Pfizer Vaxx Fully FDA Approved ‘As Is’.

Pfizer Vaxx Full Approval?  Based on What?

Did I miss out on something here?  In spite of careful study, I can’t recall seeing any attribution of efficacy.  Last I read, the vaxx admittedly does not provide any immunity, cure or benefit.  The hospitals are full of sick and diseased ‘fully vaxx’d people.  The adverse effects are worse than anything ever seen in the 30 years of vaxxine history.  Literally everyone who took the vaxx is suffering from some adverse effects.  And this vaxx is a slow-acting poison, so we have seen nothing yet of what is still lurking in the bodies of the vaxx’d, to emerge over time.  Now, the regime is three separate injections, with talk of frequent booster shots.

So,  again I ask…on what basis of merit is the ‘full approval’ granted to this totally unworthy poison vaxx? It works for the intended result…death.

Get prepared for the pressure to get you vaxx’d up before the immanent shit-storm coming at ‘warp speed’.

Whatever angst level you’re feeling now, it will be much higher in 30 days, due to the storm of information that will be coming out between now and October 1st.

The Pfizer vaxx has now been FDA-approved but nothing has changed. The Deep State is still trying to force your employer to murder you via the clot shot. This lethal vaxx is just exactly the same as before, graphene oxide 99+ percent.

The FDA approved the Pfizer vaxx without any public meetings or taking into account the massive number of adverse events, knowing full well that officially, there have been over 13,000 people killed in the US (but likely, 10-100 times more than reported) by the shots over the past 7 months. Conservatively, this number is well over 50,000. And this is barely the beginning of the adverse effects that are gestating and mounting within the body’s of the victims.

The FDA is not going to rescue you. Trump is not going to rescue you…It’s necessary that you basically man-up, at this point and start defending yourself, fighting back.

Trump will never be reinstated, so do not wait around for that to happen.  The Biden regime is likely to collapse under its own weight of incompetence and corruption, but don’t wait on that either.  This take down of the ‘West’ is not under the direction of any lowly president.  This is under the order and control of the uber human global power structure.  The UN is their organization for both implementation and future control.

The Arizona audit reports will have the effect of delegitimizing Biden-Harris, domestically and internationally, and the active engagement, on US soil, that has been bubbling just beneath the surface for so long will go dynamic. It will happen soon, as this is what underlies the urgent, intense forced vaxx’s campaign.  In   September, you’ll see an entirely different aspect of the relationship of the parties in this war.”

By the end of this week, the Mainstream Media is going to be overwhelmed with a lot more disfavorable news.  The vaxx coverage goal of 70 percent coverage was July 4, 2021.  Biden missed this goal and likely was granted a small reprieve.  That’s why they have made the ‘full approval’ gimmick, although totally based on nothing but desperation at this point.  This coming on the same day the Walensky announced the dire news about those already vaxx’d being irreversibly poisoned.

The nation’s leading unelected and unaccountable Technocrat, Dr. Anthony Fauci, seems happy that more vaccine mandates will rapidly be set into place since the FDA gave full approval to Pfizer’s vaxx. With Fauci, it’s about power, or being “empowered” to force his will on others.

While appearing on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe, Fauci said, “you’re gonna see a lot more [vaccine] mandates because there will be institutions and organizations which previously were reluctant to require vaccinations, which will now feel much more empowered to do that.”

“That could be organizations, businesses, colleges, universities. We’re even seeing it with the military already,” Fauci continued.

While speaking about the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, Fauci said “there will be much more enthusiasm in mandating vaccines, be they in corporations, in places of employment, universities, colleges, the military.”

FDA Vaxx Approval Fraud

Keep in mind that absolutely not one thing has changed from the day the Pfizer vaxx is unapproved to the day the vaxx was approved.  Everything about the vaxx is identical.  The FDA made some statistical chicanery and then sprinkled ‘holy water’ on the vials, saying now it fully approved.  By virtue of its non-efficacy and numerous horrible side-effects, the actual facts should have resulted in the vaxx being disapproved for any use. 

But the corrupt entity here, that is using the vaxx as the means of genocide, is the uber power structure by means of their politicial minions.  The FDA is a part of the power structure behind the genociding, so, of course, as they announced several weeks prior, they are giving the influence of their corrupt agency as the ultimate coercion.  At least in the eyes of the ignorant, they say something that is deadly is now safe.  Nothing has been changed.  It is as deadly as ever.  Do not be influenced by the chicanery.  ‘Holy water’ is not up for the task.

The Pfizer vaccine was on a fast track for FDA approval, as was announced several weeks ago. “Hearings possible toda”y according to the NYTimes. I suspect the political pressures are enormous. Still, how can approval be possible when the safety record of this vaccine is far worse than any vaxxine in the past, including many that were pulled off the market?


Part of the answer is that CDC is not reporting the statistic most relevant to measuring efficacy. That is: Vaccination status of COVID patients. How many of the new infections and new deaths are in vaccinated individuals, and how many in unvaccinated? Of course, this information is known in CDC databases; it is scandalous that the numbers are not being made public. I do not know if they are being provided to FDA. Israel is more honest, and numbers from there are not encouraging.

Likewise, data about transmissibility, comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, are not being reported, and were not part of the clinical trials last fall.


There are several systems for reporting vaccine reactions, including deaths, but the only one available to the public is VAERS. It is incomplete, because it relies on voluntary reporting, there is no incentive to report to VAERS, and it is a cumbersome and time consuming process.

One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred within 48 Hours of Vaccination

We may compare reports of the COVID vaccines to past years, when there were also hundreds of millions of vaccinations, including annual flu shots and childhood vaccine schedules. The comparison is dramatic.

There were more than twice as many deaths related to the COVID vaxxines this year as the sum total of all vaxxine deaths in the past 30-year history of VAERS.

Given this safety record, how is there any possibility of approval? Here is where the statistical fraud comes in.

The safety criterion they have chosen is an obscure computation called PRR for Proportional Reporting Ratio. As the name implies, it is based on RATIOS of different event types and is utterly blind to the ABSOLUTE RATE of such events.

PRR measures the distribution of different kinds of adverse events, e.g. blood clots, heart attacks, and deaths. If those ratios are severely out of line with the great variety of vaxxne reactions in the past, PRR would detect that. For example, if the new vaxxines caused an extraordinary risk of myocarditis, but everything else was low, then PRR would flag that. But if myocarditis was just one risk among many that have been reported from past vaccines, then PRR would not even pick that up.

The real scandal is that PRR is blind to the absolute risk numbers. PRR is defined in such a way as to look for unusual PATTERNS of adverse events, but it is completely insensitive to unusual RATES of adverse events. Of course, it is the rates and not the patterns that are of primary concern, and the PRR is designed NOT to reflect that.

For example, suppose we have 2 vaxxines:

Vaxxine A has 1 reported death per million vaxxinations, 3 reported heart attacks per million, and 20 reported headaches per million.

Vaccine B has 1 reported death per hundred vaxxinations, 3 reported heart attacks per hundred, and 20 reported headaches per hundred.

Vaxxine A is quite safe, and vaxxine B is extremely dangerous. And yet the formula for PRR will produce the same result for vaxxine A and B!

Clearly, PRR is not an appropriate criterion for evaluating safety of any particular vaxxine. Someone has arranged to ‘cook the books’.

Anyone versed in the science of statistics knows that it offers many ways to ‘cook the data’ and make the pre-defined conclusion to support the desired results.  It can make total losers look good and good look bad. This is what we have here with the covid vaxx’s and the corrupt FDA..

The fact that this intent was announced several weeks ago is indicative of cheating and lying.  Nothing has been changed in the Pfizer serum since the beginning of the vaxx introductory campaign . Nothing was analyzed and discerned as a problem, and rectified. 

This is strictly arm twisting and forced cooperation to further the scam. 

You can see how a meaningless action by the government-controlled FDA is going to be used viciously for manipulation, even though not one thing has changed.

In spite of how difficult this is going to be, you need to stand tough and avoid the lethal jab.  It’s going to play out fast and soon.  They are going to go with whatever the vaxx coverage is and worry about the details afterwards.