Apparently Walensky too Stupid to Read Her Own Data

“Pandemic” is the new word the Globalists love to use for controlling the masses through fear.

And why not, since they had such great success in using it last year to destroy tens of thousands of businesses, drive record rates of suicide among children, many billions of people to wear face masks and stay home, simply by renaming the “flu” and using the magic word: PANDEMIC.

The promise that vaccines would give you freedom was just a calculated lie. Now, even those who are vaccinated are being subjected to new lockdowns and mask mandates, all over the world. They are also the ones who are admittedly 8 times more susceptible to infections and deaths than the unvaxxed.

The real goal of all this is to crush humanity, keep people in a state of plandemic fear, and justify endless injections with toxic experimental EUO vaxxines.

What we’ve all experienced so far is just the beginning of the nightmare yet to come from tyrannical masters of national governments.

And while this “COVID-19 Pandemic” was raging TV hype and supposedly killing hundreds of thousands of people, as determined simply by a fake PCR test yielding false “positives” for this “killer virus”, almost nobody seemed to notice that the flu completely disappeared at the same time.

 So, here we have the familiar common-flu disappeared, replaced by the common-flu-like covid virus that yields the exact same mortality statistics as past year records prove.  You can not have a pandemic without massive excess mortality, as when compared to prior year statistics.  This world has no excess mortality anywhere.  You do not have to be more than an idiot to see what is going on. 

If You Still Believe The Mainstream Narrative On COVID, Then Answer These Questions.

Yesterday, July 16, 2021, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky officially named the newest “plandemic” they want everyone to fear: the “plandemic of the unvaxxinated.” Without any evidence to support this claim, at all.  In fact, all of the reluctantly released evidence proves clearly that the scamdemic is occurring among the vaxxinated, not the unvaxxinated. With the fat salaries they are paying these boobs, you would expect they could hire a ‘chief boob’ who can understand her own data.

This new “plandemic,” announced from the White House COVID-19 Response briefing, which included mass-murderer Anthony Fauci and White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, was also written down as a script to be distributed to the Pharma-controlled corporate media as well, as is evidenced by the almost identical headline and text repeated verbatim by all, demonstrating yet again that real investigative reporting on anything involving vaxxines or drugs no longer exists in the corporate media.

If you are one of the increasing number of individuals who has abandoned the corporate media as a “news” source, and have started investigating things for yourself, then you will clearly see that this “new plandemic” has all the same features as the ones that destroyed our country last year. Expect a new round of lockdowns, masking, distancing, restrictions, come down in short order.

Statistics based on “lab tests” that they control, and just outright lies, with a single purpose: to get more people “vaxxinated” with COVID-19 lethal injections.

Anyone with a high school education and the ability to do searches on the Internet, particularly on the Government’s own websites, such as, can easily fact-check what Walensky and Fauci said, and conclude that they are lies.

But will you actually do that?

Here is the official narrative that was put out by the Associated Press and copied by most of the corporate media yesterday:

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. is becoming “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Speaking during a White House briefing, Dr. Rochelle Walensky says cases in the U.S. are up about 70% over the last week, hospital admissions are up 36% and deaths rose by 26%. Nearly all hospital admissions and deaths, she says, are among the unvaccinated.

White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients echoed the pandemic is “one that predominantly threatens unvaccinated people.”

The statements are the direct opposite of the facts and figures released just last week by the faltering authorities.

He says the Biden administration expects cases to increase in the weeks ahead because of spread in communities with low vaccination rates. Four states accounted for 40% of new cases last week, with one in five coming from Florida. I have read this week, and last week and the week before that the spread is confined to the nations with the highest rate of vaxxine.  So, here we have statements that are directly contradicting themselves from the same mouthpieces.

Has everyone forgotten how they jacked the case counts up last year by intentionally ‘setting’ the PCR tester too sensitive, yielding the result they wanted.  Last year it was massive amounts of cases.  Earlier this year, when the vaxx’d all tested ‘positive’, they set the CT count down, to yield almost all ‘negatives’.  Now, they have made up some nonsense about variants and the push is on to create more cases.

If you want to listen to what Rochelle Walensky actually said, you need to watch her presentation on the White House YouTube channel, since you cannot trust anything the corporate media “reports.”

Regarding “cases”, does anything else really need to be said about how they create these “cases” basically out of thin air to generate fear among the public.

We published a blog from an interview with Dr. David Martin yesterday, who has revealed that there have been patents in place or applied-for, for all these “Coronaviruses,” including Sars, for decades now, and that “new variants” are simply finding a pre-determined “fragment” of something that they can label as whatever they want. The facts are, they have not succeeded in finding any evidence of the existence of any of these myriad viruses.  This does not slow them down for even a second to obtain patents however.

This “deadly new variant” they are calling the “Delta Variant” was being taunted in the UK last month to create fear and to begin the rationale for new lockdowns and a restriction of travel. and we published REAL data to show that hospitalizations and deaths were NOT increasing due to this non-existent “new variant.”

We also included former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon’s testimony that in the history of “new viruses” variants have never been more than .003% different from the original virus. They are just making these lies up wholesale, as fast as they can dream up new material.

Therefore, the best thing you can do whenever you see fancy graphs and charts displayed to try and convince you that “cases” are increasing, and also using their other buzzword, “transmission,” is to simply IGNORE THEM!

They are meaningless.

So, what about Walensky’s claim that deaths due to COVID rose by 26% this past week “after weeks of decline”? Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

But again, if they can create “cases” out of thin air and claim that “cases are increasing,” then all these other stats are equally meaningless.

But let’s look at what the CDC is actually reporting in terms of “deaths” anyway, so that we can easily catch them in their own lies.

First, here is the graphic that Walensky used for that “statistic”:

This “headline news” that made its way through the corporate media yesterday about this deadly new “plandemic of unvaxxinated” is based on 310 deaths from the “deadly Delta variant” from the ENTIRE U.S. for one day, 7/14/21.

According to these “statistics” then, that one day raised the “7-day death average” from 167 deaths to 211 deaths, FOR THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES, where currently 3,150 people die every day, according to the CDC’s own statistics. We do live in a world where births and deaths occur normally.  However, births barely occurring at all, as, between those whose sex gender is unknown to them and planned sterility, it is forecast that the last birth will soon be at hand.

Here’s your “plandemic.”

It would be like taking a city with a population of a million people, where there was one recorded death last year due to drowning in a swimming pool, and then this summer there are now 2 deaths due to drowning in a swimming pool, so you create a headline to distribute to the Press that states: “100% Increase in Deaths Due to Drowning in Swimming Pools!” and then have the city council force all owners of swimming pools to install fences around their pools, instantly creating tens of thousands of jobs for contractors who sell and install fences for swimming pools.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book: spin the stats for your own purpose. Make them alarming with no substance.

They are actually trying to create a “plandemic” in the middle of summer, when historically deaths have always declined this time of year, until the flu season begins to kick in again in the Fall.

Here are the latest death stats directly from the CDC website:

I only screen captured a portion of the data which shows week 19 ending 5/15/21 through the last week available at the time of publication, 7/10/21.

You can clearly see that the death statistics are following the normal summer pattern of decreasing. It shows that from week 19 there were a recorded 55,384 deaths in the U.S. decreasing to week 27 (last week) recording only 22,042 deaths.

That’s a decrease of greater than 50% of deaths recorded over the past 8 weeks.

The number of fake “COVID-19 deaths” are decreasing as well, even though these are bogus stats since the way they “test” for “deaths caused by COVID-19” is completely subjective and cannot be considered viable or accurate in any sense.

Does this look like a “pandemic” to you?

Where Is the Pandemic? Total Deaths In 2020 Are NO DIFFERENT Than Prior Years.

And yet, Walensky just told the nation that this is a “pandemic,” and that the increases in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are primarily among the unvaxxinated, even though she provided NO DATA to support that claim. She stated:

We are going to continue to see preventable cases, hospitalizations, and sadly deaths among the unvaccinated.  Yet, the real data shows clearly that deaths among the unvaxxinated are dramatically less, while death among the vaxx’d are shooting up the charts.

We know that thousands of people fully vaxxinated are still being tested positive for COVID, as they are called “breakthrough” cases.

What does the actual data state in regards to those entering hospitals and dying in terms of their “vaxxination status”?

Actually, we don’t know, because on May 1, 2021 the CDC decided to stop counting “breakthrough cases.” They stopped this for obvious reasons…the “breakthrough” cases are exploding.  Can’t be recording or reporting on this, now can we?

In case this page disappears, or is edited, something that happens frequently on the CDC website, here is a screen shot as of today:

So when Rochelle Walensky tells the American people that primarily unvaxxinated people are being hospitalized and dying now due to this “deadly new variant,” she is flat out LYING to the American people, in the face of her own evidence proving the contrary.

She is serving her handlers who put her into office, the Wall Street Billionaires and Bankers who have given her and the Biden Administration a goal to get 70% of the American public “vaccinated” with one of the COVID-19 injections, that are not even approved by the FDA yet, and have already killed at least 47,000 and crippled an untold number, over one million, Americans, including thousandss of unwanted terminations of pregnancies.

What is the legal term for someone who lies to the public with the intent to deceive, where the results can lead to death and great harm?

FRAUD with intent to kill.

Everybody who spoke on that White House panel yesterday, Rochelle Walensky, Anthony Fauci, and Jeff Zients, should immediately be arrested for fraud with intent to kill and crimes against humanity.

If this does not happen, and happen soon, then all of us who know how to think for ourselves and not fall for the propaganda, now have a target on our backs as “unvaxxinated” and “domestic terrorists”, and it is only a matter of time before violent civil war breaks out in this country.

If you serve this country in the military, law enforcement, intelligence community, or any of the multitude of government “health” agencies, the day is now here to choose what side you are on.

If you continue to remain silent and do nothing, then you are just as guilty as these criminals deceiving the public.

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