FDA Protecting Vax Profiteers Not Citizens

After injecting Americans with over 300 million doses of one of the mRNA COVID-19 bioweapon shots since December 13, 2020, the FDA has finally agreed to force Moderna and Pfizer to put warning labels on their shots over a “likely association” between the injections and heart problems, which they claim is “rare”, while their own and the statistics of others clearly shows that this problem is massive.

The warning comes as the vast majority of Americans who have been duped into wanting one of the mRNA injections, and have already been injected. As demand for the shots has decreased to levels seen back in December, just after the shots were given ‘emergency-only use authorization’ and were beginning to be rolled out. Now, a year and 300 million doses later, they warn everyone of the dangers, but attempt to sugar-coat them.

According to the CDC’s latest report published yesterday, June 23, 2021, “318 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through June 21, 2021,” with only 12 million of those doses being the “J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine.”

As we have been reporting throughout the rollout of these non-FDA approved injections, thousands of cases of people suffering heart problems, including DEATH, have been reported to VAERS, the Government database that tracts adverse reactions to “vaccines.”

The pharmaceutical trade publication, FiercePharma, which views vaccines from strictly a business investment viewpoint, reports:

Numerous COVID-19 vaccines have faced development delays and safety and supply issues, but the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have enjoyed a relatively unfettered ride to the top of the class.

Now, Wednesday’s news that U.S. experts concluded there is a “likely association” between numerous cases of heart inflammation and mRNA vaccines has finally presented the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots with a dose of adversity.

The FDA said it will move quickly to require the companies to add a label warning that young adults and adolescents are susceptible to the side effect.

What is this horse crap about ‘young adults and adolescents’?  This is another highly misleading statement that favors the vax criminals.  The heart disease adverse effects are not limited to any age or sex group.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that the benefits of the vaccine clearly outweigh risks. This is another bald-faced lie.  There simply are NO BENEFITS attributable to this vaxxine. The vaxxine contains only experimental mechanisms to make your body produce ‘spike proteins’, as produced by the ‘gain of function’ weaponization programs.  The verdict should compel apprehension towards any of these useless and highly dangerous experimental injections, as there is absolutely no reason to risk these many known dangers for a flu with 99.9% survival rate.

Those shots faced safety concerns of their own earlier this year over rare but severe cases of blood clots, which led to fatalities. After an investigation, J&J’s vaccine now carries a warning in the U.S.

The latest ruling comes in response to reports of young people, mostly males, developing myocarditis — inflammation of the heart — or pericarditis — inflammation of the heart’s membrane — mostly after a second dose of either mRNA vaccine. (Source.)

As usual, the CDC cherry-picked their data to only include a specific age group that eliminated cases in those over 39, and only for “myocarditis,” so that they could control the numbers to make it look “rare.”

Using the CDC’s own statistics in the VAERS database, which now lists nearly 6000 deaths following COVID shots, we searched for adverse events where the symptoms were related to heart problems, and found 172 cases, with over 37% of those under the age of 44. (Source.) (UPDATE 6/25/21: The VAERS database was updated today, so these numbers are slightly higher now.)  It is well known that the VAERS data is highly under reported.  Many experts claim the numbers  are much higher.

Using the same search parameters for deaths, we found 39 deaths, including one under the age of 44. (Source.)

If we expand the search to include anytime the write-up on an adverse reaction included the word “heart,” we net a result of 1,608 cases (source), and using the same search parameters we net 50 cases where the patient died following a COVID-19 injection. (Source.)

I hesitate to even use the CDC’s numbers for COVID-19 adverse reactions these days, as it has been shown that they are holding back much of the data and even changing and replacing records. CDC whistleblowers are allegedly claiming that the total deaths reported to the CDC following COVID-19 injections are closer to 50,000 now. (Source.)

The FDA’s History of Protecting Pfizer’s Profits

This would certainly not be the first time the FDA acted in the interest of Big Pharma, and specifically Pfizer, disregarding patient safety until after the company could reap its full profits before issuing warnings about the side effects of their products. Millions are choosing to take the vaxxines based on insufficient, non-factual or non-existent information.

Prior to the blockbuster COVID-19 injection products, Pfizer’s cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor had been the best-selling drug of all time.

Lipitor benefited from the change in marketing laws in 1997 that allowed pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. to advertise their products directly to consumers.

Pfizer convinced an entire generation of Americans that they needed a pill to lower their cholesterol in order to prevent heart disease, in what will go down as one of the most brilliant and unethical marketing schemes of all time (at least until the Great Plandemic of 2020).

While the side effects were a serious concern, there are also concerns that statin drugs have no therapeutic value either.

Studies have never conclusively proven that lowering one’s cholesterol levels by medication increases one’s life span or state of wellness.

In fact, there is evidence to the contrary, that higher cholesterol levels are associated with longer life spans. (See: Statin Scam: People with Higher Cholesterol Live Longer than People with Low Cholesterol.) There is really no such thing as ‘high cholesterol’.  There is only one meaningful factor…the ratio of HDL fats to LDL fats.  LDL fats are not water soluble.  They require HDL fats to be transported throughout the circulatory system.  Otherwise, they will gradually clog the arteries, as blood is water-based.

Another study published in 2015 actually showed that statin drugs caused an increase of coronary calcium levels, which can lead to an increase in heart disease, the very thing statin drugs are supposed to be preventing! (See: Study: Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs Worsen Coronary Calcium Tests.)

After Pfizer’s patent on Lipitor expired at the end of 2011, after racking up sales of over $140 billion, the FDA issued its first warnings against statin drugs, which included: liver injury, memory loss, diabetes, and muscle damage. Soon after issuing these warnings, the lawsuits started pouring in.

But there will be no lawsuits for injuries and deaths related to heart problems from Pfizer’s mRNA shots, because it is not even approved by the FDA yet, and under the provisions of a “pandemic” health crisis and its emergency use authorization, one cannot sue Pfizer or Moderna or J&J over deaths and injuries caused by these bioweapon shots.

When you decide to take one of these injections, you assume all liability, and become part of their population reduction long-term plans.

Those who wanted to take these shots voluntarily, in ignorance, have mostly done so.

Are you ready for what comes next? When all of these vaxxines are fully approved by the FDA, which they most certainly will be, you can expect to see this campaign turn ‘mandatory’.  They intend to achieve their extermination goals, no matter what.  It is plain to see that all of the world’s puppet presidents and prime ministers have been assigned time-based quotas for vax coverage of their populations.  Achievement will gain them handsome financial rewards while failure will gain them the ‘bum’s rush’ off the world’s stage.  Biden will be rushed off stage around July 4.  They will claim it is due to health issues.  Look for Obama, Hillary and Pelosi to appear, with their greater sales talents.