5G the Humans

The global shutdown, enacted by the Architects of the Plandemic, required misdirection, carried out with the skill of a magician: Lure the audience into hypnotic focus on a single object as they rolled out their agenda in veils of concealment. Like the lead up to a grand finale, the Masters of Illusion hooked the audience’s attention with one dazzling move after another. First, with the virus breaking out of China showing people falling dead in the streets and hospitals overrun with bodies. Then, with the worldwide epidemic infecting cruise ships and decimating industries.

 Next, they imposed fear of the unknown with “asymptomatic” carriers. At each turn there was a new trick. They sold Vaccines made at “Warp Speed” as the only solution; the only way to “return to normal.” They planted more seeds of doubt to keep eyeballs glued on COVID-19 with an endless stream of news bytes on wearing masks, social distancing, and the CDC’s new “Twindemic” coming this flu season.

They weaponized Big Media, while directing the Tech Giants to ban, censor, and erase opposing narratives. They controlled the news. They controlled the information. They controlled the people. Take your eye off the magic wand and one can see the coronavirus serving two purposes:

First, the Architects used it to distract people from discovering the underlying cause of the virus-blamed illnesses. Second, it allowed the rollout of 5G infrastructure on earth and in the sky. The world had been hoodwinked. Using the shelter-in-place orders as cover, telecom contractors installed 5G equipment and networks in empty schools and offices, while many businesses switched on surveillance spacing and tracking apps, electrifying the environment with non-ionizing radiation. With few eyes on the stealth rollout of 5G in 2020, they erected cell towers camouflaged as trees and cacti, and hidden on lamp-posts in the suburbs. The Architects did all of this and more, neither informing the public about the true nature of their plan nor seeking their consent to being exposed in the greatest biological experiment in human history.

The majority of people around the world have little idea they are being doused daily with non-ionizing radiation from space, where they live, and where they travel. Add WIFI, laptops, smartphones and new tracing and spacing apps, and the exposure to millimeter waves have grown exponentially. Soon 5G wireless technology will be everywhere. An omnipresent eye.

The end goal of what the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab wrote in the Fourth Industrial Revolution report in 2016, aims to transition societies to run on data while be controlled by AI and automation. The onramp of smart vehicles, smart homes, smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities will one day connect consumers, businesses, and industries in the 6G web of Nikola Tesla’s digital “ether.” Selling the promise of magnitudes of efficiency gains and super-fast download speeds, what’s rarely discussed are the darker elements of the cashless society or the 24/7 surveillance state. Convenience traded in for absolute control. But what is not talked about are the health impacts of living and working in the “hot” environment.

Test Case: Wuhan, China. The industrial hub of 11 million people became the first 5G city in Asia.

On the same October 18, 2019, day as the Gates Foundation-sponsored Event 201 simulated a coronavirus pandemic killing 65 million people, Wuhan hosted the World Military Games. During the two-week expo, Wuhan turned on 20 percent of its 10,000 base stations that all went live by year end. Was it a coincidence that the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in the world’s first 5G hot spot city? Or that many of its citizens dropped dead in the street, their brains starved of oxygen, an ailment known as hypoxia or acute mountain sickness? Does this remind anyone of the earlier tests of 5G where millions of birds suddenly dropped from the sky, dead, in the 5G zone.  Or herds of elephants suddenly dropped dead in the 5G zone in Africa.  Why the enormous push to get the African continent saturated with 5G towers?  Is Africa the hub of high technology with millions of businesses being threatened by lack of internet bandwidth?  Not exactly.

The next outbreak occurred on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February. With one person out of 3,700 people on the ship said to be infected with coronavirus when it docked in Japan for quarantine, the shelter-in-cabin order backfired. In two weeks, COVID-19 spread like wildfire infecting 712 people on board, almost one fifth the total head count.  Or, was this due simply to running more tests, all ‘positive’ ultimately, because everybody has hundreds of trillions of viruses of every type in their bodies at all times.  So, all tests are ‘positives’. 

How did that happen? The world health experts could only venture a guess. Food? HVAC duct systems? Anything but the truth. What was left out of the probe of the Diamond Princess, however, and three of its sister ships: Princesses Cruises was the first cruise line to become a wireless hot spot. Late last year, the four ships installed Medallion Net, a dual-satellite system using near-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites to beam WIFI down to the vessels crossing the vast open space of oceans.

The Grand Princess, which docked in Oakland, California, avoided a similar fate. In that case, authorities disembarked the passengers and sent them to quarantine at a nearby military base. The Ruby Princess, which quarantined in Australia, triggered a homicide investigation when eleven of its 250 “unwell” passengers died in less than a week. The next epicenter in the global pandemic shifted to Northern Italy. It, too, like Wuhan, became Europe’s first 5G hot zone. Soon, the Corona-Plague killed off the elderly and the weak, with stay-at-home orders and shutting down businesses, doing great economic harm while having no measurable effect of containing the epidemic. In each instance, like New York and Seattle that followed, COVID-19 spread unevenly correlating with areas having more intense testing.  This, of course, is because all humans, as well as all other Eukaryotic life forms manufacture viruses by the trillions of trillions.  Want more cases, just do more tests.  You will get as many as you test.  Months later, this has been slowly exposed.  Cases were being called infections when they are just an inevitable and normal part of Eukaryotic metabolism. This is where the asymptotic carrier nonsense comes in.  Every body is asymptomatic. You can’t be alive without manufacturing and carrying hundreds of trillions of viruses.

 Weaponized viruses can be patented, proving they are man-made, manufactured in laboratories to produce the patented variations of common viruses. Your immune system quickly nullifies these miscreants while Nature quickly undoes the mutants, returning everything back to normal.  Bio-weapons are destroyed by Nature.  That is the reason, in spite of hundreds of attempts, all of their virus-based pandemics have quickly flopped.

The question becomes: Why has the world been dealing with a coronavirus outbreak that doesn’t behave like its predecessors, dating back to the 1960s or before? And, are the list of unusual ailments, many related to oxygen deprivation, the result of the “common cold” virus? Or is it something else, something less quantifiable such as the next permutation of blanketing the world with Space-X’s new 5G StarLink satellite system?

Under new scrutiny, the coronavirus cover story begins to break apart like the RNA fragments the worthless PCR tests identify as “positive” cases. The faulty tests are a tool of deception to run up the hysteria over a totally normal situation.   The elderly and people with comorbidities died due to the onslaught of the next plateau of irradiating the planet.

These thought-provoking arguments must be taken a step further, into the dark minds of psychopaths with unlimited funding and zero empathy, who are finally unleashing the inevitable RESET 2020, which is overdue.  The “Useless Eaters” must be dealt with.  The unproductive, super wasteful uber-consumers will not be tolerated much longer.  The planning and impetus for this has been clearly visible for a long time.  Of course, none of the useless eaters are able or willing to face their fate, so they gladly accept the fake alternative lies about what is happening with these fake crises as the truth.  Unfortunately, embracing obvious lies just works into the plans to pull off this massive operation with the smallest amount of chaos possible.  You are surely hearing about the openings of the long-ago constructed FEMA camps, now under the guise of COVID shelters, where the meek line up to be cared for totally in their final days.  It was always a question of just what is the basis of so many hundreds of these FEMA camps in every state of the union. We are now seeing the state governors imposing quarantines on huge numbers of citizens.  Where are they being quarantined?  In these FEMA camps, of course. 

Those quarantined in the FEMA camps are pretty much out of the mainstream view.  In these camps, they can be inoculated with the experimental vaccines without noticeable protests, visible to the citizens at-large.  These vaccines are going to be multi-purpose, probably controlled using 5G.  One of the main features will be a ‘kill switch’.  This is all going to require a lot of beta testing, out of the public view.  The FEMA camps are perfect for this.  Disappearances will be confused and obfuscated, and soon become common.  Of course, non-prisoners will not be allowed visitation with so-called ‘infected cases’, so who is going to keep tabs on the operations in these camps.  This offers a means to conduct these operations in an orderly fashion at a manageable pace and explains the huge stacks of multi-person coffins already waiting for victims at these places, to handle large-scale disposal.

Apparently, FEMA ordered and received 30,000 guillotines, which must, by now, be unexposed fixtures at these camps.  Once the ‘second wave’ hanta viruses are brought into the hype, the fatality rates are going to be said to increase dramatically.  They will be able to save a lot of time using guillotines to accelerate the killing.  By this point in time, medical martial law will have already been implemented and the total door-to-door weapons confiscation by UN forces will have eliminated any possibility of defense or revolution.  At the time the guillotines were being received, this created a couple days of concern, now quickly and quietly forgotten, until it’s too late to do anything about it.

Your blue-blood royal rulers are careful planners, smart, thorough and un-empathetic.  These 200 year RESETS have been going on for thousands of years.  Ample evidence exists to prove this beyond a doubt.  The adults are eliminated and the young malleable children are salvaged.  They are sent to brand new unoccupied cities, already built and ready for occupants in China and the “stans”, the former SSRs of the Soviet Union.  It is easily researched back to the recent RESETS.  For example, the ‘Orphan Trains’ of the RESET 1812, of which there are many existing photos.  These orphaned children were taken to pre-constructed cities and thoroughly propagandized with new public education materials and curriculums.

Why are the adults eliminated?  Because ‘you can fool most of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time, at least not for too long.”  Because the people have been living in the Matrix Reality for 200 years, more and more are no longer fooled by the fake virtual reality.  A small breach in the curtain can reveal a hint of the existence of the MATRIX wizard.  Very quickly, the whole curtain can be torn down and control can be lost.  When and if this happens, the royal blue-bloods could be overcome by the sheer number.  They are few, the humans are many.  They control a great amount of power over humans, but it would certainly be possible they could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.  This is the paramount concern that the royals live with.  They must always make sure of their continuity of power.  Better to clean house every 200 years than take an unacceptable and needless risk.

The young children, on the other hand, are valuable assets that are malleable and can be brain-washed to continue the process of strip mining the resources of the planet for the ultimate benefit of the royals and probably the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki can only visit planet Earth when their solar system enters the known solar system, putting them in close proximity.  Their orbital cycle brings this proximity about on a 3,600 earth-year cycle, called a ‘Shar’.

The last time this occurred was around 1,000 BCE, when they departed earth, leaving the homo capensis, the blue-blood Royals, to maintain the rule over humans in perpetuity.  You doubt this?  You really have lost contact with even semi-modern history.  We still have ample evidence of the blue-bloods in the present day.  But not much more than a generation ago, Royals overtly ruled the humans without any cloak of secrecy.  In our present day state of ignorance, have we already lost this knowledge?  If so, they deserve a lot of respect and credit for accomplishing their goals so thoroughly. So much evidence abounds, in every part of the world, of the feudal system under which they ruled.  Their castles are everywhere and written materials abound.  It’s just that not much integrity remains in the public educational system.  And every one is too busy being entertained to even understand why they should care.

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