Vaccine Bioweapon

The ultimate tool for depopulation can be secretly deployed at any time. Humans will stand in line patiently waiting for their lethal injection believing its for their own good.

When it comes to the topic of vaccines, you must first get straight on what you are really buying into.  It is obviously not a normal thing to let someone stick a needle in your butt and introduce ‘something’  directly into your blood stream, without it going through your body’s safety gates in your GI track.  Your body is caught totally off-guard and unprepared for whatever this ’something’ is and has to deal with it on an emergency basis. You have been told that these shots are vital to prevention of disease, to such a degree that authorities should be allowed to over-rule your own decisions about their safety and effectiveness. When authorities are irrationally insistent on their need to inject ‘something’ directly into your body, you should be very very suspicious. Authorities are, after all, not your friends and are working for factions with agendas that are counter to your best interests at heart.

You may be tempted to think that this is a false statement that just couldn’t possibly be true. After all, “my friend is a nurse and she would not do anything to harm other people”. Maybe not, but your friend, the nurse is trained by the system, just like the doctor. These are low-level workers who get paid to do as they are told. They are not the ‘decision-makers’. If they believe there is a crisis going on and this new type of serum has been sent to save the lives of the people, they are in no position to question a decision made much higher in the chain of command, nor do they have any means to assess just exactly what is in those serum vials. They are going to stick those needles in every butt they possibly can, trusting the system.

Contrary to popular opinion, the decision-makers at what appears to be the top of the command structure are not the decision-makers either. The decision-makers are not even visible to the workers at this level. The decision-makers are the ‘invisible hands’ of the real power structure of the world, not some individual nation. Unfortunately, these ‘invisible hands’ are not those of your neighbors. They are not your consistent, benevolent, unconditionally loving beings with the best interests of mankind at heart. These dysfunctional beings are working for a different power altogether, with a different agenda of which you have no knowledge or comprehension.

So, what on earth are these shots and why are the Matrix controllers so desperate that you, your family and everyone else must get more of these right now?  There are no medical emergencies in the world that are not created by the CDC. They are trying for a measles pandemic, but it seems to have fizzled.  They say that the Congo has ebola.  The CDC is over in the Congo infecting unwitting victims with their patented ebola virus injections, then bringing those infected persons back to the US and turning them loose on the population.  What’s this all about? Could they be creating a crisis? a panic? Why would they do that? Maybe to create such urgency and confusion that you will somehow receive shots in the confusion of the contrived crisis. Or to justify giving your children shots at public school without your permission. Vaccines are a bio-weapon….plain, pure and simple.

Please let me explain what is going on.  One-hundred years ago, when the Rothschilds got together with the Rockefellers to concoct the abortion of allopathic medicine, the vaccinations were already a part of the master plan.  The plan is generational, meaning that it was anticipated to require at least three generations of mass public exposure and experience with the concept in order for the public to become inured and passive about these shots. 

They told your grandparents to got shots for polio and they were apparently unharmed.  Some news and publicity was created about correlation with vaccines and elimination of polio and smallpox.  The vaccines did not eliminate any diseases any more than fluoride eliminated tooth decay.  I will explain more on this later.  The main thing to know here is that grandma was visibly OK after the shot, so she then sent her children to get the shots they wanted to administer to them,  believing they were a good thing.  Mom did not seem to have any adverse reaction either, so she sent you to get the shots they wanted to give you. 

Now, we have three generations who have had no apparent adverse affects and believe they have immunity from the designated diseases.  This is not true, but the main line of thought here pertains to the comfort level that has been established between the public shot ‘receivers’ and the CDC and allopathic medical practitioners, the shot ‘givers’.  The bio-weapon is now fully deployed, armed, operational and ready to perform its real mission, as conceived from day one.

They now have the means to inject virtually everyone with any thing they want anytime they want. Even if it is a powerful and ultimately deadly serum. A serum such as has never been given before. This is the original intended purpose for the “vaccine” bio-weapon. Whenever they are ready to bring about a major depopulation event, all they need to do is load the syringes with the lethal (probably delayed reaction) dose, which will be readily accepted by the victims, and massive deaths can be brought about very calmly and quietly. They can even do this on a programmed phased plan where blame can be cast elsewhere so those yet to receive the lethal dose will not become suspicious and refuse.

They can even, at the present time, administer the shots unilaterally, without parental consent or even individual consent.  They have the perfect weapon of control, but more importantly, the means to massively depopulate specific elements of the world population with precision and very little public resistance and an easy way to shunt the blame off on some poor Congolese.

It is also a good way to turn a few $trillions in quick profits for the Rockefellers.

Vaccines and allopathy are based on the fake ‘germ theory’ of Louis Pasteur, who was employed by the Rothschilds to falsify the published germ theory research of Antoine BeChamps.  BeChamps discovered that all disease stems from internal corruption of the body due to bad diet, toxicity, bad life-style habits, etc. The human body is an agglomeration of cells, most of which are bacteria. These bacteria play a key and vital role in metabolism and internal sanitation, as the germs consume dead materials from metabolic wastes and cell replacement. Germs eat only dead organic material and never attack living tissues.

Pasteur plagiarized BeChamp’s report reflecting the opposite conclusion.  He claimed that all disease originated outside the body and there were hundreds or thousands of different germs that people “catch” from door knobs and sneezes, each causing an infection of a unique nature. These all received a unique name, a list of symptoms and one or more pills for treatment. 

Therefore, the underlying basis for vaccines is based on a knowingly false premise.  Vaccines are supposed to give you  immunity by means of introducing one or more of these specific germs associated with its specific disease.  The theory is flawed .  The Matrix is well aware that vaccines are fake, but they are not about to admit this, as it would be admitting the entirety of allopathic medicine is fake.  They must keep you deceived until the point in time when they intend to use the vaccine weapon to make a massive depopulation event, or the whole effort would be for naught.

It would appear to me, that the depopulation event is nigh for the ‘western’ populations.   They are making an all-out effort to justify a massive mandatory revaccination program that is grossly out of proportion to any known threat.  This time, the serum will not be benign.  It will be lethal.  Probably not instantaneous, as there are too many inoculations involved, which will take time.  If it becomes obvious that the vaccines are lethal prematurely, it will be a problem as unvaccinated people will resist being murdered knowingly. There are reports of reactions to very recent vaccines, from instant death of one-year-olds to inability to walk requiring hospitalization of adults.  Death does not have to be instantaneous for the injection to be lethal at a later point in time. However, it seems to be almost impossible for humans to make the correlation.

“Flu shots are the greatest medical scam in human history.”…Donald Trump, POTUS

Trump warms flu shots are greatest scam in medical history.

Just like clockwork, every year comes the influenza season, more deadly than any prior one.  Equally, just like clockwork, the CDC rolls out billions of little serum vials, all containing the correct new serum for this year’s supposedly spontaneous new flu virus.  How can these events occur simultaneously yet be spontaneous?  No one seems to have any problem with this, but that is because no one seems to ever think too hard on any of the strange issues of the Matrix virtual reality, even if they are impossible.

How long would you think it takes to develop, test, prove out, obtain ingredients and manufacture a few billion brand new flu vaccine serum vials?  It would definitely take all year, and this would be a feat.  This implies that the creating of the new flu virus, the delivery of the new virus to world populations in time for flu season has to be a simultaneous event with the serum project.  This could not be possible unless this was all preplanned and executed non-spontaneously.

Since this impossibility must be obvious to at least some within the masses at large, whether they want to know this, or not, ultra precautions are being undertaken.   If you search the internet for flu season or flu vaccine, you will be inundated by countless pages of propaganda about how horrific and terribly dangerous this year’s flu is.  They are all of a very similar nature and content, but they come from a large array of supposedly independent expert sources.  Sort of like network news reports where all the talking heads say exactly the same thing at exactly the same time with exactly the same inflexions.

There are no safe vaccines

News Bulletin: 6/4/2019

One year old babies die immediately after receiving MMR vaccines

Both the one year old girl and boy were killed within minutes of receiving the MMR vaccine.

The Samoan government has ordered doctors to stop administering a vaccination purported to protect against the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). The nation-wide halt was requested after two babies died minutes after receiving the MMR vaccination. 

The babies were rushed to Safotu Hospital in Savai’i but couldn’t be saved.
The first baby, a one-year-old girl, died within three minutes of being injected with the vaccine, TV1 Samoa reported.

Two hours later, a second family brought in their one-year-old boy to be vaccinated, but refused to go through with it after hearing about the earlier death. In spite of parents deciding to the forego the vaccine, the nurse injected the boy without the parents’ consent and he died within one minute.

An immediate withdrawal of the vaccine was ordered by Ministry of Health CEO Dr. Take Naseri. A forensic autopsy on the two babies has also been requested. Their deaths are being investigated by police


Let’s review the allopathic theory of disease.  Louis Pasteur, who contrived the false allopathic ‘germ theory’ of disease at the behest of the Rothschild/Rockefellers, was a total fraud and a criminal.  He knowingly published a paper purporting that there are thousands of diseases, each caused by one of thousands of different germs that people catch from sources external to their body.  If a person ‘catches’ one or more of these germs, they will become infected and suffer the corresponding illness.  Healthcare must consist of a means to counteract each of these thousands of types of germs by eradication while internal to the body.  This requires pills, shots, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  This paradigm is called allopathy.

Meanwhile, the Rothschild/Rockefellers  started building another empire consisting of the pharmaceutical drug manufacturing cartel, the Medical-Industrial complex.  They had a college curriculum devised and installed exclusively in all of the medical schools by means of endowments and philanthropy.  This curriculum is designed to train doctors to push pills on their clients based on symptoms. They made the necessary arrangements for government officials to implement a licensing monopoly exclusively for the new allopathic drug pushers and formed the American Medical Association to provide legitimacy and supposed ethical oversight.  Thy endowed hospitals that were designed to support allopathic care only.  They established the health insurance industry and excluded payments to all forms of healthcare practice except allopathy. They sponsored authors to write text books and publish papers about epidemiology, pandemics, vaccines and genetics from the allopathic view.  They also had biology books designed for public education that presented the human body as a device, like a clockwork, that was in need of regular repair and maintenance.  Effectively, they set up a new paradigm of disease and new means of treating sufferers.  This new paradigm very rapidly became universal, exclusive and horrendously expensive by design.  Everything was patented so they could not lose any of the obscene profits.  All built on a lie and a fabrication. You are an exclusive victim of this paradigm.

Infants have no vaccine choice

Besides the immense financial profits, what else do they gain by all this?  You may see some parallels with other constructs of our civilizations.  They already have the monopoly in oil.  How did oil, a dirty, obsolete, destructive fuel, hang on to the market to this very day, being obsolete for well over 100 years ?  How do they hang on to the exclusive monopoly of money printing for the entire world, in their privately-owned banking system?  All of the nations of the world must borrow money, at interest, from these private banks in order to have monetary-based economies.  How do they continue to create the illusion of freely elected democratic political systems? How do they create the illusion of free choice in fabricated religions?  How do they propagate the illusion of public education when the system is nothing more than a massive propaganda machine with the intent to promulgate untruths?  This list goes on and on, but I am sure you have noted the point. How they perpetuate all of these lies is by indoctrinating you from cradle to grave in the belief that it could not possibly be any other way.

The flu season is just one piece of the healthcare scam, which goes along with autism, ADHD, cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic autoimmune disorders, to the anticipated diseases of aging, breast cancer, prostate cancer, dementia and Alzheimers.  You have been indoctrinated to expect these diseases in your life as inevitable.  The truth is, these, and all other diseases are not normal and should not be accepted as such.  Only good health is normal and to be expected in a system if it is not rigged against you.  You should live to 140 years without any sickness or disease. This is proven to be ‘normal’ in many cultures where ‘western’ ways are non-existent and natural ways are the norm.

But what is the real goal of the Matrix masters?  The same as it has always been, since the inception of humankind.  The real goal is control and exploitation.  Originally, the controllers did not make any attempt to hide this.  They just kept the size of the population in close check, at a level they could control by brute force.  We are in a different phase of the same program at this time.  Within the past 200 years, since the most recent ‘reset’, the population has been allowed to explode, from 500 million to 7.4 billion.  This is beyond the level that is within the scope of brute force control methods.  This is an experiment in using technocracy to control the expanded population to achieve a kind of self-controlling system, whereby the masses are given the illusion that they are not slaves, but are working for their own interests.  They parade out the movie idols, the professional sports actors, the Zuckerbergs and Bezos to present the illusion of opportunity to gain vast wealth and power.  Again, the truth is, the illusion is supported by puppets who are just well-paid ‘actors’ like the politicians and all the others. 

World population chart

If you do the math on exponential population growth based on normal birth rates and lifespans, you will be surprised to find that the population should be much larger….more like 30 billion. This illustrates the extent of the artificial disease and premature death programs of the Matrix. Particularly, it illustrates the massive kill-off required to keep the population steady at 500 million for so many tens of thousands of years prior to the most recent 200 year technocratic period.

The WW2 killed 62 million people.  Seems like a lot, but is totally inadequate in the present paradigm.  The technocracy seems to be developing more and more glitches and signs of corruption.  They are not making much of an effort now to keep the wizard hidden behind the curtain anymore.  From all appearances, we are in the final phases of another reset.  Hidden history indicates that the resets occur about every 200 years.  In the most recent reset of around 1812, most adult humans were eradicated while the children were largely preserved as a way to restart the civilization again after the disaster of the reset abated.  The now parentless children were transported all over the world to destinations where they were needed, initially as laborers, then as parents for the repopulation of coming generation.  These resets are not the prime objectives in the grand scheme.  They are relief valves to re-normalize the population size and purge accumulated awareness of truth.

The controllers have been trying to condition the masses for the roll-in of the New World Order, which is nothing more than the overt resumption of feudalism, for over 1,000 years and probably much longer.  The stage is set at this time to make the full-on drive to the finish line.  To pull this off, they are going to have to try to eliminate as much of the resistance as possible in seemingly organic ways and many mechanisms are in-place and at-work.  From the “millenials” on down, the conditioning is effectively done.  The problem is with the population segment older than the millenials. 

The next step is gun confiscation.  This is a delicate play that they have been running hard at.  Countless fake mass shootings by ‘crazed lone gunmen’ that always end up dead before they can be asked any questions, going all the way back to Columbine high school.  The same ‘crisis actors’ appearing over and over. Many non-thinkers are ready to give up their arms and many states have passed laws allowing for various confiscation schemes.  They know the hardcore will not voluntarily disarm.  That is why The Donald recently declared a “US state of emergency”.  All of the legal preparations are already completed for the next stage, which is martial law.  Obama has already signed the laws and agreements that cede control to the UN upon commencement of martial law in any city, county or state.  The next stage is door-to-door confiscation by UN personnel that have been ordered to shoot to kill any resistors, and will readily do so.

Vaccines do not work as Alleged

Gates, the Vaccinator

The so-called efficacy of vaccines is based on the fraudulent germ theory of Pasteur.  The idea is to give you some live germs so that you will contract a mild case of a disease, acquire antibodies, fight it off and be immune.  This is not how disease works.  You have probably been reading of the numerous recent cases of vaccinated individuals coming down with mumps, measles and all the other diseases they were supposed to be immune from.  Many cite polio as the case that proved the efficacy of vaccine theory for them.  Polio was well along in disappearing from the scene by the time of Saulk and Sabin.  But it was all a hyped up campaign to convince you to allow them to shoot things into your body with a syringe or other device.  Initially, the toxicity of the serum was slight to none.  You became comfortable with the whole idea to the point that you brought your children to have them inject things into their bodies.  Your children brought their children in for injections, and so on. Now they have the children in their own web and freely dispense the poisons. The controllers are patient.

Vaccines started to be administered without parental consent.  Vaccines were mandated for school attendance and for travel, among other reasons.  Newborn babies started to receive over 30 vaccines by the time they were one hour old.  Everyone thought this was all OK because, after all, they had received vaccines without being harmed.  However, no one stopped to think that this was all a horrible hoax, a gimmick to allow them to squirt anything they wanted into everyone’s body on a massive scale whenever they chose.   They did not bother to tell you that the serums were changed.  Now they are heavily toxic and contain known harmful substances like heavy metals and genetic modifiers.  Autism and ADHD have become epidemics.  They say they are not vaccinating against autism and ADHD, so it must not be the vaccines.  Yet, studies by private investigators have convincingly correlated the injections with the adverse results.

Pasteur Germ Theory Hoax

Why would that be the case?  Because yours and everyone else’s bodies are agglomerations of individual cells, of which about 95% are germs.  Quite the contrary to the germ theory of the fraud Pasteur, germs are an essential part of our bodies that do not cause disease, rather are essential to our good state of health.  Germs are tiny organisms compared to eukaryotes, the larger, more complex cells, which also have germs within their interiors.  Cells are metabolistic and produce waste byproducts.  They also die and replace themselves on a regular scheduled basis by apoptosis.  Our cells burn fuel, glucose, in an aerobic process called the carboxylic acid cycle which produces waste. Our body produces a lot of waste all the time.  Fortunately, the germ colonies within our bodies consume these waste products as their food.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  The germ cultures in your body are called macrobiotica.  They are vitally essential in your gut, facilitating digestion and waste removal.  Rather than making you diseased, they make the interior of your body nice and sanitary.  This was the discovery of BeChamp, a Pasteur contemporary, whose work Pasteur plagiarized, altered and published as his own, with the forgone bogus conclusions desired by the Rothschild/Rockefellers. Wake up folks.

I have covered the topic of cellular life spans in other blog posts available in the archives of this website that are available for your reading pleasure at your convenience. 

Drawing of a cell. Photos are non-existent.

Why do they want to give us all these vaccines on a regular recurring basis?  Because, like a host of other programs of a similar nature, this is how they keep us sick, fearful, controllable, sterile,  broke, obedient, desperate and prematurely dead.  This is all totally in line with the purpose for our existence and our relationship with our master controllers, to serve their agenda, not ours.  You may be wondering how this could be the case.  After all, you may have a new car and a new house, vacations and other indicators of serving your own prosperity.  Don’t worry, if you are the typical citizen, you owe money at interest to your masters for these things and are paying for insurance to their companies to protect their interests to boot.

The Flu exists and makes us sick, doesn’t it?

Yes, the influenza virus exists and makes us sick right on schedule, every year mainly due to their announcements of the arrival of the ‘flu season’..  Many will be standing in long lines to receive their flu vaccine.  In the western world, a large amount of resources are dedicated to make sure this happens each year on schedule.  But you can see that not all individuals are succumbing to the virus.  Employees in the medical field are in contact with infected people yet they do not ‘catch’ the flu.  How do you explain this?  Do some know something the rest do not?

The answer, of course, is that although everyone is breathing the same air, touching the same doorknobs and drinking the same water, only the constitutionally weak succumb to the disease.  Are you one of the constitutionally weak?  It is not genetics that account for this difference.  Only 3% of genes are coding to some trait or characteristic and ‘weak constitution’ is not one of them.  Your genes work like a symphony orchestra.  Your performance is based on skills from practicing, coordination of the group, attitude, desire to succeed, quality, condition and tuning of the instruments…..factors which are within one’s control.  Your genes respond to the environment you provide within your body by your diet and life-style habits. It is within your control to be constitutionally strong, or weak.  But you have to become knowledgeable and aware and take appropriate actions in your life.

Fertility rate is below replacement level

Disease ensues when your system of macrobiotica become unbalanced or compromised.  Worry, stress, poor diet, toxicity, acidosis, immune system dysfunction, blockages, poisons and many other factors are involved. It is all under your control, but you require knowledge and application of knowledge to make your body immune to disease.  No shot can make you immune from anything, except maybe from being alive.

Ironically, the very lack of bacteria in your body can be the source of disease.  If you are lacking in bacteria that are required to maintain sanitation within your body, you can suffer from build-up of metabolic waste toxins.  You require bacteria everywhere in your body, in every cell, on the surface of your skin and in your GI track.  Using anitbacterials can cause disease, not the other way around, as you have been taught.  There are only 6 fundamental pathologies leading to disease.  Of course, there are many ways you can poison and toxify yourself.  In all cases, germs are your friends, not your enemies, so long as you maintain a balance.  As in everything, balance is everything. Germs have been intentionally given a bad rap and vilified by Rockefeller alloquack medicine.

Getting back to specifics, the influenza virus is a manufactured, patented, weaponized product of the CDC, NIH and the Pentagon, as are an increasing arsenal of similar pathogenic agents that can be introduced into the populations by various means.  They can even make the pathogenic agents present varying symptoms to simulate different pathologies in different populations on different continents, thus here comes the Asian flu again. Citing from the journal Epidemiology, Sunnyvale, Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2016, the following relevant information explains much about the actual agenda of the vaccine pushers:

Flu shot Golden Globe awards. Maybe you did not realize that your movie idols are all part of the elite Matrix controllers.

                ‘Turning Nature Against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Reverse Population Growth.’ 

Faced with resistance from civil society, an increasingly volatile world, handicapped by the loss of secrecy, disarmed of plausible deniability and driven by the sustainability agenda, the UN and national member governments have become desperate and have been forced to adopt a new strategy of population control that no longer relies on their waning ability to turn men against men, but on a newly gained ability to turn Nature against Man.  Population control via social and chemical sterility and morbidity are being replaced by more ambitious depopulation targets via vaccine-induced apoptosis through mandatory inoculations. 

This new methodology of subverting fertility and increasing mortality, the two means of stable populations, implemented under the guise of societal interventions for public health outcomes with the help of a new global instrument of coercion called Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) requires far fewer financial and human resources but entails far greater risks for mankind and for all life on earth. 

This methodology allows for the concomitant pursuit of peak population and peak life expectancy by genetically programming sterility and morbidity early in life through childhood vaccines so the engineered demographic transition is accomplished worldwide by 2050 in the most economical fashion and with the furthest timeframe of responsibility, but also with little or no regard to the integrity of human life, fully outside the law and in defiance of constitutional and fundamental protections.

In other words, it is not necessary to incite men to war with each other over fictitious ‘ism’s’ because breakthroughs in genetics has provided a better way to accomplish failure to reproduce and induced morbidity.  Now, via the vaccines, genetics can be altered to plant the mechanisms for debilitation, disease and premature death. This mechanism is being pushed at every level and mandated by law into universal implementation.  Authorities vomit contradictions, absurdities and inconsistencies to be used by health officials to fabricate necessity, spout false research and fraudulent public statements to stampede the public into compliance with massive programs of injection of harmful and deadly substances into the blood streams of all humans at all ages, especially infancy.

The US military developed the Swine flu and H1N1 bird flu influenza in the 1960s. This flu has been the foundation of most of the hundreds of varieties that at are introduced via atmospheric sprays, inoculations and water systems on a recurring basis to create the flu season, as you know it.  This virus is an antecedent of the Spanish flu dating back over 1,000 years, and probably much farther.  Pandemics are an old method of population control that has come into the spotlight with the ability to deliver far greater damage to humans on a far grander scale by attacking genes and immune systems.  HIV is another version of this same concept, developed and patented by the CDC.

UN is a tool of the Matrix to implement the feudal NWO

To give you a further perspective on this extremely important subject, I will present some highlights from an interview report recently published by John Rappoport (March 13, 2019).  In this interview with a retired, formerly high-ranking scientist working for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the US government, revelations are asserted that are not readily available to the public, who need to know this information desperately.  If you are a parent whose children are threatened with mandatory vaccines, or a grandparent or any person with any concern about the wellbeing of others, you need to acquire an understanding of the truth underlying this issue.

The name of this scientist is not being made public because of the extreme high risk he is assuming in making these disclosures.  He was responsible for vaccine research for many years in the pharmaceutical industry and later for the NIH.  He has come forward at this time because “I am disgusted with what I discovered about vaccines during my career”.  “With the current push to remove parental consent from the process, I have decided to break my silence”.  “I was well aware of the scope of the medical cartel and its goals of depopulation, mind control and general debilitation of the masses”.

Pasteur the fraud – left. BeChamp the real scientist – right

This is a question/answer type interview, and will be presented in this format:

Q:  So, you think you could have problems if you come into the open?

A:  I believe I could lose my retirement pension.  These people have ways of causing you problems, when you were once part of the Club.  Others have been harassed and put under surveillance.

Q:  Who would do this to you?

A:  The FBI and IRS.  They use other pretexts, so it looks unrelated.

Q:  What is it that would unleash this kind of treatment for discussing a subject of common public interest?

A:  Vaccines are the last defense of ‘modern medicine’.  Vaccines are the ultimate justification for the presumed ‘brilliance’ of modern medicine.

Q:  Should people have choice on vaccination or not?

A:  If the FDA were run by honorable people, these vaccines would not be granted licenses for human use.

Q:  Have vaccinations brought decline in public disease?

A:  The decline of disease is due to improved living and sanitary conditions.  Cleaner water, more advanced sewage systems, more fresh food, decline in poverty levels.  Germs are everywhere, but if you are more constitutionally healthy, you do not become diseased.

Q:  You did your own investigation into the matter.  What did you find?

A:  I realized that I was working in a sector based on a collection of lies.

Q:  Are some vaccines dangerous while others are OK?

A:  As far as I am concerned, all vaccines are dangerous.

Q:  Why?

A:  They involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity.  They cause the disease they are supposed to prevent.  They also cause other diseases that should be unrelated.

Q:  We are presented with statistics which seem to show tremendous success with vaccines.

A:  They gather information to create the illusion that these vaccines are useful.  If the vaccine suppresses visible symptoms, like with measles spots, it is assumed the vaccine is a success. No one looks deeper at the harm done to the immune system itself.  If other diseases are caused – say meningitis – it is never associated with the vaccine because no one thinks the vaccine is able to do this.

Q:  Didn’t vaccines wipe out smallpox in England?

A:  When you review the statistics of the case, you get a different picture.  Many were not vaccinated and did not contract smallpox.  Many sectors where vaccination was thorough experienced large scale smallpox epidemics.  Smallpox was well on its way to disappearing before the vaccine was introduced.  They have always been intent to create a false history to convince the public that vaccines are invariably safe and effective.

Q:  So, you are saying we have been given a false history?

A:  Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

Q:  You told me that contaminants are rife in the vaccine manufacturing process.

A:  Yes, some examples of what I came across – the Rimavex measles vaccine, I found various chicken viruses.  In polio vaccine, I found acanthamoeba, the brain-eating amoeba as well as Simian cytomegalovirus.  In the rotavirus vaccine I found Simian foamy virus.  In the MMR vaccine, I found bird cancer virus.  In the rubella vaccine, I found duck, dog and rabbit viruses.  This is just to give you an idea.

Q:  You found contaminants that were not supposed to be in the vaccines?

A:  That is correct.  We have no idea as to the damage caused by contaminants because no investigation has ever been done.  As far as the public is concerned, there is no contamination in vaccines.  The public also has no idea that polio, adenovirus, rubella, hep A and measles vaccines are made with aborted human fetal tissue.  I have also found human hair, human mucous, and other foreign proteins.  These contaminants are going directly into the blood stream without passing through any of the ordinary immune defenses.  And, I am not even mentioning the standard chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum which are put into vaccines intentionally.

Q:  And beyond the issues of purity and sanitation?

A:  You are dealing with the basic faulty premise about vaccines.  That they intricately stimulate the immune system to create the conditions for immunity from the disease.  That is a bad premise to begin with.  It does not work that way.  A vaccine is supposed to create antibodies which, indirectly, offer protection against disease.  However, the immune system is much larger and more involved than antibodies and ‘killer’ cells.  The immune system consists of the entire body and mind, which protects healthy individuals in the midst of a raging epidemic.

Q:  So the constitutional state of health is of importance?

A:  More than important.  Vital.

Q:  How are vaccine statistics falsely presented?

A:  Suppose 25 people who have received the hep B vaccine all come down with hepatitis.  Hep B is a liver disease which can be called many things.  The diagnosis can be changed to conceal the vaccine as the root cause.  This is happening all the time.  The diagnosing doctors automatically assume that people who are vaccinated DONOT come down with the diseases for which they are supposedly immune.  This is circular reasoning in a closed system that admits no possible fault.  Therefore, it has to be some other disease of some other cause.  That is the automatic assumption.  There can be no fault attributed to any vaccine.

Q:  In your long career working in the vaccine establishment, how many other doctors admitted suspicion that vaccines were a problem?

A:  None.

Q:  What was the turning point for you?

A:  My friends new baby died immediately after receiving the DPT shot.  This baby was completely normal and healthy before receiving the shot.  There was no other reason for the death other than the vaccine.  My first thought was of a bad batch of serum.  Investigation showed this not to be the case.  I was motivated to investigate further.  I found that vaccines are not tested in any scientific way.  No long-term studies are ever done on any vaccines.  Why?  The assumption is made that vaccines do not cause any problems, so why should anyone check?  It is also dogma that any adverse reaction to vaccination occurs immediately, on the spot.  There is no basis for this assumption.  Deterioration could be gradual.  Neurological problems could develop over time.  It is well known that mercury poisoning is accumulative over time.  Correlations are, by their very nature, not always obvious and perfect. High incidence of neurological problems during the period of one year after vaccination should at least arouse suspicions leading to investigation. 

Q:  Has this ever been the case?

A:  No. Never.  This tells you something immediately. Dogma insists that vaccines can never be investigated as the cause of any problem.!  Vaccine is safe, by definition.  Objective analysis of these cases reveal immediately that these are NOT isolated cases.

Q:  Did you ever raise attention of these problems to higher authority?

A:  Several times.  I was told to keep quiet.

Q:  If vaccines actually do harm, why are they given?

A:  First of all, there is no “IF”.  They DO HARM.  At lower levels of the system, people have their motives.  Money, fear of losing their job, desire to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking obedience, and so on.  At the higher levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system.  At the higher levels, they are not out to help people, they are out to harm people, to weaken them and to kill them.  They are taking orders from an unseen level above themselves.  The WHO is a front for the UN depopulation interests.   People at these levels already know that HIV is a hoax and AIDS drugs are poisons which destroy the immune system.

Q:  What about the industrialized nations?

A:  The medical cartel has a stranglehold.  The ‘choice’ issue is being mandated about vaccines against ‘biowarfare’.  Of course, what is the source of biowarfare?  It is the Pentagon and the CIA.  Obviously it is preventable, if anyone has the power to circumvent these agendas.  No one does, because these agendas are artificially generated from the highest echelons of power.

Q:  What about the furor over the hepatitis B vaccine?

A:  They insist that newborn babies must receive the vaccine and then, in the next breath, admit that a person only gets hep B from sexual contact and shared needles – a ridiculous juxtaposition.  They try to paint over this ridiculous dichotomy by saying that 20,000 children in the US get hep B every year from ‘unknown causes’, so every baby needs a vaccine.  I dispute that 20,000 figure as there are no valid studies that back it up.

Q:  Andrew Wakefield, the British MD who uncovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism has just been fired from his job for releasing his findings.

A:  They claim he was fired for evading the vaccination of his own child.  MI6 and British authorities say it is a matter of national security.  For them, it is global security.  The cartel operates in every nation and zealously guards the sanctity of its vaccines.

Q:  Hollywood celebrities taking a public stand against vaccines commit career suicide.

A:  Hollywood is linked very powerfully to the medical cartel.  Celebrities are some of the most influencial  figures in the world and the masses hang on their every move and word. 

Q:  What about the NIH?

A:  People are competing for government research monies.  The last thing they are thinking about is challenging the status quo.

Q:  What about the combined destructive power of the large number of vaccines given serially to babies these days?

A:  It is a travesty and a crime.  There have been no studies on the effects of combining numerous vaccines administered simultaneously.  The truth is, no vaccines are safe.  Therefore, the potential damage from multiple vaccination must increase.

Q:  Then we have the autumn flu season.

A:  As if only in the autumn do these germs float into the US from Asia.  The public swallows that ridiculous premise without a second thought.  It’s only the flu if it happens in October.

Q:  Any other thoughts?

A:  I’d like to review once again the diseases that vaccines can cause.  One, a person gets the disease from the vaccine, which the vaccine is supposed to protect him from. Or, two, he doesn’t get that disease, but later, he develops another disease condition caused by that vaccine.  That could be autism or some form of meningitis.  He could become mentally disabled.  There is never any follow-up to this scenario because it is not permitted, at any time, to question the efficacy of vaccines.  Those working in the field can piece together a narrative that does reveal some very disturbing things along these lines.  People have been harmed and also killed.  There is no way for the public to piece this together and they will never be informed.  The harm and death is extensive.

Q:  If you took a child, fed him good food, made him exercise every day and gave him love and support but did not allow him to be vaccinated, how would he compare to an average child who eats junk food, watches TV everyday for the average ‘screen time’ but received the measles vaccine?

A:  I would bet on the first child every time. They make it a crime to refuse the vaccine and equate it with bad parenting.  It is not easy to buck the authorities.  The cartel likes that bet.  It is betting that the fear will win.  “These days, if I had a child, the last thing I would allow is my child to be vaccinated.”

The Elite do not vaccinate

Gate’s children not allowed to receive vaccinations

Good news supporting the assertions. The physician for the Gate’s family children has disclosed that the family is in agreement with the report, above, regarding child vaccinations. According to the doctor, who reported this at a medical symposium for other doctors in Seattle, in reference to the four children of Bill and Melinda Gates: “I can tell you he point blank, Gates refused to vaccinate them during childhood”. Gates stated: “they are beautiful kids, truly wise and lively. They are fine as they are. They don’t need any shots”.

I hope this information has helped you to understand the vaccine agenda.  It is one of the king pins of the New World Order, under the administration of the UN, with their Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and Agenda 50, along with 5G and atmospheric spraying (geoengineering).  This is readily available information that can be looked up and read.  Like all of the Matrix agendas, it carries titles that no person would want to oppose.  Can you understand why they use these titles in there publicly released information?  Some people would say – “what, are you crazy?  Are you against sustainability? Are you against world order? “.  You had better know what the flowery words are really saying.  The most vulnerable in society, the children, are not given any choice in deciding whether they will be rendered autistic, with diminished faculties, or dead.  It literally comes right down to this, whether you like to know it, or not.

Humans are slaves.  We have always been slaves.  Humans are dispensable.  We have always been dispensable.  We work to exploit our own home, the planet earth, so demigods can take the loot back to their home planet.  The demigods do not do this because they are evil, any more than the conquistadors did it to the native Americans in recent history, hauling the gold, sugar, coffee and other treasures back to the bluebloods in Europe.  They looked upon it as business, not as a moral issue.  Farmers exploit cows and pigs, not for immoral reasons.  It’s just business.  Demigods look upon humans as farmers look upon livestock.

The game resets every 200 years, or so.  The western world is finished.  It’s over and done, except for cleaning up the waste and sweeping out.  The eastern world is at the beginning of its exploitation.  In another 200 years, it will be finished, and the cleaning up will take place there.  In the technocratic Matrix of the present, cleaning up is not going to entail the usual human against human warfare.  That is too imprecise, messy and hard to control.  At this time, there is no need for this obsolete method.  But it is conspicuously obvious that a cleaning house is impending.  It is time to wake up, get more aware and get positioned to be a survivor, unless you’d rather be dead than give up your TV or video game. 

UPDATE 6/2/2019

There is a new campaign underway as of the last two weeks, or so. Measle virus have been released on at least 23 states in the US and there are supposedly around 121 cases of measles reported. The CDC perpetrated this situation for the purpose of imposing the essential argument for more new mass vaccinations. No one is dying from any measles infections nor have they ever unless complicated by other severe health issues.. But the CDC is waving its arms crying “the sky is falling”. They are creating medical martial law zones and demanding that everyone must receive mandatory new vaccines immediately. In the NYC area, local communities are imposing ordinances forbidding people to be in public areas without proof of current vaccinations and imposing hefty fines on those apprehended for being unable to provide proof.

The effort to panic people into responding to this non-crisis is vastly out of proportion to the magnitude of the matter. Disproportionate measures are indicative of ulterior motives. Declaration of medical martial law and desperate measures should make you very suspicious and very wary.

The shots they want to give you now are not benign, like the ones they gave years ago when creating the ‘comfort factor’. The game is changed. This shot is very likely to be lethal. You are not going to drop dead on the floor immediately. They need to shoot up everyone before people display adverse reactions to the vaccine. None the less, this is another obvious hoax and has all the earmarks of the end game for the total vaccination program, finally materializing what vaccines have been designed to do since day one, which is extermination of people on a massive scale without much resistance.

Remember, the most top secret information protected by our government is truth.


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