Three States with Highest Vaxxination Rates See Shocking Effects of Vaxxine

With all of the know-it-all celebrities, big corporations, and especially our own government pushing vaxxnations on us with unrelenting force, there is still new information from gathered data and studies that show it’s not effectively providing immunity or anything else of merit or value.

In all honesty, the data is indicating toward the opposite direction, the vaxx causing more problems while solving none.

Some of the latest data shows that in the states where the highest percentage of their residents received the jabs and are fully vaxxinated, there were the highest increases in disease. Except this disease bears no resemblance to the covid flu.  It is a totally new disease with totally new symptoms.  These are vicious symptoms of serious disease that is debilitating and ultimately fatal.

The shot isn’t preventing the spread of the claimed illness, doing the opposite.  It is, in every jab, inserting a poison into the victim’s body that is immediately causing micro blood clots leading to organ failure which will ultimately lead to death.

One of the states that has had the best numbers with so-called COVID is Texas. It is a more conservative state with a much lower percentage of vaxxinated individuals. The facts are, the lower the vaxx coverage, the fewer the incidence of disease.  This is due to the fact that it is only the vaxx that is causing disease incidence.

There have also been many immigrants coming over the border without the vaxxine, and yet the number of those sick in Texas has not been increasing, as it has in Maine, Vermont, and New York.

Vermont, leading the country with the highest vaxxination rate of 71% (fully vaxxinated) had a 34% increase rate in vaxx disease cases last week.

Maine is another state that has the highest vaxxination rate of 68% (fully vaxxinated). It also saw a record-high 100% increase rate of vaxx disease cases last week.

New York happens to be ranked 8th with a vaxxnation rate of 62% fully vaxxinated. The rate of increase in new vaxx disease cases over the past week reached 43%

It is easy to see what is going on when someone just takes the time to look at those states with the most vaxxinated individuals and those with the fewest, and the disease stats in each of them. No one has any covid disease. Disease is all from the vaxx, which is a common industrial poison, graphene oxide.

This experiment is an attempt to inject every body with this graphene poison for the purpose of total genocide of the population.   It is obvious to the most ignorant fools that what it has done is cause more people to get the vaxx disease. Get it? More vaxx, more vaxx disease.

We had the thing under control when they admitted that the PCR tester was totally defective and all the ‘positive’ cases were nothing more than false data without significance or meaning.  There was never any pandemic except on TV.  Before the significance of the false tests could be absorbed and rectified, the vaxxinations started to produce the vaxx-poison disease, which they seamlessly and intentionally continued to call covid19.

The populations have been deceived by the old shell game.  They never noticed the pea changing places.

30 Things you NEED to know about the Scamdemic:

Your Covid Cribsheet

You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need.

We get a lot of e-mails and private messages along these lines “do you have a source for X?” or “can you point me to mask studies?” or “I know I saw a graph for mortality, but I can’t find it anymore”. And we understand, it’s been a long 18 months, and there are so many statistics and numbers to try and keep straight in your head.

So, to deal with all these requests, we decided to make a bullet-pointed and sourced list for all the key points. A one-stop-shop.

Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog


1. The survival rate of “Covid Flu” is over 99.7%. 

Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, that the vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid.

Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.


2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality. The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores the massive increase in the population since that time. A more reasonable statistical measure of mortality is Age-Standardised Mortality Rate (ASMR):

By this measure, 2020 isn’t even the worst year for mortality since 2000, In fact since 1943 only 9 years have been better than 2020.

Similarly, in the US the ASMR for 2020 is only at 2004 levels:

What increases in mortality we have seen could be attributable to non-Covid causes


3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated. Countries around the globe have been defining a “Covid death” as a “death by any cause within 28/30/60 days of a positive test”. Remember, a ‘positive’ test from the dysfunctional PCR tester is meaningless.

Healthcare officials from Italy, Germany, the UK, US, Northern Ireland and others have all admitted to this practice:

Removing any distinction between dying of Covid, and dying of something else after testing positive for Covid will naturally lead to over-counting of “Covid deaths”. British pathologist Dr John Lee was warning of this “substantial over-estimate” as early as last spring. Other mainstream sources have reported it, too.

Considering the huge percentage of “asymptomatic” Covid infections [14], the well-known prevalence of serious comorbidities [fact 4] and the potential for false-positive tests [fact 18], this renders the Covid death numbers an extremely unreliable statistic.


4. The vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities. In March 2020, the Italian government published statistics showing 99.2% of their “Covid deaths” had at least one serious comorbidity.

These included cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure and diabetes (among others). Over 50% of them had three or more serious pre-existing conditions.

This pattern has held up in all other countries over the course of the “pandemic”. An October 2020 FOIA request to the UK’s ONS revealed less than 10% of the official “Covid death” count at that time had Covid as the sole cause of death.


5. Average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy. The average age of a “Covid death” in the UK is 82.5 years. In Italy it’s 86. Germany, 83. Switzerland, 86. Canada, 86. The US, 78, Australia, 82.

In almost all cases the median age of a “Covid death” is higher than the national life expectancy.

As such, for most of the world, the “pandemic” has had little-to-no impact on life expectancy. Contrast this with the Spanish flu, which saw a 28% drop in life expectancy in the US in just over a year. [source]


6. Covid mortality exactly mirrors the natural mortality curve. Statistical studies from the UK and India have shown that the curve for “Covid death” follows the curve for expected mortality almost exactly:

The risk of death “from Covid” follows, almost exactly, your background risk of death in general.

The small increase for some of the older age groups can be accounted for by other factors.[facts 79 & 19]


7. There has been a massive increase in the use of “unlawful” DNRs. Watchdogs and government agencies have reported huge increases in the use of Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRs) over the last twenty months.

In the US, hospitals considered “universal DNRs” for any patient who tested positive for Covid, and whistleblowing nurses have admitted the DNR system was abused in New York.

In the UK there was an “unprecdented” rise in “illegal” DNRs for disabled people, GP surgeries sent out letters to non-terminal patients recommending they sign DNR orders, whilst other doctors signed “blanket DNRs” for entire nursing homes.

study done by Sheffield Univerisity found over one-third of all “suspected” Covid patients had a DNR attached to their file within 24 hours of hospital admission.

Blanket use of coerced or illegal DNR orders could account for any increases in mortality in 2020/21.[Facts 2 & 6]



8. Lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease. There is little to no evidence lockdowns have any impact on limiting “Covid deaths”. If you compare regions that locked down to regions that did not, you can see no pattern at all.

“Covid deaths” in Florida (no lockdown) vs California (lockdown)

“Covid deaths” in Sweden (no lockdown) vs UK (lockdown)


9. Lockdowns kill people. There is strong evidence that lockdowns – through social, economic and other public health damage – are deadlier than the “virus”.

Dr David Nabarro, World Health Organization special envoy for Covid-19 described lockdowns as a “global catastrophe” in October 2020:

We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of the virus[…] it seems we may have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition […] This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe.”

A UN report from April 2020 warned of 100,000s of children being killed by the economic impact of lockdowns, while tens of millions more face possible poverty and famine.

Unemployment, poverty, suicide, alcoholism, drug use and other social/mental health crises are spiking all over the world. While missed and delayed surgeries and screenings are going to see increased mortality from heart disease, cancer et al. in the near future.

The impact of lockdown would account for the small increases in excess mortality [Facts 2 & 6]


10. Hospitals were never unusually over-burdened. the main argument used to defend lockdowns is that “flattening the curve” would prevent a rapid influx of cases and protect healthcare systems from collapse. But most healthcare systems were never close to collapse at all.

In March 2020 it was reported that hospitals in Spain and Italy were over-flowing with patients, but this happens every flu season. In 2017 Spanish hospitals were at 200% capacity, and 2015 saw patients sleeping in corridors. A paper JAMA paper from March 2020 found that Italian hospitals “typically run at 85-90% capacity in the winter months”.

In the UK, the NHS is regularly stretched to breaking point over the winter.

As part of their Covid policy, the NHS announced in Spring of 2020 that they would be “re-organizing hospital capacity in new ways to treat Covid and non-Covid patients separately” and that “as result hospitals will experience capacity pressures at lower overall occupancy rates than would previously have been the case.”

This means they removed thousands of beds. During an alleged deadly pandemic, they reduced the maximum occupancy of hospitals. Despite this, the NHS never felt pressure beyond your typical flu season, and at times actually had 4x more empty beds than normal.

In both the UK and US millions were spent on temporary emergency hospitals that were never used.



11. PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness. The Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test is described in the media as the “gold standard” for Covid diagnosis. But the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the process never intended it to be used as a diagnostic tool, and said so publicly:

PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”


12. PCR Tests have a history of being inaccurate and unreliable. The “gold standard” PCR tests for Covid are known to produce a lot of false-positive results, by reacting to DNA material that is not specific to Sars-Cov-2.

A Chinese study found the same patient could get two different results from the same test on the same day. In Germany, tests are known to have reacted to common cold viruses. A 2006 study found PCR tests for one virus responded to other viruses too. In 2007, a reliance on PCR tests resulted in an “outbreak” of Whooping Cough that never actually existed. Some tests in the US even reacted to the negative control sample.

The late President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, submitted samples goat, pawpaw and motor oil for PCR testing, all came back positive for the virus.

As early as February of 2020 experts were admitting the test was unreliable. Dr Wang Cheng, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences told Chinese state television “The accuracy of the tests is only 30-50%”. The Australian government’s own website claimed “There is limited evidence available to assess the accuracy and clinical utility of available COVID-19 tests.” And a Portuguese court ruled that PCR tests were “unreliable” and should not be used for diagnosis.



13. The CT values of the PCR tests are too high. PCR tests are run in cycles, the number of cycles you use to get your result is known as your “cycle threshold” or CT value. Kary Mullis said“If you have to go more than 40 cycles[…]there is something seriously wrong with your PCR.”

The MIQE PCR guidelines agree, stating: “[CT] values higher than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported,” Dr Fauci himself even admitted anything over 35 cycles is almost never culturable.

Dr Juliet Morrison, virologist at the University of California, Riverside, told the New York TimesAny test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive…I’m shocked that people would think that 40 [cycles] could represent a positive…A more reasonable cutoff would be 30 to 35″.

In the same article Dr Michael Mina, of the Harvard School of Public Health, said the limit should be 30, and the author goes on to point out that reducing the CT from 40 to 30 would have reduced “covid cases” in some states by as much as 90%.

The CDC’s own data suggests no sample over 33 cycles could be cultured, and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute says nothing over 30 cycles is likely to be infectious.

Despite this, it is known almost all the labs in the US are running their tests at least 37 cycles and sometimes as high as 45. The NHS “standard operating procedure” for PCR tests rules set the limit at 40 cycles.

Based on what we know about the CT values, the majority of PCR test results are at best questionable.


14. The World Health Organization (Twice) Admitted PCR tests produced false positives. In December 2020 WHO put out a briefing memo on the PCR process instructing labs to be wary of high CT values causing false positive results:

when specimens return a high Ct value, it means that many cycles were required to detect virus. In some circumstances, the distinction between background noise and actual presence of the target virus is difficult to ascertain.

Then, in January 2021, the WHO released another memo, this time warning that “asymptomatic” positive PCR tests should be re-tested because they might be false positives:

Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology.


15. The scientific basis for Covid tests is questionable. The genome of the Sars-Cov-2 virus was supposedly sequenced by Chinese scientists in December 2019, then published on January 10th 2020. Less than two weeks later, German virologists (Christian Drosten et al.) had allegedly used the genome to create assays for PCR tests.

They wrote a paper, Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR, which was submitted for publication on January 21st 2020, and then accepted on January 22nd. Meaning the paper was allegedly “peer-reviewed” in less than 24 hours. A process that typically takes weeks.

Since then, a consortium of over forty life scientists has petitioned for the withdrawal of the paper, writing a lengthy report detailing 10 major errors in the paper’s methodology.

They have also requested the release of the journal’s peer-review report, to prove the paper really did pass through the peer-review process. The journal has yet to comply.

The Corman-Drosten assays are the root of every Covid PCR test in the world. If the paper is questionable, every PCR test is also questionable.



16. The majority of Covid infections are “asymptomatic”. From as early as March 2020, studies done in Italy were suggesting 50-75% of positive Covid tests had no symptoms. Another UK study from August 2020 found as much as 86% of “Covid patients” experienced no viral symptoms at all.

It is literally impossible to tell the difference between an “asymptomatic case” and a false-positive test result.


17. There is very little evidence supporting the alleged danger of “asymptomatic transmission”. In June 2020, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said:

From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,”

A meta-analysis of Covid studies, published by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in December 2020, found that asymptomatic carriers had a less than 1% chance of infecting people within their household. Another study, done on influenza in 2009, found:

…limited evidence to suggest the importance of [asymptomatic] transmission. The role of asymptomatic or presymptomatic influenza-infected individuals in disease transmission may have been overestimated…”

Given the known flaws of the PCR tests, many “asymptomatic cases” may be false positives.[fact 14]



18. Ventilation is NOT a treatment for respiratory viruses. Mechanical ventilation is not, and never has been, recommended treatment for respiratory infection of any kind. In the early days of the pandemic, many doctors came forward questioning the use of ventilators to treat “Covid”.

Writing in The Spectator, Dr Matt Strauss stated:

Ventilators do not cure any disease. They can fill your lungs with air when you find yourself unable to do so yourself. They are associated with lung diseases in the public’s consciousness, but this is not in fact their most common or most appropriate application.

German Pulmonologist Dr Thomas Voshaar, chairman of Association of Pneumatological Clinics said:

When we read the first studies and reports from China and Italy, we immediately asked ourselves why intubation was so common there. This contradicted our clinical experience with viral pneumonia.

Despite this, the WHOCDCECDC and NHS all “recommended” Covid patients be ventilated instead of using non-invasive methods.

This was not a medical policy designed to best treat the patients, but rather to reduce the hypothetical spread of Covid by preventing patients from exhaling aerosol droplets.


19. Ventilators killed people. Putting someone on a ventilator who is suffering from influenza, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or any other condition which restricts breathing or affects the lungs, will not alleviate any of those symptoms. In fact, it will almost certainly make it worse, and will kill many of them.

Intubation tubes are a source of potential a infection known as “ventilator-associated pneumonia”, which studies show affects up to 28% of all people put on ventilators, and kills 20-55% of those infected.

Mechanical ventilation is also damaging to the physical structure of the lungs, resulting in “ventilator-induced lung injury”, which can dramatically impact quality of life, and even result in death.

Experts estimate 40-50% of ventilated patients die, regardless of their disease. Around the world, between 66 and 86% of all “Covid patients” put on ventilators died.

According to the “undercover nurse”, ventilators were being used so improperly in New York, they were destroying patients’ lungs:

This policy was negligence at best, and potentially deliberate murder at worst. This misuse of ventilators could account for any increase in mortality in 2020/21 [Facts 2 & 6]



20. Masks don’t work. At least a dozen scientific studies have shown that masks do nothing to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.

One meta-analysis published by the CDC in May 2020 found “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks”.

Another study with over 8000 subjects found masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.”

There are literally too many to quote them all, but you can read them: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Or read a summary by SPR here.

While some studies have been done claiming to show mask do work for Covid, they are all seriously flawed. One relied on self-reported surveys as data. Another was so badly designed a panel of experts demand it be withdrawn. A third was withdrawn after its predictions proved entirely incorrect.

The WHO commissioned their own meta-analysis in the Lancet, but that study looked only at N95 masks and only in hospitals. [For full run down on the bad data in this study click here.]

Aside from scientific evidence, there’s plenty of real-world evidence that masks do nothing to halt the spread of disease.

For example, North Dakota and South Dakota had near-identical case figures, despite one having a mask-mandate and the other not:

In Kansas, counties without mask mandates actually had fewer Covid “cases” than counties with mask mandates. And despite masks being very common in Japan, they had their worst flu outbreak in decades in 2019.


21. Masks are bad for your health. Wearing a mask for long periods, wearing the same mask more than once, and other aspects of cloth masks can be bad for your health. A long study on the detrimental effects of mask-wearing was recently published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Dr. James Meehan reported in August 2020 he was seeing increases in bacterial pneumonia, fungal infections, facial rashes .

Masks are also known to contain plastic microfibers, which damage the lungs when inhaled and may be potentially carcinogenic.

Childen wearing masks encourages mouth-breathing, which results in facial deformities.

People around the world have passed out due to CO2 poisoning while wearing their masks, and some children in China even suffered sudden cardiac arrest.


22. Masks are bad for the planet. Millions upon millions of disposable masks have been used per month for over a year. A report from the UN found the Covid19 pandemic will likely result in plastic waste more than doubling in the next few years., and the vast majority of that is face masks.

The report goes on to warn these masks (and other medical waste) will clog sewage and irrigation systems, which will have knock on effects on public health, irrigation and agriculture.

A study from the University of Swansea found “heavy metals and plastic fibres were released when throw-away masks were submerged in water.” These materials are toxic to both people and wildlife.



23. Covid “vaccines” are totally unprecedented. Before 2020 no successful vaccine against a human coronavirus had ever been developed. Since then we have allegedly made 20 of them in 18 months.

Scientists have been trying to develop a SARS and MERS vaccine for years with little success. Some of the failed SARS vaccines actually caused hypersensitivity to the SARS virus. Meaning that vaccinated mice could potentially get the disease more severely than unvaccinated mice. Another attempt caused liver damage in ferrets.

While traditional vaccines work by exposing the body to a weakened strain of the microorganism responsible for causing the disease, these new Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines.

mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines theoretically work by injecting viral mRNA into the body, where it replicates inside your cells and encourages your body to recognise, and make antigens for, the “spike proteins” of the virus. They have been the subject of research since the 1990s, but before 2020 no mRNA vaccine was ever approved for use.


24. Vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission. It is readily admitted that Covid “vaccines” do not confer immunity from infection and do not prevent you from passing the disease onto others. Indeed, an article in the British Medical Journal highlighted that the vaccine studies were not designed to even try and assess if the “vaccines” limited transmission.

The vaccine manufacturers themselves, upon releasing the untested mRNA gene therapies, were quite clear their product’s “efficacy” was based on “reducing the severity of symptoms”.


25. The vaccines were rushed and have unknown longterm effects. Vaccine development is a slow, laborious process. Usually, from development through testing and finally being approved for public use takes many years. The various vaccines for Covid were all developed and approved in less than a year. Obviously there can be no long-term safety data on chemicals which are less than a year old.

Pfizer even admit this is true in the leaked supply contract between the pharmaceutical giant, and the government of Albania:

the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known

Further, none of the vaccines have been subject to proper trials. Many of them skipped early-stage trials entirely, and the late-stage human trials have either not been peer-reviewed, have not released their data, will not finish until 2023 or were abandoned after “severe adverse effects”.


26. Vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal indemnity should they cause harm. The USA’s Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) grants immunity until at least 2024.

The EU’s product licensing law does the same, and there are reports of confidential liability clauses in the contracts the EU signed with vaccine manufacturers.

The UK went even further, granting permanent legal indemnity to the government, and any employees thereof, for any harm done when a patient is being treated for Covid19 or “suspected Covid19”.

Again, the leaked Albanian contract suggests that Pfizer, at least, made this indemnity a standard demand of supplying Covid vaccines:

Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer […] from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses



27. The EU was preparing “vaccine passports” at least a YEAR before the pandemic began. Proposed COVID countermeasures, presented to the public as improvised emergency measures, have existed since before the emergence of the disease.

Two EU documents published in 2018, the “2018 State of Vaccine Confidence” and a technical report titled “Designing and implementing an immunisation information system” discussed the plausibility of an EU-wide vaccination monitoring system.

These documents were combined into the 2019 “Vaccination Roadmap”, which (among other things) established a “feasibility study” on vaccine passports to begin in 2019 and finish in 2021:

This report’s final conclusions were released to the public in September 2019, just a month before Event 201 (below).


28. A “training exercise” predicted the pandemic just weeks before it started. In October 2019 the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University held Event 201. This was a training exercise based on a zoonotic coronavirus starting a worldwide pandemic. The exercise was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI the vaccine alliance.

The exercise published its findings and recommendations in November 2019 as a “call to action”. One month later, China recorded their first case of “Covid”.


29. Since the beginning of 2020, the Flu has “disappeared”. In the United States, since February 2020, influenza cases have allegedly dropped by over 98%.

It’s not just the US either, globally flu has apparently almost completely disappeared.

Meanwhile, a new disease called “Covid”, which has identical symptoms and a similar mortality rate to influenza, is apparently affecting all the people normally affected by the flu.


30. The elite have made fortunes during the pandemic. Since the beginning of lockdown the wealthiest people have become significantly wealthier. Forbes reported that 40 new billionaires have been created “fighting the coronavirus”, with 9 of them being vaccine manufacturers.

Business Insider reported that “billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars” by October 2020.

Clearly that number will be even bigger by now.


These are the vital facts of the pandemic, presented here as a resource to help formulate and support your arguments with friends or strangers. Thanks to all the researchers who have collated and collected this information over the last twenty months, especially Swiss Policy Research.

These facts pertain to the fake covid disease, which is now commonly known as the common flu. They do not touch on the facts surrounding the totally unecessary vaxx, which is a lethal killing campaign that can never be justified by the facts of the covid flu. Those taking the vaxx should have been able to discern that there is no basis or justification for it based on covid-19 flu, which is literally nonlethal.

We Must Protect the Vaxxd from the Unvaxxd

Debunking claims from the Biden

The official line on vaxx’s is that they are extremely effective at protecting against serious illness. And yet these same people are also claiming that the unvaxx’d are a major threat to the vaxx’d.

More specifically, President Biden claimed on September 10 that vaxx mandates were to “protect the vaxx’d workers from unvaxx’d workers.”

In other words, he has claimed that vaxx’s are remarkably effective, and that the vaxx’d must also be protected from the unvaxx’d. How can both claims be true at the same time? They can’t. The idea that vaxx’d people are being frequently harmed by the unvaxx’d is a complete fabrication, based on the pro-vaxx’d crowd’s own mainstream data.

As Robert Fellner points out, according to the official data,

The odds of a vaxx’d person dying from COVID are 1 in 137,000.

The fatality rate for seasonal flu, meanwhile, is at least 100 times greater than that. The chance of dying in an automobile accident is over 1,000 times greater. Dog attacks, bee stings, sunstroke, cataclysmic storms, and a variety of other background risks we accept as a normal part of life are all more deadly than the risk COVID poses to the vaxx’d, according to the vaxx’d.

Moreover, the risk of death to unvaxx’d people is far less than the risk of having an adverse side effect to the vaxx. And as the spokesmen for Big Pharma and the regime never tire of telling us, you shouldn’t care about having an adverse reaction, because it is so very rare and inconsequential.

So, by that reasoning, vaxx’d people shouldn’t worry about getting ill from covid. Those cases are just as rare as the so, so rare cases of adverse reaction.

And yet, even after all of this, the backers of vaxx mandates are trying to whip up hysteria about how we must “protect the vaxx’d,” who are in grave danger, thanks to the unvaxx’d.

The level of mental and logical incoherence necessary to come to this conclusion is quite a feat.

It Doesn’t Stop the Spread

It must also be remembered that vaxxination does not stop the spread of covid flu. But it does guarantee death from graphene poisoning, also known as covid vaxx disease.  Recent reports indicate that new ‘covid’ cases are over 80% among the fully vaxx’d.  Except, although stated as such, these are all actually cases of covid vaxx disease, which is not the covid flue at all.

Fellner continues:

But as [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s] Dr. Walensky explained last month, while the COVID vaxx’s remain incredibly effective at preventing covid flu illness and death, “what they cannot do anymore is prevent transmission.” This reflects the official position of the agency as well, which is why the CDC now requires vaxx’d people to mask indoors and follow the same type of social distancing practices as unvaxx’d people.  No mention of the millions of deaths from the vaxx disease.

The official confirmation that COVID is endemic, and vaxxination cannot stop transmission and thereby eliminate it in the way it is claimed for things like polio and smallpox, makes mandates intolerable to a free society. The entire argument for mandatory vaxxination originally rested on the claim that the vaxxines could reliably stop transmission.

Moreover, those who are vaxx’d often experience the initial symptoms of vaxx poisoning immediately after the injection.  This graphene oxide is a horrible shock to the body, although death is usually delayed due to the biological process imposed by the shot.

While it is claimed that vaxx’s significantly reduce hospitalizations and deaths, the news headlines are full of reports that 80% of hospitalizations are among the fully vaxx’d. Here we find ourselves snagged in another oxymoron.

Previous thinking was that vaxx’s would stop the spread, but now this has been disproven and raises questions about vaccine passports … which work on the assumption that double-jabbed people are unable to spread the covid flu.  Of course, this is not the case for the totally non-transmissable vaxx disease poisoning

Yet again, we see the notion that the vaxx’d are being endangered by the unvaxx’d is just a fantasy of the mandate activists.

Vaxxination does not stop the spread any more than it stops the effects of the poison of which it is comprised. So, what is its value?

They’re Filling Up the Hospitals! 

There is a secondary fallback position the mandate pushers also use: that the unvaxx’d are taking up all the intensive care beds and therefore denying people with other conditions the hospital beds that are allegedly more deserved by others. For this problem, I would suggest that the hospital beds be reserved for the vaxx’d, who are in need of them.  The unvaxx’d do not have a need for them.

If one suggests people lay off the meth pipe, the Big Gulps, or the Marlboros—in an effort to improve health—one is an intolerable “fat shamer” or someone who blames the ‘victims’…oh, you evil truthteller.

In any case, recent data has also emerged questioning whether or not the data on hospitalizations is very useful in identifying the load imposed on ICUs by covid flu patients.

A recent study showed that nearly half (48 percent) of covid hospitalizations in 2020 were simply common flu or colds which the hysterical perpetrators eagerly misidentified as covid19, the non-existent disease, identifiable only by the “magic PCR bogus tester. 

The study found that from March 2020 through early January 2021—before vaxx was widespread, the proportion of patients with mild or asymptomatic disease was 36 percent. From mid-January through the end of June 2021, however, they were all cases of covid vaxx poisoning by direct injection.

And why are there fewer severe cases now? It may be because “unvaxx’d patients in the vaxx era tend to be a younger cohort who are less vulnerable to common flu, but may be more likely to have been injected with the poison “shot”.

Get Vaxx’d Even If You Already Had Covid Flu

But no matter! All that matters is getting people vaxx’d, and it’s all for your own good, and governments ought to be able to force medications on you if they decide they need to kill you by means of graphene poison. The cynical refrain of the pro-abortion left, “Get your laws off my body,” only applies to one single case, that being abortion.  In every other case, the state owns you.

This drive for vaxxination, no matter what can also be seen in the effort to vaxxinate even those who have already recovered from flu. The claim here is that those who have natural immunity should get jabbed because they have a higher incidence of reinfection—although it is admitted cases of reinfection tend to be far milder than the initial case. Well, anyone who has been living for even a couple years, knows that the flu or cold reoccurs.  It has never been a problem before now, since the great re-naming to covid flu.

Specifically, those pushing vaxxination in this case may point to a study suggesting the unvaxx’d are 2.34 times more likely to be reinfected than the vaxxinated.  This is a commonly known fact that is irrelevant.

Yet, according to the promandate crowd, this is 2.34 times larger than an extremely small number. After all, we’re frequently told that cases of reinfection for the vaxx’d are “extremely rare” and inconsequential. So, that means that for the unvaxx’d, the odds of reinfection are a little more than double an inconsequential number. Now, I don’t have a degree in mathematics, but I have taken enough calculus and statistics classes to know that 2.3 times “basically zero” is also “basically zero.”

But that is the math being used by those who insist that the risk of reinfection for the vaxx’d is negligible while the risk of reinfection for the already recovered is an enormous public health crisis. Do we have another oxymoron her?

According the mandate pushers’ own data, the drive to protect the vaxx’d from the unvaxx’d makes no sense at all. But I suspect they’ll stick with the slogan, or even double down on it since the Biden has passed down the memo.

The official line on vaxx’s is that they are extremely effective at protecting against serious illness. And yet these same people are also claiming that the unvaxx’d are a major threat to the vaxx’d.

More specifically, Biden claimed on September 10 that vaxx mandates were to “protect the vaxx’d workers from unvaxx’d workers.” I smell another oxymoron.

In other words, it is claimed that vaxx’s are remarkably effective, and that the vaxx’d must also be protected from the unvaxx’d. This is an oxymoron, at best. How can both claims be true at the same time? They can’t. The idea that vaxx’d people are being frequently harmed by the unvaxx’d is a complete fabrication, based on the pro-mandate crowd’s own mainstream data.

Yet again, we see the notion that the vaxxinated are being endangered by the unvaxxinated is a fantasy of the mandate activists. Why is this fabrication important to them?  Because their assigned mission is to get 70% of the population to take the vaxx.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why?  If not, I am going to inform you.  The UN Agenda 2025 calls for 70% extermination of the population of the US along with its cohorts in arms.

The weak and nonsensical arguments of the pro-mandate crowd has an alternate agenda at heart…Their well-being depends on their results in fulfilling the UN Agenda 2025.  That is the extent of it.  Maybe they think they are currying favor with the uber-beings who have the real power.  Who knows.

The important thing is that you know the vaxx is the only objective because it is a one-way-street to death.

My Friend Opted for the Double VAXX

You texted me: “I miss my friend.” And I replied, “I miss you, too.” Aside from that, I don’t know what else to say to you because our paths have so greatly diverged.

I am torn. I love you for who you are. But I hate you for what you have done. You got the double jab. You were among the first. When you told me, I said nothing. I suppose I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I know you did what you believed was right for you based on the knowledge that you had. But the way I see it, you allowed yourself to get swept up in an insidious, mass propaganda campaign, thereby contributing to the most crippling calamity that the world has ever faced. My point is a simple one: To accept the fraud merely legitimizes it, and you have done exactly that.

And here we are. The once unimaginable tyranny on our doorsteps that we have been savagely backed into is the measure of your willingness to be deceived. I cannot tell you how much it pains me to say that. But it’s time to call a spade a spade. My equanimity has worn thin. What happened to all the teachings about awakening and fearlessness that we have been distinctly privileged to receive? And that you supposedly embraced when it was much easier to do so than it is today, when our lives and our liberty are on the line. How is it that you caved so easily?

We’ve been close for a long time.  I can hardly believe this is happening.

Now, I feel betrayed, as if out of the blue you’ve gone to hang out with a gang of thugs I never liked: Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government, Big Money. In terms of this so-called scamdemic, they’re no good for you. They do not—in spite of what they tell you—have your best interests in mind, will be there for you when you are in dire straits. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are consorting with the enemy. You have put your trust in them yet they lie and are accountable to nobody. And you certainly know this.  And, as Thomas Paine once so wisely wrote in his book, The Rights of Man(for which the British Crown charged Paine with sedition) “a body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody, ought not to be trusted by anybody.”

I am as saddened as I am shocked. I live in a constant but quiet state of grief over the idea that I have lost you to them. Many days I just want to cry when I think of how we may all soon be trapped in a surveillance dictatorship swooping over us like the black wings of the angel of death and from which there is, at this point, little chance of escape if things continue to go the way they are going.

And to think you believe you have just been granted freedom. Oh, the irony! This is the most sinister and far-reaching scheme of bait and switch ever played upon the human race. Now you will be offered a “passport” proving you’ve been “fully vaxxinated” that will allow you to go places where the unwashed and unvaxxnated heathens, like me, cannot go. Travel overseas. Restaurants. Concerts. Sporting events. This is likely only the beginning of a vast network of social controls we will all be subjected to in the days to come. They continue to let you believe you are now free to enjoy these privileges, but this will be very short-lived.  Your passport is going to expire in a couple of months.  Your passport is not indicative of any medical status.  The covid19 virus does not exist.  It is not the cause of any medical danger.  I was built on the fake PCR tester that is now admitted to be totally useless.  Its purpose is only to create fear among the ignorant.

Enjoy your dellusion that you have protection from some non-existent virus. Knock yourself out. Don’t worry, be happy! But the days when you and I were once able to share a lovely meal at a restaurant have for now come to an end. I hope you enjoy yourself watching me, from the safety of your sanitized perch at the bar, getting turned away at the door. And I won’t wave good-bye to the shadowy glimmer of you through the glass. But it is good-bye.  The problem is, you will not have a second chance at getting this right.  The vaxx is a lethal poison from which there is no escape.

I am writing to you now only because I feel I owe you an explanation for my silence—the lack of emails, phone calls, texts, postings and comments. The end of life as we know it is in-process.  There is no going back to “normal”.  Of the millions of others who got the jab, they are in the same boat as you.  They are the “walking dead”.

Despite the shots being touted as safe, they are anything but.  They are the underlying reason for the fake covid scamdemic.

Getting accurate information on the statistics of adverse events caused by the vaxx is impossible, as the VAERS is a voluntary passive reporting system under arbitrary rules that eliminate reporting of the vast majority, about 99% of the deaths from the vaxx. While the reported numbers alone are staggering, a Harvard study claims that less than one or two percent of the actual deaths and injuries ever get reported to VAERS, which means the real numbers are much, much higher.

And let’s not forget to mention the psychological, emotional, economic, and sociological agony that’s wreaking havoc on billions of lives around the world. We’ve never seen anything like this anywhere nor has anything like this been so censored by the mainstream media and major social media platforms.

All of this tragedy even though, on average, about 99.2 percent of known COVID-19 patients in the U.S. survive. The majority of those who succumb are usually very old who have multiple conditions, or comorbidities. One of those comorbidities is obesity. But no one dares speak its name. Even the CDC admits that nearly 80 percent of those who are hospitalized or die in the U.S. because of COVID-19 are obese.

You certainly won’t hear or read much about any of that in the mainstream media, however. When it comes to the most important and critical issues regarding COVID-19 and the so-called vaccines, it appears we no longer have a free, objective mainstream press of any sort. I find it frightening and heartbreaking that it has come to this. An illusion of a democratic nation requires a free flow of any and all information.  When open dialogue dies democracy dies with it. So, too, dies justice.

There is only one side allowed to exist to every story and that side is determined and promulgated by the heavy hand of the global governing uber power, which rules the world with an iron fist. social media and mainstream media—with their misinformation and conspiracy theory smears, widespread censorship, and de-platforming of alternative, honest voices is playing out in what’s left of the free world now, which is virtually nothing.

Freedom is the basic but priceless value that makes human life worth living. And by defending freedom I am also defending life—mine, yours, everyone’s. Because without freedom everyone dies in countless ways, squashed by powers we can barely fathom, no less see. As the French Republican army (which fought against Franco and the fascists in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s) once so famously coined, “It is better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees.” It is not in my blood—or the blood of other defenders of freedom—to kneel before despots.

This is a serious war. And this war began, as all wars begin, with the only one real goal in mind: control. Land, mineral resources, money, labor—these are mere baubles on the chains with which the few of the rich and powerful are running—or should I say ruining—this world has always sought to enslave the rest of us, which it has done since the creation.

A planet of nearly 8 billion souls—most of whom just want a living wage, respect, and love—are caught up in a vast, elaborate, now irreversible totalitarian campaign of absolute control. A campaign that started out as a shock-and-awe maneuver—scare headlines and staged video footage and photos of packed emergency rooms, people dead on the street, refrigeration trucks overflowing with body bags—and that has now settled into a daily fusillade of fake coronavirus cases and deaths and threats of new variants, all of it entirely fabricated to keep those fires of fear well-stoked. The deaths started with the start of the vaxx’s.  This is because the vaxx’s are simply injections of lethal poison that have no other purpose than to kill.  They are the sole tools of genocide.

A campaign whose tactics are not only irrational terror, but also systematic degradation, disorder, and disintegration, thereby creating a world in which the great coronavirus scare and its casualties are but a mere scratch compared to the upheavals that are now on the way. And we can begin by simply becoming courageous enough to refuse to comply with the useless and so far endless controls imposed upon us “for our own good, safety and well-being, because what’s on the actual agenda is nothing more than our annihilation.

Those who have the courage to refuse the lethal vaxx will no doubt have to live by their own means in isolation, if they can find a place to do so.  I believe this is a better choice than to just concede the matter and take the lethal jab and die like worm.

Owner of Diagnostic Lab Reports 20 Times Increase of Cancer in Vaxxinated Patients

September 18, 2021

A doctor, who is also the owner of a diagnostic lab has found a 20 times increase in cancers since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Explaining his findings he said that the vaxxines seem to be causing serious autoimmune issues, in a way he described as a “reverse HIV” response.

On March 18, Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist and owner and operator of a diagnostics lab, reported to the public in a video produced by Idaho state government’s  “Capitol Clarity” project,  that he is seeing a massive ‘uptick’ in various autoimmune diseases and cancers in patients who have been vaxxinated.  

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” reported Dr. Cole in the video clip shared on Twitter.  

This doctor trained at the Mayo Clinic and runs the largest independent testing laboratory in Idaho.

“I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before’,” he continued.  

Explaining his findings at the March 18 event, Cole told Idahoans that the vaxxines seem to be causing serious autoimmune issues, in a way he described as a “reverse HIV” response. 

Bottom of Form

Cole explained that two types of cells are required for adequate immune system function: “Helper T-cells,” also called “CD4 cells,” and “killer T-cells,” often known as “CD8 cells.” 

According to Cole, in patients with HIV, there is a massive suppression of “helper T-cells” which cause immune system functions to plummet, and leave the patient susceptible to a variety of illnesses.  

Similarly, Cole describes, “post-vaxxine, what we are seeing is a drop in your killer T-cells, in your CD8 cells,” 

“And what do CD8 cells do? They keep all other pathogens in check,” he continued. 

Much like HIV causes immune system disruption by suppressing CD4 “helper” cells, the same thing happens when CD8 “killer” cells are suppressed. In Dr. Cole’s expert view, this is what seems to be the case with the COVID-19 jabs.  

Cole goes on to state that as a result of this vaxxine-induced “killer T-cell” suppression, he is seeing an “uptick” of not only endometrial cancer, but also melanomas, as well as herpes, shingles, mono, and a “huge uptick” in HPV when “looking at the cervical biopsies of women.”  

This is not the first time the COVID-19 vaxxines have been linked to serious issues regarding women’s health. 

According to Intermountain Healthcare doctors women who were recently vaccinated for COVID-19 may show symptoms of Breast Cancer as a side-effect of the vaxxine.

As per reports women are experiencing irregular menstruation after getting vaxxinated against COVID with more heavier and painful periods.

Six months after the coronavirus vaccines were widely distributed in the United States, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has called for a $1.67 million study on how the COVID-19 vaxxines affect women’s menstrual cycles.

According to March data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), there were 34 cases reported where pregnant women suffered from spontaneous miscarriages or stillbirths post COVID-19 vaxxination.

Recently, according to VAERS data a breastfeeding baby died of blood clots and inflamed arteries weeks after his mother was given the Pfizer COVID-19 vaxxine.

Meanwhile, researcher at the University of Miami have recommended men to have a fertility evaluation before receiving the COVID vaccine and to consider freezing their sperm before vaxxination in order to protect their fertility.

Dr. Cole states in his video that, not only are melanomas showing up more frequently, like endometrial cancers, the melanomas are also developing more rapidly, and are more severe in younger people, than he has ever previously witnessed. 

“Most concerning of all, there is a pattern of these types of immune cells in the body keeping cancer in check,” stated the doctor. 

“I’m seeing invasive melanomas in younger patients; normally we catch those early, and they are thin melanomas, [but] I’m seeing thick melanomas skyrocketing in the last month or two,” he added. 

Cole came into prominence in January of 2021 when the Idaho government put in place an effort called “Capitol Clarity,” with the stated goal of keeping Idahoans informed about the facts surrounding COVID-19.  

Capitol Clarity has since hosted Dr. Ryan Cole multiple times to provide information to the public about vaccine safety and COVID-19 measures more broadly.  

The videos of Dr. Cole at these events, which were originally posted on YouTube, have since been deleted by the Google owned video platform in a continual effort of censorship by Big Tech. You are not allowed to know what adverse effects you will experience post-vaxx.

All those considering taking the vaxx should be aware that this job does not comply with the standard definition of a vaccine. The serum has been analyzed by several independent labs and the analyses reveal the serum in the vaxx is 99% graphene oxide, a known chemical poison that is ultimately fatal.  It kills with a long latency period of up to several years by attacking vital organs with thrombosis, micro blood clots that continue to develop slowly, leading to eventual death.  It manifests a number of other adverse effects, including cancers.