Australia and Israel Report All Covid Disease Hospitalizations are fully vaxx’d

All of the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly clear. The surge in illness is being caused by the poisonous graphene oxide injections.  No deaths or serious diseases occurred until alter the first vaxx.  Everything previous to the first vaxx is only the common flu, renamed as covid19.  It is plain as day to see that the statistics for the common flu have disappeared to nothing, while the covid19 has exactly taken its place, with the same symptoms and the same mortality, which is negligible.  Because Fauci pulled a switch of the name does not make the common flu actually become covid19.  It is still totally survivable ‘common flu’.

Covid19 was created by use of the RT-PCR tester that is nothing more than a plastic toy that gives unlimited numbers of ‘false positives’ all day long.  Hundreds of millions of covid19 ‘cases’ were manufactured by the little fake toy tester and hysterically broadcast to the world via the TV.  This was done knowingly and intentionally to manufacture the fake covid19 disease, which does not and has never existed.

Fauci and his globalist handlers knew all along. The source of disease is only the vaxx itself. There simply is no virus-caused covid disease in existence anywhere in the world.  The WHO of the UN and the CDC of the US are both criminal organizations that have snowballed the public into frenzied state of fear.  So long as people still believe the lies about the covid19 disease, they are prone to accept the vaxx, just as this scam was designed to do. Once you are vaxx’d, it is too late for you.  This poison, graphene oxide, is chosen due to the fact that it works very slowly and methodically over a relatively long period of time prior to death.  Conveniently, the graphene oxide is submicroscopic, and can’t be seen without the use of a scanning electron microscope.  This drastically reduces the number of people who could analyze this serum.

The vaxx-disease creates both micro and macro blood clots, beginning at the time of injection.  In some cases, it will produce fatal blood clots very quickly, but the most common situation entails a period of as much as two years before the damage becomes fatal.  It is a convenient process for those wishing to hide their deadly intentions from correlation to the vaxx.

Graphene is not living, but it can chemically attract other fragments of graphene, slowly assembling microscopic strands or fibers that can continue to grow.  This why some believe the graphene is alive.  Chemical attraction is electromagnetic.  As the fibers find each other inside the body, they can first cause Morgellon’s disease, which manifests as tiny protrusions through the skin, from inside to outside.  The lethal aspect of graphene is its blood clotting ability.  If injected, it can travel in the blood stream to various organs where it can take up residence and create both submicroscopic and microscopic thrombi.  These clots are very dangerous and can continue to grow and develop as more graphene material comes along.  This is a slowly progressing condition that continues until the victim is dead.

It is also possible for large-scale blood clots to form, which can lead to a more rapid lethal state.

Multiple injections is another way to assure a more rapid path to death.  You have probably noticed that the talking heads on TV have discovered that a single injection is apparently good for nothing. Now you must take three injections just to be considered vaxx’d.  Plans are being rolled out for boosters and monthly reinjections.  Your proof of injection expires very quickly unless you continue the program of further multiple injections.

So, you are taking frequent and multiple injections of a known lethal injection to protect yourself from an imaginary fictional virus that is really only the common flu with a survival rate of 99.7 percent.  This does not compute in the real world.

Have you noticed that all of the sickness, hospitalization and death has only started to occur since the mass vaxx campaigns has been initiated?  This is the gimmick, except for your case, where you have rushed in obedience to get an injection that is irreversible and leads only to death.

You have managed to kill yourself for the sake of a non-existent threat with a vaxx that is acknowledged to provide no cure, immunity or any other benefit.  Nice going.

This is a conflict that is far from over.  The vaxx refusers are still in the majority on this planet.  Unless the alien rulers intend to mow us all down with machine guns, the majority is going to upend their plans for 70 percent fatalities, resulting in1 depopulation down to the 30 percent survivor level.  They may seem invincible at this moment, but it is far from over.  More are awakening by the moment.  This is a battle than can still be won.

Read this over again until you get it.  This is the crux of the entire scam.  If you don’t get this, there is no chance for the survival of humanity on this planet.  Every single human will be replaced with a superior solution, or, in most cases will not be replaced at all.  The Queen ordered the death of all ‘useless eaters’ and this is underway.  Most will never be replaced because they are not productive or useful.  At best, about 500 million may be allowed to exist.  This is the human fate if things go as planned under UN Agenda 21. I am not joking or exaggerating.