Letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaxxine

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow vaxx’d up citizens who constitute the vast majority of sudden ER occupants.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight for existence.

To the Unvaccinated

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaxxine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaxxinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaxxinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaxxinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their illegal mass vaxxination in school.

You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Transgenerational effects are unknown. Vaxxine-induced deregulation of natural immunity is unknown but evidence indicates the loss of natural immunity from the vaxx poisoning. Potential harm is unknown as the adverse event reporting is delayed, incomplete and inconsistent between jurisdictions complicated by ever-changing CDC rules about throwing out all deaths and adverse reaction until two weeks after the last injection.

You are being targeted by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob.

You are being told that you are now the problem and that the world cannot get back to normal unless you get vaccinated.

You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you. Remember; there is nothing wrong with you.

You are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else.

You are justified in demanding independent peer-reviewed studies, not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and short-term efficacy have been funded, organized, coordinated, and supported by these for-profit corporations; and none of the study data have been made public or available to researchers who don’t work for these companies.

You are right to question the preliminary vaccine trial results. The claimed high values of relative efficacy rely on small numbers of tenuously determined “infections.”  The studies were also not blind, where people giving the injections admittedly knew or could deduce whether they were injecting the experimental vaccine or the placebo. This is not acceptable scientific methodology for vaccine trials.

You are correct in your calls for a diversity of scientific opinions. Like in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don’t have that right now. Choosing not to take the vaccine is holding space for reason, transparency and accountability to emerge. You are right to ask, ‘What comes next when we give away authority over our own bodies?’

Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. You are coming together in your communities, making plans to help one another and standing for scientific accountability and free speech, which are required for society to thrive. We are among many who stand with you.

NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard Accused of Lying About Covid Statistics to Promote Vaxxination of the Ignorant

November 9, 2021

NHS chief Amanda Pritchard claimed that 14 times as many Covid-19 patients are in Britain’s hospitals as this time last year. However, even the NHS itself has admitted that Pritchard’s claim uses faked-up figures.

Multiple news reports on Monday told the same story: Britain’s hospitals are seeing “14 times more coronavirus patients than this time last year,” and the country faces a “difficult winter,” as people gather indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread.  It has already been proven that the covid virus is not contagious, probably because it does not even exist.

The source of the “14 times” figure is Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive of NHS England. Pritchard used the apparently alarming surge in hospitalizations to encourage the 4.5 million Britons who still haven’t gotten vaccinated to roll up their sleeves, and those eligible to take their third shot of the vaccine.

However, NHS data shows that Pritchard’s figures are false. According to the health service, a 7-day average of 9,331 Covid-19 patients were in hospital at the beginning of November, compared to 12,654 a year earlier. Just over 1,000 people per day were being admitted to hospital at the end of October, compared to 1,500 last year.

Pritchard was swiftly accused of peddling fake news, with commentators warning that such misleading figures were straying into “resignation territory.”

Can anyone explain how NHS chief Amanda Pritchard managed to come up with this – the idea that there are 14 times more Covid patients in hospital than this time last year – given what the admissions chart currently looks like

— Ed Conway (@EdConwaySky) November 8, 2021

Head of the NHS England Amanda Pritchard, is in resignation territory here. Grotesquely misleading. 

— Phil Taylor (@philjvtaylor) November 8, 2021

Lies put out by Amanda Pritchard, head of NHS England, regurgitated by ‘bought and paid fo’r media

The 14 times more patients is, in reality, -33%,  
less patients than this time last year 

— John Amor (@cooljamm55) November 8, 2021

Amid a growing clamor online, NHS officials told reporters shortly afterwards that Pritchard was citing figures from August 2021 compared to August 2020. Hospital admissions were indeed 14 times higher this August than in 2020, but only for several days toward the end of the month. Since then, they have trended downwards and are now 50% less than last year’s rate.

However, hospitalizations persist despite the fact that nine out of ten people over the age of 12 in the UK have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaxxine, according to NHS statistics. Rising cases too have called into question the long-term efficacy of the jabs, but government officials still insist on vaxxination as key to defeating the virus – and studies suggest those vaxxinated patients still fare better if they ‘catch’ the virus. How does one ‘catch’ a virus?  This stems from allopathic germ theory, which claims that there are trillions of germs literally everywhere that people ‘catch’ from door knobs or toilet seats.  Each of these ‘germs’ require a special pill or shot to conquer it.  This is why people have vast collections of pill bottles, most of which they keep refilling, even if they do not know what germ it is supposed to be for.  The very idea of ‘catching’ germs is preposterous.

Although Rockefeller decided to call the mRNA, a sequence of proteins that informs the newly replicating cell how to construct its new DNA molecule, by the term virus, they are nothing more than molecular sequences that provide the ‘map’ for mitosis,  None of these protein molecules are alive.  Not until you have a complete functioning cell do you have “life”.  But the fact that these so-named mRNA molecules are among the most numerous entities on the planet, served Rockefeller’s purposes of claiming they are germs, and giving them characteristics suggesting they are alive when they are not.

As Pritchard called on the population to get vaxxinated or go in for booster jabs, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on Monday for the government to mandate vaxxines for healthcare workers. “There is no respectable argument left not to force health and social care workers to get jabbed,” he wrote in The Telegraph, calling the vaxxine “the only reason for the safe return of our liberty.”  Obviously he has not been paying any attention to currently emerging facts proving that the vaxx, itself, is the pathogen driving the real pandemic of citizens sick and dying from the poison, graphene oxide, comprising the serums of all the vaxx’s.

— Robert W Malone, MD (@RWMaloneMD) October 3, 2021

Even the A so-called independent fact-checker website FactCheck.org was exposed to be funded by the same $1.9 billion vaccine lobby group that it is supposed to check.

The site is a Facebook partner whose articles are used to censor critical voices on the social media platform. It is headed by the former CDC director, which is again a conflict of interest.

This is how WHO faked a sars pandemic 10 years ago.