Correlation of the Sumerian Gods and the Bibles

The highest certainty we have in our lives is that we know nothing of reality. Our parents were indoctrinated, so they indoctrinated us in the same matter.  Our religions are control constructs of kings and popes, and the “chosen Ones” who wrote the bibles.  The Public, private and religious education systems rewrite all the books after every reset period.   Kind of ironic, don’t you think? We have just recently started to learn about our world and our history, yet our understanding is extremely restricted and occluded, serving the agendas of others to our own demise.  It is almost impossible for the inhabitants of this domain to even  come to the realization that they have a purpose for being here and a mission to fulfil.

One of the most puzzling aspects of our existence is the source of all life, the beginning point that led to the creation of this world and the diverse life it hosts.

In post-Anunnaki history, many different religions have sprung up trying to explain the origin and meaning of life, creating an un-needed system of morality, with a heavy price tag attached to the values already residing in our consciousness, leading to the dogmatic nature of our belief systems.  Dogma is all that we have in all of these different self-serving systems.  Just ‘believing’ what some other man has told you is held up as a virtue.  That is why there are countless sects and splinters of all organized religions that need rites of ‘confirmation’ to hold their flimsy belief structures intact.

There was a time when creationist theories were dominant. Although, there have been many different versions and interpretations explaining divinity and creationism, all pretty much conformed to similar foundations.

For example, the Abrahamic religions all conform to similar beliefs with slight variations, yet all claiming to be the only authentic, while disproving the same foundational beliefs they are built upon.

Now creationist theories have lost their luster, and evolutionist theories are gaining more believers. But even the modern scientific theories fail to adequately explain the ‘missing-link’ between our leap from homo-erectus to homo-sapiens.

Today, we have various alternative theories that attempt to explain humanity’s evolution.

The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets, discovered in the 17th century provide an alternative understanding, and the only written one that has escaped tampering.  A lot of these alternative narratives were slow to enter mainstream knowledge and thought. The main reason why certain knowledge that contradicted biblical accounts was slow to surface was due to the absolute control exerted by the Catholic Church in earlier times. Archeological expeditions were often funded by Popes and Kings who made it a condition of giving funding to withhold any discoveries that changed or altered any of the dogma already established. They were only interested in new knowledge if it could be made to support old dogma.

Since the Roman Catholic Church had great influence over the civilized world, they would not allow archaeological discoveries that countered any of their own narrative, the narrative dictated by the canonical Bible. All bibles were authored by the semetic priests around 200 BCE for the old testament and 60 ACE for the new testament, written by Flavius Josephus, the jew turned traitor to the Romans.

The Hidden Truth

The God that the Old Testament talks about, Yahweh, is the same god or deity worshiped by the people of the Ancient Sumerian city of Ur, who was known as Enlil while he lived on earth, with about 1,000 of his fellow Anunnakis, all gods.  When they lived on earth, and after Enlil’s half-brother, Enki, created the homo sapiens from the ape-like homo erectus using his own sperm, all of the 1,000 Anunnakis were considered gods by the homo sapien slave laborers serving in the gold mines of SE Africa. The human slaves were created to release the Igiggi, the Anunnaki laborers brought to earth as a part of the contingent..  Once sufficient labor was bred for the gold mining, additional human laborers were requested by Enlil to perform manual labor to build new cities in the Middle East, his assigned domain.

The Igiggi, freed from the mines, had travelled north from South Africa and taken residence in the area controlled by Enlil and labor was needed.  Ensuing from this situation, as laborers, particularly female humans who joined the population, the Igiggi, all males, noticed that the ‘daughters of men were fair, and chose from among them all that they wanted and made of them wives and mothers’. The new hybrid off-spring of the mating of human women and Igiggi men were giants, called, in the Hebrew language, Nefilim.   

Proof of Enlil and his divine relatives can be found in every corner of the earth, where impossibly enormous and precision megaliths survive to the present. from Assur, Nineveh and Ur. to South, Central and North Americas, Britain, Europe, Asia and Antarctica.  Enlil’s brother Enki, along with his children Innana and Nannar also had palaces dedicated to them in various prominent trade and cultural centers.

The Genesis mentions them both, Enlil and Enki, along with some prehistoric tablets. These accounts dictate that these beings were involved in genetic engineering to produce workers, the homo sapiens.

We also have historical records of a document, dating around 5,000 years ago, that provides a rather vivid account of the creation of human beings through genetic engineering. This is a part of a huge collection of stone documents, numbering in the millions, that were brought to the surface from digs over the period of several hundred years. These stone documents contained writings in the Cuneiform, which has only be deciphered in recent history, by finding identical passages in Hindi.

This also helps explain the story of Noah, who according to historical accounts, was around 600 years old at the time of the flood, 11,800 BCE, that nearly destroyed the world.  This flood occurred as the ice age passed and melting brought about instability in the polar cap areas.  Noah, also named Ziasudra, was the son of Enki and a human female.  More than 100,000 years had passed since the original creation and the garden of e-din event.    The need for monatomic gold had largely been satisfied by then, and Enlil saw the impending flood as an opportunity to clean up a problem.  This problem was the very existence of humans and nefilim on the face of the planet.  He preferred to leave the planet as he found it, cleaned up from what he perceived as the mess created by his colony during the mining mission

The Bible tells us that Noah was the son of a divine being. This divine being was Enki, an extra-terrestrial entity who mated with a human female– an assumption that would explain the abnormally long lifespan that Noah and some others enjoyed.  The father of Noah was Methuselah, who died just days before the tsunami struck, at the age of 969 years.

Enlil took only the pure Anunnaki people on space ships, into earth orbit to observe the destruction.  When he later returned to verify the extinction, he found some living humans as well as Nefilim.  At this point, he decided that fate had made the decision to countermand his decision, and decided to remain on earth for three additional Nibiru years, each being 3,600 earth-years, totaling 10,800 earth-years. During this time period, the Anunnaki taught the earth survivors what would be needed for them to survive on their own after the departure of the Anunnaki around 1,000 years BCE.

According to Mantheo, an Egyptian historian and priest, the first Egyptian god-kings ruled the region for about 12,300 years. This rule began in 18,420 BCE with Enki as King of Egypt, then called Ptah.  Egypt, in North Africa, was in the continent under the rule of Enki.  The Middle East was under the rule of Enlil.  Many family feuds and wars had taken place between the families of the brothers and their father, King Anu, had assigned the territories in an attempt to keep peace between the brothers.

Anunnaki stone tablets, also known as Sumerian texts, indicate that Enki, assigned as the ruler of Africa by Anu, his father, assumed the name Ptah when he established his own kingship of Egypt in 18,420 BCE.  He ruled Egypt until 9,420 BCE, at which time his elder son, Ra (Marduk) ascended to the kingship.  This is now the post diluvian period.  Ra ruled 1,000 years, until 8,420 BCE, with his wife Nut.   Their son, Shu, with his wife Tefnut, ruled 700 years, until 7720 BCE.

Essentially, the gods held the kingships exclusively until 4,450 BCE. 

Over the years, breeding took place between the gods and human females, producing ‘demi-gods’, with a higher ratio Anunnaki genes to homo sapiens genes.  The kingship was turned over to demi-gods beginning at 4,450 BCE.  For a period of 3,650 years, 38 demi-gods occupied the Egyptian throne, which time it had been split into upper and lower Egypt in 6,870.  At that point, Horus and Seth were rivals who chose this separation of territory to settle their differences.

In 2,550 BCE, Menes re-united Egypt, with the seat of power located in Memphis.  This began the first reign of the ‘Old Dynastic System’ of Pharoah-ship.  This is also approximately in line with the official restructuring of power, called ‘the lowering of the kingship from heaven to earth’, intended to give humans the opportunity to learn to govern themselves for a period prior to the final departure of the gods, intended for 1,000 BCE.

The Jewish calendar starts in 3,420 BCE., which also has its roots in Nippur, a Sumerian city.  The jewish priests, who later wrote the bibles in 600-200 BCE, took great liberties with the clay tablets that they plagiarized, to give the jewish race and religion an antiquity, which is a total fabrication.  This distortion has the purpose of attempting to establish the jews, from the line of Shem, as the ‘chosen people’ of Yahweh, designated the ‘inheritors of the earth’.

The time frames indicated in all the jewish bibles are totally distorted.  3,760 BCE is literally ‘modern history’.  It is a time long after the Flood, during which the creator-gods were re-establishing the human population and establishing human cultures in all parts of the world. 

According to the Sumerian culture, all aspects of their civilization were taught to them by their “gods.” They possessed an unusually detailed and accurate knowledge of Earth’s orbital plane, spherical shape, tilted axis, the order and size of all the planets, and the construction of the Zodiac.

However, in Middle-Age Europe, a period considered by ignorant historians to have been far more modern and scientifically advanced in comparison to the Sumerian civilization, scientists believed the Earth to be flat, whereas, Sumerians possessed advanced knowledge of mathematics, law codes, metallurgy, astronomy, had one of the most advanced alphabets and produced many inventions. Our history is clearly wrong.  All of the so-called advanced civilizations of modern history (including Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Incas, Mayas, etc.) are legacies-in-decline, from what they inherited from their gods.

All this evidence forces us to think about all of what we have been taught so far, shattering all of our beliefs and causing severe dissonance.

However, once a person is over the initial phase and simply examines the conflicting information regarding the prevailing beliefs, they acquire more clarity, as old misconceptions and fallacies are left redundant.

Without our beliefs clouding our objective view of the world and all of the evidence pointing towards an alternative truth, we are forced to look at history all over again and discover the complete and total influence of the Anunnaki.

Modern History is wrong

All of the evidence that we have, correlates the Sumerian gods with the gods of the bibles. For example, Enlil, the chief bureaucrat is the wrathful and vengeful God Yahweh in the Old Testament. Enlil vehemently opposed the creation of the humans and never changed his intention to destroy them all, leaving earth free of what he considered a scourge.  Enki is the actual scientist and creator of humans.  Enlil and Enki became mortal enemies over this issue.  Enki, the creator, is Lucifer, who, as the mortal enemy and alter ego or Enlil, has been cast by the jews in their bibles as Satan, the devil. 

The primary reason for this information not being part of the mainstream is due to the influence exerted by the dominant ruling powers or superpower on our mainstream culture. Can you think of any group that would like to see the true history and all the supporting evidence suppressed and ignored in favor of the altered and doctored bible versions?  If people would open their eyes and minds to the enormous quantity and quality of evidence available, they would easily see the absurd accounts of history as a lie with an agenda to elevate the perpetrators at the expense of the ignorant. 

Consequently, those who have ever ventured away from the mainstream religious teachings, have been considered as deviants and labeled with derogatory terms such as occultists or pagans. This results in the rejection of new ideas by the mainstream society and the polarization prevents people from seeking or advocating for the truth.

The perfect example of the ruling party narrating their version of truth is present not only in our history but extends to the  present time.

Let’s examine the cradle of civilization, the Middle East, where all three dominant religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were born.

Since the Middle Ages, these three religious factions have been involved in a perpetual war in the same region as the ancient land of Canaan. All of these religious factions are tied to Sumer.

The devotees of Yahweh/Enlil, still find themselves in conflict with the followers of Enki. The current conflicts in Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other surrounding countries seem to be linked with the past wars that took place in the same region between the gods, Enlil and Enki and their respective offspring. Consider that the PNACers and the entrenched ‘Deep Staters” are virtually all dual citizens, Israeli-firsters, who have their mission to direct the military forces of the US to their bidding. It is undeniable fact and has been going on non-stop for the past 50 years.  With the changes in the global power structure, it has rapidly ramped up its operations in Palestine and Gaza,  Biden is fully on-board, supporting this desperate aggression as time runs out for US military action in the world theater.

In other words, the violent conflicts that we are witnessing today, are the same, never ending, wars for supremacy of the Yahweh-ists.

Their home planet, called Nibiru, is explained in the book, “The 12th Planet” by the renowned author, Zecharia Sitchin.  It has been less than one Nibiru-year (3,600 earth-years) since they departed earth.  As they are apparently only capable of traveling to earth when their orbit brings Nibiru into close proximity to earth. It may be the case that they are around 600 years from that point where it is possible for them to journey again to the planet earth.

Biblical Reference to Nibiru

The planet Nibiru has been frequently associated with the term Heaven, as used in the Bible. This little detail is of particular importance when re-examining religious prayers such as “Our father who art in heaven”, which provides us with a whole new perspective on who this father is and what heaven truly refers to.

Hence, we find the correlation between many Biblical prayers and its origination from Anu’s children who ruled the earth as creator gods. The gods had space traveling vehicles that are well described in the bibles.  They came from above the earth’s atmosphere, miraculous in the eyes of their children left behind on earth.

According to Sitchin, the reason for the Anunnaki’s departure from their home planet to earth is because of its location, which lies beyond Pluto and is entrapped in a 3,600 year long retrograde elliptical orbit around the center of our solar system, the sun. Nibiru has its own sun, a brown dwarf, the binary companion of Sol.

Nibiru’s location is dictated by Sumerian maps, which were consolidated when Dr. Harrington discovered a large solar system object and conveyed his discovery in reports from the 1983 IRAS Survey of the Naval Observatory.

The object was found in the same region dictated by Sumerian accounts. Meaning, the planet that is home to the Anunnaki is real and inbound to perihelion, a point in orbit that is closest to the sun, around 600 years from now.

According to Sitchin’s research and translations on the history time line, around 450,000 years ago, Nibiru’s environment was suffering from ozone layer depletion.  Anu’s plan was to locate a planet that had sufficient amounts of gold ore to be used in a monatomic state that gives zero gravity properties, allowing repair of the ozone layer by dispersal into its atmosphere.

The need to look for a gold-rich planet, led the leaders of Nibiru to travel on an exploratory mission, where they found Earth, which was not only the perfect environment for life but also rich in Gold.

Due to the superior technology possessed by the Anunnaki, they could use our planet’s gold resources in an attempt to save their own home, by dispersing ionized particles of monatomic gold dust into their planet’s atmosphere.

As a result, Anu and his two sons, Enlil and Enki, came to earth, which was never a planet possessed by homo sapiens, who did not even exist at the time, to mine the gold. Enki led the discovery expedition and explored the planet earth, finding much gold in the region now known as Zimbabwe, Africa.. Enlil, the son born of Anu’s official wife, was younger, but still senior to the elder son so far as succession. Enki’s mother was of lesser status. Enlil, the bureaucrat was designated as the mission commander.  Enki, a scientist and engineer, was on a near equal status, but worked in direct application of his technical skills. They brought their own laborers, as there was no life on earth capable of performing such functions as gold mining.

All of this occurred in 450,000 BCE.  The continency was comprised mostly of laborer-class persons, who would do the toiling work in the mines.  They were known as the Igiggi, of a lesser caste than the others. After slaveing away diligently for over 300,000 years, the Igiggi finally revolted, and refused to continue the work in the gold mines.  Enlil’s idea was to drive them back to the mines with deadly force, but Anu sympathized with the miner’s plight.  Enki revealed he had been doing genetic experiments with various indigenous creature of the region of the mines in SE Africa.  He offered to attempt to create a worker capable of performing the tasks of the mines.  Enlil strongly disagreed with his brother, but Anu broke the stalemate by supporting the idea of Enki.  The Igiggi agreed to continue working on the basis that they would be relieved of the work soon.  Enki and his wife, Ninki, also a scientist, went to work on the project which resulted in a new species and a primitive worker, the Homo-sapiens.  This came about in 135,000 BCE.

As the time for departure from earth approached, the gods decided that homo sapiens were incapable of self government. Enki created a new advanced species, now called homo capensis, the Blue Bloods. Perpetual Rule over homo sapiens was given to the Blue Bloods, who were also instructed to adhere strictly to breeding within their blood lines, to preserve their genetic superiority. This directive has not been entirely adhered to over the generations. While the Blue Bloods still rule humans to the present day, they have squandered a great deal of their genetic advantage by gene-dilution of the blood lines, reckless cross-breeding.

Converse with an Illuminati Representative

On a web blog called Above Top Secret ( a conversation occurred between members of the blog and a self-proclaimed member of the Illuminati.  The term Illuminati is much bantered about and likely to have different meanings for people, varying from a largely unseen secret cabal of men who have great wealth, power and influence on the leaders of the World to the actual alien gods themselves, which will become clear during the discourse.  This dialogue occurred in 2008, thus is not exactly current news.  However, its impact today is actually greater due to the fact that there is more and more public awakening to the reality of the existence of this Illuminati as an explanation for the seemingly unexplainable actions of those who are visibly in-charge of governments, corporations, private education, religion, banking, public media, food, water and health-care.  The realities of actual events do not fit in with the perceptions of what the realities should be if the good of mankind were the driving force.  People are realizing that what is happening is not according to either side of the political dialogue.  What is actually happening is obviously for the benefit of some ulterior agenda that is diametrically opposed to the good of mankind.  And they are also awakening to the fact that they have no power to do anything about it, at least via the means provided to them by society. 

In the case-in-point, we are talking about a communication with an alien Family member of the Illuminati, who has been assigned to reveal to mankind some information that is considered timely and of importance.  Selecting a venue for this communication has been a difficult task in the past, as you might well imagine.  Attempting to carry on such a dialogue with your typical group of humans would be pointless.  This venue was chosen because it was considered to be constituted of individuals who are sufficiently ‘up-to-speed’ on the subject that a meaningul dialogue could be exchanged without a lot of preliminaries.  This Illuminati invited the forum members to make up substantive questions, to which he promised to give substantive answers within the scope of his mission, as defined by his superiors.  He acknowledges that he is well below the top of the pyramid structure, but has substantial experience and knowledge of the circumstances of mankind on Earth.  He does offer some hints as to the ultimate driving forces beyond pure control and greed that are at-play in the current Earth saga.  Even though it is probably not within mankind’s power to stop the events that are set in motion already, it is possible for individual persons to have a major impact on their own individual outcome.  He employs the “username” HH” (Hidden Hand) throughout the dialogue and the individual forum members are all referred to as “ATS” (for Above Top Secret).

At the beginning of the first session, HH explains that he is a generational member of one of the Ruling Bloodline Families.  He is not a defector, but has been assigned to perform a function that is a semi-regular occurrence whereby the Families communicate with their subjects and offer them an opportunity to ask questions.  He further goes on to explain that he is double-bound, not only by the Family, but also by the Law of our Creator and the planetary Law of Free Will, and that he is constrained to keep his answers within a certain scope, thus may not answer all questions posed.  He also states that he requires this discourse to be conducted within a state of suspended judgement, in other words, to at least accept, for now, the sincerity and validity of his answers. 

The first questions asked by ATS pertain to the Family that is being represented here.

 HH explains that his Family history extends back before any known Human time.  Within the Family, all breeding is by pre-approval and for the purpose of filling upcoming roles within the structure. No outsider can “join” the Family.  You are either born or incarnated into it.  The Family is the overall structure and within the Family are Houses and within the Houses are Lines.  Each Family maintains six disciplines of training: Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership and Sciences.  With the addition of total ownership of the Media machines and your Financial establishments, the field is covered. Knowledge of bloodlines is of no practical use, as only the Families are of importance.

ATS:  Are we really considered chattel and traded as such by the governments?

HH:  By the governments, generally, yes.  By the Family, contrary to popular belief, many of us do not mean you any harm directly.  However, there is the matter of  divine destiny to uphold, and unfold, and  we  all must play our parts as assigned by the Divine Creator.  In many ways, it is in your own interest that you are prepared for the coming Harvest.  Still, even then, you are choosing the Negative Polarity with your own free-will.  Souls are Harvestable in either extreme of the Polarities, positive, negative or indifferent/apathetic.

SHAMAN comment:  In reference to the above, you are here on the Earth at this time, living these experiences as a component of your plan of spiritual evolution.  As such, you must experience all of the dualities of the third dimension, which include both negative and positive polarities.  The overall goal of each lifetime is to discover, or remember, your purpose and identity and to utilize this brief time on earth efficiently and effectively to evolve to the greatest extent possible, so that you can progress beyond this dimension into higher planes, advancing toward your ultimate higher goal.

ATS:  Then how do we become freemen?

HH:  You will never be ‘free’ for as long as you are incarnating on this planet.  There is a reason why you are ‘here’, and ‘here’ is very likely not really where you think ‘here’ is.  How do you become free?  By working out where you are, and coming to an understanding of why you are ‘here’.  You are fast running out of time to do so before the coming Harvest.  Those that don’t make it will have to repeat this cycle.

SHAMAN commentThe Harvest is an impending large-scale death event of the majority, or the totality of the populations of the Earth.  Do not take comfort in the fact that it is now 2015 and this conversation occurred in 2008, as 7 years is hardly a day in the lives of the gods.  In the greater scheme of things, the gods and their bloodline Families on Earth are fulfilling their own destinies by creating this sustained negative polarity being experienced by the souls of Earth.  They have created the environment whereby humans have been generationally reincarnated into slavery for thousands of cycles, leading up to the present-day culminating phase.  The Earth is going to require a long period of healing to survive the abuse of recent generations.  After the Harvest, the souls will remain in a zero-point state for a duration, at least those souls that are destined to continue reincarnating into the slave dimension.  We are cautioned that time is running out for those souls who will ascend from this state by virtue of ‘understanding who they really are and why they are really here’, and living accordingly.  The gods have their roles to play in this situation in full cognizance that it is a negative role creating future Karmic consequences for themselves.

ATS:  Is the Messiah alive today?

HH:  There is no Messiah.  Stop looking outside yourselves for ‘salvation’.

ATS:  Is it the end-times, as described in the book of revelations?

HH:  Yes.  Not just the book of revelations, but virtually foretold by every religion and true account of history.  All are derivatives of the written accounts of the history of the Anunnaki, as recently translated from the Sumerian tablets, the surviving true history of the Earth and your race.

ATS:  How do you justify that the British royal family is a true bloodline, but Ishmael is not the true receiver of Abraham’s gift?  If you are true bloodline, you will know my meaning.

HH:  There were ruling bloodlines established on Earth long before your bible, your ‘Yahweh’ and your ‘christianity’ showed up on this planet.  ‘Yahweh’ is Enlil, who is a creator, not unlike yourselves, but is not ‘The One Infinite Creator’.  Ultimately, all are part of the One, and either with or without their conscious awareness, exercise their free-will to create.  Begin to study outside the box for a true understanding of the Creation. 

The British royalty are bloodline, but not the most powerful bloodline.  The names and faces you know are not the holders of the true ancient power.  There are others above these lineages in the Hierarchy.

ATS:  How do you know that your bloodline deserves to lead and the rest deserve to follow?  In fact, there is nothing special, clever or honorable in enslaving others.

HH:  It is not a question of deserving per se.  This path was not chosen by us, but rather, it was appointed by a power higher than us and we accepted.  We are students, like you, who have advanced more but are not at the top of the pinnacle.

ATS:  Who is your Creator and is it the same as our Creator?

HH:  I need to explain some things about the Creation.  It starts with the Infinite One, of unlimited potential, ‘aware of itself’, seeks to experience some of its potential.  The manifestation of the Infinite Creator exists in many densities or dimensions, which, in your third density, is comprehended as ‘space’.  As space is an infinitely dense field of energy, it is modulated with different frequencies, some of which coalesced into the illusion of matter.  The illusion of matter is divided into smaller portions of itself forming a hierarchy of Central Suns which span the range of galaxies to atoms.  Through the principles of the Flower of Life, the sacred geometry of the elements of the periodic table automatically formed.  From this, all forms of illusory matter came into being.  The Infinite Energy recognized the potential of ‘becoming’ all things, in order to bring forth any desired experiences.  You are the Infinite Energy that is employing the matter of your body to fulfil the intent of the Creator to enjoy every possible experience.

As such, there is Unity.  Unity is all there is. Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Energy.  The two are one.  Within them is the power for all creation.  The state of Infinite Consciousness is the ‘Being’.

There are three primary Laws:

  1.   Free Will
  2.   Love (or Logos, the modulator)
  3.   Light (or Vibration) – created by Logos, light manifests all physical matter in the hologram.

Logos designs vast universes of space.  Employing the Law of Free Will, each Logos (Central Sun) designs and creates its own version of physical reality in which to experience itself as Creator. 

First Density is begun with a planetary entity, or Soul, into which another individuation of the One can incarnate.  As with all Logos and Sub Logos of Creation, each Soul is yet another smaller unique portion of the Infinite One

At this point, the planetary energy is in a state called Chaos, meaning that it is undefined.  Then the process replicates as the Planetary Energy becomes aware of itself in the 1st Density, which is Consciousness, and the Planetary Logos, or sub-Logos begin to form the raw elements of air, fire, water, and earth, beginning the process of evolution leading to 2nd Density.

Beings of 2nd Density begin the process of awareness as being ‘separate’, and continue to evolve towards the 3rd Density.  On this level, the Souls incarnated into the Beings seek to return to the Love and the Light from which they originated and so continue their journey from the 3rd to the 8th Density, reuniting with the Infinite Oneness.

Thus, even though the whole Creation process is set into motion by the same Infinite One, we, individually are not created directly by the One Infinite Creator, but rather by our own Logos or Sub Logos.  We may be made of different stuff as we progress on our journey, but we all live by virtue of the same source of Universal Intelligent Conscious Energy and are to discover, or remember, our assignment and fulfil it according to the pattern impressed on our Soul prior to each incarnation.

ATS:  The DNA mapping project shows that we, meaning all humanity, descend from only 3 families.  Since you have stated that there are 13 families, does that mean that you are not human?

HH:  Yes, that is correct, in a manner of speaking. Our bloodlines do not originate from the planet Earth, but neither do yours.  All life on Earth originates elsewhere in the Universe.  We have been incarnating on Earth side-by-side with you for thousands of generations.

ATS: I read a book about Atlantis that is supposedly ‘channeled’ that reminds me of your responses.  Does that indicate that you had another ‘realization session’ at an earlier time with Atlantean people?

HH:  Yes, correct again, although Atlanteans were also communicated with by other alien visitors to Earth during that time period, who passed along their versions of reality, as they knew it, as well.  It was the errors of the generations of humanity existing on Atlantis at that time, that brought about the destruction of that continent and most of its inhabitants. 

Having now answered this question, I can now tie this in with a further explanation of “Who is our Creator”.  You believe, from reading your bible, that your Creator is the one you call ‘Yahweh’, in as much as your bible refers to him as being “the One True God”.  Please understand the origin of your bible, and the motives underlying it.  Yahweh is not God.  He is Enlil, son of Anu, who is a Creator, same as you, who lived among you with his astronauts, who advanced your process of evolution through genetic means.  He is of a higher Density than you, but is still flawed.  He is not yet perfected through completing the entire process of sentient existence.  He demanded to be treated as a god by his human subjects and was adopted in your bible as the one god, which is false.  As a Creator, he is a sub-sub-Logos of a planetary nature, not even of a galactic level.

Our Creator is the one you refer to as ‘Lucifer’, “The Light Bearer”, who is not the “Devil”, as your bible spuriously portrays him.  This was done by the bible authors to elevate their chosen god to the ultimate status while denigrating the true Creator specifically to the lowest status possible, but only in the minds of humans, for whom the bible is written as a document of control and deceit.  If you are able to find information on the subject of the mystical ceremonies of the Illuminati on Earth, you will discover that they honor Lucifer.  This is then thought to be Devil-worship, when it is just the opposite.

Lucifer is what is called a “Group Soul” or “Social Memory Complex”, which has evolved to the level of the Sixth Density.  This obviously does not make him the Infinite Intelligence, but does place him at a higher density than Enlil/Yahweh.  Keep in mind my explanation of the Logos, whereby Creation is a process that extends from the Infinite to the least by divisions of the Logos into sub-Logos and so forth.  When an entity evolves to achieve the sixth Density, it is still evolving towards the ultimate reunion at the level of the eighth Density.

My Family, as a Group Soul or Social Memory Complex known as Lucifer, were on the verge of Seventh Density ascension prior to the decision to affect the outcome of the Harvest on Earth.  We had a choice.  To ascend to seventh Density or to remain for the purpose of helping others of lower Density with their evolution.  We do this by continuing to play our Negative Polarity role in the destiny of Earth while simultaneously offering wisdom and light to those Souls who exercise their free-will in choosing a path of Positive Polarity, counter to the prevailing  trend. 

Now, at this time, having made the decision to remain, we have received our challenging task from the Council of Elders, the Guardians of the Galaxy who, in this solar system, operate from the planet Saturn.  In order to perform our task, we were required to descend (or FALL) back to the third Density to manifest or materialize ourselves amongst humankind.  Enlil agreed to our coming, although reluctantly.  He had to accede to our greater level of wisdom and knowledge, as there has been a distinct absence of Free-Will upon the planet, thus making the distinctions between positive and negative Polarity obscure.  Beings incarnating here were not presented with sufficient incentive or agitation to make the necessary choices to advance their spiritual evolution.  From initial “Edinic” conditions to more modern “benevolent dictatorship”, we had to take the course to another level of negativity so that some Souls might be forced to make distinctions leading to evolutionary decisions. 

Enlil believed that his children would still choose to obey him only.  In the current environment, the contrast has been heightened and more Souls have started to awaken to the need for decision-making over complacency.  Enlil is accurately described as the “jealous god”, but now that the stronger negative option is more overt and Souls are recognizing the need to exercise Free-will and choice, he is committed and cannot retract the agreement.  Thus, we remain here in this uncomfortable plane, and continue to do everything possible to make the situation for mankind as clear and urgent as possible by means of extreme increases of negativity. 

Please keep in mind that, in spite of appearances to the contrary, we are all playing out our roles in allowing the Creator to “experience” Creation, and we are all on a journey of reunion with the Infinite.  Thus, the roles we must assume during the various facets of this journey are totally and solely for the purpose of helping ourselves to complete this journey, no matter how negative or positive our associations may be when we are on-stage.  At the intervals between the time we are on-stage, we are all recognized as of the One spirit and enjoy total love of one another.  The ‘negative – positive’,

‘good – evil’ is just a necessary element of the roles we have chosen to play in this drama on earth.

ATS:  Can you elaborate on the coming Harvest?  When you speak of the Harvest, it echoes of Chaos Gnosticism in the sense that our Souls are continually re-incarnated here until such point that we reach a specified level of spiritual gnosis, after which we enter a new more advanced cycle, and so forth.

HH:  There is much truth in some of the Gnostic texts, though there are also distortions.  The information has come through many filters and is no longer pure.  You are divine Souls, sparks of the One Infinite Creator, Light itself, undergoing a process of remembering who you really are.  Currently, you are trapped, or more accurately quarantined within the density of this one planet, Earth.  For that, you can give thanks to your god, Yahweh, as you are individuations of his Group Soul.

 Macrocosmically speaking, you are Yahweh. The Karmic effect of his imprisonment in his Astral Planes is holding you in the same planes.  This cycle ended on December 21, 2012.  If you were expecting that day to bring about some sudden cataclysmic event, let me inform you that is not how it works.  The end of a cycle just sets in-motion a new cycle which slowly begins to unfold – – – in this case, a New World Age and a New Creation.  Before the new Creation comes the Great Harvest.  This happens to be the end of the Great Cycle, thus the Great Harvest.  The smaller inner Cycles each yield a Harvest, and then the surviving life continues on the planet as normal.  Upon the ending of this Life-Cycle, “All things will pass away, and All things shall be made anew”. 

Collectively, Humanity presently is still in the process of evolving towards the ultimate goal.  Yet, as with any labor, it is not the mother or the baby who is in-charge; it is the Primal process of Birth itself, unfolding its own destiny.  So, December 21, 2012 is not the day the lights go out and everything suddenly changes.  We are NOW in the process of this transition, from one World Age into the next.  The changes are set in motion and will continue steadily accelerating as we head for the culminating date. 

Our present cycle, 3113 BC – 2012 AD is called the Age of the Fifth Sun, which is the synthesis of the five inner cycles, each of 5,125 years duration, totaling to 26,000 years.  Planet Earth, and Her inhabitants, have now traveled through the 13th Baktun cycle, the final period, 1618 – 2012 AD.  This cycle is called the “Triumph of Materialism” and “The Transformation of Matter”.  In the notation of the Calendar, this is, the day of the winter solstice, when the Sun aligns with the band of the galaxy, forming an alignment between the Galactic Plane and the Solstice Meridian, which forms an alignment of the cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Lunar Planes, an event that has been slowly converging over a period of thousands of years, caused by the precession of the Equinoxes.  It brings about the Great Harvest.

The planet, itself, is of far greater circumstance than the inhabitants.  Earth must now complete its own ascension from the 3rd to the 4th Density, the Density of Love.  Earth has not received a lot of love during the 13th Baktun and is very close to mortal condition.  It is going to require many millions of years for the living Earth to recover and regain its life-giving ability.  During this interim period, there will be a three-way split for those Souls inhabiting Earth at the present time.  Those Souls whose consciousness remains primarily rooted in Negative Polarity will accompany us as we graduate through the Negative (service-to-self) Harvest.  We (Lucifer) will create a new 4th Density alternate-Earth, based on the Negative Self-Service Polarity.  There, we must ‘work off’ our own part of the Negative karmic effect incurred from all the Negativity created on the planet.  Once we (Lucifer) have done that, we may be released once again to assume our prior place as Sixth Density Guardians and Teachers of Wisdom.

Those Souls of the predominantly Positive Polarity (Love and Light) will ascend to a new 4th Density planet where they will begin to work on perfecting and demonstrating Love and Compassion.  It will be as a beautiful new “Golden Age”.  Here you will perform works and wonders of a loving nature like those told by the wise Masters of the past Golden Age of the ancient Earth times.

For the majority of human souls from the previous populations of Earth, those that have not seen the need to make a choice or commitment one way or the other, they will enter a period of zero-point time during which will be experienced a feeling of Oneness with the Creator and allowing for an opportunity to contemplate on their true nature and purpose for existence, before the next cycle during which the veil of forgetfulness will once again descend upon them.  They will re-incarnate on another 3rd Dimensional planet, a kind of replica of Earth, to continue working with their experience of learning and evolution from where they left off.  There they will remain quarantined once again through another Great Cycle and another Great Harvest where this will all be repeated.

ATS:  What function, if any, do alien abductions have on the situation of Earth?

HH:  That depends, of course, on who is doing the abducting.  Most ‘abductions’ are conducted by your own governments.  US President Eisenhower entered into an exchange agreement with Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs, also called ‘Greys’) in 1952 which provided for the US to receive technology to maintain the lead in the Cold War technology-race against Russia.  In exchange, the EBEs were granted a free-hand in abducting humans as well as harvesting organs from animals (aka ‘mutilations’).  The EBEs were to provide a record of their abductions and mutilations on a regular basis.  Humans could be examined, sperm and eggs could be extracted, and even impregnations could be performed. The EBEs were experiencing systemic digestive and metabolic problems, as well as possibly some other biological and parapsychological issues for which they needed components and subjects to work out solutions.  Neither side maintained strict compliance with the 10-year agreement, as the US tried to reverse-engineer all of the technology to develop weapons against the aliens; and the EBEs abducted far more humans than they alleged as well as performing organ harvests from humans in addition to animals.  President Reagan attempted to renew the agreement after the first 10 years, but the EBEs did not show up for the meeting.  During the first term of agreement, the US shot down several alien vehicles and killed or captured a number of EBEs.

There are other alien races involved with the Earth and also with humans who do not have the same issues as the EBEs, thus do not engage in abductions.

ATS:  Why do you want a negative harvest?

HH:  If we do not have a Negative Harvest, we are bound with you for another Great Cycle in the 3rd Density.  If we are able to achieve a full Negative Harvest, then there will be no group of non-committal ones who will remain in the 3rd density and we can complete our agreement with the Council with the satisfaction that we have done well, spend a brief cycle in 4th Density to work off our Negative Karma, then return to 6th Density.  There will only be two groups, both of 4th Density, one each of the Positive and Negative Polarity.  Since the greatest number of Souls currently resides in the uncommitted group, we need to create the greatest possible extreme distinction between Negative ‘Self-Centered’ and Positive ‘Others-Centered’ consciousness within the Matrix grid from this point to the time of Harvest. 

Understand, we MUST create the Negative.  That was our mission, our contract.  Remember, the 13th Baktun is the Age of Materialism and the majority of Souls want to enjoy the self-gratification of this materialistic existence while also trying to feel that they are spiritually positive.  We will only have accomplished our goal if we succeed in driving home the realization that the gross self-indulgence comes at the expense of great Negativity, with the free choice of creating war, death and destruction for others to steal from them their natural resources and maintain the military/industrial complex at the crowning pinnacle.  It is not sufficient for the majority to be allowed to ignore the consequences of their indulgences without having to make a clear choice for Negative Polarity.

This all remains within the scope of this round of Soul Evolution and our actions are being performed in a spirit of love and realization of the ultimate necessity for the advancement of the process.  We are all Brothers and Sisters in the One and act in service to one another. Eventually, all will be in both roles, both teacher and learner.

ATS:  Regarding our enslavement, you seem to be saying that as factions of our Logos, Yahweh, we are all equally responsible for his decisions. 

HH:  From the perspective of the 3rd Density, you see yourselves as separate entities who can thus be unfairly victimized by the decisions of Yahweh.  This is only the case when you are experiencing his influence in this physical existence as part of your evolution.  Yahweh/Enlil is one part of the ALL, of which you are also a part.  Your experience here will reach a culmination, as I have described previously, at which point your individuation will reincarnate into one of the either two or three scenarios – – – whichever one is best for your Soul’s progress to its ultimate reunion with the ALL. 

ATS:  Is this statement correct?  “In order to choose the positive path, at least 51% of our thoughts and actions must be dedicated to the service of others.  For the negative path, at least 95% must be self-serving.  Between the two lies the ‘sinkhole of indifference’”.

HH:  Yes, your statement is correct.  You can see that it requires a much higher degree of Negativity than Positivity.

ATS:  Since the ‘Infinite All’ is pure Love, does it matter if we choose love of self or love of others?

HH:  Loving yourself is not the same as selfishness.  When you truly love yourself, you cannot help but love all others, because there are no ‘others’.

ATS:  Are these bloodlines the ultra-wealthy, as most assume, or ordinary people, including celebrities, politicians, etc.?

HH:  Those who you know have no real power.  Sure, they appear to have lots of power, in the way earthbound souls perceive power.  Our wealth is Family wealth, which has passed down through generations over thousands of years.  It is probably incomprehensible for the average person to fathom the amounts.  This is pertaining to physical wealth, which is meaningless in the grand scheme, as it is, and always will be bound in matter.  Just to be clear on the Bloodline issue, the ones you know here are of earthly lineage.  Yes, they have their place in the Family, but the Real Power Lines have never originated from this planet.

ATS:  Do the connotations of this alleviate the New World Order (NWO) of the accusations leveled against them?

HH:  The NWO constitutes the earthly bloodline Families who have perpetuated the negative, the pain and the suffering, so NO.  Soon, we will come out openly and offer publicly to “save” the financial and political institutions that we have run into ruin through our leadership, so NO.  Soon we will set into play the Armageddon scenario that will bring on the Great Harvest, so NO. 

Also, soon we will have to spend a cycle in Karmic restitution for all of the Negativity we have perpetrated, so NO.

Does it mean you should use the Negativity as the tool that it is, to show you that which you are not, YES.

But never fail to remember that this is the ‘stage’ set for your evolution, where we are all co-creating the scenarios together in a sense of reality that will enable you to learn from it, but where no Souls ultimately die and all suffering is just on the stage of life.  Ultimately, the stage is not reality.

ATS:  Is it possible that our ‘essence’ can be destroyed in the coming times?

HH:  That is not possible.  Your ‘essence’ can never be destroyed.  Each of you is a unique part of the One Infinite Creator.  You are an eternal Soul, currently residing in a ‘container’ of matter that is designed to serve your needs for this period of your evolutionary journey.  Your ‘container’ will perish but your ‘essence’ will not. 

ATS:  I am an average person who goes to work every day, pays his bills and tries to live a good life with family and friends.  How can I take what you say as the truth?

HH:  No one is asking you to just take anything as the truth.  Never just take what another says as the ‘Truth’.  Your purpose here is to find your own Truth. Sometimes others can help you do so by offering guidance, but for their truth to become your own truth, it must pass the test of your own discernment.  Meditate upon the information that I have shared and listen to your own inner feelings.  They are the language of your Soul.

ATS:  So, when the Harvest comes, my time here is over and this conscious shell I live in is no more.  What then? What happens to me?  What happens to my friends and loved ones?  Is the majority of mankind on this planet by and large going to be ignorant of the events you foretell?

HH:  That depends on the circumstances surrounding your final moments of this particular lifetime.  When the physical aspect of you dies, you will immediately return to an astral plane where Souls reside between incarnations.  While in this astral plane, you will meet the members of your Soul Group and your Spiritual Teachers.  You will rejoin your loved ones there who have also died.  We actually do not take all of our spiritual energy with us when we leave the astral realm and incarnate again into the physical realm.  We maintain an energy presence in this astral realm even during our physical lifetimes, the portion depending upon the amount of energy we anticipate needing based on the difficulty of the level of life-experience chosen.  This portion is typically between 60 – 80%, so all of your friends and ancestors who have died long ago will still be present, even if currently in the midst of an incarnation.

At this point, you will no longer be in the state of ‘forgetfulness’ in which you lived your physical existence, but will have the full benefit of your conscious state to the degree of your current evolution.  This will afford you the opportunity to evaluate your progress and critique your successes and mistakes.  You will spend time learning from this and planning your next incarnation to provide the opportunities where you need to grow.  When you are ready, the veil of forgetfulness will descend upon you again and you will move to the place that awaits you, be that in the 4th Density Positive or Negative, or back to the 3rd Density Negative.  Now, you will not remember anything of your time in transition, although deep down, you will retain insight of the One, the zero-point and your ultimate purpose for existence.

ATS:  During certain times during my life I have occasionally resorted to prayer with seemingly positive results.  Can you shed light on this phenomenon?

HH:  Although most humans have been taught to pray to Yahweh/Enlil or some other local god-entity, there is still a parapsychological element of the true law of Creation that can be brought into play.  You are all Creators and have the capability to manifest reality by the power of your thoughts, intentions and beliefs.  You will get more consistent results if you understand this process and approach it directly.  In fact, the most powerful form of prayer is known as gratitude.  Life gives us what we expect to receive, because all thought is Creation.

ATS:  I have been having very few dreams lately, but last night, I had one wherein I was posing a question to you, of all things. 

HH:  Dreams are a key method our Souls use to speak to us.  While awake, the conscious mind is too busy or distracted most of the time, to pay attention to what Spirit has to say.  So, it tends to use the subconscious instead.

ATS:   My question I pose to you, with the greatest respect and humility – Who will we stand before when we are called home?

HH:  Stand before?  The god Yahweh, of the bible, is a paranoid schizophrenic god who imposes unreasonable demands on his subjects, tests of loyalty and threats of final judgement and punishment.  That is Enlil, who is a more powerful entity than you but also is flawed in many of the same ways as the worst of you.  You need to flush your mind totally of this nonsense.  You are God, who is choosing to experience himself in all possible ways, and there is nothing you could do that is deserving of judgement or punishment, as you are playing out your part, be it Positive or Negative.  As you evolve, you will meet many advanced Logos on your path to reunion with the ALL.  At no time during this journey will you be judged or subject to any punishment.  You will only evaluate your own progress at various intervals and plan how you may continue and complete your journey.

ATS:  As you will be leaving us soon, after concluding this session, where can I find materials to continue my study of this subject, that are true and informative?  I have read many books and articles, such as A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Edgar Cayce Material, The Terra Papers and the RA Material.  Can you guide me as to which are valid and offer meaningful insights into reality?

HH:  ACIM has some core truth, mainly along the lines of the Law of Radiation and Attraction, but it is also littered with inaccuracies and false information.

I cannot comment on the Terra Papers.

Edgar Cayce’s work is significant.  Although there are many distortions within it, a discerning mind can ingest much from careful study.

The most accurate and valuable insight comes from the RA Material, which is about 90% accurate.  The Law of One, as revealed by RA, is the most important material that exists at this time, other than the ancient texts that are only recently being found and translated, such as the Emerald Tablets.  The entity, RA, is known to us and has our greatest respect.

ATS:  Do you know me?  Do you know who I am?  What part do I play in all this?  When will I awaken?  Will I awaken?  Should I awaken?  I feel it in me, but I am afraid to let it out.  Help me!

HH:  Do I know you as the individuated human expression typing this message to me over cyberspace?

No, I do not.

What part do you want to play in this?  The choice is always entirely yours.  Whether you are consciously aware of it, or not, you are co-creating the events happening on-stage on this planet.  My best advice would be for you to do so consciously and assertively.

When will you awaken?  When do you want to awaken? Do you want to awaken at all? If your answer to this questions is ‘yes’, then use the tools we have provided to you.  I have made many blatant statements within this topic, as to how you may choose to awaken.

“I feel it in me, but I am afraid to let it out”.  Why are you afraid?  Do not reply to this question, but rather, ask it to yourself, during your quiet time where you work on yourself.  You do work on yourself, don’t you?  If not, now would be a very good time to start.  Sit in silence.  Switch off all non-essential electronic appliances to reduce ambient magnetic fields that disturb your sensitive brainwave patterns, making it difficult for your mind to reach the state where you can communicate with your Soul, or inner voice.  All the answers you seek are already known by your Inner Self and you will surely find them if you choose to.  There is certainly nothing to fear.  Fear and Love do not go together.

ATS:  Are the Powers That Be (PTB) focusing on creating a ‘negative point’ to upset the balance of the Universe?

HH:  No.

ATS:  Was the 911 ritual the creation of a star gate?

HH:  No.  It was a Ritual Human Sacrifice, as well as the catalyst for the ‘War on Terror’ and the domestic “Police State”.  It alone has been a strong inflection point misdirecting the energy of many.

ATS:  Strangely, my concern is that I will be recycled back onto the wheel-of-life and be reborn with a new brain, losing everything I have so arduously learned in this lifetime.

HH:  Your brain does not contain your memory or consciousness.  Your Soul remembers every detail of every experience you have ever had in all of your lifetimes.  You don’t realize that now because you are currently under the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ or selective filtration, which is required to make your part on-stage seem a real and meaningful experience.  The part of your Soul that remains in the time/space astral plane, sometimes called your Akash, has all of your memories available to you at all times.  Have you heard of ‘prodigies’ who have amazing powers of recollection?  They are tuned to their Akash so completely that they effortlessly perform these amazing feats of memory.  You can learn to access your Akash by ‘working on yourself ‘, as mentioned above.  You lose nothing of your memory from one incarnation to the next.  You just need to rediscover your true Inner Self to gain access. 

ATS:  I endeavor each day to develop a mind that has mastery over my body.  I feel I have come a long way in this life time and yet not far enough.

HH:  You are on the right path, in that you are consciously aware of the need to “work on yourself”.  Many there are in this world who are not even aware of such a concept.  Remember that it is not only the mind you must develop, but also your Soul.  Learn to balance your feelings and intuition with your intellectual development.  Cultivate Compassion by seeing yourself within all others.  Then remember this most important thing……there are no ‘others’.  All are ultimately one and the same.

ATS:  My dream is to one day meet great masters such as yourself and study under them to learn all that they know.

HH:  Then here is what you must do.  Go and find yourself a mirror.  Gaze into it deeply and say this magic word…”Hello”.

ATS:  I am still not clear on what this harvest is.  A ‘harvest’ means to reap what you have sowed.

HH:  What has been sown has not been by any other than the Infinite Creator, therefore, the reaping is done also by the Infinite Creator, not by us.  We serve only to separate the wheat from the chaff, for want of a more eloquent metaphor.

ATS:  I have forged an idea of the ruling elite as being comprised of terminally corrupted souls.

HH:  There is no such thing as a terminally corrupted Soul.  Every Soul is a beautiful individuated part of the Infinite One Creator.  Souls are the means for the Infinite One to experience Creation.  Creation has eight Densities.  In the lower Densities, exist dualities, so there exists both extremes of every aspect.  All must be allowed to express so they can be experienced.  Each Soul will thus experience both extremes to serve its purpose on its journey to reunion.  All remains balanced, except for the confusion of the illusion of Time, in the realm of space/time.  This is only an illusion that will be clarified in the future experience.

ATS:  I have always been confused and unclear on the subject of “God” and the idea of “faith”.  All of the multiplicity of religions claim to represent the one true God, which obviously can not be correct.

HH:  There is no such thing as “God”.  The word god is a human concept, which is a misunderstanding of the original concept of Creator.  Since Creation, as initiated the by the Infinite One, is a shared proposition through the concepts of Logos and Souls, we are all Creators. 

Humans, on Earth, were genetically advanced physically in a giant step by Anu and his Family.  Humans have always been prone to consider any unexplained powerful being as ‘god’.  Since Enlil was the genetic progenitor of humankind, he was seen as a god, as was his extended family of astronauts who colonized Earth.  All were seen as gods and worshipped to varying degrees, but Enlil, with his psychological problems, took this farther than his other fellow gods.  This has been a point of great confusion throughout the history of mankind, because of the semi-immortality of the gods.  Over the course of thousands of human generations of slavery on this planet, with Enlil and friends being the one constant factor, he has persisted in his role as Yahweh to the present time.  Enlil played a significant hand in maintaining this farce as the inventor of religions, all designed to worship god-figures of the earth, thus the concepts of ‘humanesque’ god images that are found everywhere.  So, it is no wonder that there is great confusion about the word – – god.  Enlil demanded worship and obedience and invented the idea of sin, to describe those humans who did not worship him sufficiently to his satisfaction.  There is no such thing as sin.  Forget about the ridiculous concept of salvation.  You do not need to be saved from anything.  You are incapable of doing any wrong. Through indifference, you can delay your journey of reunion, but that is only affecting you on a temporal level.

Worship is a human invention that has no place in reality.  You do not worship your Infinite Creator because you are also part of the Infinite Creator.  You serve the Infinite Creator while, at the same time, serve yourselves.  You offer compassion and love to your fellow Souls who are all One and the same.

ATS:  Are there any non-corrupted parts of the bible, and if so, what version of the bible is correct?

HH:  No, there are no non-corrupted parts of the bible from a spiritual context.  The bible is a derivative of much earlier written histories of the Anunnaki.  As such, the bible history is somewhat factual, although it is scrambled in its time line sequences and full of errors, omission and misinterpretations.  With the translations of the Sumerian/Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, you will be better served going directly to the source to learn your history of ancient times.  The bibles were books written by the clan of Yahweh based on their knowledge of the Anunnaki histories, but primarily to serve the purpose of advancing their clan among the clans of other gods.

ATS:  When Adam Weishaupt formed the Bavarian Illuminati, were the Rothschilds the real leaders?

HH:  Weishaupt is of no importance.  The Bauer Family later became the Rothschild Family in the 17th century.  But, yes, the family today known as the de Rothschild Dynasty is a leader of the Illuminati on Earth.  The Pindar, head of the Illuminati, is always a Rothschild.  But even as prominent as they seem on Earth, they are a lesser Family in the larger Galactic picture and of more recent entry into the Family structure.

ATS:  How can we be of assistance to others in gaining awareness of this information?

HH:  Do not force things, do not feed fear and paranoia, and always adhere to the Law of Free Will.  Do not burn others with your brilliant light and do not become evangelical.  Let your vibration be the attraction and above all, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.

ATS:  Are there any places on the planet that would be safe destinations to survive the coming Harvest?

HH:  Many Souls living at this time are here because they chose to stay among the populations to help with bringing the message, whether they are aware of this or not.  If you are insistent on trying to escape, all I can tell you is find the highest places you can live in the Southern hemisphere.  The attempts to save the human physical body will all fail, as the body was never intended to survive.  It is only a temporary faculty for use in experiencing physical duality or polarity.

ATS:  Are John Lear and Jan Lamprecht correct in their assertion that the majority of planets are inhabited?

HH:  Most definitely.  Not all in the 3rd Density level.  Have you heard of some bodies in space that you can see through?

ATS:  Is the Earth hollow?

HH:  Hold on, let me just check.  Yes, definitely.

ATS:  You claim your Family is serving its mission as the Negative Polarity on Earth.  Is there another Family that is asserting a Positive influence on Earth as well?

HH:  There is such a Group but you cannot see or interact with them, nor are you aware of their existence.  Their mission is to protect the planet, while they also send a positive energy out to you.  They operate out of an inner location.

ATS:  A common saying among Christians is “Satan’s greatest trick is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist”.  There are Christians who would look on your work and see it as an elaborate ruse to “make the devil look good”.

HH:  Satan is a human invention, the ‘personification’ you have given to all the negativity existing on the planet.  You didn’t know who to blame, and as you could not find it within yourselves to take any of the responsibility, Satan was created by your religion inventors to take the burden off of yourselves.  Satan also goes hand-in-hand with the idea of sin, as you also needed someone to off-load that blame.  Your priests can conveniently absolve you of your sins and give you your ticket into heaven, thus escaping Satan’s grasp.  All pure nonsense!

SHAMAN comment:  I have skimmed this material and paraphrased out a lot of superficial information in the interest of brevity.  I do not offer this as something that I am pushing or that I feel you should just accept in total.  I offer this because it resonates with the foundation of my beliefs and rings true to me.  We all have built a foundation and it must be assembled in a certain order to allow it to stand firm and support future growth.  I hope this material will have meaning and offer unique insights that will open new channels of thought.  The one thing that is certain, is that the belief structure you have been indoctrinated into from infancy is false.  This must be recognized and then it must be discarded.  You must carefully rebuild your foundation of truth and reality based on a more mature and well-studied approach.  You cannot afford to function based on the foundation of reality from your childhood, your parents, your church, your government or your society.  We are obviously living in the most dangerous times in the history of mankind.  An organization has succeeded in lulling us into a state of apathy at the very moment of our mass destruction, leaving most of us prepared only to repeat the Great Cycle over again.

NOTE:  This essay was written in 2018 and posted on my earlier blog ‘ShamanIAm’.  The NSA took it upon themselves to take down my website for me, and thereby took a lot of my essays off the web.  I am trying to repost those essays in order of significance to our present situation.  They are all relevant and valuable today.

Anunnaki Gods Basis of all Current Religions

Religion is a touchy topic because it is formed on falsely fabricated and flimsy foundations.  Ignorant people will kill their fellow humans over trivial disagreements of fictitious hair-splitting details of fabricated dogma.  This is because the basis is so childishly transparent that it is not even possible to have a rational conversation about it. It mandates immediate resort to the irrational, as has been demonstrated over the centuries and to this very day.   The origin of all religions on Earth today is the Anunnaki gods who upgraded primitive ape man, homo erectus, using their own DNA, to create homo sapiens (Cromagnon). 

It was not for some glorious purpose that would attract us readily accept this fact.  It was because they had a large-scale need for slave labor and the homo erectus was far to primitive and unintelligent to be used for the job. In a project that went slightly out of control, the slave model, called the “lulu” was upgraded four times, ultimately giving it more and more advanced genetic features, eventually going well beyond the degree necessary for performing the functions of gold mining, the original purpose.   

The Anunnaki were not the first alien race to inhabit the Earth.  There have been alien inhabitants seeding and messing with life on Earth for at least a billion years.  There have also been numerous cataclysmic cosmic events that have destroyed life on Earth and drastically altered its configuration of land and sea, climate, habitability and pretty much everything else.  Aliens with the ability to travel through space/time have re-started life on Earth many times.  They also have the ability and knowledge to foresee cosmic events and to depart the surface of earth when impending conditions warrant, as well as to return when the dust has settled.

The Anunnaki happen to be the aliens that were here for the most recent devastating cosmic cataclysm, which just happens to have been caused by a planet from their home system.  This event is the “great flood” of 11,600 BCE.  At the time of this flood, the Anunnaki had been on Earth for about 430,000 years and they had created homo sapiens almost 125,000 years prior to the flood.  In fact, the need for the homo sapiens as slaves was waning and the plan of the Anunnaki was to allow the flood to totally annihilate the homo sapiens on Earth and eliminate what was viewed as a huge problem of over-population and civil/social control.  It is not a very flattering story of history, to be created as slave labor and then to be doomed to extinction because of no longer being worth the trouble to maintain.

This was a tumultuous decision due to the fact that there had occurred large-scale interbreeding between the lower echelon of Anunnaki civilization, called the Igigi (workers)

and the homo sapiens, over a vast period of time.  The extinction would not only wipe out the homo sapiens, but the hybrid genetic members (biblical Nephilim) of the species as well.  The interbreeding resulted in a hierarchy of social structure of which the Hindu caste system is the remainder.  There were mixed-breeds with ¾ Anunnaki genes produced by Anunnaki women through the mitochondrial DNA.  There were mixed-breeds with ½ Anunnaki genes produced by Igigi males and homo sapiens females.  There were other mixed-breeds with further dilution of the Anunnaki genes, as well as pure homo sapiens and pure Anunnaki.  The pure Anunnaki were probably limited to less than a thousand individuals in total.  Any person with Anunnaki genes was considered a cut above a stock homo sapiens in the caste system.  The good jobs, so to speak, went to those with the greater percentage Anunnaki genes.  There were also some very special mixed breeds resulting from inter-breeding between the Anunnaki royalty and homo sapiens women producing specimens such as Ziasudra (Noah) and Cain.

The chief scientist and number two leader of the Anunnaki on Earth, Enki, arranged for the salvation of a small number of homo sapiens and mixed bred specimens, as well as plant and animal essence (DNA).  He discreetly warned Ziasudra (Noah) of the impending flood and helped him design and build a water craft that could withstand the conditions anticipated during the floods and tsunamis.  Enki also left an Anunnaki to pilot/navigate the vessel.  When the Anunnaki returned to the surface of the Earth after the waters had subsided, Ziasudra and his cadre were found on a Mountainside, much to the consternation of half-brother,  Enlil, the Anunnaki commander in charge of the Earth colony.  Fortunately for humans, Enlil, after initially being extremely miffed, decided that fate was to be respected and he would support the on-going proliferation of homo sapiens and the various hybrid specimens, wishing them well and commanding them to be fruitful and multiply to repopulate the Earth. This would be accomplished with the help of the Anunnaki, lending their vast resources and technology.  Thus, the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Mesopotamian civilizations re-emerged, almost immediately possessing a totally startling array of technology and know-how that cannot be accounted for in any other way but for the assistance of the gods.

Over the thousands of years, the populations grew and spread far and wide.  Since the beginning and almost the entire time period, the pure Anunnaki notables were in-charge of everything and began to divide up the Earth into large domains for their children.  This will be the topic of a forthcoming blog, where all such details will be explained.  For purposes of this blog on the topic of modern religions, suffice to know that pure Anunnaki were vastly superior to all other creatures on Earth and were regarded as the “gods”.  The gods were also greedy and ambitious and had territorial disputes among themselves where they used human armies like pawns in a vast chess-match.  When Anu visited Earth circa 8,000 BC, he established the minimum requirements for a Pharoahship or Kingship to be  ½  Anunnaki genes.  There were becoming too many kingdoms for the few pure Anunnaki to physically govern them all.

 This became increasingly the issue as the populations spread throughout Europe, Asia, Hindus Valley, North and South America and Antarctica. It became necessary for the gods to recruit agents among hybrid men that they could depend on to implement their orders and take care of their problems.  There are numerous accounts of recruitment, tests of loyalty and the passing down of mandates, orders and commandments to the people via the hybrid intermediaries, who were educated as priests and kings of high rank.

Lord Enlil – Yahweh and Jehovah in the bible. Paranoid schizophrenic psychopath.

The point to be made here is that there were no other superstitious gods in existence on Earth, so ALL references to god or gods are references only to the Anunnaki or, later, those designated into positions of kingships or priesthoods due to their Anunnaki lineage and genetics.  The Anunnaki had a sophisticated understanding of the concept of ‘Creator’ or ‘Source’ which they saw no particular reason to share with the homo sapiens slaves who had no capacity to understand this subject.  However, cosmic entities such as the Sun, the moon, the planets and comets were observed by the homo sapiens and, although understood by the Anunnaki, were mysterious to the humans.  Thus, they associated their creator gods, the Anunnaki, with these esoteric cosmic entities, creating other dimensions of superstition and confusion in an unsuccessful attempt to understand their world. 

The Anunnaki used the ignorance of humans as a system of control by designating and educating priests, who took advantage of their education of cosmic mysteries as a means to maintain superiority over the uneducated slaves. They relished the worship and recognized the critical aspect of control over the burgeoning population of mankind.  As things progressed, it became more and more necessary to implement additional systems of control, both demographic and behavioral.  Institutions of command and control were vital to extending the reach of their sovereign rule.  Superstition, born of ignorance, called religion, was a more effective means of control than brute force, and it remains  to this day.

Please keep in mind that the idea of the true Source Creator is totally alive here, and not to be confused with the gods (with small “g”).  God is not a personage in some human form, nor has God ever taken on any human form, past, present or future.  Nor is God any form of  a “he”.  God is the non-physical spirit of higher dimensionality that creates the physical illusion and everything in the cosmos out of multi-dimensional conscious energy.  This is the energy that makes your inert chemicals form life and receive the information to maintain life via the all-permeating energy, called Chi, Prana, or other names.  This is explained in many other posts found in the archives on this site.

Religion has been the primary means of mass mind, emotional and brute-force control of humans by the Anunnaki throughout history and to the present day.  While there seems to be multiple religions among various cultures on the Earth, there is actually only one religion in many guises.  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the others, too numerous to mention, religions of the world all worship the exact same human-like deities who once lived among them.  This may seem hard to believe because man has been indoctrinated into the belief that there is some system based on a cult of ‘good and evil’ and, somehow, the one he chooses is the only one among the thousands that is ‘true’ and can get him into heaven after his death.  ‘Heaven’ is where he saw his gods rising from the surface of the planet, going into the heavens in their spacecraft, which is totally not part of his comprehension. He, therefore, must imagine some destination which he called ‘heaven’, a place humans sought to go to be with their gods.

 I have bad news for you, if you are one of the many who have this irrational superstitious belief based on false hope and ignorance..  Heaven, as defined by religions, first of all, is found to be the home planet of the Anunnaki, where some few humans have visited and been returned to earth, telling their story to others who could make no association or understanding with their own reality.  If you really find a phenomenal way to serve the Anunnaki, you too might even be selected for such an experience, but you will be returned to Earth soon enough to live out the remaining useful life of your body, the duration of which is a function of either your genetic clock, or sooner, based the diet and life-style you have chosen to sustain your body’s health, vitality and longevity.  The duration of this particular body’s existence is not of particularly great importance.  It is what you have accomplished during this existence, in terms of evolving your consciousness of truth and love that is of the sole importance.

 It is certainly not going to matter how much money or ‘stuff’ you have when you die, as it will all be returning to the same place it came from…the earth.  If you fail to grasp this important aspect of life during the span of existence of this currently present body, you will certainly get another chance, but it is kind of like flunking kindergarten and having to repeat the course.  No one but you is going to determine your success in reaching the goals of this life experience.  No one is going to ‘save you’.  No ‘savior’ is coming to do it for you.

The fabricated “isms” don’t end with the obvious religious sects, but go on to include many other ‘religion-like’ factions……fascism, communism, socialism, commercialism, capitalism, scientism, Keynesianism, satanism, Zionism etc…all fabricated belief systems that are nothing more than control constructs.  Were it not for your full-out indoctrination, from cradle to grave, into this Matrix system, beginning with the beliefs of your parents, who give you your ‘religion’, on to your public education and further governmental systems, man would be able to express his own creativity instead of living his life as a zombie or a sheeple.

 When you are part of the herd, being a sheeple seems like the perfectly normal thing to do. After all…”everyone is doing it”.  Religions provide a set of rules that require little or no thought, but if you follow its rules, even if you wait until the moment before you die, you will be saved from hell and ushered into St. Peter’s presence, at the gates to heaven.  Now that’s comforting……except that it is all BS. 

What you are really doing is:

  1. Allowing your vital energy to be taken from you by the power structure, manipulating you to worship gods that are not God. Accepting a concept of ‘human-like gods’ is based totally on your local creators, the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki were ‘human-like’.
  2. Worshipping the cadre of Anunnaki gods who enslave you, without your awareness.
  3.  Totally eliminating all possibilities of becoming aware of your own divine consciousness of the true God of your creation, who is not of this world or even this dimension.
  4. Participating in the religion-game of the system with “my god is better than your god and you heretics are all going to hell….”
  5. Playing the “god’ versus “anti-god” game thus abdicating responsibility for bad or evil by attributing it to the power of a devil or a satan.  “Satan has deceived others into believing in other religions than mine, except mine is the only true religion”.
  6. Playing into the postulate that “the only way to be with your god is through some other human who is somehow endowed with powers you are lacking”….:something other than what you find of your own volition inside your own consciousness.

The Anunnaki left the Blue-Blood Royalty to rule humans in their absence

The PTB (Powers that Be) don’t care what religion you belong to, so long as you are under the control of one.  As the luster of the old religions fade into ennui and boredom, new religions are being invented for you:  scientism, technocracy, artificial intelligence, genetic manipulation, NWO, Satanism, Child sex and torture, pornography, cloning, adenochrome, transhumanism, etc..  You have plenty of choices and you can join a new one every Sunday…except they are all the same, whether it’s the

new-age Bahai or the vengeful god of the old testament.  Christians have the choice of the old testament god or the seemingly gentle and loving god of the new testament, except they are both the exact same thing…the Anunnaki, who created us, but then seemingly abandoned us.  The bibles reflect the incredible schizophrenia of Enlil.

After the Anunnaki made their official departure from Earth, around 1000 BCE, the priests of Babylon made the clan of Enlil, of which they were part, be the special ‘chosen ones’ of Lord Enlil.  In 600 BC, they started writing their scripture based on the existence of only a single god, that being Lord Enlil, god the father.  With the multiplicity of gods who ruled over the numerous kingdoms that had spread rapidly across the landscape, it was not feasible to choose one among these gods who would be accepted and obeyed by the alien regions under rival control. They liked the idea of being the sole ‘inheritors of the earth’, the ‘Chosen Ones’.

 The Romans empire became so vast and varied, that the Flavians had their jewish traitor, Josephus, assemble the new testament book on the topic, Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar, into a new religion, thus creating the Judeo-Romans around 300 BCE.   Around 400 CE, Muhammed came along with a mishmash of Hinduism and Christianity to create another new one, Islam. This is satisfying to cultures that have become downtrodden, because they can embrace the new religion as something special, thus elevating themselves, in their own eyes.  Why do most muslims wear beards?  Because it is symbolic of Muhammed of 1500 years ago.  But wait a minute.  If you look back further, which most do not do, you will find all of the Anunnaki were also bearded, especially the top gods, Enki and Enlil.  And then, there is also the other guy, Hari Krishna (or was it Harry or Hairy?). 

The Romans and the Greeks are said to have influenced western society the most.  If you study your history, you will find a smooth transition all the way from the survivors of the great flood.  The Romans  worshiped the multitude of gods that the Anunnaki had morphed into, until the emperor Constantine (306 – 337 CE) found it necessary to establish and maintain control of the vast and growing empire through a new religious consolidation into the Judeo-christian church of Rome.  You will still find a vast array of surviving remnants from all of the religious traditions of the preceding periods, including garments (fish heads), tonsorial appurtenances, rituals, sacrifices (or simulated versions of such), cannibalism (body and blood), symbolisms, speaking in strange tongues (Latin), sacred books written by god, secret societies, satanism…all of the same singular origin.

Before the so-called reformation, the papacy of Rome ruled supreme over the Roman empire.  The story of the kind and innocent savior of man being nailed to the cross by the jews is irresistable to all, except for the jews, of course.  Well, you can go easy on the jews in this regard because it never happened. This tear-jerking gut-wrenching story is an artifact of multiple ancient religions going back long before 0 CE.  Not to mention, of course, that Herod, Pontius Pilate and ‘Jesus’ are all jews. 

Prior to introducing the Judeo-christianism to the empire, the Romans had a trinity consisting of Nimrod/Tammuz/Semiramis who morphed into the father/son/holy ghost.  Semiramis had been symbolized as a dove.  All the attributes that the Babylonians had given to Semiramis will be familiar.  She was the virgin mother and queen of heaven thousands of years prior to morphing into the virgin Mary. Bacchus, the Roman Jesus, had a Greek counterpart, Dionysus, born of the virgin mother on December 25th, the holy child in a manger.  He became a traveling teacher who performed miracles.  He rode an ass in a triumph procession as a sacred king who was killed and his body and blood eaten in a purifying ritual. 

He arose from the dead on March 25th.  He had turned water into wine and was called the King of Kings.  He was called….’only begotten son, savior, redeemer, sin bearer, anointed one and the alpha and omega’.

The Persians have an almost identical story of a deity called Mithras, born on December 25th, had 12 disciples and basically the identical experiences.  His resurrection was worshiped at the Spring equinox.  Rituals associated with Mithras were baptism to remove sins, the eucharistic cracker as a symbol of eating the body and wine as the symbol of drinking the blood.  He is seen in drawings sitting on his mother’s knee while Persian magi offer him gifts.  Mithras-worship was taken by the Romans to Britain, where you will find the temple of Mithras in London. 

The Phrygian god, Attis, was born to the goddess Nana in a miraculous virgin birth on December 25th and became the divine son of the father.  He died under a pine tree and was resurrected by the goddess Cybele or Great Mother.  Describing Attis’ resurrection….”a light shone in the darkness; the tomb was opened; the god had risen and the priests whispered in their ears the glad tidings of salvation.  His resurrection was hailed by his disciples as a promise that they too would be resurrected from the grave.”  Attis was called the good shepherd, only begotten son and savior who shed his blood.  The site of St. Peter’s basilica stands today on the site of the shedding of the blood of the bull to symbolize the death of Attis.

Was the papacy a beneficial institution that brought joy and enlightenment to world?  Well, not exactly.  It is and always has been a secretive operation of enforcement with powers and privileges envied by the jack booted police forces of the Nazis and the US.  In the process, it has sent missions to kill and rob indigenous peoples all over the world to bring their gold and jewels back to the vast underground vaults of the vatican, becoming a possessor of wealth which can only be matched by the zionist Rothschild dysnasty (fiat money counterfeiters) and the British crown (exploiters of the globe). With its wealth and power, it has always been a secretive behind-the-scenes political and social force that has served the interests of the blood-line Anunnaki-dominated governments.  It has preserved the ancient rituals of Anunnaki worship and provided a haven for the Anunnaki priests to the present day. The Anunnaki worship is hidden from the unwitting participants by every possible means of deceit, but do not be deluded into thinking you are participating in anything short of worship of the same gods that created homo sapiens through genetic manipulation as their slaves.

Child pedophilia, torture, adrenochrome drinking and ritual sacrifice were common practices on a scale maybe only exceeded by the present day.  Priests were encouraged to ‘bugger’ their altar boys and children of the parish, just like the present.  What do they care about paying out compensation to victims with the free fiat moneys created from thin air by their minions. Humans are only too eager to take their bribe money.

Belief in the written books of history, as taught in public education and the religions, is widespread, as one would expect when all competing versions of history are squelched and ‘revisioned’ from public view.  History is defined as the methodical record of public events, thus is greatly influenced by views and perspectives of the authors, citizens of the conquerors. 

It is said “history is written by the victors” meaning those who survived in the positions of power to author and enter the historical documents into the surviving public record.  The versions of history you have been exposed to are those of the power structure that is revising history on a daily basis to inculcate into the minds of the students (your children) their concepts of history that support their agendas, thus making things easier to for them to engineer their plans for your future.  Although history should not be politically dogmatic, it is so.  History should be open and receptive to the discovery of new information that credibly super cedes the existing version.  When the collective history of a society or religion is a device for bias in favor of a specific agenda, the student must be astute enough to recognize this fact and seek objectivity and truth from other sources. 

The canonical bible, old and new testament, is accepted almost universally as historical. Now, the discovery of the Sumerian/Mesopotamian tablets and their translations have been delivered into the arena of public knowledge during the mid-20th century AD. 

The Hebrew priests wrote the old testament between the 6th and 2nd century BCE, but the information related retrospectively to events of many thousands of years prior to that time, from the dates of the tablets and much earlier.  Mankind had received only the Hebrew version of the old testament and the Judeo-Roman version of the new testament, both seemingly the oldest legitimate versions of this information. 

No one in the Western world bothered to look at the Hindu scriptures because they were not monotheistic but heretical in the papal eye.  As the translations of the clay tablets were made available and were read by scholars, “the historical aspects of accounts of events were familiar, and the characters and places were recognizable as being the old testament prototypes, but the literal emphases were so different from the approved scripture that had indoctrinated society, that its governing authorities felt immediately threatened.”, in the words of Lawrence Gardner, world re-knowned expert and author. 

All of a sudden, the supposed authenticity of the bible is clearly demonstrated to be a fraud.  The information has been systematically contrived and adjusted to suit the purpose of a new emergent religious cult movement that needed a historical past to substantiate is existence. This cult movement eventually became the basis for mainstream Judaism, which, of course, spawned christianity via the Roman emperor, Constantine.  Christianity, initially Roman catholicism, spawned Protestantism and Islam.  Hinduism and Buddhism were already busy doing their thing during these events.

The point is, ALL the religions of the world are worshipping the exact same deities, the Anunnaki progenitors and present day enslavers of man.  If your mind is not totally sealed tight to reception of new information, this has got to make your knees go weak.  The issue is, what is mankind going to do with this new knowledge of history?  Meekly going on following the herd, as your masters hope and expect, or revising the belief structure posed by these insane monsters and start thinking for themselves?

The reason most people cannot perceive the deception and exploitation that they are subjected to is twofold.  First, for many, this knowledge is beyond their fear-threshold…even when they see a military tank in the street in front of their house they assume it’s somehow for their own benefit.  The second is because we have been taught that all that is real is perceived through the five senses. 

You should be aware that your senses do not permit you to have experience or awareness of even one percent of reality, in fact, far far less than one percent, and that is just relating to physical 3D reality.  Today, in the tiny little sub-one percent portion of the physical 3D world that represents the frequency of awareness for most people, the only holographic TV station broadcasting any signal is the MATRIX.  I do not mean the Matrix that refers to the ZPF (Zero Point Field), I mean the MATRIX as suggested by the movie by that title.

Hollywood is one of the disinformation branches of the Royals PTB who often have some sadistic fun by laying things out right in-your-face so they can marvel over the fact that ‘you still don’t get it’. Like Neo in the movie, most are simply unaware of any other possible reality than their job and the TV set.  That you are reading this blog is your slap-in-the-face to wake-up to your true status.  Also, like Neo in the movie, you have the skills, the intelligence and the guts to awaken and take on the Matrix.

After all, it’s just an elaborate fraud.  To do this, you will need to expand your awareness of reality as well as your own potentials.  The transition for you does not take years in a monastery.  Like Neo, you already have everything you need, so you just expand your awareness to encompass what is already there waiting for you.  I am your guide, but, like Neo, you just have to get your awareness retuned from the matrix to the MATRIX.  The first giant step is the awareness that you are being offered by me.  Once you get comfortable with this, you make some easy and free changes to your energy layer that is obscured by your ego. 

You do this by creating an internal environment of silent awareness whereby you quickly detune from the matrix broadcast.  Turn off your ego. Watch the movie again, if you have not seen it for some time.  You will see how Neo makes the transition from a weak zombie into a powerful martial being just using his own inner mind to connect with reality. 

He already knows what the moves are…he just wasn’t yet aware that he knew.  That is because when you tune into reality (the Matrix) and tune out the matrix, you are receiving your vital life information from the higher dimensional Akash, where you are supposed to be tuned.  The information was never to be developed by you in your brain…the information is already is there, in your Akash.  Read the following quotation from the 20th century’s greatest genius, Nikola Tesla:

“My brain is only a receiver; in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I do know that it exists.”

I have studied this core extensively and written a great deal of information on it, which is available in the archives on this website.  Everything you need to know to transition from the old Neo to the new Neo is written here.  In a few days time, you can be well on your way.

Meditation is a Martial Resource.

Knowing and understanding true history is vital. If you do not know where you came from, you most likely do not know where you are going. You are adrift in a sea of lies perpetrated by those who need to control and exploit you without your awareness and realization. Today, we are at one of those inflection points of history where the virtual reality is being reset to an entirely different structure. Humans have become too numerous, too wasteful, too destructive and out of control. This is not going to be tolerated.

You may be up to speed, or you may have an inkling that your reality is undergoing a complete overhaul. If you are unaware of this, you are already hopelessly behind the curve and will most likely be a hapless casualty. The same entities that created the human race and controlled it all along since day one, are still in control. That is why you cannot afford to ignore this information. Your very life depends on your knowledge of these facts and your ability to react successfully in the face of it all. Things do not just happen. There is always a driving force and a reason. Just realize that this planet and the system of which it is a part is infinitely more valuable than you are. You think nothing of killing cows, pigs, chickens. Well, they think nothing of killing you for the exact same reasons. You were an asset when your specie first came into existence. You have been used, exploited and killed, as a specie, for 135.000 years. Things have changed. You are expendable and must give way to advancement. They still have only one mission, which is exploitation of the valuable natural resource of the planet. Humans have become of little value in this mission, while the planet remains priceless. The planet will replenish itself and provide valuable assets indefinitely until the sun becomes a supernova or a burnt out rock. This is a long time off, measured in cosmic time. There are much more efficient ways to do things now, than the employ of human labor, along with what that has come to entail in this era.

The human population has been steady at the half-billion level until the most recent 100 years. As this reset goes, it is likely that it will take the human population back to the half-billion level as fast as possible without causing further harm to the planet. In order to pull off this reset without undue destruction, humans need to be kept in a state of semi-ignorance. That’s what all the secrecy, lies and manipulation is all about. They want you to voluntarily line up for your lethal injections and go out with minimal damage to the planet. They have always been able to incite humans to war against each other, to their gain. This is one major method to control the populations, along with plagues, gender confusion, abortions, etc.

Just like you do not want the cows to know their destination and fate when you load them on the truck to the slaughter house, they hope you will be thinking, like the cows, that you are heading to greener pastures.

ET New World Order

The UN New World Order agenda is the ET agenda, as the late whistleblower Phil Schneider once said.

Many are too afraid to touch the topic of ETs for fear of losing popularity, credibility or alienating (pun intended) their friends and readers.

There are even many alternative researchers who struggle with the idea that the creeping centralization of power is a manifestation of an ET agenda. However, the truth is the truth, and the evidence, as we shall see, is overwhelming.

If you’re wondering how ETs (extraterrestrials) fit into the whole picture of the UN NWO (New World Order), it’s simple: they’re intimately involved at the top of the pyramid. The UN NWO agenda is the ET agenda; they are one and the same.

It’s essential to realize that the directors of the entire UN NWO worldwide conspiracy are non-human entities: these are the aristocrats, the blue blood royalty that everyone has forgotten about, thinking they somehow disappeared recently, in the modern age of human freedom and liberation.  Of course, it never happened that way.  Human freedom is an illusion.  Do not doubt it for one second. 

If you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, the trail goes off planet – both to other worlds and to other dimensions.

What do the ETs Want from Us?

What the ETs want from us is very simple.  First, stop thinking of earth as your planet.  Just because you happen to have been born here, does not make this your planet, in the sense of ownership.  Planets are not owned outright in the sense of a personal possession.  Second, planets are controlled by the most powerful beings in the game. That does not include you. Thirdly, what you refer to as ‘Aliens’ are not aliens to this planet.  If anyone is the alien, it is you. Just because you are not aware of something does not mean it doesn’t exist or is not true.

In fact, the vast majority of things you think you know are not true.  Stop referring to the ET creator gods as ‘aliens’.  They searched for this planet because their mission was to locate a planet that had gold ore.  At that time, homo sapiens did not even exist.  The creator gods decided to colonize this planet and place a contingent of their people here to extract the gold ore, refine it for trans-shipment and to transfer it to their home planet.  They manned their colony with a core of worker-class people, as they found no suitable laborers among the existing Earth species at that time, 450,000 years ago.

Once the colony was established, they found other valuable minerals and ores that could be extracted for many purposes.  After 315,000 years, the laborers revolted and refused to work in the gold mines any longer.  As a solution to the labor problem, it was decided to use a primitive creature, now known as ‘homo erectus’, that could be genetically advanced by combining some of the ‘god genes’ with the ova of the female homo erectus.

Homo Sapiens 

Here is the where, when and how homo sapiens came into existence, 135,000 years ago on this planet, Earth, then called ‘Terra’.  The allocation of god-genes was carefully selected to provide the homo sapiens with no more advanced capabilities than were basically essential to perform the desired tasks. Extraction of gold ore was done differently at that time, compared to how it would be done today.  The creator-gods possessed highly advanced technology and science compared to our present-day.  Although the gold ore was located deep under the surface, they possessed technology that allowed extraction and elevation to the surface using sound generators, that could both cut and levitate the cut stone containing the gold ore.

The laborers, freed from work in the mines, established some cities in the middle east gulf area and requested that human slaves be made available to assist in construction, excavation, farming and other tasks, and the request was granted.  The ET workers were basically all males and lacked the availability of females to complete the natural biological order of existence.

Upon the arrival of human slaves into the gulf area cities, the worker gods looked upon the human females, and found them to be fair (attractive) and chose from among them all that they pleased, to make of them wives and to bear for them children.  These off-springs were the Nephilim, the giants, the mighty men of old.  This practice of mating with human females was considered degrading by the royal gods and those who chose this practice we designated ‘the fallen ones’. These worker gods and their Nephilim off-spring killed human males in large quantities, seeing them as rivals in the ‘mating game’.

When the creator gods left Terra around 1,000 BCE, they left the aristocrat blue-bloods to govern the humans in perpetuity in their absence.  The aristocratic families continued to exploit the humans as sources of free labor to carry on with the mining, which by then, had been expanded throughout the globe. To gain a sustained level of productivity from the human slaves, the aristocrats and the priests concocted many schemes that were more productive than the whip of overt feudalism.  To keep the population of humans in check, non-stop wars, plagues and ultimately birth rate reduction by sterilization, sexual perversions, gender confusion and numerous psychological games to incentivize humans to chose unproductive types of sexual activities.

Just about every trick in the book has been played on humans but real production has collapsed as the fake currency Ponzi schemes, and religions have disintegrated.  There are technological schemes that could bring humans to a point of total obsolescence.  Humans are expensive to maintain, destructive, wasteful and dangerous.  They are no longer reliable producers.  There are better ways to get the job done.

Experiments have been conducted for a long time, involving ways and means to overcome the ‘human problem’.  The creator-gods are only about another 600 earth-years away from the point of return, as the orbits of the two solar systems progress in the merging to the closest proximity of the 3,600 earth-year cycle.  

The idea of totally removing the homo sapiens population from the planet, to be replaced by ‘hubrids’, engineered from the process of human myosis to yield a new specie that is better adapted to the environment and the required functionality.

Here is a brief list of some:

  • wanting to create a new ‘hubrid’ replacement race;
  • wanting to trap humanity in perpetuity through an endless cycle of birth, death and re-birth (e.g. through the soul net of soul recycling/forced reincarnation);
  • wanting to assimilate humanity into an android-like collective (like the Borg from Star Trek).

How do we know about this ET agenda?

There is so much proof, it is far far beyond the scope of this article to include it all, however this blog offers to give an outline and numerous examples.

There are many sources with a broad spectrum of provability. The ones listed first here are more “provable” to the rational, logical mind, for those interested in hard evidence:

  • photographic and video evidence of ETs and UFOs;
  • eyewitness accounts of ET contactees and abductees of their encounters and interactions with ETs;
  • researchers (ufologists) who have listened to and collected hundreds of case files of contactees and abductees;
  • testimony of former governmental and military insiders who saw case files and worked in “ET departments” of their organizations;
  • declassified governmental and military documents and case files;
  • past and present stories and lorefrom all over the world.

The ET Agenda According to Phil Schneider

Military engineer and geologist Phil Schneider was a brave whistleblower, who went public in 1995 (and was murdered by “suicide” a year later in 1996).

He is the one who first voiced the sentence “The UN New World Agenda is the agenda of the ETs and non-human aristocrats” – and he would have known, because according to his claim, he personally came face-to-face with both Grey and Reptilian ET species while working on the construction of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Incredibly, Schneider got into a gun fight with some of these ETs, which resulted in an exchange of fire where Schneider was wounded and the ET was killed.

Schneider’s accounts include a host of other stunning claims, such as detailed descriptions of underground bases and cities beneath the surface of America, the US Government’s secret deals with hostile ETs, the advanced ET technology being used by secret US agencies, the existence of “corbamite” (element 140), mining operations on the moon and the ET/NWO genocidal agenda to reduce the earth’s population by 85%, and then possibly 100%.

As much as possible, Schneider backed up his assertions by showing his scar to the cameras, as well as what he claimed was a sample rock of corbamite.

Cynthia Drayer, Phil’s ex-wife, has highlighted the many suspicious details surrounding Schneider’s death.

Schneider was close friends with Al Bielek, the man involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project.

Bielek has revealed information that Schneider had confided in him, including tales of 7 foot Grey ETs dictating policy at a secret UN underground base, and how Schneider secretly flew to Japan in a private jet to reveal how the Kobe “earthquake” was a nuclear attack by the US, similar to the Fukushima tsunami.

Note:  References to US Governments really mean the ‘real’ government controlled by non-humans and are not in reference to elected officials from illusionary elections, who are powerless traitors.

Schneider’s account is also corroborated by the Dulce Papers which talk of a fight between humans and aliens in 1979 at the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico.

Now let’s look at some of the proof of an ET agenda.

Photographic and Video Evidence

Thanks to the spread of technology, there is plenty of genuine photographic and video evidence for the existence of UFOs, despite the internet also being flooded with fake photos, fake footage and incessant censuring.

It may take you awhile to discern which is which, but if you familiarize yourself by watching and comparing them, it will become apparent.

As a starting list, the following ones appear genuine: the Phoenix lights incident , ET craft/orbs appearing (and rapidly speeding off) in LondonJerusalem (Dome of the Rock sighting)AustraliaHawaii, etc.. I am a personal observer of numerous UFOs seen in the dark skies of the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN in 1976.

Of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of genuine sightings, it is probable that some are terrestrial (from Earth not another planet) and originate in the secret black military programs which ‘don’t officially exist’.

However, it is extremely unlikely they can all be explained away due to this.

 Eyewitness Accounts of ET Abductees

There are many very viable researchers who have worked with abductees in helping them make an accurate recollection of their abduction experiences. 

Dr David M Jacobs comes to mind as a highly credible researcher and author.  Dr. Jacobs and dozens of his colleagues have documented thousands of cases.  They have found incredible correlation between the experiences, to the point that they are able to piece the puzzle together with accuracy sufficient to draw reliable conclusions as to what is their likely agenda.

From these tens of thousands of documented cases of alien contact and abduction and, in reality, many more we don’t know about, an agenda emerges that is very hard to refute or discount.  Since some people either don’t recall the incident (self-imposed memory suppression as a psychological defense mechanism to protect against trauma, or externally imposed memory wipe/mind control), or are too afraid to go public with it for fear of ridicule, ostracism or other reasons.

UFO Researchers

For those still skeptical, the work of various alien, UFO and abduction researchers is very compelling. For instance, take the work of Dr. David Jacobs, a tenured professor of American History at Temple University for 37 years, who has interviewed over 150 alien abductees, most life-long repetitious experiences and even multigenerational abductions.

Dr. Jacobs’ books are available on Amazon.

Jacobs found in the accounts a repeated theme of extraterrestrial beings abducting and sexually molesting humans to create a race of hybrid human-ETs. These ‘hubrids’ have advanced over time to the point where they can’t be distinguished from humans when intermingling.  It is estimated that more than 20 million of these hubrids are living among humans on the earth at this time.

Take the work of Budd Hopkins, who developed his own hypnotic regression methods to help heal the trauma of thousands of alien abductees – who he realized had become mere specimens in an ongoing ET genetic experimentation on humanity.

The common thread running through these cases was the fact that the abductees had a sense of missing time that their reproductive organs were tampered with and they were given the opportunity to be involved with the offspring of their own biology. 

In some cases, female abductees were found to have one missing ovary, with no apparent scar tissue to show how it was removed.

Take the work of Dr. Karla Turner, a former college instructor who wrote 3 books on ET abduction: Into the Fringe (1992), Taken (1994), and Masquerade of Angels (1994).

As she became acquainted with a plethora of ET abduction cases, she also became convinced that the ETs (many of which were Reptilians) were visiting humanity with malicious intent. 

As Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot write:

“From beginning to end, Turner had been struck by how contradictory the stories of the ETs were. They would, she averred, say anything they wanted to attain their ends.

“As the abductees in Taken reported it, the aliens insisted variously that they had come to help us cope with upcoming ecological disaster, interbreed for our good and theirs, help us evolve, take our genetic material to revivify their dying race.

“Sometimes they claimed they had outright created us; other times, that they were genetically altering us for our own good.”

Many other researchers have helped add to our knowledge base of an ET agenda, such as Mary Rodwell, John Mack, John Carpenter, Bill Baldwin and Barbara Lamb.

Of special note are the work of Dr. Roger Leir (who pioneered research into the shocking phenomenon of implants he found in many of the abductee’s bodies.) and Barbara Bartholic, whose protégés included Karla Turner, Eve Lorgen and James Bartley.

Bartley actually wrote the following about Bartholic:

“Barbara quickly realized energetic harvesting was a key component of the ET abduction syndrome. Barbara was an empath and highly intuitive and labored endlessly to document every facet of a person’s ET abduction experiences.

“She knew the negative ETs manipulated the energy centers and emotions of abductees in order to nourish and empower themselves at the expense of the abductees.

“This process is being played out on a macro society-wide scale. ET abduction is an all out assault on the abducted humans: physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.”

Testimony of Former Insiders

There are many level-headed former governmental and military operatives who have attested to the existence of an ET agenda, too.

Take the whistleblowing efforts of Bob Dean, who has given an abundance of presentations about his time at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) at the top of NATO.

Dean tells the story of how NATO knew there were ET craft above our skies, commissioned a study to see what could be done about it, and that the conclusion of the study was that the ETs probably had no hostile intentions and were here to observe – because if they had really wanted to enslave or destroy us, they could have done it a long time ago!

This was obviously a highly unsettling conclusion for the military brass to deal with, but so was another of Dean’s revelations: that the top commanders at the Pentagon knew there was a very high likelihood that some ET species (such as the Nordic-looking race of ETs) appeared so human-like that you could walk right next to one and never spot the difference!

Dean later himself had face-to-face meetings with some of these ETs, who he claimed appeared indistinguishable from terrestrial humans.

Another former military man Robert Salas (a retired Air Force captain) went public with his encounter with a UFO while on duty in a nuclear missile silo.

This was a military cover up until recently declassified. He relates the amazing story of how a large, pulsating red oval 30-40 foot in diameter spacecraft hovered over the front gate.

Seconds later the missiles underwent a “control system failure”. Did peaceful, intelligent ETs disable the nuclear weapons?

Listen to his story and decide for yourself. If so, it’s certainly not the first time such a story has been told …

Declassified Documents and Case Files

Many governments have declassified and released their UFO files. Earlier this year in 2015 the US Government declassified files from Project BlueBook.

This site shows a list of 24 countries/organizations that have done so, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand (Additional Report), Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine (not in English), United Nations, United Kingdom, Uruguay and even Vatican City.

This is impressive evidence for those who would deny the existence of UFOs.

ET Stories, Lore and Legends

Humanity’s history is replete with references to ETs. The ancient Vedic texts of India mention vimanas or flying discs.

Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, introduced to many in the Western world by David Icke, tells many stories of how reptilian beings feature throughout his people’s history.

Zechariah SitchinJordan Maxwell and many others have talked about how the Bible itself originally stated “elohim” means “the gods” not “God” as it became mistranslated.

According to Sitchin, two reptilian ET beings named Enlil and Enki of the Annunaki created humanity.

If humanity itself was created by an advanced extraterrestrial race, as the article Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes In Human DNA and others suggest, how could there not be an ET agenda with humanity right now?

How could ETs not be intimately involved with our progress right now?

And since the world is pushed towards the UN NWO, wouldn’t it be fair to assume it is happening in alignment with their desires?

ETs Are Among Us – But Are They Malevolent?

More Likely, ETs are pragmatic.

Given the compelling amount of evidence above in this article (a tiny fraction of all the evidence in existence on the topic) – which not only indicates the existence of ETs, but also shows many are interfering in Earth affairs with a hostile agenda – it’s surprising that there is still the belief out there among some circles that “all ETs are benevolent and have humanity’s best interest at heart”.

This is foolish nonsense – and dangerous nonsense too, because it gives people a false idea about our galactic neighbors, and thus lowering their defenses and making them more susceptible to some kind of invasion or manipulation.

For some reason, this notion has been pushed by none other than Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. Greer has done a truly outstanding job in bringing ET and UFO witnesses to light, and has exposed many aspects of the conspiracy, including the suppression of zero point energy technology.

Sadly, because Greer is a leading expert in the ET/UFO field, many blindly accept every word he says on the subject. He insists all the so-called “negative” interactions experienced by so many ET abductees are secret black military operations – MILABs (Military Abductions).

Greer is dead wrong on this point, as Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot pointed out in this heated discussion, as well as other leading experts on exopolitics such as Dr. Michael Salla who wrote the rebuttal Exopolitics vs Exospin.

Some have theorized this is due to Greer’s connection with Lawrence Rockefeller of the infamous Rockefeller family (one of the two main UN NWO families along with the Rothschilds).

ETs atop the UN NWO Pyramid

Many have exposed the ET connection to world events, but David Icke has been the most comprehensive in the many books he has written on the Reptilian theme which has inextricably intertwined with the UN NWO.

Reptilians onboard space craft — art by Deimos-Remus

The Biggest Secret (1999), Children of the Matrix (2001) and The Perception Deception (2013) in particular contain a monumental amount of dot-connecting and information showing that at the apex of the UN NWO pyramid are non-human entities.

Specifically, the connection between hostile ETs (like many Reptilians) and certain humans (of certain bloodline and vibrations frequencies) is made through black magic – Satanic ritual of sex and sacrifice.

These human “leaders” (whether bureaucrats, politicians, business chiefs or military heads) are not running the show – they are willingly giving over their souls to other forces (demonic possession) in exchange for (what they perceive to be) power.


Open Your Mind to the Wider, Deeper Reality

We are not alone, and we never have been alone, as Bob Dean says. What makes some people think humans are the only species with high intelligence or capable of rational thought in the entire known universe? Ego and arrogance.

It is narrow-minded to think so, and it is equally narrow-minded to assume that any extraterrestrial motive or ET agenda would be neutral or beneficial to us. The cosmos is brimming full of life of all kinds. Humans are low on this totem pole.

We all need to remember the Game is a whole lot grander than we think. The UN New World Order doesn’t end with just political control, police brutality, indoctrination, assassination, infiltration, free trade agreements, geoengineering, international banking, suppressed technology or microchips, etc.

Copious evidence shows it goes off-planet into far more bizarre realms (like the ET agenda) than the average person could imagine.

Blind denial of the obvious is not going to bring about advancement in understanding the phenomenon of abductions, existence of ETs and coexistence of humans and hubrids on earth.   

200,000 YO Metropolis in South Africa

The incredible discovery was made in South Africa, around 150 km west of port Maputo. There, we find the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, according to tests, around 1500 square kilometers.

This ancient city is, according to researchers, part of an even larger community with about 10,000 square kilometers and is believed to have been constructed 160,000 to 200,000 years BCE.

The region is somewhat remote and the “circles” have often been encountered by local farmers who assumed they were made by some indigenous people in the past. But, oddly, no one ever bothered to inquire about who could have made them or how old they were.

This changed when researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, in association with Johan Heine, a local fireman and pilot who had looked at these ruins for years, decided to investigate them.

Adam’s Calendar

Heine had the unique opportunity to see these incredible structures from the air and knew that their significance was not appreciated.

“When Johan first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, he had no idea of ​​the incredible discoveries we would make in the following years. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we accumulated, point towards a lost civilization that has never before been and precedes all others – not for a few hundred years, or a few thousand years … but many thousands of years.” – Tellinger

Adam’s Calendar location

According to Tellinger, these discoveries are so incredible that It will need a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history.

The surrounding geology is interesting due to the numbers gold mines located in the vicinity. Researchers have proposed that a vanished civilization from the distant past, could have lived and proposed in that part of the world while mining gold. They point to the Ancient Anunnaki:

The Anunnaki Timeline – Coming to Earth: (According to Z. Sitchin)

450,000 B.C.
After long wars, the atmosphere of Nibiru began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, The Anunnaki needed gold to repair their atmosphere. According to researchers, we can use monatomic gold nano particles to repair our damaged ozone layer.

445,000 A.C.
The Anunnaki astronauts landed on Earth and established their base in the Persian Gulf, building a new city, Eridu. Wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf, they were led by Enki, son of King Anu.

416,000 B.C.
Gold production was insufficient, which made Anu come to Earth. Beside him his other son Enlil arrived. Anu decided that mining would take place in Africa and promoted Enlil to the position of commander of the Earth colony.

400,000 B.C.
In southern Mesopotamia were seven developed nations. Among the most important were:  “Sipar”, “Nippur” and “Shuruppak”. After the metal was refined, the ore was transported from Africa by ‘ship’, processed, packaged and sent into orbit.

You can take a look at these incredible mine structures with Google Earth using the following coordinates:

Carolina: 25 55 ‘53.28? S / 30 16 ‘13.13? E
Badplaas: 25 47 ‘33.45? S / 30 40 ‘38.76? E
Waterval: 25 38 ‘07.82? S / 30 21 ‘18.79? E
Machadodorp: 25 39 ‘22.42? S / 30 17 ‘03.25? E

These incredible ruins mostly consist of stone circles, most have been buried in the sand and are only observable by plane or satellites. Some have been exposed to weather that has removed the sand, revealing the walls and foundations.

“I see myself as someone quite open-minded but I admit that it took me over a year to figure it out, and I realized that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by man on Earth. The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from South Africa. Powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places.” – Tellinger

According to Tellinger, it shows that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier advanced civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an exact stone calendar right in the heart of it all.

Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilization which they now call the FIRST PEOPLE. These were the ancestors of all humans today possessed with an advanced knowledge of energy fields existing throughout planet Earth.

The geometry is significant for cymatic levitation

They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, deified the sun, and are the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh – key of life and universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to exist.

Tellinger presents this groundbreaking new evidence which is released in his latest book Temples Of The African Gods. It graphically exposes these discoveries and will undoubtedly be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history.