Vaxx’d Have Been Played Big Time

Have you seen the mini-series entitled ‘The Walking Dead’.  It is very popular, finishing its 10th season, with more yet to come.  It has several take-offs , like ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, which are also wildly popular.  It is about a secret government vaccination program gone wrong.  Gone wrong, at least from the standpoint of the human race.  The vaxx’d develop a horrible condition whereby they become living walking zombies. They essentially walk in packs, destroying all unvaxx’d humans in their path by eating them in ‘wild animal’ fashion.  Once they bite into the flesh of a normal person, that person is contaminated and destined to join the zombie pack, or is consumed entirely and nothing but bones remain.

The government loses control of the entire planet and, although it continues to exist in some form, it too is compromised between the vaxx’d and unvaxx’d members so as to not have any faction that is not a part of the war.  The zombies can only be stopped by incapacitating their brain.  Their only motivating force seems to be eating, as their voracious appetites are not confined only to normal people, but to anything alive in the form of living animal flesh.  There is no moral gradient involved here, just a single insatiable drive to eat, and all that is entailed in that process.  They have no motivations toward anything from their past civilized existence.

This is probably not acknowledged by most of the so-called civilized  public, but it is obviously followed by a huge number of watchers who have not become bored with it yet, but await every new episode with  bated breath, although they may not admit this in social engagement. 

What can one make of this phenomena?  For me, it is too close to the present situation within the global social structure to dismiss as horror movie fetish.  Whether or not you realize that we are and have always been warned in advance of the catastrophes that “they” are perpetrating, or intend to perpetrate against us, either by literature prior to the TV age, or by primarily movies and TV in the more recent age.  This is Prime Directive, but is done in a way that escapes many who are far too ignorant to interpret anything so subtle.

If you are one among the few who are not watching this program because you eschew horror movies, I would suggest that you make an exception in this case.  Coincidence can only dismiss so much, and then one must start to pay attention.  This program is not showing any indications of losing its place among the popular public viewing audience of the world.  So, I would say that whether consciously or not, this unlikely theme is resonating with consumers everywhere in the world.

Back to the Present World Theater

On the fringes of a demonstration against the introduction of the green passport in Italy, a demonstrator described what we citizens can expect in the near future – if we let it happen:

“We will soon see how the vaxxinated will attack us. People are being played off against each other.

Last year it was those who had jobs and those who lost them. This year, society will be divided between those who are vaxxinated and those who are not.”

Peaceful citizens are thus pitted against each other to advance the UN Agenda 21 of the ruling “elite”. Those responsible for this diabolical plan will wash their hands of the matter and blame the expected coven – as in every war – on the supposedly innate aggression instinct of man. But this is a myth that has always served tyrants of all stripes as a welcome legitimization for fratricide or genocide. In truth, man is inherently good and not evil. But man is weak both morally and intellectually, a fact which has served the ”them” well in terms of maintaining the population size to the 500 million level for tens of thousands of years, until this past century..

“The myth of the aggression instinct”

The doctrine of the inherited aggression drive or aggression instinct is one of the most controversial formulas studied within the ranks of psychology, with the help of which psychoanalysts and animal behaviorists seek to explain problems of the political and social situation, indeed of the history of human coexistence per se.

But the self-evidence with which, following Konrad Lorenz (1903-1983), an innate aggression instinct is spoken of is by no means justified. This is shown by representatives of various sciences in the anthology “Der Mythos vom Aggressionstrieb”. Lorenz was an Austrian representative of “animal psychology”. According to the findings of the human sciences anthropology, sociology and psychology, man is by nature as good as he is weak.

Man has an original aversion to killing, which is very easily compromised. However, in order for him to attack his fellow human beings, this inhibition must be eliminated through appropriate explanations.

The German philosopher Arno Plack calls it, in the above-mentioned anthology from the 1970s:

“Non-human  rulers always had and have to reckon with the fact that a vital conscience resists carrying out orders to kill, yet history is replete with brute killings on an enormous scale, especially in modern history which brought technology to the point of ever increasing means and capacities.  And they took this into account by declaring, as they have done over the centuries, that the people or group they were fighting against were not really human beings at all, but ‘higher animals’ (as Pope Paul III said of the Indians) or ‘beasts’, ‘heathens’, ‘witches’, ‘subhumans’, heretics, vermin’ even, which required extermination.  Thus, manipulation of consciousness on the part of rulers intervenes to bring people to their bidding.

This view of Plack is confirmed by more recent specialist literature. For the renowned American social psychologist and violence researcher Philip Zimbardo, it is the power of circumstances that makes people violent criminals and murderers. In his book “The Lucifer Effect” he writes:

 “It is not disposition that makes good people do evil, but the situation they find themselves in or are put in.”  The prerequisite for the acts, he says, is that the victims are declared a threat and dehumanized at the same time. In Rwanda, the Hutu government proclaimed that Tutsis were nothing more than “hangovers” and therefore deserved to die. German Nazis portrayed Jews as dangerous “vermin”.

Today, the large group of unvaccinated fellow citizens, the majority of the people, is declared by the adulates of the ruling “elite” to be a life-threatening danger to the health of the population group of the already vaccinated, which should be urgently fought against or even excluded from the human community.

 Independent thinkers have long been discriminated against as confused “lateral thinkers”, as incorrigible “conspiracy theorists” and thus as a threat to those in power – and cleared for shooting down by the mass media. Where will this lead, if more and more authority-affiliated, government-loyal fellow citizens join this misanthropic and dangerous view – and the victims of this state discrimination campaign will not put up with it? The worldwide demonstrations and the apparent use of disproportionate force by mandated police forces does not bode well.

Work camp survivor Vera Sharav: “History repeats itself” 

The past histories of past civil, regional and world wars provide enough illustrative material to make one prick up one’s ears and yet still be perceptive. This includes the denigration of the Russian president and Russian citizens that has been going on for years as a method of psychological instigation to warfare.

How many would feel patriotic and justified to mass murder Russians, who, in reality are just exactly the same people as they, themselves are.  The only difference is that they live in a far place that prevents regular direct observation, making it easy for “those” among the ruling class to create and propagandize the fearing ignorant into believing lies.

In an article in the Austrian “Wochenblick” of 3 July,2021, the WW2 internment camp survivor, Mrs. Vera Sharav, is quoted as saying: “History repeats itself” It is worth quoting longer passages from this article verbatim:

“Vera Sharav survived the WW2 as a child in an internment camp. She describes: ‘When I came to New York, I asked myself: where was everyone?  Where was everyone when I was in hell?’ Justice and not looking away when injustice happens is therefore a major concern for Sharav. Sucharit Bhakdi was recently accused of being anti-Semitic for calling Israel ‘hell on earth’. But survivor Vera Sharav agrees with him: ‘I wish it were not so.’ History is repeating itself. They call for Nuremberg trials for those responsible for the Covid ‘crime against humanity’.

Sharav explains:

“The Nazi crimes happened without contradiction to International Law. But the Nuremberg Trials emerged, which provided justice and introduced the concept of crimes against humanity. So that something like what happened in Nazi Germany could never happen again. The Nuremberg Code was introduced in the wake of the Doctors’ Trials (1946) after World War II and was intended to ensure the ethical treatment of people by the media.

 But nevertheless, history is now repeating itself.

Is there any indication that things are going wrong in the present day scenario?

Well, actually yes there is.

Three quarters of new COVID cases, which are actually vaxx disease cases, are vacxxnated people—CDC study
In the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the PCR test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaxxine makes sense, any lie can make sense . But, all these are lies but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications.   

RT, July 30:2021: “The CDC has released a study backing up its decision to recommend indoor masking for both vaxxinated and unvaxxinated Americans. The study examined one outbreak and found three-quarters of people testing positive were already fully vaxxinated.”   “The CDC released that evidence on Friday. In a study of 469 cases of Covid-19 said to have broken out in the resort town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, earlier this month, 74% occurred in ‘fully vaxxinated persons.’ 80% of the patients hospitalized were fully vaccinated, and on average the inoculated had completed their two rounds of doses only 86 days before infection.”  

Oops.   “Lab testing revealed that 90% of all the Cape Cod infections involved the Delta variant of the coronavirus.”   Oops again. So fully vaccinated people are infected with the Delta Variant.   “The study appears to negate the argument by top health officials that unvaxxinated Americans are responsible for the fourfold rise in fake Covid-19 cases in the US since June.   ‘This is an issue predominantly among the vaxxinated, which is the reason why they’re out there, practically pleading or threatening with the unvaxxinated people get vaxxinated. White House coronavirus adviser [and psychopathic liar] Dr. Anthony Fauci, told CNN on Sunday, adding that the US is currently moving ‘in the wrong direction’ with regard to stamping out Covid-19”, which he knows perfectly well does not even exist except in the form of the flu. 

Yet another oops.   “The CDC report lends weight to the argument that the vaxxines aren’t effective against the Delta variant, although the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) both insist that vaxxination is effective against ‘severe disease and death’ from the virus, to quote WHO technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove in a briefing earlier on Friday.”   More nonsense. The 3 clinical trials of the major COVID vaccines were DESIGNED to only prove the vaccine could lessen the impact of mild disease; e.g., a cough, chills or fever. Severe disease was not even a consideration or a target. Yet, the vaxx is hyped as something that has some merit or reason to take it.   The CDCs new Cape Cod study of vaxxinated people has caused a firestorm among “the alleged experts.” A member of the White House coronavirus coffee klatch, Ben Wakana, is claiming only a very small percentage of vaxxinated people (who are infected with the virus) can transmit it to others. This is based, as usual, on no facts or evidence whatsoever. 

In another real study, it has been shown that the non-disease is not transmissible or contagious at all.   RT:  “However, the CDC study noted that similarly high viral loads were found in vaxxinated and unvaxxinated people. Walensky, head of the CDC, stated on Friday that ‘high viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission’ and raised concern that ‘vaxxinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus’.” Admitting that there is not a contagion factor would blow holes in most of her prepared material.  

RT: “The study itself is less alarmist, stating that ‘microbiological studies are required to confirm these findings’ that vaxxinated people who are infected can spread the virus.”   Well, if the vaxxinated and unvaxxinated both have high loads of the virus, why wouldn’t vaxxinated people spread the virus easily to others?  Is there some magic set of walls in the vaxxine that keeps the virus locked up inside the body? Or, is the correct answer that ‘there is not and never was any virus of any kind involved in causing any disease or illness?  It is common knowledge now that the ‘casedemic’ hysteria was totally inaccurate and meaningless due to the little plastic toy PCR tester that is now proven to not have the ability to detect virus at all.  

There’s the latest revelations about the vaxxine, the virus, the Delta Variant, viral transmission, and the attempt to cover up the whole business after it’s gone public, remaining in the public memory even after being disproven and disgraced.  That is a cheap lawyer’s trick, to knowingly state fake information even though the judge will warn the jury to disregard the information.  It is still in the jurors memories.  

The next time someone tells you it’s the duty of all Americans to take the shot in the arm, say, “Of course you’ve heard about the new Cape Cod study, right?”   “What? What’s that? Codfish are filled with toxic mercury? They’re dying because of global warming?”   “No. Lots of vaxxinated people now have the killer graphene oxide in their bodies. And it’s deadly, destruction of vital organs little by little. And it spreads its poisons from person to person?” The actual fact is, the ‘disease’ that is now infecting victims is what I call ‘vaxx disease’. Since the original disease is just the flu, the real disease, which develops after the vaxx, but is never differentiated from the fake virus, is what this whole scam is really all about. They have ignorant people believing that the covid19 is the danger and the vaxx is the solution and savior, when it is all just the opposite. This is their usual modus operandi, examples of which abound in this society.

    “Do we have to wear masks while we’re in the bathroom? While we’re having sex?”   “Absolutely. Two masks while you’re having sex. And no kissing, even while masked. No talking, either. Talking may spread the virus.”     Seriously, the presidents, governors and heads of medical scientism are in a desperate panic because the vaxx coverage is well below the figures handed out at the White House press conference and elsewhere.  The hammer is about to drop on many of these minions in the immediate future. 

They are announcing absurd ridiculous measures that are far beyond their enforcement capabilities.  For example, “no one can enter any commercial business establishment in my country without showing proof of vaxx”.   It would take an army of billions just to police such an order and the police have taken to laying down their shields and joining the protesters, of late.  Not to mention that the commercial businesses would be out of business in almost an instant order when the majority of their customers can’t even enter their establishments to exchange any business.  Some say they can post armed guards at their entrances, but these guys cost overhead money and there isn’t going to be much available.  

These Royals have killed off a large percentage of the elderly and infirm already.  Now, they must deal with the people who are not elderly and infirm, lots and lots of them. I refer you back to the beginning of this essay, with reference to the TV miniseries ‘The Walking Dead’.  It is not clear, after 10 years of programming being aired, just who is winning this struggle.  It may well be the case that the non-vaxx’d are going to succeed in destroying all the zombies, who are not capable of reproducing themselves.  Unless the ammunition supplies run out, it looks to me like the zombies are going to be wiped out.  Especially, since most of the unvaxx’d have discovered that a hefty stick is an even more effective weapon than a gun.