Ukraine Invasion Consequences

#1 Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, any hope for peace between the United States and Russia is gone forever.  This is, in fact, the game plan.  For the past 4-5 years, efforts have been underway to get the US to undertake some version of a ‘hot fight’ which would be justification for declaration of Martial Law.  When The Biden shows up to confront Putin, it will be for the purpose of agitating for war because the plan calls for The Biden to defend Ukraine, just like he is compelled to stand with Taiwan against China, which will be going hot very soon.  With the US on a war footing with both Russia and China, justification for Martial Law will be a simple matter.  Martial Law is the key, because it automatically puts the US under control of the UN, by Obama’s prior agreement between the US and the UN, the KIGALI Principle. Of course, the US is already largely under the control of the UN. It’s just going to now be overtly obvious.

Did you know that the US had 17 bioweapons labs in the Ukraine?

#2 This is a conflict between the US and two powerful foes, two nations that will continue until they have achieved total defeat of the US.  This will be, at least partly, a ground conflict on US soil.  There will be many civilian casualties and total disarmament of US citizens by the UN, who will have zero compunction about killing resistors. 

#3 All three nations are supposedly armed with nuclear weapons, which will possibly be deployed – if they exist.  There is a lot of doubt about the viability and veracity of nuclear weapons stockpiles in general.  Radio-active components have half-life deterioration.  Neither the Hiroshima nor the Nagasaki bombs of WW2 were atomic bombs.  They were powerful conventional bombs with a lot of radioactive materials thrown in to produce some form of radiation effects on the populace, but the aggregate effects were totally insufficient to have resulted from a real nuclear explosion.  It is also unlikely that the conquers will want the long-term effects on the land masses, to be rendered uninhabitable.  They really do not need nuclear weapons to defeat the US. The strategic deployment of troops and weapons is already adequate.

#4 As he launched the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin actually warned other countries that he could use nuclear weapons against them if they attempted to intervene. This is an empty treat that may serve its intended purpose of deference through fear of a bogey man.

#5 The Biden administration, the Ukrainians and the Russians all lied to the public, over and over again. They will continue to lie until the real plot is obvious, but it is too late.

#6 We should all recognize that Vladimir Putin is just playing his part in pursuit of the real goal of taking out the US.  He completely destroyed the last hope that the world had for peace when he launched a full invasion of the Ukraine.  “If he would have kept his forces in just Donetsk and Luhansk there still would have been the possibility of a diplomatic solution”. Of course, no diplomatic solution is either sought or desired.  This is the global reset where the US is taken out of its position as world hegemon and the world sees that China is the new hegemon.

#7 Joe Biden says that he is considering hitting Russia with the biggest cyberattack in history.  That would be an act of war.  Unthinking people might support it, but it’s a fool’s plan.

#8 If we launch a cyberattack against Russia, they will retaliate with a cyberattack of their own, and we are extremely far more vulnerable.

#9 The Russians have more than 1,000 different ways of making us feel pain, and they are not afraid to play dirty.  The US is in a bad position with a leader who is an empty suit and a military that is weakened by the vaxx, with many having chosen to opt out of the services to avoid the vaxx, and with many now vaxxed and on a path of sickness and death already.  The US military has become an even bigger total mess than ever before.

#10  Volodymyr Zelensky is also just playing his role-part in this theater performance.

#11 Zelensky pushed all of his chips into the middle of the table when the Russians knew full well that he wasn’t holding any cards, just as he was told to do.

#12 It appears that Zelensky actually believed that the United States and other western powers would come to his aid if the Russians invaded, just like the script called for.

#13 Biden and his minions had a plan for what they wanted to accomplish in Ukraine, and that plan failed dramatically. Pretty much just like everything else Biden has tried. Biden is also just playing his part, of a leader that has his head way under water.

#14  Biden knows the game plan, and expects no other nations to come to the rescue. Russia is very self-sufficient when it comes to food, energy and other essentials, and Putin has also signed very extensive trade agreements with China and India. Western Europe and UK are parts of the “Western Empire”, as such, and are targeted for the same fate as the US.

#15  Putin would not have made this move if he didn’t already have an understanding with China behind the scenes.  The Chinese are allowing the Russians to invade Ukraine, but in return there is an agreement for the Russians to support China when they invade Taiwan.

#16 Putin is going to win the battle for Ukraine. His relations with other Western Nations are already forfeit. The energy pipeline is already shut down. The other Western Nations are going to take the same hit as the US. Their economies are going to be trifles compared to the present.

#17 The global energy crisis is going to get a whole lot better.   Russia exports a tremendous amount of energy, and European nations gobble it up like dope addicts.  This conflict will put the “wheel-spinning” ‘West’ back to the stone age.  All of the useless over-consumption of the ‘West’ will disappear.  Planetary natural resource exploitation is going to be relieved of the totally unnecessary pressures of the idle over-consumers. With all this, demand for literally everything is going to be a tiny fraction of the present.

#18  The mysterious disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was all a part of the overall plan. 

#19 The U.S. military is in the worst condition that I have ever seen in my entire lifetime.  At this point, the U.S. military is not at all prepared to fight the Russians or anyone else for that matter.

#20  Throughout history, those that have chosen to pick a fight with Russia have ended up regretting it.  The Russians will do whatever it takes to win, and they are absolutely ruthless. In this case, all the cards are stacked against the US and allies by the global power elite, who has taken the reigns of history.  The 200 years of US hegemony are over and the reset begins a whole new era.  This era is going to see a great reduction in human population, taking the dynamics back 200 years.  The human population will end up at 500 million when this is all over.

Many people in the West are asking about the significance of this invasion.  It is the real start of the reset activity.  As of the present time, it is said that 3.2 billion humans have taken the vaxx.  The vaxx has nothing whatever to do with covid, HIV, Ebola, or any other ‘fake disease’ of Rockefeller Allopathic Medicine.  The vaxx is just one of the numerous killing mechanisms at-play to bring about the depopulation in such a way that foolish ‘depopulatees’ will not realize until it is too late.  There are many more mechanisms already in-play, such as shortages of food, water and essential goods, monetary crises that will put most people in a bind due to lack of purchasing power, fuel depletion and dirth of re-supply for transportation, home heating/cooling/cooking, etc. There is much more going on, so just stop and think about it for a minute.

You can see the shifting of priority to the children and youth population sector.  They realize that the quantity of ignorant fools is about tapped out for the adult vaxx program. On the other hand, the children are under the control and actual possession of the government, which is going to massively vaxx everyone of them.  All who have taken the vaxx are already doomed.  It is just a matter of time.  The nanographene lacerating particles, once in the circulatory system, just keep on cutting, and the greater the titer, the more the lacerations, and the more the nano-blood clots, until heart or other vital organ failure occurs.

The children are the ‘future’.  It is blatantly obvious that children are not planned to exist in the near future.  Every pregnant woman who gets vaxxed also gets aborted and sterilized.  The life-styles of the lgbtetc. are not capable of conceiving babies.  This is why they are so preferred and nurtured by the ‘woke’ culture. For humans, no children means no future.

If you do not understand all or any of this, you need to plant yourself in a comfortable thinking position and try to open and rationalize your consciousness.  This is going to be a massive change, but not every single human will be destroyed.  You should give thought to whether, or not, you wish to survive into this future.  If you do want to survive, you must take actions immediately to live without needing to purchase food or other supplies for a year, or more.  You must have an inconspicuous place to reside and hide out.  You will be walking everywhere you need to go.  No utilities will be available to you, including internet.  If you are a crypto-currency user, you will not be able to access your coins.  Paper currency will not be viable. Banks will not be available. Precious metals may have some utility, but they are not easily subdivided.  Once you take a piece of gold from a known measure, it is no longer a known and accepted measure.

If you prepare by thinking of everything essential to survival and acquiring it, there are no guarantees.  But you are either a fighter or a folder and inevitable circumstances are going to prove which. 

Does HIV Even Exist?

John Rappoport

Before we get to Christine Johnson’s interview, a bit of background.

In 1987-88, my main question eventually became: does HIV cause AIDS? For months, I had blithely assumed the obvious answer was yes. This created havoc in my investigation, because I was facing contradictions I couldn’t solve.

For example, in parts of Africa, people who were chronically ill and dying obviously needed no push from a new virus. All their “AIDS” conditions and symptoms could be explained by their environment: contaminated water supplies; sewage pumped directly into the drinking water; protein-calorie malnutrition; hunger, starvation; medical mistreatment with immunosuppressive vaccines and drugs; toxic pesticides; fertile farm land stolen by corporations and governments; wars; extreme poverty. The virus cover story actually obscured all these ongoing crimes.

Finally, in the summer of 1987, I found several researchers who were rejecting the notion that HIV caused AIDS. Their reports were persuasive.

I’m shortcutting a great deal of my 1987-8 investigation here, but once HIV was out of the picture for me, many pieces fell into place. I discovered that, in EVERY group supposedly at “high-risk” for AIDS, their conditions and symptoms could be entirely explained by factors that had nothing to do with a new virus.

AIDS was not one condition. It was an umbrella label, used to re-package a number of immunosuppressive symptoms and create the illusion of a new and unique and single “pandemic.”

Several years after the publication of AIDS INC, I became aware of a quite different emerging debate going on under the surface of research: DOES HIV EXIST?

Was the purported virus ever truly discovered?

And THAT question led to: what is the correct procedure for discovering a new virus? This on the assumption that the public health system conniving about viral infection, with a new one every week or two.

The following 1997 interview, conducted by brilliant freelance journalist, Christine Johnson, delves into these questions:

How should researchers prove that a particular virus exists? How should they isolate it? What are the correct steps? Just the existence of a virus, one of most existent entities known to man, does not in any way even suggest that it could cause any type of disease or infection.

These questions, and their answers, reside at the heart of most disease research—and yet, overwhelmingly, doctors never explore them or even consider them. Because the virus has an inside secret. It is quite inert, dead and harmless.

Johnson interviews Dr. Eleni Papadopulos, “a biophysicist and leader of a group of HIV/AIDS scientists from Perth in Western Australia. Over the past decade and more she and her colleagues have published many scientific papers questioning the HIV/AIDS hypothesis…”

Here I’m publishing and highlighting excerpts from the interview. Technical issues are discussed. Grasping them is not the easiest exercise you’ve ever done, but I believe the serious reader can comprehend the vital essentials.

Christine Johnson: Does HIV cause AIDS?

Eleni Papadopulos: There is no proof that HIV causes AIDS.

CJ: Why not?

EP: For many reasons, but most importantly, because there is no proof that HIV even exists.

… CJ: Didn’t Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo [purportedly the co-discoverers of HIV] isolate HIV back in the early eighties?

EP: No. In the papers published in Science by those two research groups, there is no proof of the isolation of a retrovirus from AIDS patients. [HIV is said to be a retrovirus.]

CJ: They say they did isolate a virus.

EP: Our interpretation of the data differs. To prove the existence of a virus you need to do three things. First, culture cells and find a particle you think might be a virus. Obviously, at the very least, that particle should look like a virus. Second, you have to devise a method to get that particle on its own so you can take it to pieces and analyze precisely what makes it up. Then you need to prove the particle can make faithful copies of itself. In other words, that it can replicate. The whole exercise disintegrates right there, because, although the molecules comprising a virus can be used as a blueprint to build a new DNA molecule, this is the total extent of its use. The virus itself, is just like a dead paper blueprint. It carries information, but is inert and certainly not alive.

CJ: Can’t you just look down a microscope and say there’s a virus in the cultures?

EP: No, you can’t. Not all particles that look like viruses are viruses. Magnification in excess of 1200X is required using scanning electron microscopy. This is very complex and subject to errors intrinsic to the processes .

… CJ: My understanding is that high-speed centrifugation is used to produce samples consisting exclusively of objects having the same density, a so-called “density-purified sample.” Electron microscopy is used to see if these density-purified samples consist of objects which all have the same appearance — in which case the sample is an isolate — and if this appearance matches that of a retrovirus, in terms of size, shape, and so forth. If all this is true, then you are three steps into the procedure for obtaining a retroviral isolate. (1) You have an isolate, and the isolate consists of objects with the same (2) density and (3) appearance of a retrovirus. Then you have to examine this isolate further, to see if the objects in it contain reverse transcriptase [an enzyme] and will replicate when placed in new cultures. Only then can you rightfully declare that you have obtained a retroviral isolate. This is just one of hundreds of trillions of viral objects, none of which can just be assumed to be harmful.

EP: Exactly. It was discovered that retroviral particles have a physical property which enables them to be separated from other material in cell cultures. That property is their buoyancy, or density, and this was utilized to purify the particles by a process called density gradient centrifugation.

The technology is complicated, but the concept is extremely simple. You prepare a test tube containing a solution of sucrose, ordinary table sugar, made so the solution is light at the top but gradually becomes heavier, or more dense, towards the bottom. Meanwhile, you grow whatever cells you think may contain your retrovirus. If you’re right, retroviral particles will be released from the cells and pass into the culture fluids. When you think everything is ready, you decant a specimen of culture fluids and gently place a drop on top of the sugar solution. Then you spin the test tube at extremely high speeds. This generates tremendous forces, and particles present in that drop of fluid are forced through the sugar solution until they reach a point where their buoyancy prevents them from penetrating any further. In other words, they drift down the density gradient until they reach a spot where their own density is the same as that region of the sugar solution. When they get there they stop, all together. To use virological jargon, that’s where they band. Retroviruses band at a characteristic point. In sucrose solutions they band at a point where the density is 1.16 gm/ml.

That band can then be selectively extracted and photographed with an electron microscope. The picture is called an electron micrograph, or EM. The electron microscope enables particles the size of retroviruses to be seen, and to be characterized by their appearance.

CJ: So, examination with the electron microscope tells you what fish you’ve caught?

EP: It’s the only way to know if you’ve caught a fish. Or anything at all.

CJ: Did Montagnier and Gallo do this?

EP: This is one of the many problems. Montagnier and Gallo did use density gradient banding, but for some unknown reason they did not publish any Ems [photos] of the material at 1.16 gm/ml…this is quite puzzling because in 1973 the Pasteur Institute hosted a meeting attended by scientists, some of whom are now amongst the leading HIV experts. At that meeting the method of retroviral isolation was thoroughly discussed, and photographing the 1.16 band of the density gradient was considered absolutely essential.

CJ: But Montagnier and Gallo did publish photographs of virus particles.

EP: No. Montagnier and Gallo published electron micrographs of culture fluids that had not been centrifuged, or even separated from the culture cells, for that matter. These EMs contained, in addition to many other things, including the culture cells and other things that clearly are not retroviruses, a few particles which Montagnier and Gallo claimed are retroviruses, and which all belonged to the same retroviral species, now called HIV. But photographs of unpurified particles don’t prove that those particles are viruses. The existence of HIV was not established by Montagnier and Gallo — or anyone since — using the method presented at the 1973 meeting.

CJ: And what was that method?

EP: All the steps I have just told you. The only scientific method that exists. Culture cells, find a particle, isolate the particle, take it to pieces, find out what’s inside, and then prove those particles are able to make more of the same with the same constituents when they’re added to a culture of uninfected cells.

CJ: So before AIDS came along there was a well-tried method for proving the existence of a retrovirus, but Montagnier and Gallo did not follow this method?

EP: They used some of the techniques, but they did not undertake every step including proving what particles, if any, are in the 1.16 gm/ml band of the density gradient, the density that defines retroviral particles.

CJ: But what about their pictures?

EP: Montagnier’s and Gallo’s electron micrographs…are of entire cell cultures, or of unpurified fluids from cultures…

If you grasp the essentials of this discussion, you’ll see there is every reason to doubt the existence of HIV, because the only known methods for proving its existence were not followed.

Worse yet, it appears that Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, the two scientists credited with the discovery of HIV—as well as other elite researchers—were aware they weren’t employing the correct methods.

And so…as I’ve reported, there is every reason to doubt and reject the existence of the COVID virus, SARS-CoV-2, since correct large-scale electron microscope studies have never been done. And by large-scale, I mean: attempting to find and photograph the virus in a cohort of, say, 1000 people who are supposed to be “pandemic patients.” I’m NOT talking about one or two electron-microscope photos accompanying a study.

But even that isn’t the end of the story. There is one further potential limiting factor in virus research. I became aware of it about a year ago. Analysis of electron microscope findings is fraught with difficulty and doubt. Are scientists actually looking at what they think they’re looking at in these photos? I refer readers to the work of neurobiologist Harold Hillman, who concluded that researchers were, for the most part, looking at artifacts, not actual cells or entities within cells. Another suppressed controversy.

After more than 30 years of investigating medical research fraud, my general conclusion is, the deeper you go the stranger it gets. Or to put it another way, the more dubious it gets.

Polio is more mysterious than covid

These days, with the economies of nations being expended on public medicine, we forget that nothing much has changed over the past one-hundred years. The vultures are just as voracious as ever, as cunning, and as evil in their intentions toward men. They, meaning the overlords, are just as anxious to exploit, control and to reduce overhead in conducting their operations where human labor is involved in gross production and exploitation of the planet. Humans, at the time of their creation, are just as ignorant and vulnerable as ever.

Let’s take a look at a common public threat by the name of polio myelitis as an example.

A pesticide common in the 1800’s was called Paris Green. A green liquid because it was a combination of copper and arsenic or lead and arsenic. Some of the most toxic substances known to humankind. This super toxin was also used as a dye, in many items, including wall paper and paint. It was the sole focus of murder mystery novels at the time, as arsenic was known to be a very efficient way to stage a murder “for unknown reasons”, as arsenic kills but is hard to detect after the victim succumbs to the poison.

This pesticide worked by causing neurological damage, causing organ failure.

Polio consists of symptoms synonymous with neurological damage, causing organ failure.

Heavy metal poisoning from lead, mercury and other similar heavy metals manifest lesions on neurological tissues, meaning the toxin destroys the nerve/communication pathways connecting the brain to the organs in the body.

Polio victims present lesions on neurological tissue, that cause the organs to malfunction all throughout the body. (lungs, heart, nerves that control walking, etc.)

Polio outbreaks hit throughout the summer, only during pesticide spraying times. (not during the sunless and damp winter/spring seasons harboring other disease outbreaks caused by vitamin D deficiency from insufficient sunlight).

Polio had and has NO ability to spread from infected victims to the uninfected. Polio-infected clusters of people in the exact same areas, with the same toxic exposures, suddenly and swiftly suffer from the same toxicity.

Parents report finding their children paralyzed in and around apple orchards,. one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops of the time (with lead arsenate or copper arsenate) were apple orchards.

President Roosevelt became paralyzed over night while at a summer retreat, which included touring many crops, including apple orchards. He also swam the day prior in a bay that was heavily polluted by industrial agricultural run-off. Summer again is when these paralysis-based outbreaks would occur, as spraying of crops with extremely toxic chemicals would intensify as the crops hit a fully mature state. The pesticides we’re talking about were DESIGNED to terminate nervous system function in the pests, which is “polio”, which is and always has been complicit poisoning of the population by industry, government, science and medicine. Anyone who doesn’t understand the perpetual historical record of the ruling 1% poisoning and exterminating the “lesser halves” need to investigate the documented science of eugenics.

Dr. Ralph Scobey and Dr. Mortind Biskind testified in front of the U.S Congress in 1951 that the paralysis around the country known as polio was being caused by industrial poisons and that a virus theory was purposely fabricated by the chemical industry and the government to deflect litigation away from both parties.

Dr. Ralph Scobey testified to Congress, explaining how the government, chemical companies and the media were trying to steer the public astray as to the causes and the treatment of the paralysis falsely blamed on a virus that didn’t cause paralysis. The chemical companies were poisoning the American people and some people from academia were making accusations that this was being done purposely to increase the power of a corrupt government, over the resulting dysfunctional and toxic masses.

In 1956 the AMA (The American Medical Association) instructed each licensed medical doctor that they could no longer classify polio as polio, or their license to practice would be terminated. Any paralysis was now to be diagnosed as AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) MS, MD, Bell’s Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Guillian-Barre, meningitis etc , etc. This was orchestrated purposely to make the public believe polio was eradicated by the polio vaccine campaign but because the polio vaccine contained toxic ingredients directly linked to paralysis, polio cases (not identified as polio) were skyrocketing…but only in vaccinated areas. Today most vaccine inserts declare paralysis as a potential side effect but “reframe it” as Guillian Barre or simply “paralysis”. This is purposely designed to obfuscate the public’s understanding of what causes paralysis, which is heavy metal poisoning plus vaccine induced autoimmune malfunction…that ends with the body attacking and destroying its’ own nervous system pathways, in an rabid attempt to clean itself of the injected toxins. Guillian Barre and paralysis, as listed vaccine side effects, are also a way to get the public running east looking for a sunset, keeping them as far away as possible from connecting the dots around this medical polio obfuscation. Aluminum and mercury are ingredients in most (if not all) vaccines today and both are proven to cause paralysis and motor neuron destruction…known as many different names, depending on just how much the science/medical authority figure in the room wants to lead you astray that day.

The first polio vaccine was worked on by Dr. Jonas Salk and human experiments using this vaccine were conducted purposely on orphans in government/church run institutions because they were vulnerable and didn’t require any parental consent signatures, as they had no parents. The vaccine was “declared safe” by “medicine” (as they always are even though that vaccine was killing and paralyzing monkeys in test trials) and that vaccine gave 40,000 orphans polio, permanently paralyzed hundreds and killed at least 10 children. All injuries and deaths under-reported of course by the same authorities who orchestrated the atrocity. This was called The Cutter Incident. A focused attack on defenseless children, by people charged with their care. A poisoning of innocent children and then the excuses and apologies, regarding how it won’t happen again. Is this pattern still occurring today? The answer is obvious. The Cutter Incident, where vulnerable children were purposely targeted, the killing of the children is advertised as “a great help to science” in better understanding the disease.

The next “improved” polio vaccine, given to hundreds of millions, carried both the cancer and the AIDS pathogens. Every step of the way, medicine declaring they know for sure, that this time, they have everything straightened out. Same story then, same story now. The only thing larger than the pile of broken medical and government promises regarding public medicine, polio, vaccines and disease eradication is the pile of broken and dead bodies that rockets skywards as medicine, science and government continually apply failed healing protocols to a heavily indoctrinated and bewildered public. Cancerous tumors, still being pulled out of people today, are riddled with “SV40 cancer viruses” from the government’s “safe and effective” and “approved” polio vaccine. Polio, AIDS and all other diseases are not caused by viruses.

In the book Virus Mania, top scientists in the field declare that polio doesn’t and has never qualified as a viral disease because it fails to spread from person to person or animal to animal. If it’s not a viral disease, then what is it? The answer is heavy metal and other forms of toxic poisoning that causes partial or full paralysis. (destruction of the nervous system). Connect the dots.

The polio con job, ranked as one of the top 10 medical con jobs of all time, is clearly described in this selected chapter of the book “Dissolving Illusions” by leading medical doctor, Dr. Suzanne Humphries. The reason so much effort is placed into medical con jobs like this is to continually infuse the public with false fears regarding viruses that don’t exist, and also to provide false hope and blind faith belief in toxic vaccines and poisonous medications, which only worsen a population’s overall health status. Does any of this sound a bit too familiar.
Why would anyone do this? Again, this is when a confused citizen needs to investigate EUGENICS and the history (and families) behind that movement, such as the Bill Gates family. The end result is the same, regardless of medical ambush. The elite groups who organize such fraud-based operations increase tyrannical control over a diseased, dis-empowered, depressed, dis-satisfied, dis-oriented and hugely dumbed-down population. Such a population is easier to control, steal from, manipulate and govern. It’s not really about polio or viruses, it’s about poisoning the population into a chemical lobotomized state that ends with increased elite domination and iron fist control. How did 80% of North Americans become extremely unhealthy in our most technologically advanced era? The answer i: because this has always been the design of the system. The ruling of 8 billion people by an extremely small group of 50,000 can only be achieved when that 8 billion operate in perpetual chaos, physically, economically, mentally and spiritually.

On a related note, Jonas Salk, the inventor attributed with the credit for the first polio vaccine, eventually wrote a book. It contains his personal views on the general public and how the society is meant to advance, under the new scientific dictatorship. Some very interesting beliefs of Jonas Salk are exposed throughout the book.

All this links even more data showing that sickness, mimicking polio symptoms, are experienced more frequently by people with an unhealthy diet. People receiving the polio vaccine (and other vaccines) were much more likely to be il, in general and present polio like symptoms. Disease isn’t a poison deficiency. Disease is caused by a surplus of poisons and the documented poisons and toxins in all vaccines PACK A WALLOP!

When someone talks of any disease, in this day and age, they’re just repeating what they were told by the government, media, science or medicine. If you’re willing to repeat without any confirming research or resistance, this pre-qualifies you to rocket up the pyramid of control, gaining promotion after promotion along the way.

When someone today repeats anything about polio and polio elimination based on vaccination, they’re repeating known lies, told by known liars.

Repeating what you’re told and intelligence aren’t the same thing. Repeating or intelligence? The choice is yours. Repeaters are FIRM IN THEIR BELIEFS yet have NEVER researched beyond what they were told to believe. Such firm belief, with ZERO RESEARCH, is illogical and irrational. Research the hidden history of polio, the disease that never was.
Click here to see over 100 medical doctors and PhD scientists explaining with statistics and research that 1) vaccines aren’t safe 2) vaccines aren’t effective 3) vaccines don’t improve immunity or resistance to disease and 4) vaccines injure, permanently cripple or kill each and every person they’re injected into. The darkness and deceit around the polio vaccine doesn’t just stop there. The entire history of vaccination, from inception to this very day, is rampant with corruption, eugenics, stealth euthanasia and for lack of a better phrase……evil intent.

Although polio was associated with eating fresh fruit and vegetables, it is not the fresh foods that are toxic.
Quite the contrary. It is the DDT, arsenic and other chemicals that were sprayed on these fresh fruits and vegetables that cause this type of disease. Certainly not any virus. Virus is not disease causing. Humans are the disease-causing agents in this picture.
My ears practically perked up when I read that one Dr. HC Emerson, investigating a ‘polio’ outbreak in 1907, discovered that a) no polio cases in exclusively breastfed infants b) the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables preceded the onset of ‘poliomyelitis’ in many others.
Barber (1939) reported four cases of ‘polio’ that occurred the same day as strawberries were eaten, in a boarding school house.
Chenault (1941) noted the parallels between ‘polio’ outbreaks and the appearance of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Draper (1935) reported a case series of ‘polio’ which he theorized originated from a Greek fruit seller.
Naturally, I had to do some digging on this…and discovered:
Before DDT spraying, there was ARSENIC spraying!
In 1929, almost 30 million pounds of lead arsenate or calcium arsenate were sprayed in the fields and orchards of America. In fact, the government was so enthusiastic about the use of arsenic, that in 1935, an FDA-hosted radio program suggested the old nursery rhyme “A is for Apple” should be changed to: “A is for arsenate, Lead if you please, protector of apples against arch-enemies.”
In 1919, Boston Health Department was forced to destroy arsenic-coated apples because people were getting sick.
Scientists say the earth is still tainted with the residue, and believe lands once used to raise cotton, is now responsible for arsenic found in rice. Arsenate pesticides were officially banned in the US, in the 1980’s, but “modifed arsenates” are still used on cotton crops today. China, meanwhile, kept using arsenate sprays beyond 2000, and it is suspected they are still using them illegally today.

Note the symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning = fever, vomiting and nausea, headache, sore throat etc. Chronic poisoning = polyneuritis and paralysis, especially in the extremities.
Sound familiar?

Also note that Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was crippled by ‘polio’ in 1921, at age 39 years, also owned an apple orchard where the family used to spend their summers, and he used to swim regularly in the pond nearby…At the time, mostly children were affected, and it was considered rare for adults to have ‘polio’.
What about the covid scamdemic?

You would have to be brain dead not to see the parallels here between the past and the immediate present threat. They have been working on putting the covid scam over on humans for much longer than you have lived. They got a much more elaborate front put together today, with a much greater capacity to get in people’s faces via the TV and computer. But, it is still more of the same horse crap as usual. Are you going to fall for it again?

Triple Vaxxinated Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January

80% of All New ‘Covid Vaxx-disease Cases’ Are Fully Jabbed. Yes, these are the ones they are still calling covid19 disease.

The plandemic of the “fully vaxxinated” rages on as the latest data shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from the Covid-19 vaxx-disease are occurring in people who took the jabs, especially multiple jabs.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that an astounding four out of every five covid hospitalizations and deaths are the jabbed, meaning only 20 percent of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covid are occurring in the unvaxxinated. This 20% are a small gaggle of people who are inadvertently mixed in with the aggregate that die from normal attrition or another unrelated cause.

According to the figures, cases were down overall in February compared to January. However, the bulk is still comprised of fully vaxxinated individuals, including the triple-vaccinated.
The data shows that the latest “wave” of negative health outcomes is occurring in three-pricked people, a demographic in which the death rate soared by 495 percent in the month of January.

“Overall cases have dropped in the last month in all demographics significantly compared to the number of cases recorded between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, but in both months the vaxxinated have accounted for the vast majority of cases,” reported the Daily Exposé.

“The main difference between the two months is that the double vaxxinated accounted for the majority of cases between 11th Dec and 8th Jan 22; recording 145,890 cases, but the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 8th Jan and 4th Feb 22; recording 46,951 cases.” This is no doubt due to the fact that the triple vaxx’d population is just coming on line into the fray.
The plandemic would already be over were it not for the “vaxxines”

It turns out that the case rate is dropping substantially among the unvaxxinated while it continues to rise among the fully vaxxinated, and especially among the fully-fully vaxxinated who are more recently getting three shots or more. The vaxx disease is a type of illness that is time-progressive, as the nano-lacerations accumulate as time passes and more graphene is introduced into the blood supply.
Between December 11 and January 7, the un-vaxx’d population accounted for just 15 percent of all new cases of the Fauci Flu. One month later from January 8 through February 4, that percentage dropped to less than 13 percent.
Meanwhile, the vaxxinated population accounted for 85 percent of all new cases between December 11 and January 7, with just 9 percent of those cases occurring in the one-dose vaxxinated. (Related: Cases of covid among the fully vaxxinated in Taiwan are also way, way up.)

Thirty-two percent of all new cases in the vaxxinated category occurred in the triple vaxxinated while 59 percent occurred in the double vaxxinated.
“But fast forward one month and we find that the vaxxinated accounted for 87% of cases, with the one-dose vaxxinated accounting for 4% of those cases, the double vaxxinated accounting for 33% of those cases, and the triple vaxxinated accounting for 63% of those cases,” the Exposé further reported. It is clear to see that the concentration of the nano graphene has a dramatic effect on the rate of ensuing fatalities.

“This means that despite cases falling among all demographics, they actually fell the most among the not-vaxxinated, single vaxxinated, and double vaxxinated, with the lowest drop coming in the triple vaxxinated. This, of course, doesn’t make sense if the Covid-19 vaxxines are effective. Clearly, they are not, at least when it comes to preventing infection.” However, it is totally simple to see that an increase in the nano lacerations due to more “razor blades” in the fixed blood supply must necessarily cause a more rapid progression of the lacerations, thus increasing the blood clots and subsequent mortality.

As for hospitalizations, the unvaxxnated are doing better and better overall while the fully vaxxinated are doing worse and worse overall. It does not require a genius to grasp what this is all about. It is obviously due to more nano-lacerations per unit of time, this accelerating the inevitable deaths.
The PHS data shows that hospitalizations among the unvaxxinated fell by -24 percent in January compared to in December. Hospitalizations among the triple vaxxinated, meanwhile, increased by an astounding 88 percent. This massive effect was highly predictable all along, and is certainly a sledge hammer blow to the head of the unsuspecting vaxx victims, who were expecting to see signs of improvement by now.
“The vaxxinated population accounted for 75% of hospitalizations between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, with 7% of those hospitalizations among the one-dose vaxxinated, 46% of those hospitalizations among the triple vaxxinated, and 47% of those hospitalizations among the double vaxxinated,” the Exposé further reported. This simply reflects the dynamics of the process of increasing the jabs, thus the titer of the nanographene lacerating particles in the blood system, making its way to all the organs of your body.

“But fast forward one month and we find that the vaxxinated accounted for 80.5% of hospitalizations, with the one-dose vaxxinated accounting for 6% of those hospitalizations, the double vaxxinated accounting for 26% of those hospitalizations, and the triple vaxxinated accounting for 68% of those hospitalizations.” This can be looked at as taking a foto snap shot of a moment in time in an on-going rapidly deteriorating process that continues to inflict lethal damage to the body’s organs. Death will ensue with greater rapidity.

Freedom FROM the forgotten bombshell

by Jon Rappoport

This article covers a subject most people don’t want to think about.

Even worse, most people can’t recognize the subject exists—even after it’s pointed out to them. They blank out. “Doesn’t register” is their bottom line.

That’s how successful decades of brainwashing have been.


On February 7, the Department of Homeland Security issued a heinous document with the highly significant title, “Summary of Terrorism Threats to the Homeland.”


Here is a quote. Then I’ll reveal breaking news. It’s breaking because the education system is an abject failure.

“The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.”


Here is the news.

The whole purpose of the Constitution was to undermine trust in government institutions.


That’s why separation of powers and checks and balances were created.

That’s why the new central government was limited.

That’s why the Bill of Rights was explicitly stated. Read the Rights; they all involve freedom from criminal impositions by government.

The Founders held a massive suspicion of top-down power. They knew the history of Europe.

The Constitution had nothing to do with unexamined trust in government institutions.

The Founders foresaw exactly the sort of grotesque power the federal government just asserted in the February 7 Homeland Security bulletin.

That bulletin is designed to abridge and censor free speech, under the pretext that such speech might motivate unnamed persons to commit violence.

That tired pretext has been used for centuries, whenever people holding the reins of power perceived a threat to their criminal syndicate.

The current rubric is “misinformation.” As if they, the central government, are in charge of defining what the “mis” is.

But regardless of who defines it, the whole notion is absurd. Implicit in free speech is every possible brand of information. Spoken or written by anyone.

And “exacerbating societal friction” and “sowing discord”—which are now considered part and parcel of terrorist acts—are actually DUTIES of private citizens in a society DESIGNED to be mistrustful of centralized authority.

Yes, that’s right.

If you want to put it in a slightly different way, you could say societal friction and discord are inevitable effects of free and thoughtful speech.

What else would you expect?

For the past 20 years, in particular, the people of this country have been subjected to, and brainwashed by, truly repellent calls for Unity. From wretchedly disgusting public figures. What is the DHS anyway? Invented and launched by the government after the government demolished the world trade centers, to protect us from Osama bin Laden, who was not even involved, nor was Saddam Hussein, The DHS is a public menace that was crammed through the legislature in a moment of government-generated fear and chaos.

The Unity being promoted is a gelatinous stinking ooze of agreement and consensus around social and political and scientific issues; the true aim is, as usual, mind control.

Whereas the Unity under the Constitution—however flawed the document and the men who created it might be, is something else entirely. That call for unity was formed around the idea of freedom with accountability.

And once that cat was out of the bag, citizens were expected to remain vigilant for signs of abuses of power, from high authority.

Vigilance leads to bold criticism of the institutions of government, vis-à-vis what those institutions are morphing into, what they are becoming beyond their intentionally hamstrung limits.

And that criticism creates discord and distrust—which are POSITIVE FORCES. Ignorance and the inability to discern valid reason for fears from what should be disgust and intolerance, have allowed the creation of huge negative, destructive forces that have only the intention to remove freedoms from the citizenry,

The civilization of the United States wasn’t empowered by the Constitution to be harmonious; it was empowered to be asymmetrical and unresolved.

The Unity is THAT. Unity on behalf of freedom is THAT.

Unity isn’t the towering wave of demands and assertions for social uniformity that have been launched at the people.

The departure from false Unity isn’t a terrorist act.

Undermining, for example, the runaway rogue criminal agency called the FDA is a responsibility. It is to be taken seriously.

Those citizens who have regressed into some sort of toddleristic infantilism need to regain their minds, if that is even possible. Their unity is a farce.

Alive and electric debate is dying because the adult infants can only summon up ‘Cancelation of what they don’t favor’; that’s their only strategy. At the core, they yearn for rule through coercion.

Cancelation as censorship also happens to be against the law of the land.


Consider the 1858 Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas face-off—when apparently citizens still had a semblance of attention span. Both men were running for a US Senate seat in Illinois. In those days, state legislatures chose US Senators.

The issue in the debates was slavery, so the interest was intense and it was national. Here was the agreed-upon format: seven debates in seven Illinois towns over the course of three weeks; in each debate, the opening candidate would speak for 60 minutes, his opponent would speak for 90 minutes, and then the first candidate would return for 30 minutes.

The debates drew large crowds. Chicago newspapers had stenographers in each town. The stenos took down every word, and newspapers across the nation printed, in full, the texts.

Those were debates. No one with sprayed hair was present asking questions. The men talked. And talked.

If you could transport a current presidential debate back in time to one of those Illinois towns, the audience would conclude, in short order, that the candidates were insane, possibly suffering from brain damage.

“These people are running for…what did you say? President??!!?? You’re joking. This a joke, yes?”

I’d really like to see a current presidential candidate take the podium and speak coherently for 90 minutes about a single issue. You’d have to have support teams standing by to administer oxygen and possibly methamphetamines, just to keep him upright.

We’re talking about a candidate staying on point, on one topic.

As opposed to: “I remember my grandmother telling me, when I was nine, you can do it, you can be anything you want to be. I remember Mrs. Gallbladder, my third-grade teacher, spending time with me when I—people say we should have a balanced budget, but they just don’t understand how economics—a single purpose for all of us in this great—I care about each and every—there weren’t any emails, well there were but none of them— attacking terrorists by insulting them isn’t—equality isn’t just for—this isn’t the first time a woman has tried to win the Presidency but—“

Goo and more goo running everywhere.

How about Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in the Lincoln-Douglas format, debating the issue: “Describe a workable COVID policy for America.” As their seven events turn into a Niagara of opposing non-sequiturs and self-inflating jive and sheer insanity, it’s on parade for all to see.

And maybe, in a future presidential campaign, someone emerges from the shadows, someone most people have never heard of, and he can pass the test with flying colors. He can make sense, he can make a case, he can present details and specifics, he can inspire confidence, and he can also paint a picture of what America and freedom and responsibility and inherent mistrust of institutions are all about.

Because he has the time. Because he has the courage and the intelligence. Because he makes people remember what they really want.

Would that be terrible? Would that be treasonous? Would that be dangerous?

Would that be terrorism?


That would be waking up out of amnesia.

CODA: Someone will say, “What about the truckers? Isn’t that an example of a Unity you’re opposing?”

“No. That’s an example of unity on behalf of freedom with responsibility; an effort to convince criminal institutions to stop acting as the freedom-hating fascists they’ve become.”

“But the leaders you call fascists are just trying to protect the safety and health of all of us with their COVID restrictions on liberty.”

“No. If ‘just trying’ were true, they would open the halls of government to wide-ranging and honest public debate, from all quarters, about their COVID policies. They’ve proved they refuse to do that. They’re absolutists. Otherwise known as tyrants.”