“Collective Narcissism” Motivates Vaxx Refusers?

Those Who Protest against the “Official” Covid19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths”? They are doing this because they lack empathy and they are individually narcissistic.

Is It a Witch Hunt? The witches could not possibly have any knowledge?

What is the reason or motivation behind this persecution?

The entire scam has an underlying purpose totally unrelated to any disease or medical remedy.  Viruses are the most plentiful entities in the world’s environment and within the body.  They are discarded when your cells replicate themselves, which they do on a regular scheduled basis, by the trillions.  They are all dead and securely wrapped in a proteinaceous vesicle. They are submicroscopic in size. They are not the cause of disease. That would be absurd. The masses have come to believe a totally outrageous and impossible story about viruses being deadly disease-causing pathogens. This is utter nonsense. They are normal biological benign waste molecules, a by-product of mitosis.

This is not just true for humans.  All plant and animal species having Eukaryotic cells produce viruses by the trillions. Rockefeller medicine (allopathy) needs lots of ‘germs’, so they can claim the need for endless amounts of pills and shots.  More than enough to bankrupt any state economy. Viruses fit the need perfectly.

In the present case, the time for the recurring 200 year Reset has come upon us. Not only that, but the calendar, known as the ‘Mayan calendar, reached the end of its most recent long cycle on December 21, 2012.  The Mayan Calendar was not created by the Mayan civilization.  The Mayan civilization was created by Ningishzida, the youngest son of Enki, when he established the Mayan society in 3,114 BCE.  This was during the 10,000 year period following the great Flood of 11,600 BCE (Noah’s flood).  During this time, the Son’s of Anu, the gods of man, decided to remain for three more Shars (3x 3,600 earth-years), to re-establish the human civilization destroyed by the flood.

This is another great story which is too long to incorporate here, in this essay. The take-away is that the calendar in-reference was brought to the Mayan people, but was always in-use by the Anunnaki for thousands or millions of years prior.  The end of the long-cycle does not indicate the end of the world.  It is a repeating cycle, just like the ultra-simple Gregorian and other calendars.

Its significance is cosmological.  It, among other things, indicates the time when the opportunity for dimensional changes are possible.  We live on a 3rd dimensional planet that we call Earth.  It was called Ea by the gods.  They expected all advanced life on the planet to be destroyed in the great flood of 11,600 BCE.  Since there were survivors, they accepted this as fate and committed to remain on the planet for another period of about 10,000 Earth-years, during which they committed to the building of civilizations throughout the world, teaching agronomy, agriculture, and all of the sciences and technologies required for humans to survive going into the future.

The point here is, when they had accomplished their mission, around 1,000 BCE, they left the planet Ea to return to their own planet.  Prior to departing, they realized that the ‘rule’ or ‘kingship’ needed to be passed down to preserve all of their progress in assuring human survival and advancement.  They also realized that humans were incapable of self-rule.

They decided to genetically create a new species, which we call homo capensis, having a greater conscious bandwidth than the humans.  These new beings came among humans as the ‘Blue Bloods’ or ‘Royal Families’ that were given rule over humans in perpetuity.  They are the kings, monarchs, priests and popes that continue to rule humans to the present.  This is another complex story which is far too long to be offered in this essay.  However, the archives of this website contain much information which can be accessed to obtain additional information.

Suffice to say, that many schemes of rule and continued productivity management have been implemented during the 3,000 years since our gods have left us.  Most of this time has been under a system of overt feudalism, where the distinction between human and divine has been easy to discern.  The population of humans has always been maintained under a half-billion persons during this whole time, with exception of the most recent period of 200 years under the hegemony of the US empire, frequently referred to as the ‘West’. 

During this period, a new system was implemented which I call the ‘Matrix’.  It is a system of virtual reality, wherein the humans are ruled as if they were ‘free men’, working for their own gain.  In this illusion, the fruits of human labor still all went into the coffers of the Royals, but the humans were brain-washed into believing they were the beneficiaries of their own labors.  During this reset period, the population was allowed to spike, or ‘hockey stick’ to almost 8 billion. This is a classic ‘carrot versus stick’ scenario.

This situation is very dangerous to the Royals because the sheer numbers tip the power advantage to the side of the humans.  But, now getting back to the present on-going Reset, it is shown once again, that the humans are incapable of ruling themselves due pretty much only to subordination complex, lack of wisdom and education and capacity to grasp reality.  It is no secret that the public education system adopted by the Royals for the human world, is really a totally dis-education system during which a mandatory period, provides the opportunity to brainwash these humans into compliance, obedience, the inability to employ logic and analysis and total revisionist history.

In fact, the current situation could not be a better illustration of how easily the ignorant are controlled by those of advanced conscious evolution.  We have a case of almost 8 billion creatures capitulating to their superiors without a moment’s thought or study. The Royals of this world number in the thousands, by comparison.

The legitimacy of constructs like Wall Street, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Big Pharma and the billionaire foundations which ordered the closure of the global economy on March 11, 2020 must be in extreme doubt.

And now we have entered a new phase. The repossession of humans with constructs like “Vaccine Passports” and such is being imposed in the countries of this world.


And those who refuse to take the lethal “vaxxine” are categorized as “anti-social psychopaths”.  This is typical of the methods used by the Royals to play the human fools to work against each other to achieve their objectives with little more than TV sets and talking-head monkeys such as Fauci and Biden.

So-called peer reviewed “reports” are now categorizing those who refuse the face mask, social distancing, confinement and the vaxxine of having “anti-social personality disorders”.  More of the same tactics easily played on substandard intellects.

A diabolical process is underway which consists in “identifying” all those who are opposed to the governments’ management of the coronavirus pandemic. According to ongoing psychological studies, these opponents are categorized as anti-social psychopaths.

The unspoken objective is to shunt the emergence of an organized protest movement pertaining to social engineering and the decision taken Worldwide at a political level to close down the national economies of more than 200 members states of the world.  The UN was created, 100 years ago, as the perpetrator of the current Reset and follow-on Global Government . 

 Accept the “big Lie” and you are tagged as a “good citizen” with “empathy” who understands the feelings of others. ‘Feelings’ of people who are too ignorant to understand what is going on are of little concern at this point.

Protest against the official line (“big lie”), criticize government guidelines, express reservations regarding the closing down of the global economy, social distancing and the wearing of the face mask, and you will be tagged (according to “scientific opinion”) as a “callous, selfish and deceitful psychopath”. This is straight out bullying of those who are capable of seeing the truth of this scam.  Demonize those who see through your malfeasance.  Try to stir up a lynch mod to do your dirty work. 

Just because many others are too stupid to see the grave danger here does not mean that those who can see it are calloused.  They are striving not just to save their own lives from the murderers, but maybe save the lives of others.  Anyone who escapes the vaxx should have gratitude towards the savior.

Psychology: Empirical Studies

Another so-called peer reviewed “empirical report” describes those who refuse the vaxx, to wear the face mask or abide by social distancing as having “anti-social personality disorders”.

Those who “do not adhere to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19” are tagged as “anti-social”. 

There is hardly anything a teenager of today would consider worse than being ‘different’, not one of the gang, or an outsider.  The teens are directing the behaviors of the adults these days and having their way with not resistance from parents or adults.  Government authority figures are another matter.  They are obeyed out of fear for the measures they have the power to impose on the young flippant followers.

The findings of the Brazilian study involving a “sample” of 1578 adults was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, under the title:

COVID-19 pandemic over time: Do antisocial traits matter? 

“Empathy” versus “Anti-social Traits”

What is an “Anti-social Trait”?  Are they even a factor in the current discussion?  Do a lot of people refuse to accept the vaxx based on being anti-social?

My contention is that almost no one refuses to take the vaxx due to anti-social tendencies.  Almost everyone who refuses to take the vaxx knows, from studying the available facts, that the vaxx is the key element in the scamdemic.  No one who has studied this situation even slightly, believes the covid virus is the real cause of any disease.  The entire early phase of this scam was based on creating ‘positive’ PCR test statistics and it is common knowledge that the PCR is not a real tester, is inappropriate for this type of application, is only a lab researchers tool, and can be set to read mostly false ‘positives’ or mostly false ‘negatives’ based on the CT setting selected by the operator.

The CT setting instructions were, in all cases, set to yield false ‘positives’, which were all ascribed to ‘cases’, which created the ‘casedemic’ which was used to create all the initial hysteria.  The death rate at that time was 0.3 percent, making this a non-emergency and insignificant from a medical standpoint.

The real sickness and disease did not start until after the vaxx’s, were out, around March, 2021.  The real medical emergency IS THE VAXX.

Sampling adults for anti-social behavior is a completely worthless waste of time and money.  The facts, in every point of view, indicate no anti-social behavior.

The facts indicate that some people, mostly intelligent and well educated, refuse to comply because it is obvious that the covid disease is just the common flu, made to look like it is a new novel medical threat.  It is not.

No where is the possibility or likelihood of the covid virus being a lie, a fake, a non-threat, a government manipulation being examined here..

Containment has nothing to do with the vaxx, as there is nothing to ‘contain’ that actually exists or is real.  Looking at reported statistics, it is obvious that the common flu, colds, etc. have simple disappeared from existence, being replaced in exact same prevalence with the covid displaying the same symptoms, characteristics, duration and survivability.  It is obvious to any person of average intelligence and awareness that the covid is the common flu.  The scammers even went so far as to go back in time and alter death certificates to attribute covid as the ‘cause of death’ in a huge number of cases, which were then reclassified and counted into statistics.

All of the measures of ‘containment’ mandated by the governments came from higher authority, above the TV set level.  Masks, restrictions, distancing, etc. are all laughable absurd measures that are incapable of containing anything.  Their only value is to reinforce compliance, coercion and obedience to authority that is being misused to confuse people who are not able to differentiate scam from real.

Some psycho psychiatric oriented people claim their study confirms is that people who question the covid-19 official narrative have “malevolent personality disorders”. They are said to suffer from the Dirty Dozen “Dark Triad Traits” (DTDD). 

Psychology is being used in a pernicious way to provide legitimacy to a Police State with a mandate to “go after” those who allegedly have Dark Triad “malevolent personality disorders”.

It’s an inquisitorial doctrine, which could eventually evolve towards a digital witch hunt, far more sophisticated than the “Spanish Inquisition”.

“In contrast to the Spanish Inquisition, the contemporary inquisitorial system has almost unlimited capabilities of spying on and categorizing individuals.

People are tagged and labeled, their emails, telephones and faxes are monitored, detailed personal data is entered into giant Big Brother data banks. Once this cataloging has been completed, people are locked into watertight compartments. Their profiles are established and entered into a computerized system.

Law enforcement is systematic. The witch hunt is not only directed against presumed “terrorists” through ethnic profiling, etc., the various human rights, affirmative action, antiwar cohorts are themselves the object of the anti-terrorist legislation and so on.

Needless to say, converting or recanting by antiwar heretics is not permitted.

Meanwhile real professional war criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting rulers, “committed to their safety and well-being”, “who are going after the bad guys.” (Michel Chossudovsky, The Spanish Inquisition, “Made in America”, Global Research, December 2004)

Spanish Inquisition 1812

Francisco Goya: The Spanish Inquisition (1812-1819) Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San FernandoMadrid

“Economic Genocide” 

We are living the most serious crisis in modern history. People’s lives are being destroyed.

These empirical psychology studies are meant to be used against citizens who are opposed to the instructions of their respective governments. In turn these governments obey orders from higher up. From the Royals who wish to remain unseen and unknown.

While ordinary citizens are tagged, what is increasingly obvious is that the trillionaires, “philanthropists”, corrupt politicians, et al., who are the unspoken architects of the global economic lockdown are the real psychopaths.

While their personality traits are not the motive of scientific investigation, the corrupt billionaires who are behind the corona lockdown and closure of the global economy are mentally deranged. Money and enrichment is the driving force. Or, maybe just survival is the force.  Many minions who are the most aggressive enforcers, think they are going to be spared in this genocide.  Not likely.

However, tagging politicians and financiers as “psychopaths” is in an understatement.  What is a stake is an outright crime against humanity. Imposing the simultaneous closing down of the national economies of 204 independent states of the world is an act of economic genocide.

Economic and social decision-making is criminalized. The legitimacy of the UN, Wall Street, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Big Pharma and the billionaire foundations which ordered the closure of the global economy on March 11, 2020 must be forcefully addressed and compliance must be refused.

Social distancing has devastating consequences.

At this juncture it is being used to justify the closure of schools, colleges and universities, which deliberately derogate the right to education.

Wearing the face mask is detrimental to a person’s health. It’s known and documented. Enforcing the wearing of the face mask using fake science as a justification is an illegal and criminal act. Dr. Fauci confirmed it two months ago. He is lying to himself when ordering that the wearing of the mask be

applied “universally”.  Now he says exactly the opposite. The future of humanity is at stake. Millions of people have been impoverished as a result of the closure of the real economy. The vaxx’d are the true ‘walking dead’, as the graphene oxide poisoning is ultimately fatal in slow motion destruction of body components through thrombi micro blood clots