Facebook Post from ABC News Affiliate Backfires After People Tell TRUTH About Vaccines

I’ll bet you that ABC News affiliate WXYZ-TV in Detroit was not expecting the outcome that they received when they posted a question on Facebook asking people, “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”

Seems genuine enough right? And it likely is, but they’re living in a fantasy world because what they got from people was anything but what they were hoping for.

Will you be doing any stories of the people that overcame Covid and have antibodies? Will you be doing any stories on the thousands that also have debilitating side effects from the vaccine? Curious if you will be balanced journalists and media or not- but guessing NO!

Yikes! Oh, but it gets better…much better.

A friend of a parent went into cardiac arrest almost immediately after receiving second dose. They were unable to revive her.
I also know of someone who lost a limb due to a blood clot/circulation issue after being fully vaccinated.
Hm. From the looks of the comments, you might want to change your story topic.

Several people replied to this woman’s comment, but one in particular said,

Same here, our son-in-law lost his dad, after it was required to retain employment, he received his final vaccination and died of heart failure within a few weeks after.

But just take a look at some of these other comments from people who have far different experiences than the happy-happy-joy-joy fantasy world that the media portrays:

My backyard neighbor had the same problem although he survived but he’s in horrible shape. The ambulance worked on him for 30 min before they took him to the hospital the first time, then he came home and a few weeks the ambulance came back to get him again. I’d guess he’s in his late 60s. I think there are groups of people who dont do well from vaccines, my brother-in-law lost his liver 6 days after his last shot, but he tried to convince me he had fatty liver and my cousins husband died of liver/kidney failure. Maybe both are a coincidence but in my 60 years of life I’ve only known of two people who needed liver transplants and both of them were serious alcoholics. Seems kind of odd to have two liver issues in my extended family of about 50 members in the same few months.


I had to go pick up a friend of mine a few weeks ago. After getting the vaccine, he had such an inflammatory reaction that he could hardly walk. An ambulance had taken him to his local hospital where doctors refused to document it or do blood work. I had to take him to a chiropractor who was able to get the toxins to move and ease his symptoms. My vaccinated family is still hiding and scared, that’s how much confidence they have in the shot because of vaccinated friends who have died.


My 16 year old daughter is fighting seizures and tics since her vaccine first vaccine shot. No volleyball, no horse riding, 2 full days of school attended since June 19th. Can’t hear videos for school, focus to read or count.


Father in law was hospitalized day after his first jab with blood clots to the heart. So yeah…


My dad was vaccinated, he caught covid about 6 weeks later, spent 2 weeks on the hospital and died

I love that someone also said,

Or let’s talk about how an unvaccinated man named Joe Rogan recovered from Covid in 3 days.

But these go on and on. At the time of this writing, there were almost 95,000 comments on the post and almost all of them from people who have similar experiences.

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead

The Blind are Trying to Lead the Clueless and, as usual, step in a giant pile of fresh dog shit.

The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected.

WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories, and are having a difficult time finding them.

I don’t know if they got any such stories through direct messaging, but the post on their Facebook Page, as of the time of publication today, had received over 182,000 comments, and they seem to be all comments of those who have lost loved ones after receiving a COVID shot, and comments asking them why they are not covering that story.

Canadian Philosophy Professor Julie Ponesse Fired for Refusing to Get Vaccinated

I paged through many dozens of the comments, and did not see a single one stating that they lost someone to COVID after refusing a COVID-19 shot.

People who have been silenced and censored on Facebook and other Big Tech platforms took advantage of the opportunity to share their stories instead. It is amazing that Facebook left these up, but after so many had commented, it would probably have been an even bigger story if they had taken down the post and comments.

I wonder what WXYZ will do now? Will they do what most corporate media companies do, fueled by almost unlimited resources from their billionaire Wall Street owners who are almost all connected to the pharmaceutical industry, and just go out and hire actors instead to do the story and make them up?

Here are a few screen shots of the comments that are representative of what people are posting, in case they do take this down.

Public Medicine Officials Discuss Changing COVID Patient Count to Make It More ‘Scary’ For The Public

Since the beginning of the scamdemic, the entire system of government, media, and even doctors and scientists has intentionally scammed the public. These bodies of authority have twisted, inflated, changed, and manipulated information that has led to mass confusion, rampant misinformation, and an entire population divided over whether to believe or not believe the obvious lies. This boils down to whether to take the lethal vaxx or refuse it.

Early on, some doubted the existence of the covid virus while others thought it was so deadly that children needed to be double masked and kept in isolation at home. It was all thanks to the sheer lies of those we call “leaders” in the land that was never free.

Obviously, both can’t be correct.  How could there be such a divide among one society?

As time passed during the scamdemic, even more manipulation took place, numbers fudged, and half-truths once again led to mass confusion and rampant spreading of misinformation. This month was no different and a leaked video from inside Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center makes that point entirely clear.

In the video, which is just over two minutes, hospital officials are recorded discussing how to increase their case count by continuing to count the majority of patients as covid patients, knowing full well they have only a fake disease called covid.

In the video, the hospital’s Director of Marketing, Carolyn Fisher, begins explaining what information is used in terms of COVID-19 numbers with the specific mention of the percentage of unvaccinated hospitalizations.

After Fisher opens up the meeting, Dr. Mary Rudyk, who previously served as Chief of Medical Staff for NHRMC, weighs in with her thoughts on how to twist the hospital’s messaging to make it “completely a little bit more scary for the public.”

This is clearly an act of manipulation as making it ‘more scary’ means something has to be lied about.. How, exactly, will they do that, according to Rudyk? They should count non-covid patients into the hospital’s covid case count.

To seemingly make the numbers “a little bit more scary,” Rudyk and her staff are discussing counting people who — by definition, do not have covid —labeling them ‘covid patients’.

“… I think those are important numbers – the patients that are still in the hospital, but are off the COVID floor, They are still occupying the hospital for a variety of reasons,” Rudyk says, before Shelbourn Stevens, who earlier this year was named president of NHRMC and the Coastal market, chimed in to agree.  In other words, we have a conniving group of liars who are certain they can exaggerate the covid scam and get away with it, due to their status as ‘experts’, who are sure they will not be doubted or cross-checked.

“But I do think, from our standpoint, we would still consider them a COVID patient because, one way or another, they’re still healing,” Stevens said. That is an obvious misconception, in view of the fact that the covid virus does not even exist.

Whether or not this is a debatable topic and is relevant to statistical data, the idea of making it “a little bit more scary for the public,” goes about it in a completely deceptive manner and only erodes trust in an already extremely untrustworthy system.

“I think that needs to be highlighted as well, because once they’re out of quarantine, I think that drops the covid numbers,” Rudyk responded.

At this point, Stevens interrupts and tells Rudyk, that “We can take this discussion offline as well.”

But before doing so, Rudyk comes back in with yet another deceptive marketing ploy.

“I think we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful, we have to say something coming out as “if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die,” she said. “Let’s just be really blunt to these people.”  In other words, since we have agreed to lie, lets up the stakes.

But this is simply not true. If it were true, hundreds of millions of people across the planet would be dead or dying and that is not the case at all. In fact, all of the hospitalizations prior to the vaxx rollout, were simply cases of common flu, due to the toy PCR tester that yielded primarily, ‘fake positives’.  At that time, people had not yet come to realize yet, that the PCR was dysfunctional. So, everyone who developed the seasonal flu, cold, grippe, etc. went to the hospitals, thinking they had covid.  This is due to TV hysteria from idiots like Fauci and Gates.  No one died from anything like a covid virus.  The CDC-published survival rate was 99.9% across the spectrum.  The normal flu incidence went to zero, while the new fake covid incidence went to exactly what was the flu count was in prior years.  So, obviously, the scam included co-opting the common, existing flu statistics, which no one feared, to being called, labeled and recorded as a new novel covid virus, which does not exist.  It just seems to exist because its symptoms are the same as the common flu, which magically ceased to exist.

While hospitalizations certainly saw a seasonal increase in the south, millions of folks who are unvaxxinated, have not died or sickened.  Telling people this is nothing short of lying to them — thus muddying the waters even more and aiding in the mass confusion that lends itself to the rampant spreading of misinformation. Especially misinformation that tells people they are going to die from this mislabeled minor long-existing mild ailment.

The extremely overexaggerated ‘case-demic’ was used to convince people that they needed to take the new vaxx as it was rolled out in January, 2021.  It was not until this poison vaxx was given out that mortality began.  Because this vaxx is based on a latent poison, it is being claimed to not be the cause of mortality and serious adverse side effects. But, the fact is, that the vaxx is the cause of the exploding death death count.  The liars in-charage are confabulating these deaths with the non-existent, non-deadly imaginary covid virus, because people are still confused about the claimed dangers attributed to the fake virus.

Naturally, the media is doing its job to run cover for this story-line comments, with one outlet in Wilmington claiming to have “debunked” the video. But what is there to debunk? The comments are perfectly clear and the statement released does nothing to “debunk” them. They are flat-out liars who are trying to inflate their lies with criminal intent.

“The team members involved in this excerpt of a skulldugerous internal meeting, are seeing the highest level of hospitalizations and deaths so far, but it is not in any way attributable to a covid disease. It is totally attributable to this fake vaxxine which is only a pure batch of graphene oxide poison that is going to kill over the course of 6 months to two years.  This injection provides zero protection from any disease.  It does not confer any immunity or protection from any form of disease.

The continuing concern is with the amount of misinformation intentionally broadcast into our communities and consistently striving for more ways to generate unfounded fear. If they were to stop the misinformation, more people would be able to discern the truth of the causes and effects of the scam.

The idea that these type of liars are sitting around figuring ways to further frighten more ignorant people is just one of what is probably numerous such meetings taking place in hospitals and medical offices to further defraud the American public. It certainly isn’t “transparency” nor does making things “scary” help to more accurately convey the truth of the situation.

Though the hospital is claiming they are seeing the “highest level of COVID-19 deaths,” the data shows us something different.  The fact is, there are no covid deaths at all.  Any such early deaths are from the usual common flu and colds seen every year in the pasts.  No deaths, by the CDCs own data, have occurred that can be attributed to any covid virus. Until the vaxxines, the survival rate is officially 99.9%.

The deaths started occurring in early 2021, after people received the vaxx’s in large numbers.  These deaths are all attributable to the poisonous injections called ‘covid vaxxines’.

Below is the most current data from the NY Times covid database of deaths in North Carolina.

Below is the current hospitalization rate in the state, according to the CDC.

Firstly, the “hospitalizations” do not bear a lot of significance.  The antics of the public health establishment have demonstrated that it is easy to generate a high level of hospitalization out of literally “nothing” but TV hype.  The first peak in the above graph shows the January, 2021 peak from hysteria generated using only TV hype.  Keep in mind here, we are looking at hospitalizations, not deaths.  The second peak is hospitalizations from vaxx-disease, the real pandemic illness, that is killing people and is solely attributable to the vaxx’d people who are sickening and dying only from the vaxx itself.  Covid virus are not needed, nor do they exist to generate this chart.

Over the coming two-year period, all of those who have been injected with the graphene oxide vaxx will die…all of them.  In the chaos that is going to emerge as the vaxx’d realize this is going to be pure mayhem.  Half the people have already realized this.  They are the smart ones who will never take the lethal vaxx.

They have made the situation very complex, because confusion is a necessary ingredient in the occult magic of fraud.  Public education has made it possible to murder half the population by using their own ignorance against them.  The astute will have already seen the truth and will need no further evidence to understand the truth.  They will stand strong in the face of this outright genocide.  They will not succumb to the obvious attempted effort at self-suicide.

The Year of Vaxx Mortality 2022

VEARS is intended to make you think that you have comprehensive data on vaxx deaths. The system is flawed and you have grossly incomplete data being sold to you as comprehensive data.

The VAERS reporting system was set up in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor adverse events that occur after administration of vaccines.  The VAERS is totally flawed because it is not mandatory or required, requires a lot of time and paperwork, and is not regulated or under guidelines.  The best estimates say that only 1% of the adverse reactions are reported.

Other factors include the fact that VAERS forms are not generally available at the time of vaccination and doctors may be unaware of VAERS or do not recognize an event as being vaccine-related.  When are events vaxx related?  From the moment of the injection, from 2 weeks after the injection.  How long from the moment of injection until it is no longer considered vaxx-related? In the current cases related to covid, there is a 2 week delay from the time of injection until the time a person is considered to be vaxx’d.  Events from the moment of injection until two weeks following are considered to be NOT vaxx related.  Then, after one month from the moment of injection, events are no longer considered vaxx-related. Obviously, this eliminates the majority of vaxx-related events from being reported.

The vaxx syringe contents are various outright poisons.  There is nothing in the syringe that is beneficial to providing immunity or cure for any disease.  You are simply receiving a known poison that kills with a latency of around two years.  The latency can be shortened by increasing the titer of body fluids.  This is done by increasing the number of injections from one to four, then requiring more boosters in a few months.  In other words, they plan to shoot you up until you are dead.  Any fool can see that this is a scam to make you take more poison.  The definition of a vaccine says you take a small amount of dead pathogen to give long-lasting immunity.  Not the case here.

The VAERS system has received much attention since it was created in 1990 and now receives over 60,000 reports annually; described as serious (causing disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death).

Deaths from vaccines are underreported. VAERS data show a yearly average of 1,400 deaths following vaccination between 1990 and 2013; a 25-fold underreporting of deaths based on a VAERS report must be assumed because VAERS captures only 1%-10% of vaccine-related adverse events.

The main reasons for the underreporting include the fact that VAERS is voluntary (unlike with mandatory reporting systems), VAERS forms are not generally available at the time of vaccination, doctors may be unaware of VAERS or do not recognize an event as being vaccine related.

From the time that the COVID vaccines came into the population, there have been 14,701 deaths reported from the vaccine according to VAERS. Many of those have come from within the last month and a half with around 3,300 deaths. That’s about 70 per day!   If these reports cover 1%,, then 140,000 death actually occurred.  This death reporting is being curtailed by arbitrary rules that grossly understate the number of actual deaths.

But, most importantly, there is no system for reporting a killer vaxx that has a latency of about two years.  Reality indicates that the deaths are ramping up, not down.  Injections from 2021 are going to cause massive numbers of deaths during 2022-2025.  In fact, everyone who accepted the vaxx is a walking dead.

To show you just how unusual these sort of numbers are, take a look at this chart that breaks down deaths reported to VAERS by year.

The VAERS reporting system was set up in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor adverse events that occur after administration of vaccines.

These include the fact that only a small proportion of adverse events are reported, VAERS forms are not generally available at the time of vaccination and doctors may be unaware of VAERS or do not recognize an event as being vaccine-related.

The VAERS system has received much attention since it was created in 1990 and now receives over 60,000 reports annually; described as serious (causing disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death).

Deaths from vaccines are underreported. VAERS data show a yearly average of 1,400 deaths following vaccination between 1990 and 2013; a 25-fold underreporting of deaths based on a VAERS report must be assumed because VAERS captures only 1%-10% of vaccine-related adverse events.

The main reasons for the underreporting include the fact that VAERS is voluntary (unlike with mandatory reporting systems), VAERS forms are not generally available at the time of vaccination, doctors may be unaware of VAERS or do not recognize an event as being vaccine related.

From the time that the COVID vaccines came into the population, there have been 14,701 deaths reported from the vaccine according to VAERS. Many of those have come from within the last month and a half with around 3,300 deaths. That’s about 70 per day!

To show you just how unusual these sort of numbers are, take a look at this chart that breaks down deaths reported to VAERS by year.

The big thing that people who are the hardcore pro-vaccine folk who think that they can do no wrong will typically offer the objection that anyone can report something to VAERS. My response to that is, so what? That’s supposed to be a bad thing?

They want to try and discredit the deaths from vaccines by saying this. But they don’t want to put the shoe on the other foot. On the other side of the coin, people can say that they’re manipulating the data on the side of those who die from COVID. It’s a two-sided coin here

Hmm…I wonder what made the difference in 2021? The only difference is that starting early in 2021, the vaxx’s were rolled out.  The massive increase in deaths is totally from the vaxx’s. 

The big thing that people who are the hardcore pro-vaccine folk who think that they can do no wrong will typically offer the objection that anyone can report something to VAERS.  This would only be a problem if there were some ‘other people’ who could report false deaths and they would be accepted and recorded into official data records.  This would only be possible if there is a gross negligence factor at CDC.  There is no doctor’s license ID contained in reports that are accepted as official? 

Just in case you don’t get it, I am going to state this one more time:

There is no covid disease.  Covid is not responsible for even one death. The deaths have begun after the vaxx roll-out.  The Vaxx is the only killer in this game.  If you are buying into any aspect of covid or virus, you need to do some homework to understand the game. 

COVID is Nothing More than a Lie

Those taking a lethal injection, thinking they are protecting themselves from a ‘dangerous disease’ are ignorant fools. 

The “Dangerous Disease” is, in fact, the VAXX

In simple terms…you are not in any danger unless you take the VAXX.

Honest hospital doctors and nurses claim that what are called “breakthrough cases” and Delta variant cases have nothing to do with any covid virus.  They are affecting only the vaxxinated and are, in fact, adverse reactions to the vaxxinations.  

In interviews with a hospital nurse, she says many hospitals and hospital doctors do not acknowledge these adverse reactions and report adverse reactions to the vaccine as new Covid cases.  The more Covid cases and Covid deaths, the more money the hospital and doctors make, so reporting adverse vaccine reactions as new Covid cases is the way hospitals are maximizing their profits.  Obviously, a hospital doctor who disagrees is out of a job.  In other words, reporting the truth about Covid and the vaxxine is too costly to the hospital to be acknowledged. The government has made it too lucrative to hospitals to defy the system and the consequences for defying the system to severe.

The interviewed nurse says that half of the nurses at the hospital where she works are about to lose their jobs, because they refuse to be vaxxnated.  We have seen the terrible effects of vaxxination on patients and are not willing to do this to ourselves. Many nurses want to quit regardless, because they cannot stop doctors from making people ill by vaxxnating them.

Medicine, it seems, has ceased to be about health.

This hospital’s policy is essentially the policy of all the hospitals.  It suits NIH, CDC, and FDA, because it protects the vaxxne’s reputation and that of the regulators who approved its emergency use, and it protects Big Pharma’s profits, some of which flow back to the regulators.  

As Stew Peters sums up the interview, it is murder for money.

The nurse says that the only treatment the hospital gives Covid patients is Remdesivir and puts patients on ventilators.  Remdesivir has serious adverse effects of its own, and ventilators are a known killer of Covid patients.  

Asked about Ivermectin, hospitals refuse to use it even if a doctor prescribes it for a patient.  As I reported, at another hospital a wife had to get a court order that the hospital had to give the dying husband treatment with Ivermectin.  But the hospital dragged its feet, and apparently Big Pharma got to the judge and he withdrew his order. For hospitals, it is Big Pharma protocol over life.

Contrast this with the successful widespread use of Ivermectin in India to control Covid, and the decision by the Tokyo Medical Association to recommend that all doctors treat Covid patients with Ivermectin

The conclusion is that when it comes to Covid treatment, the American medical system is the most backward one in the world, or the most corrupt.

Unfortunately, the captive media will not report any of this, and unfortunately most Americans are too busy wasting their time in the ways they do, to save their own lives by educating themselves on the matter.

The Covid lie began with the totally worthless PCR test set, by CDC directive, at high cycle counts (CTs) that manufactures the desired test results thereby generating a high rate of false positives.  This is how the “scamdemic” was created in the first place.

  Millions of people who did not have Covid were reported as having Covid because of the ‘false positives’ generated by the PCR test.  This intentional lie was used to create the ‘case-demic’ fear that drove people to be guinea pigs for a dangerous experimental “vaxxine.”

Fear was further fueled by financial incentives given to hospitals. Covid deaths meant bonus payments.  This cleverness gave hospitals incentives to report all possible deaths as Covid deaths.  The flu season, heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, all became Covid deaths.  The greatly exaggerated figure was used to heighten the fear factor and, in fact, create the current atmosphere among the ignorant, that vaxx refusers are somehow to blame for the scam that they believe in.

In truth, the people dying were people with no’ Covid disease, but were dying due to mistreatment of common flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. They were dying because they were not being treated except with ventilators, which turned out to quickly became a known killer. They continued to ventilate victims anyway based on CDC ‘guidance’.

Known and safe treatments were withheld, because otherwise emergency use could not be granted to the pending EUO vaxxines.  Emergency use authorization is dependent on the unavailability of treatments that cure.  This is why in the US and Europe HCQ and Ivermectin, both long approved, long in use, and so safe that they are available for over-the-counter purchase in most of the world, were demonized as “dangerous,” “unapproved,” and it is why false stories financed by Big Pharma are spread, such as this one which convince people that there is no alternative to the “vaxx.”

The vaxx is not a ‘vaccine’.  It is an effort to substitute graphene oxide, a known poison, for a vaccine, and it has succeeded.  Graphene is lethal, with a latency factor that tends to isolate the vaxx from being the cause of death.  Differing states of constitution among victims is a factor in the latency of death.  So, we witness a strange factor of just how many and how frequently more poison needs to be injected to get the victim dead without being able to blame the vaxx. 

They are trying to minimize the association of the vaxx and the deaths. They are using arbitrarily confabulated rules, such as victims are not considered vaxx’d until 14 days after the actual injection.  Thus, deaths and adverse effects occurring during that 14 days are not attributed to the vaxx, even though they obviously are attributable to the vaxx.  Those reactions are taken out of any consideration, period.  Then, those adverse events occurring after a short period of a month are claimed to be unrelated to the vaxx as well. So almost none of the real adverse effects can be considered or recorded among statistical data relating deaths to the vaxx.

  What was yesterday “fully vaxx’d” is today unvaxx’d. Now, to be considered ‘vaxx’d’ requires not just one injection, but a cluster of four injections.  This cluster of 4 requires booster shots as determined necessary by Fauci, who now says one will be needed every 8 months or despite all the numerous shots, you will be considered unvaxx’d.  Already, we see this booster at 8 months being changed to 6 months and soon to be required at even shorter intervals.

  In Israel where 84% are “vaxx’d,” the scamdemic among the vaxx’d is so great that the Israeli health czar already has Israelis on a second booster. It seems humanity is to become a pin cushion for vaccine needles. 

The so-called vaxx not only fails to protect or provide immunity, it produces serious and deadly adverse effects.  And you, the victim, must continually get more of the graphene poison in your body, or lose your prized possession, you proof of vaxx. Indeed, the case is, that the said to be new Covid cases are, in fact, adverse reactions to the vaxx.  This would explain why the great majority of what are labeled new Covid cases are among the “fully vaxx’d” and why new cases rise with more vaxx.  

They are going to kill all vaxx’d citizens, no matter how many boosters it takes.  Once you are taken into the ‘vaxx’d circle’, you are toast.  Now, it is only a matter of time, determined by how many and how frequently the boosters are said to be required for you to keep your ‘vaxx pack’ up to current.

If you are not already up-to-speed on the topic of ‘virus’, you really need to do your homework.  ‘Virus’ are being used by the public medicine scientism frauds to manipulate you in countless ways that are literally destroying societies and lives.  Enormous damage has already been done, and there will be no going back and ‘building back better’ where you are concerned.  You and your loved ones are on a one-way street to obliteration.  Only those who are educating themselves on this matter are potential survivors.  The first phase agenda is to obliterate the human animal by a factor of 70% of its current population.  This is well underway, as almost 50% of the population has already been injected.

I have written numerous essays on the subject of the ‘virus’ that you can find in the archives for the purpose of getting up-to-speed on the subject.  You must learn that, although almost infinite in number, viruses are not pathogens.  With the level of ignorance among the public on the subject, however, they do not need anything more than the TV and some corrupt criminal talking heads to employ the ‘viruses’ in threatening schemes to panic the public on the cattle drive to the last corral.

By drawing some sketches of insidious evil little gremlins, you bought the whole farm.  Viruses can be forgotten and discarded from your thoughts and vocabulary because they are not to blame for any health issue.  They are just convenient little ‘no-seeums’ that are undetectable by any means available to you. Thus, they became standards in the fake Rockefeller allopathic medicine scam invented 100 years ago to parlay oil profits to new heights.  The covid, sars, mers, etc. are all fabrications used to manipulate you into this very dilemma you find yourself in at this moment.

An imaginary threat to your very being has been sold and bought on a global scale, demonstrating the incredible power of TV and carefully selected and coached talking heads.  It would be impossible to design a greater threat to public health and civil liberty than the vaxx and the campaign behind it.  Many distinguished experts have reached this same conclusion and speak of it, but they are censored and denigrated.  Why?  Is it only because they threaten vaccine profits?  No, that really has nothing much to do with the motive. 

Here, we have the great motive of the UN itself, and the long-planned Agenda 21, with its various subcomponents like Agenda 2025, 2030, 2050, etc.  The UN Agenda 21 is was is also called the Great Global Reset.  If you are not aware that this is being implemented at this time, then you are among the great unaware.

The Agenda-2025 has been forecasted publicly by the CIA since at least 2015.  It culminates in 2025, with the Empire of the West, under the hegemony of the US, being replaced by the Empire of the East, under the hegemony of China.  A totally new global structure of one-world society and governance is almost completely in-place.  It is a technocratic structure designed to regain control of the planet.  This involves the depopulation of the Empire of the West by a factor of 70%.  The US, for example, will go from 350 million people to 80 million.  Its GDP and military budgets will shrink by a factor greater than 70%.  The Purchasing Power Parity of the US dollar will shrink from its current value of 58 to a new value of 14. The dollar will be a devastated and unimportant currency in the new world order.

The current problem for the implementers of the UN Agenda 2025 involves the unanticipated early adverse reactions to the graphene poisoning, which are being significantly hidden by the CDC, but are still sufficiently visible to the public so as to create strong aversion to the idea of accepting the vaxx.  So, there is enormous pressure from the ubermsters for universal vaxxination of the ‘West’.    Biden wants it mandated by the Labor Department that every firm with 100 employees requires vaxxination as a condition of employment. Hospitals and HMOs are requiring it of their doctors and nurses.  Universities are refusing to allow unvaxx’d students to even take online courses! There are calls to deny unvaxx’d people access to restaurants, hotels, public transportation, sports events, hospitals, and even visits to their own doctor and dentist.  A Covid Passport which has to be updated every 8 months means endless paperwork.  Every time you turn around it is time to get a new passport.  

The pressure is unrelenting. If you make a purchase from a pharmacy in the state of Georgia, it will be handed to you in a red and white bag reading in giant letters: “I said Yes to the Vaccine to Help End the scamdemic.”  “Covid Vaccine is safe,” declares the bag. “Side effects are mild and last a day or two.”  Now do your part to control the scamdemic—Get Vaccinated.  Department of Public Health, Government of Georgia.

This from a public health department despite the fact that vaxxination does nothing to protect, requires endless booster shots, and is causing a real pandemic of adverse reactions and death.

The only possible conclusion is that either public officials, employers, and university administrators are so completely stupid and ignorant that they cannot fathom the clear evidence or they require more adverse vaccine reactions, more deaths.  There is apparently a time-line in-play here, whereby the culling must be completed according to a schedule culminating by 2025.  The graphene is a latent killer which was expected to take up to two years kill those with a strong constitution. 

Biden is a minion of the CCP and has had, along with his son, long and fruitful dealings with the Chinese.  He is a small turd swirling in a large toilet.  His ability to get this job done is in question.  He is desperate because his personal status is in jeopardy should he fail.  You can see the deep fear in his eyes as he makes public addresses.  Desperation and personal fear in psychopaths as this are grave dangers.  There are intended small surviving populations, but the basic frame-work of depopulation must be adhered to strictly in order for the ‘actors’ to be among the small group of survivors.  They are all hopeful but very worried.

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed:

Graphene, Nanometals, PEG and Parasites

This scientific and precise analysis demonstrates the complete and utter toxicity of the experimental COVID non-vaccine poison. People need to know this before allowing this stuff to be injected into their bloodstream.

There is not one single ingredient in any of the vaxx’s that provides any immunity or protection against any disease.

COVID vax ingredients have been revealed by a science team led by Dr. Robert O. Young. He found graphene oxide, PEG, nanometals & parasites.

COVID vax ingredients revealed

By a science team led by Dr. Robert O. Young. Young has done great work since the start of the scamdemic by revealing that COVID is a collection of symptoms of common flu, colds, influenza, etc., all normal nuisance conditions that recur on a regular basis as the weather and sun cycles change the availability of vitamin D in your body.  These symptoms are not lethal.  They are not caused by a virus.

We have been tricked into confusing the normal flu with something fabricated, called a covid virus.  The novel covid virus has totally taken over the position of the flu in the medical statistics recorded by public health institutions.  The statistics match out perfectly in terms of prevalence, incidence, symptoms and lethality.  Survival rates are 99.9 % across the board.  Hysteria was manufactured by the public health authorities using a little toy PCR tester that is incapable of detecting the claimed covid virus.  It yields fake positives based on the CT count setting, which is selected by the test labs based on public health authorities specific instructions.  The result is what is called a ‘casedemic’ that is being hyped as a dire emergency requiring a response in the form of a “vaxxine”.

What vaccine producers concocted is not a vaccine in any way, shape or form.  It is a concoction of lethal poisons designed specifically to cause a latent death.  The latency is for the purpose of deniability.  Although a huge number of deaths and horrible adverse side effects began in concert with the drug in early 2021, this was not supposed to happen this way.  The plan was to have deaths begin 6 months to 2 years down the road, to disassociate the result from the injection. 

The serum ingredients, described below, are the cause of pathological blood coagulation or thrombosis, and not caused by a virus. SARS-CoV-2 like HIV,  is a harmless ‘boogie man’  virus that has never been purified, isolated and proven to exist. Even if it existed, it is incapable of causing disease, as is being hyped.  The vaxx is the real crux of this scamdemic, being the sole source of death and suffering.  This is the key point that must be understood to achieve any grasp of the current situation.  The vaxx is the killer, and the object of the whole scam.  The real objective is mass genocide by means of the vaxx. 

Why?  Because we are in the RESET 2020, which is UN Agenda 2025, a phase of UN Agenda 21.  This reset and agenda requires the implementation of the Global New World Order.  The US and its allies are being taken down.  China and its allies are taking the place of the US as the world’s hegemon for the new period in the recurring cycle of Resets. There is no intent to destroy the planet.  The planet is invaluable and must be preserved at any cost.  Humans are just a recently created species of inhabitants that are of little value these days.  Created and designed for brute labor, the times have changed.  Brute labor is required only on a small scale now.  The feeding, amusement and waste removal required  to maintain the existence of humans no longer computes to a positive result. 

The Vaxx is their Solution

You have been deceived into believing that the covid virus is the danger.  It is not.  All viruses are dead waste, mRNA from cell replication.  They are infinite in quantity.  Your own body is producing them by the trillions as you go along in a living state.  So, what is in the vaxx serum that you seem to be willing to receive via syringe injection?  Dr. Young and his team have used advanced microscopy and other analytical techniques to inspect the contents of the 4 major COVID non-vaccines going around – Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – and documented truly shocking discoveries. They found graphene oxidenanometalsPEG (polyethylene glycol) and even (in the case of the Pfizer fake-vaccine) parasites! Young writes that he utilized “instrumentation including Optical Microscopy, Bright–Field Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy, Dark–Field Microscopy, UV absorbance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, X–ray Diffractometer, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instruments” to verify the contents of the fake-vaccines. Young is very open about his work and methods so the scientific world can easily set up experiments to test reproducibility.

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Graphene Oxide

In confirmation of the wonderful research done by La Quinta Columna (The 5th Column) who broke the news that the non-vaccines contained graphene oxide, Young verified that is indeed the case. As a reminder, graphene oxide is highly toxic to the human body. Graphene oxide nanoparticles have many applications such as being used in batteries, super capacitors lubricants and as biosensors, which is the main reason they are being placed into the vial to be injected in the first place. Numerous studies have affirmed that graphene is toxic to the body in general. Young writes the following (rGO stands for reduced graphene oxide):

“The observations under optical microscopy revealed and abundance of transparent 2D laminar objects that show great similarity with images from literature (Xu et al, 2019), and with images obtained from rGO standard (SIGMA)(Figures 1, 2 and 3). Images of big transparent sheets of variable size and shapes were obtained, showing corrugated and flat, irregular. Smaller sheets of polygonal shapes, also similar to flakes described in literature (Xu et al, 2019) can be revealed with pHase Contrast and Dark-Field microscopy.”

Below are two images from his work, with the first showing the similarity between the graphene oxide found in the Pfizer non-vaccine (left) compared to a standard (right). The second image shows the effect of graphene oxide on human blood cells, causing the Rouleau effect of clotted cells that look like stacked coins.

Graphene oxide in Pfizer COVID vaccine (left) and standard (right). Image credit: Dr. Robert Young

The effect of graphene oxide on blood cells: the Rouleau effect. Image credit: Dr. Robert O. Young

Young also used Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and observed “an intricate matrix or mesh of folded translucent flexible rGO sheets with a mixture of darker multilayer agglomerations.” See his work for all the evidence.

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Nanometals

Throughout Young’s report, he repeatedly shows images of aggregates that he discovered in the non-vaccine serums. These aggregates are often a combination of both light and heavy metals, including such things as aluminum, titanium, vanadium, chromium, iron, nickel and copper, or even a combination of other elements entirely, such as bismuth, carbon, sodium and nitrogen.

Why are these nanometals and nanoparticulates part of the fake-vaccine formulation? Is it to induce vaccine recipients to become more magnetic, to work with Smart Grid/5G systems, to become more machine-like or all of the above?

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: PEG

Young writes that he used XRF (X-ray fluorescence) to detect polyethylene glycol and ethylene alcohol in the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca “vaccines”. PEG and ethylene alcohol are both known as carcinogenic and genotoxic.

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Parasites

Young’s analysis also exposed an inconvenient fact: the Pfizer fake-vaccine contained a parasite (see image below). What possible reason could there be for Big Pharma companies to manufacture parasite-containing vaccines? Why on Earth are so many people so quick to inject this toxic stuff straight into their bloodstream without investigation and research?

On a similar note, interestingly enough, Japan just halted 2 separate shipments of the Moderna fake-vaccine in Okinawa, after black substances were found in the vials (those wanting to go deep down the rabbit hole may want to investigate the black goo-connection here). This RT article states that “black substances were discovered in syringes and a vial, while unidentified pink substances were spotted in a different syringe with a Moderna vaccine dose, according to Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.” In another RT article it states that “the decision to suspend a total of 2.6 million doses of the Moderna vaccines comes after 1.63 million shots were halted last week following the discovery of contaminants in some vials in a batch that was shipped to more than 860 vaccination centers across the country.”

A parasite found in the Pfizer vaccine. Image credit: Dr. Robert Young

The COVID Fake-Vaxxines are Nanotech Drugs Functioning as lethal toxins

Young spells out clearly what we must always remember about the COVID fake-vaccines:

“[The 4 COVID vaccines] … are NOT vaccines but nanotechnological drugs working as a genetic therapy. The name “vaccine” is likely to be an escamotage (trickery) used for bureaucratic and technocratic reasons in order to receive an urgent approval, ignoring all the normal rules necessary for new drugs, especially for those involving novel nanotechnological mechanisms which have never been developed nor experienced by humans any where, at any time in the history of World.

All these so–called vaccines” are patented and therefore their actual content is kept secret even to the buyers, who, of course, are using taxpayers’ money. So, consumers (taxpayers) have no information about what they are receiving in their bodies by inoculation. Humanity is kept in the dark as far as the nanoparticulate technological processes involved are concerning, on the negative effects on the cells of the body, but mostly on the possible magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic nano–bio-interaction effect on the blood and body cells.”

Final Thoughts

One of the key propaganda pieces and buzz-phrases through this plandemic has been to ‘trust the science’. Of course, when NWO (New World Order) mouthpieces say that, they mean they want you to trust their science, not objective science. Dr. Young’s science is first class, and the results are devastating for Big Pharma, governments and all those pushing the uber-agenda. This shines more light on the darkness of Operation Coronavirus. Informed consent is the basis of medical freedom. Please share this information far and wide so people can actually know what they may be putting in their bodies if they so choose.