Public Medicine Officials Discuss Changing COVID Patient Count to Make It More ‘Scary’ For The Public

Since the beginning of the scamdemic, the entire system of government, media, and even doctors and scientists has intentionally scammed the public. These bodies of authority have twisted, inflated, changed, and manipulated information that has led to mass confusion, rampant misinformation, and an entire population divided over whether to believe or not believe the obvious lies. This boils down to whether to take the lethal vaxx or refuse it.

Early on, some doubted the existence of the covid virus while others thought it was so deadly that children needed to be double masked and kept in isolation at home. It was all thanks to the sheer lies of those we call “leaders” in the land that was never free.

Obviously, both can’t be correct.  How could there be such a divide among one society?

As time passed during the scamdemic, even more manipulation took place, numbers fudged, and half-truths once again led to mass confusion and rampant spreading of misinformation. This month was no different and a leaked video from inside Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center makes that point entirely clear.

In the video, which is just over two minutes, hospital officials are recorded discussing how to increase their case count by continuing to count the majority of patients as covid patients, knowing full well they have only a fake disease called covid.

In the video, the hospital’s Director of Marketing, Carolyn Fisher, begins explaining what information is used in terms of COVID-19 numbers with the specific mention of the percentage of unvaccinated hospitalizations.

After Fisher opens up the meeting, Dr. Mary Rudyk, who previously served as Chief of Medical Staff for NHRMC, weighs in with her thoughts on how to twist the hospital’s messaging to make it “completely a little bit more scary for the public.”

This is clearly an act of manipulation as making it ‘more scary’ means something has to be lied about.. How, exactly, will they do that, according to Rudyk? They should count non-covid patients into the hospital’s covid case count.

To seemingly make the numbers “a little bit more scary,” Rudyk and her staff are discussing counting people who — by definition, do not have covid —labeling them ‘covid patients’.

“… I think those are important numbers – the patients that are still in the hospital, but are off the COVID floor, They are still occupying the hospital for a variety of reasons,” Rudyk says, before Shelbourn Stevens, who earlier this year was named president of NHRMC and the Coastal market, chimed in to agree.  In other words, we have a conniving group of liars who are certain they can exaggerate the covid scam and get away with it, due to their status as ‘experts’, who are sure they will not be doubted or cross-checked.

“But I do think, from our standpoint, we would still consider them a COVID patient because, one way or another, they’re still healing,” Stevens said. That is an obvious misconception, in view of the fact that the covid virus does not even exist.

Whether or not this is a debatable topic and is relevant to statistical data, the idea of making it “a little bit more scary for the public,” goes about it in a completely deceptive manner and only erodes trust in an already extremely untrustworthy system.

“I think that needs to be highlighted as well, because once they’re out of quarantine, I think that drops the covid numbers,” Rudyk responded.

At this point, Stevens interrupts and tells Rudyk, that “We can take this discussion offline as well.”

But before doing so, Rudyk comes back in with yet another deceptive marketing ploy.

“I think we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful, we have to say something coming out as “if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die,” she said. “Let’s just be really blunt to these people.”  In other words, since we have agreed to lie, lets up the stakes.

But this is simply not true. If it were true, hundreds of millions of people across the planet would be dead or dying and that is not the case at all. In fact, all of the hospitalizations prior to the vaxx rollout, were simply cases of common flu, due to the toy PCR tester that yielded primarily, ‘fake positives’.  At that time, people had not yet come to realize yet, that the PCR was dysfunctional. So, everyone who developed the seasonal flu, cold, grippe, etc. went to the hospitals, thinking they had covid.  This is due to TV hysteria from idiots like Fauci and Gates.  No one died from anything like a covid virus.  The CDC-published survival rate was 99.9% across the spectrum.  The normal flu incidence went to zero, while the new fake covid incidence went to exactly what was the flu count was in prior years.  So, obviously, the scam included co-opting the common, existing flu statistics, which no one feared, to being called, labeled and recorded as a new novel covid virus, which does not exist.  It just seems to exist because its symptoms are the same as the common flu, which magically ceased to exist.

While hospitalizations certainly saw a seasonal increase in the south, millions of folks who are unvaxxinated, have not died or sickened.  Telling people this is nothing short of lying to them — thus muddying the waters even more and aiding in the mass confusion that lends itself to the rampant spreading of misinformation. Especially misinformation that tells people they are going to die from this mislabeled minor long-existing mild ailment.

The extremely overexaggerated ‘case-demic’ was used to convince people that they needed to take the new vaxx as it was rolled out in January, 2021.  It was not until this poison vaxx was given out that mortality began.  Because this vaxx is based on a latent poison, it is being claimed to not be the cause of mortality and serious adverse side effects. But, the fact is, that the vaxx is the cause of the exploding death death count.  The liars in-charage are confabulating these deaths with the non-existent, non-deadly imaginary covid virus, because people are still confused about the claimed dangers attributed to the fake virus.

Naturally, the media is doing its job to run cover for this story-line comments, with one outlet in Wilmington claiming to have “debunked” the video. But what is there to debunk? The comments are perfectly clear and the statement released does nothing to “debunk” them. They are flat-out liars who are trying to inflate their lies with criminal intent.

“The team members involved in this excerpt of a skulldugerous internal meeting, are seeing the highest level of hospitalizations and deaths so far, but it is not in any way attributable to a covid disease. It is totally attributable to this fake vaxxine which is only a pure batch of graphene oxide poison that is going to kill over the course of 6 months to two years.  This injection provides zero protection from any disease.  It does not confer any immunity or protection from any form of disease.

The continuing concern is with the amount of misinformation intentionally broadcast into our communities and consistently striving for more ways to generate unfounded fear. If they were to stop the misinformation, more people would be able to discern the truth of the causes and effects of the scam.

The idea that these type of liars are sitting around figuring ways to further frighten more ignorant people is just one of what is probably numerous such meetings taking place in hospitals and medical offices to further defraud the American public. It certainly isn’t “transparency” nor does making things “scary” help to more accurately convey the truth of the situation.

Though the hospital is claiming they are seeing the “highest level of COVID-19 deaths,” the data shows us something different.  The fact is, there are no covid deaths at all.  Any such early deaths are from the usual common flu and colds seen every year in the pasts.  No deaths, by the CDCs own data, have occurred that can be attributed to any covid virus. Until the vaxxines, the survival rate is officially 99.9%.

The deaths started occurring in early 2021, after people received the vaxx’s in large numbers.  These deaths are all attributable to the poisonous injections called ‘covid vaxxines’.

Below is the most current data from the NY Times covid database of deaths in North Carolina.

Below is the current hospitalization rate in the state, according to the CDC.

Firstly, the “hospitalizations” do not bear a lot of significance.  The antics of the public health establishment have demonstrated that it is easy to generate a high level of hospitalization out of literally “nothing” but TV hype.  The first peak in the above graph shows the January, 2021 peak from hysteria generated using only TV hype.  Keep in mind here, we are looking at hospitalizations, not deaths.  The second peak is hospitalizations from vaxx-disease, the real pandemic illness, that is killing people and is solely attributable to the vaxx’d people who are sickening and dying only from the vaxx itself.  Covid virus are not needed, nor do they exist to generate this chart.

Over the coming two-year period, all of those who have been injected with the graphene oxide vaxx will die…all of them.  In the chaos that is going to emerge as the vaxx’d realize this is going to be pure mayhem.  Half the people have already realized this.  They are the smart ones who will never take the lethal vaxx.

They have made the situation very complex, because confusion is a necessary ingredient in the occult magic of fraud.  Public education has made it possible to murder half the population by using their own ignorance against them.  The astute will have already seen the truth and will need no further evidence to understand the truth.  They will stand strong in the face of this outright genocide.  They will not succumb to the obvious attempted effort at self-suicide.