Why are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaxxination Rates?

There has been a sudden deluge of covid vaccination and vaccine passport propaganda in the past month, more so than we have seen since the beginning of this year. In the US, the establishment is still desperately clamoring for a much higher vaccination rate. In places like Europe, the UK and Australia vaccinations rates are higher and governments have moved on to the vaccine passport phase of their agenda.

Some people may be confused by the obvious lockstep that most nations are moving in as far as covid mandates and restrictions are concerned. How is it possible that almost all the governments on the planet are in agreement on medical totalitarianism? Well, it’s rather easy to understand when you realize the majority of them are linked together through globalist institutions like the World Economic Forum, which has repeatedly called the pandemic a “perfect opportunity” to push through their plans for a “Great Reset” .All the governments of the world are ruled by a singular power that is not human and always have been.  This singular power has remained totally hidden from the majority of people during the recent past, but is now going to step into view again, but only after the population reduction of the UN Agenda 21 is complete.

The “Great Reset” is a long term ideological usurpation of what’s left of individual freedom and free market economies, and it’s goal is the imposition of a global technocratic dictatorship. The previous empire has existed within a virtual reality called the MATRIX.  In other words, within the MATRIX, the virtual reality allowed humans to believe they enjoyed freedoms and ownership of private property.  The bad news is…humans are not and have never been free.  They have never had ownership of private property.  It is hard to convince most adults of this, so most adults are going to be depopulated.  Globalists wrap these objectives in pretty sounding words and humanitarian sounding aspirations, but at bottom the “Reset” is about an end to liberty as we know it. This is not an exaggeration, this is reality; this is what these people do at the point of the regular 200 year RESETS. But how to achieve such a goal?

Well, interestingly enough the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation described exactly how they planned to do it during a “simulation” they held in October of 2019 called “Event 201”. During the event, they imagined a massive coronavirus pandemic, spread supposedly from animals to humans, which would facilitate the need for pervasive restrictions on individual liberties, national economies as well as the internet and social media. I’m sure it’s all a coincidence, but the exact same scenario the globalists at the WEF played out during Event 201 happened in the real world only two months later.

In any case, the scamdemic itself is the plan for the depopulation needed for the implementation of the UN Agenda 21.  We have not seen a far reaching government power power grab since the last reset of 1812. In fact, I would say that what humanity as a whole is facing today is much greater than the typical 200-year RESET, because the human population has never previously been allowed to exceed one billion people.  Further more, the end of the great calendar occurred December 22, 2012.  This is the first time this calendar cycle has completed when humans were in existence on Earth.

There are no beneficiaries of the RESET.  It is simply a cyclical pattern that has been regularly recurring for thousands of years.  Things are returning to their usual state where humans understand that they are not the top of the food chain and go back to their normal serf status where they own nothing and are happy about it. There’s just going to be a lot fewer of them.

We are seeing an aggressive propaganda push in recent weeks. For example, as I outlined with extensive evidence in my article ‘Biden’s Vaccine Strike Force Plan Stinks Of Desperation’, it appears that the vaccination rate, especially in the US, is no where near as high as the goals set for the minions and the timelines required. Some of the minions, Biden for example, are on their last inch of rope.  Biden’s deadline was July 4, 2021 and he missed it by a significant amount.  It seems he has pleaded for and been granted so small reprieve.  He can’t seem to move the agenda forward and know his days are numbered.  Mandating the vaxxing of all government employees and all medical personnel will probably not be sufficient to him to claim success.  He is a likely casualty in the immediate future, and he knows it. That’s why he is always wearing his super dark sunglasses and has a very drawn look on his face.

While the Biden Administration and the CDC claim an overall vaccination rate of 67%, numerous other stats including the Mayo Clinic’s state map numbers indicate that only four states in the US actually have a vaccination rate over 65% (for one dose or more), and the majority of states have rates under 50%. Even large population blue states like California and New York are not above the 65% mark, and frankly, those numbers are going nowhere as vaccinations are dropping off a cliff.

If someone has not submitted by now with zero wait times and ample doses everywhere, then they are unlikely to ever be vaccinated without blood shed.

Contradictory stats suggest to me that Biden and the CDC are inflating their vaccination numbers to create the illusion that a larger majority of Americans support the jab. And if this is the case, it explains why Biden, Fauci and the mainstream media are force feeding the public with pro-vaccine hype that consistently contradicts the real science and evidence. They are not getting the fear and public compliance that they had hoped for.

But why do they require 100% vaccination? Why are they so desperate for every single person in the ‘Western’ world to get the graphene-mRNA jab?

After all, the average (IFR) death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected (this is a stat that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention to the public. This means that 99.7% of the public is in NO danger from covid whether they are vaccinated or not. This clearly means there is no emergency of any kind.

Do the vaccines ensure better odds? Well, according to recent statistics from Massachusetts, not necessarily, as they report over 5100 infections and 80 deaths of fully vaccinated patients. The media keeps telling us that only the unvaccinated are dying, but this is a lie, like so many other lies they have been peddling when it comes to covid. So, what’s the point of taking an experimental Emergency Use Only (EUO) vaccine if the death rate of the imaginary virus is miniscule  and the vaxx is not even purported to be a provider of immunity?  The facts clearly show that it is the VAXX’d that are the dangerous element of the population, who are spreading, allegedly, more covid and delta and are dying at a rate more than 8 times that of unvaxx’d.

There is no point. The science and the stats do not support it. The vaccines can’t even be credited with the decline in infections and deaths this year; the numbers plunged in January – Only 5% of the population was vaccinated by February. The only explanation for this is that the population was suffering only normal flu until they starting getting a higher vaxx coverage and becoming sick, dying and spreading sickness to others. Remember when governments said that they needed 70% herd immunity or vaccination to stop the lockdowns and mandates? The goalposts have been moved several times and the government “scientism” changes monthly. Now they claim herd immunity doesn’t matter and demand 100% vaccination.

We must ask the question again – Why the relentless government push for total vaccine saturation? It’s not saving lives, and the mandates remain regardless, so why? Well, it has been recently discovered that the contents of the vaxx serum vials of all the so-called manufacturer’s product is identically the same.  It is graphene oxide, an industrial super toxin that is pure poison when introduced into the human body.  It is worse than being injected with rat poison.  It is going to kill all victims who receive the vaxx over a period of two years.  This is exacerbated by the plan to inject multiple doses in everyone.  Once you have taken the double dose, are you going to refuse the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc.?

I can only posit theories based on the evidence at hand, but I think it’s clear to most of us that the vaxxines are NOT about public health nor are they about saving lives. They are obviously about something else…

As numerous virology and vaccine experts have warned over the past year, there is a great risk of harmful health side effects when it comes to experimental mRNA technology offering no claims for efficacy of any kind. Even one of the creators of mRNA vaccines has suggested that there are dangers in rolling out these gene manipulation graphene cocktails.  No need for more testing. Rat poison is rat poison. They halted the animal tests because all the animals died.  What did they expect?

The mainstream media and the globalists will argue that there is “no evidence” that the mRNA vaccines will cause deadly side effects or infertility. The truth is that there is NO EVIDENCE that they are safe for injection in any living creatures.  All the evidence indicates they are as effective as rat poison, which is exactly what should be expected.  Further testing cannot change the outcomes.  Most vaccines are tested over the course of 10-15 years before they are released to the public for use. The covid vaccines were unleashed on the public within months. Would you really take an endless sequence of rat poison shots to avoid a threat to your health that does not even exist?  How fucking stupid could one possibly be to do this?

The transhumans know exactly what the outcome will be? The vaccines are a pivotal part of their “Great Reset?”  There is nothing ‘at question’ here.  There is nothing experimental here.  Rat poison is rat poison.

The infertility question in particular is drawing the most fire from the establishment, and I would point out a particularly insidious narrative being implanted in the media. Whenever people question the chance of sterility caused by the vaccines, bureaucrats and media talking heads go on the attack, and then say “There’s no evidence that the vaccines cause infertility, but Covid-19 might cause it…” Just watch the recent speech by the governor of Arkansas where he and his medical flunky were almost run from the podium by an angry audience for peddling the same propaganda:

And there you have it. The stage is being set, in my view, for a mass infertility event, and covid will be blamed in place of the experimental vaccines. This is why the establishment needs a 100% vaccination rate; unvaccinated people would stand as evidence of their crimes. 

Klaus Schwab’s reset agenda is impossible to enforce in a permanently unless the human population is greatly reduced over a short period of time (a generation or two). Globalists are constantly talking about population control and reduction. Elites like Bill Gates are famous for it. Is it any wonder that they would devise a plan to institute it?

The vaxxine’s primary effects create death.  Some will avoid the injection.   What if they are still fertile?  We have been the subjects of massive infertility programs already.  Look at reproduction statistics.  For a population to only stay even, the birth rate must be 2.1 per mating pair.  The effects already instilled in the population have reached the level of less than 1 birth per mating pair. Autoimmune disorders and infertility take time to become visible in a population. The Agenda 2025 require a 70% depopulation level, which leaves, for example, the US with about 70 million humans alive.

If a large population of millions of people remain unvaccinated after the next couple of years, then they will represent a sizable and undeniable control group. A control group is a group of subjects that act as a pure sample untouched by a drug or vaccine experiment. If the vaccinated group becomes ill or dies from specific conditions and the control group does not have those same conditions, then that is a pretty good sign that your vaccine or drug is poison.

The 50% of Americans and smaller percentages in other nations are a control group for the experimental vaccines. If something goes wrong with the vaccines, then we will be the proof. I suspect this is what the elites are really afraid of.

They have to force us to be vaccinated as well – ALL of us, so that there is no control group and thus no proof of what they have done. They could simply blame mass health disorders on covid itself, or some other false culprit.

If the vaccines are a Trojan horse that causes widespread illness or infertility, and the globalists get caught because a control group exists, then it will mean outright rebellion along with ropes and lampposts for them. Their “Great Reset” will fall apart.

To be sure, this might happen anyway. Vaccine passports are the line in the sand for most people. We are even seeing extensive protests and riots in places like Italy, France, UK and Australia over the draconian passport scheme. The US, though, is where the biggest fight will take place, in my opinion. We have an armed population, millions upon millions of trained combat veterans and civilians, a military with around 70% conservatives and independents and a historical understanding of asymmetric warfare. As we have seen in places like Afghanistan, tanks, jets, missiles and drones are no guarantee of victory against a guerrilla force.

Vaccine passports are going to be a struggle.

The globalists have set in motion an end game – It could be an end game for us, but it also could be an end game for them. They are on a strict timeline. They must get near 100% vaccination rates in the next couple of months or sooner. They must get their vaccine passports in place in the next couple of months or sooner. And, they must instill permanent lockdown conditions in the near term to stifle growing dissent. We are now in a kind of race in which the globalists must implement their agenda as fast as possible while we must hold out and hold them back until the truth becomes obvious to the masses; the truth that the lockdowns, mandates and vaccines were never about safety and were always about control and murder. Control became at risk due to ‘hockey stick’ population growth, now approaching 8 billion from a half billion level in one century’ time.

This population is unproductive but over consumptive, mainly in the ‘West’, wasteful, destructive, unorganized, ununified and highly ignorant, being dumbed down by public education.  A large portion of the population is nothing beyond a lynch mob of hysterical unthinking zombies who have already rushed in to take the vaxxines and are essentially ‘walking dead’.  They are easily controlled and incited to irrational actions.  If they can be incited to violence, then the Obama/UN Kilgali agreement will automatically activate and the UN forces will be in-charge without further ado. 

The next thing on the agenda will be door-to-door weapons searches and confiscation.  Disarming the population will be the first step and finishing the job will be like a kindergarten nap.  Forced vaxxination will follow under ‘shoot to kill’ orders for any resisters. At this point, it is pretty much over.   

Killing and disposing of billions is a big job and will have to be done in phases, like UN Agenda 2025, 2030, etc.


I have been writing extensively lately about the same subject – vaxxine coverage and consequences.  This subject is what the people must grasp, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. There is going to be unrelenting pressure to get the population vaxxinated as rapidly as possible by every coercive technique imagineable. 

You can, and should, forget totally about any fake viral infections that are alleged to be so deadly that they require emergency actions to vaxxinate the people with, for all practical purposes, repeated doses of rat poison.  This is insanity and a testament to the enduring level of ignorance that exists among the populace.

However, it is hopefully the case that humans want to save their own asses and that of their families.  This is only going to happen if enough people come to their senses and defy the government’s efforts to commit mass murder.  Forget about pandemics and Fauciisms altogether and get involved in resisting the murderers.  If this can happen, then there is a chance for the survival of some humans.  If this can’t happen, then the human race will be extinct in a relatively short time.

It is just that simple.