Fully Vaxxed are Alleged Super Spreaders of COVID Virus

Ontario Data is recorded as such, but the vaxx-disease is unrelated to covid. It is only related to the serum that is injected into the victim.  It could not be simpler.

Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of the Ontario hospitalizations are of fully vaxxinated individuals. The statistics quite clearly draws the line between fact and fictional construct by lamenting the fully vaxxinated individuals as “super-spreaders” of the virus, but the facts are, among individuals having only one jab, they are still on death row, because they do not suffer from the non-existent covid virus disease but, instead, from the covid vaxx disease, which is something totally and altogether different.

Most individuals in hospitals suffering of COVID-19 were “fully vaxxinated,” according to publicly accessible statistics from the Ontario government.

As per the information, there seem to be 1,327 “Fully vaxxinated cases” in hospitals as of January 7, contrasting to only 441 “Unvaxxinated cases.” There were 100 patients inside the hospital for “partially vaxxinated cases for which a distinction is meaningless.”

There are 119 “unvaxxinated cases,” 17 “partially vaxxinated cases,” and 106 “fully vaxxinated cases” in Ontario’s ICU.

The great proportion of patients who screened ‘positive’ for COVID in Ontario originate from “fully vaxxinated” individuals, according to the data. We must also consider that these covid tests are surely determined by use of the discredited and worthless PCR toy tester.

On January 7, the province recorded 9,515 cases among “fully vaxxinated” citizens, opposed to 1,543 cases among un- vaxxinated. In those who have been “partially vaxxinated,” there had been 375 cases.

According to statistics from Alberta and Quebec, the majority of individuals in hospitals due to COVID are also “fully vaxxinated.”

The Alberta administration reports 258 patients in hospitals, owing to COVID, who have a “complete” immunization record, 19 individuals with a “partial” vaxxine status, and 221 people who are “unvaxxinated.”

COVID has been linked to 1,948 “fully vaxxinated” patients in Quebec hospitals. In hospitals, owing to COVID, there were 1,046 “unvaxxinated” patients and 78 “partially vaxxinated” people. Making a distenction between ‘fully’ and ‘not-fully’ vaxx’d is nonsensical.  You only need one injection of graphene serum to succumb to it.  More jabs will just speed up the death process.

The overwhelming amount of new COVID-vaxx disease “cases” in all Canadian provinces are all in those that have been completely vaxxinated.  If you are capable of understanding this, there is no covid19 virus, never was, never will be.  Therefore, no one has died from the non-existent covid virus.  All incidences of what they call covid19 disease deaths are really covid19-vaxx disease deaths.  These are not the same thing.  The deaths from the vaxx disease bear no resemblance to the symptoms of the so-called virus disease.

Despite the Canadian government’s praise for the COVID vaxxinations’ efficacy, studies have never demonstrated that they offer even the slightest bit of efficacy for anything except killing the victim. They don’t even guarantee to reduce hospitalization.

All provincial governments in Canada have contributed to the COVID testing craze by distributing FREE at-home test kits provided by the federal government.  If you think you are getting things for free, you should seriously examine your own ability for rational thinking.

Despite this, Dr. Robert Malone, who claims to be the inventor of mRNA vaxxines, also claims that the vaxx’d, not the unvaxxinated, are the disease’s “super-spreaders.”

Jean-Yves Duclos, Canada’s Minister of Health, recently stated that provincial governments may soon implement obligatory vaxxination laws.

Conversations with provincial governments about making COVID jabs mandatory are expected to begin soon, according to Duclos. He further suggested that the only solution out of the situation is through jabs. He is, unfortunately, a mental midget who is just obeying orders to murder as many citizens as possible. What sane person could make a statement like “we must ‘jab’ our way out of this mess.” Does this sound like someone trying to alleviate a danger or some ones’ rabid dog?

In response to Duclos, at least one Premier, Jason Kenney of Alberta, stated that no immunizations would be mandated in his jurisdiction.

As per the data shared by the Chandigarh health authorities in India, around 77% of the new cases of Covid reported from the city in November were fully vaccinated. Out of the cases that were fully vaccinated and tested COVID-19 positive, only 10% of them, including patients with comorbidities, required hospitalization.

Meanwhile, a widely renowned virology and former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has warned about the risks of the experimental COVID-19 gene transfer vaxxines.

He said the vaxxinated are the ones really serving as a kind of breeding ground for the disease. He still has not figured out that’ it is the serum that is the disease’. He also went onto encourage the un-jabbed to “stay unvaxxinated,” while also predicting an inevitable “collapse of our health system” due to health complications in the vaxxinated due to poisonous serums.