Death Rates Spike After VAX Campaigns

After seeing relatively good success in handling the COVID crisis with an emphasis on early treatments such as Ivermectin, India is all of a sudden seeing a surge in cases and deaths being attributed to the COVID-19 vaxxine.

It is obvious the ramping up of COVID “vaxxines” is the cause behind these recent death surges. has reported that more than 100 patients in a single hospital have died just after receiving COVID vax shots.

A New Jersey Doctor, Dr. Rajendra Kapila, has also reportedly died in a trip to India even though he was fully vaxx’d with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine before he traveled to India.

Dr. Mathew Maavak has reported his analysis on what is happening in India. It was originally published at Activist Post.

A Case of Graphical Correlations: Making Sense of India’s COVID-19 Surge

by Mathew Maavak

India is currently witnessing a covid vaxx disease surge of unprecedented proportions stretching the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to the limits.

The uncertainty hanging over the nation is compounded by viral dispatches of dead bodies piling up in morgues; of people dropping dead in the streets; of despondent souls jumping off their balconies; and of funeral pyres all over the country. There will be no public service-minded Big Tech censorship in this instance.

This is supposedly ‘Wuhan 2.0’. Any social media addict would be forgiven for thinking that India’s population of 1.3 billion might suffer a dip before the year is out. Amidst the toxic miasma of fear-mongering, incoherent explanations over this surge are seen everywhere.

For starters, one should compare the yearly death tolls (from all causes) before and after the advent of COVID-19 in India, particularly for the year 2021. But relevant data will only be available a year from now.

Many will die as a result of continued lockdowns which generally weaken the immune system. Essential medical procedures will be deferred as hospitals are compelled to focus on COVID VAX-disease. Rising socioeconomic despair will naturally lead to a surge in suicides.

Other correlations must also be explored in the Indian context. India was rather late in joining the mass vaxxination bandwagon.

Throughout 2020, its COVID-19 mortality figures were moderate by global standards due to the efficacy of low-cost treatment Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was sanctioned for early stage treatment from March 2020 onwards; while a few months later, India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh (population 231 million) replaced HCQ with ivermectin (an anti-parasitic drug).

The results were highly encouraging. As the TrialSiteNews (TSN) reported on Jan 9 2021:

“By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh — which distributed free ivermectin for home care — had the second-lowest fatality rate in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in December. Only the state of Bihar, with 128 million residents, was lower, and it, too, uses ivermectin.”

Despite having the coronavirus situation under control, New Delhi was under immense pressure from various international lobbies and their local proxies to roll out a mass vaxxination campaign. What could be the reason behind that?

While the initial mass vaxxination launch was penciled for Jan 16, the campaign effectively took off only in late February, 2021.

As the goal of vaccinating 300 million people by August 2021 neared the midway mark, however, the number of COVID-VAX cases surged accordingly. The graph below broadly charts this anomaly.

Not only has India’s COVID-19 cases surged in tandem with increased vaxxination, the trajectory of infections and inoculations can be neatly superimposed as the following graph suggests.

There is an obvious correlation between increased vaxxinations and infections? This is not the first time that gene-based therapies ended up creating new death spikes. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently admitted that a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)-backed vaxxine program was responsible for a new polio outbreak in Africa. The usual suspects were also behind a vaxxination-linked polio surge in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Vxxcines causing deadly outbreaks of the very diseases they are supposed to eradicate happen to be a 21st century phenomenon – brought to you by an unholy alliance of Big Tech and Big Pharma under direction of the Global Imperialists.

This is how the Davos cabal tries to stay relevant in a century that should otherwise be dominated by Asia.

India may end up being the first Asian victim of Big Tech’s Great Reset against the East.

A recent study by Tel Aviv University may shed further light on India’s surge. It seems those who have been vaxx’d with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are 8 times more likely to contract the new vax disease than the unvaxx’d

The Covishield (Oxford University-AstraZeneca) and Covaxin (Bharat Biotech) vaxxines used in India may have produced a similar effect. Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale University, has estimated that over 60 percent of all new COVID-19 cases seem to occur among the “vaxx’d.”

Dr Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief science officer for Pfizer, describes a more alarming outcome which is “massive-scale depopulation”. These are top level people with know-how about the reality of what is underway.

“The vax,” to paraphrase Francis Bacon, “is now appearing to be far worse than the disease itself.” Gene-based experimental injections open up a Pandora’s Box of horrors that are irreversible. The human body is a complex system that may react unpredictably to interferences at the genetic level.

The official narrative is mutating rapidly. Grasping for any straw, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) now claims that mass vaxxinations in densely-packed stadiums and halls are “superspreader” events. Many far more learned than the ‘Faucis’, know that there is zero contagion involved in these influenza-type outbreaks.

So, close proximity is not the prime culprit behind the super-surge in India? India is a nation where trains, buses and all forms of public spaces teem with human bodies. Yet, it did not lead to mass casualties in 2020.

The Daily Expose offers one such graphic-laden narrative to explain the correlation between mass vaxxinations and the rising death toll in India.

While the Daily Expose concedes that correlation does not always equal causation, a similar pattern was noticed in other nations. The vaccination-mortality graph for Mongolia, for example, is particularly eye-popping.

Mongolia witnessed a zero to a massive surge upon mass vaxxinations campaign. This is corroborating evidence.

The Case of America: Red Vs Blue States

Do similar correlations exist elsewhere?

How about a comparison within the most coronavirus-affected nation on Earth: the United States of America?

Reports thus far suggest that US states which have been resisting mass vaccinations and/or mandatory masking are generally faring better than those adhering to draconian COVID-19 guidelines. Just weeks after Texas lifted its public mask and lock-down mandate – featuring full crowds at bars, restaurants and concerts  no less – COVID-19 cases as well as hospitalizations dropped to its lowest levels since October 2020 and deaths dropped to zero.

The current White House occupant, who continues to make a buzz over his mental acuity, nonetheless panned the move as a symptom of “Neanderthal thinking”.

In the meantime, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a prominent opponent of mandatory masking, is using COVID-19 restrictions in other states to lure businesses to her state. Other red states such as Florida and Arizona have moved to ban the so-called vaccine passports.

Rather coincidentally, the annual flu has virtually disappeared in the United States since the onset of the pandemic. It must be a miracle!  Or, could it be possible that the same incidence of flu is occurring under a new name?

India can cope with these engineered disasters, if…they can get the meddlers out of their country and go back to what works.

The CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Apple, among others, have pledged aid to India. With friends like these, one wonders why India cannot even question the global COVID-19 narrative on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube without being summarily banned or censored.

An Indian scientific paper which tentatively explored a laboratory origin for COVID-19 can be summarily removed after concerted condemnation from Western academics but a similar claim, made by the former head of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), appears relatively palatable. Isn’t this a textbook example of neoliberal racism?

Indians should question why Africa has not been equally adversely affected thus far. This is a continent mired in conflicts, poverty, serious healthcare deficits and other Third World-related woes. It lacks world-class scientists and institutions which India has. Is it because Africa does not pose an economic threat to the Western oligarchy the way Asia does? Or maybe, the mass vaxxination fad hasn’t yet taken off in Africa?

For the time being, India cannot reverse course on its vaccination drive and adopt measures similar to the one employed by the Eisenhower administration during the 1957-58 Asian Flu pandemic. The fear genie is already out of the bottle. Big Tech controls the digital narrative in India as it does elsewhere. Even if New Delhi manages to alleviate the crisis, Big Tech will still be around to stifle India’s destiny. Ultimately, this game is much bigger than COVID scamdemic; it is about global domination through perennial mass-manufactured crises until a Great Reset is achieved and UN Agenda 21 is fully in-force