroy these same young American soldiers, who we regard as heroes, defending our shores.  Who has the means to perpetrate global warming/cooling/climate change?  In this case, the highly ignorant children of activist parents and NEA grade school teachers, who then control their equally ignorant and apathetic parents into joining the hysteria. Who are the desperate pseudoscientists who will fake any graph in exchange for a research grant?

David Rockefeller: The fossil fuel liar and the pharmaceutical drug liar, not to mention countless other profitable lies.

Who are the conceivers of the fossil fuel lies that have kept mankind dependent on oil sucked out of the planet for 100 years beyond its obsolescence, in the face of a large host of alternative energy sources, patents bought up and stored in the basement, permanently.  The same Rockefellers and Rothschilds invented a knowingly fake theory of germs and so-called health care, called allopathy, which spawned the multi-$trillion pharmaceutical industry of fake pills and shots.  By the way, these are the same unscrupulous thieves that put fake money into the economies of all countries in the world to maintain the debt-interest based economies.  They also put into effect the central income tax systems that guarantee the repayment of the interest-bearing debt that can never be repaid.  Oh, and these same sheisters are the ones who poisoned all the croplands with glyphosate and GMO’d the crops all over the world to make them into toxins that cannot be metabolized by your body.  The people are eating non-foods and toxins, getting sick, then turning to the monopolistic system of allopathy for fake healthcare that assures they continue to live with disease that keeps them coming back for more until they finally arrive at a premature death, when their insurance and bank accounts run dry.

Although there are no atomic weapons, there is active radiation.  The sun emits cosmic radiation that will literally cook humans unless the atmosphere of the planet filters out the UVA.  You may have noticed they are busy destroying the atmosphere of the planet with their atmospheric spraying programs.  They have weaponized weather to destroy selectively homes, infrastructure and crop production.  They have introduced microwave ovens, communication devices like WIFI and 5G, smart meters that will work with the 5G to make your whole house into a microwave oven. People say “they wouldn’t do that.  What could be their motive?”

The above is just a hint of the hundreds or thousands of ways they destroy humans.  The whole gender-confusion program is intended to reduce human procreation.  Gender-confused people do not reproduce.  Gender-confused people are sexually hyperstimulated to make sex the predominant prevailing theme in their lives.  They indiscriminately seek new sexual partners with high frequency, obviously having no need for seeking lasting familial relationships, as no children will bind any of these relationships, except for those children who are delivered to them by CPS agencies taking babies away from heterosexual people and placing them into extreme danger.  Sex trafficked children number about 80,000,000 per year worldwide.  Most of these trafficked children meet untimely deaths or are traumatized for life.

A desperate effort is being made to normalize child-adult sexual practices, obviously on the part of sick-minded adults who wish to have their perversions accepted as normal.  The scope of child sex trafficking, torture, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism is vastly beyond the imagining of the majority of people.  Religion hosts an extremely high percentage of the perpetrators, right up to and including particularly the pope himself.  The practice is universal among the cadre of world powermongers, all psychopaths, and on down the tiers of the power pyramid of the lesser powered psychopaths who are copycat perverts.  If it is rife at the top, those who seek to elevate themselves freely indulge themselves.  And how many politicians have you heard of who have not suddenly become super rich?

Getting to the subject of religion, all organized world religions are artifacts from the time when our alien creators were living here on this planet.  All humans considered them gods, as they were powerful, technically advanced, domineering masters of their human creations.  They most certainly are not GOD.  They are physical creatures of a more highly developed DNA coding structure.  We may be their equivalents if we last another 100 million years.  We advance our consciousness by a conscious process of increasing our DNA coding capacity.  Humans, by and large, are not even aware of how the process works, let alone doing something to advance their capacity.  We have the free-will and free-choice to go forwards or backwards.  Many species have gone backwards and obsoleted themselves, even in our own domain in recent times.

Everything you think you know is coming from the Imperial Propaganda Machine….everything.

Davinci art with gray alien

Our gods were on earth on a mundane mining mission.  The laborers they brought were spent out and they needed to do something about it to continue the mission.  The mission was under the supervision of two half-brothers, a bureaucrat and a scientist, who eventually came to hate each other enough to engage in interfamilial wars.  The scientist, name of Enki, proposed to solve the labor problem by taking a primitive endemic homonid, the homo erectus, and, using his own advanced DNA, make a physical coding enhancement to create a being capable of being a worker in the mines.  His half-brother, name of Enlil, opposed the idea based on a legitimate fear of losing control of the situation by means of becoming heavily outnumbered by semi-intelligent creatures.  The father of the two, name of Anu, decided in favor of Enki’s idea. The half brothers came to war and hate, thus bringing good and evil into a classical standoff in the world of dualities. After all, these were the two most powerful beings on the Earth at that time.

The adamu is a genetically engineered version of the homo erectus using the genes of Enki.

The genetic advancement was equivalent to 10 million years of genetic evolution.  But it took place in a relative heartbeat.  The physical equipment was vastly upgraded but without the time for the akasha to gain the necessary and commensurate experience to develop the maturity and wisdom that would have accompanied the advance, had it occurred naturally and gradually.  The gods got their workers, but with or without realizing it, also got an extremely dangerous wild animal.  While they held the animal in captivity and tight control, in limited production, they kept the problem at a manageable level.  Enlil correctly foresaw the problem and used means to limit the freedom of this dangerous animal.  Enki also saw the problem, but thought he could continue refining the creature genetically to make the creature control its own brutish nature.

During the 135,000 years of alien occupation, the population of humans was never allowed to grow beyond Enlil’s span of control.  He maintained the population at less than 500 million by whatever means were required.  He demanded absolute obedience to his commands and directives. That is why ‘commandments’ are such a big deal. He allowed the nefilim hybrids to kill their rival human males indiscriminately. He intended the Great Flood to ultimately resolve his problem by killing all humans and nefilim.  When he brought his fleet back to the Earth’s surface, after the flood waters settled and found survivors, he acquiesced to what he regarded the ‘demands of fate’, and agreed to remain 3 more shars, 10,800 earth-years, to re-establish the population and retrain them in how to survive life on Earth alone.  He was leaving, in any case, and then humans would either fare for themselves, or not.  But his conscience was clear.

City of Babel

The aliens kept a careful history, written in stone tablets.  They also built megalithic monuments all over the world which stand today in the face of all humans as an irrefutable reminder of their presence on earth.  A great golden era occurred, leaving humans with prosperity and survival skills.  The humans were initially no more advanced than what was required to perform the mining tasks, per the demands of Enlil.  Humans love to think they are the most advanced beings in existence and the cosmos was built for them alone.  They got this nonsense from the jewish bibles and the so-called modern organized religions.  The alien miners, aware of the imminent tsunami that would flood the earth, decided to close out their mission and return home, leaving their human workers and also the hybrid off-spring of the matings between the furloughed alien mine workers and human females, mostly giants, to perish in the flood, solving the problem of the undesirables very neatly.

Enlil’s city of UR

The flood occurred as predicted in 11,800 BCE, while the miners circled in low-earth orbit.  Unbeknownst to all but Enki, a vessel of his own design was able to survive the flood.  Although sworn to secrecy, he had surreptitiously warned his son, Ziasudra, of the impending disaster and helped him design a sturdy vessel for his family and numerous DNA specimens from animal and plant life. When Enlil took the spacecraft back to the surface to investigate, he found survivors.  He took this to be a symbol of fate and made a decision to remain for three more of their shars, totaling 10,800 earth years.  This was a short time, as they had already been present on earth for about a half-billion years.  They decided to help the humans to repopulate and teach them how to survive on their own. 

During this period of 3 shars, the human population grew to eventually populate every landmass of the globe and they acquired skills and knowledge from the gods to survive after their departure.  However, there was an awareness that the sudden genetic advance of the homo erectus into the homo sapiens was not without its flaws.  The humans had more sophisticated faculties, but the rapid advance was not accompanied by the commensurate gain in wisdom and maturity to use the advanced faculties in a wise and mature fashion.  The gain in faculties was a dangerous thing without the commensurate gain in experience and wisdom.  Homo sapiens was hopelessly immature in terms of the wisdom required to use the advanced capacities in a safe and useful manner.  Humans were powerful and dangerous from a leap in genetic advancement, lacking the time to acquire the maturity to use their power wisely.  A large percentage of humans never mature beyond the toddler stage. Genetic evolution takes as long as ever.  Actually, longer, as humans seem to lack the patience and understanding to spend their time in pursuit of expanded consciousness.  They prefer to spend their time pursuing fun, games, physical wealth, sex, drugs and endless entertainment instead.

Homo Capensis

This problem of immaturity yielding lack of wisdom was compounded by warring between the extended families of Enlil and Enki, where each powerful Anunnaki god had a clan of human followers who sought protection and survival skills from the particular god they followed, in turn serving and obeying the commandments of that god.  The gods warred with each other utilizing the humans as their chessmen, to engage and do battle, dying in large numbers to satisfy the giant egos of the Anunnaki gods.  Enlil made it his mission to apply a concerted effort to reduce the numbers of humans by many and varied methods, including plagues.  Enki, the creator of humans, had a more tolerant and kinder disposition towards them, whom he considered his children.  The idled giant laborers, the Igiggi, had taken on the practice of mating with human females and killing their rivals, human males.  The off-spring of these matings were usually giants with various characteristics, as is often found with mismatched genes. The skeletal remains of these giants have been found in every part of the world.  They remain in evidence today, in spite of the tireless efforts of the Smithsonian to burn and destroy all that they could acquire.  Motive?  To keep you in ignorance.

So, the idea that mankind is, in any way, homogenous is simply a false idea.  Mankind is made up of the first genetically engineered version of Enki’s labors in Africa, which were called ‘Lulus’, subsequent varieties born from Enki’s ongoing experiments over the centuries, the myriad of hybrids born from Igiggi and Anunnaki breeding with human females, to the more advanced specimens of breeding Royal Anunnaki with females from other Royal unions, producing the ‘Adam/Eve’ type of beings with more than 50% god genes.

When the Anunnaki were ready to depart the planet, around 1,000 BCE, they had to deal with this problem of advanced genetic abilities controlled by souls with insufficient experience, wisdom and maturity, which they could see would bring about rapid destruction of the planet and everything living on it.  Again, Enki had a solution, which was to produce a further advanced specie that could take over the kingships/priestships/godships currently held by the gods themselves. Enki created the homo capensis , human-like but possessing a genetic makeup that had even more advanced DNA coding capacity from the god-genes than the previous subspecies.  The homo capensis, characterized by the elongated skull, were to restrict familial breeding with lesser beings and preserve the purity of the genetic blood line over the millennia.

Latter day homo capensis produced by highly defective familial blood lines.

But, of course, that did not happen either.  Over the generations, the capensis diluted their genetic lines through interbreeding outside of the capensis families.  The capensis still rule us, but they are, today, not able to preserve the planet and the life upon it either.

Everything flows in cycles.  Nothing is linear. A Great Year ended in 2012 and a new one has started….432,000 Earth years.  The Capensis have wasted away their genetic superiority.  They are not capable of being competent rulers or leaders, if they ever were.  But they have retained their positions due to possession of enormous wealth and control of the majority of Earth’s assets.  The truth of the matter is, the plan of Enki to create the Capensis to rule the humans was as flawed as the original plan to make the huge evolutionary genetic advance from the homo erectus to the sapiens, inside of a mere moment of time. It is no different for the Capensis. All of the major power players on Earth are toddler-level psychopathic intellects in the bodies of powerful, dangerous creatures…like putting the baby in front of the red button that launches the missiles and letting it play. 

There is nothing but a bunch of heavily armed children running the Earth.  Is it a wonder to anyone that the Earth is being destroyed while human existence is on the brink of mass suicide.

Intervention is in process

Sketch of a small gray alien made by an abductee.

The disastrous situation on Earth is not happening in a total vacuum.  Whether it is the Anunnaki or other protectors of the cosmos, Earth has been visited by unearthly superior beings for a long time, long before the creation of humans 135,000 years ago.  But keep in mind, we are toddlers and have a very short attention span, concept of time passage, and a life-span limited to 150 years.  The short life span was a demand of Enlil, that prevents humans from retaining history, accumulating wisdom and controlling population growth. 

We are also prone to believe anything told to us by ‘authority figures’ and ‘experts’, whoever they may be.  We learned this well from our god-parents.  The Capensis, controllers of Earth’s assets, want the humans to remain under their faltering control system, often referred to as the Matrix. Because humans are seriously lacking in wisdom, maturity and the initiative to pursue worthy intellectual and spiritual endeavors. They are easily kept in the fake reality of the Matrix, so long as they are treated like spoiled brats, entertained endlessly and fed drugs, alcohol and sugar and pizza as their staple diet.

 To try to get the population back under control, the capensis also feed humans every kind of tasty non-food imaginable. Humans love it and die at half their biological life expectancy, while feeding $trillions into the capensis’ healthcare and pharmaceutical drug complex.  The system of allopathic medicine, upon which it is all based, is a total fake and a fraud, once again brought to you by the Rockefeller/Rothschild reality TV show.  The same one that brings you fake money and obsolete fossil energy, although the fossil part is another lie.

Because their god-parents were beyond geniuses by comparison to the human race, another artifact of the god’s presence/departure is the need and willingness to bow to superiority and expertise.  The capensis know this all too well, and play this card over and over.

There is really only one conspiracy

Although it appears that there is a whole host of conspiracies being perpetrated against humans, they are all part and parcel of the same single conspiracy with the same single objective perpetrated by the same single perpetrators.  Of course, there are many minions who carry out some various aspects of the grand plan, but, like in all of the secret societies, these are pawns who are not privy to the master plan and have little realization of how their part fits into the larger whole.  Like all Freemasons below the rank of 33rd degree, the minions are told what to do and given bullshit explanations about how important they are in the operation.  In reality, there is only the very few who even know the master plan and objective.  All others are just self-important stooges.

Lady Lilith is the true ‘Eve’ created after the great flood, 125,000 years after the first Lulus went to work the mines.

Their plan is massive depopulation of the planet of what we call human beings and replacement by hybrid substitutes that have a resemblance to normal human beings, but are actually possessed of much more highly advanced souls.  They are correcting the fatal error of Enki discussed above, by a much more advanced form of upgrade where the hardware matches the software.  They are doing this changeover in real-time.  The new hybrids are silently entering the ranks while the humans are being phased out as fast as possible.

Alien-human hybrid child

They want to pull this off while the humans remain blissfully ignorant until it is blatantly obvious, but too late.  Maybe you think this current attempt to elevate a small group of perverts, the LGBTQetc., into the privileged, glorified and protected status is all about protecting the rights of a persecuted minority who are valuable to the human race.  Well, it was never about any such thing.  It is about motivating mere children into thinking it would be glamorous and ‘special’ if they became a part of this perversion because it is now glorified and held ‘special’ by society.  The NEA is busy introducing programs into the school curriculum, especially including kindergarten and first-graders, those who know no better, of the wonders of anal sex and how to install condoms, among numerous other totally depraved and inappropriate things.  The parents are relieved.  They now are excused from the awkward sex training thing.

Obviously, if they can get enough of these immature children to get on board, none of them will be procreating and having families.  This ‘special group’ is one of promoting promiscuity and indiscriminate sex that does not lead them to recognize that the consequence of no families leads directly to  no procreation, which means no more humans.  The suckers could not put that combination together in a million years and the NEA teachers have the satisfaction of playing their part in the deceit of not only the kindergarteners, but also their entertainment-addicted parents.

Alien Michael Jackson?

Sperm counts and births are plummeting in the developed world.  Feminism takes the female component of the population into a different status.  Many have been taught to hate and disrespect men in-general and, without arguing the merits of this thinking, it tends to lessen procreation.  The humans are taught to eat corner junk-store food, processed and GMO non-foods, the wrong foods that acidify their bodies, like milk, meat, sugar, coffee, denatured grains, etc. and then to put the junk food in the microwave oven to demolecularize it into Frankenfood.  The water is poisoned, as is the air.  All of this leads to unhealthy bodies with low sperm production, prostate problems, general chronic health problems, lack of energy and motivation.  Then they go to the allopath and get loaded up on pills and shots…maybe even a surgery.  Or, the acidified bodies loaded with sucrose, corn syrup, etc. become cancerous.  Then they bring out the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that destroy whatever is left.  Probably you won’t even die immediately because your whole system is stunned into inactivity but the placebo effect will last a short time, while you believe you’re are receiving effective treatment to cure your problems.

Abductions are occurring at a rapid pace as hybrids are entering the population. They require ‘humanizing’ to adapt to a normal existence among humans.

Nobody seems to be updating longevity statistics, but It is obvious that life-expectancy is plummeting.  Even the young are obese and chronically diseased.  With never-ending non-stop wars, millions are dying and families of those who are not our enemies are being obliterated, their homes, schools, infrastructure and economies are demolished.  Our young, family-aged children return with psychological trauma, loss of hope and suicidal tendencies. Those psychopaths who discovered they like killing can get good government jobs in police, FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, etc. where they can continue their careers in the field of brutality, theft and murder.

They are not gong to reveal, until it is too late, the impact of the inability of the populations to replenish themselves. 

Who is behind the hybrid development program?

Davinci surreptitiously painted UFOs and aliens in almost all of his art.

None among the human population, including the capensis, have the ability to design and produce the hybrids that are appearing in the population in large numbers.  The observation, analysis and planning of this phenomenon has been underway for a very long time.  Going back to the beginning of the Common Era (CE), we find UFOs appearing in works of fine art and literature.  The capensis have always denied and ridiculed any who try to bring any light on this.  Most people are scared to death of being ridiculed as conspiracy theorists.  That is why you see everyone who looks into the malfeasance of the government is labeled a conspiracy theorist.  They are masters at manipulation. Humans are ridiculously easy to manipulate. All of the AI and transhumanism predictions that literally fill the news media today, is total bullshit, intended to keep you stressed out by the future, just like the atomic bomb bullshit that had us quavering under our desks at school. There are no atomic bombs and never bee any. You say ”Oh, you say, what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?”. They were fire bombs with a lot of radioactive metallic junk thrown into the chambers to fake people into a false belief in the Manhattan Project and a future world of horrible destruction. The same liars telling the same type of lies to maintain control of humans by means of fear.

Hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings cannot all be dismissed as weather balloons..

Whether they admit it, even to themselves, most individuals have been exposed to the phenomenon of UFOs.  I want to be the first to admit that I have personally observed the presence and activities of UFOs in the night sky, along with my very sane and skeptical wife.  Countless photos exist, many very clear, taken by thousands of different people who have witnessed the same UFOs at the same place and time in every part of the world.

Giza UFOs

In this world, we are literally inundated with evidence of the presence of the Anunnaki, who seem to be the most recent visitors, spending a period of 450,000 earth years on the planet and creating humans 135,000 years ago.  This is the recent modern history.  In the cosmological time frame, we are an extremely recent development. The Earth has been in its present position in this solar system for billions of years.  Statistically, the popular human belief that the cosmos was created a few thousand years ago by a human-like god, just for us, is laughable.  The people who believe this are the conspiracy theorists who have adopted lunatic theories that could not even remotely have any essence of truth. They deny all common sense, logic and vast hard evidence to adopt a children’s fairytale story, an unfortunate common human trait when the storyteller is an authority figure.

Even in the very short time that humans have been alone here, abandoned by their parents, they have a brief history of pure disaster.  By the time the planet of the Anunnaki orbits close enough to Earth for them to make the flight here again, one of their years, a shar, humans will likely have become extinct and made the planet uninhabitable, at least for humans, if there is no intervention. Fortunately, intervention is occurring and the planet may be saved in some form or another.   Do not rejoice just yet, as humans seem to be a missing element in future developments.

Abduction deniers use lots of psychiatric theories to claim abductees are hallucinations, but the presence of scars, marking, implants, etc. are not typically associated with hallucinations.

Human Abductions

The human abduction situation is very difficult to document and study.  One problem is related to a very high number of abductions in a world where abductees are not given consideration or support nor even is their existence acknowledged.  It is compounded by the abilities of the abductors to use higher dimensional powers to perform abductions in relative secrecy while also employing the use of telepathy and mind control, including memory occlusion.  This occlusion applies not only to abductees but also to witnesses who may be present when abductions occur.  This is further complicated the feeling on the part of the abductee that, should they attempt to reveal their experiences, they would be subject to ridicule and extreme skepticism, which, rather than helping them, would drive them into further isolation and desperation.

There are only a small number of qualified counselors available in the world to a large number of abductees.  After all, counselors are subject to the same bias and abuses as abductees, and only the few, with impeccable credentials and special education can provide help and still retain their own credibility and retain their professional standings. No assistance or aid of any kind has ever been granted by government authorities, who have mostly joined in the denigrations of those trying to help and learn. For abductees, this leaves few viable options in an unsympathetic world while in a state of memory occlusion.

Dr. David M Jacobs has an impeccable reputation as a scholar and researcher. He has written three comprehensive books describing his own experiences as a a counselor and researcher of the phenomenon.

Even, in spite of the enormous obstacles, many thousands of cases have been analyzed, documented and collected into a larger picture of what is happening.  Evidence seems to indicate that abductions are not rare, but rather common.  They often occur among family groups repeatedly and extending through generations.  Both sexes are taken, mostly from post-puberty individuals, because the nature of the experience is almost always clinically sexual. 

Shortly following the end of WW2, a rash of animal mutilations began to occur.  These were studied most notably by Linda Moulton Howe, an author, film maker, reporter and analyst who has gained a lot of recognition from her excellent insights and continuing highly professional involvement in the phenomena.  She discovered that the mutilations of cattle and other animals typically involved the surgical removal of organs and tissues related to reproduction.  These surgical procedures were performed with precision and with surgical equipment unlike any available to surgeons at-large.  Scalpels leave tell-tale evidence of cutting with a sharp edge.  Laser procedures leave evidence of burning tissues.  This surgery used neither of these methods, nor was it recognizable as any other surgical method known, both then and now.  There is no blood loss with this procedure.  There is no evidence of any bleeding.

These animal mutilations were conducted under unexplicable circumstances.

It is apparent here that tissue samples have been harvested from some of the animals of the Earth.  These tissues are all associated with reproduction. It is apparent that there are entities who have a need for these reproductive tissues and organs to study and learn the properties of the reproductive process of the life species existing in earth’s environment.  Linda Moulton Howe has written numerous books and articles, but three very prominent volumes, well illustrated, are specifically devoted to these mutilations over a period of many years.  The organ harvesters leave no evidence of how they arrived at these various locations.  Careful and extensive investigation yields not a trace of any known means of transportation to or from the point of the mutilation, nor any evidence of the presence of beings who would have subdued these animals and subjected them to the mutilation process.  The conclusion arrived upon is that the perpetrators are entities possessing abilities beyond that of any known to humans.

Linda Moulton Howe has written three books revealing the animal mutilation phenonenon

Simultaneously, another phenomenon involving abductions of humans was emerging.  Finally, enough abductions were being reported to a growing cadre of assistance-givers to glean a picture of the scope of the abduction activity.  It is massive, numbering into the millions each year.  The abductions have been going on for a long time.  They are generational, over numerous generations and often several or all of the members of a given family.  The abductees have been subjected to memory erasure, among many other psychic control measures.  They are often in need of a type of hypnosis, which can aid them in recalling their experiences.  Some skeptics feel that hypnosis gives the hypnotizer the power of suggestion, so that the recollections are due to those suggestions, not to real experiences.

Researchers and counselors are able to correlate the recollections of a large number of abductees into a very consistent framework of events that match too consistently to be based on suggestion.  The many aspects of the abduction experience, the descriptions of the abductors, how the abductions were perpetrated, the events experienced during abduction and all other aspects are amazingly consistent and tell an unmistakable story of what is going on, how and why.

Alien abduction reported in Syracuse Times 1929

Abductions have been occurring for a large number of years.  The incidence has been on the increase over the last 70 years, or so.  Apparently, the abductors conducted a period of initial research and feasibility followed by an implementation planning phase.  At the present time, the project seems to be moving out of beta testing, into full blown production.  The abduction rate has gone into the millions on an annual basis.  The same humans are being abducted more frequently and for longer periods of time.  These abductees seem to be the parents of hybrids, sometimes referred to as hubrids, who are being trained for assimilation into the general population at-large, all over the world.  At this time, there may be as many as 10s or even 100s of millions of hybrids already living within the world population, without detection or awareness of their presence or existence on the part of most humans.  They would be relatively young people with typical physical characteristics but with vastly more sophisticated and powerful soul connections providing abilities beyond that of humans in terms of their connection to their higher dimensional etheric selves.  They are able to communicate telepathically, both between themselves and with humans.  They can understand the life process of humans and have the power to intervene at-will to control the minds of humans to do their bidding and follow their suggestions.

Investigation, Research, Analysis and Counseling

Abductees are totally undressed and remain so during the abduction process.

Who is taking responsibility for giving assistance to abductees, assessing the scope and impact of the program, analyzing the events to discover methods and motives and creating public awareness?  Well, it is certainly not the government.  They are busy trying to undo the work of private researchers and to discredit their work and professional credentials.

Among prominent figures in this work, we find Dr. David M. Jacobs, Professor Emeritus, Temple University.  He has personally conducted hundreds of sessions with abductees and authored several books covering his own experiences, findings and conclusions.  Dr. Jacobs describes the abductions as “a complex reproductive enterprise involving the conception, gestation or incubation of alien-human hybrid babies. The focus of the abduction is the production of children, the training and conditioning of these children and the covert placement of these children into the population world-wide.”

The abduction phenomena has a hard edge, a huge strange interbreeding program that has covertly invaded our physical and psychic reality on a massive scale, to the tune of millions of such placements that is changing the consciousness of the entire planet.  Some speculators are suggesting that these are the ‘indigo children’ from another planet who have come to help us humans to save ourselves and our habitat.  Personally, I believe that these hubrids are here as part of a program to correct the genetic experiment on the part of Enki, who left the race with a hardware-software mismatch that is fatal to the race and the planet itself, as discussed above.  My opinion is that the ultimate conclusion is to effectively halt human breeding, while the population replaces itself with new beings possessing both the physical and spiritual qualities to preserve the planet and to live in harmony here on earth.  This is the dangerous problem that humans have demonstrated their inability to rectify.  It is not the humans fault, per se, but the result of an error on the part of the creator, who’s objective was to make the homo erectus into a powerful being who could do the hard work in the mining operations, but lacking the spiritual refinement to ultimately be in-charge of the planet.

Abductions can be intimate one-on-one sessions or en-masse.

At a cosmic level, the value of the planet Earth vastly exceeds the value of an anomalous species created under a short-sighted plan who are on a path to take the planet out of commission.  It has become essential that intervention takes the management of the planet out of the hands of the incapable and places it in new capable hands.  It is not too difficult to see the mechanisms in-play to halt human breeding and ultimately human existence.  Coming generations of children will not have any idea about sexual identity or normal procreation.  School curriculums are training 6 year-olds in how to perform anal sex, to masturbate and install condoms.  Sperm counts are dropping precipitously among males who are eating modern Westernized diets of non-viable foods.  LGTBQ life-styles are being highly promoted while conventional hetero lifestyles are being discouraged and demeaned.  Women’s libbers are making women undesirable in the eyes of normal hetero males. Tanking incomes on the part of the ‘middle-class’ are making marriage and children an unaffordable luxury.  The millennial generation is hopelessly lost, living in their parent’s basements with no ambitions or plans for their own futures.  The cultural structures of the world are being torn apart with endless destructive wars that create unplanned aimless immigration on a massive scale.  The whole global warming hoax is making young people believe it is irresponsible on their part to bring new children into a world that is headed for uninhabitability.  The inoculations that the allopaths are pushing, especially the MMR, are designed to create sterility.  That is the reason they are so desperate to inoculate the children, placing unaffordable fines and punishments on parents who do not comply.  I could go on here, but probably you get the idea.

So, who are the abductors?

Altough there are numerous depictions of the alien grays, the description to follow is very consistent among abductees and is the most accurate and pertinant information available

It is going to be helpful, here, to outline the nature of the abductors, so that you can see how neatly this all melds together.  They travel here in advanced aircraft, which are often publicly displayed as UFO sightings.  For abductees, these craft are common and carry alien beings who are totally dedicated to conducting their mission of producing hybrid entities that have a perfect likeness to the typical human, but have a much more advanced soul-connection to their etheric higher dimensional selves that gives them a level of consciousness far beyond that of even the most evolved humans.

This advanced consciousness is displayed on the part of the beings who operate the aircraft, perform the human abductions, carry out the mass breeding, birthing, incubating, training and development of the hybrids in large quantities.  This is all with the help of human abductees who participate because they are taken under mind-control and follow instructions which they have no ability to resist.  The abductees are totally mind-controlled to donate eggs and sperm, to engage in sexual intercourse, to become pregnant, to allow the fetus to be removed in the early phase of gestation, to engage in socializing hybrid babies who may actually be their own, to be a part of the childhood development experience, to offer the hybrid child human contact, social normalizing, and parental love, all throughout their pre-adult years.

In considering the nature of the abductors in contrast to the abductees, we find that the abductors are a race that is highly evolved from a mental/psychic standpoint.  They never seek to control a situation through any form of physical force.  Their psychic abilities facilitate total control of any situation by using their vastly superior mind power. They never ‘lose it’ and become emotional or irrational.  In contrast, the abductees are physical brutes with literally zero psychic mind control capability.  In spite of being physically stronger brutes, they are powerless to resist the psychic powers that control them.  This includes not only the psychic powers directed from the abductors, but also any powers that might exist within themselves to control their brutish behaviors.

This is the biggie, that I have been referring to.  Humans apparently see no alternative to the use of brutish physical force, therefore they devote all of their resources into using physical force to control all aspects if all situations to try to gain compliance to their wishes.  This is why we have a ‘war’ on literally everything that exists, including on ‘Nature’ herself. We see UFOs that are apparently capable of interplanetary travel.  So, we take the approach of trying to gain the capability by blowing things up with carbon-chemical fueled rockets that can get us 200 miles above the earth’s surface and then fall back down again.  So, we must resort to trickery and lies, as we always do, to pretend that we have conquered the frontier of space by ‘faking it’.  NASA is one big, expensive fake machine.  Neal degrasse Tyson is one big brainless windbag, along with a host of other similar characters paraded out to fool the rest of the brutes who mindlessly regale themselves in our apparent ‘scientific superiority’.

We are apparently not even intelligent enough to see through to the fakery, or we want to believe with such intensity of our superiority, and the cosmos was created by a human-like god for our amusement and pleasure, as the most superior and advanced beings that could ever possibly exist. So not only are we primitive brutes, but we are delusional as well.  This is the problem that Enki left us with.  We are on-our-own, in a sophisticated environment, with ourTNT and stilted mental development.  Enki’s objective was to create a physical brute, after all, that could follow simple instructions, and perform the labors of mining gold. They left us in-charge of the planet, a task which we are totally incapable of performing.

Abduction procedures are very efficiently organized to fully accomplish some pre-determined aspect of the greater project. It is all business.

From the hundreds if investigative interviews with abductees, researchers have been able to acquire a meaningful picture revealing the nature of these alien beings.  The following is a short-list of important aspects of their nature that reveal important insights into what is occurring:

  1. Psychic control, not only over human minds, but over the physical properties of matter that most humans take for granted as being real and immutable. Their manipulative psychic powers include anticipatory abilities, visual perceptions, spatial relationships of time and dimension, the removal of volition of human will, mitigation of fear and pain, instigation of selective amnesia, telepathy, imagination, scenarios, emotions, sexual arousal and anxiety.  They can make humans love them and desire them sexually.  Humans learn to see them as ‘all-powerful’.
  2. The most common physical attributes are those many are familiar with, typically called ‘grays’.  The ‘small grays’ are the most common.  They seem not to be in-charge, but are the minions of the ‘tall grays’ who are found only on-board the craft. The small grays deliver the abductees to the craft, where the tall greys are waiting and ready for the procedures of the given abduction. 
  3. The grays have a large head, large eyes, a disproportionately small body, with arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet and toes.  They stand and walk in a similar fashion as humans.
  4. The small grays are not clad in clothing that is apparent or differing from one being to another.  If they have clothing, it appears to have been spray painted on.  On some occasions, they do appear in loose fitting robes, particularly the tall ones.  They do not wear body adornments or any personal adornments.  No expression of individuality is displayed.  The aliens are described as ‘whitish’ but not Caucasian.  The skin color is totally uniform.
  5. There is no evidence of a vascular system.  The skin is uniform, totally smooth, not revealing any pores, hair, freckles, bumps, ridges, discolorations, warts, moles, scratches, wrinkles or indications of internal structures like bones, ligaments, muscles, vascular structure, lungs, heart, breathing apparatus or food/water intake or waste discharge.
  6. Age is not discernable and does not change over time, as a human life span.  Even over long periods of time, they always seem to be exactly the same.
  7. Their faces do not display recognizable features that could provide a means of differentiation.  They do not display any form of emotion.  They do not seem to have faculties for speech, hearing or smell.  Vision and touch seem to be their only physical senses.  They have highly advanced psychic senses that more than make up for the lack of physical ones.  The tall grays have a feature whereby the abductees seem to know if it is the same one they had prior experience with.
  8. The predominant feature is the eyes, which are disproportionately large, contain no irises, pupils or corneas.  They use their large eyes for a technique that has been coined as ‘mindscan’. The eyes are black, opaque, without color variation and do not follow a target from side to side.  Some abductees have reported noticing a squint, sparkle and an axial turning, mainly seen during ‘mindscan’.  They do not have eyelids, thus no blinking.  They also have no eyebrows.
  9. They have a slight raised bump where the nose would be located but no nostrils.  They have a slit-like mouth with no lips.  The opening of the mouth seems to have a membrane covering it, but no teeth, tongue or saliva.  The mouth is not used for communication.  They have no chin, jaw or means of mastication.
  10. Although the head is very large, there appears to be no bone or muscle to provide a structural attachment between body and head. 
  11. The neck is very narrow and tube-like without sufficient structure to support the weight.  There is no throat action like swallowing or an epiglottis, adam’s apple or larynx.
  12. The chest appears to have no sternum, clavicle, ribs, waist, genitals, nipples, pelvis or hip bones.  There is no evidence of stomach, intestines, paunch or food processing faculties.  No evidence of an alimentary or elimination system for liquid or solid waste.
  13. Although no anatomical features would provide indication of sex, abductees know if it is a male or female they are dealing with.
  14. Their small-motor dexterity is excellent.  They are able to examine human specimens with great speed – touching, probing, prodding, poking, lifting and feeling.  They can maneuver instruments with precision.  They do not have accidents or spills.  They remove the clothing of the abductees rapidly, without fumbling or clumsiness.  All sessions seem to be conducted without clothing. 
  15. Although the aliens appear weak and frail, they display great strength and are able to maneuver humans to where they want them.  They can lift abductees up onto tables and grip their bodies with great pressure.
  16. The taller beings are involved with egg and sperm harvesting, mindscan and other more sophisticated procedures.  The taller being often elicits more fear and dislike.  But he can bond with a human in a way that makes a strong relationship.  The taller being is usually clad in something like a labcoat and a surgeons cap.

Taking into account these observations, which are consistent throughout the abduction community, we are able to draw some conclusions:

  1. These aliens do not breathe air or any other gases
  2. They do not eat or drink anything we would call food and water.
  3. They do not employ speech or language.
  4. They communicate among themselves using the same telepathic means they use with humans.
  5. When they telecommunicate with each other, the humans also receive the same messages.
  6. They have no need for the functions of the nose, ears, sinuses or related equipment, including lungs.
  7. They do not use the atmosphere in the same way as humans.
  8. These aliens are housed in a bag, or a body, that feature some similar faculties to humans, but, for the most part, is very different from human bodies.
  9. They are far more highly evolved entities than humans with very logical thought processes, great learning capacity, a far deeper wisdom and understanding of reality, a sophisticated system of working in cooperation with each other towards the achievement of goals with evidence of a hierarchical social structure featuring a high degree of efficiency.

How does this tie together?

Alien abduction – the Cullen affair

The powers that rule are destroying the atmosphere by means of intense geoengineering and programs to occlude sunlight by means of reflectant particles.  The are destroying the croplands by means of glyphosate saturation along with many other herbicides/fungicides/insecticides.  They have already extincted over 70% of invertebrates.  They have genetically engineered basic food commodities into Frankenfoods that humans can not metabolize. They have poisoned the water supplies with fracking, flourides, heavy metals and other contaminants.  They have poisoned the oceans with radiation, plastics and oil spills.  Viable water is becoming scarce.  They are using geo-engineering and HAARP arrays to create continuous weather extremes that preclude viable farming operations.  Public education is indoctrinating 6 to 18 year-olds into gender confusion and sexual practices that will preclude procreation.  Grocery store and street corner food outlets are vending processed non-foods that cause cancers and heart disease. The medical/pharmaceutical complex is treating the populations that are diseased from all of the methods mentioned above with fake pills, shots, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy that are incapable of curing anything, but address symptoms of your own body’s attempt to rectify these induced diseases.  If you look around and give this a little thought, you will come up with countless additional methods for reducing human populations.

Aliens found in DaVinci artworks

We have, in sight, the last generation of humans that will live on this planet.  Humans are being replaced on a large-scale and rapid basis by hybrids, who look like normal humans but have the etheric and psychic attributes of the aliens.  At this time, tens if not hundreds of millions of hybrids are already living within the populations all over the world.  As the replacement rate of humans falls, the introduction rate of hybrids increases accordingly.

In 1950, then president Dwight Eisenhower was approached, via the Magnificent Twelve, to meet for the purpose of making an accommodation involving human abduction.  An agreement was forged that gave the aliens the right to abduct some defined number of humans in exchange for advanced technology that could have military applications.  In practice, no one was policing either side of the agreement.  The US used the technology for military uses and the aliens imposed no limits on themselves as far as numbers of abductions was concerned.  We do not know if Eisenhower was privy to the total replacement plan.

The hybrids are endowed with the best of both species.  They can function indistinguishably within the ranks of humans but possess the higher-dimensional psychic powers and abilities of the aliens.  They may not have a need for the atmosphere, the oceans, the food crops, the potable water and other commodities that humans rely upon for their very lives.  Things may look the same while actually being very different as this transition takes place.  Many of the abductees of later time, are performing the functions of providing for the hybrids who are living within the population.  They have come from breeding facilities that offer no normalization to the human aspects of life that are taken for granted.  The humans are taking a role in the rapid development of beings that they believe are their own children in many respects.  They come to play a role offering protection, learning and skills acquisition similar to normal parenting, except that the so-called children are light-years more advanced that the surrogate human parents.

After all, the bag or body is not the source of life.  That comes from the higher dimensional etheric body that gives the bag of chemicals the information to organize and perform the functions to emulate life.  Please refer to the post entitled ‘The Essence of Life’ in the archives of this site.

With the demise of humans, the hybrids can live on the Planet without draining its blood, while protecting it and nurturing it back to health.  And probably not a moment too soon.  Some humans will cry…”but I am a protector of Nature and care about the health of the Planet.  Yes, there are some who can say this, but there are few who can also say….”look, I took the time and effort to discover what the psychopaths were doing to dupe the humans into complying with their fake reality that is the basic root cause for the  destruction the Planet”.  The psychopaths can’t do it alone. They require the luddite army of humans to do the heavy lifting in the process, without even realizing they are the exterminators and terminators of their own race.

From the book of Dr. David Jacobs, SECRET LIFE, there is a forward written by John E. Mack, M.D., Harvard University.  I want to transcribe a segment of his forward for you here: “…This has led me to offer at least a parable, if not a theory, to illuminate what is going on.  Virtually all peoples, throughout history, with the exception of the Western culture of the Newtonian/Cartesian era, have experienced the universe as possessing an intelligence or consciousness in which human beings participate with other animate and inanimate beings in an enterprise that has meaning, purpose and direction, however unfathomable these may be. In the West, we seem, for reasons perhaps as mysterious as the abduction phenomena itself, to have cut ourselves off almost totally of awareness of any form of higher intelligence. But let us suppose that such an intelligence did exist, and, what is more, that it was not indifferent to the fate of the planet Earth, regarding its life-forms and transcendent beauty as one of its better or more advanced creations.  And let us imagine that the imbalance created by the overgrowth of certain human faculties, a kind of techno-destructive and fear-driven acquisitiveness were also present as the basic problem facing the Earth, in terms of survival.  What could be done as a corrective measure?

The two natural approaches of which we can conceive would be the genetic and the environmental.  It is possible that through a vast hybridization program affecting the entire human race, and a mental imposition on human consciousness of the imminent self-destruction being caused by its inability to apply wisdom and willpower to correct its behavior problems, that the entire planet has been placed under ‘receivership’.  This would not necessarily be for the direct benefit of humans, but for the survival of the Planet itself, which does not just exist for the pleasure of humans.  Humans have broken their covenant with the Planet as its protectors and nurturers and have proven beyond any doubt that they are incapable of rectifying the destruction that is already highly advanced.  It is necessary for more advanced beings to take over the job and return the Planet to a path of recovery so the evolution of the other consciousnesses, the anima mundi, has the opportunity to continue.”

What would be your reply to this presentation of data?  I am very interested to learn the opinions of those who read this blog.  Do you take this to heart or do you want to bring superior military power to bear against the abductors and hybrids?  If humans were capable of killing all the aliens and hybrids, what would become of the Planet and the life-forms who depend on it for their existence? 

Recommended Reading:

Glimpses of Other Realities, Vols. 1 and 2, Linda Moulton Howe

An Alien Harvest, Linda Moulton Howe

Secret Life, Dr. David M. Jacobs, PhD

Walking Among Us, Dr. David M. Jacobs, PhD

The Threat, Dr. David M. Jacobs, PhD

Abduction, Dr. John E. Mack

Alien Abduction Files, Dr. Nick Redfern


Medicine is a Control Construct

Allopathic Medicine is fake….But don’t worry, there is no need for it either.

Medicine is a term that has been introduced into the vernacular only recently, since the rise of Rockefeller allopathic medicine about 100 years ago. “Well, didn’t the Indians and older cultures have Medicine Men?”. They had shamans and plant healers, but they were not called by the term ‘medicine’ something. The Rockefellers would like you to think the term is one that has been around forever, not something they just made up and incorporated in this most recent version of revised history. The word is obviously coined from the older term ‘medical’.

It is a term to describe “something” that you are supposed to introduce into your body by eating, drinking, inhaling, absorbing or direct inoculation. The “something” is ascribed to have some property to alleviate disease. This pre-supposes that you will contract ‘diseases’ somehow. It is said that diseases are contracted by exposure to ‘germs’ that exist in the external environment surrounding your body and each one of the multitude of different ‘germs’ is going to infect your body with one of countless different diseases. This is bull-crap. The term ‘germ’ is also a recent addition to the vernacular, used in the fake allopathic paradigm. Most of your body’s cells are germs in this context. They are not only beneficial but totally essential.

You buy into this bull-crap because you do contract diseases. Just not in the manner ascribed. You contract diseases due to the environment created inside your body that is a direct function of what you eat, drink, breath, absorb or is injected into your body. You can also become diseased because of worry or stress that compromises your immune system from functioning normally.

Let’s get this out right up front.  There is no such thing as ‘medicine’ in the context as it is described, as something beneficial or viable, quickly curing diseases.  There is only eating, drinking, breathing, absorption or injection….all means to introduce substances into of your body. The issue at hand is: just what are the various substances you are introducing into your body? You have a mouth, which introduces substances, foods and liquids, into your Gastro-intestinal tract. This tract continues right down to your anus, through which wastes and non-foods are ejected from your body.

You have a respiratory system which allows your nose and mouth to exchange air into and out of your respiratory system to provide oxygen needed to support cell metabolism and eject carbon dioxide, the waste by-product, by the inhalation and exhalation faculty inherent to this system.

You have an epidermis which is porous, allowing absorption of sunlight, certain liquids and oils into your body and perspiration of toxins and water to cool your body under certain conditions.

Let’s take a look at these essential functions that provide nutrition, hydration, oxygen, cooling and detoxification:

  1. Eating:  Introducing food into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything, from the most potent, fresh and nutritious natural plants to the most toxic disgusting poisons into your mouth….your choice.  Putting nutritious pure fresh natural foods will nourish your body, as it extracts the nutrients and matches them up with enzymes to deliver what the body requires for normal health, free of toxins or poisons.  Your body will automatically maintain homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  To whatever extent you put unnatural processed toxin-laden, acid producing junk into your mouth, including pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, your body will be less able or unable to extract viable nutrition, your liver will be toxified and you will become diseased. Allopathic pharmaceutical drugs are nothing but artificial toxic chemicals. This the most common description of medicine? Yes, these ‘medicines’ can make you high, dilate or constrict your blood vessels and kill indiscriminately your entire biodrome of bacterial flora.
  2. Drinking:  Introducing liquids into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything from pure, clean, fresh water or juices extracted from plants to the most disgusting sugar-laden soft drinks, fluorides, chlorides or artificial colored trash….your choice.  Putting pure clean water or plant juices will hydrate your body and provide viable nutrition.  You will enjoy homeostasis and be free of disease.  Putting artificial processed trash like Coca-cola into your mouth will toxify your body and you will be acidified, oxidized and diseased.
  3. Breathing:  Inhaling pure toxin-free air into your lungs will enable your body to exchange CO2 for O2 which will be transported via your cardiovascular system to all of your cells to enable each of your trillions of cells to produce energy by means of the ATP cycle and your body will be strong, energetic and disease-free.  Breathing air sprayed with heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive isotopes, self-replicating nanofibers, industrial toxins and cigarette smoke will disable your flow of O2 to some degree proportional to the amount of toxins and you will be weak, lacking oxygen and probably full of cancer.
  4. Absorption:  Absorbing sunlight, pure essential oils and negative ions from the earth will vitalize and anti-oxidize your body and assist in maintaining homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  Absorbing chemicals like sun-blockers or cosmetics will poison your body and will make you diseased or dead.

Now we get to the vaccine story. You will note that all of the above natural ways to provided your body with various ingredients needed for metabolism also provide a way out for the waste components. They all have safety mechanisms to protect your body from the detrimental effects of toxins and poisons. If you eat or drink poison, you will vomit or have a rapid and forceful ejection from your anus. Your respiratory system is protected by cilia and sticky sinus discharge or coughing. Your pores are a two-way passage, allowing the ejection of toxins or poisons.

You were never meant to receive anything by direct injection…NEVER, EVER. Your body has no defense from direct injection, therefore poisons and toxins can be introduced with no means of protection or ejection. You are just relying on the idea that the vaccinators and serum makers are all good guys who are working on your behalf to save you from diseases, the same ones which they are also working hard to create and infect you with (yes, the same ‘good’ guys). This is a means to stick these toxins and poisons into you with no way out. If they were not infecting you with diseases first, there is no way you would be allowing them to stick these needles into your butt or shoulder. It is a multi-faceted attack on you, your body and your very existence, along with that of the children you have borne and are responsible for. These children have no opportunity to become educated to refuse these shots. They are relying on you to become educated and protect them.

OK….this is it, the full story.  There are no such things as medicines.  There are herbs, which are particularly potent sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  These are foods.  Pills, drugs, opiates, and antibiotics are all poisons.  You can put them into your body via your mouth but they are still nothing but toxic poisons.  They will maintain your state of disease and eventually bring premature death while alleviating symptoms, which are not the disease.

Healthcare is no more complex than this.  Anyone and everyone can take care of their own health.  There is a deliberate and direct attack on your health carried out by the Matrix, your government, your royal masters. You must educate yourself and thwart these attacks. You must stay clear of alloquack drugs and poisons in the grocery or drug store, which are just another part of this general attack.  You can find everything you need to know and do in the blogs on this website.  If you do this and teach your children, you will never have appendicitis, cancer, autoimmune or cardiovascular disease.

Many will say…”this is simple.  I already know all of this”.  Good, if you do know this, but the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.  If you do know it, you are not practicing it. This is proven by your own government’s published health statistics. I have studied them. If you do not believe me, you can easily look them up and read for yourself. Countries with the most allopathic ‘medicine’ also have the sickest populations.


Sugar Addiction

Refined Sugar is 8X more addictive and 10X more poisonous than cocaine.

It sounds like a movie plot – men with dubious intentions, a trove of secret documents, and a red herring to distract people from the truth. But unlike cinema, this story is 100% real —

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have uncovered long-hidden truths that manufacturers of sugary processed foodstuffs have attempted to keep hidden. An analysis of internal sugar industry documents has exposed what executives already knew about the health hazards of refined sugar and their unscrupulous plans to deceive consumers into becoming addicts. This addiction starts at infancy with sugar laden formulas and Gerber baby food in jars.

Fat, dumb and happy

In an article titled “Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents,” authors Stanton Glantz, Laura Schmidt, and Cristin Kearns expose how sugar industry execs buried the truth about the risks of sugar consumption in an effort to push their product on an unsuspecting public.

Authors of the analysis, published in September, 2016’s JAMA Internal Medicine, combed public archives to uncover the trove of nearly 1,600 pages of internal sugar industry communications referred to as the “sugar papers.” The documents expose a sinister scheme to boost sales of sugar during a time in our collective history when public health was facing unprecedented risks – risks that spotlighted an increasingly unhealthy Western diet and the worst record of disease in the world..

Science Links Sugar to Heart Disease

In the mid-1950s, consumer watch-dogs began to link sugar consumption with high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels – two of the primary risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD). The sugar papers reveal that executives at Sugar Research Foundation (SRF), an international sugar industry trade organization, were aware of the link between refined sugar and CHD.  Heart disease was the leading cause of death in the United States, a distinction it still holds today, and public concern about preventing CHD was growing.

This dangerous association did not deter SRFs plans to increase nationwide sugar consumption, a harmful mandate that we know in retrospect was staggeringly successful. Since the 1950s, Americans’ sugar intake has increased three-fold. It is estimated that an average American now consumes between 120-170 pounds of sugar each year, or about 53 teaspoons each day.

Sugar consumption US

Rewind to the mid-1960s: executives at SRF realized that a strategic PR campaign could give their product the illusion of safety while also boosting sales. They brainstormed a plan to deflect the harms of sugar by shifting blame for increasing rates of cardiovascular disease to saturated fat. In so doing, they effectively turned saturated fat into our nations #1 dietary scapegoat for elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Please refer to the blog post on this site entitled Deliberate Confusion About Cholesterol and Omega Oils. Saturated fats are mostly healthy fats and the no-fat, lo-fat craze is as crazy as a loony bat, costing people not only their lives but incalculable amounts of money, all into the pockets of big sugar and big pharma. The Matrix plays you like a fiddle and you rarely even have a clue.

To accomplish their ends, SRF commissioned a bogus research project from Harvard University School of Public Health Nutrition called Project 226. Published in the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine in 1967, Project 226 was designed to shape not only public opinion regarding the cause of heart disease, but also the dietary recommendations that would be made by the medical scientism community. By convincing everyone that a low-fat diet was the way to stave-off heart disease, SRF knew that individuals would fill the dietary gap with more sugar.  Omega essential fatty oils are just that, “essential”.  Processed sugar is just an addictive drug that should be eliminated from all diets.  This is one of the countless ways they maintain our state of disease and eventual premature death.

obesity prevalance USA

The Bitter Truth Surfaces

UCSF’s academic analysis of the sugar papers focuses on communications between two men: Roger Adams, a then-professor of organic chemistry and sugar industry advisor, and D. Mark Hegsted, one of the Harvard researchers who produced Project 226. These communications reveal several interesting facts:

  • Sugar executives paid Harvard ($50k in today’s dollars) and set the objectives for the project;
  • Critical facts were suppressed about the role of blood triglycerides in CHD in order to focus solely on the role of saturated fats and cholesterol;
  • Industry executives contributed biased, pro-sugar articles for inclusion in the project;
  • SRF reviewed project drafts (and ostensibly approved the report) before publication;
  • The source of funding and blatant conflict of interest was not disclosed.

UCSF professor and senior author of the analysis, Stanton A. Glantz, PhD, does not mince words: “There are all kinds of ways that you can…manipulate the outcome of a study, which industry is very well practiced at. He who pays the piper calls the tune.” 

Leading causes of death USA

Refined Sugar’s Death Grip Tightens

Thanks in large part to the success of SRF’s saturated fat campaign, sugar has continued its ascent into dietary dominance. It is one addiction that is literally killing us sweetly.  Collectively, Americans eat more sugar than any other nation, consuming in excess of 11 million metric tons of the powdery poison in 2017.

Cardiovascular disease is not the only negative health outcome to stem from a high-sugar, low-fat diet. Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist from California who gained national attention after his lecture, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” went viral in 2009, has shown how excessive sugar consumption plays a key role in the development of obesitytype II diabeteshypertension, and  cancer.  His research has led him to conclude that 85% of all diseases in America are caused by lifestyle choices and are, in fact, entirely preventable.

Practicing Sugar-Tainted Medicine

Perhaps the most shocking truth that the sugar papers reveal is the ease with which medical research standards can be violated and the public trust betrayed. The authors of this analysis stated, when speaking about their research, that it demonstrates the need for more integrity and less greed when presenting results of bought-and-paid-for research studies.

The authors emphasize the irrelevance and dishonesty of the peer-review process, and that financial disclosure be mandated in nutrition science. Co-author Laura Schmidt, PhD, comments to the fact that nutrition science was set-back by the ruse of saturated fat, and health policy must now play catch-up to reflect the dangers of sugar consumption.

“There is now an irrefutable body of evidence linking refined sugars to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, which is the No. 1 cause of premature death in the developed world,” Schmidt said. “Yet, health policy documents are still inconsistent in citing heart disease risk as a health consequence of refined sugar consumption.”  Once a money-flow mechanism is working smoothly and in high-production, evidence of fraud and bribery are insufficient to change the system to any meaningful degree..

Revealing Big Sugar’s Influence on Dental Health Policy

The researchers were inspired to continue pursuing the truth behind the sugar industry’s influence on the scientism agenda thanks to the results of a previous analysis. Published in the March 2015 journal, PLOS Medicine, Kearns, Glantz, and Schmidt called-out Big Sugar’s interference with the 1971 National Caries Program (NCP), designed to eradicate the growing problem of tooth decay in the nation.

In the early 1970s, it was becoming clear to medical science that sugar consumption was a direct contributor to the development of tooth decay, or dental caries. The NCP, sponsored by the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), started out as a scientific initiative to prevent tooth decay, but sugar industry influence altered the program’s priorities.

The UCSF analysis of industry documents between beet and cane sugar executives and NIDR officials reveals that dental health policy in the 1970s was effectively altered by the undue influence of the sugar industry. Rather than emphasizing prevention through adoption of a low-sugar diet, research was pointed towards identifying interventions to be applied instead. Don’t prevent tooth decay; treat it with a vaccine – one of several dead-end applications that were tested and abandoned.

In tactics that were similar to SRF’s manipulation of heart disease prevention priorities, sugar industry insiders contributed nearly 80% of the adopted suggestions for where research in the National Caries Prevention program would ultimately focus. Of course, their suggestions were to look everywhere except at sugar. The authors call the NCP “a missed opportunity” to contribute valuable science on the effect of minimizing sugar consumption on dental caries. The corruption they uncovered is a “historical example that illustrates how industry protects itself from potentially damaging research.

Bingeing on Refined Sugars Leads to Obesity Epidemic

With all of the dirty science bought by the sugar industry to alleviate the facts and the guilt of refined sugar’s detrimental health properties, the trending habits of the Westerners for instant gratification and convenience provided all the further inducement needed for an addictive binge to hook everyone on the sugar drug.  Addiction is now rampant and evidenced by the massive obesity epidemic.  It is easy, apparently, for consumers to rationalize away any correlation between the addictive habits of overconsumption of sugar and any related health issues.  If you don’t drop over dead on the spot, it must not be a problem. 

Human Body is a Sugar-Burning System

The irony of it all is that the human body is a sugar-burning system.  Of the total food consumed, 85% is converted into a form of sugar called glucose.  Each of the  trillions of cells in your body require energy to perform their functions.  The cells use a process called the Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) cycle, also referred to as the Krebb’s cycle and the citric acid cycle.  In this process, ATP is manufactured and used in a fuel to charge the cell’s battery.

So, what’s the problem then?  The problem is that simple refined sugars are not able to be stored or preserved within the body.  They remain in the blood and must be burned very quickly, faster than the body can utilize them.  The body must do something to lower the blood sugar level, so it converts these simple single-carbon sugars into fat, adipose tissue. Then, the body is quickly depleted of its energy source because the liver has no store of glycogen and becomes exhausted.  Since we usually don’t eat continuously, once used up, the body is out of energy until the next meal or snack.

Sugar is just another recreational drug.

Complex Carbohydrates Versus Mono-Carbohydrates

On the other hand, natural sugars from plants are complex carbohydrates, having two or more carbons.  Your body can regulate these sugars by converting them into glycogen, which is stored in the liver.  Now the body can control and release the glycogen to be quickly converted back into glucose again and utilized in a controlled process according to the energy demands incurred due to activities or work levels.  The body uses insulin to control the metabolizing of sugars to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  This is further complicated by a bad tendency to respond to glucose exhaustion by grabbing a candy bar, and starting the cycle all over again.

When the diet makes it impossible for the body to control the blood sugar level, Type 2 diabetes is the result, usually due to insulin deficiency.  You can read about diabetes in a post on this site entitled Obesity and Diabetes. If you go to the allopath, he is not going to give you a dietary plan to overcome this disease.  Instead, he is going to start you on a regimen of testing your blood sugar level and shooting up on insulin as a means to deal with this problem.  That way, you remain diabetic and must return to consult with the doctor repeatedly and incur the expense of insulin test kits , syringes and serum for the rest of your life.  This is just how allopathy works.  This is just how the Matrix works.  One example of a thousand ways to exploit you and keep you coming back for more.

What is the Answer When You Want to Make Something Sweeter?

In the first case, the wrong answer is always processed foods.  There is nothing bad about sugar beets or sugar cane. The “bad” comes from the process.  How is the plant processed for your consumption?  Bad processing can make every good plant of any kind into a totally non-viable poison. 

Bad processing is all about appearance, convenience and taste and nothing about health and nutritional viability.  If it looks very appealing in an attractive package, is white and crystalline like cocaine, it is appealing. It was processed to be like that.  The process is a high-temperature de-molecularizing of the plant to separate out all of the beneficial ingredients and isolate a part of the plant called “sugar”.  This word is a broad term because there are numerous forms of sugar.  In chemistry, sugars are the ones with the suffix “ose”.  This same term covers both good sugars and bad sugars without differentiation.  This is the most common trick used on consumers where food naming is concerned.  “Bread” covers everything from the pasty sweet white “Wonder Bread” to the hearty  fermented full-grains that fed millions of people successfully over tens of thousands of years.  Wonder Bread and its likes are pure poisons with no nutritional viability yet both are called “bread”. 

The food industry can only do this because consumers do not educate themselves and public education is not about to be of any help in this regard.  Children, who are uneducated on these matters, tell their parents they like the Wonder Bread and the white sugar because they like how they taste and have been allowed to acquire such tastes.  The parents, who should be educated, acquiesce to their children because they are also uneducated and choose the easy route.  Many sugars are hidden within other processed foods and drinks and again, lack of education makes people choose these products to the detriment of themselves and their families.

You Can Never Go Wrong Choosing Nature

The plant produced by Nature is already perfect and can never be improved upon by humans.  Never, ever!  The reason humans take to processing these plants is first, profits and second, because you select these products in preference to totally integral natural whole foods.  If you did not choose the de-natured isolated packaged ingredients in their products, they would have to reconsider their strategies and maybe sell some real food.

The integral whole real plant made by Nature is never an isolated molecule.  It is always a complete holistic food that is usually a large complement of different molecules that need to be eaten together in the exact combination as they were made, in order for you to obtain viable nutrition.  You do not know more than Nature, who has fed humans successfully for many tens of thousands of years.  You are willingly allowing yourself to be manipulated by food processors, your children who watch the TV commercials, and the Matrix, who wants to make sure you and your family do not receive viable nutrition.  If you did choose the natural plant- integral, you and your family would not be diseased and feeding the fake allopathic medical industry, the pharmaceutical drug industry, the disease researchers, the hospitals, the insurance companies and all the related paraphernalia companies alike.  You can easily learn to feed yourself and your family a viable diet of foods that your body will use to maintain health and wellness by virtue of its own mechanisms.  The Matrix has you indoctrinated in its grasp.  You have free-will and can choose to break out of its grasp and change your life.  It’s worth it .