CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test as a Valid Method for Detecting Covid19 Cases

“The PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”. Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate, Inventor of the RT-PCR, who passed away in August 2019.

They have known this information since day one. They just needed the toy tester to create the ‘case-demic’ in 2020 that fooled the ignorant.

“This intentional misuse of the RT-PCR toy covid tester is applied as a relentless and intentional strategy by governmental agencies to justify deadly vaxxines and excessive useless measures such as masking and the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, … under the pretext of a plandemic based solely on fake-positive RT-PCR test results, and not on any real number of patients whether displaying symptoms of any kind, or not.”…Dr. Pascal Sacré, Belgian physician specialized in critical care and renowned public health analyst.

So, here comes the CDC, two years after the enormous irreparable damage is done, declaring that the basis for the entire scamdemic is really totally invalid. But even though it is the single basis upon which the entire scam is based, they now discard the little plastic toy…but, keep all the bullshit crap data it generated that is the sole basis for the entire vaxx industry that has killed, and is continuing the massive killing off of humanity at-large.

Ho-hum, just another days’ work at the CDC and do not forget the Fauci Fonz. In the wake of this total farcical plandemic collapse, we have Blair, Macron and Trudeau expressing their desires that the unvaxx’d be ‘dealt with’ post haste so all the merry vaxx’d men can get on with their utopian lives, before they die from vaxx disease.


The PCR Smoking Gun?

As of January 1, 2022, the CDC, in a request to the FDA, withdraws its endorsement of the RT-PCR test. This obviously implies they are withdrawing two years of fake data without acknowledging it is the sole basis for the entire scamdemic.

The CDC acknowledges (with innuendos) that the PCR test does not effectively differentiate between Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza.

Amply documented and analyzed by numerous scientists, the RT-PCR test does not detect or identify SARS-CoV-2 and its variants.

While the CDC does not officially acknowledge that the RT-PCR test is invalid, it nonetheless calls for it to be withdrawn, and hopefully soon forgotten.

It is worth noting that almost a year ago, in January 2021, the WHO also questioned the validity of the PCR test which it had itself put forth at the very outset of the covid acamdemic.

If the PCR test is invalid as intimated both by the CDC and the WHO, the 260 Million so-called “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”, collected and tabulated Worldwide since the outset of the plandemic, are meaningless.

There is no Pandemic.

In a bombshell decision, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the WHO have withdrawn the insidious PCR test as a valid method for detecting and identifying SARS-CoV-2.

“After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only.”

In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test.

CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing. (emphasis added)

It has taken them almost two years to recognize that the PCR test is flawed and invalid.

Read carefully, what this CDC directive tacitly admits is that the PCR test does not effectively differentiate between “SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses”. We have known this from the outset.

This advisory by the CDC issued in July 2021 is to be enforced in the course of the next couple of weeks leading up to the January 1st, 2022 deadline.

Will it be carried out?? Visibly there is no transition towards “another authorized Covid-19 test”.

The Covid-19 Omicron Christmas Lockdown

WHY has the CDC waited until December 31, 2021 to enforce the suspension of the invalid and flawed PCR test?

Seasonal influenza which starts in October has contributed to driving up the number of so-called “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”.

And in recent developments, these PCR positive cases are routinely being categorized as “Confirmed Covid-19 Omicron Variant Cases”. It’s also a period of the year when people catch a common cold (e.g. triggered by a corona virus) which often results in a PCR positive.

This upward movement of PCR positive cases is now being used by corrupt politicians to sustain the Omicron fear campaign as well as impose the “The Covid-19 Christmas and New Year Lockdown”.

Millions of people Worldwide are lining up to be tested as well as vaccinated to “protect themselves” against SARS-CoV-2 (which cannot under any circumstances be identified by the PCR test).

The evidence is overwhelming: It’s a killer vaccine. The deaths began with the roll-out of the vaxx in January, 2021.

What this means is a Mea Culpa: A tacit recognition by the CDC and the FDA that the entire data base generated by the PCR test is invalid.

Almost a year ago, in January 2021, the WHO questioned the validity of the PCR test which it had itself put forth as a means to detecting and identifying SARS-CoV-2 at the outset of the alleged pandemic in early 2020.

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis.

The covid19 is the flu. It’s all a scam. Except for those fools who rushed into the vaxx lines.

The Data Base of the Alleged Covid-19 Pandemic

Several billion people in more than 190 countries have been tested (as well as retested) for Covid-19 using the PCR test which is flawed and invalid.

We are talking about approximately 260 million alleged “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases” (PCR positives) Worldwide.

The pandemic is said to have resulted in more than 5 million Covid-19 related deaths.

These are nonsensical and meaningless numbers. It’s a Big Lie.

And this data base is being used to justify the imposition of the Covid-19 mRNA “killer vaccine”, not to mention the “vaccine passport”. Surely, no one further would be stupid enough to take the vaxx.

The Unvaccinated Are Idiots?

Tony Blair recently graced us with his insight that anyone who still refuses to get vaccinated is an “idiot”.

“Frankly, if you’re not vaxxinated at the moment and you’re eligible and you’ve got no health reason for not being vaxxinated, you’re not just irresponsible, I mean you’re an idiot.”

Following right on the footsteps of Blair comes the Justin Trudeau show, asking “how much longer are we going to tolerate these un-vaxx’d people?”. He is attempting to create the delusion that the ‘unvaxx’d’ are some tiny minority, who are holding up the rest of some vast majority from reaching Nirvana. He is ‘flim-flamming’ you with his cheap rhetoric designed to incite intolerance based on painting a fake picture of reality.

Blair’s claim can be dismissed based on his highly dishonest character. He perpetrated fraud and murder two decades ago by intentionally lying that Iraq had WMD and was aiming to nuke us. He knew this was false, along with his cohort, Baby Bush.

But let’s look at the merits: Is Tony lying again? Is it idiotic not to get vaxxinated?

There’s no longer any debate: these “vaxxines” do not prevent transmission or provide immunity for anything. COVID-19 and its “variants” are fabrications of UN nazis like Fauci to instill fear and panic in ignorant people.  They are figments of his imagination that he presents as ‘gospel truth’.  They do not exist in the real world.  So, getting vaxxinations won’t “protect you or anyone else from anything. However, they will definitely kill you and everyone else”

But these drugs reduce the symptoms! They reduce death and hospitalization! Right? Wrong!!! 

Then why are “the fully vaxxinated” being hospitalized and dying  – including Tony Blair co-conspirator Colin Powell?

We know that COVID itself is common flu, causing little harm and negligent mortality. The WHO has told us for about two years that “Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment”. This is the flu, with which you have no doubt had prior experience.

We know that, without the vaxxine, there’s a 99+% survival rate. We know that, without the vaxxine, the risk of hospitalization is less than 2 percent. Well, some of us know, according to a Gallup poll, a few months ago, many people, especially ignorant liberals, think the risk of hospitalization is much, much higher. And once hospitalized, you are subject to extremely dangerous treatments and that the hospitals have been incentivized with cash bonuses for all covid deaths they can cause.

We know that of all Americans who are claimed to be dead of COVID, almost 95% had an AVERAGE of four comorbidities.  COVID, it appears, is dangerous only to the already dying. More importantly, the higher death rates did not start until the vaxxines were rolled out in early 2021.  Yet, they continue to attribute the deaths to covid19, when they are really caused by the vaxxine, itself, manifesting totally different symptoms from the covid flu.  The symptoms are primarily thrombosis and myocarditis.  They are caused by the nano graphene hydroxide, that is injected, the sharpest cutting particles known to exist, into the victims’ blood stream, then carried to the heart, brain and all vital body organs.  Nano lacerations occur due to the nano cutting edges of trillions of blades with a thickness of only one atom.  You cannot get a sharper blade than that. These nano lacerations cause nano blood clots that multiply over time with accumulation at a rapid pace.

Politicians and pundits huff and puff that people who get vaxxinated decrease their chances of dying or being hospitalized.  But who wants to get injected to improve on less than a one percent risk?  Certainly not anyone who has the slightest clue to the truth of what is being foisted as medical efficacy.

But what about … THE CHILDREN?  They must place their trust in adults who swear not to cause them harm.  These practitioners are fucking liars, who must be classified as ogres without conscience.

According to CDC statistics, of all the Americans who died of COVID, less than 1.1 percent (that’s 0.011) were below age 30. Less than 0.4 percent (that’s 0.004) were below age 18. Do the parents rushing to get their kids injected comprehend this? (I tried to tell one and got “unfriended.”).

The new-variant being trotted out, Omicron, is the well known common cold, which should not instill fear in anyone.  But just look at the idiots in panic over its appearance.

As if this all weren’t enough to deter reasonable people from getting injected, there is just no risk/benefit equation here. We’re told these drugs are “safe and effective,” but not only do they appear ineffective, there’s mounting evidence they are, in fact, the only threat. Thousands of deaths and injuries have been reported to VAERS, and according to MIT’s own study, only about 1 percent of the total incidences are ever actually sent to VAERS. And who could ever have claimed, honestly, that these drugs are safe?  They’re experimental, for emergency use only. They were barely tested for EUA and FDA approval. They weren’t — and couldn’t have been — tested at all for long term harm. This means that they should not be administered wholesale in every clinic, school, place of employment or street corner. Emergency is a word that has a clear definition and the way this is being handled totally disregards the obvious definition of ‘emergency use only’.  This is just another scam being run on the citizenry, who obviously are not very informed or discreet with their own lives let alone their children.

More, they’re made by corporate felons, Pfizer and J& – Moderna never brought a drug to market before this fabulous money-making opportunity. These corporate felons have been granted full legal immunity from any lawsuits for resulting death or injury. What’s their incentive to be careful?

These Big-Pharma companies are – like all business corporations – about increasing profits. As German Member of EU Parliament Christine Anderson recently said, “pharmaceutical companies are about as interested in public health as the arms industry is in world peace.” Good health is bad for their bottom line.

Indeed, financial experts have said – unwittingly – that Big-Pharma’s interests are 180 degrees opposite to yours and mine. Last July, Motley Fool said that Big-Pharma’s worst case scenario with these vaccines was that they wouldn’t work, and its “second worst case scenario” was that … these experimental drugs would work “too well.” That is, that they’d end the pandemic.

That’s OUR best-case scenario. (Except for the Mask Karens and Vaxxholes who get off displaying their Inner Tyrants, of course.)

The best-case scenario for Big-Pharma, according to the money experts back in July, is that the drugs would be sort of less harmful or deadly. That is, they wouldn’t work so well that we’d need them only once. Rather, the ideal for Big-Pharma would be that the effectiveness would wear off fairly quickly, so everyone would need “boosters.” “Pfizer and Moderna want their vaxxines to be highly effective, but they also hope that booster doses are needed at least monthly.”

Of course, it’s hard to tell whether people actually need boosters, or if it merely appears they do because the vaccines don’t work at all.

Lo and behold, it’s all working out nicely for Big-Pharma.

So, Tony Blair, you’re 180 degrees wrong. Anyone willingly rolling up his sleeve for the first time now for these experimental drugs would be a sub-idiot.

But here’s the thing, Tony: All these facts — the 99.7% survival rate; the less than 2% hospitalization rate; the comorbidities; that the FDA EUA materials admitted these drugs don’t prevent infection or transmission; that these companies are corporate felons with zero liability; that kids have practically zero risk ….  were available to all BEFORE the vaxxine rollout. Obviously, this was never made clear to the victims.

Mass Formation

Understanding the psychology

Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist and statistician, explains the absurd and irrational behavior we’re now seeing worldwide with regard to the COVID plandemic and its vaxx countermeasures (not).

He calls this phenomenon “mass formation psychosis,” a type of crowd hypnosis that results in literally converting a large segment of the population into psychosis. Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the destruction of the unvaccinated now. It is the explanation for how Americans has justified the almost non-stop atrocities committed by the US military on almost every country in the world in the name of ‘self-defense’ as a justification (not).

It’s so irrational and inhumane, many have wondered how we got here. As it turns out, the psychology of totalitarianism has been studied for decades, and the whole thing is in fact explainable as a psychiatric phenomenon that arises when certain conditions exist in a society. This is more of a tolerance of government perpetration of deviant psychology.

The Four Base Conditions for ‘Mass Formation’

The four central conditions that need to exist in order for mass formation psychosis to take root are:

1. Lack of social bonding — Social isolation was a widespread problem long before the pandemic. In one survey, 25% of respondents said they didn’t have a single close friend. The COVID lockdowns also contributed and worsened already existing isolation. We were all told that any contact with others, including members of our own family, could be a death sentence.

2. Seeing life as meaningless, purposelessness and senseless, and/or being faced with persistent circumstances that don’t make rational sense — Desmet cites research showing that half of all adults feel their jobs are completely meaningless, providing no value to either themselves or others.

In another poll, done in 2012, 63% of respondents said they were “sleepwalking” through their workdays, putting no passion into their work whatsoever. So, condition No. 2 for mass formation hypnosis was also fulfilled, even before the pandemic hit.

Events that occurred in late 2019 and early 2020, such as the many questions surrounding the presidential election and the initial COVID lockdowns, added fuel to the widespread confusion and uncertainty, resulting in the next condition: free-floating anxiety.

3. Widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating discontent — Free-floating anxiety refers to anxiety that has no apparent or distinct cause. Judging by the popularity of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, condition No. 3 was also fulfilled long before the pandemic, but additional fuel was piled on just before the pandemic.

Many felt, and still feel, that “things just aren’t right.” Through 2020, it became increasingly apparent to many that most if not all of the systems we depend on are broken, and likely broken beyond repair, including our medical system, our voting system and our judicial system.

4. Widespread free-floating frustration and aggression — This tends to naturally follow the previous three. Here, again, the frustration and aggression have no discernible cause.

How Mass Formation Allows Totalitarianism to Rise

When these four conditions are fulfilled by a large enough portion of society, they are ripe for the picking to convert to a psychosis, being totally out of touch with reality, which in turn leads to the rise of totalitarianism. As explained by Malone, when the pandemic broke out, people around the world became obsessed with one thing: the virus. The totally imaginary non-virus that was fabricated many years ago for the very immediate purpose of taking over total control of the humans of this world.

People everywhere thought about, read about, and talked about the virus almost exclusively to everything else. This singular focus, this obsession, having the base conditions for mass formation already firmly in place, allowed for large portions of the population to enter into a hypnotic-like state.

In that hypnotic-like state, people lose their ability to have rational thought and judgment.

As noted by Malone, there is evidence that suggests at least parts of this psychological operation were done intentionally, by “some entity that has financial benefit or power to gain from doing this, which gets to the point of global totalitarianism.” Now, once a large portion of a society is hyper-focused on and fused in their joint discontent and anxiety, all a leader or leaders need to do to convince many that totalitarian control and loss of their freedom is best for them is to:

a.)  Present a story in which the ‘cause’ of the anxiety is identified, and then

b.)  Offer a strategy for neutralizing that ‘cause’.

Social Bonding Is Key

By accepting and participating in whatever that strategy is, people with free-floating anxiety feel equipped with the means to control their anxiety and avoid panic. They also feel a strong bond with others, because they’ve all identified the same nemesis. As explained by Desmet in the Peak Prosperity interview below:

“Because many people participate in the same strategy to deal with the object of anxiety, a new kind of social bond emerges a new kind of solidarity. So, people feel connected again in a new way. And that’s actually the most crucial thing.

If you look at the corona crisis and listen to the mainstream narrative, you will hear that everything is about solidarity. You have to participate, you have to accept the vaccine. You have to respect social distancing, because if you don’t, you lack citizenship, you show no solidarity. That’s the most crucial thing, always, in mass formation.

That’s the real reason why people buy into the story, even if it is utterly absurd. It’s not because they believe in the narrative. It is because the narrative leads to a new social bond. That’s the real reason.

There is also another advantage. All the frustration and aggression can be directed at an object. And that object is the people who, for one reason or another, do not want to participate in the mass formation.  These non-subscribers, as in the present case, are the minority who are more intelligent, have dedicated a lot of time and effort into understanding the truths of the situation and have discovered that the governments ‘solution’ is a tyranny that leads to the death of most of the citizens who accept the solution.  So, naturally, those who have made the effort to understand the consequences wish to avoid death for their family, friends, themselves and fellow citizens.

So, you have this very strange situation where people start from a very negative and divisive mental state; they have a lack of social bond, lack of meaning-making, free floating anxiety and a lot of frustration and aggression.

They switch from this very highly aversive mental state to a symptomatic positive state where they feel connected. Their life makes sense again through this heroic struggle with the object of anxiety … That’s why people continue to believe in the narrative, even if it is utterly absurd.”

Mass Formation Psychosis Is a Self-Destructive Condition

The crazy thing is that the story can be an obvious lie, yet those under this hypnotic spell will believe it. The remedy can be utterly absurd, yet they’ll obey. This is how totalitarianism is allowed to rise in every corner of the world.

Of course, the government must identify  a common enemy that must be obliterated — the “cause” for the peoples’ fear and anxiety — and under totalitarian rule, that enemy is anyone who is not spellbound and insane. The dissenters are the enemy. In 2021, the unmasked and unvaccinated are the enemy.

Mass formation psychosis is a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the ‘mental intoxication’ that results, makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good.

If everyone would just get the experimental jab, COVID would vanish and everyone could go back to feeling safe again. That’s the narrative. It makes no sense, it’s irrational, inhumane and unscientific, but those who are in mass formation psychosis believe it’s just that simple, and that’s why some are able to wish death on the unmasked and/or unvaccinated, even in the case of their own blood.

So, as noted by Malone, “If it seems to you that the rest of the world has gone mad, the truth is, yes they have.” A problem far greater than any virus now is mass formation itself.

It’s a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the “mental intoxication” that results makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good. In short, masses of people become profoundly gullible and self-destructive, which is a frightening combination.

As noted by Desmet, in a dictatorship, people comply because they fear the dictator. In a totalitarian regime, however, mass formation psychosis is at work, and this gives the regime extreme power over the individual, as the people, when in this hypnotic trance, voluntarily destroy their own families, their lives and themselves, along with the stated enemy. Did you ever hear of Jim Jones and the Kool Aid cult?

Is Totalitarianism Unavoidable?

Malone says that in his conversations with Desmet, he believes the mass formation psychosis is so widespread at this point that global totalitarianism may be unavoidable. He believes it’ll take over, as we’re seeing in a number of countries already. So, what, if anything, can we do? A summary of suggestions are as follows:

•  Continue providing true and accurate information to counter the false narrative. Some who aren’t yet fully hypnotized may still be routed back to sanity. Speaking out can also help to limit the atrocities the totalitarian regime is emboldened to implement, because in totalitarianism, atrocities and crimes against humanity increase as dissent decreases.

•  Substitute fear of the virus narratives with narratives that highlight an even greater fear — fear of totalitarianism. “Totalitarianism is a bigger boogeyman than the virus is,” Malone says. “Losing control to Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, the World Economic Forum, BlackRock and Vanguard is a bigger threat than SARS-CoV-2 is for you and your children, by far.” Desmet has tested this theory, and found you CAN break the hypnotic focus on COVID if you’re able to refocus their attention on something that’s of even greater concern to them.

•  Join with other dissenters into larger groups. This gives the larger majority who aren’t fully hypnotized but too fearful to go against the grain. an alternative to going along with the totalitarians.

•  Build parallel structures within your local communities. Think globally, act locally. Start developing parallel structures to heal the four underlying conditions that allowed mass formation to occur in the first place.

A parallel structure is any kind of business, organization, technology, movement or creative pursuit that fits within a totalitarian society while being morally outside of it. Once enough parallel structures are created, a parallel culture is born that functions as a sanctuary of sanity within the totalitarian world.

The Gravity of Our Situation

As noted by Desmet, since self-destructiveness is built into the totalitarian system from the ground up, totalitarian regimes cannot be sustained forever. They fall apart as they’re destroyed from within. That’s the good news.

The bad news is it can be hell while it lasts, as totalitarianism is built on mass formation almost always leads to heinous atrocities being committed in the name of doing good. There are usually few survivors at the end. Look at the ‘witch hunts’ of religions.  Look at the purges of Stalin and Mao.

That said, Desmet believes this new global totalitarianism is more unstable than regional dictator-led totalitarian systems, so it may self-destruct faster. He has just finished writing a book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” which is expected to be published in January 2022.

Meanwhile, you do not have a lot of good options.  Taking the fatal poisonous vaxx is not an option compared to being imprisoned in an Education or quarantine camp from which few will ever leave alive. The government and the UN cannot afford to be merciful, as they are just the puppets working ultimately for the Royalty.

CDC predicting 65,000 US Deaths monthly through Q1 of 2022

These are VAXXINE DEATHS that are accelerating just as independent doctors have predicted all along

In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaxxine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022. (Source: UK Daily Mail citing the CDC)

The CDC, of course, claims these are “covid” deaths, but they are actually vaxxine deaths. Covid vaxxines inject people with nano graphene hydroxide. These nano-particles ‘are the disease’, causing widespread vascular, neurological and reproductive damage. Thus, when people are injected with the vaxxines, they are “given” a deadly dose of graphene, which the CDC hopes to continue confusing with a non-existent covid virus sickness which they have fabricated but never demonstrated.  Once they die, they are said to have died from covid instead of from the vaxxine. They are hastily buried or cremated without an autopsy.

The CDC’s early warning alert system which is tied into US hospitals is throwing out a large number of red flags indicating the leading edge of a mass die-off wave among the vaxxinated. In a panic, the CDC put its propaganda machine into gear and issued announcements that have been picked up by the world’s controlled media, including the UK Daily Mail, which covered the CDC news, describing the upcoming mass deaths prediction as “grim.” From the Daily Mail, we see the shocking claim that one of the “largest outbreaks” of Omicron in the USA occurred among the “fully vaccinated:”. The vaxx’d cult is up to their usual tricks using non-existent variants of the non-existent covid19 in an attempt to keep up the fear narrative.

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, is claiming 930 omicron cases over the past week. How they have tested and determined this is by using the RT-PCR tester, which every agency in public health has already admitted is not even capable of making any such test, as with other claimed virus pathogens that do not exist.

All of the confirmed Omicron cases in the Cornell University are among people who are fully vaxxinated, and some of them are in people who’ve also had boosters.

Understand that so far, to our knowledge, there isn’t a single recorded case of an unvaxxinated American dying from any viral cause. The deaths are all from the vaxx.

Rather, the Omicron variant — and Delta before that — only inflict the vaxxinated. That’s because the vaxxination cult have nothing left to lose.  The damage is already done.

Get the body bags ready… the vaccines are kicking in

The 15,600 deaths per week that the CDC says will take place in America by Christmas are actually deaths of vaccinated people who are dying from: 1) Destroyed immune systems colliding with Omicron, a very mild strain. Or 2) Antibody Dependent Enhancement effects caused by the vaccines which result in the body waging a hyperinflammatory reaction against simple infections such as the seasonal flu.

The CDC is anticipating over 60,000 Americans will die per month through the winter, meaning we can anticipate somewhere around 200,000+ Americans to be killed by these vaccines before the spring. This is further worsened by the nationwide vitamin D deficiencies that always occur in the winter due to a lack of sunlight and outdoor activity (which has been further worsened by lockdowns and quarantines).

Already nearly 400,000 Americans are DEAD from the vaccines, and by April, it will exceed 600,000 according to VAERS, which is only 1% comprehensive.

That’s the equivalent of more than ten Vietnam Wars in terms of the number of US casualties. Or about 200 9/11 tragedies.

It puts the vaccines into the category of a holocaust.

Yet Biden continues to falsely claim that everybody who gets a vaccine will be safe from covid, even when the data clearly show that it’s the vaccinated who are dying.

In reality, Kirsh and other analysts are being very conservative with these numbers. In all likelihood, we are approaching one million deaths from the vaccine in America right now and will almost certainly exceed one million total deaths by the spring of 2022. The jab is a depopulation weapon, not a vaccine.

Globally, total vaccine deaths will likely exceed ten million people by mid-2022, dwarfing the number of Jews who were murdered by the Nazi regime in World War II.

Yet we are all told to keep taking vaccine shots even though they don’t work. The very fact that they don’t work, in fact, is the justification being given to us for why we need to take booster shots.

Study authors even warned that all the body’s natural antibodies can be destroyed by current covid vaxxines without warning as graphene hydroxide inflicts countless internal lacerations that form micro blood clots.

In other words, every person who took covid vaxxines got NO benefit but took HUGE risks and destroyed their immune systems in the process. They will now grow cancers at ten times the normal rate due to suppression of anti-cancer components of the immune system (including chromosome repair mechanisms in cell nuclei). In conclusion, the so-called covid “vaxxine” really is a depopulation death jab. And the depopulation is now accelerating, exactly as independent doctors, scientistsl, including myself, have long warned of

How the game is really played

Just for the record, here is the secret Fauci memo explaining to everyone the Ground Rules of the pandemic. You aren’t supposed to know any of this.

To: World leaders
From: Tony Fauci
Subject: Ground rules for the health and safety of the world and the protection of my position as the highest paid government employee.

  1. NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination. If an autopsy can’t be avoided, make sure the coroner is under staffed, lacks the proper skills and tests, and doesn’t have the time to do it right. Also, offer the family to pay for the funeral expenses if they skip the autopsy.
  2. Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials. In the rare event an analysis happens, we have your back. We’ll claim that these are anti-vaxxers who deliberately contaminated the vials before they were analyzed.
  3. Ensure that the drug companies have complete immunity from prosecution. Otherwise, we’re totally screwed.
  4. Label anyone who opposes us as “anti-science.” This works really well. Even Senator Johnson doesn’t like this.
  5. Make sure that the vaccine injury program (the CICP) never pays a dime to COVID vaccine victims. Even paying out a dime would be an acknowledgment that the vaccines aren’t safe. That would cause vaccine hesitancy. We cannot have that.
  6. Mandate the vaccines for everyone *except CDC, FDA, NIH, and Congress). Give it to them right after birth. We don’t want to have a control group here that isn’t dying. If people make that comparison we’re screwed. This is why we nixed the placebo group in all the clinical trials, so nobody would ever find out how unsafe these vaccines are.
  7. In the event of disabilities that happen during the clinical trials, change the symptom when writing the report. So “permanent paralysis” —> “mild abdominal pain.” Trust me, this works. The vaccine injured 12-year old, Maddie de Garay, is our poster child. The press is never going to cover this because we told them not to. We can do fraud in plain sight and nobody catches us on this, it is so well controlled.
  8. If someone dies from the vaccine during a clinical trial, do not panic. Simply write up in the report that the death “isn’t related to the vaccine.” The FDA won’t ask you how you determined that. Anyone who asks stupid questions like that will be fired from the FDA.
  9. There are going to be more all cause death reports in the vaccine group than the placebo group, like nearly 25% more (as in the Pfizer trial), but don’t worry. This is because the vaccines are super deadly, duh. However, by 1) choosing very healthy cohorts and 2) limiting the size of the cohorts, we can claim that the difference in deaths is “not statistically significant.” This fools all the “real” scientists. They will say, “oh that makes sense” and not dig deeper. It works every time. Critical thinkers like Chris Martenson don’t matter because they don’t have a big enough following to matter. And we de-platformed Bret Weinstein so he’s not going to bring Robert Malone on his show ever again.
  10. The medical community is never going to check your work if you work at the CDC. They are brainwashed from Day 1 in medical school to always trust the medical authorities. We basically turn them into sheep and remove their critical thinking skills. And medicine is so complicated that they have to trust us because they don’t have the time, skills, or tools to do shit like actually look at the VAERS database. This is how our loyal staffers, like John Su, are able to get away with making presentations of the VAERS data without even mentioning the under-reporting factor. We’ve instructed everyone on the outside panels to never question our staff members on stuff like this. Otherwise, we kick them off the committee like we did with that slimeball Martin Kulldorff who let science get in the way of his thinking. So what if he’s an expert. We don’t need experts. We need people who follow orders. The outside committee members all saw we did that and it sends a chilling message to them that they all understand: comply with the rules or have your head cut off. They aren’t stupid.
  11. Aggressively pursue the revocation of the medical license of anyone who speaks against the narrative. Even just one tweet that cautions people about the vaccine or questions mask wearing, should be grounds for license revocation.
  12. NEVER do a proactive survey to find out the denominator of events. Back in 1985, we carefully designed the VAERS system so that nobody will ever know the true denominator so we can argue that every vaccine is safe, no matter how unsafe they are. This allows us to claim all these signals are rare. Ten years ago, we killed the ESP-VAERS project because it was too accurate. Bobby Kennedy nailed us on this in his book, but his book is so long, nobody’s going to find this. It’s on page 73 of the book (look for AHRQ if you have the Kindle Edition).
  13. We use masks as a symbol of compliance to assess our level of control. Masks don’t work at all. We know that. The two randomized trials showed no effect. But they don’t know that and they totally trust us. So masks are our canary in the coal mine. If people aren’t complying with our ridiculous masking advice, it’s a sign we are losing it, so we have to stiffen the enforcement by doing things like making it a crime not to do what we say. This control over people’s minds is critical to our success. We can even get them to double-mask, they are so stupid. They can’t figure out that 2 x 0 = 0.
  14. We have a huge educational campaign to fool people into thinking this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” rather than a “pandemic of the people who never got early treatment.” It is totally working. We didn’t even have to show a single statistic from any hospital. The press eats this up.
  15. We are paying hospitals huge bonuses for classifying deaths as COVID deaths in order to keep the fear alive. If someone dies in a car accident, but they test positive for COVID (using a high cycle threshold is usually how it is done), then the death is a COVID death. The hospital makes money and we use the stats to make COVID look like an emergency.
  16. Make sure your physicians are NOT educated about reporting to VAERS; let’s not make a bad problem even worse. We don’t want anyone reporting. It’s already bad enough. We’ll fix VAERS to make it crash more (like right before you hit submit) and make the UX harder to use, just in case.
  17. The only early treatments allowed are those created by our big pharma sponsors. Everything else we need to go after doctors and take away their license if they prescribe any shit that works like ivermectin. We’ll make sure that nobody finds out that ivermectin is what Japan uses to get to zero COVID deaths. We got Pierre Kory fired from his job. Other people will take notice of that. By marketing anti-virals that don’t work 100%, it means we get to increase our average selling price. Now we can market both products to everyone: a vaccine that doesn’t work and a pill that doesn’t work.
  18. We have to make out Omicron as a serious threat, even if there are only a few deaths. This is required to maintain the EUA on the vaccines. If the pandemic goes away, we’re screwed. So we have to keep the US in a state of emergency with new and more dangerous variants. Since people die all the time with Omicron, we make it appear they died “from” Omicron to keep the revenue stream going. They are never going to figure this out.
  19. The mainstream media has been trained to never mention that the vaccine could be a cause of death, even if the person died within hours of the vaccine and they were perfectly healthy before and had no history of heart disease. If they die in their sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination, the press will just report this as an “unexpected, tragic death” and there will be no mention of the vaccine.
  20. Censor/discredit/ridicule anyone who attempts to question the narrative such as making a link between the vaccine and death or saying that masks don’t work. This is because your narrative is not supported by the facts.
  21. NEVER accept a debate with the opposition. That would be devastating because we’d lose. So you must completely ignore any attempts. Even if they offer you $2M to come to the debate table like that troublemaker Kirsch did. Claim that doing so would give them credibility. So even for someone like RFK Jr. who has a NY Times bestselling book, just keep pretending that they have no credibility like Jake Tapper did. You never want to give the “cranks” air time. Jake is well trained.
  22. Keep repeating “safe and effective.” Say it enough times you’ll believe it and it will let you ignore all the bodies dropping like flies around you, including stuff like 3-year-old kids who die from cardiac arrest less than a day after being vaccinated. When that happens, think “it’s just a fluke.”
  23. We’ve exempted the employees of the CDC, other agencies, and Congress from any of the mandates. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to keep anyone employed there. Did you know that nearly none of the CDC employees vaccinate their kids? It’s amazing that the mainstream press has never uncovered this. At CDC, the motto is “do what we say, not what we do.” Americans are so naive; they think we walk the talk. No way. We aren’t stupid.

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