CDC Admits Death Rate from COVID Greatly Overstated

Well, as it turns out, the deadly pandemic isn’t as deadly as we were originally told.

In fact, now the CDC says it’s only about half as deadly as they have been officially telling us for the past 20 months.

For the United States, that would mean that the death rate is less than 1% , or essentially ‘normal’ for death due to attrition.  People do die every day and have been doing so since hundreds of thousands of years prior to anyone fabricating a covid disease lie.  Before they used lies to sterilize the population, humans were routinely born every day as well.

Even CNN is reporting on this,

More than 99% of Americans 16 and older already have immunity against the covid flu or cold, absolutely none du to  vaccination, a survey of blood donations indicates.  Absolutely no one who has taken a covid vaxx is accepted as a blood donor.  Why do you suppose that is?

The survey, led by the CDC, also indicates that about all the people have the virus in their body, and it is perfectly harmless, and not alive, as are all the countless trillions of virus produced by the body every day. 

More than 39 million Americans have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection since the pandemic started in 2020.  All of these diagnoses come from the little toy PCR tester, that has recently lost even its Emergency Use Only, EUO, approval given by the FDA in 2020.  The PCR tester has been determined to be ‘useless’ for any purpose related to detecting any virus.

The team, led by the CDC’s Dr. Jefferson Jones, set out to determine how close the US might be to some kind of herd immunity — although they do not claim to have any kind of handle on that yet.  Jefferson Jones is going to find, predictably, that there is no ‘herd immunity’.  What’s more, even Jefferson Jones does not know what is ‘herd immunity’.  He only knows what everyone else knows…that there is individual immunity for those with a healthy body.  But  there is no need for immunity from viruses.  They are all dead waste material, mRNA, from cellular replications.  You do not require immunity from imagined viral maladies that are only imagined by Fauci and Rockefeller, who have completely different objectives.

They worked with 17 blood collection organizations working in all 50 states plus Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico to test blood covering 74% of the population. In the end, they tested about 1.4 million samples.  All of those who had received even one vaxx showed blood unsuitable for donation.

So, what’s really going on here then? How can such a large percentage of the population who have natural immunity, start coming down with the virus all of a sudden at a rate that is the same as the fake numbers from last year?

 That is easy to understand.  There were no real illnesses of any kind except the common flu, prior to the first of the year.  They were all based on ‘casedemic’ hype from the worthless PCR testers and normal common flu, renamed ‘covid19’.

But after the ‘first of the year’, the vaxx’s started to be rolled out.  Now, we start to see some real disease.  But it is not viral nor is it flu.  It is the new vaxx-disease.  It is a simple injection of graphene oxide, called the ‘covid vaxx’.  It is similar to injecting liquid rat poison into the victim and continually increasing the dose to kill the human rats at a more rapid rate.  Graphene oxide is a common industrial chemical that is fatal if injected into the human body.  It causes thrombosis in all the vital organs of the body.  It works slowly, so that it can be disassociated from the actual event of the injection or multiple injections.  They can claim the death is unrelated to the vaxx due to the time lapse in between the events.

Dr. Jeff: “If you ask me, I think it may have something to do with the vaxxines, but I’m don’t have anything to back that up. Maybe it’s the Delta variant, but from the early data that I saw this variant was actually less virulent than the previous variants. It is more contagious, but not as powerful. That’s the natural result of viruses over time, you know, everyone knows that”.


The covid19 scam was based on the toy PCR tester ‘positives’ that were all invented…not real.  There were zero deaths associated with scam viruses.  The statistics prove 99.9% survival rates, with the 0.01% being faked death certificates, calling the flu the covid19.

No real disease until 2021 vaxx rollout.  Disease is graphene oxide poisoning.  Now, all vaxx’d are on a death march, some die very quickly and some over a period of 2 years.  When all of the vaxx’d have died, then the real induced pandemic will have occurred…needlessly and intentionally.

So, deaths from covid19 grossly overstated.  Deaths from the vaxx, totally understated.

That is it, in a nut shell.