This is a Global War on the Humans of the ‘West’

This imaginary virus is not even remotely an act of Nature

This is the reason the UN was commissioned

This is the 200-year RESET in which China assumes global power

The power that was formerly endowed to the US.

China has already implemented the new social technocratic structure.

Clif High reports that the CCP attacked the US (and the world) with the imaginary bioweapon and cyberattacked the 2020 Presidential Election. The US could have started nuking China months ago, except that is not part of the plan and much more complex than that, because the CCP is really a proxy of the Globalists and the Chinese people are also victims of these same Monarchs. The US cannot and will not retaliate. The humans, both in the US Empire and the Chinese Empire are just pawns.  They do not now, and never have had freedom except in the illusion of the ‘virtual reality’ of the Matrix.  The Matrix is ended.  Those who are thoroughly indoctrinated into the Matrix will perish by means of the vaxx, starvation and other measures already underway.

Moreover, the CCP/Globalists have completely infiltrated our civilian command structure and all of our institutions, such as the media, to such a degree, that most people don’t even know that we are in the middle of a global unconventional war on civilians.


“We’re in World War III now and it might be a couple of years before most of the ‘Normies’ will actually recognize it. This is the gestation time for the graphene vax to complete the kill process. This is how peculiar this situation is. The bad guys, here are really not the Chinese people. The Chinese people are slaves of the CCP. So, eliminate the slave class, unless they’re willingly fighting for the masters.

The Globalists are not homo sapiens.  They have trusted minions from the various Blood Line Families, and this would include Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Rockefellers, the Tavistockers, all the Royals on the planet are the Players, who expect to be spared from the genocide.

“There are various different ways to categorize who is who. It would include the Pope. It’d include almost all of the heads of all of the religions. It’s going to include all of the heads of all of the big cults. It’s going to include all of the big God men in India, because they’re all working with the Central Banks.

“So, all the Globalists around the world are all Central Bank tie-ins. That’s one way of defining them. You could almost say…an easy way to consider the Globalists is to say that anybody who has a private jet is within that group. Anybody who has a private jet is a Globalist. That’s one of the criteria, because you’ve got to be global, you got to be international.

“Anybody that takes private jets rental and takes private jets in charters is easing their way up into that category. That would be the outer fringes of it. It’s just a really simple way to define it, because they are having impacts, even if they aren’t ideologically aligned with these people. We know that it was Epstein’s private jet that facilitated the pedophilia. Charlie Ward transferred money on jets, in which young, underage women were being trafficked. So that’s the understanding. The…private jet world also houses this elite cadre within the Globalists.

The Politicians would like to think, and have you think that they are going to be survivors.  This will not be the case.  Politics is one of the biggest aspects of the Matrix…the freedom illusion.  Politicians have no further role to play.  They are very likely going town with extreme prejudice.


the Globalists were never allied with the political element of the US and they are not allied with the CCP. The POLs have temporary usefulness and no doubt see themselves as indispensable, but their usefulness evaporates once the gig goes down.  The political guys always over rate their value.  They assumed to continue running the ‘mob’ as usual and they double-crossed the Royals. Now, they’re in deep sh*t. Globalists were transferring their wealth to China and they were going to just live like kings in Asia, instead of living like kings in the Western World. The CCP, took the wealth in and then they started doing things that basically double-crossed the Globalists, trying to solidify their positions in the new game.

“Now, the Globalists have to come back to the Western World and they’ve already polluted all the Western World, in destroying the Western Empire, to move their money over into China. And so now, the Globalists are like, ‘Uh-oh!’ They’re a bit caught out. They don’t have a home base, anymore. They’ve exposed themselves, by these rapid movements in the West, so…even all the ‘Normies’ are starting to wise up to some of the goings-on, more and more people gaining it – we’re reaching a critical tipping point, this weekend, I think.

“As more Normies get involved in it, it’ll just gain. It’ll start doubling every day, as the amount of people that are awakening. And it’s just going to race through humanity and just go really, really fast. 

“So, the Globalists are caught in a really tenuous position. They’ve exposed themselves in the West. They’re visible. We know who our enemy class is and we can start identifying the details, as individuals. And we can debate about certain individuals that are fringe level but we can easily identify all the hardcore cadre of Globalists that are causing the major problems and implementing the unconventional warfare.

For example, take British PM Boris Johnson, who was a conservative libertarian right up until he discovered the RESET and could see where things are headed.  He immediately turned into a flaming technocrat, hoping to save his own ass somehow. 


On December 22, 2012, many people attended Mayan Calendar parties and speculated on the end of an age.  Typical Americans expected some specific cataclysmic event to occur.  The Precession of the Equinoxes, also called the Cycle of the Yugas, is a 25,970 earth-year occurrence.  This is just a small segment of the Long Calendar, revealed to the Mayans and others by Ningishzida, youngest son of Enki.  The true Long Calendar is not about scheduling business meetings or such.  It is totally about cycles of consciousness and fulfilling ones destiny in the long haul of countless reincarnations, each affording the opportunity to advance or evolve ones consciousness on the great path to cosmic consciousness.   

“So, now, we’re in the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of Knowledge. There are distinct, different environmental conditions that affect our Solar System and each of the astrological ages. In each of those astrological ages, we experience frequencies that resonate with different aspects of our being.

We’re in the Age of Aquarius and this is the Age of Knowledge. In the cosmic environment, we find knowledge, we discover knowledge that is within our purview . You don’t invent knowledge. You don’t create knowledge. It is entirely a discovery process and we are in the process of discovering who we are in this new age and what are our opportunities for enhancing our progress on our journey.

For example, we know that the whole scamdemic thing is a pile of BS.  How do we know it?  We investigate, gain facts and apply our powers of deductive logic. Firstly, viruses are real, but they are not pathogens.  This is all fabrication of Rockefeller’s Allopathic medicine BS, that requires an infinite number of germs which you ‘catch’ from door knobs.  Each germ requires multiple pills and shots, maybe some elective surgery, to treat and ward off the symptoms.  This ‘germ’ theory is a total joke that has created disaster in the ‘Western’ world, leading to unconscionable levels of expenditures for treatments that are ridiculous fakes that cure nothing.  The truth is, if you have your immune system working, you’re not going to be ill from any germs.  Viruses are not germs.  They are dead waste matter from cell replication. They are not a factor in health maintenance.

All of the medical scams serve the purpose of ‘control’. The allied elements have a central tenet; they want to control everything.  They do so with their regularly planned and scheduled RESETs, which destroy the failing old worn-out themes and replace them with new schemes.  Depopulation of the major propagandized portions of the masses is necessary to be able to indoctrinate the new citizens into the new scheme because the young are malleable.

There are many ways to kill people, but the world’s population has never been allowed to grow to the current level before now.  The new technocratic society will be a one-world venture, without nation-states, without politics and with a tight structure.  It is designed for sustainability.  It can only support 500 million citizens.  The vaxx is one of the several means to take down the current 7.9 billion to 500 million, required under Agenda 21.  The current phase is intended to take out 1-2 billion by the year 2025, or Agenda 2025.  Once the 1-2 billion are vaxx’d, they are on a one-way path to death within 2 years of injection.  They are effectively walking dead.  There are food and water shortages on the near-term horizon.  Weather manipulation is making some areas uninhabitable.  Fake GMO meat will take factory feed-lots out of existence and further weaken the immune systems of targets with god-knows what poison crap.

“The CCP are the ‘war pigs’ and the War Pigs want everything for themselves and nothing for you but they don’t want you to go away 100%. They want enough of you to go around to be able to serve them and to suffer for their pleasure. 

The Globalists within the entrenched bureaucracy of the US manipulated the presidential election with little effort to put the brain-dead candidate into the position.  This makes for easy manipulation of the executive orders and quick elimination when the time comes. No one will be surprised to read of his hospitalization or death.


Most Americans seem disinterested in a live revolution.  They don’t want to interrupt their never-ending cocaine party and risk their own asses in the process.  In the present state of ignorance, they would rather take some flu vaxx’s and carry on.  Why risk you own neck for something that is hocus-pocus scientism and maybe will blow over with a return to glorious ‘normal’? They will most likely never know the answer to this question.  They believe only a few unlucky ones got a tainted dose of the vaxx and the odds are in their favor it won’t hit them. 

On the horizon is also gun confiscation.  That will be the job of the UN under the conditions of the Obama agreements, after Martial Law comes on.  This will stir up some agitation, but once completed, will take a lot of air out of the sail of any possible defensive actions on the part of the people.

Europeans have a lot more guts than Americans, but also a lot fewer guns. China is itching for the opportunity to try out their new weapons and shiny new troops.  Any real active resistance in Europe or the US will be quelled with great speed and extreme prejudice. 

“Also tied into the election theft is the media, who are not tied in to the CCP, but are just owned and operated by the Royals.  The media is one of the oldest branches of the Royalty and has spun all the stories to build belief and the Matrix and earlier virtual realities.  This has long been the case and provides the means to spin any stories to the gullible public who believe their favorite newscasters are inviolate and would not tell a lie. The media is responsible for everyone that has died or will die from the vaxx.

“Without the media pushing it, would any of the people you know have taken it? No. They were all mind controlled into taking it. 

In the future, the media will become even more critical as the most un believable stories are yet to be told.

The media people are fully culpable and need to shoulder a heavy share of the blame along with the Globalists, as part of the theft of the election and the entire fake scamdemic. In the United States, this is Treason – Capital Crime – but that is only for the little people to whom the fake laws apply.

The same Globalists are involved in all of these sovereign  countries, doing the exact same rigging of the political structure. But, since all of the ‘elections’ are only facades to support the delusion of freedom, nothing will ever be done about this.  They are not going to take themselves to task over the issue of their own fake elections, where they always chose who is going to win and always have.

The slaves are going to be affirmed again, just like they were on a few short years ago.  Kings and rulers are going to be clearly established as the power structure.  The technicians are going to follow the Agendas, which are designed to establish the model of sustainability and efficient production and distribution. The will not be any general education, just training for specific tasks.   

The conquest of space/time has already been accomplished.  It could never be accomplished based on the incomplete scientism that all of the human race has been trained under, believing the superstitions of materialism.  One cannot travel in space/time by blowing up explosive fireworks.  You can make it to low earth orbit, about 200 miles, where you can orbit a little but then fall back to the surface from the attraction of gravity.

Space travel is common-place among civilizations of far greater conscious advancement than humans on earth could ever even imagine.  It is accomplished by the understanding of quantum physics which mathematically describes the multiple dimensions of energy and information. Space/time is the concept to physically describe the state of energy in the 3rd dimension. 

S[ace/time is curved and going from one location to another by following a linear path would take many human lifetimes even over the shortest routes.  It could not be accomplished with fireworks because there is no way to generate the equal and opposite forces involved. In space travel, involving great linear distances, travel from point A to point B is accomplished by manipulating space/time in such a way as to curve space/time to bring the two desired point into close proximity to one another.

What About the War?

We have differentiated this as a non-conventional war.  It is not one where the winner is determined by shooting guns at each other’s armies and seeing who is left standing.  This is a much different situation, where the losers are going to die from numerous causes that have been applied for over 100 years, since the Rockefellers invented allopathic medicine.  There are many killing factors that have been going on for a length of time longer than your lifetime. 

If that were not true, then the world population would surely now be at 40-50 billion and rising exponentially.  This was always Enlil’s fear.  The populations would outgrow his capability to maintain control.  The Royals, in their greed, have grossly compromised the positions they have been assigned to maintain control.  At this time, the sheer numbers of humans could easily succeed in conquering the Royals, just by identifying them and dropping them in the ocean.  There are relatively few of them.  Yes, the are powerful and control powerful resources.  They would no doubt kill many humans in the process, but the humans would definitely be the winners.

Unfortunately, the humans are very ignorant and gullible.  As you read this, humans are being set up for certain death by the billions.  Far more will die from extermination than would die from disposing of the problem.  But this is going to play out as planned, because humans are too gullible and will never take action in time to change the outcome.

Will Americans try another Revolution?

Although they lost the first one, they could try again.  But there is little likelihood of this happening.  They are just to clever for us and we are just too willing to be brain-washed.  It’s just that simple.

To win a war, you must, first of all, come to the realization that you are involved in a war.  Only a tiny percentage of humans realize this obvious fact.  The rest are busy drinking the cool aid.

The US and its empire must be injected with the lethal serum to achieve coverage of 70% of the total population. 

This goal may not be that hard to achieve.  Many within the population are coming to their senses, but, if the figures are at all accurate, close to 50% have already been injected.

Biden is now announcing that the carrot dangling from the stick inducements are finished and the whip is coming out.  If he succeeds in getting to 70%, this will make the Agenda 2025 goal happen…70% population reduction by 2025. Biden may get to keep his job for a while longer.

Agenda 2025 is going to be followed by Agenda 2030, and so on, until the world population of humans numbers less than 500 million at some point during Agenda 21.

As the effects of the graphene oxide disease start to reveal themselves of the next months and years, people who are now waiting for the ‘return to normal’ are going to gradually face up to the inevitable outcome and realize that they have been had.  Death is coming with the injections they have already taken and there is no way to turn it around.  Long before this point, the weapons confiscation will have been completed and occupation of the territory will be well underway.  Don’t expect to see too much in the way of the new technocracy being implemented hear, because the global technocracy is for those in Asia and Russia.  Only some children will be selected for survival in the ‘West’.  They will be redistributed to the uninhabited cities already built and waiting in China and the ‘stans’ of the former USSR.

The Latest Examples of the Desperate Biden Threat:

Government authorities and large health care groups are ordering the vaxtermination of their own members and workers, demanding spike protein murder shots be injected into millions of victims who work in the government and health care sectors.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, just announced covid mandates (vaccinate or endure daily tests with high false positive rates) for all 314,000 city workers. This is government targeting government in the vaccine depopulation war. What it means is that if covid vaccines produce any significant number of fatalities or hospitalizations, NYC will suffer personnel losses and large increases in health care costs for its own workers, plunging the city into a dire situation where there are no longer enough city workers alive to keep the city running.

Similarly, the American Medical Association and dozens of other medical groups have colluded to call for mandatory vaccines of all health care workers. Their public demand falsely claims that covid vaccines are “safe and effective,” even though the FDA has made no such determination, and the manufacturers of the vaccines openly admit in their own documents that these vaccines have unknown consequences and are experimental medical interventions.

Both the State of California and the Veterans Administration have announced mandatory vaccine requirements for all their workers. In California alone, 15.4% of the workforce is employed by the government, according to, and there are 2.5 million government workers in the state of California (although not all of them work for the state itself and may instead work for county or city governments).

In Arizona, a large health care group known as Banner Health has announced mandatory vaccine requirements for its 52,000 employees. Any who refuse the vaccine will be fired after November 1st, right as the winter flu season is rising, likely increasing the demand for health care services.

In all, we are now seeing governments and health care “authorities” ordering the vaxtermination of their own workers and employees on a scale never witnessed in the history of human civilization. This is a genocidal self-culling operation that clearly seeks to murder as many people as possible as a way to collapse the nation.

Watch this Maryland nurse warn the world about what’s really happening with vaccine deaths and injuries, although the lying corporate media (paid off by Big Pharma) and criminal Big Tech platforms (also paid off by Big Pharma) are censoring all health care workers who are warning about covid vaccines:

A novel way to slash the size of government

When mayors like Bill de Blasio order 314,000 government workers to be vaccinated with a dangerous, deadly, unproven experimental gene therapy intervention, he’s actually promoting a novel way to slash the size of government. Within as little as 18 months, tens of thousands of those workers may be injured or dead from covid vaccines in NYC alone, according to various warnings from a growing number of qualified medical professionals such as Drs. Hoffe, McCullogh, Tenpenny, Martin, Northrup, Madej, Merritt, Zelenko and others.

Across California, if all government workers are forced into covid vaccines, a mere 10% fatality rate could mean 250,000 government workers dying in the near future, leaving California government at a devastating loss for its own continuity of government (C.O.G.) sustainability.

It’s difficult to see how local and state governments that are currently mandating gene therapy jabs will continue to function if these risky medical experiments turn out to cause serious health complications. Should these experimental gene therapy injections (“vaccines”) produce substantial adverse reactions, hospitalizations and permanent injury, cities, states and the federal government will also be financially devastated by exploding health care costs incurred by their own surviving workers.

Most blue cities and blue states are already on the verge of bankruptcy right now. And that means their ability to cover the added financial strain of retirement pensions and vaccine injury health care costs may be too much to bear.

Vaxtermination of doctors, nurses and health care workers

Thanks to the AMA, which has abandoned its own stated guidelines for medical ethics and informed consent, vaccine-induced fatalities and injuries will disproportionately impact health care workers, causing widespread shortages in doctors, nurses and other workers at the precise time the rest of the nation is suffering from vaccine injuries and desperately needing medical assistance.

This action on the part of the AMA is beyond merely criminal. It is the self-destruction of the entire promise of medical “authority” from the western medical system, which now admits that it will murder its own practitioners in order to enhance the profits of Big Pharma.

No doctor is really valued by the AMA, as they are throwing their own doctors under the spike protein steamroller of Big Pharma’s experimental mRNA gene therapy injections, with unknown consequences backed by nothing but fraudulent promises and a hard political push for mass obedience.

Just recently, a medical assistant from Minneapolis had both of her legs amputated after receiving the Pfizer covid vaccine, reports the UK Daily Mail. The highlights from the story are nothing less than horrifying:

  • Jummai Nache, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, received the second dose of her COVID-19 vaccine on February 1
  • Days later, she felt chest pains and was rushed to the hospital, where she tested positive for the virus
  • Doctors diagnosed her with arterial blood clots multiple inflammatory syndrome (MIS), a condition where multiple organs in the body become inflamed.
  • Jummai’s health rapidly deteriorated and she had to have of her legs amputated
  • Medical experts are unsure whether the vaccine caused her complications, while her husband searches for answers
  • Jummai will soon need her hands amputated as well, though her heart has fully recovered

The lying corporate media — guilty of a conspiracy to mass murder millions of human beings — won’t cover Jummai’s story, since all those who are injured by vaccines are immediately blacklisted and smeared by the pharma-controlled media.

And because corrupt government has granted vaccine makers absolute legal immunity against lawsuits over injuries caused by their products, Big Pharma won’t be helping Nache pay any of her long-term care costs or immediate medical costs.

There is a GoFundMe page for Jummai Nache where she has so far raised $127,000 to help cover medical expenses. Note that she will soon need both hands amputated as well, which means her lifetime medical assistance costs will surely be in the many millions of dollars. Please consider supporting her if you are able.

It is critical to note here that the injuries she has sustained are consistent with vaccine-induced blood clots caused by the spike protein, trillions of which are generated in her own cells after an mRNA gene therapy injection. Nache is, technically, a victim of biological warfare, and that same war is being waged against doctors, nurses, government workers and just about every human being across the world.

“Vaxtermination” is the correct term to describe what’s happening today. Human beings are being vaxterminated, and the mass murderers are running the medical institutions, the media, the science journals and the big tech platform.