FDA knew all along that 100 percent of Vaxx victims would constitute 100 percent of the VAXX-DISEASE cases

This is now proving to be true, all over the world. Before the Vaxx, there was only the common flu. After the vaxx, there is ‘vaxx disease all over, wherever the vaxx serum was given in this world. Common flu is is not dangerous. Vaxx-disease us very dangerous and lethal. That is why the hospitals are now full of very diseased victims suffering from a very distinct and different disease…graphene poisoning.

by Jon Rappoport
This is life or death.  If you don’t get it right, it will result in billions of what are essentially murders of unsuspecting humans.  I have presented this information in prior blogs, but Jon has a unique way of making the point that might help some to grasp it, where it otherwise may be missed. 
  First of all, I have to re-emphasize a point I’ve made many times: SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. This is an old bogey-man that sank into the bowels of mythology, only to reappear in the covid scamdemic.  I’ve been proving that for over a year.   BUT I don’t stop there. I temporarily enter the official world where people assume the virus does exist, and I reveal many internal contradictions and lies and cover-ups within that world.

Some readers, who possess sub-standard literacy, believe I’m contradicting MYSELF. They think I’m saying the virus doesn’t exist and does exist.   Wrong.  In reality, the virus is only imaginary. In the mysterious world of Fauci and the true believers, the virus is about the only thing that is real for these mental midgets.

Analogy: People sitting inside a theater are watching a movie, and they believe it’s a real world. They react in all sorts of strange ways, based on that assumption. You’re standing outside the theater, looking through the window. You can just say, “They’re all crazy,” and leave it at that, or you can say, “They’re all crazy,” and THEN walk inside the theater and get a good look at what they’re up to as well. That’s what I do.  

That’s what I’m doing in this article, which is about the FDA and their emergency authorizations of the PCR tester and COVID vaxxine, despite knowing the vaxxine didn’t pass muster, didn’t even vaguely rank as effective in the clinical trials. Also knowing the PCR is a little plastic toy totally incapable of testing for a virus, but, conveniently totally capable of yielding either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ determinations based only on a setting that is controlled by the operator.   They started the hysteria by providing instruction to PCR testers in how to set the tester for false ‘positives, thus yielding the notorious ‘asymptomatic’ pandemic of the fake ‘casedemic’.

But the data did not hold together, because, other than common flu relabeled  as Covid19, no one was sick.  Statistics show a 99.7 percent survival rate.  But lots of people in the clinical trial became COVID cases after being vaxxinated.  That is because it was not until people began to receive the vaxx, that they began to manifest symptoms of disease.  Only its not covid19 disease, which does not exist, but is vaxxine-poisoning disease.  They continue to try to claim this is covid19 disease, but it does not require any genius to see that it stems from and is totally correlated with the vaxx.

  In other words, the FDA was fully in on the conspiracy, right from the get-go. The many so-called ‘breakthrough cases’ that’ have developed in direct correlation to the vaxx are caused directly by the injection. Vaxx-disease people are being  labeled COVID cases. But the symptoms are totally different.   This knowledge should have prevented the FDA from granting emergency use authorization (EUO) for the vaxxine—but it didn’t.

The vast extent of the vaxx-disease should have immediately resulted in the retraction of the EUO conditional use authorization. But it didn’t.  The FDA and the CDC are both in on this scam from the outset.   (Reminder: We’re in the crazy fake theater now, where the virus is real, the PCR test is meaningful and accurate, the vaxxine is necessary.)   Here we go.  

The document, posted on the FDA website, is titled, “Vaccines and Related Biological Products; Advisory Committee Meeting; FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” [1]   It is dated December 10, 2020. The date tells us that all the information in the document is taken from the Pfizer clinical trial, based on which the FDA authorized the vaccine for public emergency-only use.   A key quote is buried on page 42:

“Among 3,410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaxxine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group [who received a saltwater shot].”   Those shocking numbers have never seen the light of day in news media.   The comparative numbers reveal that the vaccine was not effective at preventing COVID-19. Of course not, as there is no covid19 disease.  It was certainly not 50% more effective than a placebo shot—the standard for FDA Emergency Use Authorization. And since the vaxx produces vaxx-disease directly, and since vaxx-disease is being knowingly confused with the fake covid19 disease, this is all a swamp of lies and confusion. 

Vaxxine-disease is, in most cases, a slow acting fatal poisoning, that kills at a future time.   It must also be noted that there is no emergency to justify using EUO injections at all.  A common flu with a 99.7 percent survival rate does not constitute any emergency.
To make all this clear, I need to back up and explain the theory of the vaccine clinical trial.   The researchers assumed the SARS-CoV-2 virus was spreading everywhere in the world, and during the clinical trial, it would descend on some volunteers.   The billion-dollar question was: how many people receiving the vaxxine would become infected, vs. how many people in the placebo group?   If it turned out that FAR FEWER people getting the vaxxine became infected with SARS-CoV-2, the vaccine would be hailed as a success. It protected people against the virus.   But as you can see from the numbers above, that wasn’t the case at all.   So now we come to the vital weasel-phrase in the FDA document I just quoted: “suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 [cases].”   “Well, you see, we can’t say these were ACTUAL COVID-19 cases. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t, but we know the weren’t, since we know covid19 is nothing more than the flu, relabeled. They’re in limbo. We want to keep them in limbo. Otherwise, our clinical trial is dead in the water, and we’ll never get approval for the vaccine.”  

What does “suspected cases” mean? It can only mean these people all displayed symptoms consistent with the definition of COVID-19 flu, but they’re unconfirmed cases because…their PCR tests were negative, not positive.  The PCR can be preset both ways. However, if their tests were negative, why would they be called “suspected cases” instead of “NOT CASES”?   Something is wrong here.

The FDA is hedging its bets, muddying the waters, obscuring facts.   By FDA/CDC rules, a case of COVID-19 means: a person has tested positive, period.   That’s the way cases are counted.   These thousand-plus volunteers in the Pfizer clinical trial were either COVID-19 cases or they weren’t. Which is it?  

The official response to that question is obvious: the FDA decided to throw the data from all those “suspected cases” in the garbage and ignore them. Poof. Gone.   Why do I say that?   Because if the FDA had paid serious attention to the “suspected cases,” they never would have authorized the vaxxine for public use. They would have stopped the clinical trial and undertaken a very deep and extensive investigation.   Which they didn’t.   This is called a crime.

  “But…but it’s not that simple. This is a complex situation. It’s a gray area.”   “No. It isn’t. If you were running a clinical trial of a new drug, and a few thousand people in the trial, who were given the drug, nevertheless came down with the disease symptoms the drug was supposed to cure, wouldn’t you cancel the trial and go back to the drawing board?”

  “You mean if we were being honest? That’s a joke, right? We’re not honest. Don’t you get it?”   Yes. I get it. You’re criminals. Killers.   But wait. There’s more. The FDA document also states: “Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaxxination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group.”   That’s explosive. Right after vaxxination, 409 people who received the shots became “suspected disease cases.” This alone should have been enough to stop the clinical trial altogether. But it wasn’t.   In fact, the FDA document tries to excuse those 409 cases with a slippery comment: “It is possible that the imbalance in suspected COVID-19 cases occurring in the 7 days post vaxxnation represents vaxxine reactogenicity with symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19.” 

Considering that the graphene oxide in the vaxx is designed to sicken and kill slowly, over one to two years, limiting the time between injection and reaction to something like 7 days is just another known curve ball.   Translation: You see, a number of clinical symptoms of disease and adverse effects from the vaxxine are the same. Therefore, we know the vaxxinated people did not develop the non-existent COVID, but were reacting to the vaxxine only. So, we’re going to ignore this whole mess and pretend it’s of no importance.  

Back in April of 2020, I predicted the vaxxine manufacturers would use this strategy to explain away COVID cases occurring in the vaxxine groups of their clinical trials.   It’s called cooking the data. It’s a way of writing off and ignoring disease symptoms in the vaxxine group.   And the FDA document, as I stated above, just puts an impenetrable cloud over all the volunteers in the Pfizer clinical trial by inventing a category called “suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 cases,” and throwing those crucial data away, never to be spoken of again.   I’m speaking about them now. Any sensible person, looking at them, would conclude that the vaxxine should never have been authorized.  

Unless fraud, deception, profits, and destruction of human life via the vaxxine were and are the true goals.   Finally: When you have “suspected cases,” and their ultimate status depends on doing a test, you do the test. You do it as many times as you need to, until it registers positive or negative. Then each “suspected case” becomes an actual case or no case at all.   Perhaps these “suspected cases” in the clinical trial were tested, and many of them came up positive, revealing they were actual vaxx-disease cases—but the researchers lied and covered up the fact that they were tested.

Or if you really don’t want to know whether “suspected cases” are actual cases, you don’t test them. You leave them in a convenient limbo and park them, never to be seen again.   Either way, the situation is patently absurd. By ‘official standards’, the non-functional PCR test decides whether a person is a case or not a case. Just do the test. Saying “we don’t know” is nothing more than a con and a hustles anyway.  

I’d love to hear the researchers try to talk their way out of this one. Here is how the conversation might go:   “So, you’re saying these several thousand suspected COVID cases couldn’t be adjudicated one way or another?”   “That’s right. Their PCR tests were ‘indeterminate’.”   “That says something devastating about the test itself.”  

“Well, sometimes you just can’t tell whether it’s positive or negative.”  

“I see. And this ‘indeterminate’ result occurred in more than a millions of suspected cases.”   “I guess so, yes.”   “You know, you could have done something else with these suspected cases. A different test. You could have taken tissue samples and looked for the virus itself in a more direct way.”  

“No. That wouldn’t work.”  

“Why not?”  

“Because…the actual virus…”  

“Because no one has been able to come up with a specimen of the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus.”  


“So, tell me—what does that indicate?

I’ll tell you what it indicates. You can’t prove the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists. It doesn’t exist. If is did exist, you would find a way to demonstrate and prove that.”  

“I have to go. I’m late for a meeting.”  

“You’re late for more than just a meeting. Is it true a person becomes a virologist by cutting out a coupon from the back of a comic book and mailing it to a PO Box in Maryland?’  

“Absolutely not. That’s outrageous.”  

“What then?”  

“The PO Box is in Virginia.”

Global Rebellion Against Vaccine Mandates Explodes

Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare

This news is heavily censored in American media and even when one story appears, the dots are not connected to all the other countries that are rising up against mandated vaccination. However, Big Pharma likely doesn’t care what people do as long as the billions keep rolling in.

Since coronavirus pandemic lockdowns were implemented by many governments in 2020, people around the world have held largely peaceful protests against unprecedented social distancing restrictions that are devastating global economies and ruining people’s lives.  Now, faced with being ordered to obey new laws that require them to be injected with COVID-19 vaccines in order to enter public spaces or hold a job, on July 24, 2021—World Freedom Day—hundreds of thousands of people of all ages took to the streets in Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece and Germany to publicly challenge oppressive public health laws.

The messages on the signs they held were diverse but they were united in pushing back against government overreach. The brave determination of people, in democracies around the world who are publicly defending civil liberties—freedom of thought, speech, conscience and assembly—and the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking, demonstrates that the spirit of freedom lives in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Both those who gather in the public squares of cities big and small and those who are watching are inspired by this commitment to defending liberty.

In the United States, no large demonstrations have been held yet, but polls reveal the nation is sharply divided about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. A Politico/Harvard poll taken in late June 2021 found that Americans were evenly split on whether children should be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine to go to school and more than half of employed Americans are against COVID-19 vaccine requirements for holding a job, while almost 70 percent of Americans oppose being required to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination to enter a store or business.7 A recent CS Mott Children’s Hospital poll found that more than half of parents in the U.S. with children between the ages of three and 11 say it is unlikely they will give their children the COVID-19 vaccine.8

Australia: “The vaxxine and lockdown is killing us, there is no COVID”

With a population of 25 million people, Australians have been subjected to repeated strict lockdowns over the past 18 months and the government’s “stay at home” lockdown in early July 2021 was imposed on New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, where more than half the country’s population lives. The 30-day rigid social distancing restrictions were enacted after 176 new daily infections were registered in the whole country. These infections, being termed ‘covid’ are just normal seasonal flu cases.  Therefore, they are not a justification for any special medical protocaols.

In response, thousands of Australians gathered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on July 24 to protest the lockdown. Social distancing restrictions that have been imposed include compulsory masking in all indoor non-personal residence settings; most schools closed; restrictions on how far people can travel from their homes; no going to work except for designated “essential” employees (who must be tested every three days); exercising and gathering outside only in groups of two; shopping only for essential items; attendance at funerals limited to 10 people but weddings are banned, and other limits on person-to-person social interaction.

In what the U.K. newspaper Daily Mail described as “frenzied crowds” coming together on July 24, there were estimates that as many as 10,000 protesters marched from Victoria Park to Town Hall in the central business district. Carrying signs calling for “freedom” and “the truth” and “I donot consent” and “Wake up Australia!” and “We are your employees, we are not your slaves” and “unmasked, untested, unvaxxed, unafraid” and “I am not a biohazard” and “Our kids are not your guinea pigs” and “No false tests, no false cases, no lockdowns,” one protester said, “We don’t give a f*** mate, this lockdown is killing us.” Another agreed: “I’m against lockdowns, they’re killing my business.”

Dozens of protesters climbed onto the roofs of a train station and Woolworths store as the crowd gathered around Town Hall singing the Australian national anthem. One observer said on social media, “Protest stretches right down Broadway! Absolutely massive turnout.” The Sydney protest was mostly peaceful but when mounted police told the demonstrators to disperse or they would be pepper sprayed, some broke through a police barrier and threw plastic bottles and plants at officers. The New South Wales Police Minister confirmed 57 people were arrested and charged and a “strike force has been established to investigate who was in attendance.”

On July 28, the Australian Prime Minister called in military personnel to help enforce social distancing restrictions in Sydney and extended the lockdown for another month after 239 alleged new cases of COVID-19 were detected in the city of five million people within a 24-hour period. Residents will be forced to wear a mask outside their homes and must stay within 3 miles of their homes, only going out for “essential” activities like food shopping.

On July 30, the Australian government used helicopters and the Army to help police enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown in Sydney and issue $500 fines for failure to mask. The BBC reported that Australian Defense Force soldiers will begin conducting unarmed patrols of the streets this week. According to media reports, sirens could be heard throughout the city and helicopters blared messages that ‘this is public health order—do not break rules—you will be found and fined.” Road blocks were set up in a military show of force in response to the public demonstrations earlier in the week, although soldiers are under police command. Starting this week, military personnel will accompany police going door to door to ensure that people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are isolating. How are they tested?  PCR??

Reuters reports that the Australian COVID-19 vaxx rate for adults stands at 18 percent and the Prime Minister has said 80 percent of adults must get vaccinated before the border, which has been sealed since the pandemic began, will be re-opened.

Britain: “No forced testing, no forced vaxxines”

In May 2021, a 12 mile procession of tens of thousands of people ended at Parliament Square in a protest against continuing lockdowns and vaccine passports as a condition of accessing public venues. On July 19, the British government lifted the ‘COVID-19’ lockdown that had been in place for over a year, eliminating masking requirements, work from home, and limits on numbers of people who can gather together, which allowed for the full opening of restaurants and other public venues without social distancing restrictions.

Just five days after the lockdown restrictions were lifted, thousands of people made their way to Trafalgar Square on July 24 to signal their opposition to potential future lockdowns, as well as to protest against the showing of COVID-19 vaxx passports as a condition of entering public spaces.  There were banners draped in front of the speaker podium saying, “the public demands live debate” and “Scientism is not science without discussion” and demonstrators held signs that said “No forced testing, no forced vaxxines” and “We are the lions in a world of sheep” and “If you tolerate this, your children will be next.”

Toward the end of the July 24 demonstration, the huge gathering in Trafalgar Square in unison sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone:”

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high,
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.  

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, Walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone.

The United Kingdom, which has a population of 57 million, ranks in the top 20 most COVID vaxxinated nations, with an adult vaxxination rate of over 57 percent.20

France: “My body is mine” and “It is my choice”

Paris, France and the cities of Marseille, Montpelier, Nantes and Toulouse saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets on World Freedom Day to protest against a proposed law that would require all health care workers to get COVID-19 vaxxinations or lose their jobs. People will be barred from entering restaurants or other public venues, effectively preventing them from participating in public life unless they have a health pass showing proof of COVID-19 vxxination, recovery from the disease or a recent negative COVID-19 test. A care assistant at a Strasbourg nursing home expressed her disgust with the proposed law, saying it is “the blackmail of caregivers who were at the fronts line during the first wave and who are now threatened with “no more pay” and even being fired.

A huge crowd of 160,000 people or more, many chanting “freedom, freedom” and carrying signs saying “stop the dictatorship” and “Big Pharma shackles freedom” and “no to the pass of shame” and “vaxxines: fake freedom” and “don’t touch our children” were met by police deploying tear gas and a water cannon used against some of them. Reuters reported that scuffles broke out at the Champs-Elysees and the Gare Saint-Lazare railway station. The demonstrators met at the Bastille plaza and marched through eastern Paris and also gathered at Place Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower to protest the required carrying of a “health pass.”

Just two days after witnessing several hundred thousand people voicing their opposition to the proposed new public health law, on July 26, the French Parliament voted to pass the law that will take effect this week.

Five days later, on July 31, several hundred thousand French citizens of all ages again flooded into the streets of Paris with signs saying “We are not guinea pigs” and “It is our choice” and “My body is mine” and “Health terror—I will not submit” and “the 4th wave is us” in opposition to the new COVID-19 vaxxine and vaxxine passport, with health care workers in white coats leading some of them, and were met by waiting squads of gendarmes and CRS riot police with water cannons. Demonstrators also gathered at the Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs-Elysees and at the Villiers metro station in northwest Paris.

Reportedly, about 150 other protest events also took place in cities around France, which has a population of about 67 million and an estimated COVID vaccination rate of about 47.5 percent.

News breaking today reports that Macron has conceded on the mandatory vaxxine issue in France, succumbing to the pressure applied by citizens.  This is a very encouraging development that could be a beginning of a world-wide initiative.

Italy: “Enough Dictatorship: No Green Passes”

Thousands of people gathered in Rome, Genova, Milan, Naples, Turin and scores of other cities in Italy on July 24 to voice their opposition to the government’s imposition of social distancing and COVID-19 vaxxine requirements on citizens, including a requirement to carry the “Green Pass,” which is an extension of the European Union’s digital COVID certificate. The Green Pass will be required to enter cinemas, museums, indoor swimming pools, sports stadiums or eat indoors at restaurants, proving that a person has been vaxxinated, has had a recent negative COVID-19 test or has recovered from the coronavirus infection.

Chanting and carrying signs that said “Freedom” and “No Green Pass” and “Down with the dictatorship” and “Better to die free than live like slaves” and “against vaxxination obligations” and “government does terrorism” and “shame-shame,” reportedly about 80 cities in Italy saw demonstrations on World Freedom Day. These included an estimated nine thousand people in Milan, who marched in procession to the Piazza Duomo, the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele and to the Piazza Scala in front of the Town Hall. One banner said “Big Pharma out of the state. No to multinationals.”

About five thousand people gathered in Piazza Castello in Turin with signs that said “We want to have the freedom to choose – the freedom to go wherever we want without being tied to a sheet.” In Rome, where there have been anti-lockdown demonstrations over the past year to protest the closure of cafes, bars and restaurants, an estimated two thousand demonstrated and the police intervened to disperse the crowd with armored vehicles.

Italy has a population of about 60 million people, with nearly 52 percent vaccinated for COVID-19.

Greece: “Hands off our children”

Thousands of people gathered in Omonia Square in the center of Athens on July 24 to express their opposition to the government’s COVID-19 vaxxine mandate. They carried signs saying “No mandatory vaccinations” and “No blackmail to dismiss” and “No separation of Greeks” and “hands off our children.” The leader of the anti-COVID vaxxine movement in Greece, cardiologist Faidon Vovolis, MD addressed the huge crowd, which, according to Athens News, included “not only anti-vaxxination activists, but also food and tourism entrepreneurs, clergy, citizens disaffected by the overall government leadership over the pandemic, and vaccinated citizens who view recent government measures as anti-democratic.”

Greek police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators, who had rallied outside the Parliament building to protest COVID-19 vaxxine requirements for workers, such as health care workers. Reuters said that about 45 percent of Greece’s 11 million population is already vaccinated.

Germany: “For Peace, Freedom, Truth”

Berlin has been the site of several large demonstrations against lockdowns and COVID vaxxine passports over the past year. On Aug. 1, 2021, tens of thousands of citizens marched in the streets of Berlin to protest lockdowns that have restricted dining indoors at restaurants or staying in a hotel and requirements to provide proof of COVID vaccination, defying a ban by German lower and upper administrative courts on public demonstrations. Berlin’s administrative court had refused to authorize 13 demonstrations, some of which had been organized by the Querdenker (Lateral thinker) anti-lockdown movement.

Berlin’s police department deployed more than 2,000 officers armed with batons, pepper spray and water cannon as the crowds made their way from Berlin’s Charlottenburg neighborhood, past the Tiergarten park and on to the Brandenberg Gate. Reportedly, police in heavily armed vans dragged protesters across roads and into the vans with marchers shouting for freedom and the lifting of mandatory masking and travel bans. Protesters continued to march in the evening through the city streets and 600 people were arrested.

Germany has a population of 83 million and 52 percent have been fully vaccinated. But since it takes three injections now, to be fully vaxx’d, how does one keep up?

Human Rights Watch: COVID-19 Triggers Wave of Free Speech Abuse

On Feb. 11, 2021, Human Rights Watch published a report called for an end to excessive restrictions on free speech and peaceful demonstration where people are criticizing COVID-19 lockdowns, mandatory masking and other social distancing regulations that restrict civil liberties. The human rights organization said:

At least 83 governments worldwide have used the Covid-19 pandemic to justify violating the exercise of free speech and peaceful assembly… Authorities have attacked, detained, prosecuted, and in some cases killed critics, broken up peaceful protests, closed media outlets, and enacted vague laws criminalizing speech that they claim threatens public health. The victims include journalists, activists, healthcare workers, political opposition groups, and others who have criticized government responses to the coronavirus… Governments and other state authorities should immediately end excessive restrictions on free speech in the name of preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Semi-Decentralized Government in US Makes a National COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate More Difficult

Unlike centralized governments in Europe and many other parts of the world, the founders of the United States of America ensured in the U.S. Constitution that this country would operate with lawmaking power shared between national, state and local governments. The fact that lawmaking power in the U.S. does not solely reside with the federal government, which is composed of the legislative (U.S. Congress), Executive (President/federal agencies) and Judicial (federal courts) branches, so far has protected the U.S. population from being subjected to the same kinds of uniform lockdown restrictions and now, the same kinds of COVID-19 vaccine mandates that are being implemented in European Union countries and other nations with centralized federal governments.

Since most public health laws in the U.S. fall under the legal jurisdiction of states, if a resident does not like the lockdown, masking, social distancing or COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state they are living in, they simply can move to a different state that does not have the same kind of oppressive public health laws. This is one reason why, although there have been smaller anti-lockdown and anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrations in the U.S. over the past 15 months, some of them protesting COVID-19 vaccine requirements for health care workers, so far there have not been massive national demonstrations in the U.S. like those taking place in Europe and other parts of the world. Maybe US citizens would be wise to wake up and look around.  The US, as the lead bully in the group, is also the primary target for the genocide agenda of the UN.

U.S. Government Pushes for an 85 Percent COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

As of July 28, about 50 percent of the U.S. population of 332 million people age 12 and older had received at least one dose of COVID vaccine and reportedly 50 percent, or about 165 million Americans, are “fully” vaccinated. As the third largest country in the world, the U.S. has a high COVID-19 vaxxination rate compared to other countries, with only 25 countries recording a higher vaccination rate than the U.S.  But keep in mind, that the US has no compunction about lying, the bigger the better.  They are singling out groups, like all federal employees, all students who want to return to college this fall, maybe everyone in the medical profession, etc.   

According to Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, the country with the largest population in the world at 1.5 billion people—China—has a 16 percent COVID vaxxination rate; the country with the second largest population in the world at 1.4 billion people—India—has a 7.4 percent COVID vaxxination rate; and Russia, with a population of 146 million people, has a 17 percent COVID vaxxination rate  These numbers are also from US compilation, so take them for what they are worth…maybe not much.  I would say that these countries are the interim survivors of the Reset, and may not be vaxxing heavily.

However, U.S. government officials are pushing for an 85 percent COVID vaccination rate in the U.S., even as a former FDA commissioner says that a combination of natural acquired immunity and vaccine acquired immunity is possibly achieving an 85 percent herd effective immunity rate   But, here we go again, as even the CDC admits there is no immunity derived from the vaxx, nor is there any kind of protection from infection or transmission.

About 70 Percent of Americans Oppose Punitive COVID-19 Vaxxine Mandates as Biden Looks for Every Way to Impose More Mandates.

Even though polls show that 70 percent of Americans oppose COVID-19 vaxxine mandates, on July 29, the President announced that all federal workers and contractors must show proof of COVID-19 vaxxination or mask and social distance at all times and get constantly tested. The federal government also is urging corporations, local and state government agencies, medical facilities and other institutions to make vaxxination a condition of employment.

Some companies, like Google, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Ascension Health, The Washington Post, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lyft and Uber, Walmart and Disney have already mandated employees to get COVID-19 shots to continuing working for the companies. On July 30, Broadway theaters announced that all members of the audience will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaxxnation and must keep a mask on at all times except when eating or drinking.

Opposition Grows as CDC Admits Fully Vaxxinated Persons Can Contract and Efficiently Transmit COVID-19 while gaining no immunity

After lifting national masking recommendations for COVID vaxxinated persons in May 2021 with the assurance that the vaxxine was effective in preventing symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, on July 27, CDC officials abruptly reversed course and said that Americans, whether vaxxinated or not, must wear a mask indoors outside their homes in certain places. They said they based that policy change on new information that the COVID-19 vaxxines do not reliably prevent infection and transmission of the imaginary Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 and that the viral load in vaxxinated persons who get infected is as high as the viral load in unvaxxinated persons who get infected. The term ‘viral load’ is a totally meaningless term, but most donot realize that.  Every human body has 400 trillion viruses contained within their body at all times.  The body creates viruses non-stop by the trillions and discards them as waste material from cell replications.

CDC officials said the new federal indoor masking policy especially applies to adults in “high risk” areas where there are more people being infected with the imaginary Delta variant. The masking directive also applies to all unvaxxinated children over age two, as well as vaxxinated children over age 12 attending school, and additionally includes all teachers, school staff and visitors to schools whether vaxxinated or not.

Reuters reported on July 24 that vaxxinated people made up 75 percent of recent COVID-19 cases identified in Singapore (see full report in the recent archives of this site).

The percentage ratio of infected vaxxinated to infected unvaxxinated persons in Singapore matches that of a recent SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in Massachusetts. On July 30, Associated Press reported that information in CDC documents revealed that 75 percent of the Provincetown outbreak occurred among fully vaxxinated individuals. This is indicative of the real disease, vaxx-disease, taking a grip on populations due to the vaxx campaigns.  There are zero deaths or infections from the covid disease.  All alleged cases are simply normal flu cases that are being called and labeled as covid.  The real cases now emerging among the masses have nothing to do with any virus.  They stem from the vaxx, itself, which is a toxic serum full of industrial poison called graphene oxide.  Now, we will continue to see more and more vaxx-disease, because the graphene oxide is a slow-acting poison that takes up to two years for death in some cases, depending on constitution health and titer. The more injections you take, the faster the poison will kill you.

U.S. State Citizens Push Back Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Over the past year, Americans have been taking action at the state and local level to block COVID-19 vaxxine mandates. A number of states have passed laws that restrict COVID-19 vaxxine mandates and “vaxxine passports” that bar people from entering public spaces. Among the states that have passed laws prohibiting COVID-19 vaxxine passports or COVID-19 vaxxine mandates in some way are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. 

On July 29, the Governor of Texas signed an executive order prohibiting state government agencies from mandating COVID-19 vaxxine being distributed under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and banning public or private entities that receive state funds from denying entry to those who are not vaxxinated and, additionally, banning companies, state and local agencies—including school districts—from requiring mask wearing. He said that Texans, “have the individual right and responsibility to decide for themselves and their children whether they will wear masks, open their businesses, and engage in leisure activities.”

Governors of several other states also have issued executive orders prohibiting COVID-19 vaxxine mandates and some local and state governments have prohibited mask mandates. But some city and state governments, like New York City and California, have created legal requirements that force state employees to get vaxxinated as a condition of keeping their jobs.

On July 26, the nation’s largest healthcare worker union, United Healthcare Workers, demonstrated in New York City against employee COVID-19 vaxxine mandates.  So far, the COVID-19 vaxxne mandate as a condition of employment is also opposed by the American Postal Workers Union, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, and United Auto Workers.

It’s Up to You to Act Now

With military soldiers patrolling the streets in Sydney, Australia and poIice with water cannons and tear gas facing tens of thousands of people protesting against vaccine passports and COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the streets of London, Paris, Rome, Athens and many other cities in Europe, there should be no doubt where the enforcement of mandatory vaxxnation policies are headed implementation in the U.S. if Americans fail to proactively take action now.

There is no question that we are dealing with a global assault on civil liberties and human rights when public discussion and debate about government policy is censored  and peaceful dissent is considered a crime. Public health laws that respect civil liberties and the ‘informed consent ethic’ can only be secured if the lawmakers we elect value civil liberties and defend informed consent rights. Become fully informed about who you are voting for and never miss an opportunity to vote.

The supporters of the non-profit charity the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) have worked since 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. We have publicly defended the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking and other human rights that include freedom of thought, speech and conscience. In 2010, we launched the

Now more than ever, it is time to get to know your local, county and state elected representatives – from your school board members and county supervisors to your local sheriff and lawmakers – who represent you in your local and state governments. Establish a personal relationship with those who make laws that govern you and your family. Have a conversation with them now about why you believe it is important to protect civil liberties and vaccine informed consent rights in public health laws. Provide them with well referenced vaxxine information from NVIC.org and register and join with thousands of others in your state working to protect the legal right to make a voluntary vaccination decision by becoming a user of the NVIC Advocacy Portal at NVICAdvocacy.org. Actively participate in the democratic process that has defined who we are as a Constitutional Republic since the US Constitution was ratified in 1788. Be the one who never has to say you did not do today what you could have done to change tomorrow