Almost All ‘Covid Cases’ at Public High Schools Occurring in Fully Vaxxinated Students

We continue to be told that extra-authoritarian measures need to be forcibly imposed on the nation’s public school children in order to keep the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) at bay. But one of them, Fauci Flu shot, is making students sicker than ever before. How could this be happening if what they tell us is true.  Impossible. 

So, what is going on with this narrative. The facts are on record.  Let’s see, where are the lies? 

Firstly, the Wuhan coronavirus, covid 19 is a totally non-existent entity.  It is just another on the endless list of fake viral threats that they have been trying to get to take hold for most of the past 75 years.

Secondly, the Fauci Flu Shot is NOT a flu shot.  It is only a large dose of an industrial poison, graphene oxide.  They are simply shooting you up with a known poison that kills with a latency factor, usually.  This means that the deaths occurring in short order from the time of injection are only flukes.  The real mass of deaths from this poison is still ahead and coming soon.  It is ultimately 100% lethal.

According to the latest data out of Illinois, an overwhelming majority of new Chinese Virus “cases” are occurring in “fully vaxxinated” students who rolled up their sleeves in obedience to Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the Biden White House. Only a tiny fraction of new cases is occurring in the “unvaxxinated.” These new cases among the unvaxx’d are common normal cases of flu or colds.

A whopping 82 percent of new Wuhan Flu cases are fully vaxxinated children who were told by their superiors and the government that getting injected would keep them “safe” against the threat of Chinese Flu. It turns out that this claim was a lie.

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You can read about this in a recently published blog in the archives on this site.

Gov. Pritzker had previously ordered through a “mandate,” which is not law, that all public school students and staff members in Illinois receive all doses of the Chinese Flu jab as a condition of getting an education and remaining employed. Many of them obeyed, but some did not.

Those who defied the government’s fascist orders are now doing just fine, while their obedient counterparts have been poisoned is now being seen.

Illinois Schools Now Calling For “90 Percent or Higher” Vaccine Compliance In Order To Attain “Herd Immunity”

Herd Immunity is another term that is 100% Bull Shit. The only immunity that exists is in the body of totally healthy specimens, gained from good diets and life-styles.

The idea of herd immunity comes from the non-science of ‘infectious disease proponents” who are acting like they have some knowledge of a subject that is almost totally bull shit, in the current vernacular.  Forget about these talking idiots that say things like we have to get a certain level of vaxx immunity in order to gain herd immunity.  This is tripe.  The vaxx is not composed of any ingredients that give anyone any kind of immunity.  You do not have to get the jab in order to become immune from a non-existent viral pathogen.

Now that it is undeniably obvious that the “vaxxines” have failed to do what we were told they would do, Illinois public schools are doubling down by claiming that the “Delta variant” is to blame.

There is no Delta variant, just as there is no original covid19 disease.

“Earlier in the pandemic, the overall target for approaching herd immunity was 70 percent of our population fully vaccinated,” one school announced.

The schools have not achieved the honorable goal of educating your children about anything but lies.  So, definitely believe their ignorant pronouncements about virus without delay or question.  They are now medical scientismists too you know.

“However, the Delta variant has changed the equation. According to our most recent guidance, we should aim for a fully vaccinated rate of closer to 90 percent or higher.”

So, to fix the problems caused by the jabs, more people need to get more jabs, according to Illinois public schools. This is public school “logic,” folks. Total ass-backwards nonsense.

The more people get vaccinated, the more sickness is spreading. And yet, Illinois public schools want to just keep the nightmare going by pushing the shots on all remaining healthy people who have not succumbed to getting injected.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is trying to set the record straight by warning anyone who will listen that the worst outbreaks are occurring in areas of the world like Illinois where the jabs are being pushed most aggressively.

“The U.K. is among the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, but it is experiencing a third wave of ‘coronavirus infections’ reportedly largely due to the spread of the Delta variant of the virus,” CHD announced. The UK announced yesterday that they are scrapping all of their corona19 related mandates, including vaxx’s, mask, and lockdowns.

Except, while they like to attribute everything to “corona virus”, there is no corona19 pathogen.  There are countless viruses, but none are pathogenic.  The only fatal disease here is simple “poisoning”.

“Other highly vaxxinated countries like Israel are also experiencing a new wave of ‘coronavirus infections’ due to the Delta variant.”

Except that they are not experiencing any new wave of corona19 disease.  They are experiencing a new wave of corona vaxx disease, as you might well expect from a high percentage of vaxx’d people. They are never going to tell you about corona vaxx disease, because that would disintegrate the entire scam.  This you must figure out yourself, using your own intelligence.

Speaking of Israel, the vast majority of new cases there are also among the “fully vaxxinated,” just as is the case at Illinois public schools. When will people finally wake up to the truth that the jabs are the disease? For most public school educated people, that day may never arrive.

“Isn’t it funny how few youngsters were getting sick before the jab, and now that they’re forcing people to take it, ‘WuFlu’ is running rampant through the schools along with ever-mounting numbers of vaxxine injuries and deaths,” asked one commenter at LifeSiteNews. “How many more have to die before the world wakes up?”

“Surprise, surprise, surprise: They really are trying to kill us all,” another wrote.

Until the world wakes up, more people will get in line to receive their lethal vaxx injection.  I am of the opinion that there is no way to overcome this level of ignorance before all the ignorant are lethally vaxx’d. If we are fortunate, this will constitute the objective…the culling of the hopelessly ignorant and valueless. That would mean that there is some reason in the UN Agenda to preserve humanity on some level, looking into the future. Otherwise, it appears to be removal of all homo sapiens from the planet. The uber humans have had some reason to keep humans in existence. They have been of some value in the past in terms of extracting resources from the planet for export to another planet. It has not even been one shar, 3,600 earth-years, since the Anunnaki departed Earth. They will be back in proximity in another 500 earth-years…the Earth will be in-range of their space ships again.

Humans have not made a good case over the period of one shar, for their future value in the management of this planet. Better technology is available now. The end of the Mayan Calendar has arrived. This is an event of great conscious importance. There will be a matriculation of human souls that have achieved the required degree of conscious evolution to be advanced dimensionally to a higher state of greater enlightenment in a dimension of higher energy and quantum physics. This will release those, who are worthy, from restricted boundaries of the third dimension. Not all souls have reached this state, so the majority will be staying in the third dimension, just probably not on this particular 3d planet. There are countless others.

Contemplate your level of conscious advancement. Look in the mirror and ask yourself…:what is my real worth? It has certainly nothing to do with material status, such as monetary wealth. If you still believe your goal here is to get more money, then you will definitely be remaining in 3d to take another shot at getting it right, for how ever many lifetimes it takes.

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