How they Create Beliefs with no Facts

We have all viewed film footage of multiple shots hitting President John F. Kennedy’s neck and head in a frontal attack, and part of his head was blown onto the trunk of his open limousine, but the official story remains that a shooter from behind the President’s moving vehicle with a crude rifle with no gunsight, was the lone assassin. Who then is conveniently killed by a patsy before he can tell a single word if his story.

Commercial aircraft were hijacked beginning at 7:59 AM and flying off course on 9-11-2001 and are said to have struck the World Trade Center Towers almost an hour later and no radar system detected or alerted the military in a timely manner.  Then Building 7 was “pulled” and fell when explosives would have had to have been placed prior to the event to do this. Don’t ask questions!  Accept the official interpretation of these events, the narrative of which cannot possibly be true.

Elon Musk, one of the CIA rich-boys, is said to own a lot of companies that are really part of the government, like Tesla Motors and Space-X. His Space-X company has been launching thousands of satellites lately that are said to be for the 5G network. Except that 5G does not work from earth orbit. Has it escaped your notice that they find it necessary to place 5G repeaters very close together and very near to homes, schools and businesses? The 5G is a millimeter wave technology that is very speedy but also very short range. That is the reason given for the need to almost plant a repeater on every kitchen counter. The 5G operates in the frequency range of 30-40 GHz The same as your microwave oven. Since this story about the satellites seems untrue. What is the truth? These thousands of satellites are really a part of the human extermination program. As things reach a point of diminishing vaxx receivers, these satellites will launch devices which are deployed to specific targets on earth that will be sprayed with aerosol graphene oxide particles to kill people, vaxxinated or not.


So, the public is told spike protein is what facilitates the entry of a gain-of-function mutant, laboratory-created virus into living cells in the lungs, so spike protein vaccines are developed to do what?  Create more entry of viruses into cells?

So, why is the public surprised to learn that COVID-19 vaccinated individuals are getting infected again and again, which is being blamed on a mutated variant. Another imaginary virus, like the original covid19.  75% of the new flu cases in Singapore already got the shots.  But spike protein facilitates entry of all viruses, regardless of viral strain.

Panic shifts from virus to vaccine

The pandemic has shifted from virus to vaxxine.  The vaxxine itself is now the disease.  It attacks the blood vessels says a report published in the medical journal Circulation Research. This is not a symptom of covid flu. This is a symptom of graphene oxide, which has recently been discovered as the primary content of the vaxx vials.

“Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

As 40 trillion mRNA particles are injected into the tricep muscle in the arm, they find their way into the blood circulation and re-program cells in the lining of arteries to perpetually produce spike protein.  The vaccinated now have a genetically programmed RNA/DNA spike protein factory inside their small arteries that will endlessly produce spike protein and facilitate micro-blood clots.

Fingering the anti-vaxxers as those to blame for this

A few brave investigators identify the vaccines as bioweapons and they are identified and pilloried in the court of public opinion as the Dirty Dozen anti-vaxxers who spread vaxxine lies. What, pray-tell are they hoping to gain by doing this?  But credible researchers at Doctors 4 Covid Ethics are calling the COVID-19 vaxxines “an unprecedented medical disaster” and demand the “poisonous vaccine” experiments, conducted under cover of life-threatening emergencies, be deemed to be a “crime against society” and be halted. Where are the emergencies? A small number of influenza cases have died, just like every other year of your life. There is no life-threatening emergency when the survivors are 99.7 percent of the cases. The ’emergency’ is totally unfounded, a fabricated excuse for frightening people into receiving the vaxx, which has a very high percentage of mortality, and still counting. The terminal point for the vaxx’d is predicted to be 2 years down the road.

Modern medicine is in denial

Modern medicine responds that the blood clot risk from the virus is greater than that produced by the vaccines, and therefore the risk is justified. They go that one backwards. There are no blood clots But healthy young people are getting vaccinated and their loved ones are called to identify their body at the morgue.  This should never be.  Maybe natural immunity, which is proving to be safer and more effective than vaccine-induced immunity, should be public policy.  But doctors and politicians are hysterically and frantically committed to deadly vaxxines.  Halting vaccination would bring down Wall Street and result in politicians losing control over the population.  What is happening is not a massive medical mistake, it is an outright crime. The public doctors and politicians are shills who think they are saving their own asses from the genocide of the UN Agenda 21, specifically the Sub-agenda 2025.

In the anxiety business

The news media has deliberately induced panic in the population because they are a totally complicit part of the UN and the master race.  The Centers for Disease Control reveals anxiety is the second most important contributing factor to death from COVID-19, behind obesity. Now, this is a statement that has application to all disease…anxiety and obesity. Anxious Americans are 28% more likely to die of self-generated malfunction of every form because their immune systems are shut down due to autonomic nervous system response.

Doctors are blaming major strokes and heart attacks, not the micro-clotting, which they say are rare.  How convenient, just like viruses, they are submicroscopic, they can’t be seen by ordinary means available.  But even with hiding 90% of the death and adverse effects, doubt over vaccine safety is blasting into the medical literature and real news.  One medical journal publishes a report entitled “Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia: The Shady Chapter of a Medical Fraud”. 

This entire scam is not really based on a medical problem at all.  The corona virus is just an imaginary culprit to generate a lot of fear among the public based on falsely created data from a now acknowledged worthless little plastic toy called a PCR tester, that was claimed to be effective when, in reality, it was a gimmick that produced the desired outcome, positive or negative, based on a setting of how many cycles of amplification were chosen by the test operator, whether they knew it or not.  They were simply given instructions as to how to set the knob.  These instructions came from the totally corrupt CDC.

Now that Spanish investigators have independently analyzed the vaxxine serums of all the producers, it is revealed that the serums are all identical and contain 99% graphene oxide, a cheap common industrial chemical that is a powerful poison, never intended for human consumption, especially by direct injection, giving your body no avenue to protect you from its toxicity.

This is the example of ultra simplicity among all the scientific medical jibberish of the ‘experts’, alleged to be working night and day at ‘warp speed’ to save humanity…from what?  From themselves, who are working diligently night and day to genocide all of humanity for UN Agenda 21.  This is necessary for the RESET to go forward.  Humanity is the problem and it is being eliminated.  You probably don’t see this, as you are easily duped by the lies.  You don’t want to believe that you are the target of genocide and need to be removed from the earth.  No one would want to know this unless it was absolutely true and you could possibly change the course of this mass murder.

The ultra simplicity is the imaginary threat, brought to reality by the magic of TV and the desires of megalomaniacs who have the job of implementing it.  They do not need the magic of ultra complex intervention technology.  They just need a lot of rat poison, packaged up to look like what you might expect to be seeing from you past experience of seeing other serum vials from the past.

The graphene oxide is the rat poison.  It couldn’t be simpler.  The properties of graphene oxide poisoning are perfect for accomplishing the desired job.  The public can not imagine that their government, who they believe was elected by them, would ever lie to them, or try to harm them, let alone genocide the majority of them.  Once you have accepted the rat poison, there is not antidote.  This poison is going to kill you.  How quickly is a matter of how great is the quantity of poison in your body.  That is why they immediately determined that it is necessary for you to take a second follow on dose.  Now they are conditioning you to expect more follow on boosters.  Once you have taken the first dose, you are likely to take the second dose, and additional follow on doses.  The outcome is death.  The depopulation has been forecasted to be complete, based on the CIA Deagle forecast, by 2025.  This is the first step, which targets the ‘Western’ populations of the US Empire.  The goal is 70% of the populations by 2025, about two billion humans.  There will be collateral death from the other governments of the world, whose leaders were paid to ‘play along with the charade’.  This scam would never have been possible without the support of these other countries participation.  The leaders believe they are insiders who will be allowed to survive into the future agendas.  Probably not true.

Social pressure mounts against the unvaccinated

The 80-million foolish vaccinated Americans now berate the remaining unvaccinated, a witch hunt predicted months ago, all part of the plan to get to 70% coverage.  But now, how to inform millions of Americans they have been conned?  Their lives are at risk or are already forfeit.  It may be too troublesome to bear.  Especially for those unsuspecting Americans who feared the contrived virus scam more than their own government, the true threat.  A lot of sleepless nights are coming for vaxxinated Americans. 

The blood clot problem is not going to go away

As we learn from a cardiologist that the blood clot problem will continue, high blood pressure will initially ensue and three years later the vaccinated will succumb to right-sided heart failure.  Other organs and tissues will suffer the same fate.  Can we call these RNA/DNA vaccines anything other than bioweapons or rat poisoning to eliminate undesired entities?

Below is a photograph of holes literally being drilled into healthy living cells by the antibodies now produced to counter the spike protein.  This antibody attack is more robust after booster shots.  It’s a good idea to skip those booster shots if you haven’t already received them.

Vaxxinated: now what?

If the vaxxinated masses wait for a circulatory problem to occur, it will likely be too late. The scientismists can’t safely use fast-acting heparin as a blood thinner to break up clots because it may induce further bleeding.  What to do? Well, you can be sure of one thing. They are not going to all the trouble to get you dead, only to try to reverse it. There will be no reversals.

Prophylaxis: enzyme from pineapples

First, every vaxxinated individual should take prophylactic action.  The simplest way would be to use enzymes to break down spike protein by inhibition of spike protein binding to cells.  A pineapple enzyme, bromelain, has been successfully used to inhibit vaxx infection but has double-action to break up clots and block spike protein.  Bromelain has been combined with an off-the-shelf antioxidant, NAC (N acetyl cysteine), to inactivate spike protein. NAC is a precurser to glutathione, an amino acid.  How this works has been the topic of another blog on this site recently. It is available for you to read in the archive.

 The enzyme + antioxidant work synergistically and should be used together.   (No wonder the FDA has attempted to ban NAC recently.). NAC can no longer be purchased from health goods stores, like GNC. It was available from Amazon until last week.  Now, NAC has been made a prescription-controlled substance since the discovery of the vaxx serum makeup…graphene oxide. This is highly incriminating action.

Nattokinase is a longer-acting enzyme that is also widely available (works for up to 8-12 hours) and is superior in some ways to anti-clotting drugs.

Another disruptor of spike protein is resveratrol, a red wine molecule.  Resveratrol is already widely known as a blood thinner that prevents clot-type heart attacks in coronary arteries and is considered a possible antidote against graphene oxide poisoning.  Resveratrol exerts strong binding properties to spike protein that exceeds that of hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, a widely heralded drug used for the same purpose.  Fisetin, another natural molecule commonly found in strawberries, was found to have the strongest binding activity to spike protein, thus blocking spike protein entry into cells.  Resveratrol was found to be superior to pterostilbene, its molecular cousin, at disrupting spike protein.

Graphic depiction of RESVERATROL molecular docking to spike protein, thus disrupting spike protein entry into cells.
Source: Journal Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics,
Volume 39, No. 9, page 3225, 2021.

What to do when they say new variants have materialized?

Do nothing.  This is just more of the same hyped up occulted lies about variants of something that has never existed.  You can’t have a variant of a non-existant.

You can fool all of the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time,
but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Vaxxinated People urged to pressure their unvaxxinated friends and family to accept the death shot

The vaxxinated are being incited by their governments to generate  a campaign, urged on by doctors and politicians, to prod, pressure and even force the unvaxxinated to join the crowd of idiots who are already walking dead.  You might want to hand your vaxxinated friends and loved-ones a copy of this report and warn them they have been taken and need help desperately for their own survival.