Anunnaki Chronology 1

The chronology of events made by Zecharia Sitchin from his translation of “The Sumerian Tablets”.

Anunnaki with humans

The ‘Sumerian’ tablets are copies of the original Anunnaki tablets that were lost in the great flood. The events are divided in two categories: pre-flood and post-flood . In my opinion, Sitchin’s translations are genuine (with likely some minor mistakes, of course) and he struggled his entire life to make them available to the world.

Regarding the Anunnaki’ written history, the interpretations are increasingly accurate as more scholars spend more time on the project, which is currently only in its infancy.

I’m sure that the history of the reptilian Anunnaki performing genetic upgrades of the homo Erectus, using their own sperm, to create homo sapiens, as a slave-race, as well as subsequent ongoing further manipulations are the important parts of our true history.   Along the course of time, Enki genetically created the homo sapiens sapiens (Cro-Magnons) as well as the homo capensis, blue-blood Royals to rule us after their earthly departure.


450,000 BCE

Nibiru’s atmosphere began deteriorating, becoming hostile to life due to insufficient filtering of cosmic radiation. Due to inability to resolve the problem, King Alalu was dethroned by Anu. Hoping to get the throne back, Alalu landed on Terra (Earth) with a craft, searching for gold (needed to repair Nibiru’s damaged atmosphere). The gold was to be converted to monatomic gold, a fine white powder possessing the characteristic of slightly negative gravity. Dispersed in the atmoshpere, this monatomic gold would increase the filtering capacity of the atmosphere. Gold was needed in vast quantities.

(Modern science reached the same conclusions without knowing the Sumerian stories. According to our scientists we can use gold nanoparticles to repair Earth’s damaged ozone layer. After hearing this, Sitchin stated that the Sumerian tablets were always accurate and never disappointed him. As a truth seeker, I was very pleased to see him having the “I told you so” smile on his face.)

445,000 BCE

Anunnaki extraterrestrials landed on Terra and established their base, named Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, one of Anu’s sons, the eldest.

430,000 BCE

Earth, recovering from an ice-age, became partly hospitable again, thanks to the warming weather. The Anunnakis came in great numbers on Earth (approximately 1000). They were led by Enki’s step sister. She was a doctor and had a leading rank.

416,000 BCE

The gold production was disappointingly low, which made Anu come to Earth at the next shar, coming to close Terra proximity. Together with him came his other son, Enlil. Anu decided the mining to take place in Africa and promoted Enlil to be in-charge of the Terran mission. Enki was sent to SE Africa. When he was about to leave Terra, Anu was attacked by Alalu’s nephew, who was defeated and banished.

400,000 BCE

In Southern Mesopotamia were seven developed villages. The most important were: The “Sipar” Spaceport, The “Nippur” Mission Control Center and the Metallurgy Centre, “Shuruppak”. The ore was transported from Africa in crafts. After the metal was refined it was sent up into orbit. From there, it was loaded in ships, which were constantly coming from Nibiru each shar (point of close proximity, when Nibiru was within the solar system of Terra. Igigi were responsible for the delivery of the finished product as well as the actual mining of the ore.

380,000 BCE

Igigi support Alalu’s nephew who tries to take over Terra. In the end Anu wins the war.

300,000 BCE

Igigii revolted against their masters because the work in the mines was too hard and ceaseless (my note: please read “The true human history” article for the detailed explanation). Enki and Ninhursag had to find other workers. They took DNA samples from a female ape, homo erectus, and after genetic manipulations using the sperm of Enki, the first Homo Sapiens were bred, gestated by Anunnaki’ females, wives of the officer corp. The humans were raised to adulthood, then put to work to replace the Igigi workers.  With ample slave workers at last, Enlil brought primitive workers (homo sapiens) from the Edin, Africa (note: Initially, homo sapiens lacked the ability to procreate, but Enki made the solution. Homo Sapiens could now procreate, so they began to proliferate.

200,000 BCE

A new Ice Age, the Lesser Dryas, struck Earth. Life regressed.

100,000 BCE

The climate turned warm again. The Igigi, freed from the toil of the mines, found the human females to be fair (attractive) and begun interbreeding. This made Enlil angry. He called these the “Fallen Angels” but did not specifically forbid the practice.  From this were born the Nephilim hybrids, many giants among men, the “Mighty Men”.

75,000 BCE

A new Ice Age struck Earth and the weather was cold again. The Cro-Magnon human and the Nephilim survived.

49,000 BCE

Enki and Ninhursag decided to choose human leaders for Shuruppak, but they choose ONLY from those who had Anunnaki parents (note: this is another very important moment). This made Enlil very angry and he decided to exterminate the entire human population.  Enki and Ninhursag regarded the homo sapiens as their children and continued to make genetic improvements of the species.

13,000 BCE

Enlil knew that Nibiru will pass close to Earth and a catastrophe will be struck. He understood that giant waves will flood Terra and kill the human and Nephilim hybrid population. He makes the Anunnaki swear not to tell this to the humans.

The Sumerians wrote the first tablets as narrated by the reptilians. The first events are generally true, in my opinion. How the reptilians came to Earth, how Anu took over Nibiru’s throne by challenging and defeating Alalu, etc. I’m sure that Nibiru is not their original or only home planet, though. They lived on many planets like kings, enslaving the native species who considered them gods.

Before I can continue to the “Post flood” events, I want to add a few more things about the Reptilian Anunnaki, for a better understanding of events.

You’ve probably already noticed the exceptional longevity of the Anunnaki. We find many of the same figures mentioned over the extremely long time-span. While the mentioned humans lived their normal allotted lifespans of 150 years (as designed by Enki), the same Anunnaki leaders appear over hundreds of thousands of years, proving they are semi-immortal, at least in the eyes of humans.  For example, Enki ruled over Earth for 120 SARs. (1 SAR = 3,600 earth-years and represents one complete Orbit of Nibiru. 120 x 3,600 = 432,000 Earth-Years).

The Anunnaki do not suffer from disease or cellular aging, thus may rule Earth from their home planet today through their surrogate homo capensis Royals. Enki designed human DNA with telomeres, which are little-by-little consumed in the process of mitosis.  All Eukaryotic life on this planet have a controlled life span to match loosely with the collective system.  Otherwise, the planet would soon be over run.  When the telomeres are consumed, the Eukaryotic cells can no longer reproduce, termed cellular aging.  We originally lived our life-spans of 150 years without disease and died from cellular aging, as planned.  This was a safety valve that Enlil imposed to assuage his concern that humans would multiply out of control, soon reaching a million, at which point he feared they could overwhelm the 1000 Anunnaki by sheer force of numbers. A risk he was not willing to take.

You will notice that they have allowed “hybrids” (those resulting from the interbreeding between Anunnaki males and human females) to assist them with certain areas of management and administration, these called now, in translation, by the title Priests.  These Priests were not involved in any superstitious religious business, but were educated and trained to be able to control the ignorant masses and relieve them of tedious tasks.   Whenever things got loose they always came back to establish their order. The Anunnaki always controlled the events from the shadows. The wars between humans were bloody, but each time the Anunnaki got involved, cities or even civilizations were wiped out completely using nuclear weapons.  Wars were always one of the convenient means to reduce excess human population.  The mating of Anunnaki Royals with human females produced off-spring with notably longer life-spans, such as Methusalah and Noah.

The three shapes of the Anunnaki gods

The Anunnaki rulers have been depicted in 3 different forms by the Sumerians:

a). The human form.

b). The bird form – The Anunnaki have been depicted as man-birds many times, having wings and hawk heads. This depiction may be interpreted as someone wearing a helmet and having the power of flight. For a civilization who lived 10,000 years ago that’s a pretty good depiction of someone able to fly, even if by space craft.

Bird Form

(Both depictions present them having the pine cone in the right hand, the symbol of Illumination and supreme knowledge. The pine cone represents the PINEAL GLAND, also known as the third eye, or the ‘Eye of Hours’ by the Egyptians. This is still visible today in most Illuminati institutions, including the Vatican’s courtyard and encrusted onto the Papal staff).

Human Form

c). The most important for us is the Reptilian  shape. Whenever the Summerians depicted the Anunnaki as warriors (or whenever they got angry), they have portrayed them in Reptilian form. Isn’t this the perfect example of shapeshifting? To be easily accepted by the humans, they kept the human appearance; but why the reptilians shape when angry? There are two plausible explanations for this.

Firstly, humans lose their emotional control whenever they get aroused or angry, so possibly the same happens to the Reptilians (We can also add that our reptilian brain is much smaller than theirs. A bigger reptilian brain may amplify the negative emotions. Read about the human part of the brain called: “the reptilian brain” and its purpose).

Secondly, they could intentionally switch to the reptilian shape to become frightening to their enemies (A Reptilian Anunnaki is 3 m in height, dark gray or greenish scaly skin, big ashy reptilian eyes, muscular bodies, sharp teeth and claws, dark brown spikes on their backs. Some have powerful tails and even small “gorgon type” wings).

I’ve read from multiple sources that no one was allowed to depict them in their true reptilian shape. Those few depictions that survived to our days were probably made in secret. So, instead of depicting them in their true shape, they’ve invented different reptilian-like gods (serpents, crocodiles, dragons, etc.).

This explanation fits with our history. All our ancestors worshiped or feared gods and other ‘out-of-this-world’ reptilian creatures, like: serpent gods, feathered snakes, dragons, human-crocodiles, etc.

Reptilian Form

                 Sumerian statues depicting the Anunnaki in their reptilian form. Very rare statues.

Events after the flood

The Council, having decided to allow all humans and Nephilim to be obliterated by the tsunami, swore all to secrecy.  Enki had a son with a human female, producing a hybrid named Ziusudra (also known as Utnapistim and Noah).  He was very close to this son, and anguished with his vow of secrecy.  He finally discussed the impending tsunami with his wife, but within earshot of this son.  When Noah approached him later, telling of overhearing the prediction, he decided to teach him how to build a safe boat for him and his family, and to take DNA from many animals and plants to replenish the earth after the flood. Nibiru’s close passage upset the melting polar ice caps and the expected tsunami occurred.   The Anunnaki watched the events from on board their orbiting ships. After the waters withdrew, they returned to the surface and discovered survivors.  Fatalistic by nature, Enlil agreed to provide tools and seeds to the surviving human population. They began cultivating the high lands. Enki taught them how to domesticate animals, metallurgy, how to design and construct buildings and all other types of skills needed for their future survival.  The Anunnaki decided to remain on earth for 3 more shars, about 10,000 earth-years.  During this time, Ningishzida, the youngest son of Enki decided to go to all parts of the world, bringing civilization, culture, learning and technology to as many places as possible. First, he ruled Egypt, there known as Thoth (of Emerald Tablets fame).

(Anunnaki king – Ninurta, son of Enki, wearing templar cross medallion at his neck, watch or another device at his left wrist, pressing buttons on a device/machine. Our entire history revolves on their symbols and habits that we really don’t know anything about. They’ve replicated many things from their home planets on Earth.)

10,500 BC

Ziusudra’s descendants received three regions. Ninurta, Enki’s son, made for them fertile lands, by building dams and drying up rivers. Enki himself made Nile’s Valley arable. The Sinai Peninsula was transformed into the new spaceport. The Anunnaki built a Control Center on the Moriah Mountain, the future Jerusalem.

9,780 BC

Rule of Egypt was arranged by Enki such that he and his sons each has a prescribed term of office.  Enki’s first born, named Marduck (known as Ra in Egypt), divided Egypt’s rule between Osiris and Seth.

9,330 BC

Seth captured Osiris and killed him by cutting his body into pieces. He became the sole ruler of Egypt, as such.

(This has much to do with the Illuminati worship. The thousands obelisks all over the planet represent Osiris’ fallus, cut off by Seth, but never found).

                                                       (Seth in his human form; with Hathor)
Please notice the serpents getting out from their third eyes, as sign of their reptilian origins and the Sun from above their heads as proof of enlightenment. They had the true knowledge, they were Illuminati = The enlighten ones.

(Seth in his non human form. Please keep in mind that no civilizations had the right to depict the Anunnaki in their reptilian form. So, every civilization found their own methods of showing that their gods were not humans).

All Egyptian gods had non-human forms with Suns and serpents on their head. All carried staffs in their hands.
Actually, all important figures in our history carried staffs: kings, priests, popes, high ranking army officers, etc. What do they REALLY mean and what was their use in the past?

(Right Side: Egyptian Gods with serpents and Suns above their heads. The male is Sobek, the “crocodile” god with reptilian head).

8,970 BC

Horus, the son of Osiris avenged is father, initiating the first war of the pyramids. Seth managed to escape by running into Asia. Horus took the Sinai Peninsula and the Canaan.

8,670 BC

Enlil’s descendants were angry that Enki’s descendants controlled all the airports, so they initiated the second war of the pyramids. Ninurta won the battle and took the entire battery of equipment from inside the pyramids. Ninhursag organized a peace conference. Egypt’s leadership was taken over by Thoth’s descendants. The Marduk (Ra) dynasty lost its power. The Heliopolis was built.

(Heliopolis was ancient Egypt’s most magnificent temple. After Osiris was killed and cut into pieces, the only part of his body that was never found was his phallus. The obelisk was a representation of his phallus, built as a temple in his memory. All the obelisks found on Earth are the Illuminati obsession with the worship of Osiris, their killed pure blood ancestor. Today we have hundreds of obelisks built by the Illuminati all over the world. They’ve also brought from Egypt the surviving originals and placed them in public places all over the planet (Italy, Vatican, UK, etc.).
Just as intriguing are the are obelisk shaped buildings found all over the planet, that always have in the vicinity a dome shaped building; or planned to be built soon. More to the point, all churches have obelisks and domes integrated in their architecture. I also want to mention the reptilian looking gorgons watching us from the rooftops of the most important cathedrals).

7,400 BC

This was a time of peace. The Anunnaki revealed new knowledge to the humans. Egypt was ruled entirely by hybrid-gods (demigods), the Pharaohs.

(Demigod = Humans – reptilian blood; Reptilian father and human mother. Also known as human-reptilian hybrids);

3,800 BC

The Anunnaki decided to rebuild the cities of the Sumerian gods. The civilization flourished. The first rebuilt cities being Eridu and Nippur.

Anu came to visit Earth. For this event the city of Uruk was rebuilt. Uruk’s temple was dedicated to the goddess Inanna, who was Anu’s niece.

                                                                 (Eridu, probable depictions)

Please keep in mind that this is the Sumerian history re-written on tablets, copies of the original tablets written by the Anunnaki, but lost in the floods.  Although more than a million tablets have been recovered by archeologists, and they clearly provide the factual and historical basis for the jewish bibles, humans have been brain-washed by their rulers into buying the obviously fabricated fictitious bible stories over the obviously unaltered and accurate tablets recovered from the true historical sites. How do you figure this out?

 The important buildings where the Anunnaki lived, were huge constructions meant to last forever, the same as the clay tablets.  How long do you think your written or paper accounts will survive?  Not to mention the alterations by Kings and Priests over the centuries.   Enormous Anunnaki temples, with superior technology to that of present today, still stand in witness to the truth.  Think and you will understand how the Reptilians lived in no shortage of any kind. Meanwhile they were also building the secret underground cities in which they live today.

Note:  This story will be continued in further chapters.

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