Covid Vaxxines Only Work for Killing

“variants” are pushed as scare stories to require more vaxxines, mask mandates and destructive lockdowns

We have now reached a stunning tipping point in the global push for mass vaxxinations that inject people with ‘spike protein’ bioweapons. New research finds that “fully vaxxinated” individuals are, rather than gaining any immunity, actually suffering an eight times higher mortality rate than the non-vaxxinated. And a stunning report out of the UK finds that 62% of those dying from covid are people who have been vaxxinated.

The covid vaxxine, it turns out, does not work in terms of giving you some benefit of immunity.  It only ‘works’ from the standpoint of destroying your natural immunity and replacing it with, in addition to the spike protein problem, some specific non-immunity to any and all future variants or mutants.  You will need a countless number of additional vaxxines as you contract each of the seemingly unlimited variants.

More specifically, it doesn’t provide non-specific immunity to even slight variations in coronavirus morphology. While natural immunity produces “general” antibodies that work against all sorts of variants of the covid.  In addition, the spike protein bioweapons are being injected into the human guinea pigs as part of a global medical experiment to slowly make your organs become dysfunctional.

The implications of this are profound. It means that people who have chosen the vaxxine route instead of the natural immunity route will be forever dependent on “booster” shots to try to address each new variant as mutations appear in the wild or by artificial mehtods. This means repeated injections with more bioweapons, and it means the covid vaccines that were originally promoted as a pathway to “freedom” and immunity are no such thing. It’s more like an addiction to the needle, because you need endless injections just to stay current, since viruses constantly mutate in the wild.

While a naturally immune persons has achieved true freedom with a fully functioning immune system, a vaccine-dependent person has no general protections and must live in constant fear that a new mutation will suddenly render their existing, limited antibodies completely obsolete.

Yet vaxxine passports are given to the vaccinated —now the most vulnerable — not those who have achieved far more powerful natural immunity. This is just one of the many ways the entire plandemic response is actually designed to continue spreading the infections so that lockdowns, mask mandates and vaxxine mandates can be gleefully justified by power-drunk bureaucrats and medical tyrants (like Fauci).

Delta variant vaxxine failure now used to demand return to lockdowns, masks and social distancing

As I publicly predicted months ago, these new “variants” are greedily invoked by health tyrants to unleash a return to authoritarian lockdowns, mask mandates and other freedom-crushing demands. Of course, these measures will do nothing more than they ever did, which is nothing at all to protect people from the never ending theater of ‘variants’.The failure of their own vaxxine creates the very conditions that give them the power to take away yet more human freedoms. And just to add insult to injury, they demand you consent to every new experimental ‘emergency use only’ vaxxine they concoct, always with the same calculated lie: “If you just take THIS vaxxine, then you’ll really be safe and free This time”

But it’s always a lie. The vaxxines don’t really work as proclaimed, and you’re never free until you stand your ground and say no to the medical tyrants.

Importantly, given that viruses constantly mutate in the wild, there is no future where medical tyrants voluntarily declare the pandemic to be “over” and stop demanding lockdowns, masks and vaxxine injections.

They’ve found the ultimate power trip scam, and they’re going to keep pushing it as long as they can. And for those who are willing to be obedient sheeple, this means never-ending enslavement under the Scamdemic Virus Industrial Complex.

Remember the promise from 2020? “Give us two weeks to flatten the curve.” Soon it will be two years and counting. There is no scenario where these covid tyrants release their iron grip on humanity. There is no point where they say, “You’re vaxxinated enough.” There is no circumstance under which they will back off from their power grab and depopulation extermination.

As proof of that, LA County has just issued a new declaration, demanding that everybody wear masks indoors — even if, and especially if you’re vaxxinated — because of the Delta variant. Isn’t this a blatant admission that the promise of vaxxines was a complete fraud? So, any time a new variant comes along, everybody has to surrender to the public health tyrants yet again?

You will never be free until you stop acting like a slave. But for many people, after taking the vaxxine and multiple booster shots, they will be lucky to still be alive. Mass vaxxine deaths are right around the corner, and about half the country is at risk of being killed by the vaxxines already taken, oblivious to the fact that the vaxxines were all engineered as depopulation bioweapons in the first place.

Humans are the Guinea Pigs

Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action

As official government data is emerging in Europe and the USA on the alarming numbers of deaths and permanent paralysis as well as other severe side effects from the experimental mRNA vaccines, it is becoming clear that we are being asked to be human guinea pigs in an experiment that could alter the human gene structure and far worse.

 While mainstream media ignores alarming data including death of countless healthy young victims, the politics of the corona vaccine is being advanced by Washington and Brussels along with WHO and the Vaccine Cartel with all the compassion of a mafia “offer you can’t refuse.”

The Alarming EMA Report

On May 8 the European Medicines Agency (EMA) an agency of the European Union (EU) in charge of the evaluation and supervision of medical products, using the data base ‘EudraVigilance’, which collects reports of suspected side effects of medicines including vaccines, published a report that barely warranted mention in major mainstream media.

Through May 8, 2021 they had recorded 10,570 deaths and 405,259 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots: COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE of MODERNA (CX-024414); COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE of PFIZER-BIONTECH; COVID-19 VACCINE of ASTRAZENECA (CHADOX1 NCOV-19); and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 VACCINE (AD26.COV2.S).

A detailed analysis of each vaccine gives the following:

The Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA gene-edited vaccine resulted in the largest fatalities– 5,368 deaths and 170,528 injuries or nearly 50% of the total for all four.

The Moderna mRNA vaccine was second with 2,865 deaths and 22,985 injuries. That is to say, the only two gene manipulated mRNA experimental vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, accounted for 8,233 deaths of the total registered deaths of 10,570. That’s 78% of all deaths from the four vaccines currently in use in the EU.

And among the serious side effects or injuries recorded by the EMA, for the two mRNA vaccines which we focus on in this article, for the Pfizer “experimental” vaccine, most reported injuries included blood and lymphatic system disorders including deaths; cardiac disorders including deaths; musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders; respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, and vascular disorders.

For the Moderna mRNA vaccine, most serious injuries or causes of death included blood and lymphatic system disorders; cardiac disorders; musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders; disorders of the central nervous system .Note that these are only the most serious injuries related to those two genetically manipulated mRNA vaccines. The EMA also notes that it is believed that only a small percent of actual vaccine deaths or serious side effects, perhaps only 1% to 10%, are ever reported for various reasons. Officially more than 10,000 persons have died after receiving the coronavirus vaccines since January, 2021 in the EU. That is a horrifying number of vaccine-related deaths, even if the true numbers are far greater.  And consider, the vaxxines are being taken by people who have no reason what-so-ever to take any remedy for non-existent covid, which is nothing but influenza with a miniscule mortality rate and no side effects.  You have to be pretty stupid or fearful to do this.

CDC as well 

Even the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) a notoriously political and corrupt agency with for-profit ties to vaccine makers, in its official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), shows a total of 193,000 “adverse events” including 4,057 deaths, 2,475 permanent disabilities, 25,603 emergency room visits, and 11,572 hospitalizations following COVID-19 injections between December 14, 2020 and May 14, 2021. That included the two mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, and the far less prevalent J&J Janssen vaccine. Of the reported deaths, 38% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. The official US vaccine-related death toll is greater in just 5 months than all the vaccine-related deaths from the past 20 years combined. Yet the major media worldwide and the US Government virtually bury these alarming facts.

Some 96% of the fatal results were from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the two variants funded and promoted by the Gates Foundation and Tony Fauci’s NIAID with the experimental mRNA genetic technology.

Moreover, Dr. Tony Fauci, the US Biden Administration vaccine czar and his NIAID Vaccine Research Center co-designed the Moderna mRNA vaccine and gave Moderna and Pfizer each $6 billion to produce it. That’s also a blatant conflict of interest as Fauci and his NIAID are allowed to financially benefit from their patent earnings in the vaccine under a curious US law. The NIAID developed the coronavirus spike proteins for the development of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines using taxpayer money. They licensed it to Moderna and Pfizer.

“never seen in nature…” 

In a tragic sense, the experience with reactions to the two unprecedented mRNA experimental ‘emergency-use-only’ vaccines since rollout in unprecedented speed “warp speed” as the US Government called it, is only now beginning to be seen, in real trials of human guinea pigs. Few realize that the two mRNA vaccines use genetic manipulations that never before have been used in humans. And under the cover of urgency, US and EU health authorities waived normal animal trials and did not even approve the safety, but gave an “emergency use authorization.” Moreover, the vaccine makers were made 100% exempt from damage litigation.

The general public was reassured of the vaccine safety when Pfizer and Moderna published reports of 94% and 95% “efficacy” of these vaccines. NIAID’s Fauci was quick to call it “extraordinary” in November 2020, and Warp Speed was off and running as was the stock price of Pfizer and Moderna.

Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal pointed to a huge flaw in the 90+% reports for efficacy of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. He noted that the percentages are relative, in relation to the select small healthy young test group, and not absolute as in real life. In real life we want to know how effective the vaccine is among the large general population.

Doshi points to the fact that Pfizer excluded over 3400 “suspected COVID-19 cases” that were not included in the interim analysis. Moreover individuals “in both Moderna and Pfizer trials were deemed to be SARS-CoV-1- (the 2003 Asian SARS virus) positive at baseline, despite prior infection being grounds for exclusion,” Doshi notes. Both companies refused to release their raw data.

Pfizer in-house scientists did their tests. In short 95% is what Pfizer or Moderna claim. We are told, “Trust us.” A more realistic estimate of the true efficacy of the two vaccines for the general public, using data supplied by the vaccine makers to the FDA, shows the Moderna vaccine at the time of interim analysis demonstrated an absolute risk reduction of 1.1%, while the Pfizer vaccine absolute risk reduction was 0.7%. That is very poor.

Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, says, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.” As Doshi notes, none of the trials were “designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.” Moderna’s chief medical officer even admitted that, “Our trial will not demonstrate prevention of transmission.”

Possible effects of mRNA vaccines

Pfizer Bullies Nations to Put Up Collateral for Lawsuits

In a major new study just published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and Dr. Greg Nigh, Naturopathic oncology specialist, analyze in detail the possible pathways in which the experimental mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna could be causing such adverse effects in the vaccinated. First they point out that both the Pfizer and Moderna gene-edited vaccines are highly unstable: “Both are delivered through muscle injection, and both require deep-freeze storage to keep the RNA from breaking down. This is because, unlike double-stranded DNA which is very stable, single-strand RNA products are apt to be damaged or rendered powerless at warm temperatures and must be kept extremely cold to retain their potential efficacy.” Pfizer recommends minus 70′ Celsius.

The authors point out that to keep the mRNA from breaking down before it could produce protein, both vaccine makers substitute methyl-pseudouridine to stabilize RNA against degradation, allowing it to survive long enough to produce adequate amounts of protein antigen. The problem they point out is that, “This form of mRNA delivered in the vaccine is never seen in nature, and therefore has the potential for unknown consequences… manipulation of the code of life could lead to completely unanticipated negative effects, potentially long term or even permanent.”

PEG Adjuvants and Anaphylactic Shock 

For various reasons to avoid using aluminum adjuvants to boost the antibody response, both mRNA vaccines use polyethylene glycol, or PEG, as adjuvant. This has consequences. The authors point out, “…both mRNA vaccines currently deployed against COVID-19 utilize lipid-based nanoparticles as delivery vehicles. The mRNA cargo is placed inside a shell composed of synthetic lipids and cholesterol, along with PEG to stabilize the mRNA molecule against degradation.”

PEG has been shown to produce anaphylactic shock or severe allergenic reactions. In studies of prior non-mRNA vaccines, anaphylactic shock reactions occurred in 2 cases per million vaccinations. With the mRNA vaccines initial monitoring revealed that, “anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 247 per million vaccinations. This is more than 21 times as many as were initially reported by the CDC. The second injection exposure is likely to cause even larger numbers of anaphylactic reactions.” One study noted, “PEG is a high-risk ‘hidden’ allergen, usually unsuspected, and can cause frequent allergic reactions due to inadvertent re-exposure.” Among such reactions are included life-threatening cardiovascular collapse.

This is far from all the undeclared risks of the experimental mRNA coronavirus vaccines.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement 

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is an immunological phenomenon. Seneff and Nigh note that, “ADE is a special case of what can happen when low, non-neutralizing levels of… antibodies against a virus are present at the time of infection. These antibodies might be present due to… prior vaccination against the virus…” The authors suggest that in the case of both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, “non-neutralizing antibodies form immune complexes with viral antigens to provoke excessive secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and, in the extreme case, a cytokine storm causing widespread local tissue damage.”

To be clear, normally cytokines are part of the body’s immune response to infection. But their sudden release in large quantities, a cytokine storm, can cause multi-system organ failure and death. Our innate immune system undergoes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokines.

The authors add that pre-existing “antibodies, induced by prior vaccination, contribute to severe pulmonary damage by SARS-CoV in macaques…” Another cited study shows that the much more diverse range of prior exposures to coronaviruses such as seasonal flu experienced by the elderly might predispose them to ADE upon exposure to SARS-CoV-2.” This is a possible explanation for the high incidence of post-mRNA vaccination deaths among elderly.

The vaccine makers have a clever way of denial as to the toxicity of their mRNA vaccines. As Seneff and Nigh state, “it is not possible to distinguish an ADE manifestation of disease from a true, non-ADE viral infection.” But they make the telling point, “In this light it is important to recognize that, when diseases and deaths occur shortly after vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, it can never be definitively determined, even with a full investigation, that the vaccine reaction was not a proximal cause. “

The authors make numerous other alarming points including emergence of auto-immune diseases such as Celiac disease, a disease of the digestive system that damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. Also Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) that causes progressive muscle weakness and paralysis. Additionally, Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) in which a person has unusually low levels of platelets — the cells that help blood to clot– could occur following vaccination “through the migration of immune cells carrying a cargo of mRNA nanoparticles via the lymph system into the spleen… ITP appears initially as petechiae or purpura on the skin, and/or bleeding from mucosal surfaces. It has a high risk of fatality through hemorrhaging and stroke.”

These examples are indicative of the fact that we are literally exposing the human race via untested experimental gene edited mRNA vaccines to incalculable dangers which in the end may exceed by far any potential risk of damage from something which has been called SARS-Cov-2. Far from the much-touted miracle substance proclaimed by WHO, Gates, Fauci and others, the Pfizer, Moderna and other possible mRNA vaccines clearly hold potentially tragic and even catastrophic unforeseen consequences. Little wonder some critics believe it is a disguised vehicle for human eugenics.

FDA reverses itself

by Jon Rappoport
Rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns
Even a robot programmed to “follow the science” would throw up his hands in despair while reading the latest FDA COVID pronouncement.  

After untold numbers of people have been given antibody tests to determine their COVID status, the FDA now states:   “Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from ‘SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests’ should not be used to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaxxination.”  

Boom.   Imagining just a small sample of people– perhaps 5000 — marching in unison into a hospital, saying, “We tested positive for COVID on an antibody test…and then we had to isolate, and some of us were treated with toxic drugs…and NOW we learn that the antibody test is useless…”  

The FDA document, dated May 19, 2021, is titled: “FDA In Brief: FDA Advises Against Use of SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test Results to Evaluate Immunity or Protection From COVID-19, Including After Vaccination”.  

Digging a little deeper in the document, we have a statement referring to the COVID vaccine:   “The authorized vaxxines for alleged prevention of COVID-19 introduce the spike protein, thus immune system antibodies are by the immune system to fight specific protein targets; post-vaccination antibody test results will be negative in individuals without a history of previous natural infection.

 If the test does not detect the type of antibodies induced by the vaxxine serums, it will be negative.”   the vaxxine introduces the foreign threat that causes the immune system to produce specific antibodies against the spike protein, not the fake virus.

 If you take the standard FDA antibody test after vaxxination, it will be useless, because the test isn’t intended to detect antibodies against a virus. It only detects antibodies against the fake virus.”  

This raises several serious questions. One of them is: Since developing antibody tests is as easy as pie, why hasn’t the FDA developed one that detects antibodies against the spike protein? Since it is only the spike protein and its complements that cause disease.  

And the answer to that question is obvious. If the FDA did develop such a test, then—in terms of conventional vaccine theory—it would be easy to see how well the vaccine is working, or not working.  It would also give away the secret…that the vaxxine is the deadly agent, not any virus.  

And THAT is not a box public health officials want to open. That is not a risk they find worth taking. Suppose, after testing 20,000 vaxxinated people, it turns out that no anti-virus antibodies have been produced, but that a lot of spike proteins antibodies have been?  

Your immune system creates specific antibodies against the ‘foreign spike protein’, conferred to you  by the vaxxine. There is no actual virus to drop down out of a cloud to infect a vaccinated person. The vaxxine alone provides the lethal disease  mechanism.  

No one has proved the SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists. However, in the insane world, people believe the virus is real; the experts contradict themselves and compound their egregious fallacies like rabbits spawning babies. The people are buying it.   This latest foray shows the FDA is criminally insane and the public is hopelessly ignorant.

Massive Genocide in Process Right Now

“In the twentieth century, governments murdered, as a safe estimate, 272,000,000 men, women and children. It could easily be over 400,000,000.“

~ Rudolph Rummel: The Blue Book of Freedom: Ending Famine, Poverty, Democide, and War (2007), p. 75

As the quote from Rummel above indicates, those in government, and those that control government, are nothing more than mass murderers. They as individuals, either directly sanction murder, support the system that prosecutes murder, stand silent in the face of murder, or turn their heads the other way in order to allow murder. These distinctions are irrelevant from the perspective of blame, for without this cooperation, the killing would be much more exposed, and therefore less likely to occur. Please do not mistake my comments as placing actual blame on such abstract entities called government or state, but on each and every individual that participates in the governing process that causes or leads to the slaughter of innocents.

The coming premeditated murder-of-billions a 21st century UN plot.

Try to consider the absolute brutality waged against the innocent by the controlling and political classes during the twentieth century, and then realize that what has happened to date, and what is coming, could lead to both mass genocide and democide of the world’s population; so much so as to be many times greater than in the past. Instead of hundreds of millions dying at the hands of the powerful, billions will die. This, of course, would be the premeditated murder of billions of people by design, as everything that is happening today has been planned for decades.

This completely fraudulent ‘Covid pandemic’ was used as the catalyst to begin the process of the claimed “Great Reset” in order to allow the elite few, with the help of the owned and controlled political class, to take over the planet. But this is only the beginning of the process, as a multi-sided attack against the people is at this point imminent in my view. The ‘virus’ and ‘pandemic’ scare will continue once fall arrives, and the ‘variant’ scheme will intensify, but that will simply be a distraction compared to the scope of the real operation. The plot going forward will come from many angles, all meant to cause fear and panic. As I stated recently, there will be “farm and ranch destruction, food shortages, hyper-inflation, staged cyber attacks, utility and power grid shutdowns, forced water shortages, high death counts due to immune system destruction by toxic injections, more lockdowns, extreme civil unrest and violence, digitizing monetary systems, passports to move about, and surveillance of everything.”

Manufactured Pandemic Two: Climate Change Lockdown

In addition, there could be more war or conflict with China, Iran, or Russia, as is being stoked now, and purposeful economic destruction could certainly occur in the near term. The elephant in the room will likely be linked to unproven manmade ‘climate change,’ which will lead to new lockdowns, quarantines, surveillance, and supply chain disruptions based on this manufactured false flag deception being perpetrated by the ruling class and its media. At this point, it seems that most every citizen will be adversely affected in one way or another by what is coming, and this looks to be the desired strategy of the criminal state.

Every time depopulation is mentioned, most tend to roll their eyes and consider ‘conspiracy theory’ to be the driving force behind such presumptuous predictions. What is forgotten, or more likely never understood in the first place, is that the idea of population control through the elimination of large numbers of people, has been a stated agenda of the claimed ‘elites’ for over a century. The idea that billions could be killed or die at the hands of some sinister plot is foreign to the average man, even though genocide and democide have been evident as recent as the twentieth century, and now discussed openly by the creatures at the top of the power pyramid.

What better way of achieving such a goal as mass death than by blaming the carnage on an organic deadly virus, or some foreign power’s use of biological weapons? But what if the stated virus does not even exist? What if the real bioweapon is actually the supposed cure for the same virus being blamed for a fake pandemic? Its existence, or not, is irrelevant.

Current data shows that at least 2.8 billion doses worldwide of the ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ have been administered, with over 40 million per day continuing to be injected. That number is now rapidly decreasing as ignorant suckers have pretty much all been had. Once the flu season begins, maybe more will take what is mistakenly called a ‘vaccine.’

Vaccines, and their very idea, are the introduction of dead pathogens into the body on the notion that the immune system will have the pathogen noted for future reference, thus giving what is called ‘immunity’.  This idea is highly flawed and given a thorough treatment in another blog post on this site.

But this current covid injection introduces active living micro-organisms into the body.  These live micro-organisms are the ‘spike protein mRNA’.  There are no photos of real virus, but in all the illustrations, the drawings show the virus as a round ball with numerous spikes attached to, or growing on the surface of the proteinaceous vesicle in which the dead virus are encapsulated.  These spikes result from what is called “gain of function weaponization”, which is a product of the bioweapons labs of the US, China, Britain and other countries.

The spike proteins are what you receive in the injection along with other peripherals to help this protein breach the cell walls of the replicating cells of all the organs in your body.  This is not vaccination.  The spike protein is the bioweapon that is going to kill you very slowly, by altering the replication of every cell in your body, eventually.  These altered cells are dysfunctional, meaning they cannot be a working element of your organs.  They will gradually become a significant component of your organs, making them dysfunctional.  No virus is needed or used in this process.  The vaxxine contains nothing of benefit at all.  There is no covid virus threat.  Covid is flu.  The only content of these vaxxines are active living mRNA molecules that will kill you over a period of maybe 2 years. 

Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, the U.S., and Germany have all ‘vaccinated’ at least 50% to 60% or more of their populations. The poorest countries are the least injected, but that will probably change in the future.

Already, many across the globe are dying and having horrible adverse reactions to this poisonous injection, and death rates in many areas are much higher than acknowledged. This is happening worldwide. It has already been established that those having been injected twice are subject to death and disease

All indications and logic point to devastating results in the future. With highly compromised, and destroyed immune systems due to the draconian responses to this fake pandemic and this ‘vaxxine,’ the death numbers could be astronomical in the near and distant future. This scenario along with the high possibility of fertility destruction by injection, could go a long way to reducing greatly the population on earth, just as the controllers plan.

How many will die due to state intervention, medical mandates, and vaxxines, among the many other atrocious measures planned by government in the future? Will it be billions? When will any majority wake up to the realization that planned depopulation is one of the major agendas of the ruling class, and begin to resist?

The ongoing extermination experiment by the controlling few can and will go forward unless enough of the people stand against it. Either prepare to protect yourself and your families and adopt survival measures, or expect to die.

Their Goal

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Covid 19 is a pseudopandemic

 It is the gross exaggeration of the threat posed by a common low-mortality respiratory illness, also called influenza.

The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorize the public. The objective was to accustom the people to a draconian system of government oppression by familiarizing them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state.

The pseudopandemic is based upon an influenza-like illness which, regardless of its origin, was not and is not a disease which can legitimately be considered the cause of a “pandemic.” The only way it could ever be described as such was by the removal of any reference to mortality from the World Health Organization’s definition of pandemic.

COVID 19 is a disease which has a mortality-age distribution profile indistinguishable from normal mortality. Unlike influenza, which disproportionately impacts the young, in terms of threat to life, COVID 19 was and is a wholly unremarkable illness.

Were it not for political theatrics and mainstream media propaganda, which began in China, no one, outside of the medical profession and influenza sufferers, would have remarked on this mis-named disease.

The illusion of overwhelmed health services was created by massively reducing their capacity and staffing levels while simultaneously reorienting healthcare to treat everyone who presented with a respiratory illness as viral plague carriers.

In reality the pseudopandemic saw unusually low levels of hospital bed occupancy. However, due to the additional policies and procedures heaped upon them, healthcare services were thrown into disarray.

This was combined with the use of tests, incapable of diagnosing anything, as proof of a COVID 19 “case.” This enabled governments around the world to make absurd claims about the threat level. They relied upon fake science and junk data throughout. As symptomatic illness and resultant disease mortality was relatively low, they asserted that people without any signs of illness (the asymptomatic) were spreading the contagion.

This was abject nonsense. There was no evidence that the asymptomatic infected anyone. Those at risk of severe illness were the small minority of people who already had serious comorbidities, often due to their age.

The mass house arrests (lockdowns) and other measures, such as wearing face masks, were then used to increase the infection risk, to reduce broad levels of population immunity and give the false impression of an extraordinary public health threat. The removal of health care for every other disease, including cancer and ischemic heart disease, coupled with the health costs of increasing deprivation and immunosuppressant policies, were then exploited to bolster the illusion of a pandemic.

This does not mean that COVID 19 didn’t kill people but those who died of the disease were a small percentage of the total numbers claimed. COVID 19 had no discernible impact upon all-cause mortality. The increase above one of the lowest ever 5 year mortality averages was mainly caused by the withdrawal of health services, as increasing numbers of people died in their own homes or in overburdened care settings, without receiving normal medical attention.

Despite these efforts, mortality in 2020 was still only the 9th highest in the first two decades of the 21st century and one of the lowest age-standardized mortality rates in the last 50 years.

COVID 19 presented virtually no risk to those of working age an none at all to the young. There was no evidence that children were either at or presented any risk. The school closures were part of the pseudopandemic psy-op. They gave the misleading impression of an emergency and provided fraudulent justification for vaccinating children.

Next came the pseudovaccines. Trotted out as if by a miracle, with hundreds of billions of dollars going every direction to the usual suspects in the medical vaccine coffers.  Fauci has an armored truck coming daily to get his share safely to the bank. The experimental ‘emergency-use-only’ living-mRNA ‘spike-protein injections hit the market.  The establishment and the government campaigned these injections just as though they were fully approved by the FDA, coercing and threatening their citizens to get in line.  Now the excess deaths begins for real.  Hitting the ‘Old Folks Homes’ with brutal force, they managed to wipe-out the weak and aged that remained alive with great haste.  Quotas are set for every level of government leadership.  Biden is charged with reaching 70% pseudovaccine coverage by July 4, 2021.  Immediately he assigns similar quotas for all state governors, who follow suit wihin their own states.  Is this some kind of a contest with cash prizes for those who achieve their VICTIM quotas?

Well, as it turns out, the pseudovaccine wreaks death and disease right from day one.  This is unintended, as they were hoping to get the 70% coverage before any noticeable level of damage was noticed publicly.  Now, they have to deal with ‘pseudovaccine hesitancy’.  Many who do notice, no longer wish to partake.  This is slowing down the process and visions of ‘cash prizes’ start growing dim.  Now, maybe their asses are on the line instead.  Everyone knows that the pseudovaccine is designed for a slow kill, with the spike protein process generating dysfunctional cellular replicas of various organ cells.  As fast-replicating organs become more and more full of spike proteins, death will occur.  The hope is to have at least 70% coverage by that time, when people will become more and more aware of the trap they are caught in, but can not escape from.

We see already that the fully pseudovaccined are dying at increasing rate, at the rate of 8 times that of the non-pseudovaccined individuals.  They have to call in plan B, the ‘variants’.  People are now being fed with fear of variants, and those having taken the pseudovaccine have their own immune systems rendered dysfunctional. Non-pseudovaccined people, with their own immune systems functioning, are already immune to all the variants, so to speak.  Now the ‘variant’ thing is all a bunch of horse shit, because it is not variants that are killing the pseudovaccined, it is the pseudovaccine itself. Its not going to be long before people figure this out either.

The pseudopandemic was planned to lead to the complete transformation of our culture and society. It has irrevocably changed our relationship with governments, has caused catastrophic economic disruption, shutdown global trade and seen millions become dependant on government subsidies. The pseudopandemic was the opening salvo in a global coup d’état.

The new pseudopandemic biosecurity apparatus is designed to control our behavior as we are forced through a global transformation. Those behind the pseudopandemic intend to change the International Monetary and Financial System (IMFS) and establish global governance in the shape of technocracy. Technocracy is a neo-feudal, totalitarian system based upon communitarian principles.

We will be offered the illusion of participatory democracy through our required participation and belief in “civil society.” Civil society will be “stakeholder” oriented in the Technocracy. However, civil society will only be allowed to pursue polices set at the global level.

Applied psychology was used throughout the pseudopandemic to fix our “choice environment.” We were conditioned to believe that following the rules was the responsible and moral choice. In reality our behavior was being deliberately altered to ensure our compliance with the dictates of the biosecurity state, preparing society for the transition to technocracy.

The new global IMFS is built upon carbon trading and a $120 trillion carbon bond market is currently under construction. Assets are being defined in terms of their Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics which rate investments depending upon their environmental, social and governance (ESG) score.

These metrics have been established by the UN World Economic Forum working in partnership with the central banks, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and other stakeholder capitalists, such as the investment firm BlackRock.

The global system of central banks, headed by the BIS, are “going direct” by directly funding government policy. They have linked monetary policy to fiscal policy which means ultimate control of all government spending by the BIS. The Financial Services Board of the BIS regulates ESG’s and determines the value of sustainable financial assets.

In this way, the global technocracy will facilitate the continuation of crony capitalism, as only the right stakeholders will receive the approved ESG rating. Those who don’t will not be able to raise the investment capital they need and will be forced out of business.

“Going direct” began before the UN World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic. All of the economic and financial responses to the pseudopandemic, such as furlough and business support packages, were agreed as part of the “going direct” plan in August 2019.

The so called economic stimulus of Quantitative Easing (QE) is a fraud. It is based upon the unbridled monetization of debt on an unprecedented scale. Going direct means that the toxic junk assets of the financial institutions have been taken on to the balance sheets of the central banks. Thus, creating unimaginable levels of public debt that can never, and will never, be repaid.

The QE stimulus money, created out of absolutely nothing, has been pumped into the financial markets for the continued enrichment of the right stakeholders. The vast expansion of the money supply has led to hyperinflation. The mass unemployment that will occur as a result of the austerity, caused both by the staggering levels of debt and our transition to a new IMFS, will create stagflation.  Very few are interested in working again.

The new net zero carbon economy will mean permanent austerity for the majority. The Technate will provide a universal basic income (UBI), or some variation of the concept, to be paid in Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). This will mean that no one will have their own money, other than the chosen stakeholders, as all transactions will be monitored and controlled by the central banks.

Those who oppose the neo-feudal authority of the stakeholder Technate and refuse to comply with the imposition of biosecurity obligations will have their CBDC restricted or switched off. The pseudopandemic has established the framework of the biosecurity state that will control all our lives. The vaxxine passports are the gateway to full biometric identity for every citizen in the new normal Technate.

We will be required to show our biometric ID on demand. Access to goods and services will be monitored and restricted as desired by the Technate. UBI and CBDC combined with biometric ID will ensure our compliance. The central planners of the Technate will oversee the AI controlled system which will automatically limit the freedoms of those who defy the rules decreed by the stakeholder capitalists.

Money, as we currently understand it, is no longer required by those behind the pseudopandemic. The net zero carbon economy enables them to seize control of the “global commons.” This means that they will have dominion over all of the Earth’s natural resources. All land, the oceans, the atmosphere and even space is being converted into assets via Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.

Not only will we have no money of our own, we will be unable to access the resources we need to survive without permission from the Technate. While this system of technocracy has been planned for more than a century, it was the financial collapse in 2008 that led the pseudopandemic planners to increase the pace of transformation. The monetization of debt had long been the source of their authority but this IMFS was unsustainable. As all money was debt, its eventual collapse was inevitable. It passed the point of no return in 2008.

With their going direct plan in place, the stage was set for the pseudopandemic. Bioweapons lab created SARS-CoV-2 provided the perfect opportunity and the core conspirators behind the pseudopandemic had trained extensively in readiness for the operation. We were then barraged by a mainstream media propaganda campaign and military’s information warfare units were deployed to control our “choice environment.”

Scientific and medical doubts were censored as the suspension of normal democratic processes was exploited to introduce the biosecurity state. Laws were passed to allow government to commit any crime it wished in pursuit of stakeholder capitalist sustainable development goals. Laws to end the right of protest and censor free speech are moving unopposed through the legislature as national governments, who are no more than stakeholder partners within the new normal technocracy, prepare us for the coming Technate.

For the core conspirators of the pseudopandemic this is the realization of their long held dream of global governance. They are steeped in the mythology of eugenics and population control. Once they have total control of the global commons they will no longer need us as consumers and are intent upon 70% population reduction, per the dictates of UN Agenda 21.  Further reduction will occur in due course, as humans will be totally infertile.

As insane as this all sounds the evidence, explored in pseudopandemic, is overwhelming. We are facing global neo-feudalism, taking us back to what has always been the system as long as humans have existed, 135,000 earth-years..

The core conspirators have no real power. It is an illusion that they are desperate to maintain. They invest billions in ‘play money’ on propaganda, hybrid warfare and security systems while we still exist, but the day is not far off when none of this will be needed any longer.. Their plan will succeed so long as we meekly buy into their lies and comply with their orders. Those already vaxxinated are out of the equation.  They are walking dead.  If we don’t comply, they may just allow us to try to survive without the ability to reproduce