Total Demolition of the COVID Conspiracy

The facts have been accumulating steadily over the past year.  The facts do not substantiate anything being touted by the world’s puppet governments, through their servantile public health agencies, government owned and controlled media outlets, including TV and internet.  The divide between public-media-reported official narrative and scientific fact is an ever-widening hiatus. 

As of this writing, there is nothing that can possibly be reconciled between emerging facts and inevitable conclusions of real scientific investigation and the pitifully crumbling fake narratives still being touted by the talking heads on TV and internet news.

The final nail in the coffin of the Major Shill, Anthony Fauci, as the primary discloser of the official government conspiracy narrative to deceive, frighten and manipulate the unwitting public has been discovered and publicly reported very recently.  More details will be emerging, but in the report published yesterday on this blog site, Spanish researchers have published the simple facts of thorough analysis of the contents of a broad sampling of serum vials from all of the known manufacturers of what is designated ‘the COVID-19 vaccine’.

Although the scientific conclusion is very simple, the analytical process involved to reveal this simple conclusion was well beyond the means of all lay public citizens, of course, and most independent scientific facilities. Government-owned or financially-controlled scientific laboratory facilities are all part of the global scam, because all the world governments are perpetrators of the covid scam. This is because they all work for the same oligarchs. They are the source of the lies that most people believe at this time. Uncovering lies in this environment is not easy nor can it be accomplished rapidly. Some qualified researchers must reach the point of determining the government is lying, and then get the needed laboratory facilities to be able to accomplished the analysis requiring sophisticated electron microscopy.

 This is the reason why the perpetrators use medical-associated story-lines to pull-off deceptions of this nature.  They allege the false underlying basis for the narrative they have fabricated knowing is well beyond the ability of the public to understand and prove anything scientifically.  They say that a pandemic has mysteriously developed from unknown causes that threatens to kill a large percentage of the world’s populations of humans, and this requires pulling out all the stops to react and respond to this mortal threat.  No amount of spending and skilled resources can be enough to stem or contain this dire threat.  No one in the public could object, because they do not even have the slightest understanding of the mysterious mechanisms of a ‘virus’.  Although viruses are the most numerous organic entities in existence, they are also the most invisible due to their submicroscopic size and the most benign since they are all dead waste material.  Without the benefit of expensive scanning electron microscopic equipment, they cannot be seen at all.  Even with such equipment, few clear images are obtained, or at least shared with the public.  Everything that is shared with the public is just artwork, illustrating what they would like you to believe is a living, intelligent, malevolent scheming infectious agent with insidious capabilities to infect humans with mortal diseases which elude all known medical remedies.  A new remedy must be invented, post-haste, no costs be spared, warp-speed super effort, because time is of vital essence to save mankind from immanent disaster. In other words, they create a ‘stampede’ where little or no common sense enters the process. The public is helpless and hapless.

The humble virus has been at the core of countless medical scams for the past 100 years, because of its invisibility.   If you have been reading any of my past blogs, you will already know that viruses are waste byproducts of cellular replication.  They are all dead and securely packaged before being expelled from the many cellular living entities whose cells are eukaryotic, which is the majority of living entities on this planet.  What could be more convenient to blame fake stories of medical threats on than the invisible virus, that is dead, so it cannot even defend itself against the slander.

Until now, to any sufficiently educated, intelligent, analytical person who has been studying this flowing narrative of the current covid scamdemic, nothing rings with the slightest iota of truth, but lacking the laboratory facilities, it has been impossible to determine the truth of the scam narrative and theatrics, including the extensive advertising and promotion campaigns and the vaxxine coercion,  the manufactured contagion, when absolutely no contagion exists,  the mortality statistics in the face of no mortality, beyond the level of ‘normal’.   

But, at last, a group of highly qualified, lettered and dedicated INDEPENDENT researchers have accomplished what we have all been aware of, awaiting, but could not prove.  The cause of the symptoms the perpetrators have been using to manifest their on-going dialogue and theater to present the saga of covid.  They have discovered what is in the vaccine serum of all the vaxxines, along with the other adjuvants and tricks to get this same toxic chemical concoction into our bodies.

The ingredient in the vaxxine serums of all versions of the vaccine is one and the same.  It is simply a nano-toxicant chemical called GRAPHENE OXIDE.  It is not rare or uncommon.  But when you are looking for something totally different such as something medical or biological, you are very surprised to discover that there is nothing medical or biological about simply poisoning your victims.

What is needed here is an army of toxicologists.  We certainly do not need any fake virologists, epidemiologists or scientismists.  We also need a new trial, ala Nuremburg, to process the perpetrators of this grand multiple homicide of billions of humans.  We need a lot of good rope and some sturdy gallows.

You can read yesterday’s blog to learn more about the properties of graphene oxide, the nanofilaments that have been discovered in aerosol ‘chemtrails’, Morgellan’s disease, prescribed or recommended face masks, in the elongated covid test swabs, in prior year seasonal flu vaccines and finally in the current batches of experimental emergency-only covid vaxxines.  Probably there are other secret avenues through which they are introducing this toxicant into human bodies in foods, water, air, toothpastes and cosmetic items.

What has been discovered is so simple, that it require little analysis, explanation, nor is it possible to be in error of identification.  The narrative of the perpetrators is one gigantic lie, that has been long in the making.  The truth is:

  1. There are no viruses involved, at all.
  2. The Wuhan ‘gain of function’ bio-weaponizing is a lie not that China is free of complicity here.
  3. The campaigns to get you to believe in a pandemic are all lies.
  4. The lockdowns and masking are to introduce the toxicant into your body.
  5. The distancing and all the anti-contagion theatrics are all nonsense, as poisons are not infectious or contagious..
  6. The covid tests are a part of the plan to rupture your cribriform plate and introduce more toxicant into your body and cranium.
  7. The incredible measures to manufacture death statistics were solely to prop the storyline with some factoid-appearing official statistics, all false.
  8. The ‘cracker jack prize toy’ PCR tester was perfect to officialize the claims of massive ‘positive’ covid viruses or reduction in infection, so the fake vaxxine could be attributed with positive results.
  9. The resonance EMF absorption band frequency of graphene oxide is precisely the frequency used for the 5G network, which has been installed near you.
  10. I have a photo of 5G installers adding a new PCB assembly at the towers with the label “COVID19”.

This is a list that can go on and on, but you get the idea.  So, why would the perpetrators want to do this to human kind?  I have covered this extensively in recent posts.  You need to do some more reading.  This is the question everyone asks to poke the pin in the balloon.  It is thoroughly covered and available to you right here on this site.  They have a compelling reason to do this to you.

What is going to happen next?  Those who have taken the vaxxines, any past flu vaxxines, had any covid tests, worn any special prescription masks are already poisoned to various degrees.  If you have sufficient graphene oxide in your body’s’ toxins collection’, you are going to die.  This will require some time, maybe as much as two or three years, but likely before 2025.  Obviously, do not allow any more toxicants to be put inside your body.  At this point, you need to begin some serious detox program.  I have covered this in prior essays found in the archives which always are available on the site. You need to increase your body’s glutathione reserves.

I am going to cover this more extensively, but you need to know this information now.