Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE

Demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom”

Freedom is an illusive idea that does not exist for humans in this world.  To die in an effort to ‘restore freedom’ is an oxymoron.  You can’t restore what you never had.

Wake up people.  When making reference to ‘governments around the world’, you might get the impression that there are varying factions, power structures, around the world, who are acting in rogue fashion, in their own ways of responding to this scamdemic.  This is not the case.

This scamdemic was implemented by the one true power faction that controls and operates this world.  They established the UN to implement their plans. The countries of this world, while appearing to be independent or sovereign, run by politicians are, in fact, all under the absolute control of the singular true power element on this planet.  Politicians are the minions of this one real power structure that create the illusion of freedom through an election process.  Nothing changes, no matter which politicians are installed, not by your vote, but by the singular true power element.  That is why you believe you are free and have some small bit of power…which is delusional.

Politicians, who may seem to be running things, are not running anything, have no power and are just useful idiots to buffer the true power structure from the people, who mistakenly believe they are free citizens.

Citizen Hostages

Around the world, rogue governments are now declaring their own citizens to be ‘hostages’ under medical tyranny, promising that freedom will be restored if they meet vaccine quotas that require mass injections with toxic poison that is ultimately fatal.  This stems from the imposition of quotas and timelines on the politicians by the singular power element.

In other words, you now have to “earn” your “freedom” from government tyranny, but the government sets the rules, and those rules are, of course, ever-changing. For those who are still in such a state of ignorance that they believe anything from their politicians should definitely get back in line and take a few more doses of industrial poison and get things over with.

As reported by the NY Post, “Six million COVID vaccine shots needed to end Sydney lockdown.” The NSW government is declaring that no one will be free until millions more submit to the deadly  injections. This is outright criminal medical tyranny, right in your face, is the kind of tactic that might be used by professional kidnappers who demand a ransom payment to release a few hostages.

They believe you will be gullible enough to comply, after which they will continue with their further demands, more and more ransom payments, holding innocent people hostage until they get out from under the heat.  Or, at least they think they will get out of the heat.  In reality, once their usefulness is over, they will be dealt with in the same fashion as all of the little people.

Now, governments of the world are acting exactly like kidnappers, and they are holding their own people hostage, demanding ever-increasing levels of power and authoritarian control over society, ordering everyone to comply or be arrested for a one-way trip to the concentration camp.

We have come to the point of history where governments now behave like criminal cartels, with complete disregard for human rights, the rule of law or constitutional limitations of government power. By screaming, “variants!” they demand absolute authority and control over not just your life but even your physical body. In America, the CDC is even now asserting that it owns your private property and can dictate your private rental contracts.  Hopefully, you are bright enough to see where this ‘rent moratorium’ bull crap is taking the citizens to the “you will own nothing and be happy about it”.

Full-blown global government tyranny is here NOW, not merely “coming soon.”  We are here. There is no longer any question where this heads, and it’s rather obvious to anyone paying attention: Mass global genocide and the culling of humanity by complicit politicians, acting as minions under the true singular power element.

They’ve declared war on humanity. Anyone pretending this somehow is going back to normal — and that governments will voluntarily strip themselves of all this power— is living in a delusional fairy tale that will definitely get them killed.

This is the irony of it all.  The most ignorant and gullible are joining the tyrants to marginalize the only elements of humanity who understand the true nature of this game and might be able to mitigate the situation.