Anunnaki Pedophilia Syndrome

Awareness of Pedophilia is on the increase – it is a very lucrative, huge, international industry. The Anunnaki Have always demanded the first-born children from human mating and have given example of detrimental behavioral disorders to their minion slave creations..

This has been done with alcohol, gambling, prostitution, pornography, drugs, slavery, cannibalism, human and animal sacrifices, wars, religions, psychopathy etc. The recent mass awareness of pedophilia is due to copycat behavior on the part of the divine Royals and their minions among the ranks of humans. As the ratio of psychopaths increases, the incidence of pedophilia increases by creep-down. It has always been rampant at the top of the pyramid, but it is creeping down to the broader tiers.

It started here

One might wonder why religions would be clumped into this category. The jewish bibles, adopted by Christian humans, is amply full of references of pedophilia practiced by gods and priests alike.  It is only to be expected to have migrated into the ranks of the politically powerful as well as among wealthy power figures in corporate and other fields.  It seems to migrate further and further down the ranks as psychopathy explodes among the ranks gods, demi-gods and humans alike. 

The ruling Royalty, in the absence of the gods, often play a double game by being both the punisher and the promoter of certain acts for discipline, control and fear.  That is, they, by way of example, promote certain activities and allow some individuals to partake in the privelege of abuse, which may actually afford advantages in selection of minions who display similar psychopathy..

It goes to this level

When there is too much general awareness, they can sacrifice some unimportant offenders and claim the problem is solved and just punishment has been meted out. They can get mileage out of promoting their image as ones who are attempting to correct wrongs that just cropped up out of human evil or ‘sinfullness’.

Here we have the case of top authority retaining their position of respectability, akin to corrupt police investigating corruption.

Understanding pedophilia is difficult because many think that pedophiles chase after children only for perverted sexual gratification, but that is not always the case. There are esoteric reasons that drive pedophiles, although very few of the perpetrators would be conscious of these.

Furthermore, pedophilia is a far too civilized term for what is really going on in many cases.  We are talking about blood rituals to adrenalize the blood of the child, which is taken for the purpose of further ritual blood drinking and even cannibalism. I use the term pedovoria to differentiate the aspects of the crime.

It goes to this level

Pedophilia is not a newly developed phenomenon. It has been around for thousands and thousands of years. In fact, in some cultures, it is quietly acknowledged as an acceptable practice even though it raises some eyebrows. It is something akin to a right of ownership

Humans are the creations of the Anunnaki gods and literally their possessions.  It is found in other aspects of society, such as religions that practice rites of consumption of ‘body and blood’ as a routine practice.  This sickening behavior flows from the royal gods to the Royal demi-gods, created by the Anunnaki to rule humans in their absence.  From this point, we have humans who offer themselves into the employ of the demi-gods, providing needed assistance in maintaining control over the system of rule.

 Despite the differences in cultural and socio-economic situations, there is a common thread underlying such practices – pedophiles “rob” energy from young, vibrant children.

All pedophiles are, in this sense, energy “vampires”. Nearly all of the pedophiles are Anunnaki Remnants or they have succumbed to Anunnaki programming. In rare cases, the tendency towards pedophilia could be due to possession of the physical body by an Anunnaki consciousness.

Some ancient cultures believe that the “pure” energy from young children, especially virgins, can heal their maladies such as: tuberculosis, impotency, leprosy, ageing, and especially the sexually transmitted diseases of syphilis and Gonorrhea.

Often, children from poor families are sold or hired out to rich people to pay off debts. The pathetic children are then abused by wealthy pedophiles or sick and elderly ones that seek cures. Imagine what an impact this has on the victims!

The Anunnaki do not care what impact their horrific, demonic, repulsive behavior has upon their victims and their families.

Many people have disdained this behavior for centuries, yet they have been powerless to stop it because the Anunnaki masters are still active participants in it.

Also, the topic is so shameful, unpleasant and painful that discussion of it is avoided if possible, especially by the families involved. Many children have been abducted or sold to cater to pedophiles.

The numbers of pedovores in the world is many millions.  If each one indulges only one time per week, the numbers are staggering.  Even US statistics admit to over 8 million children each year disappearing into the system, never to be heard from again.  These cases are not pursued by the law enforcement system, due to the elevated stats of perpetrators in the society at large.


Today, especially in third-world countries, child prostitution is on the increase. The internet is loaded with child pornography and sites that solicit child-adult sexual encounters. Some people are so addicted to pornography that even their work computers are loaded with it and it is freely circulated in some offices. In some cases, those who object to the circulation of pornography are being harassed by those who participate in it.

Pedophilia occurs in many settings where youths congregate, such as: schools, youth centers, churches and Sunday schools, scout groups, sports, camps, child nurseries etc. It also occurs very close to home, with incest being rampant in some cultures. Child Welfare Services is rife with child sex trafficking, with children that no one is looking for outside the CWS system. 

In extreme cases, old men choose pre-teenage, virgin females for wives, using the façade of legality and custom to support their energy “vampirism”.

Pedophilia is a common tool used by the Anunnaki, and probably other dimensionally advanced races of space/time travelers, in their various endeavors. The Anunnaki, being capable of creating new races of people based on their own genetics, have no compunction or disdain for this practice, any more than humans would in their own genetic experiments.  Already, we learn of new sources of food meats from cloning and 3d printing.  I assure you that humans have no compunctions about this general concept at all.

Bohemian Grove level

Most pedophiles seem to be male due to Anunnaki male chauvinism, but then, we have the well-known case of Hillary Clinton and her proteges. Some females are used to solicit and cover up for male pedophiles and do so willingly.

Some police forces actively use their power over young children in various situations where they can take advantage their coercive power to squelch any revelations.  They can perpetrate these types of crimes and be charged, receiving no punishment what-so-ever. After the children are abused by those perverts, the police make arrests and the prosecutors obtain convictions based on no punishment except for a little suspension time with full pay.. These children are often from very poor and disadvantaged families and are often willing participants in exchange for food, alcohol and drugs.

Not surprisingly, pedophilia is present amongst the leaders of religions, from the lowest parish priest to the pope, himself.  The unenforceable concept of celibacy as a condition of priesthood, actually creates a situation where priests feel intitled and justified in committing these types of crimes, especially when they see the same practices on the part of their superiors, who are never punished in any way and victims receive large cash bribes to drop any form of prosecution.

Down to this level

Parents of these victims are reluctant to make accusations of their local priests and often the child is the further victim of accusations of lying.  Islam, Judaism, Christianity and other religions have the same problem amongst most of their religious leaders and representatives. After all, this practice has ancient origins in religious books. However, due to the nature of their religious training, they are likely to be consciously aware that they are energy “vampires”. To outsiders, these religious leaders and representatives are seen as people with deviant sexual behavior, which suits the ruling elites just fine.  The commoners, whose children are the victims, are more than likely to let these types of perverts off without punishment, again.

Many times, when religious figures are found out as pedophiles, their superiors hush up the crimes and allow further attacks on unsuspecting victims in the same location or elsewhere. This is predictable because all the major religions are modeled after the Anunnaki gods as their esoteric mysterious imaginary deity.

God-the Father, as mentioned above, is Enlil, who is preserved in the jewish bibles as the ‘only god’ Yahweh, with the exception of Lucifer, cast as satan, the enemy of the good god, Yahweh, who is Enki.  Enki is the one, among the two most powerful, who created and helped the fate of humans, while ironically, humans have taken Yawweh, who always hated humans and worked to their demise.

Esoterically, the life force is usually at its fullest and “purest” state in children. Young children, especially in their growing stages, carry with them certain aspects of energy that can strengthen sexual and mental powers.

Donald and Melania Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida in 2000. Photo | Davidoff Studios

I think it is pretty easy to see, among our own human race, the propensity to use what we consider to be lesser creatures for our own purposes, whatever they be.  We feel entitlement as the more advanced, thus superior entities in the available world.  It should not be too hard to carry this analogy over to the gods, as the superior, in fact the creators of humans.  They would have the same feelings of entitlement to use humans however they chose, regardless of how the humans would feel about it.

The Reptilian Roots of Pedophilia

Pedophilia is not confined to the 3d physical world. It also occurs in the multi-dimensional astral world, which is also the conscious environment of the Anunnaki. In the astral world, above 3d, entities are less forms of coalesced energy, than energy-born information.  pedophilia occurs as thought forms.

These thought forms are also projected into the physical world to influence the unsuspecting inhabitants of that world. In the astral world, the “vampiric” pedophiles derive pleasure in watching the acts of pedophilia in the physical. Dimension.  As consciousness evolves and yet higher dimensions become available, this activity loses relevance.  In the lower dimensions, energy, in its free form, is less available.

In this sense, they are truly voyeurs. Apart from the vicarious pleasure they derive from watching other pedophiles’ activities in the physical, they also steal some energy directly from the victims in the physical.

So, energy is being stolen from the victims by physical “vampires” and astral “vampires” simultaneously. Further, the excitement from the experience also releases abundant energy from the physical pedophile, which is picked up by the astral pedophile. Thus, the astral pedophile gets a larger share of the energy from the acts.

The pedophile culprits from the astral world are usually the same entities from the lower astral realms, as the ability to translate between dimensions comes with the elevated status of consciousness.. With the breakdown of the astral world, these lower beings now have more ready access to the physical world.

The Order of the Garter

When an astral pedophile cannot use thought forms to produce an actual, physical encounter, they can use the thought forms to directly influence people in the physical world to be drawn towards the behavior in more passive ways, such as viewing pornography, which gives gratification to the astral pedophile as an energetic thought form..

In the physical world, people can go through most of their lives until the tendency towards pedophilia suddenly blossoms. This is usually due to the influence from the astral plane or programming by unseen higher-dimensional forces. It can also be due to possession or subtle programming by physical agents in the world.

Pedophiles derive a “kick” from their episodes. This is somewhat analogous to taking drugs for a high. Advancing to higher planes of consciousness does not necessarily have anything to do with morality, or sinfulness, in the context of these words to those still bound to the 3d plane.

There are many legends about vampires who drink physical, human blood. Some people have proudly declared themselves to be vampires. Pedophiles “drink” the etheric or physical adrenalized blood of their victims. In severe cases, pedophiles can develop a dependency on physical blood.

There are many cultures that believe in drinking blood to keep them warm in winter and to boost their strength, power and longevity. This is usually then followed up with cannibalism of the victim’s flesh, as symbolized by the religious rituals of superstitious humans who practice a misinterpreted version of this ritual as a religious ceremony. Aliens in their alien bodies have been consuming human flesh and blood since humans were created 135,000 years ago. It is no wonder that the Eucharist ritual in holy communion symbolically requires the participants to drink the blood of god and to eat his flesh.

Of course, at the time of the Anunnaki presence on Earth, there were no superstitious religions.  The gods were physically present, more than one thousand of them. After the departure from Earth of the creator gods, the jew’s attempt to create a new religion with them as the ‘chosen people’, required story books and rituals to make imaginary things seem more real.

In this world of exploitations within exploitations, young children are subjected to exploitation by pedophiles, who can often be family members, friends or people in positions of power and trust. Ironically, sometimes children who have NOT been abused exploit others by falsely accusing them of pedophilia. When real things get twisted by being fictionalized, things can become very complicated and make little sense.  Sometimes the false accusations come from the children and other times the children are coached by their parents or others into making false accusations for monetary gain, revenge or other forms of blackmail.

Nowadays, the public is quick to respond to accusations of pedophilia, whether the accusations are true or false. An example of this involved the Branch Davidians who were stormed by superior government forces and burned to death in Waco, Texas. Police and military forces had surrounded the Branch Davidians and laid siege to their compound for many weeks. To speed matters up, the police and military were bombarded with programming to drive them into a frenzy for the blood of the Branch Davidians. In order to draw the public into the frenzy to support the storming of the compound by the authorities, stories were broadcast about how children were being molested in the compound. This caused the public to panic and absurdly condone the murders of the children in order to “protect” them from supposed molestation. There are many who claim that they would have loved to have walked with Jesus. The programming directed at the mobs in the time of Jesus was far more intense than the programming used at Waco, Texas. At stake here was the global acceptance of some or various forms of the fictionalized story of the jews being the ‘chosen people to inherit the earth’ with the goyim being soul-less ghouls, placed on earth to serve the jews and to be treated accordingly..

Even with the level of  programming at Waco, the vast majority of the public condoned the murders of the men, women and children in the compound. Programming in this world is no joke. Nobody is free from it. Even the food eaten and the air breathed are loaded with “artificial” programming that adversely affects people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is why this Virtual Reality, The Matrix, that is loaded with apparent and non-apparent programming, has been so effective at implementing the on-going program of exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources on behalf of the temporarily absent Anunnaki, under direction of the demi-gods, the homo capensis Royals. 

The Matrix is being taken down, and a new system is replacing it, called the New World Oder (NWO), UN Agenda 21. This is a regularly scheduled occurrence to keep the system updated with the newest technology and to achieve the objectives in the most efficient manner possible.  The Annunaki are returning soon, at least by their sense of time.  The departure of the Anunnaki occurred around 1,000 BCE.  The Anunnaki year is 3500 earth-years.  About 3,000 years have elapsed, leaving about 600 more years before they enter the earth’s solar system and come into range for the interplanetary trip to Earth

The Cult of Lucifer

‘The Cult of Lucifer’, narrated by Sacha Stone is the first of four movies being produced by Robert David Steele and funded by individual donors to expose the connection between election fraud; corrupt and controlled legislators, judges, and executives; Wall Street treason and crime with government complicity; and Satanic pedophilia, a major source of both Wall Street profit and Wall Street depravity.



“Thousands of years ago, under the thrall of archonic influence, the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Sons of Belial, and wickedness emerged as a rudimentary source code to the current seeding of humankind.

“As Baal worship and human sacrifice prospers, we see the genesis of Canaanite ritualism leading through the strains of Osiris and Nimrod to the pharaohs of Egypt and the kings of Babylon.

“Talmudism gave rise to Judeans and the Synagogue of Satan. As the tryst of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony seeded in their own empire, a marriage between Amun-Ra and the Cult of Saturn.

“The weaponization of Christianity through the Council of Nicea takes place in 325 AD, wholesale slaughter of the noble Cathars give rise to the Roman Catholic Church and the evil papacy. The jewish bibles spread the message of Yahweh to create the most formidable template to planetary cult programming that the world has ever conceived in the history of humankind…

“The Society of Jesus, through the Jesuitical Order at the Council of Trent in 1534 perverts the god-worship of the Anunnaki, disguised by the bibles into the atom-seed of what will become the Deep State. The assassins are born.

“The inverted message of Yahweh has become a Clarion Call for a planetary orchestration of blood-sport, subversion, infiltration, deception and the sacrifice of innocents.

“The Bank of England and Dutch East India interests thus forged their way through trade and commerce, usury and exploitation to the emergence of the Masons in 1717, with the formation of the United Grand Lodge, the true birth of Luciferianism in the temporal domain.

“The Glorious Revolution in 1688 seeds the formation of the United Kingdom and the Rothschild Dynasty, both empowered through the Jesuitical suppressions, in concert with the Scottish Rite Freemasonry to catalyze the formation of a barbarian Illuminati in 1776, under the leadership of one Adam Weishaupt, a damnable soul who can indeed lay claim as the patron saint of the modern Bilderbergs.

“This year saw the birth of the Masonic Atlantis, the United States of America, Novus Ordo Secolorum, the New Order of the Ages, glorified and immortalized on the Great Seal of the United States. The human experiment is fully underway.

“The Napoleonic Wars between 1803 and 1815 paved the way for a consolidation of the Vatican City and City of London in 1871, giving spark to a culminating element of a trifecta of evil empire: Washington, District of Columbia in 1871 and Vatican in 375.

“With this spark emerges the worldwide destructivity that is the Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, a fateful day in which the soul of humanity was put to the pyre of Moloch.

“The prime target became the living soul of that great human experiment, America and by extension, all the peoples of the world. Forced into usury, debt, scarcity economics and systemic corruptibility of all governments, their institutions and their minions.

“Every government on Earth is thus owned by and indentured to their national reserve bank, which in turn is owned by and indentured to the central banking cartel, consolidated through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the IMF, IFC, World Bank, Bank of England and then ultimately, the Vatican Bank.

“This Molochite Sabbatean Cabal is answerable not to the god of Men but to their own dark lord, to whom sacrifice,penance, tribute and tithe must be constantly on the altar of life through blood sacrament, sex, magick and the inversion of kundalini and life force – ultimately, through the systemic stealth sacrifice of innocents.

“Our religious, political and academic, military and corporate media leadership are cast adrift within the thrall and compromise of these dynastic Sabbatean, Satanic, Luciferian elements and their agendas.

“A Faustian pact is offered to all comers and invariably taken before the sin is even realized. Sexual blackmail is rife. Global depopulation becomes the needful and perfunctory necessity toward realizing transhumanization of the mortal realm. That is because the grand enterprise of Luciferic Satanism has been to prepare our species for full spectrum intervention and takeover at the Oversoul level. Universal law determines that this can only occur where permissions are granted by the subject.

“The Adamites, the Sons and Daughters of God, the spells and bonds of witchery and mind control, to trick humanity into surrendering conscience, reason and thereby, the very fabric of our soul. This is the Great Reckoning. The Mark of the Beast has arrived, ushered into the daylight by Davos and the Sons of Lucifer.

“It offers us our greatest gift, which is the perfect reflection of all the unresolved aspects of Self.

“Do we take the Mark? Or do we not? Do we obey or do we not? Do we acquiesce or do we not? Do we permit the surgical steel of a needle point to breach the sovereign skin, of our ignoble Adamite flesh? Or do we not?

“By the grace of God, we get to decide.

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