62 Percent of the Vaxxed Already Have Permanent Heart Damage

We have previously covered the story of Dr. Charles Hoffe, the brave doctor who has been practicing medicine for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada.

After he had administered about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental EUO mRNA COVID-19 injections, he sounded the alarm over the severe reactions he was observing in his patients who chose to get the shot (he chose NOT to get it himself), which included death.

The result of him sounding the alarm was a gag order issued against him by the medical authorities in his community. He defied this gag order and was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Thompson on her program where he sounded the alarm. See: Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

His punishment for going public to warn others on the dangers of these experimental Emergency-Use-Only (EUO) shots was to be relieved from hospital duty and lose half of his income: Canadian Doctor Removed from Hospital Duty after Speaking out about COVID “Vaccine” Side Effects.

Last week, Dr. Hoffe was interviewed again by Laura-Lynn Thompson, and he continues to share his findings with the public regarding the experimental COVID-19 shots.

Dr. Hoffe is truly a hero today, risking not only his reputation, but probably his very life to bring important information regarding the COVID-19 shots that the Globalists, who control the corporate media and social media, are trying very hard to censor.

In this latest interview, Dr. Hoffe states that the blood clots that are being reported in the corporate media as being “rare” are anything but rare, based on his own testing of his own patients who had recently received one of the shots.

The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc. The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test.

Using this test with his own patients, Dr. Hoffe claims that he has found evidence of small blood clots in 62% of his patients who have been injected with an ‘mRNA shot’.

He states that these people are now permanently disabled, and they will no longer “be able to do what they used to do.”

These people have no idea they are even having these microscopic blood clots. The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots, they are permanently damaged.

His warning is very dire: “These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.”  This is not a case of immediate damage that is a one-off event.  It is rather a case where this insidious damage goes on to worsen, ending in death.

Dr. Hoffe is not the only doctor to sound the alarm over serious side effects from the COVID-19 shots.

Last month we covered the press conference given in Ontario at Parliament Hill that was arranged by MP Derek Sloan and featured four other Canadian doctors who were also being censored over what they are seeing and reporting regarding the COVID-19 shots. See: Canadian Politician Derek Sloan Uses Parliament Hill to Give Voices to Censored Doctors and Scientists Blowing the Whistle on COVID-19 Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

Are these public testimonies from doctors who dare to question the official narrative in the face of tremendous censorship, ridicule, and even threats starting to make a difference in Canada?


Yesterday there was a Press Release from the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force in CanadaThis group is comprised of:experts from across Canada in matters related to serologic surveillance, immunology, infectious diseases, public health, and clinical medicine. It also includes ex-officio members representing agencies of the Government of Canada, including the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the office of the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister, as well as representatives of Provincial-Territorial Ministries of Health, and McGill University.

This is the first time I have ever seen in any country a group with ties to government health agencies admit that there are seriously injured individuals from the COVID-19 shots, and that further injuries must be halted immediately.

Some injuries have been acknowledged in the U.S. by the FDA, but the only action they have taken is to add warnings to the shots – nothing about how to treat the victims and their injuries or halting the furtherance of these injuries by halting the injections.

To be sure, this group in Canada keeps stating the official narrative that “the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination continue to outweigh the risks” while supplying no underlying data or studies to prove this statement, but the fact that they are even admitting that there are people injured by the shots is important. These deaths and serious injuries from the shots do not outweigh the merits of the vaxxines, which appear to be none.  The alleged dangers of covid are not greater than the common seasonal flu, for which shots have never been effective at any time in past history.  All a flu sufferer need do is to wait it out for a week or so, and the flu will disappear from the action of the body’s own immune system, even when general health is poor.

The actions of governments are unconscionable.  They are making every effort to keep the public unaware of both the scope and seriousness of these vaxxine consequences. This is not just the case in Canada, although Canada is one of the world’s most egregious offenders.  In Costa Rica, for example, where the government offers no information on vaxxine adverse effects, including deaths, concerned citizens are making their own observations and revealing them to others who deserve to know.  For example, in one small community in Perez Zeledon, 15 deaths have recently occurred from these vaxxines in a period of two weeks.  Were it not for alert citizens, this would go completely unnoticed and unreported here.  This is common everywhere in the world. 

Even those larger countries that really must report on this type of information, the nature and prevalence is grossly understated, to provide the delusion of some degree of efficacy when there really is none.  Drivveling idiots are now in charge of the world, at least that portion in public evidence.  They are leading door-to-door campaigns to increase the incidence of death primarily.  The injections are fatal, so getting an increasing percentage of the population vaxxed will assure the ultimate success of the annihilation.

.The Government of Canada, through its COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF) and Vaccine Surveillance Reference Group (VSRG), is investing approximately $800,000 for a study that aims to further improve Canada’s identification and response to adverse events people may experience following COVID-19 vaccination across 10 provinces. This study is an extension of an existing vaccine safety program that provides important public health information about adverse events following immunization (AEFI) for all vaccines authorized for use in adults and children.  It is totally obvious that no one is achieving immunity from any of the lethal injections, except and only once death has occurred Those who have taken the lethal injections are, based on minimally accurate released information, at least 8 times more susceptible to infection than those who refuse to be murdered by rejecting the lethal injection.  This situation is very puzzling, as one would think that those who have given any consideration to accepting the lethal injection would be protesting and refusing.

This is simply a situation where the public fears its government so greatly that they will all line up and march over a cliff rather than use any intelligence or common sense.  No thinking allowed.

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