Pfizer Guilty of Deliberately Covering Up Vaxx Serum Ingredients

I’ve been saying that the only way the Globalists can get away with this is by killing us all – or enough of us that there is complete civilizational collapse and there are no judges or courts left to rule against them. This explains their frantic mad dash to jab us all.

But if enough of us survive, they will have to face the consequences of launching a global genocide campaign that will make the Nazi Holocaust look like a birthday party.

Karen Kingston believes that this is exactly what will come to pass.

Unlike many others, Karen Kingston, who joins Stew Peters program, doesn’t have any questions about the legitimacy of the FDA approval of the BioNTech/Pfizer jab.

Kingston says this letter to Pfizer US Regulatory Lead, Amit Patel, is standard and it unequivocally grants them the license to produce the vaxxine and it demands that within 14 days, they provide the ingredient list and any changes to protocols and boosters and other safety issues, which she believes Pfizer has long since thrown out the window.

Not only is the letter standard but the standards that this approval is now imposing on BioNTech/Pfizer are a checkmate that will lead to their undoing!

She says, “If Pfizer has not been honest with the American People and the FDA in regards to what’s in these vials, they have 14 days to come clean.”

She believes that the inconsistency of the adverse events (myocarditis, clotting, miscarriages, central nervous system disorders, magnetization, etc.) suggests that, “We’re not dealing with a consistent product.”


She sees strong evidence that Pfizer is already trying to hedge against the likelihood that they will NOT succeed in killing us all and that they will, indeed face justice.

With over 20 years as a business analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and as a former Pfizer employee who has been involved with several of their product launches – including the VIAGRA re-launch – Kingston says that the fact that Pfizer has no website for their newly-branded Comirnaty®, this tells her, “Pfizer knows, ‘Game Over. Checkmate.’

“They are already going to be held accountable for intentionally harming the People of the World with a deceitful poisonous product, as a manufacturer. What they don’t want to do is now have charges brought against them as the marketer.”

She says that typically, Pfizer would have had their new product website “locked and loaded” six months to a year in advance of their FDA approval and that it would’ve gone live as soon as they were approved. But there is no Comirnaty® website.

“The institutions that have been marketing to the American People have been the CDC, the NIH, the FDA and the Mainstream Media. Those have been the marketeers. Those have been the propaganda arms, those have been the ones misleading the American People to line themselves up – and unfortunately, in some cases, to line their children up – to be injected with an unapproved, experimental biological agent and known lethal poison.

“Pfizer has not acted as a marketer and if they do, there’s a…whole slew of multi-billion-many-times-over lawsuits that can be brought against them.”


Kingston says that Pfizer has been guilty, not just of civil but of criminal laws. “Under the FDA approval process and the ‘passive reporting’ of serious adverse events, it was Pfizer’s responsibility to report adverse events to the FDA, that was their job, not just through VAERS but through another system that was put through their ownership…

“It would appear that they have not provided full disclosure of all the serious adverse events and deaths that were a result of these injections, so that would be intentionally misinforming the FDA and the American People.

“So there will be criminal charges, plus they have two weeks to come clean as to what is in these injections. So if these injections are not consistent in all of the ingredients from the microgram – the 30 mcgs of mRNA, to only containing the four lipids, including the one PEGylated lipid with polyethylene glycol – which also was not disclosed, really to the American People. That was only available before the package insert came out and the IND Application, Initial New Drug Application and Phase 3. It was not in the HCP Fact Sheet, originally. I did not see it there. Maybe I misspoke, but I read that thing many times and couldn’t find it there.

“So there was a lot of information that was not disclosed to the American People and that could be interpreted as intentionally misleading them with intention to harm.”

Alas, Pfizer is not alone, the Swamp is deep and wide and respected institutions, like the Mayo Clinic are now publishing “studies” that are labeling these many adverse events as “COVID-19 breakthrough in vaccinated patients.”

I wonder who paid/threatened the Mayo Clinic to do that?


Some people want a polemic about the presence of graphene oxide in the vaxx, which they don’t see on the ingredient list. To her, there is no debate. As she has previously explained, it was was redacted from Pfizer’s US patent due to its alleged status as a “trade secret” but she did find it listed without redaction in Pfizer’s Chinese patent.

She says the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are the same thing and in the July 2020 Moderna patent, US #10703789B2, which talks about the lipid nanoparticles, the phospholipid, the cholesterol, the cationic (positive ionic-charged lipid) and the PEGylated polyethylene glycol lipid.

The same patent describes the hydrogel, a compound which she says is composed primarily of graphene oxide, which is why she says, “I’m as confident that graphene oxide is in these as I am that gravity exists” and she maintains that graphene oxide is the “main ingredient in the COVID shots.”


Stew says, “They knew that was in the patent, they knew about myocarditis, they knew about respiratory issues, they knew about Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and they knew about pregnancy complications, didn’t they? They also knew about shedding, didn’t they?”

“Yes,” she replies. “That was very clearly discussed in a FDA meeting in August of 2015, where they used viral-based gene therapy products. This is a viral-based gene therapy product…what would that be?

“You can make a synthetic virus, such as a modified RNA and then it’s injected into the body and that code produces a pathogenic virion or virion particle.

“So what would that be? You take a synthetic RNA, you take that code, inject it into the CD4 cells and then your CD4 cells produce the spike protein.

“That’s exactly what this is. In that document, there’s two things they talk about: 1) Progeny, which I just explained. Your body is now producing billions, if not trillions of a spike protein, which is pathogenic, which means it can be harmful to you and they also talk about another thing called 2) Shedding, what is shedding? If you’re injected, your being able to transmit to another person via contact (mucous membranes and whatnot) transmit the spike proteins to another person.

“And in the Phase One trials, they talked about women who were of child-bearing age and who could potentially become pregnant, not only did they talk about not wanting you to participate in the trials, unless you were using two forms of birth control, if you were a male participant, you were not allowed to be near a pregnant woman.

“If you went to an event, a party and you breathed near a pregnant woman – this is not an exaggeration – you had to report it to the Safety Board. That’s not a normal protocol. And if you take a look at the approval letter, I want to read you one of the studies Pfizer is required to do, post market-approval. This should be evidence enough to anybody that shedding is real and we have not figured out a way to quarantine it and qualify it and it’s a risk to women who are pregnant, as well as to young infants.

“So, this study is entitled, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Exposure During Pregnancy, a Non-Interventional Post-Approval Safety Study of Pregnancy and Infant Outcomes in the Organization of Teratology Information Specialist Mother-to-Baby Pregnancy Registry.

“So there’s two key words, here: ‘Vaccine Exposure’ is not ‘Vaccine Injection’. ‘Non-interventional’ means you were ‘Not Injected’.

“They are tracking women who are pregnant and who have newborns, to see if when they’re around vaccinated people, if the pregnant woman, if her baby is harmed and has birth defects and if a newborn becomes sick or ill after being around people who are injected. That’s the purpose of that study. [Because Pfizer knew]. The FDA knew, too…


It’s so diabolical. Not only did Obama pass the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which legalized government propaganda against the American People, resulting in the spectacular gaslighting about Trump, COVID, the vaxx and which has led to the imminent implosion of the Mainstream Media, Obama passed two other acts, which have enabled Big Pharma to do all of the criminal things that we’ve seen with the COVID vaxx, including the dropping of the requirement of running animal trials before human trials, the requirement to prove actual clinical efficacy and the waiving of Informed Consent!  

She says, “Under the Obama administration, there were two acts that were passed, that I think most people remember the names. There was the PAHPRA Act, the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2013 and the Cures Act, that was passed in December of 2016 through Congress. And under both those acts, they were able to basically throw out all the FDA laws and regulations that mitigated risk for new drugs and biological agents.

“Those included doing animal trials, proving safety in animals before doing human trials. Those included doing good manufacturing practices, making sure the quality, consistency of products that you were administering to people was consistent and safe.

“It also included not having to prove actual, statistically- and clinically-significant efficacy…One of the other things it waived was Informed Consent! The laws that they passed – these laws that our Congress passed – literally violate the Nuremberg Code!

“So our Congress passed legislation that allowed our government to commit Crimes Against Humanity against the American People. So to the American People, I say, ‘Wake up and start paying attention to what those elected officials, to what our government is doing.'”

Stew says, this information gives him encouraging insights into Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric about the vaccine, which he’ll cover in another show.

When Stew asks her if Pfizer knows who got what in their injections, she says she can’t confirm but “It appears that people who were injected have a barcode and lot number that matches up with them and with the Electronic Health Records System, it should be pretty easy to track who was injected with what, as well as…the CDC has a vaccine tracking system.


Her parting words are, “For those people who are nervous about the mandates: this is checkmate. Game over. We won. It’s going to take some time for the gavel to come down and for people to be prosecuted and for the truth to come out.

“But if you’re being pressured by your employer or your child’s being pressured by the school to get injected, just get a copy of this letter. If you read this letter, the safety of this product is unknown. They’re doing one study with the sequelae; myocarditis among those who are injected and it’s not going to be completed and submitted until 2027!

“So there’s a very high risk. There are other myocarditis studies in here, for children ages 5-15. There’s another study in here about reducing the amount of mRNA in those under the age of 30, because of fear of immunogenicity, which is ADE, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

 Just read the authorization. It is horrifying. It’s as horrifying as any Stephen King novel I’ve ever read. This is enough evidence to say, ‘No. I’m not putting myself at harm or my child at harm. 

“The other thing I have to say is that, if you have not been injected, yet or even if you have: as you are becoming aware of this information, speak up. Show up. Go to your local county meetings regarding the mandates, tell them that you’re not going to be part of this experiment anymore. Tell them that you have sovereignty, you have authority over your body and over your child’s body.

“If you love America, if you love your freedoms, if you love your liberties, if you believe in the faith of the hope in our posterity; our children, our children’s children and our children’s grand-children, then you will stand up and you will speak out!

“James 3: Faith is nothing without deeds. If you love this country, stop sitting by and waiting for Trump to come in and save you and rescue you. Show up and speak out and speak out with the authority that you have, under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Unparalleled Levels of Tyranny Coming to America

From Government Policies Regarding the Treatment of Vaxx Refusers


Vaxx checkpoint

One of my long-term sources and a colleague met with me in person. They permitted me to view and take notes about documents that are soon going to be codified into administrative law. There is nothing really surprising here. However, it is just shocking that the day of complete tyranny has finally arrived. Here is a partial report on what I have learned.

Homeland security cards, indicating vaccine status, are coming to America. Although it is not YET planted into your forehead or hand, it is a definitive move towards the Mark of the Beast.  You are just inventory possessed by the corporation. You are on the books as an asset or liability.

I have learned from unnamed federal government sources (2) that the compliance rate will be 100%. No exceptions granted for any reason.

These cards will be used for enforcement following areas:

  1. Scanning the card to your phone to use in a public QR reader will ultimately be the way that vaccinated status is checked and it can double as contact tracing for covid or whatever the variant flavor of the week is.
  2. Boarding an airplane.
  3. Taking any kind of public transportation (mask included).
  4. Buying groceries.
  5. Entering any public or private store.
  6. Going into federal, state and local office for any reason.
  7. HR 1 and SB 1 will be amended to include the right to vote. There will be a grace period for illegals which will allow them to vote in 2022 and 2024.
  8. All participants in day care- through post graduate education will be required to show their papers.
  9. No driver’s license will be issued or renewed without proof.
  10. Eventually, public utilities will be made unavailable without your documentation.
  11. No medical service will be available to any resister.
  12. Emergency healthcare will be withheld without the documentation.
  13. Compliance will be a prerequisite to obtaining or refilling prescriptions.
  14. No marriage licenses will be granted unless both people are fully vaccinated.
  15. No business license will be provided to unvaxxed people.
  16. Homeschooling will soon be outlawed.
  17. Third party acquisition of health supplements, prescriptions and groceries will be criminalized.
  18. DUI-style roadblocks will be implemented. Each person in a car must be vaccinated, confirmed by a handheld device, or the owner’s car will be impounded and sold at auction in order to cover the enforcement fees. Vaccines will be made available after scanning the passengers and driver. Following refusal, any unvaccinated person will be sent to an isolation camp along with the driver. (Note: These roadblocks were rehearsed in Colorado both on !-70 and I-25 through a joint training exercise with the Colorado State Patrol and DHS. This was during the H1N1 scare in 2009.  In the drill men, women and children boarded different busses, presumably to go to different containment facilities).
  19. State-run CPS’ will be used to separate families based upon child endangerment statutes. Vaccine status will be the ultimate driver of an action to remove a child from a parent.
  20. Possession of firearms will be equated with being a vaccine resister. Any personal possession, or transport, of firearms will be expressly forbidden. There was nothing in the document regarding outright gun confiscation, but everything else is forbidden.   

There are 30 other items, but the reader can clearly see that the ability to buy, sell or trade is blocked. There will be no exemptions, medical or religious. Citizens can arbitrarily be stopped on the street and asked for their proof of taking the jab. Anyone caught in public without the proper permission will be sent for testing and positive tests result in being sent to an isolation camp. Their actions will legally considered to be one step below manslaughter and mandatory sentencing will be demanded for repeat offenders.

In other actions by the government, contained in another document I read, Americans can expect that its citizens will “donate” labor of the government’s choosing. It will become part of a “public service requirement” that will be extracted from all citizens. Further, there will be no pay for said service. However, participants’ families can apply for aid under the banner of universal basic income {UBI). This is very similar to what is in Obama’s Executive Order 13603.

Further, “excessive” storage of critical resources (eg food, medicine) will be outlawed beyond, as of now, an specified level.

Home gardeners will be required to obtain a special permit, which will not be freely given. Home wells or water supplies will not be permitted.

When these information sources are transferred to a chip planted in the forehead or hand, we can be certain that we have indeed entered the final days.

This source also told me that it is likely that citizens will be forced to receive biannual vaccinations against so-called variants and new viruses This is to preserve the fear level that ignorant people have acquired from TV animated virus that do not exist. All virus are dead. For all practical purposes, there are an infinite number of virus in your body and the world environment, all dead and harmless.

Dave Hodges