This conflict is not rooted in hate or intolerance, it is rooted in ignorance and fear.

The ultimate powers that drive this are not emotionally or politically motivated.  Not at all.

There is certainly nothing to do with medicine or disease involved in this.  Not at all. This is simple extermination with rat poison injections.

The ultimate powers that are driving this are transhuman, viewing humans as plague and glut upon them and the planet.  Yes, that includes you, one who is stupid enough to take a big shot of rat poison. And keep going back for more.  Regaling in the privileged status of receiving a little card that says ‘vaxx’d’, with an expiration date.

These transhuman present no moral issue.  They do not give a shit about any human. No moral issue involved here that is beyond that of slaughtering animals for food or convenience. You are a subspecies of the ape, created to provide slave labor In the exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources.

They made a mistake and allowed gross overpopulation over the past century.  Now, it must be rectified.  There are now cheaper and cleaner means to perform the work of humans.  Distractions have overtaken production.

They made a mistake in creating the MATRIX.  The humans have gotten drunk on the freedom, democracy and property ownership thing, and won’t produce anything that they can’t then overconsume in the course of satisfying their own gluttony and narcissism.

Politicians are ‘nobodys’ in this game, including presidents of countries and entrenched bureaucrats.  If you are obeying politicians, you are being misled.  They take their orders  that seem to have no connection to the medical talking heads.  Don’t be confused about this.  It is planned this way.

Other countries that are ‘doing something’ that influences thinking in your country should be disregarded..  This whole thing is global.  Countries are doing what the transhuman tell them.  There is no differentiating as far as countries are concerned.  The Agenda has phases, because it is large-scale, requiring phased timing of operations.

The vaxxines are, first of all, NOT VACCINES, in any way shape or form.  They are experimental, untested and unapproved.  Just because the FDA gives a temporary Emergency-Use-Only level does NOT INIDCATE this item is approved for any level of normal use, such as vaxxinating all of humanity.  Emergency Use implies there is a life-or-death situation where the victim will die unless something works to alleviate the danger.  We do not have any life-or-death dangers or threats anywhere or any time from any covid anything.  The covid virus disease is the ordinary flu, which we have been living with our entire lives. 

The politicians and bureaucrats, however, totally disregard this inconvenient fact and present this rat poison as though it is some tested product, fully approved for general use…a total disconnect from reality.

If people cannot see this, then it is they who have the problem.  They are easily deceived and clinging to the crumbling story-line as if it were true.  Too bad.  But are you really going to follow suit with them?  I think the majority are not going to.

If you ask the politicians, including Fauci, if this is a vaccine, has it been tested, does it have general approval, they will assure you everything is in order.  You should take as many shots as you can.

If you ask the doctors the same questions, they will show you the facts.  This is not a vaccine, it is not safe, there is no life-threatening emergency to warrant use of an EUO injection.  The industry has been granted total immunity from any liabilities based on the fact that it is emergency-use-only and you have accepted it as such.

The reported facts tell us that the fully vaxxinated people are contracting vaxx-disease at a rate more than 8 times the rate of the not-vaxx’d.  They are the new case-demic.  Vaxx-disease is the illness that follows the actual injections.  They are trying to say it is covid, but it is not.  There is nothing in evidence that shows covid to even exist.  To get you to take the shot, they call the flu by the new name – covid.  The flu has literally disappeared.  But after you take the injection, you come down with the real disease – vaxx poisoning.  They try to confuse the real vaxx disease with covid and overyone seems to buy into it.  That is why, like the flu, it can have a variety of symptoms that are fluid in definition.

Black people have the lowest percentage of vaxx’d people

It is morally wrong to dehumanize and disrespect people because of the color of their skin, or for being gay, or for being physically disabled, and so on. In America, we build access ramps so that people in wheelchairs can have access to restaurants and public buildings. But now, the scam identifies those who have enough common sense to see the truth of this scam, they have induced the bigoted, racist, anti-freedom zealots to create a violent conflict over the smelly putrid vaxx controversy.  Black people who refuse to take part in the government’s vaxx medical experiment will be told, “Yer kinda  people aint welcome here.”

The appropriate question is: What do you mean, YOUR KIND of PEOPLE?

In New York City, Mayor de Blasio has just announced that restaurants, gymnasiums and soon grocery stores and public buildings will discriminate against the unvaxx’d like a scene ripped right out of the Jim Crow era of racism and bigotry. The government-owned media is openly calling for unvaxx’d people to be “shamed” and “shunned,” actually encouraging vaxx’d people to dehumanize thoses who refuse to take the deadly jabs that have now caused to at least 20,595 deaths (reported), 50,000 actual, and more than two million injuries across the USA .

To see how insane this government-sanctioned discrimination really is, just take the recent announcement by de Blasio and replace “vaccinated” with “White” and “unvaccinated” with “Black,” and it turns out like this:

Bill de Blasio: If you’re White, you’ll have the key, you can open the door. But if you’re Black, unfortunately, you won’t be able to participate in most things. That’s the point we’re trying to get across, it’s time people see Whiteness as literally necessary to living a good, and full, and healthy life. It will require Whiteness for workers and customers in indoor dining, in indoor fitness facilities, and indoor entertainment facilities. The ONLY way to patronize these establishments indoors will be if they’re White. The same in terms of work.

Politicians are really unscrupulous salesmen.  Can you imagine the outcry if de Blasio declared that Blacks could not have jobs, or visit restaurants, or go to the gym because of skin color? It would be immediately decried as a policy rooted in hate and racism, and those attempting to carry out such policies would be criminally investigated by the DOJ.

But announce the same discrimination against unvaxx’d people, and suddenly all the hate and bigotry is celebrated by the media, the government and Big Tech. Because hatred is endorsed by all those groups when it helps control people to take Big Pharma’s fatal shots. Never make the mistake of believing that this vaccine push is rooted in love or even a desire for public health. It’s all rooted in hatred, racism and raw bigotry to gain their objective of extermination.

In a nation where it would be abhorrent to deny someone access to a restaurant because they’re gay, trans, Black, female or physically disabled, we now see mayors literally encouraging discrimination based on vaxxine status. This makes those government leaders bigots and racist, since Black Americans have the least percentage of vaccinated people (about 26%) versus other races, thus proving their intellectual superiority. So the war against the unvaxx’d is, not surprisingly, actually a war on Blacks, now being waged by the very same lunatics (like Dr. Leana Wen) who have been running the Planned Parenthood genocidal attack on Black babies for generations.

Most people refusing the vaccines well-informed on the subject and have reached their own decisions based on their own analysis.

Most vaxx’d up people have just followed the usual herd of uninformed TV watchers who are easily influenced by flim-flam political salesmen.

Yet Mayor de Blasio essentially just told every NYC business to post a sign that says, “Unvaxx;d aren’t welcome here,” thereby discriminating against people for what would really amount to religious heresy.  Religious heresy needed to be eradicated because it threatened to put the religions out of business.

In America’s left-wing culture, you can be a pedophile and still be excused by the media. Or you can be a trans female felon who’s actually is a biological man raping women in the women’s prison, and you will be celebrated by the media. You can literally murder your own newborn child in New York, right after it’s born alive, and be applauded by the media. You can be almost any insane thing you want, but you’re not allowed to be unvaxx’d because on that issue alone, you must comply or be destroyed.

Since all vaxxines have expiration dates in vaxxine passport apps, any person’s privileged status will end if they don’t continue to comply with on-going booster shots.

Vaccine passports used in New York assign expiration dates to vaccine injections. Your “freedom” expires in one year, based on current vaxxines, and with Moderna and Pfizer now pushing “booster” shots, those will likely expire in just a few months. Big Pharma is pushing for monthly rat poison injections, which means vaxxine passport apps will have people on a short leash: Keep complying with the monthly bioweapons injections, or you’ll lose your freedom and plunge into the “unvaxx’d” status, even if you’ve taken all the vaccines so far.

This means, incredibly, that even those who have taken all the hyped vaccines can very quickly find themselves categorized as “unvaxx’d” and watch their “key to the city” privileges vanish.

The lesson in all this? Complying with medical tyranny will never bring you freedom or health. The only freedom comes from saying NO to the tyranny in the first place.