Walking Dead Will Begin to Perish Soon

 Vaccine pushers are trying to divide the world into vaxx’d vs. unvaxx’d by denying unvaxxinated people access to society (via vaccine passports). But they’re in for a shock… and a twist. The real division that will unfold is between the damaged vaccinated people vs. the undamaged unvaccinated people.

Damaged vaccinated people will:

  • Suffer cognitive dysfunction that unfolds a lot like accelerating mental retardation.
  • Suffer cardiovascular damage that prevents them from carrying out normal, mundane tasks like carrying a bag of groceries up a flight of stairs.
  • Suffer infertility and reproductive damage that makes them unable to reproduce.
  • Suffer autoimmune damage that leads to extreme risks of ADE and hyperinflammation upon exposure to future circulating pathogens.

Undamaged people, on the other hand, will appear to possess “super powers” in their abilities to think and function in a normal, healthy way. While the vaxxinated half of society will be mentally and physically disabled, unvaxxinated people will maintain their full faculties and their ability to have children and participate in society.

The vaccinated think they got passports to freedom, but they really bought tickets to Hell

The real irony in all this is how vaxxinated people think they are being granted access to the world via vaxx passports, but they will mostly spend the rest of their lives in hospitals, couches, beds or coffins because their bodies and brains will not function the way they used to. By taking vaxxines, many of these people who imagine they are superior to others will actually end up:

  • Unable to achieve successful pregnancy or carry a child full term.
  • Unable to participate in outdoor activities requiring any real level of exertion.
  • Unable to work jobs other than menial labor, due to loss of cognitive function.
  • Unable to meaningfully socialize with family and friends due to losses in cognition and short-term memory.

Those who continue to  listen to the idiots on the TV will be taking more vaxx serum into their body, thereby increasing the titer of the graphene oxide in their body fluids and organs.  This will only bring on the death march faster and with increased intensity.

In essence, those who take graphene oxide injections in their quest for a vaxxine passport are actually signing up for a lifetime of vaxxine suffering. They will be prisoners in their own bodies for as long as they live, which may not be much longer.

Those very booster shots, of course, are far easier to promote to people who have already been cognitively damaged by the first two shots, suffering from impaired reasoning and emotional instability. We are now witnessing this in vaxxinated people as they scream and condemn others in wild-eyed rants that you can find on TikTok and YouTube.

Witness some of the insanity for yourself:

If you want to have “super powers” compared to the damaged, disabled vaxxinated masses, just invoke your natural rights and  your Natural immune system. Before long, you will be among those of us who inherit the Earth as the vax-damaged recede into their homes, hospitals and coffins, all victims of the suicidal delusion that imagines that graphene poisoning will somehow protect you from a nonexistent covid virus