Planned Takedown of America

Ending in martial law, halted elections and Holocaust level mass extermination via Graphene Oxide injections and Starvation

 A nefarious plan is under way to place America under a military dictatorship, halt the mid-term elections and unleash armed soldiers to go door-to-door, confiscating guns and forcing vaccines on the American people to achieve Holocaust-level mass extermination.

That plan follows a specific series of events that all orbit around the concept of planned chaos. The steps to achieve this chaos are already on-going.

The more chaos these Oligarchs can unleash, the more they can stampede and control the nations to achieve their ultimate goal: The mass extermination of billions of America’s imperialists and the complete takedown of the empire as a viable force.

The anti-American globalists’ plan will bring about the genocide and change-over of the power structure

High-level officials in the Pentagon (Gen. Milley, Gen. Austin, etc.) are co-conspirators in this plan, as are the Biden regime imperial officials under direct control of the CCP. The corporate media is pushing all the required narratives (race hatred, anti-white bigotry, covid hysteria, etc.) in order to create the necessary hysteria that can be triggered into an eruption like what we’re seeing right now in South Africa.

Below, are the steps of this plan to achieve all this within the next 18 months.

Some of the highlights of this plan:

  • Pushing mandatory vaxxines on workers at critical infrastructure installations in order to achieve  mass death and incapacitation, resulting in failures at power plants, water plants, food production, transportation, first responders and other elements needed to keep society functioning.
  • We are looking at 250 million dead in American and proportionate numbers in other elements of the empire over the period to 2025, stemming from vaxxine-induced damage (micro blood clots, heart failure, myocarditis,etc.).
  • The real pandemic is now underway, by means of the lethal graphene infections which devastate any protection from natural immunit.  
  • Incapacitation of critical infrastructure will result in the empire’s cities falling into anarchy, with widespread hysteria, desperation, murder, rape and total chaos. The police will be powerless to stop it, interested only in their own bid for escape.
  • The cities will become “death traps” without food, water, fuel or electrical power. Those who are able will flee the cities and become violent looters streaming out of the cities, ransacking suburbs and rural areas in search of food, shelter and survival. As we see in South Africa, these violent looters can only be stopped through the application of coordinated civilian firepower.
  • Rural communities will need to rely on civilian security forces working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement (Sheriff’s offices, typically) to engage and halt the violent looting mobs, most of which will consist of individuals who have been brain damaged by micro blood clots caused by graphene injections. The zombie apocalypse is about to become reality.
  • As this chaos is intentionally unleashed, the illegitimate Biden regime will illegally deploy U.S. troops against the American people while suspending the U.S. Constitution by decree, then confiscating firearms from any and all civilians by means of UN forces, who will have full authority under Martial Law.  This will of course result in fierce resistance throughout the empire, and probably a disruption of military order as young soldiers desert to try to help their families.
  • Existing agreements will instantly initiate UN “humanitarian missions” to allow communist Chinese PLA troops to physically invade and occupy the nations, claiming to be distributing food. In reality, this is the invasion of America that Obama has long planned and will be carried out by proxy, through Biden who is both a puppet of Obama and of China. Communist Chinese forces will enter the U.S. by land, through both the Southern and Northern borders.
  • As these efforts ramp up, states and entire regions will push for secession from the failed federal government, and this will set off extreme conflict between the anti-American Biden criminals in D.C. vs. the pro-America states like Texas, Florida, Arizona and others.

People who wish to survive all this must plan for the following reality to occur.

Those who fail to plan may find themselves dead:

  • Extended power grid failures, perhaps lasting indefinitely in certain areas. Note that cryptocurrencies will be useless in this scenario, so consider additional backup plans in place for physical assets such as barter goods.
  • The total collapse of food deliveries to local outlets. Emergency food and water supplies must be available to sustain you for a year or more.
  • The complete wipeout of ammunition supplies, firearms and gun parts. You will have to survive on what you already have salvaged from the mass confiscation.
  • The unleashing of the UN and CCP. military against the citizens of the empire.
  • The timed, engineered collapse of the fiat currency debt bomb, which will instantly halt all food stamps and financial transactions, plunging America into Third World status almost overnight. Those left holding useless cash will see their savings completely wiped out. The dollar’s demise will be timed to achieve the maximum chaos effect.
  • The attempted total takedown of the internet, with exceptions being granted to certain controlled websites that are deemed “essential” such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and other platforms controlled by globalists and the CCP. With the power grid down in many areas, internet access will be unavailable for most people.
  • The shutdown of all financial transactions and banking operations, for some amount of time, to worsen the collapse. This means there will be no functioning method to purchase food, fuel, parts, services, etc. Locally, the economy will revert to barter.

Will the globalists succeed in all this?

If human ignorance is not overcome very quickly, then YES, all this will come true. There are more than enough humans to string up these oligarchs, but is there any determination?  But there currently seems to be near-zero willingness by anyone in a position of power to sound the alarm and halt this genocidal war on humanity that has already been unleashed. Those already injected are in grave danger.  They are rolling out plans for monthly booster injections now.

This is not a drill. Prepare to harden your position and do not succumb to whatever coercion will certainly be coming.  Stay away from the shots no matter what they do to threaten you with their Gestapo tactics.