2025 Population Forecast for America

Deagel.com Makes Mysterious Changes to 2025 Population Forecast for America as Bill Gates and company launches UN Agenda 2030.

While Microsoft founder and vaccine propagandist Bill Gates recently warned that the next deadly flu epidemic is just waiting around the corner and it could quickly lead to the deaths of more than 30 million people, we’re not the least bit surprised that he also claims a ‘universal flu shot’ is the answer to prevent such a deadly pandemic, this despite the fact that even medical experts claimed that this year’s flu shot was hardly a preventative and actually led to the greater spread of the flu.  

And this not to mention that there is no vaccine for viruses, never has been and never will be. Viruses are random packets of dead mRNA, packaged and expelled from the cells as waste material. Living entities, whose cells reproduce, are the source of viruses. US efforts to weaponize viruses over the past 100+ years have all been duds. Knowing that the latest attempt, the corona COVID, would also be a dud, they have just proceeded to campaign this version using their propaganda machine and government-owned media, along with the usual suspects who tell it just like the are paid to.

With the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation teaming up with Google co-founder Larry Page to launch the ‘Grand Challenge’ of what they call the ‘holy grail  of influenza research‘, an attempt to develop a ‘universal vaccine, Gates and Page are giving out individual grants of between $250,000 and $2 million over 2 years to those attempting to develop such a universal flu shot with human testing set to begin by 2021. They are going to trot something our, claiming it is a universal flue vaccine. It is a total fraud, but they have to keep your fear level very high, so you will be willing to trust these clowns and just get into the line, take your shot and wait for the inevitable.

Calling upon computational biology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other fake technologies to be used as aids in the ongoing research, Gates and Page hope to ‘bridge the funding‘ of such projects due to what they call the “valley of death” between novel concepts and clinical trial-ready products. Does this sound like a ‘sales job’?

And while, like many globalists, Gates and Page put on their ‘sincere face’ in expressing their goals to prevent the spread of an epidemic that they claim could cull tens of millions of lives, we must always remember that Gates and the Gates Foundation are also proponents of eugenics, have killed or damaged millions of children in Africa and India with toxic vaccines, with Gates himself coming out directly and stating the world is far too overpopulated.

Bill Gates has doubled down on his goal to depopulate the planet, using deceitful Orwellian doublespeak to bamboozle his naive followers into believing that “by making people healthier, we can reduce the world’s population”.  Of course, his definition of ‘healthier’ is based on vaccines and pharmaceutical pills.  It is not related to real health in any way.

Make no mistake, when Gates talks about “making people healthier”, what he is really talking about is enforcing the mandatory roll out of his range of experimental vaccinations. The same vaccines that have already caused mass sterilization and death on multiple continents.

The second-richest man on the planet is a committed globalist and eugenicist working towards the New World Order goal of depopulation. Lest anyone forget these facts, Bill Gates regularly goes out of his way to remind us of them.

Bill Gates and his foundation have consistently come under fire for their goal of depopulation, and now the same man who admitted in a TED talk that his goal is to eliminate a billion humans from the face of the Earth, has now taken to Facebook to lecture us about why being eradicated is in our own best interests.

And while the website, Deagel.com, has recently made some changes to their 2025 forecast for America, as we report in much more detail below, we read in this March story from The Sun, about one medical ‘health expert’ warning of a ‘mutant virus’ that sounds straight from a Saturday morning TV cartoon, potentially becoming the fastest-spreading viral killer known to the human race and as he tells us, such a killer virus outbreak could happen tomorrow.

Dr Jonathan Quick, chair of the Global Health Council, said the flu virus is “the most diabolical, hardest-to-control, and fastest-spreading potential viral killer known to humankind”.  Has anyone told him yet that viruses have been inundating the environment of the universe for many billions of years in uncountable numbers and never killed anyone yet.  That virus are dead molecules, expelled from the bodies of all living creatures as they replace their own cells on a regular basis through mitosis. The dead molecules are organic strings of old RNA, encapsulated in a protein coating, now called exosomes.  Yours, and all other eukaryotic organisms expel these virus as waste material from the life process. This includes spores, fungus, all animals and plants.

Describing what sounds like scenes from a horror film, the ignorant Dr Quick warned in The Daily Mail, of starvation, medicine supplies running low, energy systems crippling under the pressure and the collapse of the global economy.

And what could cause such devastation, on a global scale?

“According to Quick, The most likely culprit will be a new and unprecedentedly deadly mutation of the influenza virus. The conditions are right, it could happen tomorrow.”

Of course, this is utter nonsense, intended only to instill fear in the minds of the ignorant.  Do not be frightened by idiots like Dr. Quick, whoever he is.  He is either beyond stupid or a paid shill. 

Viruses are dead!!  They are unable to plot, plan, or take any active role in doing anything.  Get it?  DEAD.  Dead things have no consciousness, therefore, no ability to conceive of or initiate any plan of any kind.  Your body is full of over 400 trillion viruses right now, and always has been, just like everyone else’s body. You can put it totally out of your mind.  No such thing as ‘killer viruses’.  If you do not understand this, read it over and over until you do.  Or better yet, do some studying on the subject on your own.

The most that viruses can do is hang around the receptor sites of your eukaryotic cells by means of getting accidently physically hooked at the receptor site, where your cells keep raw materials available for their next mitosis event.  In this way, they can be accidently allowed entry into the cell’s interior and become available as raw material for the replication of a new cell.  This, on rare occasions, can cause a new cell to make an inaccurate copy of itself, a defective cell.  Your immune system will immediately detect and kill this defective cell. No harm will result.  If you are immuno-compromised, you may live with a defective cell in your body for a short period, about the length of a cold.  This is the worst thing that can happen to you caused by a virus. 

The CIA/DOD site, Deagel.com has been published for a long time.  Part of their published material is a running forecast of important parameters for over 180 countries in the world. Following is the 2025 forecast for the USA, 2017 – 2025.

And while the website Deagel.com is STILL forecasting a massive depopulation for America by 2025, on our visit to their website this morning we found a huge difference in their 2025 forecast from just weeks ago.

Back on December 31st of 2017, Deagel was previously forecasting the US population to drop to 54 million people by 2025, down from what was then 324 million people in 2016. Well, as we see now in the screenshot above taken from their website page for the United States, Deagel is now forecasting that the 2025 population of the USA will be a nice, round 100 million people – nearly doubling their previous 2025 forecast.

Yet, as it’s easy to see, even a 2025 forecast of 100 million people in less than 5 years is STILL DOWN 227 million from the 2017 population of America. How will America lose 227 million people by 2025?

Deagel is forecasting the population of the US to drop from 327 million in 2017 to only 100 million in 2025, while also forecasting a 2025 US military budget of 32 billion dollars, down from a 2017 military budget of $637 billion, while forecasting our population density to drop from 34 inhabitants per square mile to only 10 inhabitants per square mile in 2025.

Also, forecasting that our gross domestic product (GDP) will drop from $19 trillion in 2017 to only $2.4 trillion in 2025. Deagel’s numbers for America in 2025 still show an America in total collapse, a 3rd world nation with our GDP per capita more than cut in half while our purchase power parity is forecast to be lower than Thailand, Columbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro and on parity with Costa Rica.

And before you go and discount Deagel’s numbers, it’s very important to know that their sources ARE the ‘deep state’ with the CIA, US Department of Defense, US Department of State and World Bank contributing data for their forecasts. So…. what does Deagel know what we don’t know? Their sources make clear that whatever Deagel knows, the ‘deep state’ knows, too!

While Deagel leaves no explanation on their website about why they’ve made these changes to the 2025 forecast population of America, they did put out an explanation back in October of 2014 about why they were forecasting such a huge drop for America… ‘a confluence of crises’ with a devastating result‘. A brief excerpt from that 2014 explanation:

The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, especially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the US.

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending Ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and Ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Technology/Technocracy offshoring may end with many American Corporations relocating overseas, becoming foreign Corporations. Or, at least their brands may survive. After all, even now, the most the US does with most of the products of Chinese manufacture is to slap a sticker on showing some nostalgic brand from long ago, when the US was a producer.

We do not see a significant part of the American population migrating to other countries, as the US is not going to allow the people to leave.

The American standard of living is extravagant, riding the crest of explosive credit expansion, while falling from a production economy into a services economy that will be gone with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no service sector jobs, you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. Never was the population so large.

And while their expected culling of 227 million Americans isn’t quite as many as they were forecasting just weeks ago, they are still forecasting a huge drop for America’s population within less than 5 years, .

While the mainstream media and gatekeepers such as Snopes will continue to call the globalists depopulation agenda a ‘conspiracy theory’ despite the fact that its written in granite upon the  Georgia Guidestones. We hear about Gates’ plans for a universal vaccine, the globalists depopulation agenda. This vaccine is a fraud, intended for other consequences than protection of your health.

The suspect ‘mutant virus’ is still on the loose that some warn could eventually lead to the deaths of 300 million or more. Medical experts are warning the conditions for such a deadly outbreak are perfect despite the fact that they still don’t even know exactly what will cause this ‘outbreak’. These so-called ‘medical experts’ are just hysteria mongers, paid by your government to try to scare the shit out of you with utter tripe and nonsense.

What I see going on here is the RESET.  The last RESET was in 1812.  Resets occur each 200 years.  They are events of empire on a worldwide scale.  The 1812 RESET set into motion the culmination of the US empire, which peaked around 100 years ago.  For the most recent 100 years, the empire of the US has been in a death spiral, leading to today, where the “useless eaters” are now a menace and a threat to the health of the planet.  This is historical, and has been repeating for over 2,000 years.  The US is the outgoing hegemon.  The Far East, with China as the new hegemon, is beginning its 200-year period of hegemony.  The virtual reality system, popularly called the “Matrix” will be totally dismantled and replaced by the New World Order (NWO).  During the period of Chinese hegemony, the US will be nothing more than a third-world relic of the past.

They have spent the past 100 years creating a ‘bogeyman’ to bring about this particular RESET.  There has never been this many people populating the planet before.  To bring off the RESET, it is necessary to maintain a state of calm unawareness among the population of the entire planet.  They have chosen a bogeyman about which there is pretty much universal ignorance, especially among the populations at-large.  They are totally diverting the attention of 7.4 billion people away from what is really happening, the RESET, and directing it incessantly to the ultimate bogeyman, “the virus”.

I have spoken with a large number of people about “the virus”.  When I ask them if they realize that all viruses are dead, they all believe that I am telling them a lie.  This indicates that they have not the least understanding of viruses, which they see as living entities that have insidious plans to infect and kill millions or billions of humans.  They just can’t contemplate the idea of viruses being non-living entities having no more capability to invade, infect and kill you than your kitchen sink, which may harbor a few bacteria or fungi.

And then, to boot, they have you planning to line up a get your vaccine that is being rushed into huge volume production, no price too high to pay.  The antibodies that your immune system manufactures to kill the defective cells the viruses have accidently entered, being then used as raw material for mitosis, are effective and then quickly disappear.  You have never developed any immunity to the common cold or flu during your lifetime.  Vaccines are just another aspect of the scam.  If viruses were a big threat, the antibodies produced by your immune system would probably keep some around for the on-going viral attacks.  The fact that your incredible body does not keep them around, should be a clue for you.  Your body simply sees no reason to keep these antibodies around.  They are not only non-essential, but, with rapid mutation of virus make-up, seldom to never will your body find another virus with the identical composition.

Can you see what is happening to you here?  You are being stampeded by your Masters into falling right into their trap, in full cooperation, without suspicion, to your demise.  Just how they planned it.  Once you are genetically subject to the death trigger, whenever your usefulness is gone, you will also soon be gone.  You can’t go back and get unvaccinated. You are only a footstep away from the point of no return.  Please bring your lost powers of logic to bear, immediately.  Do not accept the vaccine.  It will be very difficult to escape, so you must begin making your own plans and inform your friends and loved ones.

Note:  Dr. Bill Deagle owns a website: www.Deagle.com.  He is not a governmental organization, such as www.Deagel.com but is often confused with the institutional site due to the similarity of the names, which he capitalizes upon.

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