Can You Explain the Reason Why the Vaxxinated are 9X More Likely to Get Diseased and Die Than the Unvaxx’d?

Even with every imaginable suppression trick and manipulation of the data, the critics cannot dispute this. They can only ignore this fact, offer hand-waving arguments with no actual supporting data or make up ridiculous stories and “studies” that oppose the facts, hoping many will never look at the data.

This chart from Mathew Crawford basically shows, the more you vaccinate, the more cases and deaths you get.

This is simple data, spanning the age spectrum.  Critics can cherry pick some parameters and show some variation in the results, but the same critics cannot show this data to be false. They can only do unsubstantiated trickery of absurdly chosen data points in an attempt to confuse you.

If there is data to show vaxxinations are safe, Governments would definitely release the data.  They are desperate to convince you to get in line and roll up your sleeve.  Their problem is that general awareness of the fact is gaining traction and people see the direct and simple correlation between injection of vaxx serum and ensuing death and serious illnesses leading to further premature death.

Government supported public health authorities don’t release the breakdowns publicly. If the vaccines are at all safe or efficacious, why don’t they release the data to the public to show this?  Recently, your most trusted public health authorities, such as Fauci and Gates are admitting the vaxx seems to be an abject failure.

Is this just a temporary fluke? The graph line goes the wrong way. More vaxxinations, more deaths.  Istrael, Austria, Germany, UK, US and all other heavily vaxx’d societies are amassing huge death counts while Africa, for example, with low vaxx levels has little problem with the scam disease. The health authorities are never going to acknowledge this because it would divulge their real agenda Depopulation. So, they have to keep on singing the same tune: “Safe and effective” while the facts pile up and become more obvious by the day. One of their favorite tricks is the coining of a never-ending string of covid variants, everyone more fake the prior one.

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