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Fig. 1—British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (“BoJo”) and Caroline Louise Bevan “Carrie” Johnson (nee Symonds) (“CaJo”). Married May 29, 2021 in a secret Westminster Cathedral ceremony, just two weeks before the 47th G7 summit. The couple have a one-year old son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. Wilfred is probably BoJo’s seventh child.

BoJo’s great great grandfather was Sir George Williams, the founder of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) on Jun. 06, 1844. The YMCA—Britain was funded by a group of British East India Company banker-slavers who founded the modern Barclays Bank. The YMCA—New York started in 1852 and was incorporated on Apr. 03, 1866 by Robber baron directors and committeemen including J.P. Morgan, William E. Dodge, Jr., Cornelius Vanderbilt and Elihu Root.

CaJo is the illegitimate great granddaughter of Herbert H. Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford, co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society, British prime minister (1908-16) and founder of modern British intelligence (MI6, MI5, GCHQ), state-run propaganda (BBC, Empire Press Union, Reuters, Associated Press, Marconi Wireless) and biochemical warfare (Wellcome Trust, now GlaxoSmithKline and Astrazeneca) (1909). Asquith orchestrated the false flags with Winston Churchill and others that triggered WWI.

BoJo and CaJo’s relatives knew from their profit taking in the long history of the British East India Company that the institution of slavery required fundamentals like buggery/sodomy, rape and the whip. Those fundamentals were instituted within the YMCA just as agrarian slavery was being abolished. Their slavers turned from black, brown and yellow slaves to Y.M.C.A. buggered/sodomized and raped white urban slaves to sustain their profits.

BoJo’s 94-page Wikipedia fails to mention that his great, great grandfather was Sir George Williams who founded the Y.M.C.A. in 1844 and was financed by the slave-trade fortunes of Barclays Bank

CaJo’s 7-page Wikipedia fails to mention that she is the illegitimate great granddaughter of British prime minister Herbert H. Asquith; Asquith is a British Pilgrims Society co-founder, the founder of modern intelligence (MI6, MI5, GCHQ, CIA, FBI, NSA), founder of state-run propaganda (Reuters, AP, Empire Press Union, BBC, Marconi Wireless), and overlord of biochemical warfare (Wellcome Trust, now GlaxoSmithKline and Astrazeneca) and overlord of the Pilgrims America takeover plan

J.P. Morgan’s 18-page Wikipedia fails to mention he was the founding treasurer who bankrolled the New York Y.M.C.A. on Apr. 03, 1866

The New York Y.M.C.A. founders included a genital-urologist, a “Christian socialist,” the Y architect, and three railroad, steamship, mining, cotton, real estate Robber barons including William Dodge, J.P. Morgan and Cornelius Vanderbilt

Elihu Root ran NY Y.M.C.A. Bible devotions and later became attorney to Rockefeller and Carnegie, Pilgrims Society co-founder, secretary of war, secretary of state, Carnegie Endowment founder, CFR founder, Columbia University honoree

British Y.M.C.A. banker-slaver-trader founders in 1844 had learned over centuries to perfect buggery/sodomy, rape and whipping to control slaves to fuel their monopoly profits

In the creation of the Y.M.C.A., urban, industrial white slavery would replace black, brown and yellow plantation slavery using tried and true buggery/sodomy and rape to emasculate* the male and female victims into slave-factory subservience

In the almost overnight rise of the Y.M.C.A., Christian churches were forced to become involved in self-defense, thus compromising their spirituality and chastity by the seduction of lavish J.P. Morgan/Vanderbilt donations, and turning a blind eye to the buggery/sodomy and rape inside the Association’s walls

* Definition of emasculate 1: to deprive of strength, vigor, or spirit : WEAKEN 2: to deprive of virility or procreative power : CASTRATE

Jun. 30, 2021—At the 47th G7 summit earlier this month (Jun. 11-13, 2021), British prime minister Boris Johnson, age 57 (“BoJo”), unveiled his latest baby mommy, Caroline Louise Bevan “Carrie” Johnson (née Symonds), age 33 (“CaJo”).

CaJo is young enough to be BoJo’s daughter. The couple has a one-year-old son, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson born out of wedlock. They were married on May 29, 2021, just two weeks before the summit in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral and after she had already moved in as his mistress into 10 Downing Street. Did CaJo thus officially convert No. 10 into a bordello?

BoJo is yet another in an ancient line of groomed Oxford University philanderers, like Bill Clinton whose moral turpitude is legion.


BoJo is believed to have six (and probably seven) children.

BoJo had no children with Wife #1Allegra Mostyn-Owen (m. 1987-annulled 1993).

BoJo had four children with Wife #2Marina Wheeler (m. 1993-2020)—Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler, 27, Milo Arthur Johnson, 25, Cassia Peaches Johnson, 23, Theodore Apollo Johnson, 21. He divorced Wheeler just before marrying CaJo, after CaJo had already moved in with him at #10 Downing Street.

BoJo has a child with Wife #3—CaJoCaroline Louise Bevan “Carrie” Johnson (née Symonds) (m. May 29, 2001)—the infant’s name is Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson.

BoJo has two children with Mistress/Faux Wife #4Helen Macintyre —Stephanie Macintyre, and Unidentified Child Macintyre #2.

Evidently, Boris’ johnson exploits women, children, the public trust and morality to satisfy his predilections.

In short, Boris is the definition of a lecher and appears to have no shame.


AFI’s research miners recently turned their data-mining guns on BoJo-CaJo and have uncovered absolutely rapacious Y.M.C.A. and British Pilgrims Society histories in their bloodlines.

To say that the Johnson family is dedicated to human slavery (black, brown, yellow and white) is an understatement, as the facts show.


BoJo is a classical groomed disciple of the British Pilgrims Society and its interlocking associations.

The grooming involves placing the person in positions where other Pilgrims can teach them the ways of the secret society, while also testing the candidate for advancment within their ranks.

The tests involve moral and ethical promiscuity to see if the candidate will do what they are told and keep their secrets.

Current whistleblowers indicate that these tests involve pedophilia, witchcraft, necromancy and ritual torture and murder of infants to extract their adrenochrome and organs that the self-anointed elitists consider a life-extending substance.

Here are some of Boris’s groomers:

  1. King’s Scholarship,
  2. Eton,
  3. Balliol College Oxford, president of the Oxford Union (1986),
  4. The Times,
  5. Daily Telegraph,
  6. GQ,
  7. Sunday Telegraph,
  8. Sirs Barclay Brothers (worth £2.25b in 2012),
  9. Conrad Black,
  10. Ritz Hotel,
  11. Press Acquisitions Limited,
  12. Ellerman,
  13. Littlewoods,
  14. Shop Direct,
  15. Woolworths,
  16. The Scotsman,
  17. Lord Mayor of London, 2012,
  18. Olympics (ala Mitt Romney),
  19. Foreign Secretary,
  20. Henley MP,
  21. Conservative Leader, and
  22. Churchill biography.


Boris’ 94-page Wikipedia entry is off-the-charts unreal puffery propaganda to lionize a made-for-TV Y.M.C.A.-British Pilgrims Society urban white slavery front man.

Telegraphing his grooming, like Pretender Biden, Boris is inarticulate away from a telepromter. His Pilgrim Klaus Schwab moniker “Build Back Better” has become a laughably trite moniker of his Pilgrims Society handlers.

CaJo, like BoJo, is equally groomed and blood-tied to the founders of the Y.M.C.A.-Pilgrims Society (1902).

CaJo’s illegitimate great grandfather was Herbert H. Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford, Queen’s counsel (1890-1928); home secretary (1892-95); co-founder of the Pilgrims Society (1902); chancellor of the exchequer (1905-08); prime minister (1908-16); leader of the liberal party (1908-26); overseer of the first imperial press conference (1909); co-founder of the Empire Press Union (1909); founder of MI6, MI5, GCHQ (1909); secretary of war (1914); founder of the British War Propaganda Bureau with Churchill relative Masterman (1914-1916); initiator of war with Germany (1915).

CaJo’s father, Matthew John Symonds, was executive director of the Lawrence Ellison (Oracle) Foundation until late 2019—the British Pilgrims Society’s global surveillance database.

Ellison’s convicted pedophile baby daddy, Rev. Dr. Hugh “Sinclair” Moore, worked for necromancer W.T. Stead, co-founder of the Pilgrims Society, who was Cecil Rhodes’ confidente, chief strategist for “government by journalism,” founded numerous psycho-science seance groups that contacted the dead and even did business deals with them (Julia’s Bureau, 1909).

Moore himself founded the First Church of Psycho-Science in Oakland, California. Like BoJo, Moore was a lecher who had at least five cult wives, including 16-year old Ida Anna Dorothy Kleffler (m. 1918).

CaJo has relationships with The GuardianDaily Herald and the Mirror Group. The Mirror Group was founded by Lord Northcliffe—one of the Pilgrims Society founders (1902) and treasurer of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909.

The Mirror Group was owned for many years by Robert Maxwell. Maxwell’s daughter Gislaine is Jeffrey Epstein’s madam in their human-trafficking operation. The Mirror Group is now named Reach Plc).

Besides the Daily Mirror, Maxwell owned Berlitz International language instruction, Macmillan book publishers, and Official Airline Guides. In 1990 he launched the European, and in 1991 acquired New York Daily News.


AFI and AIM readers know the notorious Herbert Asquith well.

Asquith was notoriously interlocked with British Pilgrims Society co-founders including Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail, Mirror Group), Lord Burnham (Daily Telegraph, Associated Press, Empire Press Union), Lord Alfred Milner (concentration camp butcher and Wellcome Trust vaccine poisoner of the Transvaal with Lord Gen. Sleigh Roberts, first Pilgrims president (1902), Sir Winston ChurchillLord Walter Rothschild (Balfour Declaration, Reuters), William J. Donovan (MI6, OSS, Marshall Plan, CIA, Kennedy assassination), J.P. MorganJohn D. RockefellerAndrew CarnegieColumbia Law and necromancer W.T. Stead.

H. H. Asquith, CaJo’s baby daddy, presided over:

  1. the creation of Bolshevism by the Pilgrims Society in collaboration with Lenin and Stalin in London (1902-1917); see Sir Andrew Carnegie-Rhodes J. Rhodes, Planners of Internationalism,
  2. the betrayal of Czar Nicholas Romanov by Lord Alfred Milner and the Pilgrims Society war lords,
  3. the slander of Kaiser Wilhelm about allegedly murdering Belgian babies to turn British public sentiment against Germany,
  4. the severing of the trans-Atlantic telegraph communications cable between America and Germany that triggered WWI,
  5. the monitoring of transatlantic war telegraphy by Pilgrims Anglophile David Sarnoff (RCA, NBC),
  6. the conspiracy of interlocking directorships to sell out American sovereignty to the Britain in exchange for titles and unlimited funds; See suffragette Lillian Scott Troy’s discovery of the Pilgrims strategy in 1912,
  7. the promotion of the satanism and necromancy of Cecil Rhodes’ biographer and Pilgrims Society chief strategist of “government by journalism” W.T. Stead—later eliminated along with John J. Astor on the Titanic,
  8. the treason of the FISA court in conspiracy with Britain,
  9. the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the perpetrators of the Trump-Russia hoax by British peers,
  10. the hijacking of Oracle by the British Pilgrims, and
  11. the takeover of Facebook/Instagram by British peers, including Sir Nicholas Clegg, who are leaders of the Pilgrims Society and British intelligence. See also Baron Richard B. Allan, communications vice president of Facebook Europe.



Boris’ father Stanley Patrick Johnson (b. Aug. 18, 1940) is a writer, eugenicist, propagandist, and another British Pilgrims Society groom: Exeter College Oxford; Columbia University; World Bank; European Commission (1973-79); ambassador, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); Author, World Population and the United NationsWorld Population – Turning the Tide (1994); WWF Living Planet Award (2015); Brexit remain (2015)—Brexit leave (2017) flip-flopper.

Boris’ paternal grandfather was born Osman Ali Wilfred Kamal (b. 1909) and later change his name to Wilfred Johnson.

Boris’ paternal great grandfather was Ali Kemal Bay who was interior minister for the Ottoman goverment. His great grandmother was Winifred Brun, an Anglo-Swiss mother. Bay was assassinated during the 1922 Turkish War of independence.

Boris, paternal great uncle Zeki Kuneralp (1914-1998) was the Turkish Ambassador to Switzerland, Spain and the UK as well as Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry.

During WWII in tiny Switzerland, Kuneralp was a contemporary of Pilgrim nuclear engineer Eugen Schwab (Klaus Schwab’s father, Escher-Wyss Co.—Adolf Hitler’s and the U.S. Department of Energy’s secret nuclear supplier), the Raget Abys family of war trader mining attorneys (Tony Fauci’s maternal kin) and Pilgrim William J. Donovan, OSS, MI6 and the NSA, controller of the Bank for International Settlements. The International Chamber of Commerce also operated out of Geneva Switzerland run by Sir Winthrop W. Aldrich, a Rockefeller and, you guessed it, a British Pilgrim.

Now we will turn to the family of Boris’s paternal grandmother—Yvonne Eileen Irene Williams (1907-1987).

Tellingly, this Daily Mail (Pilgrims Society founder, 1902) article on Irene fails to mention that Sir George Williams (b. Oct. 11, 1821, d. Nov 06, 1905), the founder of the Y.M.C.A., was her great grandfather—Boris’ great great grandfather.

Could this silence be a deafening indictment of the true mission of the Y.M.C.A. to decimate spirituality (with systemic buggery/sodomy and rape) within the Christian opponents to slavery, and simultaneously create new white industrial slaves for City of London bankers and traders—to replace the black, brown and yellow plantation slaves of the declining British East India Company?

All the publicity surrounding Boris’ Muslim background appears to be mere smokescreen for his notorious Y.M.C.A. associations.


Sir George Williams (Boris’s maternal great great grandfather) was the founder of the Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.) on Jun. 06, 1844

The first chairman of the Y.M.C.A. association was Mr. R. C. L. Bevan. His full name was Robert Cooper Lee Bevan.

Sir J. E. (John Ernest) Hodder-Williams. (1906). The Life of Sir George Williams, republished in 1918 as The Father of the Red Triangle, The Life of Sir George Williams, Founder of the Y.M.C.A., 348 pgs, PDF p. 155. Hodder and Stoughton. Graphic: Hodder Stoughton. Republished for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon

Suspiciously, Bevan’s full name is never used in the official biography written by Williams’ son, Sir (J.E.) John Ernest Hodder-Williams, in 1906. Only Bevan’s initials were used.

This obscures Bevan’s true identity—as one of the most influential bankers and slave-holding beneficiaries in the British Empire at that time (mid-1800’s).

ROBERT COOPER LEE BEVAN (B. FEB 08, 1809, D. 1890)

Fig. 4—Robert Cooper Lee Bevan. (b. Feb 08, 1809, d. 1890). Founder, Barclays Bank; beneficiary of Davison Newman & Co. imperial slave trader and banker. First chairman, Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.). Sir George Williams Y.M.C.A. benefactor and “intimate” associate. Photo: Wikipedia.

Mr. R. C. L. Revan’s full name was Robert Cooper Lee Bevan (b. Feb 08, 1809, d. 1890).

Bevan and his family were leading City of London banker-agents who co-founded modern-day Barclay’s Bank.

The Barclay and Bevan families had been interlocked in sugar, rum, tea, chocolate, tabacco, figs, ginger, pepper, coffee, spice, etc. slave-trade banking since before 1756.

Bevan prominence in the mid-1800’s would be analogous to a Warren Buffet today. He was the attorney executor for one of the greatest Jamaican plantation fortunes to emerge from the slave trade.

Bevan’s estate at his death in 1890 was valued at over £953,000—£125 million or $175 million in today’s currencies.

Bevan’s grandfather and namesake, Robert Cooper Lee, was a slave owner and advocate against its abolition. He was also a Crown Solicitor for Jamaica, and agent in the City of London. His slave-owning properties included Rose Hall Estate, St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, Jamaica.

Lee was partnered in his substantial slave holdings with Sir James Esdaile, lord mayor of London; Monkhouse Davison (1713-93), owner of one of the leading grocers in 18th century London: Davison Newman and Co.Abram Newman was also a partner and was known then as one of the wealthiest men of the 1700’s.

Lee was a contemporary of white Jamaican slaver attorney Hamilton Brown—Vice Pretender Kamala D. Harris’s great great grandfather.

Read our reports on Kamala Harris and Hamilton Brown using the search bar on this site and on

Since Robert Cooper Lee was a fellow slave owner and Crown Solicitor, it is certain that he and Hamilton Brown cooperated in promoting the slave trade.

The detailed University College London records show that Brown handled the compensation of slave owners for their “lost property” when they were forced to free their negro and creole slaves. Those slavers were replaced by by Irish and Portuguese white slaves—no doubt part of the disappeared white chattel from the rapidly expanding and enormously well-funded Y.M.C.A.

In 1784, the Davison Newman partners declared they owned 82 slave men, 72 women, 39 boys, 27 girls and two six-year olds named Ebony and Lavinia. Eleven-year-old Fiora was a field hand with a blind mother.


It was Davison Newman and Co.—which still operates to this day—whose tea was throw overboard in the Boston Tea Party on Dec. 17, 1773.

Notably, the current sole director of DAVISON, NEWMAN & CO. LIMITED (Co. No. 11468504, formed Jul. 17, 2018) is CBE (Lady) Blondel Bernadette Rosceilia Hodge CLUFF (b. May 1960, Commander of the British Empire).

Cluff is also the current sole director of THE WEST INDIA COMPANY LIMITED (Co. No. 09894482, formed on Nov. 30, 2015).

Cluff is/was a director in THE ROYAL MINT MUSEUM (Co. No. 07105875, formed Dec. 15, 2009) where she was appointed on Jun. 04, 2019, then resigned the next month on Jul. 31, 2020—a suspicious move, most likely to facilitate some movement of funds to her protected by the Queen’s state secrets privilege.

Cluff is a director of PRINCE’S TRUST INTERNATIONAL founded by Prince Charles with Sir Nigel Knowles, Chairman of DLA Piper. She was appointed on Aug. 18, 2016 and resigned on May 03, 2018. The Prince’s Trust has now moved into American in a big way through Sir Nigel Knowles, the evident Pilgrims handler for Pretender Biden and Vice Pretender Harris. Note: Knowles is a director with Pilgrim Lord Mark Malloch-Brown in the SGO Smartmatic-Dominion rigged election machines.


It appears that the recent reincorporation of the Boston Tea Party supplier Davison Newman and Co. by Lady Cluff is some sort of poetic restoration to celebrate the Pilgrims Society’s takeover of the United States and poetic justice for the British tea supplier.

Davison Newman and Co. was the Walmart of its day.Walmart of course is another more recent British Pilgrims Society creation of Bill and Hillary Clinton during the enslavement of the citizens of Arkansas.


Was Johnson’s ancestor Sir George Williams one of the first Pilgrims Society founder NGO cardboard cutouts?

What was the real agenda of the Y.M.C.A.?

The abolition of slavery in the Caribbean finally started taking hold at about the time that the Y.M.C.A. was founded in 1844.

Many of the well-connected slave owners were getting payments from the Bank of England to compensate them for the loss of slaves. Others, like Hamilton Brown, were already starting to import white Irish slaves with confidence tricks and false promises, and now we believe, disappeared Y.M.C.A. young men.

The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 pushed slavers like Robert Cooper Lee, Sir James Esdaile, Abram Newman and Monkhouse Davison, along with Hamilton Brown (all banker-attorneys) to free their slaves in exchange for payment for their losses by the King.


The British Empire had for centuries relied upon the economy of slavery (cheap labor) and its systemic abuses to break the will of the slaves who would otherwise revolt. Whipping, rape and buggery/sodomy were essential tools the masters used to tame their slaves.

Buggery/sodomy has been a poorly researched phenomenon of slavery.

Researchers believe the reasons include: (1) the masters became addicted to the free kinky sex abuse of their chattel property, who had no rights, (2) the masters did not document their own immorality, (3) the male victims were illiterate, so any stories would be by interviews (which there are some), (4) the male victims felt shame and did not talk about it, and (5) the practice never stopped, so the reports of “buggery” (British term for sodomy) were censored by the former slave owners, who were the leading bankers, judges, politicians and newspapermen in London and the Empire.

Experts indicate that many males who ritually sodomize other men, women and children lose interest in normal intercourse with women who refuse to be sodomized.


Was the meteoric rise of the Y.M.C.A. out of altruistic Christian motives, as the propaganda claims, or was it the opposite?

Was the Y.M.C.A. organized and funded by the leading London slave trade bankers of the day to provide a fresh source of young men to sodomize now that the slavery source dried up?

It appears so.



The Y.M.C.A. was founded on Jun. 6, 1844 in London, shortly after the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act was finally taking hold, even inside the City of London’s British East India Company banker-traders whose profits were founded on slavery.

See The Sexual Abuse of Black Male Slaves. The History Engine.

See also 50 shades of slavery : sexual assault of black male slaves in antebellum America. Shareok.

In the end, The Bank of England paid the slave-owners for this loss of “property,” and thus these slavers even profited from abolition.

Some of those payouts have only recently been completed. Jamaican Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown represented many of these slave-owners in the 1833-ca.-1840 compensation.

As reviewed earlier, the wealthiest British slaver-owners in Jamaica were partnered in the global trader Davison Newman & Co. which operates today.

Partner Abram Newman was said to be the wealthiest man in 18th century London. Partner Robert Cooper Lee was a Crown Solicitor and City of London agent. Partner Sir James Esdaile was Lord Mayor of London.


The original funding for Barclays Bank today came from the heirs of David Bevan—the heir of the Davison Newman & Co.

Notably, Bevan and his brothers-in-law had all married negro former slaves and had to be given a special Act of Parliament (1777) so that they would be considered white in order to pass their inheritance to their mulatto children.

Curiously, as they were losing their negro and creole slaves, they continued enslaving Irish and Portuguese slaves, and they bankrolled the formation and mercurial growth of the Y.M.C.A. (London, Jun. 6, 1844.

The first meeting locations of the Y.M.C.A. in London are on sites adjacent to the current headquarters for DLA Piper (Sir Nigel Knowles, SGO Smartmatic, Kamala Harris, Prince’s Trust International)and Investec (Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, SGO Smartmatic).



Simultaneously, the slaver-founders of the Y.M.C.A. appear to have exacted revenge upon the Christian Church for forcing them to give up their black and brown slaves. Deceptively, they pretended to be “Christian” while secretly buying silence with large donations and buggered/sodomized and raped clergy.

Notable among the Y.M.C.A. founders were J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Elihu Root who were later founding members of the Pilgrims Society.

Elihu Root became private attorney to Andrew Carnegie and JD Rockefeller, founding president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).



* you cannot make this up.

The Village People group emerged in 1977 on the disco, soul, funk and R&B scenes with hits including “Macho Man”, “In the Navy”, “Go West” and their biggest hit, “Y.M.C.A.” In March 2020, the US Library of Congress described the last as “an American phenomenon” and added the song to the National Recording Registry, which preserves audio recordings considered to be “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” Wikipedia says: “The leather-clad biker character with a horseshoe mustache has also become a widespread pop culture icon associated with gay culture, and “Y.M.C.A.” has become something of an anthem of the LGBT community.”

The Y.M.C.A. song was implicitly understood as celebrating Y.M.C.A.’s reputation as a popular cruising and hookup spot, particularly for the younger men to whom it was addressed.

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Why Big Pharma Wants Human Vaccine Factories

By Julie Beal

Not all coronavirus vaccines use mRNA or DNA. Some of them contain ready-made spike proteins that are made using synthetic biology. They’re grotesquely unnatural and laced with weird adjuvants that most people have never heard of. The way the artificial proteins are made reveals the short cuts being taken with the mRNA/DNA versions and why calling them vaccines is the equivalent to saying a home-brew kit is the same as a glass of wine.

Bringing the DNA to life

To make a protein vaccine you need a bunch of cells and a bioreactor to put them in. DNA is injected into the cells and activated with a spark of electric, in a process known as electroporation. The cells are kept alive by feeding them so they replicate or grow, and at the same time they pump out the proteins that were encoded into the DNA. Valneva is producing a coronavirus vaccine using cells that came from the kidney of an African green monkey, while others are using insect cells. Other proteins are grown in yeast cells, and there’s a flu vaccine grown in cells from the larvae of a moth. The DNA from any of these cells can end up in the vaccine.

How to Make a Protein Vaccine

  1. Customize the genetic sequence of the protein using a bioinformatics computer program such as DNASTAR.
  2. Create DNA versions of the virus protein. (This often involves using RT-PCR to amplify the required sequences, then using E. coli and a bacteriophage to transcribe them.)
  3. Combine the DNA with a different kind of virus to create a hybrid.
  4. Use this hybrid virus to infect a cell line in a bioreactor (basically a big metal vat).
  5. Feed the cells with a special broth, e.g. salts, vitamins, sugars, amino acids and serum from a baby cow.
  6. After a few days, harvest and purify the proteins, mix them with adjuvants and other ingredients, then wang them all together and call it a vaccine.

Using people as vaccine-factories

Genetic vaccines containing DNA or mRNA miss out the last few steps of this production process. Instead of using cells in a bioreactor to manufacture proteins, they use the cells of the human body. This means the substance being injected only becomes vaccine-like once the host has done the work and produced whichever protein it’s encoded with. It saves manufacturers a huge amount of time and money by turning people into walking-talking vaccine-factories that do the job for them. The production of the vaccine only occurs if the body translates the genetic sequences, so there’s no way to know what dose anybody’s getting, because some people may translate more of the sequences and therefore make more proteins!

A lot of synthetic vaccines have had bad press (e.g. Pandemrix in the 2009 fake pandemic) but Big Pharma has plenty more planned because it’s a versatile and patentable platform. The heroin vaccine is a good example of this; it contains tetanus proteins attached to heroin molecules to make people produce anti-heroin antibodies!

And how long would it take for flu vaccines to be added to the vax ID passport?

Flublok – a synthetic flu vaccine

Flublok has been licensed for use in the UK and the US. It contains hemagglutinin (HA) proteins from four different influenza viruses (e.g. selected by the FDA, one of which is the 2009 swine flu virus). The HAs of all four strains are encoded into a genetically engineered insect virus (called ‘baculovirus’) and used to infect a cell-line generated from the ovaries of the fall armyworm (it’s related to moths, caterpillars and butterflies). This infected mass of cells is fermented in a big metal vat or bioreactor, and kept alive by feeding it a chemically-defined broth. When enough HA proteins have been produced by the cells, they’re extracted with Triton X-100 (which may have, “potential endocrine disrupting properties”).  It also contains Tween20 and “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential”.[i]

Genetic Contaminants

Protein vaccines are often tainted with contaminants, such as DNA from the cells they were grown in, and these are usually listed in the package insert. For instance, Flublok may contain some proteins or DNA from the insect cells or baculovirus it was grown in. Another example is the two vaccines for rotavirus that were found to contain DNA from a pig virus. There’s also a risk of microbes such as mycoplasma getting into vaccines; this happened in 2015 when a group of 94 people were injected with a genetic HIV vaccine contaminated with a type of bacteria normally found in pigs.

Weird Adjuvants

Synthetic protein vaccines are thought to be ineffective unless they contain adjuvants. All sorts of weird stuff has been invented over the last ten years or so, using chemical and genetic engineering to create substances that can force the body to have a particular type of immune response. For example, nanoparticles can make people produce inflammatory cytokines by activating the inflammasome. Protein vaccines often contain lipid nanoparticles, such as MPLA, saponin, cholesterol and squalene. Many also contain aluminium, and some contain CpG ODNs and other weird stuff like cholera toxins.


Lipid A is the toxic principle of lipopolysaccharide of gram negative bacteria, which causes a spectrum of changes in blood cells and vascular cells. …human platelets are directly stimulated by endotoxic lipid A…” Monophosphoryl lipid A (MPLA) is a small part of Lipid A that’s been derived from Salmonella bacteria and is said to be “chemically detoxified”. It’s been used in several vaccines, including Cervarix and Mosquirix.

Developed by GSK, the WHO, and the Gates Foundation,  Mosquirix contains malaria proteins fused with Hepatitis B proteins and is produced in yeast cells. It also contains a GSK adjuvant called AS01E, which combines MPLA with a saponin called QS-21 and is given to babies aged 6 weeks to 17 months. Mosquirix was rolled out in parts of Africa in 2019 even though the overall mortality rate for girls receiving the vaccine had almost doubled. The ingredients and excipients listed in the packet insert read like a recipe for chemical soup, and include a lipid called DOPC and a type of detergent called polysorbate 80.


The Valneva vaccine mentioned above contains aluminium and CpG-1018. This genetic adjuvant is a CpG ODN (oligonucleotide) which is a very short genetic sequence, or molecular pattern, associated with certain types of virus and bacteria. CpG ODNs play a trick on the body because they make the immune system react as if they were real bacteria. They’re made from a cytosine molecule paired with a guanine molecule, forming a little couplet that would normally be connected to a backbone made of phosphate. When CpG ODNs are created as adjuvants, however, they’re tweaked on the nano-level in a highly unnatural way. Molecules in the backbone are tweaked so the phosphate backbone becomes a phosphorothioate backbone which is not at all normal but apparently they make the CpGs more stable so vax makers do it anyway. Phosphorothioate is also used in mRNA constructs and may be in the Moderna and Pfizer jabs.

A company called Dynavax[ii] makes CpG-1018 and add it to their Hepatitis vaccine despite the fact that it’s been linked to heart attacks. Previous research has also shown that CpG-based adjuvants “could potentially trigger autoimmune disease in a susceptible individual”, and the 2017 FDA review of all the adverse events linked to the vax included three cases of autoimmune disease. All vaccines produced using synthetic biology are classed as ‘biologicals’ and are excluded from the usual tests to see if they’re safe. For example: “The range and type of genotoxicity studies routinely conducted for pharmaceuticals are not applicable to biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals and therefore are not needed.” As a result, protein vaccines usually say on the package insert that they haven’t been tested (much) to see if they affect fertility, etc. and it looks as if the mRNA and DNA jabs have been given the same authorization.

How will people’s bodies react to these unnatural genetic creations? Will the world be forced to adapt to the new genetics? When it comes to antibodies, for instance, we make ones that match the antigen we’re reacting against so if the proteins are attached to polyethylene glycol (PEG), we might make anti-PEG antibodies. When animals are injected with luciferase (glowing molecules from a firefly), they end up making anti-luciferase antibodies. The same thing happens with unnatural genetics, as shown by research in which animals were injected with CpG ODNs with a phosphorothioate backbone, and they responded by producing “phosphorothioate backbone-specific antibodies.”[iii]

The shape of the proteins

Proteins are made of strings of amino acids, and they’re all folded into specific shapes. When proteins become mis-folded, they are less likely to create the desired type of antibodies, and this has been linked to vaccine-associated disease enhancement (VADE). A well-known example of this type of vaccine-risk is antibody dependent enhancement, or ADE, and is linked to SARS vaccines. Viruses in old-fashioned vaccines could end up mis-shapen when formalin was used to inactivate them so they didn’t look like the original virus anymore, and this was said to be one of the reasons people made the wrong kind of antibodies and got ADE after having vaccines against measles, etc. Cell-based proteins are said to have the same problem since they can also become mis-shapen or unfolded due to the way they’re produced. Proteins produced in cells can end up having “a different three-dimensional structure than the protein in its normal context, resulting in

Bottom of Form

It is important to express proteins of disease agents with the greatest possible similarity to the authentic molecule so that the proper immune response is induced when the proteins are used as a vaccine.”

Lots of things can cause a protein to get warped or denatured, such as changes in pH or temperature. Even the stuff they add as adjuvants can warp the proteins, e.g. aluminium can cause them to unfold whilst lipid emulsions can “induce structural changes”. This is one of the reasons why there have been attempts to stabilize the proteins added to vaccines, as illustrated by Novavax.

The Novavax protein vaccine

Novavax was awarded $1.6 billion through ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to make their NVX-CoV2373 coronavirus protein vaccine[iv] using baculoviruses and insect cells, so it’s very similar to the Valneva and Sanofi/GSK vaccines which are also made with baculoviruses and insect cells. Novavax had plenty of practice with the spike protein before the ronascam began, because they’d already developed a MERS-CoV vax and had even tested it on humans. This vaccine was described in a 2013 patent and contains their proprietary adjuvant, Matrix-M. This adjuvant is a mixture of saponin, cholesterol, and phospholipid nanoparticles, and it’s being added to their coronavirus vaccine.

The patent also covers SARS coronaviruses and describes using, “protein engineering and recombinant DNA technology to improve or alter the characteristics of the proteins”. The resulting product can be used in one of two ways: either injected directly into humans as a vaccine, or injected into humanized cows or horses so they produce “human antibodies” which can then be harvested from the animals and injected into humans. Novavax tested the MERS version of these humanized antibodies in a clinical trial in 2014, with reported side effects including fatigue, loose stools, and sore throat.

The Novavax Corona-Makeover

Novavax is now using the NIH’s pre-fusion design to make the spike protein. (AstraZeneca isn’t, but J&J, Moderna and Pfizer are!) The pre-fusion design involves changing (or mutating) two amino acids to proline and is usually referred to as S-2P. Proline is used to lock the spike into position by making it more rigid and less likely to unfold but these ultra-stable spikes could cause even more damage to the body than the original virus because they’re also extra-spikey! On top of that, they can easily spread around the body because they’re really small and protected by lipid nanoparticles. The current coronavirus vaccines have been shown to reach the brain, ovaries and testis; this could cause inflammation in these very sensitive areas and may explain some of the neurological and menstrual problems people have been reporting.

Novavax have created some extra mutations in the spike by changing the amino acids that constitute the furin cleavage site, which consists of four amino acids. Novavax have mutated it from RRAR to QQAQ (R=Arginine; A=Alanine; Q=Glutamine). It’s worth knowing about these kinds of mutations because they were a key part of the gain-of-function (GoF) research funded by the NIH and outsourced to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The SARS-CoV-2 virus appears to be a man-made construct and could have been enabled by the insights gained during this GoF research. Future articles will look at these issues in more detail, such as the furin cleavage site which nobody can explain.

The unusual appearance of a furin cleavage site was a boon for the NIH because they’d spent the previous decade experimenting with the structure of coronaviruses in the Argonne National Laboratory, and had come up with the S-2P pre-fusion design in 2014. The development of a coronavirus vaccine was complemented by the GoF research, e.g. using the bat coronaviruses to patent a coronavirus vaccine!

The NIH was also doing secretive work with Moderna that involved using MERS and other viruses that also have a furin cleavage site – this includes most of the so-called outbreaks that have occurred over the past two decades! All of this research resulted in the creation of the NIH’s ronascam solutions-package that was ready-to-go by 2020 …


[i] Valneva are using protamine to harvest virus proteins from the cells they use (protamine is involved in the formation of sperm and is also used by Curevac to make mrna).

[ii] Dynavax is being funded by the Gates Foundation “to scale up production of adjuvant for use in COVID-19 vaccines”.

[iii] The mrna vaccines may also contain phosphorothioates and other unnatural molecules and will be covered in more detail in a separate article.

[iv] Novavax has got loads of stuff in development, including a flu vaccine called Nanoflu.

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