Developments are Ramping Up

But this is all carefully preplanned and scripted

A couple weeks ago, Afghanistan was not at the forefront of the minds of most. Vaxx mandates and lockdowns were. But Clif High was clear that there was going to be an event occurring around August 14-15th that would cause an uproar among the people.

On August 13th, China’s DHS made a an absurd announcement, which conferred “domestic terrorist” status to over 50% of the US population, who refuse the vaxx and who clearly see the deceit about the 2020 Election.

In that window,  the Tennessee governor signed an executive order to call up the National Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations”, all double-speak and lies, and to construct “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities”.   Except they are not temporary.  No one is going to return to society from this camp.  This coincided with the Army National Guard posting recruitment ads for the job of “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” and the emergence of military documents about procedures for detaining US citizens.

It also coincided with New York Congressman Ritchie Torres’ bill, HR 4980 to mandate vaxxines for all airline passengers and with the Los Angeles City Council’s unanimous vote to deny unvaxx’d people access to grocery stores (this, even though the LA County Sheriff had weeks ago said he will no longer enforce any COVID mandates).

However, the Taliban were sweeping across Afghanistan and within 36 hours of the DHS announcement, Kabul fell, with the puppet Afghan president fleeing to Tajikistan with as much cash as he could take with him. According to Reuters, “Four cars were full of money, they tried to stuff another part of the money into a helicopter, but not all of it fit. And some of the money was left lying on the tarmac.”  The fool must believe this money is going to have future value.

Biden suffered a total loss of credibility with the rapid, disorderly and desperate fall of Afghanistan which he shares with the “Liberal Establishment”.  This will spill over to the public’s view and response to all the nonsense COVID tyranny. This total failure is a mirror image of the fall of Vietnam. These are the same Liberal Establishment twits that have been engaged in a genocidal campaign, directed especially against the peoples of the ‘West’.


Clif’s predictions for a very difficult emotional period, marked by a mass die-off of the vaxxinated between December and May, 2022, for which we need to prepare.

“We see how weak…the Biden’s Pretendency is. They know they didn’t win. They know they cheated. They also know that we know and that pretty soon, all the Normies will come to know.”

And as soon as the Normies know, it will all fall apart for the Globalists, which he says is what explains the evasive behavior of the Biden White House; going on vacation, not answering questions, avoiding all heads of state – and in the case of our putative future president – disappearing altogether into his rat hole somewhere.

“This is Next Level Woo,” he says, “Yes, the American military fled Afghanistan. Yes, it was a defeat for the American Empire. But the American Empire was based on the Petrodollar for the last 100 years and. It was the USA Petrodollar Empire that died in Afghanistan, and the rest of the world.”  The Petrodollars are on their way home now. No one wants them any longer. The US is going to be drowning in them.

The Globalist alien monster that rules Planet Earth is in no way affected by the Biden fuckup in Afghanistan.  They have lost nothing of any value here.  It is only the US that has totally failed in the eyes of the world.  This is all part of the RESET UN Agenda 21.  It’s time for the US and its empire to be removed from world relevance.  Afghanistan is virtually a part of China already, so it is just one more step in the transition completed.

They have always had their empirical hegemon, here the US, to keep wars going.  Of the period of existence of the US, a little more than 200 years, the US has been at war at least 95 percent of the time.  The US has never won a war.  That has never even been the objective.  Generating war, death, destruction and terror has been the objectives of war, but primarily depopulation of children of breeding age.

The United States Army was not supposed to win in Vietnam. That was never the plan. They weren’t going to let us win in Vietnam. They weren’t going to let us win in Korea. That was never the goal.

The Globalists…in their thinking, have simply handed Afghanistan over to the next owners, who are the Chinese.

We’re seeing a huge tranche of Normies waking up and everything is not so clear now about the scamdemic.  If you stop long enough, and give it a little thought, no one that wasn’t going to die anyway, died from the common flu.  No one died from the joke fabrication called covid19.  Covid19 was never lethal, with a survival rate across the board of 99.7 percent.  The deaths that were created were primarily from among the elderly, already suffering from other health issues.  Some were stupid enough to go to the hospital where they were better equipped to kill them with lethal treatment like respirators.

“During this period of time, those of us that have answers can hand out the answers and those of us that don’t know but know somebody that does, can point. We can start getting everybody onto the same page and stop this lethal vaxx in its tracks.  They would like to make the vaxx refusers think they are a small minority of the population who are spoiling it for the majority. 

Don’t fall for the bullshit.  We vaxx refusers are in the majority and will likely remain and end up in the majority.  Those vaxx’d are propagandized into blind obedience, to the point where they won’t even take the time to learn something before putting their lives on the line.  There is little that can be done for them.  Once vaxx’d, it is too late.  They are walking dead.  We can only try to save those who have, with good reason, refused the lethal injection up until this point.

“The Woo is everything that has been occluded…the Woo is that aspect of life that is denied.”

The war is now ‘kill or be killed’.  Sit-ins are not going to make it anymore.  We are moving into a very tough period that mayl have some relief by January, 2022. We will still have a long, hard slog but we will know, from January going forward that we are making progress.

“By ‘we’, I mean us, that are not the Globalists…70% of the Normies will see the delusion of the two-party system in the United States falling away. They’ll have the delusion of the Petrodollar falling away, the scandemic falling away, the Globalist wars…with no warriors showing up.”

The die-off from the vaxx will extend for several years, with a big intermediate peak going through to next May, 2022.

“There’s going to be a lot of dead people. We will not be able to prevent the deaths, we will not be able to do anything other than to cope with the impact on the social order.”

The people behind the vaxx intended to kill billions of people and they must be held to account. He thinks that fitting revenge against people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, etc. would be to give them 10 or 20 doses of the jab and to keep them in prison to see how long they last.