Covid Vaxxine Bioweapon

The Nuremberg Code is applicable here and those who commit mass murder are accountable under this code.

Coercing those ignorant of the dangers of the vaxx to take it anyway is conspiracy to commit murder.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, a distinguished scientist who is also a medical doctor and a doctor of law, points out that under the Nuremberg Code established by the US and under which German officials, doctors and judges were tried after World War II, and under a number of international treaties to which the United States is a signatory, violating medical “informed consent” is a felony for which Germans were executed and constitutes treason on the part of officials who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution.  Vaxxine mandates, of course, violate informed consent and thereby constitute serious crimes by those issuing and enforcing such mandates.

Dr. Fleming begins with an explanation of the Covid flu and an explanation of the “vaxxine lethality” and how it invades the body, destroying vital organs slowly but surely.  The official data demonstrates that there is no correspondence between covid flu and vaxx deaths, or between the vaxxinated and unvaxxinated. The matter is the “vaxxine” provides zero protection from the flu or any other disease, but the “vaxxine” does cause adverse reactions that are serious and ultimately deadly.  The vaxx has nothing to offer by way of protection against anything.  No protection is needed against the covid flu.  None have died from the covid flu, although a lot of documents have been altered to place the ‘causes of death from any and all sources’ on the covid flu. For example, Alberta, Canada now has license to identify every death from any cause as a ‘covid death’.  What could be the reason?  Could it be to boost the waning threat from covid? The growing awareness of vaxx disease, as a separate and unrelated problem from covid flu? That the VAXX is the dangerous issue, not the fake covid?

Dr. Fleming shows how authorities manipulated the official data to produce the false claim that being doubly vaxxinated provided 95% protection, when in reality, it provides zero protection against the flu, or, for that matter, any other disease of any kind.  The vaxx is pure graphene oxide, a deadly poison that is 100% fatal by means of a progressive thrombosis, starting with micro blood clotting in the vital organs and progressing over a period of two years into a vital organ failure that is lethal.

Dr. Fleming presents a Department of Defense study that shows that Antibody Dependent Enhancement, ADE, is accelerating in vaxxinated people, as the body attempts to stem the thrombosis from the poison.  In other words, the “vaxxine’s” destruction of the immune system is progressively advancing over time.

Alex Jones made available, on Infowars, Dr. Fleming’s long but precise technical explanation, and this might affect some readers who have been affected by the mainstream’ demonization’ of Alex Jones.   Alex Jones is doing all of us a great favor by taking the heat for making wrongly censored information available.  Here, it is Dr. Fleming speaking, not Alex Jones.   “Alex Jones is still many times more reliable than CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Fauci, Walensky, Biden and the rest of those ‘irresponsibles’, for the crimes being actively perpetuated against the public under cover of a “Covid scamdemic.” 

Become thoroughly informed and independent from a complicit lying media, indoctrinated and self-serving doctors, and politicians who shill for the UN agenda and their own profit.  If you do not avail yourself of the opportunity to become informed, it is your life you are risking. This is a game the shysters are perpetrating against the ignorant.  You will lose this game unless you take every advantage to overcome your own ignorance.  These shysters are not experts, only exploiters, and you can become informed to not consent to your own murder and that of your family and loved ones.

If justice prevails and there is accountability for the violations of informed consent, the corrupt and evil governors of California, New York and many others will certainly be among those executed under the Nuremberg Convention.

Fifth Most Vaxxinated Country Reporting Exponential Growth in New Cases of vaxx disease

The United States has reached a point where approximately 50% of the population is now vaxxinated against COVID, which is certainly not a real vaxxine for covid19, which is most certainly not a real viral disease.

That is a significantly high number relatively speaking, but there are still more than a dozen other countries that have higher rates.

The United Arab Emirates is holding onto that lead with around 95% of the entire country being vaxxinated already.

But one country that is close to the top, in the number 5 position actually, is Singapore. Their vaxxination rate is hovering around 85% right now with 82% fully vaccinated.

However, there is something very wrong in Singapore. With nearly the entire population having been vaxxinated already, their total number of new cases has skyrocketed to the moon. I mean BIG TIME. But the cases are not covid19.  They are covid19vaxx disease, totally new and different from covid19 disease.  Look at this chart:

Could some scientismist explain how a country that had nearly ‘eradicated’ the non-existent  virus from their country and has among the highest vaxxination rates in the world, have such exponential growth of new COVID cases recently?  It is easily explained, because it is a lie.  It is because they are calling the covidvaxx disease, the covid19 disease, which develops immediately upon receiving the injection.  This is an intentional error.  They are most certainly not going to acknowledge that the covid19 vaxx, itself, causes another completely different new disease.  They are only too thrilled to call this covidvaxx disease the covid19 disease, because they can create this confusion very easily, and, if believed, boost the very lie they are desperately trying to foist and maintain, that being the existence of covid19 and related disease.  The significant aspect of this situation is that the covid19 disease is a complete fabrication incapable of inflicting any harm or disease, while the covidvaxx disease is 100% lethal and is, itself, the real medical threat.  It does not kill quickly in most cases, but induces myocarditis and thrombosis that develops over a period of up to two years, being 100 % fatal.

Things are not what they seem and they do not follow the narrative.  This can be covered over with a fake narrative, but you must be smart enough to follow the pea in the oldest shill game in the world.

Get jabbed if you want, or don’t, I personally don’t care because what you do with your medical decisions is a personal matter. That is a choice you make. All I’m saying is that this lie that they’ve been feeding you about this vaxxine essentially being the magic bullet that will return everything back to normal, is a lie and Singapore is evidence of that in real time.  As you make these important decisions, you should at least understand the truth of the situation, because there is no going back. Once vaxx’d, you are walking dead.

It, the vaxx, can cannot reduce any illness. It contains nothing of that nature.  It is just graphene oxide, an industrial chemical that has the properties to bring on death by means of a slowly developing blood clotting that is progressive, and ends only in death, which can take up to two years, or so. It is a damned if you do sort of thing. But the one thing I can say with certainty is they are determined to jab everyone before too many victims wake up to the reality of this scam.  This is the real scam in the covid19 scare.  There is no covid19.  There is only the covid19 vaxx.  It is difficult for some people to grasp this at first, but this is the sole truth.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but for those still unvaxx’d, you can at least make an informed choice.